Ferris Dindu’s Day Off

24 04 2017


My good buddy (ahem, ahem, cough, cough), doesn’t really seem to say anything in his latest op-ed.

So I guess I’ll have to ride to his rescue, as friends often do.

Murder doesn’t take a day off around here because we can’t seem to get rid of our dindus.   Mind you, our dindus, for some odd reason, have been especially agitated over the last five years, especially over the last three years, for some reason I can’t seem to (cough, cough, Trayvon) put my fingers on (cough, cough, Fergaza Strip).

They won’t even take a Sunday night off.

I do see something a wee bit contradictory here.  Messenger, in a round about way, claims that Dotson is just peddling excuses when, among other things, he leans on the “weak gun laws” crutch, but then, just a few words later, he gushes all over Lyda’s “courage” because she stayed in the city and “started a political career” to combat violence.  Putting the pieces together, most of her anti-violence political energy ever since she first won alderwoman in 1997 was been to caterwaul about guns.

Backing up for a moment, Messenger alludes to Dotson leaning on the crutch of “pointing out that the city’s homicide numbers are skewed compared to most big cities because of the city’s separation from St. Louis County.”  That’s the excuse the CVC cooked up more than three years ago, and it only took me a few moments to blow through it.

One more thing:

Politics won’t fix the city’s murder problem. Neither will a new chief. The challenge is greater than that. Step one is to follow the advice of Dan Isom, the chief who preceded Dotson.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked at a mayoral forum in February. Each of the 47 people who as of Friday had lost their lives in the city has a story. They were utility workers and sportsmen. They were students and basketball players. They were husbands, and wives, who leave behind, perhaps, a spouse who will dedicate her life to solving the violence that has plagued this Midwestern city for decades.

The problem is that Isom is the only person of major public consequence who wants us to think about the victims.  Because if we actually did start thinking about the victims, then we’ll notice things and conclude that most of them are the same kind of thugs that murdered them.  Most of the rest are innocent white people, which then forces us to think about anti-white hate crimes, which of course ((())) and Co. absolutely don’t want.


Third Piece Falls

19 04 2017

Downtown West

Dotson resigning.

Lyda promised during the campaign that she wouldn’t fire him.  And I don’t think this is a de facto dismissal, in as much as it is Dotson throwing himself on the sword.  As it is, since long termers Francis Slay and Jennifer Joyce as Mayor and Circuit Attorney are both now in the political graveyard, I’m thinking Dotson thought it would be the honorable thing to do.  I did not hear any credible back channel gossip that suggested that Lyda promising to keep Dotson was merely a public front for some kind of private back room deal that was consummated today.

Bet on the next Chief being a woman, because now we have women as both Mayor and Circuit Attorney, (not to mention Comptroller).  Because, GRRLPOWER.

Dotson is only 47, so I imagine he’ll try to hook on to another law enforcement job or try his hand at politics.  He did want to run for Mayor this time around, but the Slay-Lyda Machine scared off all legitimate white contenders not named Lyda.

Wednesday Morning Comin’ Down

15 04 2017


A funny thing happened on the way to law enforcement utopia in the city of St. Louis.

Sure, the city voters approved the sales tax increase on a Tuesday.  But then, Wednesday, and therefore, a return to reality:

Dotson says St. Louis losing more officers than it recruits

The City of St. Louis swore in 18 new officers Thursday night. This comes at a time when Police Chief Sam Dotson said the department is in desperate need of more officers.

Dotson said the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is losing about three officers every two weeks and he contributes a lot of this to the fact that they can’t offer a competitive salary.

Dotson said the starting salary for a city officer is $8,000 less than county officers and, with the passage of Proposition P, a tax to specifically fund county officers, that gap will only widen.

Bummer, St. Louis County voters also approved a similar tax on the same day, and this is screwing up the city’s grand plan.

To combat the problem, Dotson said he and mayor-elect Lyda Krewson met with the civic progress committee and big business owners to come up with a campaign to start paying city officers more.

Which means yet another PR/campaign push for another tax.

According to data from the FBI, in 2015 St. Louis ranked 7th among all cities when it came to most officers per capita Dotson said that number does not take into account socioeconomic factors, it is just a simple population number and law enforcement is more complicated than that statistic.

This skullduggery is a little more difficult to translate, but it’s still well within my pay grade.

