What’s the Opposite of Growth?

13 10 2015


Emerson Electric, which was unlucky enough to have its world headquarters in the same municipal unit where GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS breathed his last, and whose campus overlooks the Fergaza Strip itself, is doing the white guilt thing and ponying up.


Emerson officials say the goal is to tell the story of the role of blacks in the growth of the St. Louis region.


Balance Paid In Full

4 10 2015

Downtown West

“We aint gotz’ ta pay owr lite bill no’ mo’, becuz Ferguson.”

Meanwhile, there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s kinda hard to boycott the monopoly electricity provider.


28 05 2015



Find out why, as if you can’t already figure it out just from the pic.

Bizarro, Connecticut. Population 125,000.

15 05 2015

Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut Post:

Malloy: Opposition to ‘Second-Chance’ racially motivated

Lawmakers picked up the pieces this morning following a massive breakdown in the House of Representatives over the governor’s charges of racism on Wednesday.

That’s all it takes to make white people fall apart and send them into a state of mass confusion and pandemonium — Accuse them of racism.

They should read James Edwards’s book.

The political fireworks went off shortly after noon Wednesday, when Malloy was critical of Republican attempts to portray his “Second-Chance Society” package as soft on crime.

Malloy said virtually any location in the state’s cities, particularly the big urban areas of Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, is near a drug-free school zone – the 1,500-foot area – which results in mandatory felonies for drug possession. Even residents using drugs in their homes can be subject to mandatory two-year prison sentences from which suburban residents are largely free. Malloy’s bill would treat all drug-possession cases as misdemeanors, as an effort to reduce the racial disparity in state prisons.

“To treat those folks differently because they live in those communities is patently unfair and if not racist in intent, is racist in its outcome,” Malloy said.

In an afternoon interview, he cited recent press releases from “seven to nine” GOP lawmakers who misunderstand the bill and overstate its reach.

Malloy said the GOP position displays insensitivity to minority Hispanic and African-American communities. Malloy stressed his proposal would have no effect on existing laws against dealing drugs in school zones. All three competing budget proposals — Malloy’s, legislative Democrats and Republicans — include the savings from the closure of 1,150 prison beds anticipated by the “Second-Chance Society” bill.

Okay, but weren’t liberal Democrats the ones who wanted and got all these 1,000 foot and 1,500 foot and 2,000 foot bubble zones around schools a long time ago?  They said that any opposition to enacting them was displaying insensitivity to minority Hispanic and African-American communities.  Remember, the school bubbles also affected guns and firearms along with drugs.  The original Federal laws were written so vaguely that if you lived in a house within x feet of a school, (as you read above, that’s far more likely to be a possibility in dense urban area than a more lightly dense suburban or rural area)(*), and you stepped outside of your door with a gun, because you sensed some sort of requisite danger, you were violating the law of possessing a gun within a school zone bubble.  Though these original provisions had a special carve-out for CCW permit holders.  Anyway, someone took this provision to the Federal courts and they struck it down on 10th Amendment grounds.  And guess who bitched a fit when that happened?  Liberal Democrats.

Though I shouldn’t be surprised.  A generation ago, the great black political cause of the day was enacting harsh crack laws, otherwise racism.  Now their cause is undoing them, otherwise racism.  Today, they all want cops to have body cams.  When that happens, and all those cams wind up doing is exposing the black undertow, refuting black lies, (#BlackLiesMatter), exonerating cops and creating more WSHH material, ten years from now, they’ll all be demanding that cops get rid of their body cams.

(*) – I once saw a map of St. Louis City with the 2,000-foot bubble circles drawn around all the public and private schools in the city that were open at the time, circa 1991.  About half of the city’s geography was within these circles.

The Wages of 365Black

22 04 2015


American sales at comparable outlets at the 365BellCurve fast feeder down 2.6% 1Q15 over 1Q14.

To go with it, global revenue is down 11% and global net income is down 36%.

In my Google News search for “McDonalds” just now, this is the second prominent story.

A lot of people are saying to McDs:  Now that you’ve gone 365Black, we’re not coming 365Back.

