Bell Curve See, Bell Curve Do

29 04 2015


Yep, Baltimore is turning the flame back on underneath the Fergaza Strip pot.

A bit up West Florissant, the quickie mart attached to the Mobil gas station was looted for the third time.  The other two times were back on the nights of rioting on August 10-11 and November 24-25.



More Baltimore Stuff

28 04 2015


Donald Trump goes there.  At the very least, you know whose side you should take in the Trump versus Jonah Goldberg dustup.

Guess who vetoed cop body cams.  Though even if she did sign it and the cops that dealt with Freddie Gray were wearing them,  I don’t think we’d be any closer to real answers than we are right now.

Pardon me for being skeptical.  For one, it came from a credibility-challenged “fusion center.”  Remember, either the Arizona fusion center or the national one affixed to DHS cooked up the “link” between the Tucson nutbar and AR.  Second, it all comes from one dickhead sending one text.  If black threats on social media and in texts were that serious, the world would have ended several years ago.

*  I hope you Orioles fans don’t expect the team to be any good as long as the Angelos family is running it.  If you do have a good season every once in a blue moon, it will be in spite of the Angeloses, not because of them.  Because the son can’t tell the difference between cause and effect.  Normal people see wet sidewalks and think the rain caused the sidewalks to be wet; John Angelos thinks that the wet sidewalks caused the rain.  Normal people see the “militarized” cops and surveillance state and then black riots and conclude that the latter caused the former; John Angelos thinks the former caused the latter.

There was a minor protest in Ferguson last night showing solidarity with Baltimore. Otherwise, the reaction from Ferguson was forlorn.



Good PR For Freddie Gray

27 04 2015


To all you Baltimore Bellcurvians who are screaming that “we want us some justiceseseses for Freddie Gray.”

You do realize that you’re doing Freddie Gray a public relations disservice, don’t you?  With every pic and video out of the Inner Harbor (“safe space” — Stephanie Rawlings-Blake) showing car and business windows being broken, reporters and baseball fans being attacked, more and more people are going to infer from those optics that Freddie Gray somehow caused his own death, even if he actually didn’t.

Optics matter.  Why do you think Baraq Obama, Eric Holder and the civil rights industry practically chimped out when the security stills from the Ferguson Market were released?

Odd Number

27 04 2015


Odd tactic?

Easy to figure out, that is, easy if you allow your mind to see the nudity of the emperor.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a black mayor of a Bell Curve City.  Black power and civil rights means marching, protesting and rioting, or at least she and many others like her think it is.  March, protest and riot, and blacks get stuff.  Martin Luther King marches on Washington, and the next year, a civil rights bill is passed.  People walk across a bridge in Selma, Alabama, and not long after, a voting rights act is passed.  See how easy that was?  The small print is that they don’t see the decades upon decades of the long march through the institutions that their white (or “white”) fellow travelers engaged in, and they don’t see all the difficult political work that white (or “white”) politicians did to get that legislation passed.

The “mystery” of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake openly stating that she gave a safe space to proto-rioters, a part of Baltimore that is mostly white and highly gentrified, is about as perplexing as the “mystery” of why Baraq Obama said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.

In related news:

The Baltimore Police Department says they have received a credible threat that numerous gangs have entered into a partnership to “take-out” law enforcement officers.

According to the department, they have received credible information that various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods and Crips have entered into the partnership.

It might last long enough to take out one or two cops, but otherwise, it’ll last about as long as the Hitler-Stalin Pact.  How can I be so certain here?  Because this is probably at least the tenth time since I’ve been paying close enough attention to the news that I’ve read a story like this, that black gangs will put aside their differences to join forces against the KKKops.  Very little ever comes of it.  Then the underlying news is forgotten, and the Bellcurvian gang bangers have to go back to defending dope turf against intrusions by each other.  So much for that truce and that partnership, huh?

You’ll recognize the Black Guerilla Family as the gang behind the Baltimore City Jail scandal.

Out of Town

26 04 2015


Congressman Elijah Cumstain (D-MD) and a bunch of Baltimore city and police officials are trying to pawn the proto-rioting off on “out of town” agitators that somehow swooped into Baltimore just for the occasion.

Where have you heard this before?  That’s right.  Ferguson.  Though in that case, “out of town” in Ferguson terms might have meant that they came there all the way from Jennings.

You also heard it ten years ago after Katrina — Some said that black gangs from Dallas swooped in and started causing trouble.  Remember, it was flooded, and getting in and out via conventional means was impossible.  Do black gangs have paratroopers and airborne units now?

I guess they want us to think that neither Baltimore, Ferguson nor New Orleans has any native domestic black goons of their own.

Time for some inconvenient truth:

That Train Has Already Left the Station

25 04 2015




Irony, quite the lost art.

Remember.  Baltimore:  Black woman mayor, black police chief.

Great Goods

23 04 2015




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