Go Slow Zone

25 05 2017

Forest Park

Of course we knew that’s what she was going to call for.

Unlike her New Orleans colleague, I think Lyda is going to do two things differently:

(1) She’s going to try to find a taker, to soften the opposition

(2) She’s going to drag the issue out as long as she practically can, because she wants to dwell on an issue that has almost universal support in the city body politic.  That, and as long as the issue is hot and the UDC’s statue is still there, she can point to it and blame it for everything that goes wrong, as a diversion.

On a Tuesday

23 05 2017

Forest Park

Why couldn’t have this been on a Saturday?

Or some day when I could have attended?

If I Would Have Remembered, I Would Have Gone

22 05 2017


CMD was yesterday.  In the past, this event was always held on a Sunday in the month of April, usually the last Sunday in April, in accordance with the fact that April is Confederate History Month.  For some reason, it’s late this year.

Because of the current Taliban-style ethnic cleansing afoot against things Dixie, which also includes the putsch relating to the UDC’s Forest Park monument, the P-D actually took an interest in this year’s CMD.  One of the named leaders is in my ‘Dex, and that reminds me to give him a call to see how he’s doing.  Though when I do, he’ll probably pester me about why I haven’t gone to grad school or law school, but if he brings that up, I’ll tell him about my startup.  (Which, BTW, I’ll actually be able to start up in the formal sense after the Fourth of July, and close to that time, I’ll be able to tell you what my startup is all about.)

I wrote here a few days ago that with a road in Hazelwood and the Hazelwood branch of the St. Louis County Library being named Utz, that if the anti-Dixie Taliban knew what “Utz” represents, they’d try to wipe Utz, too.  This article fills in those blanks.  What it does not say is that James Morgan Utz was, at the time of his capture, in the company of a distant grandfather all the modern-day Fusz men, as in the Fusz family of car dealers.

Also, I thought of something after I read this. Not that I want the UDC’s memorial to be removed, but if the politics of the matter don’t swing our way, then maybe a compromise is that it could be moved to Fee Fee Cemetery. Which is something I’ll talk about to the aforementioned individual.

Settling Into Character

20 05 2017

New Orleans


NOLA Mayor: Civil War Monuments Caused a ‘Great Migration’ Out of the City

Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) says residents of his city left because of monuments dedicated to Civil War-era icons.

In a press scrum, Landrieu told the media that the Confederate monuments, which he is in the final stages of removing, “have run people out of the city.”

“But I will say this for people that are interested in the cost,” Landrieu said.

“The cultural and economic and the spiritual loss to this city for having those statues up that have run people out of the city,” Landrieu claimed. “The great migration that sent some of our best and brightest to places across the country that we don’t have the benefit of has been incredible.”

And if you actually believe that Landrieu actually believes his own bullshit, then I have a Klan meeting hall in the lower ninth ward to sell you.

It’s like I’ve been telling you (over and over and over and over and over again) in this space:  The politics of urban areas used to be severely divided by race, but are now transitioning to a paradigm where their homeostatic equilibrium divides elitist-corporatist-neoliberals on one side and populist-doctrinaire-true believers on the other side, a paradigm which has some strong racial correlation, but not a perfect one.

The reason why Mitch Landrieu and Lyda Krewson kvetch about Confederate monuments is because it’s one of the few issues that unify their cities’ otherwise contentious political climates.  They also do it as a diversion and a distraction because they know they can’t talk about the real problem, because the grandmothers of the real problem often vote in municipal elections.  For Landrieu, it’s crazy to blame four statues for his city’s population decline, but it’s also politically safer for him to do that than than blaming the black undertow.

Complicating things in New Orleans is that BLM’s bucket list extends far beyond the four monuments that have been or about to be removed.  Among the other ones, they want Jackson Square gone, because Andrew Jackson was mean to Indians.  I think what Landrieu is thinking is that if he can make a lot of noise to gloat about the four being removed, that will shut BLM up about Andrew Jackson.

Go Flag This

17 05 2017

Forest Park

St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones starts this GFM to raise dough to take down the UDC’s Forest Park statue.

Don’t Go Fund Me.  Go Flag It.

The reason I bet she started this farce is that Lyda says she wants it gone but doesn’t know where the money to do the job is going to come from.  With any luck, we’ll get this GFM taken down and that search for funding will take forever.

Good Job, Flaggers

19 03 2017

Greenville, South Carolina

CBF supporters rallied this morning near the sports arena holding NCAA tournament games this weekend.

There, you see?  We can resist, too.

Fairness In Smoke

23 02 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

Remember when they told us that their only problem with the CBF was that it was being flown on public property or under public imprimatur?

So much for that.