The T in ATF

23 02 2017

Bristol, Virginia

Most people think of the F in ATF, not realizing that they have jurisdiction over T.  And, just like there are Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”) clusterfucks that grow out of F, there is now a similar T-related scandal.

And what set it all off?

The basics of cigarette smuggling are simple. Each state sets its tobacco taxes. Buying cigarettes in low-tax states, like Virginia, and secretly selling them in higher-tax states, like New York, generates large profits. More complicated schemes have shipped cigarettes to Indian reservations, where they are not taxed, then rerouted them for sale on the black market.

A.T.F. agents try to disrupt these networks. Often that means working with informants to buy and sell tobacco on the black market, much the way agents pose as drug dealers to investigate cartels.

This is why the NYPD was so interested in Eric Garner, and the very questionable accost of him in July 2014 caused his death.

Obvious solution?  Tobacco taxation should be an exclusively Federal power.  Just as I think income taxation should be an exclusively Federal power.

Hammers and Nails

21 02 2017

Northampton, Massachusetts

No cops giving out high fives at school, because students of color and illegal aliens.

This shows a school called Jackson Street.  Great Schools indicates it as being 62% white and 21% Hispanic, with only 4% black.  So I figure the big concern isn’t the “color” part in as much as it is the “illegal alien” part.  Though probably at least a majority of the Hispanics are Puerto Ricans, who are, thanks to our Navy’s continuing need for coal refueling stations, natural born citizens.

Starting Before It Can Even Start

16 02 2017


When I found out the SLPOA endorsed Lyda, when trying to pump one of their well-placed people that happens to be in my Dex to figure out WTF, I warned him that when she becomes Mayor, the first time there’s a questionable cop-ook conflagration, she’ll throw the cops under the bus.

She’s not Mayor yet, and this isn’t off an accost, but she’s already throwing the SLPOA under the bus:

Lyda Krewson calls on police union to fire representative

Mayoral candidate Lyda Krewson has called on the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association to fire Jeff Roorda, the police union’s business agent, citing “vile and disgusting” comments he has made toward city Treasurer and fellow mayoral hopeful, Tishaura Jones.

Earlier this week, Roorda blasted Jones on Facebook calling her lazy, a “cop-hater” and a “race-baiter.”

“Tishaura and I are both candidates for mayor and are competing hard against each other but I absolutely reject his despicable characterization of her,” Krewson said in a statement. “She is a respected government official and does not deserve this abuse.”

“When I am mayor, he will not be welcome in my office,” Krewson added.

But Black Lives Matter (“Pigs in a Blanket”) will, right?

And Also

14 02 2017


More Fergaza Strip news.

DARE artwork painted on a Humvee.

Which obviously means:


That is, of course, another nuanced issue that has been drowned out and bastardized by the politics of absolutism.

DARE is also a failure for the most part.

Sacred Ground

14 02 2017


Channel 2 and Channel 4 have it.

It ended on Canfield Drive in Ferguson.

You know what that is.

I’m just crazy enough to think that the dindus were deliberately trolling the cops by deliberately driving to that spot.

I wonder if there’s still a trash heap at the hallowed point.

Too Womany to Fail

24 01 2017



The reason she won’t be fired is the reason she advanced so far as she did.  Shhh, don’t say affirmative action.

But I do wish her the best of luck in her future desk job with the Secret Service.

Called It

18 01 2017


McCulloch:  No felonies.

Me, about a month ago:  It’s all a bluff.

A bluff that spun out of control for about a month.