Be There And Be Square

4 11 2015


Anybody going to broach the subject of black people taking on frivolous debt and their propensity not to repay?


Nordic Gap

24 10 2015

Madison, Wisconsin

No surprise to those of you who pay attention.

Wisconsin’s graduation rate gap widens to largest in U.S.

I have a sneaking feeling that Minnesota is second.


Well No Fucking Duh

24 09 2015

Washington, D.C.


Did you know?  They also put black public housing tenants where the crime is.

I’ve also seen that in print.

This article does have some points I want to elaborate on, but I can’t right at this moment.

Same Ole Story

12 08 2015

Jefferson City

DESE becomes the first state level education agency to release standardized test scores on testing regimes based on Commune Core.

And guess what:

Results show the performance gap persists among races and income levels, with about 13 percentage points between those considered to be minorities or low-income, and the rest of the student population.


Among minority students and those who qualify for free and reduced-price lunches, a marker of poverty, 46.4 percent passed English Language Arts and 32.3 percent passed math, according to data presented to the state board.

After the meeting, Vandeven said the achievement gap was something the state needed to address.

“If ‘all children’ means ‘all children,’ we’re going to have to figure out how to do some things a little differently,” she said. “The ability to close the gap is there. If the state comes together, we can solve this and make it happen.”

But but but…Bully Gates and his paid vassals told us that we needed these high standards in order to have great schools so that we could fix the schools in order to narrow the achievement gap.

OTOH, Missouri’s Commune Core-aligned testing does measure something useful, if the good ole achievement gap still presents.

And also, if Margie Vandeven actually comes through on her promise, I can promise you that the world is going to swarm into the usually sleepy state capital river town where she works and where I work for a few months out of every year, because she’ll be the modern day alchemist.

I’ll Be Rich If I Can Figure This Out

28 07 2015

St. Ann


Pattonville parents urge an offensive to counter bullying

Two months removed from the sometimes-vicious halls of sixth grade, Rachel McCormick took her seat at the Pattonville School Board on Tuesday night unsure if she would speak.

Rachel, 12, had been bullied all year, she and her mother said — despite the district’s anti-bullying policies. Despite the emphasis on character education. Despite the meetings with school administrators.

None of it did much good, Rachel said. At the start of the school year at Holman Middle School, she was shunned on the bus. She said she just wanted to sit next to someone. A few days later, someone shoved Rachel away with their foot.

In October and November, students stole her lunch. Then there was the name-calling.

Each time she was bullied, she and her mother told school officials. But what her mother called a “Band-Aid” approach wasn’t doing Rachel any good. It was time to make their grievances public at the board meeting.

That’s not to say the Pattonville School District doesn’t work to counter bullying already, district spokeswoman Mickey Schoonover said. The Where Everybody Belongs group helps children transition to middle school. The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program teaches appropriate behavior, Schoonover added.

Still, about a dozen parents and students attended the meeting to show solidarity with the McCormicks. They acknowledged the district’s efforts, but urged more.

And then, yadda yadda.

Why were Rachel’s bullies never punished?  Why did the school officials respond with useless band-aids and more useless band-aids?

C’mon now.  You know which blog you’re reading.  One written by someone who can use Great Schools, and find out that Holman Middle is 53% white and 38% black.

The Pattonville district and many other districts that are similarly positioned are caught in between a rock and a hard place.  The rock is trying to cut down on bullying, violence, severe misbehavior.  The hard place is #BlackLivesMatter and school to prison pipeline paranoia, trying to reduce suspensions of black students to keep the Department of Justice and the disparate impact bean counters happy.  We already know that colleges and universities have found a way to extricate them from a similar Catch-22, getting themselves out from between the rock of high SAT scores and the hard place of NAM diversity, of its admitted classes.  So there has to be some way for public K-12 school districts with significant NAM student percentages to solve this problem.

For me, solving this problem means getting a money tree.

Big Data

18 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder for anyone to argue that race is just a social construct.

And also, with that much race data on so many subjects so widely available, it might spark a wave of noticing.  People might start doubting that whole equality hokum.

Because Science

14 07 2015

Racial differences in brain structure.



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