The Mob is a Power

28 02 2018

Charlottesville, Virginia

The good news.

The bad news?  As I wrote in a comment there:

Of course I’m happy, but obviously, for the long term, I’m not optimistic.

I point you back to my life’s unfinished dissertation in powerology.

The only thing legally and technically preventing the Commune of Charlottesville from giving ole Tom and Bobby the eternal heave ho is a state law preempting localities when it comes to monuments of Southern heritage and history.

The problem is that, at the moment, state law is enforced by an anti-Dixie anti-white Democrat, the current one just succeeded another one like him. Remember my contention that the reason the Virginia State Police, the Charlottesville City P.D. and the University of Virginia P.D. stood around and let Profa violently attack and assault our people at UTR was because then Governor Punk McAuliffe, Mayor Signer, and University of Virginia President Jackie Coakley er Haven Monahan er Teresa Sullivan, exercised the moral suasion of their respective executive offices including control over the respective law enforcement agencies to make it know that the way to make the boss happy was to do nothing and let Profa attack our people. Plain words, there won’t be a smoking gun paper trail to prove that McAuliffe/Signer/Sullivan actually made a direct black-and-white pen-and-paper order in this stead, because there never needed to be.

Now let’s bring in my dissertation. Let’s say Signer says “chop em down” and the Charlottesville PD does just that. Who is going to prosecute for for having violated state law? The anti-Dixie Governor? The anti-Dixie Attorney General? The Virginia State Police, whose commander in chief is that anti-Dixie Governor? Forget about it.


They don’t even need to do that. That’s where yet another chapter in my dissertation comes into play. If you’re a politician, and you really want to do something, but that something can cause political headaches, then the way to get it done is to arrange for a set of circumstances such that the thing you want done actually happens, but there are one or more layers of plausible deniability between it and yourself, so that next to nobody suspects you had anything to do with it.

There are several ways to carry this out. For instance, the way affirmative action was foisted upon us wasn’t some politicians openly ordering it (for the most part), because of the political headaches it would cause those that did, but the politicians who want(ed) it arranged a set of circumstances wherein any other course of action other than having an affirmative action program was such a rough and rocky road that having an AA program was the path of least resistance, and following the path of least resistance is human nature.

Baraq Obama was a very underrated master of these techniques.

There’s a way for current Governor Ralph Northam, Michael Signer and Teresa Sullivan to wreck these statues both at their command and behind layers of plausible deniability.

How do I know? Because it has already been done, very recently, in yet another college town in one state to their south.


See this.

That’s what’s probably going to happen: Northam, Signer and Sullivan will whip up a mob to do the deed using sub-rosa under the table provocation, and then once the useful idiots from BLM or Profa or whatever are “caught” and “arrested,” the prosecution’s case against the useful idiots will suddenly “fall apart.”



Compare and Contrast

22 02 2018

Durham, North Carolina;  Oxford, Mississippi




If any of the others yet to be tried in Durham are actually convicted, they will probably get slap on the hand sentences.  UPDATE:  Late this afternoon, the DA dropped all charges against the other defendants.

Remember my life’s unfinished dissertation in powerology, as well as my 54th axiom.  It is my contention that the vandals only did what the current city government officials and civic leaders in Durham, both public and private sectors, including the mucks that run Duke University, wanted to do themselves but were not able to do because of state law. To put it another way, Durham’s civic elite tacitly and behind one or more layers of plausible deniability stirred up this mob to do what they did.

Remember that Durham County voters once saw fit to grant the attorney power of the state government in its county to one Mike Nifong.

Best Revenge

8 02 2018

New Orleans

They say the best revenge is living well.

In this case, the best revenge is just living at all.

I Have a Suggestion For April

1 02 2018



Pan-African flag raised at St. Louis City Hall for Black History Month

Today is the start of Black History Month. To mark the occasion, the red, black and green Pan-African flag will be raised at St. Louis City Hall at 10 a.m.

The St. Louis African-American Aldermanic Caucus suggested the move to honor the contributions African-Americans have made to St. Louis.

I have a suggestion for the month of April.

Though I know it will never be anything more than a suggestion, because this city can’t even tolerate a statue in a park.

But this reminds me of some unfinished business in this space.