Sony Pictures New CEO

19 12 2014


Read all about it.

Though with all his other responsibilities, where is he going to find the time?

Clueless In Seattle

14 10 2014


H/T True News USA

Gag puke heave.

The only place in Missouri where cotton can grow is the delta of southeast Missouri, so that’s where he must have been born and raised.  He also said he witnessed a lynching that was never prosecuted.  Like most places, lynchings in southeast Missouri were vigilante reactions to violent crime.  Which means the lynching meant that whoever was lynched did not need to be prosecuted.

Seattle can have him.

Go Away

10 10 2014



Rand Paul Visits Ferguson Ahead of Fresh Protests

Sen. Rand Paul met with civil rights leaders Friday in Ferguson, Missouri, the city torn apart by racial unrest following the August shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. During his visit, the Republican Senator, who is seen as a likely presidential candidate, stated his concerns about long prison sentences for nonviolent crimes, the loss of voting rights for felons and military programs to give unused equipment to local police departments.

“I wanted to find out what we could do to make the situation better,” Paul said of his visit Friday.

A good first start would be for you to leave the political arena, so we hear a lot less n****r-loving bullshit from politicians.

Good thing for you that I didn’t know you were coming.  Otherwise, I would have been there to greet you with cool whip pies and rotten tomatoes.

Also, I was not aware that Michael Brown’s life ended on August 9 because the Ferguson P.D. sent out a legion of tanks, helicopters and machine gun infantry to kill him because he did a long stint in prison for a non-violent crime and therefore was not eligible to vote.

Not Applicable

7 10 2014

Creve Coeur

Everyone’s favorite St. Louis-based GMO practitioner is going to dump a bunch of money for job training and mental health services for young black men ages 21-34 of Ferguson and in north St. Louis County in general.

Did I miss the news that Michael Brown died because he was a crazy unemployed twenty-something or early thirty-something?

Note:  I have not yet made up my mind about the GMO question.

Junket Junk

5 10 2014

Little Rock, Arkansas


Slay to speak at Ferguson-related conference featuring Clinton, Holder

In what organizers say is a “response to the recent events in Ferguson,” Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Bill Clinton will open a two-day forum on Wednesday on race relations and community policing with 40 mayors and 30 police chiefs from across the country.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay will be among the speakers, according to a news release on the event put out Saturday morning. The event is sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and will be held at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark.

During breaks, they can make side excursions to the XXX adult section of that library.

At the conclusion, the mayors in attendance — some of whom come from cities where the Justice Department has investigated patterns and practices of police forces — will “present a plan of action to the Justice Department that can be used to improve community-police relationships and help prevent situations like the one in Ferguson from occurring,” according to the news release.

The only way to “prevent situations like the one in Ferguson from occurring” is to teach people that if they run directly at and then lunge at someone who is way shorter and lighter than themselves yet the shorter lighter person also has a badge and a gun, he’s going to use his gun against you to save his own life and his badge means that most first world people will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Audacious prediction:

After November 4, you will see and hear far fewer mentions of these current hot button issues:

* Ferguson
* Redskins
* NFL domestic violence

Which means you can probably figure out what I think the media hoopla about those things is really all about.

And also…a junket to Little Rock?  Yeah I know, the XXX-Adult Presidential Library and Massage Parlor and all, but… Little Rock?

(Sorry about that, Brent.  I had to.)

This Time, It’ll Really Work. We Promise.

2 10 2014


Because Ferguson, or something like that.


Past Performance Is Indicative of Future Results

18 08 2014

Jefferson City

A politician did or implied that he would do something beneficial for white people.  When he gets a lot of flack for it, he backtracked big time and turned into a big time racial panderer.

You might be thinking that I’m talking about Governor Jay Nixon.  In a way, I am.  He’s proof that once they start heading in our enemies’ direction, they’re going to run in their direction as quickly as possible.  The last week has proven why you can’t trust these kinds of back sliders with serious power.

Here’s who I’m really talking about:

Rand Paul.

Imagine what things would be like right now if he was actually President.  Hard to believe, but I think he’d be worse than Obama.

