“Shot in the Back”

21 08 2015

Lewis Place

Ook-Ook was.

Now it all comes down to Tennessee v Garner.

Bey State

20 08 2015

Lewis Place

More info on Ook-Ook.

Two big takeaways:

(1) He lived in Spanish Lake, which I can assure you is not walking distance from Page and Walton.  Therefore, he had to be going there deliberately to be there, and I highly doubt that he was at a known crack house just to visit “cousins.”  Rising college man and someone worried about his Fed-Ex job wouldn’t be hanging out at a known crack house.

(2) Down at the bottom, you’ll read “Moorish Science Temple,” and I kinda thought his hyphenated surname with “Bey” at the end seemed familiar for some reason.  Keep a close eye on the news if you happen to live in a city with a MST presence, and every once in awhile, you’ll see the local eyeball news about a local MST being busted for being a dope house of some sort, either slinging or distributing.

You’ll also read here that Slay is trying to grease down the Revs.  Remember, black preachers are the big chiefs in Bell Curve City; they almost have the at-will ability to stir shit up or calm shit down.  I wonder what Slay is promising them in exchange for getting them to keep a lid on shit.

Yesterday, Explained

20 08 2015

Lewis Place

SLPD knocks back a crack house, finds guns stolen from rural Missouri, and lots of crack.

Two suspects run out the back, cops chase them.  One of the suspects, who is nicknamed “Man-Man,” (“Ook-Ook”), points a gun at a cop chasing him, (maybe also firing and missing, but that hasn’t been validated yet), cop fires back, kills Ook-Ook.

The neighbors go nuts, assemble and show off.

The showing off lasts through the rest of the morning, the afternoon, and evening, and threatens to become a full blown riot.

The cops show up with an intimidating force, and force the proto-rioters to disperse.  Then the they come back.

Then the cops and the proto-rioters play a game of cat and mouse for the next few hours.  Finally, the latter give up and go home.

But not before an abandoned house, two cars and a mattress were set on fire, nine arrests, and not before Miss Jupiter 1957 got lots of opportunities to pontificate on Ustream.

Overnight, a few businesses in the area were burglarized, but that’s just any night in that neighborhood, not indicative of anything out of the ordinary.

And because the cops are wearing body cameras:

UKDM’s photo set.  Turns out Ook-Ook is a 2015 graduate of McCluer South Berkeley High in the Ferguson-Florissant district, “Ferguson” I guess was the hook that interests everyone.

The Burner Is Back On

19 08 2015

Lewis Place

Page and Walton.

And the #BLM undertow is starting to churn.

Right on time, because they were Downtown to show off on the year anniversary of Kajieme Powell assuming room temperature.

Incidentally, back in Ferguson, today…

This could get really interesting really quickly.


Ferguson’s Death Sentence

17 08 2015




The Sunday Deep Dive

16 08 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

I put these three articles aside in my hopper and didn’t do them in the wrap-up earlier today because I thought I wanted to do the deep dive into all three of them.  But the more I look at them, the less I’m interested in putting on the Scuba gear.  So, I’ll snorkel instead of dive.

* Pretty long spread in the Tampa Bay Times about how the sky is falling because deseg has ended in Pinellas County, Florida, St. Petersburg and environs.  And once again, the same two themes that subtly present every time the MSM does a deseg feature but even the journalists who write them are too dense to understand what they’re admitting can be found here:  One, that white kids are supposed to buffer black dysfunction, and two, that smarter and more ambitious blacks want deseg in order to be able to get their own black kids away from blackboard jungle undertow schools.

* First off, it’s a gasser for Marilyn Mosby to complain about the “stop snitching” culture, which was practically invented in Baltimore.  Remember, this is the same Marilyn Mosby who pretty much openly sided with black rioters and looters in her own city back in April.  Second, with the Baltimore PD and Johns Hopkins University becoming more and more intertwined, I can’t help but make the comparison between that and the way that the SLPD and UMSL are becoming more and more intertwined.  It says here that Mosby et al. don’t want to dump homicide case files at Hopkins because they’re afraid of people talking and yapping and gossiping and leaking, thereby endangering prosecution witnesses and therefore endangering the homicide cases.  We know that Larry Dierker, one of the very few great judges on the 22nd, rejected the formal proposal for an armed offender docket (“gun court”), and one of his reasons was that it would have been a useless social work experiment feeding the SLPD-UMSL revolving door.  Now that I have read this article out of Baltimore this weekend, I now think that maybe Dierker was worried about case files getting passed around like candy and Circuit Attorney’s witnesses being endangered.  Another issue here is that in the Baltimore case, the files would have been shared with the “Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research,” and we all have a pretty good idea that, just based on that name alone, they want to start with the conclusion then conclude with the evidence.

* Many are interpreting this Economist article as an anti-cop screed.  I don’t think it is; just read closely, and you’ll find the HBD.  Not intentional, mind you, because it’s The Economist, not Mankind Quarterly.  But, for Those Who Can See, they can see it.

“Michael Brown Bonus”

15 08 2015


Feh.  Lots of law enforcement officers in the St. Louis area got Michael Brown bonuses.  That is, the extra overtime pay they got from having longer shifts and/or changed assignments because the Fergaza Strip hoopla created a domino effect in the way law enforcement in the area happened.


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