Hard Luck Life

12 05 2015



That’s a very hard and old looking 25.

Note that this whole story was one malfunction away from being a cop killing.

No Charges

12 05 2015

Madison, Wisconsin


Someone point me to a good streaming channel or page where I can watch the riots.

Or maybe there won’t be riots, because Madison is progressive, and therefore it has a black/nonblack arrest rate way lower than KKK hellholes like Ferguson.

Oh wait…



Well, Excuse Me

11 05 2015

Hattiesburg, Mississippi


“Oh no you didn’t just arrest me.”

Don’t Say “Cluster”

10 05 2015

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

When will we officially be allowed to start using the word “cluster?”

Never.  Because we’re not allowed to notice things, notice all the cops that blacks have shot in the post-August 9 wave of political-media-undertow eliminationist hysteria.

They Should Be Out to Get You

8 05 2015



During jailhouse interview, Dorian Johnson claims police are targeting his family

Dorian Johnson, one of the witnesses to the shooting of Mike Brown, and his two brothers say they believe police are out to get them after they were all three arrested on Wednesday.

“Dorian has this target on his back,” his grandmother, Brenda Johnson, said. “So it makes it easy. If we can’t get you, we will get your brothers. We will get your family. We will get anybody that’s close to you.”


However, Brenda Johnson is not surprised and says she saw this coming. She believes police have been on the lookout for Dorian because he spoke out about what happened the day Mike Brown was shot.

You mean he made up a whole tall tale which turned into an international slogan and national protest movement.

I doubt the cops are really out to get him to the degree he thinks they are.  But it wouldn’t much bother me if they were. Or, let me put it to you another way: Dorian Johnson, you better be as pure as the wind driven snow for the rest of your life, because no cop is ever again going to do you a favor or give you any leeway or benefit of the doubt.

Why They Fight

8 05 2015

Bellefontaine Neighbhors


Bellefontaine Neighbors police officer uses racial slur


Two weeks ago, after repeated meetings with Bellefontaine Neighbors city officials and the DOJ, the session ended abruptly, when a frustrated [Rev. Phillip] Duvall walked out.

He told News 4 that Bellefontaine Neighbors police are “not willing to stop the predatory practice of stopping people and arresting people. That’s unacceptable.”

It’s the end game, exempting blacks from criminal law.


“We’re gonna hire more blacks.”

Sure you are.  Oh, I don’t doubt for one minute that you’re going to try, or you really want to.  But you’re gonna find what Ferguson has known for a long time.

St. Louis City Board of Aldermen, WTF?

7 05 2015

City Hall


Aldermen grill St. Louis police chief on rise in crime

The same aldermen that just implemented a civilian review board, albeit a relatively toothless one.

A group of St. Louis aldermen grilled Police Chief Sam Dotson for about 2½ hours Thursday, expressing doubt that his flagship policing strategies — hot-spot policing and redistricting — are working in the face of rising crime.

Alderman Antonio French said he considers hot-spot policing a “whack-a-mole” approach, in which crime driven from a target area by intense patrols just pops up somewhere else. French was one of about a members of the Public Safety Committee who gathered for a hearing at City Hall.

Calling it “whack-a-mole.” He must read this space.

No mystery, it’s just the Ferguson Effect.


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