That’s What His Beloved Black Undertow Does

15 08 2014

Cape Girardeau

Peter Kindercare:  “We do not decide these questions in the streets.”

We don’t?  It looks to me that’s precisely what Ferguson just did.

Remember, that’s the same black undertow you love so much and you’ve pandered to for most of your career in state politics.

The whole country has found out what we’ve know for a long time, that Governor Jay Nixon is useless.  Unfortunately, one heartbeat behind him is even more useless.  Which is why I hope people don’t forget Peter Kindercare’s little personal discretion of a few years ago and he’s not the inevitable Republican nominee for Governor in two years.

World Loops ‘Round

25 02 2014

New Orleans

What is this TV station?  A big fancy gift registry for New Orleans’s Bell Curve City?

If I was the GM of this hotel, I wouldn’t have taken this reporter’s call.  But knowing that the actual GM of his hotel did, and did what we knew he would inevitably do, he was smart to limit the party to the kid, his mom and two guests of the kid’s choosing.  Because it was his birthday party last year that caused all the problems — You know how that goes in Bell Curve City — Someone has a party for some reason, and most of the adults that show up don’t know or care who the party is being thrown for or why, and they bring all their beefs, business and arguments with them, and that usually ends up gunfire.

The only problem the kid’s going to have is that he only has two invitations to give out.  Whichever of his friends thinks they should have gotten one but won’t are going to be mad at him, which means I don’t think this kid has experienced the last of getting shot.

And notice he got a four-wheeler as a pity gift because his father was murdered last year.

So what is it now, we have to keep giving shit away every time one ook shoots or kills another?  That’ll only encourage them to keep doing it.

Everything Old Is Still Old

16 02 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

“Republicans haven’t gone to African-Americans or to Hispanics and said, ‘You know what? The war on drugs, Big Government, has had a racial outcome. It’s disproportionately affected the poor and the black and the brown,’” he said, on TheBlaze.

This has never been tried before.

Unless it has.

Two words: Jack Kemp.

Who averaged a BIG BIG BIG whopping 5% of the vote in Republican primaries and caucuses he actually tried to do well in when he ran for President in 1988. And when he was the Vice-Presidential nominee in 1996, he let wooden AL GORE of all people get the better of him in a debate.  Kemp’s being on the bottom of the ticket that year probably didn’t get as much as one single black or Hispanic voter to change their vote from Clinton to Dole.  And that was the first real chance that black and other non-white voters had to show their appreciation to Kemp for all of his years of pandering to them, as the only kind of elections he ever ran in before were in his own western NYS Republican-gerrymandered Congressional district, which hardly had any blacks or Hispanics, or in Republican Presidential primaries and caucuses in 1988, which blacks patronized about as well as they do bookstores.  (In 1988, Jesse Jackson was a semi-credible contender on the Democrat side during their primary and caucus season, so black voters had an obvious skin interest there.)  Yet, the kind of people Kemp so dearly cared about because they were all in one big jock shower together (his own words) strangely wanted nothing to do with him.

Now, back to Jack Kemp 2.0.

Rand Paul’s 2016 keynote issues?

* Allow felons to vote (*)
* Quasi-legalization of drugs
* Oppose the NON-ISSUE (**) of the use of armed drones on American territory
* Give tax breaks to non-taxpaying minorities
* And most of all, swing the borders wide open and give work permits to anyone on Earth who wants to come here and work, turning us all into wage slaves, well, all of us except for the top 1% of the top 1%.

Wow, there’s the path to victory.

No, there’s the path to LOSING, which is the opposite of WINNING. Which is why he’s getting more and more favorable coverage from the liberal media, save the WaPo, and the only reason they’re not on board is because they need to sell subscriptions in a city full of people that either work for the NSA or people that are related to or are friends with people that work for the NSA.

Nominate Rand Paul, LOSE.

Nominate Jeff Sessions, WIN.

(*) – Kentucky is one of the few states that have an almost absolute blanket prohibition on convicted felons voting.  Which would come in handy if you’re running for Senate from the state of Kentucky in a close contest, wouldn’t it, Rand?

