The Misunderstanders

26 05 2015

Doha, Qatar

Breitbart headline:


All those misunderstanders of Islam, perverting the faith’s and the prophet’s true message.

I understand how they feel.  I’m part of the 70% of fringe radical extremists who wants immigration law to be enforced.

Don’t Advertise

20 05 2015

Hackensack, New Jersey

Everyone associated with a controversial TV show hopes that the Parents’ Television Council comes out against it.

When the SLPD went to Roosevelt HS to tell students not to play Knockout Martin Luther King, guess what happened next.

And now, the FBI is going to a Hackensack, N.J. charter high school that presumably has a large population of “susceptible” individuals (Muslim, Arab, South Asian, etc.) to warn them not to fall sucker to ISIS propaganda and run off and join ISIS.

Maybe God shouldn’t have been so explicit about that apple.

Let Me In, Infidel

15 05 2015


I bet she wasn’t thinking this or saying this when her sons’ Uncle Ruslan was pulling the strings of his former father-in-law, former CIA station chief Graham Fuller, to have him pull strings in D.C. to get her sons admitted to the United States as “refugees.”  When the reality was that the Tsarnaev family was anything but oppressed; they were pretty well placed in Chechnyan society.


15 05 2015



In 2045, he’ll still be alive.

We’ve Forgotten Nothing

15 05 2015


Because we never learned anything to begin with.


MSU Ad Team selected by State Department as competition finalists

The College of Business Ad Team at Missouri State University was one of three universities selected as finalists to participate in an international competition to counter violent extremism. Missouri State was the only U.S. school selected; the other two schools are from Australia and Canada.

“Congratulations to Dr. Melissa Burnett and the students who have spent hundreds of hours already and who will spend many more hours working on the final round of competition,” said Dr. Stephanie Bryant, dean of the College of Business. “We are so proud of them and will be pulling for them on June 4.”

The team will travel to Washington, D.C., for the final competition, scheduled for June 4 at the U.S. State Department. The teams were charged with coming up with a comprehensive plan to counter the social media campaign being used to recruit people to participate in terrorist activities.

“Extremists are now utilizing technology to recruit and spread their messages. This allows them to reach across borders without stepping one foot outside their home,” said Lanae Flatness, Ad Team member. “Our team wanted to participate in this program because we would be able to research, develop and implement a program that could increase awareness, education and solution-based thinking surrounding the topic of violent extremism. These actions would prepare future generations to be mindful of recruitment tactics and the negative effects of extremist actions.”

A total of 23 universities were invited to participate in the competition.

So you dolts think that the reason that “extremists” (don’t say the M-word or the I-word, you Islamophobes) are successful is purely because they have a good social media marketing and public relations campaign, such that all we need to do is come up with a better marketing and public relations campaign to counter.

Everyone, let’s get into the huddle, because I have something I want to tell you that isn’t for the ears of the rest of the world:  ISIS and Co. are successful because they’re appealing to blood, tribe, kin and their overlapping faith.  I know, this is a reality that modern Amurrikan equality and freedom obsessed democratic republican man/woman/womyn/trans can’t comprehend much less accept.  And it’s a reality that clever new memes on social media won’t change.

Centuries Old Tenets of Islam

6 05 2015

H/T Jim Hoft

WaPo, back on January 16, after Hebdo:

But the reality is substantially more complicated. The Koran, in fact, does not directly forbid the portrayal of Muhammad. And the second most important Islamic text, the Hadith, “presents us with an ambiguous picture at best,” wrote Christine Gruber of the University of Michigan. “At turns we read of artists who dared to breathe life into their figures and, at others, of pillows ornamented with figural imagery.” The most explicit fatwa banning the portrayal of Muhammad, she notes, isn’t tucked into some ancient text. It arrived in 2001. And its creator was the Taliban. The ban is a very modern construct.

So it turns out that it’s not centuries old, it’s barely as old as the turn of this century.  And the Towelie-bahn thought it up, and remember, we were all told that the Towelie-bahn perverted and misinterpreted Islam.

“Je Suis Charlie”

5 05 2015


What happened to that?


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