Sunday Music Break

2 07 2017

According to the description, and it’s a really good page you should subscribe to:

Aretha [Franklin’s] only top-40 pop hit for Columbia Records was this ancient Al Jolson tune (previously revived by Jerry Lewis in 1956). Her breakthrough to major stardom with Atlantic Records wouldn’t occur until 1967.

Speaking of Jolson:

Even if it’s not in Forest Park anymore, (and there was some ancillary news about that in the last few days), we can still sing.

I think.


Independence Weekend

26 06 2017

Forest Park

City Hall and the MCWM have quickly settled their dispute.  The MCWM will take possession, at their expense, of the UDC monument, and the speculated time frame has it out of FoPo by the end of the week.  Which means it will be gone by the start of the extended 4th of July weekend.  St. Louis City is declaring its independence from the piece of concrete and stone that has been the exclusive singular cause of all its problems in the 102 years it has been on display.

That said, I’m surprised Lyda is wiping her hands of the matter so quickly.  Like I’ve been saying, as long as this thing is A Thing, it’s an issue that almost everyone important in the city can agree on.  Now that this issue is just a work week away from being totally off the table, it won’t be long until Lyda will have to resume stepping on toes and dealing with divisive issues and potentially step on people’s toes.

Then again, it might work out that getting the UDC monument out of Forest Park will solve all the city ‘s problems.  Friday just might be the final day of violent crime in the city.  If any happen after then, incredulity will set in.

Virtue Signalers vs Dixie

26 06 2017

In Charleston, S.C., and Toronto.

Both cases are easy to make.  The Charleston matter was a matter of a virtue signaling status seeking professional white woman (fortysomething law firm partner).  In Toronto, that’s obvious.  That was a matter of probably the only black person who attended this event asserting her fringiness.  She wonders why nobody else complained and she was the first.  Well, dear, that’s because everyone else either doesn’t care or likes the car.

Good Show, Judge

19 06 2017

Downtown; Forest Park

Judge:  Can’t move the UDC monument until the matter of ownership is resolved?

Which judge?

I’ll give you a hint:  It’s one of my two favorite judges on the 22nd.

“It’s Ours”

15 06 2017

South County

MCWM claims they have the deed.

You’d think Lyda would be thrilled.  After all, she wants it gone, someone else is claiming ownership, and they’re raising money to move it their way.  Even if they’re technically not telling the truth about ownership, you’d think Lyda would concede the point even if it isn’t legally true, just to close the book on the politics of this matter.

And that’s precisely why she’s going to fight the MCWM tooth and nail.

Remember, Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

She doesn’t want this issue ended so quickly.  Sure, she wants the UDC monument gone, and she’ll be happy when the MCWM moves it to JB.  But, by the same token, she wants the politics dragged out as long as possible, because she wants the issue on the table and in public consciousness.  Because it’s just about the only issue that has close to universal support among all relevant stakeholders and players in the city.  Once this is gone, then the neoliberals and the true believertards, the white liberals and the blacks, are back to cutting each others’ throats.

Yeah, I Know

8 06 2017

Forest Park

City crews took the relatively easy to move and remove top part off of it this morning.

Lyda and Co. are getting tired of deploying police resources to protect it when they think the cops would be better used trying to keep Dinduistan from acting any ookier than it is already.  They think that if half of it is gone, that’ll make the Profa, BLM, and assorted left wing kooks stay away.

Oh how I wish Billy Bowden would return my phone call so I could sound him out on whether Fee Fee Cemetery would be interested in being the new home of the UDC monument.

Also related is this news.  Where are there Confederate or Southern monuments in St. Louis City parks other than the (about to be gone) UDC monument in Forest Park?

You Knew This Was Coming

2 06 2017


Walnut Park and Wells-Goodfellow have gotten really hot lately.  My guess is that, for some reason, the local illicit substance industry is converging on those two neighborhoods for some reason, maybe they sense the cops are playing whack-a-mole in other neighborhoods.

Anyway, Lyda has put her two cents in, and you’ll never guess what her solution is.

Hey, didn’t the city already pass a sales tax increase for the cops two months ago?  Why can’t this money be used?  Right, it’s like I told you — The real need for this revenue was for pensions, not current or new cops or pay increases for incumbent cops.

Of course, as far as any of this goes, I already told you why it won’t work.  Or, if you pay attention to the friendly criticism in that post’s comment section, and even if you agree with it over my reasoning, it only means that what Lyda wants, even if it actually happens, won’t work that well, only marginally at best.  At the same time, and to be fair, this is why the second to last paragraph of this article is full of it.  Lyda is no more responsible for both the murders during the first month and a half of her term and the low clearance rate thereof than an earthworm under the ground of my fashionable Richmond Heights abode is.  Just as there are enough SLPD officers within the relevant range of being above the Mendoza Line of not being so few that it causes crime in se and below the Mendoza Line of there not being enough that it deters crime in se, Lyda Krewson is well within the relevant range of the sort of politician that current year St. Louis City could elect as mayor.  The credible field of contenders back in March were all so samey-same to me that it didn’t matter which one won, and the city’s political homeostatic equilibrium is ultimately irrelevant.  And all of them not named Lyda would have as mayor done what Lyda is doing right now; any differences would be trivial.

Lyda is also ringing in on the other hot chronic issue in the city, that being the UDC monument.  In this, you’ll find a contradiction:  Lyda says taxpayer money will have to be used to move it, but then she turns around and says she doesn’t want it to go to the CW Museum at JB because it would take taxpayer money to move it there.  Reconciling the two, I think what she’s really saying is that she wants it either shuttered away somewhere out of regular public view, or totally destroyed.