7 07 2016

Minneapolis-St. Paul

She says the cop is “Chinese,” but he’s probably some sort of East or Southeast Asian, not necessarily Chinese.  Knowing the immigration history of that part of the country, he might actually be some sort of Indochinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian.

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6 07 2016

Baton Rouge

Re Alton Sterling.

I don’t know enough about the case to have made up my mind.

However, I am reading that the owner of or employee of the quickie mart where this happened called the cops on Sterling because he was selling bootleg CDs or DVDs on the store’s parking lot.  Which should sound familiar, St. Louisan, because something relating to a quickie mart is what got the cops called on GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS.  That said, if this thing in Baton Rouge blows up into riots, that quickie mart will be burned to the ground, as the first night riots on the Fergaza Strip inflicted that fate upon the QT on the corner of West Florissant and Northwinds Estates because they heard a false rumor that someone in the QT called the cops (“snitched”).  When in reality, it was the Ferguson Market.  Later nights’ festivities involved the undertow looting it, but as of right now, it’s still open and still in business.

However, that raises an interesting intersectionality.  If this happens to be true about what happened in Baton Rouge, then it’s another example of a blue-on-blue intersectional wreck.  Where there are bootleg CDs or DVDs, there are copyright laws.  Where there are copyright laws concerning music and movies, there is the RIAA and the MPAA.  Where there are the RIAA and MPAA, there are people and firms that are part owners of the Democrat Party and the current President of the United States.  (Not that that mess doesn’t affect the red team.)  That relationship is so tight that Baraq Obama has basically converted ICE from an immigration enforcement agency to the publicly funded mercenary force of the MPAA.  And now, that milieu is indirectly responsible for crushing a black body.

It reminds me of Eric Garner.  That started because he was a loosie salesman and that was depriving New York of cigarette tax money, and of course NYC cig taxes are high because the left has declared war on tobacco cigarettes mainly because they have a classist contempt for the people that smoke them.  The NYPD is diligent in enforcing the city’s tax code; the king’s soldiers are always diligent in collecting the king’s taxes so that the king has the money to pay the king’s soldiers.  Garner selling loosies means that the people buying them weren’t buying them from legit stores and weren’t paying the city’s cig taxes.  That was yet another blue-on-blue intersectional wreck:  Anti-tobacco versus black bodies.

RIAA/MPAA vs BLM.  Popcorn, grab.

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2 07 2016


Guess who has been saying that the Ferguson Effect exists but not in the way you think it does?  That it’s a matter of suddenly agitated blacks acting ookier than usual far more than it is the cops having cold feet?  As police saturation has no effect on violent crime.

Yeah, me, you’re ever-lovin’ blogmeister.

It should be noted that the Ferguson Effect was before Ferguson called the Cincinnati Effect, because it was noticed that for two years after that city’s 2001 riots, black crime was higher than usual, then went back down to its pre-riot norm.

And now I have some quality corroboration.

Missing the Forest Park for the Trees

2 07 2016

Forest Park

Dotson’s gonna protect Forest Park and Fair St. Louis from [omitted].

Yeah, that’s who I really fear when I’m in that area.

Or maybe Dotson is using this Muslim bit as an excuse to do more security to combat the dindus.

“ABB Style”

1 07 2016



It’s not a new dance.

Remember, only white boys do mass shootings.  I know that, because black Twitter told me so.


Smooth Trade

26 06 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

U.S. Attorney for Idaho rattles the sabres; doesn’t want people to notice things.

Hints of Joyce-McCulloch-Boyer and the Truth Squad of September 2008.  A story which I personally broke on the internet on another medium, and luckily, Jim Hoft picked it up and sent it to the stratosphere.  Interestingly, neither Joyce nor Boyer are seeking re-election this year, though we know what the reason isn’t.  Neither one of these three people have yet been punished for what I think is a violation of the Federal Klan Act’s 1983 amendment, i.e. color of law conspiracy to chill civil rights.  And I think Wendy Olson and her office stepped in the same pile of dog poo.  Though we know she’s not going to prosecute herself.

Hustling While Black

26 06 2016

Lincoln, Nebraska

The story.

His firm.

Why do I get the feeling he’s going to be able to parlay this incident into a lot more work for himself?

When the Fergaza Strip first blew up, coming up on two years ago, he came to Ferguson to bitch and moan that the city hired a white PR firm to handle the sky-is-falling work.  (Note:  Not the firm I work for.)


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