The Limits of Affirmative Action

17 08 2016


The notion that we need black cops so that law enforcement can have smooth and cooperative relationships with the black community?

There’s a fly in that ointment.

I hope you kept your receipt.

The black undertow has no more use for black cops than they do white cops.  Coon, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, sellout.  Don’t even think about being a black civilian who helps the cops — The undertow has a special phrase for you:  “Police ass nigga.”  It’s like I explained earlier today, cops of any color cramp the style of the black undertow, because they think it hinders their dope business and the context of the cops involving themselves in the lives of most black people is arresting them and depriving them of dey freedums.

Occupied South City

17 08 2016

Dutchtown; Tower Grove South

Breitbart on the BLM radical splinter group called Fuck12.

Before I discuss the local angle, I want to note this part:

Though definitions tend to vary between common reference sources online, #Fuck12 draws its origins from Atlanta and Oakland social media users typically decrying the fact that narcotics officers (Code 12) are bearing down on their presumed illegal activities.

Keep this in mind, because I’ll be looping back around to it in a moment.

Now for the local angle:

A St. Louis-area “radical bookstore” has utilized the #Fuck12 tag to hawk its rather unsurprising wares as well.

And below that is this tweet.

A black rose is an anarchist movement symbol.

Black Rose Books’s Twitter page proclaims that they have one location at FOAM on the corner of Cherokee and Jefferson, and another coming soon at MoKaBe’s on Arsenal near Grand.

Cherokee Street between Jefferson and Gravois is really starting to become notorious for two things: One, Hispanic immigrants, even though for now, that’s their only real patch in the city; they’re not a factor in citywide or regional affairs as a whole, though that’s where St. Louis’s Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every year, mainly another drinking opportunity for normal people around here not of the ethnicity being celebrated (see also:  Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day).  Two, white or (((white))) young far left anarchist type extremist activism and politics. Some community arts hovel called CAMP (?) is on Cherokee about a block away from the old Hermann Eisele joint, (and consider the irony of that for one moment).  Bernie Sanders’s St. Louis HQ was also somewhere that part of Cherokee.  This is not on Cherokee Street itself, but a couple of blocks north on Jefferson, and having the name Cherokee in it, but the Cherokee Rec Center is where Knockout Martin Luther King was born.  Even though the black undertow is being pushed away from Cherokee Street specifically, they still predominate in some of the surrounding neighborhoods, and often cause trouble for Hispanics, hipsters and anarchists, and especially other black people, around there and in the general area.

MoKaBe?  Well, you may remember they were in the news not so long ago about their dislike for cops.  Sure, they addressed the situation, by doubling down.

So, in those areas, you have an uneasy and volatile combination of people that for some reason really dislike cops.


Blacks, well, we know why, because their experience with cops almost always involves them coming around to put Uncle Leroy in handcuffs.  As for the anarchists, I figured them out ten years ago.

Remember that blockquote at the beginning of this post?  That brings us full circle.  At the root of all of this is dope.  Blacks and white or (((white))) anarchists are mad at cops for interfering with the dope trade.  Sure, that’s not their only beef, but the dope thing is the straw that is stirring this drink.  The net consequence of the desire of their anti-cop political activity, whether they want to admit it or not, is consequence-free cultivation, manufacturing, transporting, distributing, dealing and using of what are at the moment considered to be illicit drugs.

What they don’t realize, especially the ones who make money from the dope trade, is the reason why it’s lucrative is because it’s illegal.  You know, that whole risk-reward continuum.  Take the cops away, and you take the risk away, and when you take the risk away, you take the profitability away.  If illicit drugs were legal, they’d be just another low margin commodity from which everyone on the production-distribution-retail-consumption (not much) value added chain is ekeing out an existence.

Of course, I’m trying to reason indirectly with people whose brains are on drugs.


Your Turn, Volume 3

16 08 2016


* Mr. America’s father is blaming the lack of gun control.  Irony retarded is this one, because he doesn’t seem to know that enforcing gun laws is one of the reasons why cops were so interested in his son Saturday afternoon.

* That’s one point for the national media.  If only they would have had this attitude two years ago.  And four years ago.

* The Congresswoman for Milwaukee accidentally stumbles onto the MN-WI Paradox.

* True News USA has a post with some good links.

* AP article, P-D has it, because it mentions profs with two St. Louis schools.  I agree with them, that making it known sooner that the cop is black wouldn’t have helped, because it didn’t actually help when it was made known.  Besides, for all the talk about the need for black cops in order to smooth over relations with black civilians, the black undertow no more likes black cops than they do white ones.  You know all the buzz words:  Sellout, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus.


Occupied Dutchtown

16 08 2016


Getting a little too Milwaukeey, or just nostalgic about two years ago.

“Internationally Accredited,” which evidently doesn’t mean dindu-resistant.

Your Turn, Volume 2

15 08 2016


* Both Milwaukee and Ferguson happened because of Saturday afternoon police shootings in the month of August.  Both involved reactionary black undertows that looted trivial items like weave.  Both involved a gas station being burned.

* “We need our weave.  Go burn down the suburbs.”

If I’m a white suburban dweller in Milwaukee, this is putting me on alert.  I would make it known to both my local police department or sheriff’s office and the county’s district/state’s/circuit attorney that such a threat is going to make me view any sudden rapid motion toward me by black people I don’t know to be a deathly bodily threat and respond in kind.

* Last night’s action, someone got shot.

* Yeah, the leading public face constituency of the blue team, the black undertow, the team that is significantly dependent on gay money, is really good about hurling the gay slurs around when it’s convenient for them.  “Fuck all yall pussy ass faggots” is the title of the black undertow national anthem.  I’m surprised they didn’t call any cops a “fuck boy.”

* Here he is, the new Mr. America.  The new gentle giant, who was about to start college.


Your Turn

13 08 2016


Fatal police shooting, undertow goes on a mini-riot.

Don’t bother, because I know how it will end.  The cop will be completely vindicated, and then out of spite, the DOJ will investigate the Milwaukee PD, and find all sorts of nasty trivial things wrong with it, and then force it into a consent decree of surrender.  The black violent crime and homicide rate in Milwaukee will start skyrocketing starting tomorrow.

Diffusing Hysteria and Paranoia, That’s What I Do

11 08 2016


As if I’m some sort of Geico ad.

From the media summary of the DOJ report on the BPD:

Black pedestrians were 37 percent more likely to be searched by Baltimore police citywide and 23 percent more likely to be searched during vehicle stops. But officers found contraband twice as often when searching white residents during vehicle stops and 50 percent more often during pedestrian stops, the report notes.

Let’s assume this is true.

Enter mode:  Diffuse hysteria, paranoia.

“Contraband” is one of those wide net big tent terms that refer to a lot of things, that are not all the same. Since there’s contraband and there’s contraband, not all contraband is created equal, and some contraband is more worrisome than others.

BPD finds contraband on a white person. The white person is 19 years old, a woman, a Johns Hopkins University student, and the contraband is just enough weed for one doobie.

BPD finds contraband on a black person. He is 25 years old, a man, a resident of the west side of town, a multiple time convicted violent felon, and the contraband is a couple of pistols and several kilos of crack.

Which kind of contraband from which person is a bigger public priority and public nuisance?

Even if white people are twice as likely to possess some form of contraband than black people while out in public, it still makes good sense for the BPD to stop and search blacks at a higher rate than for whites, because their contraband tends to be bigger deals and bigger problems.

End mode:  Diffuse hysteria, paranoia.