Play It Again Sam

5 10 2016


Dotson’s in.

It’s obvious that he’s going to plug himself into the Slay mold.

Over Before It Started

3 10 2016

Walnut Park

He’s going to make it, so it seems, so he’ll be able to resume his turning his life around.  Hopefully, this time, he’ll avoid the wrong crowd.  It also means there will be no BLM/Chimpout.


During a press conference, Chief Dotson took a moment to speak out about gun culture and his stance against the recent override of Governor Nixon’s veto.

Nice way to interject irrelevant politics in the matter, Sam.  If this was an internet comment section, we’d call it thread hijacking.  Nothing will come between Dotson and his man-behind-the-tree diversions; no way you’ll ever get him on record naming, blaming and shaming the ook.


Shot and Chaser

1 10 2016


SHOT:  One of the NAACP’s incessant demands is for law enforcement agencies to hire more blacks.

CHASER:  A Charlotte NAACP official claims that black cops aren’t really black.

HANGOVER:  Caveat on the credibility on the source, and for the author’s slight sensationalism of the NAACP rep’s actual statement.  However, this source does provide us something I had not yet seen:  A picture and name of the Charlotte cop who ended Mr. Scott’s life.  And also we find out that he’s an alumnus of Jerry Falwell’s school.

Night Five Open Thread

24 09 2016


Ordinarily, these things would be petering out by the fifth night.  But, this fifth night is a Saturday night, so just off of that alone, I’m expecting some vibrancy.

Night Four Open Thread

23 09 2016


There have also been some “protests” in Atlanta.  And the Charlotte rabble is threatening to cause trouble at the NFL game on Sunday unless Cam Newton kneels during the national anthem.

Night Three Open Thread

22 09 2016


The NG and NCHP are patrolling, though they’ll probably treat the dindus with the same kind of soft touch that the CPD did.  So I doubt tonight will be any less festive.

Because a Certain Newspaper Would Be Bitching About Islamophobia

22 09 2016