Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

28 08 2015


Drudge link right now:

COPS: 4 Men Ambush, Rob 96-Year-Old Woman, Take Emergency Alarm From Walker…

Do I even?

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

23 08 2015

Rochester, New York

Drive-by and a counterattack at a Boys and Girls Club.

Suspect is named Quartermaine.  (His brother is 50 Cent, perhaps.)

Rochester Mayor’s first name is Lovely.

This took place while an anti-violence basketball game was happening inside the club.

(BTW, I thought these sorts of things were supposed to deter violent crime.  Mr. Slay.)

Enough hints for you?  Or must I also tell you that a Raekwon was involved?


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick, the Gotham Twofer

22 08 2015

New York City

I only needed “dead…umbrella dispute” and “82-year old victim…brutally raped” to trigger my wicked racial profiling trick.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

22 08 2015

Arkadelphia, Arkansas


I’m scratching my head trying to come up with a racial demographic known for profanity, excessive loudness and sagging pants.  Hell, I didn’t even need the sagging pants, just the profanity and excessive loudness is enough for my wicked racial profiling trick to work.


5 08 2015

Evansville, Indiana

The suspect is black.

A black bird.

“Minority Shoppers”

4 06 2015

New York City

Minority shoppers patronize a Baltimore CVS.

Minority shoppers patronize a Baltimore CVS.


Ex-workers claim CVS told them to watch minority shoppers

Four former CVS theft investigators say their supervisors ordered them to target minority shoppers in some New York City stores, according to a federal lawsuit filed against the nation’s second-largest drugstore chain.

The former employees said that supervisors routinely told them to racially profile black and Hispanic shoppers even when there was no indication that those people might steal. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, states that the supervisors never gave similar instructions regarding white shoppers.

The complaint, which seeks class status, claims CVS intentionally targets and racially profiles shoppers based on the “ill-founded institutional belief … minority customers are criminals and thieves.”

Don’t notice things.


Ferguson Effect In Ferguson

1 06 2015

Jefferson City

Koster drops the 2014 report on racial profiling in the state.

If Ferguson’s race gap is less than the state’s race gap, then it’s mostly because after August 9, the Ferguson PD deliberately held back.


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