Billy Graham

21 02 2018

Montreat, North Carolina

* The man who brought him to Christ was an overt segregationist.  Which is something that Billy Graham himself took great pains to cover up in the latter part of his vital career.

* He and Mike Pence had something in common:  As married men, arranging their affairs such that they are never alone with another woman.  A habit which turns out to be really wise in today’s #MeToo climate.


Ctrl+F “Immig” Yields Zero Results

2 02 2018



I guess it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Face Palm, Big Time

11 01 2018


Even though it’s in Milwaukee, and Wisconsin has its own Synod of the Lutheran Church, Our Redeemer in Wauwatosa is LCMS.

Blogmeister holds this real big super giant L.

Okay, let me compose myself and try to make it through this silliness.

(1) Trameka Brown-Berry is a rather odd name for a Lutheran, much less LCMS.  Though since both church and school are in Milwaukee County, it’s probably in an area that hasn’t been Germanic for a long time, so the school has no choice but to appeal to blacks.  Also remember that Wisconsin has a relatively long standing school voucher scheme, which may play into this somehow.

(2) Is it really so wrong to teach fourth graders what first year law students have to learn how to do, that is, argue the case of your opponent?

(3) “And for it to be a Christian school, they could say something like, ‘what are three good things we can do to prevent slavery from happening?'” — Of course, if you actually read the Bible, you’ll find no specific explicit prohibition against slavery.

Kojak Goes to Church

10 01 2018

North City


Chief Hayden partners with churches to stop gun, drug violence

Newly-appointed St. Louis City Police Chief John Hayden has reached out to churches to stop crime across the city.

Chief Hayden, church clergy, and Better Family Life will host a meeting discussing action against gun-violence and drug abuse among the JeffVanderLou and Hamilton Heights neighborhoods. The meeting is Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Better Family Life Cultural Center located on Page Blvd at 5415.

Hayden mentioned that community engagement was at the top of his list and the church will play a key role in rebuilding police relationship with the community. The chief also said the outcome of this meeting will help restructure inner-city neighborhoods and re-establish their churches as a point of resource for residents.

Huh?  If you are ever brave enough to go to the dindu box crime rectangle, then you’ll see that in the residential areas, the churches are either the most opulent or the most well kept up structures around.  Which is a hint that black preachers are the big chiefs in Bell Curve City.  So don’t you think if black churches were ever able to do any good, they would have already done it?

To figure out that riddle, all one has to do is go inside one of these many black churches on a Sunday morning.  No ethics lecture, but a whole lot of singing and dancing instead.

My First Informal Propositional Logic Teacher

26 12 2017



News of his passing is true, even if fallacious.

In his later years, his eponymous son had started to supplant the father in running the operation, and when that happened, I was exit stage right.  Because Junior is one of those obnoxious cucks who peddles the notion that Christ ordained and demanded race mixing and interracial marriage.  Of course, since Junior is no longer with the ministry — I heard about this briefly when it happened, totally forgot about it, but now that Senior has passed on, it’s coming back to me, but Junior got his hands caught in the Ashley Madison jar a few years back.

My second informal propositional logic teacher was way more face-to-face but way less religious.

Correlation With Causation

15 12 2017

Article links on AR’s story haul back on Tuesday, these two are obviously juxtaposed:

Genius juxtaposition on the part of the AR editors, as far as I’m concerned.


As I wrote in the latter story’s thread:

Cluster, not coincidence.

“What are you thinking, QD?”

Long track Stockholm Syndrome.

In addition to the fact that a certain percentage of women really go in for audacious goons, especially ones like the Religion of Peacers who have quasi-official societal endorsement.


Subtraction Is Addition

26 11 2017



Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump

England’s top religious authority, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said Sunday that he doesn’t understand why so many Christians in the U.S. support President Donald Trump.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby told ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” program that he “really genuinely” can’t comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump.

They were told for decades to drop the social issues, and in 2016, they did.

Simple math:

Religious right minus social issues equals populist-nationalist.