So, You’re Not Going to Remove Kebab?

23 05 2017


Patel-type quickie marts all over North County are being officially knocked back, on various grounds.


Authorities say that this is a criminal investigation, not an immigration matter.

That sentence by itself should tell you who owns the quickie marts that are being raided.  You know, that whole power of inference/implication thingy at work.

OTOH, it means the problem won’t be truly solved.  In as much as one thinks that the grounds of the official investigation is really a problem.  Of course, the cynical side of me (though I repeat myself) thinks that that’s the main reason why this investigation is even happening and why these raids even happened, is because the Patels are allegedly in the illicit interstate cigarette tax arbitrage business.  Missouri is the lowest cig tax state in the union, so it was a matter of the Patels selling cheap Missouri cigs to that way higher cig tax state on the other side of the river.  And when you’re depriving governmental entities of taxes, you’re hindering the ability of those entities to pay their cops.  The king’s soldiers will always and very diligently enforce the king’s taxes, (it’s the last thing they’ll do even if it kills you, cough cough, Eric Garner, cough cough), so that the king has the money to pay the king’s soldiers.


An Important Point for Posterity (And for the Benefit of Lyda)

22 05 2017


AR just ran a story about potential personnel cutbacks in the London Metropolitan Police Service (“The Met” aka “Scotland Yard”).

I commented:

Just the fact that there will be fewer cops will be constantly used as an excuse, a crutch, to pawn the blame off the increasing crime rates.

Pay attention to the news: It happens all the time. Urban politicians will, among other convenient consequence-free taboo-free blowback-free excuses that they spout, rely on the “bawk not enough cops” or “bawk we need more cops” bromides. Yes, Lyda Krewson, I’m looking at you, too.

The reason why it’s nonsense relates to a concept that economists, accountants, auditors, financeers and other business types know so well: Relevant Range.

If there were zero beat cops, and it was understood that there were none, then that would actually cause violent crime to go through the ceiling. If there were twice as many cops as there are civilians in London, and the cops didn’t have to worry about civil rights provisions, then of course that would cause violent crime to fall through the floor. However, here in the real world, those two scenarios are outside the relevant range of reality. (Say that 20 times in a row really quickly.) In reality, there will be a certain minimum number of cops on the London Metropolitan Police Service, because of politics, and there will be a certain maximum number of cops on the same Service, because of budgetary concerns. And, they will generally be subject to some wise and some unwise constraints on their ability to wield power and force.

It is my assessment that, no matter the number of London cops that there are, the number will always be within the relevant range of neither being able to cause violent crime by being too low or prevent violent crime by being too high. To put it another way, here in the real world of London circa the current year, violent crime is going to be what it’s going to be, and caused by the various factors that cause it, and the precise number of cops won’t make any difference either way.


Rioting on Tulsa Time

18 05 2017


The next few nights in Tulsa could be really volatile, and the local undertow could pop off and riot at any time.

Tulsa has been a really difficult city when it comes to race relations going back a long time, going back to Black Wall Street in 1921, and to the fact that there are a surprising number and frequency of anti-white violent atrocities there in our times.

Youthful Arrogance, Again

5 05 2017


Me, August 21, 2007:

In other words, Klinger is saying that much more often than not, it’s the youthfully arrogant, bromide-obsessed, starry-eyed people like Norvelle Brown, rather than the stereotypical bad-asses and sons-of-bitches (i.e. cops hardened by years of experience that has taught them that youthful arrogance is delusional), who get shot by the thug class. Norvelle Brown would have become more jaded had he lived and been a cop for much longer.

Zero Hedge, today:

During his early days on the force, 30-year-old, rookie Chicago police officer, Scott Tracz, was described by colleagues as an “upbeat” cop who had always dreamed of becoming a police officer to help people in his city.  That is, until he sat in a black sports car outside his girlfriend’s suburban house late last year, put his gun to his head and took his own life.


But That Was Yesterday

3 05 2017


And yesterday’s gone.

We know what happened:  Some ook tried to mow down cops.

At this juncture, why does the Chicago undertow even bother?

The CPD has been neutered, and even if they weren’t, the criminal justice system behind them is a joke.

If all your predators are gelded vegetarians, are you really prey?


Slager Cops a Plea

2 05 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

Pun intended.

I infer that either Federal or state prosecutors were able to come up with evidence that Slager knew what Scott was wanted for before Scott started running.  All along, I’ve figured that as the sine qua non of any criminal case against Slager.

The plea means that Slager’s only rap will be Federal, the state is concomitantly dropping its charges, and therefore, he’ll have to do time in a Federal prison, not a state one, and, considering the circumstances, that’s the better outcome for him.  If my thinking is right, then the system is doing Slager a favor.

Ferris Dindu’s Day Off

24 04 2017


My good buddy (ahem, ahem, cough, cough), doesn’t really seem to say anything in his latest op-ed.

So I guess I’ll have to ride to his rescue, as friends often do.

Murder doesn’t take a day off around here because we can’t seem to get rid of our dindus.   Mind you, our dindus, for some odd reason, have been especially agitated over the last five years, especially over the last three years, for some reason I can’t seem to (cough, cough, Trayvon) put my fingers on (cough, cough, Fergaza Strip).

They won’t even take a Sunday night off.

I do see something a wee bit contradictory here.  Messenger, in a round about way, claims that Dotson is just peddling excuses when, among other things, he leans on the “weak gun laws” crutch, but then, just a few words later, he gushes all over Lyda’s “courage” because she stayed in the city and “started a political career” to combat violence.  Putting the pieces together, most of her anti-violence political energy ever since she first won alderwoman in 1997 was been to caterwaul about guns.

Backing up for a moment, Messenger alludes to Dotson leaning on the crutch of “pointing out that the city’s homicide numbers are skewed compared to most big cities because of the city’s separation from St. Louis County.”  That’s the excuse the CVC cooked up more than three years ago, and it only took me a few moments to blow through it.

One more thing:

Politics won’t fix the city’s murder problem. Neither will a new chief. The challenge is greater than that. Step one is to follow the advice of Dan Isom, the chief who preceded Dotson.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked at a mayoral forum in February. Each of the 47 people who as of Friday had lost their lives in the city has a story. They were utility workers and sportsmen. They were students and basketball players. They were husbands, and wives, who leave behind, perhaps, a spouse who will dedicate her life to solving the violence that has plagued this Midwestern city for decades.

The problem is that Isom is the only person of major public consequence who wants us to think about the victims.  Because if we actually did start thinking about the victims, then we’ll notice things and conclude that most of them are the same kind of thugs that murdered them.  Most of the rest are innocent white people, which then forces us to think about anti-white hate crimes, which of course ((())) and Co. absolutely don’t want.