(**) – Note to peanut gallery:  The Posse Comitatus Act of 1871 already makes illegal the use of armed drones on regular American territory.  We won that battle 143 years ago.  No need to re-fight it.

Every Head Must Bow

19 01 2014


Does anyone see the irony of this?

Wentzville, which has been booming in population in recent years because white people are trying to avoid the black undertow and creating a new whitopia, is celebrating the birth of the God of the black undertow.

This would have been like the legendary Hebrew slaves in Egypt worshiping Amon-Re instead of Jehovah.

And yes, peanut gallery, I know there’s a mini-ghetto in Wentzville, entirely a result of the GM plant and transplanted black employees from the old North City plant long ago.  But none of these events seem to be taking place in the mini-ghetto.

He Still Doesn’t Get It

19 09 2013

Washington, D.C.

Would you want someone who said this to be President of the United States?

If I told you that one out of three African-American males is [prohibited] by law from voting, you might think I was talking about Jim Crow, 50 years ago. Yet today a third of African-American males are still prevented from voting because of the war on drugs. The war on drugs has disproportionately affected young black males. The ACLU reports that blacks are four to five times more likely to be convicted for drug possession, although surveys indicate that blacks and whites use drugs at about the same rate. The majority of illegal drug users and dealers nationwide are white, but three-fourths of the people in prison for drug offenses are African American or Latino.

A gold star goes to the first person who can correctly guess who said this, and can do so without using a search engine to quickie find the answer.  Honor system, people.  I will provide the source URL eventually, just to be ethical.

The sad part is that there are plenty of people of our mentality who will vote for the person who spoke these words to be President.


22 08 2013

Fort Collins, Colorado


Rush is right.  She started her “whoa is black people for all the diseases they suffer” as a form of racial pandering, then she suddenly realized that it didn’t sound right, so then she started talking about barbecue, which turned out to be even more smarmy pandering.

This is the kind of silliness that happens when we as white people ask permission from black people to talk about black people, and it’s what happens when we think we need black people to tell us what’s in bounds and what’s out of bounds when talking about black people.  They can always move the goal posts around just to jerk with us, or they’ll find any reason to be offended.

Ironically, she was right about the diseases and right about the barbecue, but she said it in a wrong sort of way.  It’s only when she started talking about things other than black people is where she screwed up.  Mexicans aren’t that healthy, and manufacturing has been outsourced not so much for overregulation but for the fact that the labor is cheaper over there.  Also, even when a lot of manufacturing jobs were available in the United States, blacks largely either didn’t want them or were constant screw ups and problem employees while they had them.


Count Me Unimpressed

23 06 2013

Opelousas, Louisiana

Shorter Rastus:  “I switched parties because the Republican Party was the left wing party in this country 150 years ago.”

What’s even more pathetic is the orgasm that lamestream conservatism is having over this.

And you wonder why we’re in the fix that we’re in — The blight right wing, or what laughably passes for it, is as egalitarian as the left.

I’m Upset, Too

30 04 2013

Greeley, Colorado


The natives are restless?  This billboard upsets me, too.

This anti-white race pandering in the 2A community needs to stop by yesterday.

Work Hard, Play By the Rules

2 04 2013



On second thought…

“Non-violent felonies only.”  Bull fucking shit.  Considering where this is posted and for whom it is intended, most people with only “non-violent felonies” on their list of official criminal convictions really have committed a violent felony in the past.  The most frequent explanation for that is because prosecutors like to do plea bargains where they throw out charges for violent felonies in exchange for a guilty plea from the defendant on a non-violent felony charge and a prison sentence at or near the legal maximum for that particular crime.  The reason is that violent felonies have human victims that are either too scared to testify in court in fear of retribution from the defendant’s “homies,” or they don’t want to testify because of the “stop snitching” ghetto culture.

With this in mind, now you know why so many black men get seemingly long prison sentences for seemingly non-violent crimes.  This also blows a hole through the paranoia that some libertarian types spread that people are given 20 year bids for having a little bit of weed.