The easiest way to translate it is that, no matter the pay scale for cops, if the job is that dangerous, i.e. involves that many black civilians, then recruiting is going to be a little bit of problem. George Strait told you all about that: You can lead a horse to love, but you can’t make him fall.

Look at me, TWO country song references in one post! As I fist bump myself.

To put it another way, if you’re white, and want to be a cop, you’re going to avoid St. Louis City. Remember, you’re Darren Wilson, and there are tens of thousands of Michael Browns runnin’ around.

The more complicated way to think about it involves the complication of the unproblem of the lack of diversity on the SLPD, an unproblem which incoming Mayor Lyda Krewson has pledged to solve. But, as our very own Puggg told me right after the Fergaza Strip festivities begged the politics, and I’ve repeated it several times since he did, since any department will gladly hire qualified blacks for the sake of affirmative action, this means they have their choice of departments, and they want the jobs that every wannabe cop wants — High paying and low danger, safe rich non-NAM suburbs. Any other combination on the pay-danger matrix is by definition less desirable. SLPD pays okay, not great, but it’s also a risky job. Lyda and Co. are starting to realize that all that new sales tax money they’ve got burning a hole in the SLPD budget won’t result in an increased officer corps, much less a blacker one.

I expect over the next several years for the SLPD officer corps to continue to shrink, and the hard numbers to prove this will be covered up as well as possible. We’ll see carefully crafted images and videos of Academy graduates to give us the impression otherwise. On the other side of the coin, if the black violent crime spike does not naturally self-abate over the next few years, and by “naturally self-abate,” I mean the dindus lose their post-Fergaza exuberance and therefore ease back on murdering each other, then we’ll start hearing the sing song excuses that we need even more cops, so we need another tax.

Truthfully, I think the real reason for the sales tax passed this month and any more that they might hit us up for in the near future, purportedly for law enforcement, is to cover for public employee pensions, cop and otherwise.

Putting the Homies Up On Game

3 04 2017

Los Angeles

LAT, on the precipitous decline in arrests, both by the LAPD and the LASD.

The theories floated here are all plausible and are probably major drivers.

But let me float one more:

Especially now that OCGE is ruling the roost, and is serious about immigration law enforcement, I think certain Latino cops are refusing to arrest Latino civilians for relatively ticky-tack offenses, because they’re scared that they’re “undocumented,” and they don’t want them getting “on the grid” for ICE to make.  Stay in the shadows, homey.

The Greatest Political Jitz of All Time

28 03 2017


Another one of the propositions on the city ballot a week from today is Prop A, which would consolidate Recorder of Deeds with Assessor, and use the savings to buy cop body cams and the data maintenance therefrom.

The pro-A mailers are heavily touting the cop angle.  Not only that, they’re selling cop body cams as devices that will mean “higher conviction rates,” “better trained cops,” and “fewer complaints against cops.”

This is strange, isn’t it?  For months and months after the hoopla on the Fergaza Strip, the entire public and private alphabet gang told us that cops need to wear cams to catch them in the act red-handed brutalizing black babies’ bodies.  I predicted at the time that more and more cops would be made to wear cams, but over time, as these cams showed us more WSHH-worthy video showing up the black undertow, and exposed a majority of cop versus black civilian controversies generally in favor of the former, that the alphabet gang of the left would do a very quick 180, and start demanding the cops get rid of their body cams.  To a very small extent, that has already started.

I now think the cops knew that all along, and on the sly and with a dash of pretense of opposition went along with the “zomg cams for cops lol” BLM/NAACP/Bell Curve City/Dinduistan hysteria because they knew the matter would politically jitz in favor of the cops and away from BLM/NAACP/Bell Curve City/Dinduistan.

Affirmative Action In Law Enforcement

27 03 2017


Even though this gives us the mugshots of the corrupt cops, the body of the text itself downplays the blackness of the cops and softpedals the fact that the “victims” are habitual thugs who aren’t innocent overall even if they just happened to be framed for these particular raps.

To review:  Affirmative action black cops, who weren’t shaking down your 90-year old white grandmother on her way to church.

Them That Got

21 03 2017


Okay, you wanna know what’s roasting my ass?

That so many official resources were dedicated to a shirt.  A shirt, that’s all it is.

If you’re in Houston, and your car is stolen, not only will the HPD not go to this extent to try to find both it and the thieves, they might not even send an actual cop to the scene of the crime or to you personally, they’ll just take your report over the phone.