Next Up to Bat

14 12 2015

Los Angeles

Nicholas Robertson.

What might dampen these festivities is that the two deputies are Hispanic, and probably have Spanish names, so the media can’t make them out to be “white Hispanics.”  I think the reverends and the activists are going to want to keep things calm, so as not to create a wreck at the black-Hispanic intersectionality and inconvenience the blue team.

Very Good Question

14 12 2015

Oklahoma City

Now that they mention it, where the hell is BLM, anyway?

A half white half Japanese cop abusing his power to rape thirteen black women — They should be on this like white on rice to the end of time.

Proud to be a Cynic

7 12 2015


I’m glad I was born when I was, to be part of the generation I am, because that made me cynical enough to see through a lot of bullshit in order to get right to the truth of the matter.

The reason Rahm Emanuel is suddenly is happy with the DOJ investigation into the CPD is because he knows in advance what it will say. The DOJ may well issue a report slandering the entire city of Ferguson and its police department. But, Chicago is an important city for important people, including Rahm, Obama, and all the filthy rich white/Jewish liberals who incubated Obama’s political career. The DOJ won’t do to Chicago what it did to Ferguson, and Rahm knows it. What this report probably will claim is that the “problems” of Chicago’s black people are related to their supposed inability to move to and live comfortably in suburbs, and therefore the solution will be more “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (21st century Negro removal), more Section 8 apartment farms in Chicago suburbs, which will conveniently open up a lot of gentrification opportunities in Chicago proper for white libs. Just don’t notice that, because noticing is racism, or something like that.

Incidentally, Obama chose his Hyde Park house way back when because it had two layers of police protection, Chicago PD and University of Chicago PD. Yet, he wants everyone else to hate cops.

I Totally Get It

1 12 2015


Rahm fires Garry McPilgrim because of something that happened in part so as not to inconvenience Rahm’s re-election campaign.

Makes.  Perfect.  Sense.

I also love Rahm’s official reasons:  Laquan McDonald, Tyshawn Lee, the increased homicide rate.  So he’s firing McPilgrim because he was too tough on blacks and not tough enough on blacks at the same time.

Soros Pays Well

28 11 2015


chicago-soros-2 chicago-soros-1

He’s sorta like our ubiquitous activist.

They get around.

Five, six, seven, eight…


Starting to Change My Mind

27 11 2015


Good analysis of why there may not have actually been a crime, and maybe not even a violation in department policy.

And I’m starting to settle in on answers to my questions about why the long time cover up.  They covered up at the time it happened because October 20, 2014 was in the middle of the Fergaza Strip hoopla, in fact, on that day, everyone was still waiting for a grand jury decision and the undertow’s reaction, but that wouldn’t come for more than another month.  This thrown on top of an already tense situation in a volatile stew pot like Chicago, and it would have gone ablaze.  Rahm wanted to get through re-election season.  And after that, they might as well have waited the summer out, so that the cold weather could sorta keep a lid on the exuberance.

If McDonald was high on PCP at the time, and was armed with a deadly weapon, then TN v Garner falls on the side of the cop.


Too Bad You Don’t Really Mean It

27 11 2015



This thing called irony.

If you look at the photo gallery, you’ll find that Je$$e is in the middle of this.  But not in the middle of the Tyshawn Lee matter.  Guess why not.  This is the same Jeff Fort who Bobby Rush told us is so appalled over the Tyshawn Lee’s assassination.  You’ll also read here that the theory that the Laquan McDonald matter was suppressed so that Rahm could get re-elected is starting to fancy more and more people.


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