Well, Here We Go Again

17 07 2016

Baton Rouge

Well now Turkey is quite literally and figuratively yesterday’s news.

Happened near their PD’s HQ, so I can only guess that the perp wanted to draw out and ambush cops.

Between the RoP and BLM, we are being cursed with interesting times.

We’re constantly told that terrorism doesn’t work.  That’s just what people say.  It’s people’s actions and revealed preferences that matter.  So far, ever since 9/11, official actions have communicated the message that terrorism does work.  RoP gets all peaceful, and everyone that matters hurries to kvetch about Islamophobia, backlash, all the while we deny that Islam had anything to do with the initial action.  They were just fringe extremists who misinterpreted Islam, or operated outside of its official boundaries, or sometimes they even genuflect to the weapon, as the NYT is focusing on the truck in the aftermath of Nice.  In other cases, we try to blame people who had absolutely nothing to do with it; Pat Robertson et al. got the blame for Orlando.

Likewise, in the wake of BLM and related wildings, cops are retreating from dinduistans and bell curve cities.

I think the better way to think about it is that terrorism doesn’t work, unless you’re on the progressivetard stack, in which case, it does.

Lots of interested parties are paying close attention to what cops will generally do and how they will react in the aftermath of this summer’s waves of eliminationist-inspired terrorism against them.  If they keep on retreating, then BLM et al. will know what works and keep on doing it.

I also think that while the RoP and BLM are separate entities, both of their recent uprisings and upticks in curious activity aren’t related, but they are correlated.  By that I mean that both the seventh century totalitarian death cult and the black undertow are both sensing weakness in white civilizations and think that now is a good “strike while the iron is hot” opportunity.

Here in the Real World

15 07 2016


Shamed Dogan is the only black Republican in the General Assembly.  His House district includes southern Ballwin, Ellisville, and parts of Fenton. And it does include the site of the Ballwin police shooting.  Every once in awhile, white suburban cuckservative voters will wind up letting a black win the Republican primary for some office.  Remember Sherman Parker?  Just a few weeks ago, I had a story here about one that was in the leadership of the St. Charles County Republican Committee.

Anyway, Dogan just had an interview and his people are peddling it far and wide wherein he states that it’s possible to be pro-black and pro-police at the same time.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably will soon.  I’m sure the cuckservative websites and blogs will eat it all up.

You know what?  Dogan happens to be right.  You know what else?  He’s right only in theory.  Here in the real world, official pro-blackdom, as evidenced by BLM, have sociopolitically established themselves as and at the polar opposite of law enforcement, such that they don’t want cops to be where they are and vice-versa.  Remember the Toronto gay parade?  You’ll notice that one of their demands is that the official Toronto Pride parade no longer have police floats.

(Tax) Law Enforcement

13 07 2016



“Coalition to Wake Your Ass Up calls for abolition of policing in response to police killings of Black people,” the group writes in a press release. “This group demands the dismantling of the police department, which includes disarming, defunding, demilitarizing, and disbanding police. We believe that security for all of us does not lie in use of aggression and force.” The release stated: “Real security occurs when all of us have meaningful employment, educational opportunities that help us pursue our own life choices and the adequate healthcare needed to live fruitfully.”

Okay, if there are no cops, then who is going to collect the taxes necessary to fund employment, education and health care programs?

And The Shits Just Keep On Coming

12 07 2016



“You all have been killing too many of us.”

That was the effect of his statement.  What he really said, probably involved a few cuss words, a few anti-white racial pejoratives, a few slang words about cops, and a whole lot of Ebonics.

Tragic, too, because he was just starting to turn his life around.


Three Bads

12 07 2016


President Obama:  “Bad white people!  Bad cops!  Bad guns!”

Of course, because he can’t allow us to think about the perpetrator and his motives, because if we start doing that, we’ll start pointing fingers Mr. Obama’s way.  That’s why he’s not going to “cease talking about gun control,” because it’s a nice convenient diversion.

We know his rhetoric about cops is hot air, because we know he personally likes them.  And how do we know that?  Because he chose his Hyde Park Chicago residence way back when precisely because it had two layers of police protection:  Chicago Police Department and University of Chicago Police Department.  And since he has been a serious Presidential candidate and then actually the President, throw in the Secret Service, and I’m sure the Illinois State Police will keep an eye if they’re in the neighborhood.  If Philandro Castile or Alton Sterling would have done the same things and behaved the same way in front of the White House gates at a time that Mr. Obama himself was in the White House, the Secret Service would have mowed ’em both down just like the municipal cops actually did.  The difference is that the media would have covered it up, and hardly anyone would have ever been familiar with those two names.  That’s because important people deserve police protection; as for everyone else, fuck you, because black lives matter.

Think I’m kidding?  Look up the name Miriam Carey.


My point exactly.

HBD On Parade

12 07 2016


Black boys, men, ponder avoid becoming the next hashtag

But I thought they wanted to become a hashtag.  I think it’s the third most lofty ghetto accomplishment, behind only rap and sports.  Though I don’t know if being RIP memorialized on t-shirts is higher or lower than becoming a hashtag.


Xavier Revell is 15, but with his frame he could be mistaken for a young adult. It’s an error that has cost other black teenage boys. A 2014 study published in the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concluded that black boys as young as 10 are more likely to be mistaken as older, be perceived as guilty and face police violence if accused of a crime.


As Well They Shouldn’t

12 07 2016

Minneapolis-St. Paul

They really should be upset with their organization for the opposite reason.  For jumping the gun (no pun intended) and responding too soon, in advance of later facts coming out.  One of those facts is that he didn’t have a CCW permit and never applied for one.