With Equality and Democratic Republicanism, the Unbelievable Is Believable.

5 05 2015

Coventry, England

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?


Once he got thinking, Swift could see that the issue stretches well beyond the fact that some families can afford private schooling, nannies, tutors, and houses in good suburbs. Functional family interactions—from going to the cricket to reading bedtime stories—form a largely unseen but palpable fault line between families. The consequence is a gap in social mobility and equality that can last for generations.


In contrast, reading stories at bedtime, argues Swift, gives rise to acceptable familial relationship goods, even though this also bestows advantage.

‘The evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t—the difference in their life chances—is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,’ he says.

This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion—that perhaps in the interests of levelling the playing field, bedtime stories should also be restricted. In Swift’s mind this is where the evaluation of familial relationship goods goes up a notch.

You may be wondering how this jives with the new party line consensus being spouted in the NYT that the black-white and black-nonblack gaps in everything from education to income to museum attendance is rooted in the fact that black parents don’t use enough words at, toward and around their newborn and toddler and infant children.  It’s easy, really — If Aquanetta won’t read to little D’Leisha and Shitavious, then the way to make things equal is not to allow white parents to read bedtime stories to their white children.

From the Silver Mines

29 04 2015


A couple of FiveThirtyEight articles on the City That Bleeds.

First, in spite of the clickbait headline, we see from the actual scatter plot that Baltimore is a pretty typical Bell Curve City when it comes to the black-white income gap.  Just like Ferguson is Averageville USA when it comes to the black/nonblack arrest rate disparities; much higher disparities are found in such KKK hellholes like Madison, Wisconsin and Santa Monica, California.

Second, they note that in the 2005-2011 time frame, the Baltimore PD has one the highest arrest rates of its own officers of any LEA in the country, and juxtaposes this with Baltimore having the highest proportion of cop-on-civilian homicides of major cities.  I, too, think that these two things are related, but I don’t think the filthy cops cause the cops killing civilians in this case.  I think the filthy cops and the cop-on-civilian homicides are both symptoms of the same cause, that is, Baltimore is a ratchet Bell Curve City.  Such cities will have both affirmative action in police department hiring and promotion, thereby causing all the cops to be arrested, and it will also have a much higher rate of crime and a whole lot of contempt for law enforcement, meaning that conflagrations that result in (almost always justifiable) cop on civilian homicide are inevitable.

They Forgot About the Klan

26 03 2015



The Racial Wealth Gap: Why A Typical White Household Has 16 Times The Wealth Of A Black One

If all you do is read this Forbes article, you really won’t know why, even though they float some really creative excuses.

The United States is becoming much more racially and ethnically diverse. At the same time, it’s becoming more unequal in terms of wealth and income.

Some people are scratching their heads, I happen to think it’s a sequitur.

Much of that disparity comes from the gap in the home values in white neighborhoods versus the neighborhoods where people of color live. The roots of the gulf stem at least as far back as the 1934 National Housing Act, which redlined black neighborhoods, marking them as credit risks. Though outlawed in the ’60s, the effect persists today in the form of neighborhoods, consisting mostly of people of color, that have high poverty rates, low home values and declining infrastructure.

The cause is therefore something which was outlawed a half century ago.

Less obvious factors have historical roots in prohibitions against teaching slaves to read and the practice of “separate but equal” educational facilities. They continue to matter because parents’ educational level and family income and wealth are strong predictors of children’s educational success.

The cause is therefore things which were outlawed in 1865 and 1954, respectively.

Bummer, because they forgot to blame the KKK.

New Customers

26 03 2015



These are new HIV infections in 2010, and raw numbers, not rates.  Imagine how this graph would look in the 13-24 and 25-34 age ranges if this measured rates.

What’s also curious is that the number of blacks drops with each increasing age category step while with whites, it seems more like a bell curve.   If I had more time right now, I’d put some brain power behind trying to figure out why.  Then again, maybe you could help me?


Amanda Marcotte Reads Countenance Blog?

24 02 2015


H/T Steve Sailer

Amanda Marcotte, writing in Slate:

Indeed, when it comes to wage inequality, race is as much a factor as gender. The American Association of University Women analyzed census data on the wage gap and found that although white women make 78 cents to a white man’s dollar in the United States, black women make a mere 64 cents, and Latina women make a paltry 54 cents.

So, what she is saying is that the gender gap is largely a disguised race gap.

Someone else said that, too.

The Big Number One

23 02 2015

Jefferson City

Some big big big news about the school-to-prison pipeline.


Missouri elementary schools have highest rate of suspending black children

Black elementary school children are more likely to be suspended in Missouri than in any state in the nation, according to a national report released Monday.

Missouri also has the greatest disparity between how often black and white students get out-of-school suspension for infractions.

It’s been awhile since this state was #1 in some good positive quality metric.

So it’s time to…

Now, back to the article.

You may be wondering which school districts run by white KKK bigots are suspending black geniuses for no reason at all but to keep them away from their astrophysics lessons:

Pushing Missouri’s overall rate upward was St. Louis Public Schools, which suspended 29.1 percent of its elementary school enrollment that year. Normandy and Riverview Gardens each suspended around 21 percent of their elementary students. Kansas City had similar numbers.

Oh.  My bad.

Losen said disadvantaged schools may not have the support staff needed to effectively handle classroom management problems, which is why some turn to suspensions to deal with discipline. In many other situations, bias plays a role. As a general rule, Losen said, black males receive harsher penalties for offenses that don’t always lead to suspension for children of other races.

“What we’re coming to understand as a culture, there’s a tendency to perceive a situation involving black males as being more dangerous than it actually is,” he said. “It shows up when you look at large number over the course of time. It may not show up in every incident.”

That’s right, Losen.  You get on the phone and you tell all those white KKK bigots that run the SLPS, KCPS, Normandy and Riverview Gardens to knock off with the hateration yall.

Backing up a bit, and changing my tone to serious:

“We know that effective schools do not suspend high numbers of kids,” said Daniel Losen, director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies. “Effective schools keep kids in school and have high amount of instruction time.”

That’s because effective schools tend to have good quality white students who don’t need to be suspended because they don’t often do anything worthy of a suspension.  Daniel Losen needs a refresher course on cause and effect.



10 12 2014


Awhile back, Steve Sailer crunched some numbers and discovered that the two states with the highest multiple-times disproportionality between black incarceration rates and white incarceration rates are Minnesota and Wisconsin.  That’s because those states juxtapose the most well behaved white people (Scandinavians and northern Germanics) with some of the worst welfare-seeking ghetto blacks (Scandinavians love setting up welfare states, and blacks love collecting welfare).

Most people, if asked which states had the highest gap in this regard, would guess the Deep South, because of the stereotype of black-lynching Sheriff Buford T. Redneck who will see to it that blacks are sent to prison or worse for every ticky tack violation of the law while he looks the other way when white people do it.  Of course it’s a bullshit stereotype, and it wasn’t that true even when it was true way back when.

Hark.  Guess what Channel 5 has for us today.

Note that Arkansas is the only southern state in the top ten, and it’s #10 at that.


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