An Extra Breakfast Course

22 06 2016


Aside what I usually eat for breakfast when I’m home, I got a bonus course this morning.  One of my favorite things:  A contradiction to solve, a paradox to figure out, a square to circle.

How can the Jewish-dominated NYT approve of swimming pool sex segregation for Muslims but show disdain for it for Orthodox Jews?  What’s the through line?  Because anything you can think of offhand fails.

I think the common denominator is the religious group not mentioned here:  Christians, especially conservative-evangelicals.  That being the religious group that Jews in general and Jews at the NYT hate the most.  They figure that importing Muslims helps stick it to the Christians, and they have a disdain for Orthodox Jews for various reasons, and one of which is that conservative-evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews are political allies on occasion.

Paradox solved, before the orange juice.


Hide and Never Seek

20 06 2016


I don’t think that the redactions have anything to do with covering up some state secret or covering up Mateen’s frustrations over Obama’s drone strikes.  I think it’s as simple as the fact that Baraq H. Obama II is the world’s defense attorney for non-Arabic Islam, and also the current leader of the American Democrat political party.  In both his Muslimist and Democrat roles, he has a double incentive to censor the role that fundamentalist Islam had in Orlando, the latter is a matter of the fact that the Democrats are in deep shit denial that their coalition of the fringes is literally slaughtering each other.

We know what was redacted, and I’m surprised Obama didn’t have some CIA lab digitally alter into the 911 recordings Mateen’s voice seeming to say that the NRA and Trump ordered him to do it.

The Southern Baptists Giveth, and the Southern Baptists Taketh Away

15 06 2016


Not long after they did the obligatory gibs pilgrimage to Ferguson, the SBC officially convened Downtown.

They told us:

Race leads the agenda as Southern Baptists gather in St. Louis


Indeed, mass shootings have been the bookends to the past two conventions. Last year, the convention ended with the massacre at a Charleston, S.C., prayer service that left nine African-Americans dead. This year, the convention started after 49 people were killed in Orlando, Fla., at a gay nightclub.

“Since all human beings are made in the image of God, this attack against gay Americans in Orlando is an attack on each of us,” the Rev. Ronnie Floyd told thousands of people Tuesday at America’s Center. “As followers of Jesus Christ, we stand against any form of bigotry, hatred or violence against our nation.”


“We are known more for being the ‘Divided States of America’ than for being the United States of America,” he said, adding: “Regardless of the color of one’s skin, God has put his divine imprint on each one of us. Where has this conversation been in our national political races for the highest office of the land? The silence of both parties has been deafening. This cannot be. Racism is a major sin and stronghold in America.”


“We are not black churches,” he said. “We are not white churches. We are not Latino churches. We are not Asian churches. We are the church of Jesus Christ.”

That call for racial unity was followed by passage of a resolution that calls on Christians to stop displaying the Confederate battle flag.


He said the shooting of Michael Brown exposed a “historical, societal infection,” like the incidents in Charleston and Florida. “It exposed a wound, and that wound opened up and it reeked,” he said. “We had a pretty serious situation in our streets … there has been some healing, but there is a long way to go.”


And while membership at white churches is decreasing, it is on the rise at churches identified as predominantly “non-Anglo.”

Pardon me for thinking that there’s a whole lot of inconsistency here.

The upshot is that white people are required to think in universal terms for themselves while actively encouraging non-white people to think in racial terms, and left unstated here, white Southern Baptists should keep on standing with Israel.  Also, forget about that Leviticus 18:22 thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially introduce to you, the Southern Baptist Synagogue.

Dead By Sunset

15 06 2016


Judging from all the official screaming about gun control and Trump is evil this morning, it’s good to see that the political establishment has forgotten nothing because it has learned nothing.

By sunset today, Orlando will be totally forgotten.

The Defense Rests

14 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

I didn’t watch Obama’s quasi news conference this morning, because I knew he would be acting as Islam’s defense attorney, and I was thinking in exactly those terms.

Turns out that Rush Limbaugh was thinking in those exact same terms.

The reason the person of Barack H. Obama II is so defensive of Islam, especially its non-Arabic practitioners, has to do with his life history and the career track he once thought he would be on.

Something else I noticed is that while there has been an anxious effort afoot to try and pawn this off on the NRA, Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the religious right, (as I predicted), nobody seems to be accusing the alt-right of anything.  Why isn’t the dog barking?  Because as of now, the alt-right isn’t really a mainstream impediment to Democrats winning elections, NRA/Trump/Rush/FNC/RR are. (*)  When the alt-right does reach that threshold, then we and it will be blamed for bloody intersectional wrecks in Progressivetard City.  To the extent that we and it had a hand in determining the Republican Presidential nominee, and that extent is debatable, we and it do get overtly and publicly blamed, though in that case, it’s by a lot of people of the non-alt right.

(*) – This is further proof of a point I started making in this space more than a year ago.  The Democrat/left can’t be honest about what happened in Orlando, because blue team, because voting and elections, because democratic republicanism.

“Unquestionably a Terrorist Act”

14 06 2016


Because this time, France doesn’t have an NRA to blame it on.  And blaming it on MLP would be a bit out there.

Losing Is Winning

13 06 2016

Manchester, New Hampshire

I get the feeling that today, for the first time, those that supported Republican Presidential candidates other than Donald Trump became glad and relieved that their guy or gal didn’t win.


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