Terrorism Works

17 11 2015

Washington; Paris

J F’n K: Hebdo had it coming.

Yes, I know the difference between rationalize and justify, and that he’s doing the former, not the latter.

But I also think he’s thinking the latter.

And, in spite of the fact that he can rationalize Hebdo but not this, people of that mentality, there are some people who will always be able to find a way to make whatever the practitioners of the seventh century totalitarian death cult does out to be our fault.  Some of those people are regular readers of this space.


In Hoc Signo Vinces

17 11 2015

New York


2015 is drawing to a close, so unless some dark horse comes out of absolutely nowhere, Chris Matthews is a mortal lock for the DisHonor award for the year’s worst analogy. On this evening’s Hardball, Matthews argued that we shouldn’t blame Islam for ISIS terrorist attacks since, after all, FDR, despite despising Mussolini, “never declared war on the Catholics.”

That’s because Mussolini wasn’t waging war in the name of Catholicism, and even if he was, the Pope would have denounced it viciously.

Vim and Vigor

15 11 2015

Paris; Antalya, Turkey


World leaders vow vigorous response after Paris terror spree

World leaders vowed a vigorous response to the Islamic State group’s terror spree in Paris as they opened a two-day meeting in Turkey on Sunday, with President Barack Obama calling the violence an “attack on the civilized world” and Russian President Vladimir Putin urging “global efforts” to confront the threat.

But beyond the tough talk and calls for action, there was little indication of how leaders intended to escalate the assault on the extremist group.

Oh, you thought the vigorous response would be against those who perpetrated the Parisian massacre. No, silly, the reaction to that was and is and will continue to be what it always is these days — A vigorous use of candles, crying and #HASHTAGS. The real vigorous response will be against any hint of a backlash, because the real problem is Marine Le Pen and people that notice things about Islam. If worse comes to worst, NATO just might have to bomb the FN’s headquarters in Saint-Denis.

I wonder what role the Mizzou chapter of the KKK had in the massacre.

In Context

15 11 2015



Especially since the international media made sure we all saw a picture of a drowned boy on a beach.  Sure, the context came later, but everybody remembers pictures.

Speaking of context, pregnant women and people in wheelchairs.

It Took a Little Time, But You Finally Showed Up

14 11 2015



Waiting, Just Waiting

13 11 2015


It shouldn’t be long until the NYT starts worrying about the anti-Muslim backlash.

Climate Has Changed

13 11 2015



I heart clever media juxtaposition.


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