Through most of 2015 and extending into early 2016, we had someone here in the comment boxes that some of you might be tempted to call a troll, but that’s too harsh and unfair to describe his presence and rhetoric.  Let’s call him an incredulous interlocutor.  Anyway, on occasions when I’d do a Confederate flag or statue posts in this space, one of his favorite retorts would go something like this:  “But how would you feel if an official public building few the red-black-green Pan-African flag?”


And that leads me to my point, in finishing this heretofore unfinished business, which I remiss in not doing back then.

The first problem with the mentality that there’s some necessary requirement of fairness, in that if you have Confederate than you have to have Pan-African, and vice versa, is that it does not practically manifest in the real world.  As we can see in our own fair city right now.

The second problem is that the politics of settling the question of Confederate yay or nay juxtaposed with Pan-African yay or nay are hardly ever predicated on the bedrock of fairness, but almost always on the bedrock of tribal demographics.  Virtually nobody in Official St. Louis (by that, I mean the continuum of public, quasi-public, quasi-private and private sector important people in the city and region), who either caused, support or have no problem with the Pan-African flag flying over City Hall this month are going to turn around and say MUH FAIRNESS in the process of advocating flying the CBF over City Hall in the month of April (Confederate Heritage/History Month, in case you didn’t know), or at least returning the UDC monument to Forest Park and reconstructing the short Confederate Drive therein in accordance.  Likewise, last current year, when Official St. Louis connived to kick the UDC statue out of Forest Park, not a one of them so conspiring had the mentality that what they wanted to be done had to be done because it was unfair that there was a Confederate monument but no Pan-African monument in Forest Park.  That’s because it’s all about MUH DEMOGRAPHICS and not MUH FAIRNESS in the minds’ eyes of Official St. Louis, and for that matter, just about all of everyone else.

Third, and on this, if the incredulous interlocutor wants to correct me, I’ll be more than happy, but I highly doubt he was in the comment boxes of sites and blogs like Root, Grio or any of the many problacktard nodes on Ye Olde Internets lecturing them about MUH FAIRNESS, stating that they shouldn’t advocate for Pan-African because they would have to drop their opposition to Confederate out of a sense of fairness.  Here in the real world, when this issue base comes up, the fairness sword that the left wing and vicinity swings around is a single-edged sword that they almost always swing in only one direction.  And the disparate impact is that they want us to think about the politics of these things in abstract and universalist political terms, while at the same time either being too scared to oppose, or not actually opposing, or being okay with, or sometimes even encouraging the tribalist particularism of the other side.  White people have to be abstract and universalist, whilst non-whites can be tribal all the live long day — When that happens, I start reaching for Shift+9 and Shift+0.


Sunday Music Break

2 07 2017

According to the description, and it’s a really good page you should subscribe to:

Aretha [Franklin’s] only top-40 pop hit for Columbia Records was this ancient Al Jolson tune (previously revived by Jerry Lewis in 1956). Her breakthrough to major stardom with Atlantic Records wouldn’t occur until 1967.

Speaking of Jolson:

Even if it’s not in Forest Park anymore, (and there was some ancillary news about that in the last few days), we can still sing.

I think.

Independence Weekend

26 06 2017

Forest Park

City Hall and the MCWM have quickly settled their dispute.  The MCWM will take possession, at their expense, of the UDC monument, and the speculated time frame has it out of FoPo by the end of the week.  Which means it will be gone by the start of the extended 4th of July weekend.  St. Louis City is declaring its independence from the piece of concrete and stone that has been the exclusive singular cause of all its problems in the 102 years it has been on display.

That said, I’m surprised Lyda is wiping her hands of the matter so quickly.  Like I’ve been saying, as long as this thing is A Thing, it’s an issue that almost everyone important in the city can agree on.  Now that this issue is just a work week away from being totally off the table, it won’t be long until Lyda will have to resume stepping on toes and dealing with divisive issues and potentially step on people’s toes.

Then again, it might work out that getting the UDC monument out of Forest Park will solve all the city ‘s problems.  Friday just might be the final day of violent crime in the city.  If any happen after then, incredulity will set in.

Virtue Signalers vs Dixie

26 06 2017

In Charleston, S.C., and Toronto.

Both cases are easy to make.  The Charleston matter was a matter of a virtue signaling status seeking professional white woman (fortysomething law firm partner).  In Toronto, that’s obvious.  That was a matter of probably the only black person who attended this event asserting her fringiness.  She wonders why nobody else complained and she was the first.  Well, dear, that’s because everyone else either doesn’t care or likes the car.