Amanda Marcotte Reads Countenance Blog?

24 02 2015


H/T Steve Sailer

Amanda Marcotte, writing in Slate:

Indeed, when it comes to wage inequality, race is as much a factor as gender. The American Association of University Women analyzed census data on the wage gap and found that although white women make 78 cents to a white man’s dollar in the United States, black women make a mere 64 cents, and Latina women make a paltry 54 cents.

So, what she is saying is that the gender gap is largely a disguised race gap.

Someone else said that, too.

The Big Number One

23 02 2015

Jefferson City

Some big big big news about the school-to-prison pipeline.


Missouri elementary schools have highest rate of suspending black children

Black elementary school children are more likely to be suspended in Missouri than in any state in the nation, according to a national report released Monday.

Missouri also has the greatest disparity between how often black and white students get out-of-school suspension for infractions.

It’s been awhile since this state was #1 in some good positive quality metric.

So it’s time to…

Now, back to the article.

You may be wondering which school districts run by white KKK bigots are suspending black geniuses for no reason at all but to keep them away from their astrophysics lessons:

Pushing Missouri’s overall rate upward was St. Louis Public Schools, which suspended 29.1 percent of its elementary school enrollment that year. Normandy and Riverview Gardens each suspended around 21 percent of their elementary students. Kansas City had similar numbers.

Oh.  My bad.

Losen said disadvantaged schools may not have the support staff needed to effectively handle classroom management problems, which is why some turn to suspensions to deal with discipline. In many other situations, bias plays a role. As a general rule, Losen said, black males receive harsher penalties for offenses that don’t always lead to suspension for children of other races.

“What we’re coming to understand as a culture, there’s a tendency to perceive a situation involving black males as being more dangerous than it actually is,” he said. “It shows up when you look at large number over the course of time. It may not show up in every incident.”

That’s right, Losen.  You get on the phone and you tell all those white KKK bigots that run the SLPS, KCPS, Normandy and Riverview Gardens to knock off with the hateration yall.

Backing up a bit, and changing my tone to serious:

“We know that effective schools do not suspend high numbers of kids,” said Daniel Losen, director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies. “Effective schools keep kids in school and have high amount of instruction time.”

That’s because effective schools tend to have good quality white students who don’t need to be suspended because they don’t often do anything worthy of a suspension.  Daniel Losen needs a refresher course on cause and effect.



10 12 2014


Awhile back, Steve Sailer crunched some numbers and discovered that the two states with the highest multiple-times disproportionality between black incarceration rates and white incarceration rates are Minnesota and Wisconsin.  That’s because those states juxtapose the most well behaved white people (Scandinavians and northern Germanics) with some of the worst welfare-seeking ghetto blacks (Scandinavians love setting up welfare states, and blacks love collecting welfare).

Most people, if asked which states had the highest gap in this regard, would guess the Deep South, because of the stereotype of black-lynching Sheriff Buford T. Redneck who will see to it that blacks are sent to prison or worse for every ticky tack violation of the law while he looks the other way when white people do it.  Of course it’s a bullshit stereotype, and it wasn’t that true even when it was true way back when.

Hark.  Guess what Channel 5 has for us today.

Note that Arkansas is the only southern state in the top ten, and it’s #10 at that.

Robert VerBruggen, WTF?

1 09 2014

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The first and only time so far I have mentioned Robert VerBruggen in this space, I roasted him so badly that John Derbyshire was taken aback.

Now he’s back.  In an article mostly about the black-Hispanic-white race differences in firearm assault injury rates among men 15-34, the clueless knave concludes:

These numbers (like those discussed by Reihan Salam recently) go a long way toward explaining why we talk about black-on-black crime a lot more than we talk about white-on-white crime, even though most crime for both groups is intraracial. I think they also have ramifications for Ron Unz’s argument that Hispanic and white crime rates are essentially the same. (The authors used the Census’s American Community Survey to estimate the total population of each group. Given the problem of illegal immigration, any survey in the U.S. might undercount Hispanics, and perhaps there are problems with the hospital data too — but it would take a pretty dramatic counting problem to produce the disparities seen above.)

