Unethical Society of Police

24 11 2015

Fountain Park

This organization doesn’t have much moral authority to be lecturing anyone, for as much trouble as its senior leadership has been in lately.

Why are they worried about fighting crime?  Especially since we know who is doing the crime, if we actually tried to fight it, the Unethical Society of Police would be among the first in line to bitch about racism.

And also, it says that the NAACP’s St. Louis office is at 4811 Delmar.  That also happens to be the address of a state office building.  Why is the St. Louis NAACP being run out of a state office building?

Laquan McDonald

24 11 2015


Start at 5:15.

Unless there’s some extenuating circumstance or something that this video misses, then this is definitely murder on the part of Jason Van Dyke.  McDonald was not an immediate bodily threat to Van Dyke or any other person.  Another hint is that the other cops who were there and closer to McDonald before Van Dyke showed up didn’t shoot him.

Now, for a few questions:

One, why this 13 month long cover up?  Did they not want to show this back in October of last year because it was in the middle of the Fergaza Strip hoopla?  Did Rahm Emanuel put pressure on everyone to delay it until after his re-election earlier this year?  Even so, the runoff for Chicago Mayor was back on April 7, and still it took until seven months and change after that for this video finally to come out.

Two, why did the cops barge in to a nearby Burger King and, unbeknownst to the manager, erase almost an hour and a half of the joint’s surveillance footage?  By now, all we need to know is what we see above, but it is also indicative of the fact that there was a cover-up afoot.

Three, why did McDonald’s family take the $5 million settlement, which was already agreed to, and not say anything?  Were they only interested on cashing in on Laquan’s dead body?  I know I’m thinking like the cracker that I am, but if I was in that situation, I’d rather have a bad cop off the streets an in the slammer rather than the thirty pieces of silver.  It’s an insult that governments can get away with only one time large sum payouts and the cops or agents whose actions necessitated them still have their jobs and their precious pensions.

Four, why did CPD reassign Van Dyke to desk duty after the incident instead of quietly firing him?

It is often said that the cover up is worse than the crime. That’s definitely not the case here, but it’s almost as infuriating.


Maybe it had something to do with helping your friend, fellow Chicagoan and fellow Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, win re-election.  If this is a factor, then this cover-up and the Benghazi obfuscation are rather alike, because both involve stuffing scandals under the rug so that a Democrat could win re-election.

The Price of Benign Neglect

24 11 2015


These apartments are along Bingham Avenue, north of what was the outdoor football and track field for the former Cleveland High School, later Cleveland NJROTC, what was the actual school building is across Louisiana Avenue from the field.

“When I call the police, they act like I am bothering them.”  Or, it’s just that they know what happened the last time a cop around here got too interested in the affairs of the dweller of an apartment complex.  And that’s what makes the rest of this article a joke, because whatever warnings that are given, whatever deals are made, the residents can ignore them, because they know they’re one step ahead of the cops these days, because #BlackLivesMatter.


24 11 2015


Which probably gives some credence to the theory that he was suicidal.

Having what is without treatment a terminal retroviral infection can make one just not give a shit anymore.

Circle H

24 11 2015

Reno, Nevada


Hillary Clinton: Blocking Refugees Will Make Muslims Angry at Police Officers

I don’t think we need to do anything to make them angry; they can get angry good enough on their own.  But, carry on.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Monday that blocking Syrian refugees from entering the United States would impair the ability of police officers to connect with the Muslim community.

And where have we heard this argument before?  Right, on the Hispanic/immigration issue.  If we actually enforce immigration law, this is going to make the Hispanic community so fearful of the cops that Rosarita won’t tell the cops what she knows about MS-13 Jose.

Aside from the fact that we already have a special visa program for immigrant crime victims, the U visa, I think this reasoning, both with the Muslims and the Hispanics, suffers from the problem of circular logic.  We can’t enforce immigration law because Muslims and Hispanics won’t help cops if we do, but our never enforcing immigration law is the reason why we have large enough Muslim and Hispanic communities here to begin with to be of law enforcement interest.

Accountability Monday

23 11 2015


What it’s all about.

Just As We’re Thinking About It

23 11 2015

College Hill

I blogged about it yesterday.

It happened again overnight.

Re the final sentence — The corner of College and Carter has to be the dead on epicenter of Bell Curve City St. Louis.  A ‘banger from a gang named “College and Carter” back in 2005 got what was the longest numerically delineated prison sentence in the history of the 22nd Circuit, 227 years for a very long and extensive crime spree.  “Numerically delineated” as opposed to straight life.

I’m also thinking the cop being a rookie may have played a role, but he was riding double with a Sarge.


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