Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Try to Rob a Gun Shop?

12 01 2017

Mableton, Georgia

Oh, yeah.  Right.

Ultimate WRPT

29 12 2016



Time is the Independent Variable

4 12 2016


Truth is the dependent variable.

I first saw this story on a certain clickbait website that I vowed never to look at again, because its parenthetical founder was outed in Wikileaks has a HRC supporter, all the while creating an anti-PC/SJW clickhole in order to help Rupert Murdoch run bread.  Which means I wasn’t going to mention this story at all as long as the clickhole in question was my only source, and I also figured that once other sources took it up, we’d find out more and crucial details.

Now I have my other source, best of all, it’s the mainline newspaper in Ottawa which got the snowball rolling.

It’s this business about the call for a Canadian university to set aside an hour per day in the school gym for women only.  And, a few things the author of the editorial wrote that sets off WRPT alarm bells.  So, here ya be:

Editorial: Suck it up, Carleton – women-only gym time is a good idea

Imagine you’re going to the university gym for the first time, perhaps after making a New Year’s resolution to get yourself in shape. You don’t know much about how to use the equipment, and when you walk in, the entire football team is there lifting weights. It’s probably intimidating.


We should be leery of enforced religious modesty, but also recognize that religious modesty isn’t necessarily coerced. Young university-educated women are likely to be making their own choices on such matters. And other young women may simply prefer not to be working out with the entire men’s basketball team hefting weights around them. (There’s a reason private women-only fitness facilities, such as Curves, exist.) Opponents of this proposal should be asking what they’re doing that is making their fellow classmates uncomfortable at the gym.

The emphasis and hyperlinks within the blockquote are mine, and are done to prove my point.

What she really wants is gym time without black men athletes in it, but she knows she can’t explicitly say that, so she’s hiding her true agenda behind SJW rhetoric of women in general and Muslim women, and throwing in the obligatory “it’s not sexist/segregationist.”

If Carleton was a major American university, the scholarship athletes would have their own gym(s), something she somewhat alludes to in the editorial.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

15 11 2016



All I read is the headline.

I bet one will find “pit bull(s)” at least once in the body.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

10 08 2016

Jersey City, New Jersey

Race censored, of course.

Except they give it away with this:

One of the girls ran to a nearby fried chicken restaurant for help, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported.

Someone just got shot, they all have sail foams, yet one of them instinctively runs into the fried chicken joint for help, instead of calling the cops.  And you know this is one time they’ll call the cops, when any other time, they’re the evil wyte po-leeceseseseseses that have declared war on black yoots’ bodies.  She ran into the fried chicken joint for help, to help herself to a few pieces of fried chicken.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

4 08 2016

Vernon, Connecticut

Throwing lighter fluid on people because she, a middle aged woman, thought a three-year old was taunting her.  Further down you read that this 48-year old woman has an ongoing beef with the boy and his ten-year old cousin.

Didn’t even need the mugshot.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

7 07 2016

On Drudge right now.  I didn’t even click.  I don’t think I need to click.