Can Hardly Say No

28 03 2013

Jefferson City

State House approves officially renaming the PSB for Bill Clay.  The same Bill Clay who used his power as Chairman of the House Post Office Subcommittee to turn the USPS into an affirmative action hiring agency.

The bill was sponsored and lauded mainly by black Democrats from St. Louis and Kansas City, of course.  But don’t forget, it passed the State House, a body which is more than two-thirds Republican.

However, I sense a QPQ afoot here.  I know that the new bridge will probably be named for Stan Musial, even though the political energy in recent years was to name it for Rosa Parks.

So Much for the Great Black Hope

4 03 2013


Ben Carson:  Gun grabber.

What, does the Constitution not apply to “large cities?”

Oh well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the lamer cons looking for the Great Black “Conservative” Hope.

Dumb and Dumber

28 01 2013


A lot of Tories aren’t happy with David Cameron’s “leadership.”  I’m not happy with it.  He’s as useful as a tit on a bull.

Someone decided to take matters into his own hands.



That’s who.


I’ll stick with BNP.

Hispandering Doesn’t Work

12 11 2012

Mexico Del Norte

Hispanic voters in Presidential elections since 1980:

1980:  Carter 56%, Reagan 35%, Anderson et al. 9%.  D+21
1984:  Mondale 61%, Reagan 37%.  D+24
1986:  Reagan signs amnesty bill, Simpson-Mazzoli Act
1988:  Dukakis 69%, Bush 30%.  D+39  (i.e. Hispanics rewarding Republicans for amnesty)
1992:  Clinton 61%, Bush 25%, Perot 14%.  D+36
1996:  Clinton 72%, Dole 21%.  D+51  (moderates are how you get Hispanic votes)
2000:  Gore 62%, Bush 35%.  D+27
2004:  Kerry 58%, Bush 40%.  D+18  (Even with Bush slinging the borders wide open, canceling immigration law enforcement, and handing out subprime mortgages to Hispanics like candy, a near-billionaire plutocrat still beats the Republican by 18 points)
2007:  John McCain, Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush push hard for amnesty
2008:  Obama 67%, McCain 31%.  D+36.  (That’s Juan McAmnesty to you.)
2012 March:  Romney ditches Kris Kobach to embrace the amnesty and cheap labor lobby
2012 November:  Obama 71%, Romney 27%.  D+44

The future:  Republicans push for more amnesty and more open borders, Andrew Cuomo beats Marco Rubio in the 2016 Presidential election by 45-50 points among Hispanics.

Change of Plans

1 11 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’m withdrawing my endorsement of Dave Spence for Governor.  He has a radio buy on local black talk and music stations complaining about how Jay Nixon doesn’t do enough for blacks and “sits by and lets black people get called the N-word without punishment.”

There is a Libertarian in that race, so that’s who I’ll be voting “for.”  Oh well, Spence never had a chance anyway.

Incidentally, in the two other statewide races where I won’t be voting for the Republican, I’ll be voting for Cynthia Davis (Constitution) for Lieutenant Governor and Dave Browning (Libertarian) for Attorney General, in the case of the latter, the Libertarian is the only third party candidate available.

Otherwise, full speed ahead on Todd Akin, Cole McNary and Shane Schoeller.

The Soft Bigotry of High Expectations

27 10 2012

Kansas City

Jason Whitlock, writing in Fox Sports:

10. The “information bubble” is the No. 1 obstacle/hindrance for black NFL quarterbacks.

This bubble creates delusion, erodes self-awareness and unwittingly undermines a black QB’s chance of sustaining success.

Cam Newton is a victim of the information bubble. Robert Griffin III is the bubble’s next target.

Let me explain. We’re in our political season. Democrats and Republicans both have their respective information bubbles, MSNBC and FOX News, respectively. They can lock their televisions on a single channel and avoid hearing their perspectives challenged in a credible way and hear their critics’ lambasted. It’s comforting. It’s polarizing. It’s unhealthy for intellectual growth and our democracy.