Now it was idiotic for Unz to say that “Hispanic and white crime rates are essentially the same.”  But does not Mr. VerBruggen have eyes and the ability to do simple division?  In all six states’ bar graphs, we can clearly see that the Hispanic rate is multiple times higher than the white rate.

Also I wonder why Arizona’s white rate is so high.  I bet they throw American Indians in with whites.


Another Danny Almonte? Or Simple HBD?

15 08 2014

Williamsport, Pennsylvania


A Little League player with the start of a mustache?

I know you’re thinking Danny Almonte, but there might be a non-diabolical but taboo explanation at work.

Currently, the age cutoff for Little League is April 30.  Which means that if your age is 12 on April 30, even if you turn 13 on May 1, you can play on the LL team for “12-year olds,” and maybe go all the way to Williamsport.

Young Mr. Pierce Jones, pictured above, is 13 years old.

So you probably have to consider racial differences in puberty onset as a factor, even though we’re not supposed to think about such things.

In a few years, the age cutoff will be moved back to December 31, and I think that’s to prevent this kind of thing somewhat.

Now it’s a Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

25 07 2014


The great motivational speaker can’t instill enough discipline in her own kids to keep them from being suspended eight times between the two of them before either one gets to Kindergarten?

I don’t know what kind of preschool she sends them, so this analysis might not be accurate.  But I know today’s public educational system does everything it can not to suspend NAM students unless whatever they did falls under the aegis of the insurance industry-driven zero tolerance paranoia.  Plain words, if black students are suspended at all, then they must have done something very bad.  There’s just too much Obama/Holder/DOJ/My Brother’s Keeper pressure on them.

If all else fails, this great motivational speaker who is also a single mother can say that her sons’ daddy wasn’t shit.


When Cool Becomes Cold

6 07 2014

Charlottesville, Virginia


Why the cool kids from middle school may have trouble down the line


Published last month in the journal of Child Development, it followed the “cool kids” from middle school for a decade. It’s true what they say about peaking too young. The socially precocious teens in middle school fell lower on the social hierarchy by high school. And in their early 20s, they had more problems with drugs and alcohol, more trouble with the law and were less competent in their friendships.


The cool kids from the Virginia study, when compared with their peers at age 23, had a 45 percent greater rate of troubles with alcohol and marijuana use and 22 percent greater rate of adult criminal behavior.

When children do things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17, that’s a red flag for future problems that parents ought to take seriously, she said.

My middle and high school experiences were in niche environments that were deliberately way different than the typical schools.  I was never really bullied, never did any bullying, and I never saw any genuine bullying.  The worst I experienced was the occasional ephemeral smart-mouthed punk, but that was it.  However, that didn’t preclude me from learning about the concept, to know what to look for so that I could avoid it, assuage it, report it, and not engage in it.  My mother told me on more than one occasion that if I ever experienced any school yard bullies, just to handle it rationally, don’t dwell on it, but never forget it either, as one day these kids would be adults who would be asking me for a job.  I guess that was her way of saying what this study found, that high status middle schoolers equals low status adults.  I think the same is true for high schoolers, too — The most popular jocks are at best competent construction workers, the cool girls are now meth heads and whores in and out of jail all the time.

Then there’s another factor, one not mentioned in this article and probably not broached in the actual study, because it’s too taboo.

Hey, it’s me you’re reading — You knew that if there was any way for me to go there, there was where I was going to go.


Remember, this study is from the University of Virginia, so odds are it involved a lot of middle school students then young adults ten years later from the state of Virginia.  That’s Virginia as in the one with a lot of blacks.

The reason the “cool” and “socially precocious” middle schoolers who are “doing things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17″ wind up getting in a lot of trouble with the law and otherwise in their early 20s isn’t necessarily because there’s a direct link between middle school cool and young adult flunky.  It’s that the middle school precociousness and the young adult flunkiness both have the same underlying cause:  Blacks mature earlier than whites to explain the former, and black to explain the latter.


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