Meet in the Middle (Apropos on a Sunday)

23 04 2017

Lexington, Kentucky


There is the official statistic for atheism.

But there’s also a Bradley Effect which statistically conceals the true extent of atheism, so these researchers believe, and they think they have found a way to nuance and triangulate their way to a more accurate statistic.

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I think what these researchers are actually seeing are people who are somewhat religious but also have lingering doubts.

Now I’m about to drop the mic, along with a profound tidbit of wisdom.

There aren’t that many true believers, and there aren’t that many true atheists.  A majority of believers aren’t quite as solid in their faith as they put on, and a majority of atheists have more theistic faith than they care to admit.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we tend to huddle around a moderate and small standard deviation level of faith and spirituality.

Marching to the Beat of My Own Drummer

20 04 2017


A case that started in Columbia, Missouri is now an object of interest in the District of Columbia.

I march to the beat of my own drummer when it comes to the jurisprudence of non-establishment.  I don’t think a nativity scene in a court house constitutes the establishment of religion, while I think the fact that religious institutions can be (and usually are) 501(c) non-profits does constitute the establishment of religion.  Meaning if I was on SCOTUS, I’d rule “not unconstitutional” on the former but “unconstitutional” on the latter.  Just from that, you lawyers can probably easily make my razor on these matters:  Social and cultural entanglement is not establishment, while institutional and financial entanglement is establishment.  To put it another way, my establishment cause jurisprudence is such that it’s not a prohibition against religiosity in public society, but does ordain that as institutions, the state and religious institutions should have separate lanes.

Whence this case out of Columbia?

My hot inclination would have been to rule for DNR, just based off my personal jurisprudence.

However, after giving it some thought, I’d rule for Trinity.

It is no more an actual establishment of religion nor begging for undue state suasion over church affairs for DNR to give shredded old tires to Trinity to make its kiddie playground safer than it is for the Columbia Fire Department to respond there to put out a fire in one of its buildings.

Full disclosure:  Trinity Lutheran of Columbia is LCMS, and your blogmeister is LCMS.

Bouncyball and Old Lace

7 04 2017

Jersey City, New Jersey


Hall of Famer Bob Hurley Sr. says St. Anthony High to close

St. Anthony High School, home to one of the most successful programs in high school basketball, will close its doors at the end of the school year.

Spearheaded by Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr., the Jersey City, New Jersey, school had attempted to raise enough funds over the past several months to stay open another year. It was a plan that had worked previously, as the school has had financial issues in the past.

“After months of consultation with the Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, today the Board of Trustees of Saint Anthony High announced it would not be possible for the School to meet the prescribed requirements of the Archdiocese to remain open,” the school said in a statement Wednesday. “Accordingly, the School will close at the end of the school year.”

In a letter posted on the school’s website, Hurley — now the school’s president, in addition to its boys’ basketball coach — pointed to slowing enrollment as the primary reason behind the closing.

“Even with fundraising that will generate close to $1.5M by the end of June, this amount is still insufficient to maintain operating expenses and cover debt payment to the Archdiocese,” Hurley wrote. “In addition, the projected enrollment for 2017-2018 does not provide the revenues required to operate the school going forward. Population changes in Jersey City and the surrounding area have adversely affected Catholic school enrollment in the past several years. Competition from special programs in public schools as well as newly formed charter schools have also eroded enrollment.”

Perpetual motion machine.  A Catholic school that’s seen better days but still functional and all-white gets the bright idea to use feetzball or bouncyball to rejuvenate the school’s reputation.  They import dindus, and then give the dindus the run of the joint.  This pisses of the white parents, who take their kids out of the school, don’t enroll their other kids there, and tell everyone they know not to touch that school with a ten-foot pole.  School becomes consummately ghetto.  School isn’t getting any tuition revenue.  Local archdiocese closes school.

In this story, you can see that the principal and the bouncyball coach were one and the same.  It’s easy to tell which duty he took more seriously.

And you wonder why tuition-paying white Catholic parents oppose school vouchers.

Google’s Fault

23 03 2017


I knew they’d find someone or some thing to pawn the blame off on.

Shot and Chaser

22 03 2017


SHOT:  “We’re not clear about a motive.”

CHASER:  “We’re worried about an Islamophobic backlash.”

Eating Crows Instead of Counting Them

16 03 2017

New York

H/T OD.  Speaking of, in case you aren’t already, you should make Occidental Dissent one of your daily reads.  Hunter Wallace has been absolutely killing it lately.

Whoever knew that Peter Beinart would ever lament (pun intended) the decline of the religious right?

His case is simple: The Alt-Right is filling the void.

You know how that goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

He also makes the case that the decline of religiosity among younger blacks directly corresponds with an increasingly racialist militancy among them, viz:  BLM.

Where I think this analysis whiffs is that it does not consider the people and groups who have become more egalitarian as they have become less Christian.

However, to the extent that Beinart is right, I don’t think it’s a matter of Christianity demanding egalitarianism as a spiritual exercise, it’s that Christianity as an institution (“Churchianity” — Vox Day) prostrates itself to Jewish social and cultural power by itself demanding egalitarianism as an institutional imperative.  Decreasing religiosity among the kind of people that would have been seriously institutionally religious Christians in past decades parallels an increasing loss of trust in secular institutions.  And that’s a function of the institutions of all sorts becoming commissars for egalitarianism.

Capital Beat

21 02 2017

Jefferson City


A sting operation, which means my brain treads lightly.  In spite of that, you’d have to figure that with a facial countenance like this, he’d be some sort of menace to society.

Though I have to snicker at the fact that four of his five online aliases involve some variant of Mohammed.

And also, that looks like the top part of the WSHH logo tatted on his upper chest.