Black sports fans and black pop-culture media (not sports media) have created a loosely-formed-but-influential social-media and talk-radio information bubble for black QBs. This network of groupthink roars on sports-talk radio, black-owned radio stations, Facebook and Twitter, pumping out the message that Newton, Griffin and others can do no wrong and any criticism of them is rooted in racism. Fear of backlash from this network of well-intentioned enablers causes many mainstream sports analysts (media and fans of all colors) to avoid being totally honest about black QBs.

That’s how a career-killing, information bubble is formed.

IOW, black QBs are failing or might fail because black football fans expect too much of them.

I thought George W. Bush said that black students fail because we expect too little of them.

Whitlock, whose home paper is the Star, hence my datelining this blog post in Kansas City, must not realize that the genesis of this information, or more accurately, adulation bubble, that black QBs have, isn’t black football fans, but the lamestream sports media.  So if black football fans left their supposed bubble, they wouldn’t hear anything different.

Es Gratis, Pase El EBT

19 07 2012

Mexico Del Norte

And you thought it was over when they ditched the Hispanic soap opera advertising.

The latest Obama outrage?

Yes, he’s continuing the policy.  But he didn’t introduce it:

The partnership — which was signed by former USDA Secretary Ann M. Veneman and Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista in 2004 — sees to it that the Mexican Embassy and Mexican consulates in America provide USDA nutrition assistance program information to Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals working in America and migrant communities in America. The information is specifically focused on eligibility criteria and access.

“Ann Veneman,” “2004.”  Add those two together, and you get “Viva Bush.”

And also…family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande.

Oh God No

13 07 2012


Condolleezza Rice-a-Roni?

Seriously, Willard?

Quick:  Name an accomplishment of hers or a public policy you strongly associate with her.

See what I mean?

Drudge poll shows a 64-36 approval margin for this potential pick with over 300k Drudgies voting so far.  The hill in front of us is even steeper and higher than I imagined.

Jamilah Nasheed

1 07 2012


Jamilah Nasheed is one of the three main contenders for S-5-D next month.  She is term limited out of her State Representative seat, so she’s trying her hand in her State Senate district.  The other two contenders are Jeanette Mott Oxford, TLed out of H-59 (which is about to disappear anyway thanks to redistricting), and the incumbent from the previous S-5, Robin Wright-Jones, related to Virvus Jones.  All three are women, Wright-Jones is blue-gum, Nasheed is mulatto and Oxford is white.

I am told that Nasheed’s most recent mailing shows that both Mayor Francis Slay and Circuit Attorney Jennfier “Truth Squader” Joyce have endorsed her.  Ordinarily, I would be against anything that both Slay and Joyce are for, but it doesn’t matter to me because for one, I don’t live in S-5, and for two, all three are the same anyway and would have the same voting record in the Senate.

Slay makes the case for Nasheed because she was supposedly one of the few Democrats to get bills passed under a heavily Republican State House.  This is why I get paid the big bucks (unless I don’t), to put context to this kind of psychobable.

Nasheed was in the House for the last eight years, which means that during her time, there were three Republican House Speakers:  Rod Jetton, Ron Richard and Steve Tilley.  Jetton and Tilley are both big time n****r-lovers.  Jetton was for slavery reparations, and made a radical black Democrat fellow House member from North St. Louis his point man on the matter.  Tilley pushed for SLPD local control, and bemoaned opponents as “racists.”  (He misspoke, he should have said “observant.”)  Point is, I am not surprised that Miss Nasheed could get things done even as a minority (both racially and numerically speaking) Democrat, because two of the three Speakers during her time pandered to her and many like her.

One of her great accomplishments which she would like you to think was a result of her persuasive powers was Congressional redistricting.  Again, that was a matter of Republicans and black Democrats teaming up to confine as many blacks as possible in two districts to keep the other six as white (and as Republican, by implication) as possible, and therefore protecting Lazy Clay, respectively.

As an aside, Jetton is from Marble Hill, Tilley from Perryville, and Peter Kindercare, another n****r-lover, is from The Cape.  There is something about the non-delta part of Southeast Missouri that produces some really flaky n****r-loving Republicans.