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23 03 2015


Looks like there’s a paper trail that strongly suggests he wasn’t aiming at the cops.

Yeah, he’s still going to prison.  But not for the hell of a long time he would have gone if there was proof that he did aim at the cops.

That said, McCulloch, for obvious reasons, is going to see this through and make sure he gets at or near the legal max for a Class B felony, which is 15.


In That Which We See More Black Cops Won’t Make a Difference

23 03 2015


From the Fergaza Strip yesterday.  H/T Channel 2.


Making the News Fit

20 03 2015

St. Louis County

First story, goes like this:  People don’t want to be cops like the used to.  Because they’re worried about doing the right thing and defending their lives against a cigarillo-swiping GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS, then having to spend the rest of their lives in hiding.  So, departments everywhere are lowering their standards.

Second story, goes like this:  County Browns want more blacks.  And don’t mind any of this gibberish about standards; other than the “no felony” thing and maybe the “21 years old” thing, they’re willing to overlook everything else if you don’t pass.  Just be black.  That’s all that matters.  It says this recruiting session is “open to all genders,” but then the transphobic SLCPD lists the theoretical physical qualifications for only two genders, when any idiot on Facebook can tell you that there are 58 genders (*).  Get ready for a barrage of hate from Tumblr SJWs.

(*) – If you are genderfluid and plan to go to this recruitment event for the SLCPD, I suggest that you fluid yourself to a woman that day so you can be compared to the easier set of running, sit-up and push-up standards, just in case they do take the fitness test seriously.

What’s Missing?

19 03 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis


STL expands Neighborhood Alliance to help reduce crime


Neighborhood Alliance has been in place for two years in parts of St. Louis’ Penrose, Hamilton Heights and Academy neighborhoods. Slay’s office says those areas have seen drops in gun crimes and homicides in that time.

Penrose experienced a 31% decrease in gun crimes and a 44% drop in homicides;

Hamilton Heights saw a 35% decrease in gun crimes and a 25% drop in homicides;

Academy had a 30% decrease in gun crimes and a 50% drop in homicides.

Oh, I thought they meant National Alliance.  Well, that would work, too.

Anyway, what’s missing is that they don’t tell us the percentage increases in both “gun crimes” (I still hate that phrase) and homicides in other neighborhoods that occurred because the SLPD was playing whack-a-mole in Penrose, HH and Academy, all the while they were paying less attention to other neighborhoods, and the three whack-a-moled neighborhoods’ Bellcurvii all skeedaddled elsewhere.


The Neighborhood Alliance model is based on the CeaseFire Initiative used in Chicago.

That sound you hear is True News USA and Second City Cop doing this:


New Story

17 03 2015



However, Bishop Derrick Robinson, of Kingdom Destiny Fellowship, in Fairview Heights, told the Post-Dispatch on Sunday that in a jail visit, Williams said he was robbed in the protest zone on the night of March 11 and returned to fire his gun into the air in frustration.

His story before was that he wanted to shoot at someone else in the protest crowd but accidentally hit the cops.

He’ll have a new story approximately every week, but he’ll never openly admit to aiming at the cops, because, like I said earlier here, that bumps him up to a Class A felony instead of what he’s facing now, a Class B felony.  It’s going to take some costly forensics and analysis in order to prove that he did deliberately aim at cops, or at least eliminate all other possibilities, and ordinarily, prosecutors wouldn’t bother.  But remember who the St. Louis County Circuit Attorney is, and one element of his life’s story that the whole world knows by now.  If anyone is going to go all in and all out to prove that someone deliberately engaged in violence against cops in order to get him put away as long as legally possible, it’s Bob McCulloch.

That’s a Bit of a Relief

15 03 2015


Suspect bagged.  Turns out he probably wasn’t aiming at cops, that this was just your ordinary ook-on-ook TNB shooting where cops just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This theory makes sense, because there was video of a big fight within the protest assembly that same evening and night.


Suspect IDed.  He was a regular on the Fergaza Strip, and he threatened cops back in January.  Still, I think it’s highly possible that he’s telling the truth, that he was aiming at someone else but accidentally hit cops.  You figure someone like this is also the type who gets into a lot of beefs and feuds with other black people.  He’s from Jennings, which is apropos, because the Fergaza Strip, while it’s technically in Ferguson, though caddy corner from the Ferguson Market is actually in Jennings, has far more of a Jennings feel than a Ferguson feel.

The more I think about it, though, the better the odds get that someone coached him to say that he was shooting at someone else, because deliberately shooting at cops is a more serious offense (Class A felony, meaning 10-30 if it doesn’t involve murder) than shooting at a non-cop (Class B felony, meaning 5-15).  Depending on the forensics and ballistics, and what kind of simulations can be done from them, it just might be his word against the cops, and therefore very hard for McCulloch and his ACAs to prove that he was deliberately shooting at cops, if McC wants to take this case beyond the easily provable run-of-the-mill first degree assault.  Even though, as recent experience has taught us, the word of black people in that general area is very unreliable, to wit:  Dorian “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Johnson, who ironically is FB friends with this suspect.


However, if there’s any prosecutor who would go all out to prove that a defendant actually wanted to shoot cops, if it can be proven, it’s Bob McCulloch, for personal reasons that everyone knows by now.


Interesting new development. This undermines his own contention that he wasn’t aiming at the cops.

Teddy Bear Brigade

12 03 2015



Rapper Tef Poe, noting that he “didn’t even want to be on this call,” said, “We grieve for the victims of all forms of violence.”

Poe then quickly added that when people meet with a “measure of violence, they respond in kind.

“Let’s face it, the police didn’t come out to West Florissant to hand out Teddy Bears.” he said.

No, they came to prevent another riot.  Which is what happened the last time that many protesters gathered close to Ferguson City Hall, back in November.

Later in the press conference, when asked what impact on the movement the shootings would have, Simmons called them “horrific.”

“There’s no easy way to brush it off” that it may hurt the momentum. “But we will move forward.”

Blackmon called them “extremely unfortunate, that I am trying hard not to be suspicious of it.”

When asked to be more specific about her suspicions, Blackmon said, “I don’t mean that I have any group or person in mind. I’m suspicious of the timing, that it was just a random act and not (something done) to derail us from our goals.”

After the press conference in a separate telephone conversation, Blackmon said her “suspicious” remarks were not aimed at police or their supporters, or protesters and theirs, but merely that she believes the shootings were “calculated.”

“I’m not casting aspersion on a person or a group of people; I’m saying I don’t know who did it,” Blackmon said. “I’m just saying that this was not spur-of-the-moment. I don’t think the timing of this was random. That’s just my sense.”

What she, that being Traci Blackmon, pastor of Christ the King UCC in Florissant, (UCC, that figures), is hinting around, is what a lot of black militants have been saying all day on social media:  That the cops shot these cops as a false flag to make the Ferguson protest movement look bad.


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