Cairo de Gras

8 05 2017


Now the P-D admits that there used to be quite a bit of racial terrorism (black on white) in Cairo?

That’s something they covered up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, Cairo is like East St. Louis, only smaller, and without the benefit of a major metropolitan area surrounding it.  The historical attraction that blacks had to Cairo is that it was in many physiographical ways like the Mississippi Delta, but it was also in the state of Illinois with its relatively generous welfare benefits.

As for this matter, what will probably happen is that they’ll be Section-8ed to Carbondale or Marion, or somewhere else.


News, Somehow

10 11 2016


Guy and gal paint their faces and pose in front of a flag.

It’s news, for some reason, because I’m reading about it in a news outlet.  It’s so newsworthy that the SIUC administration is commenting.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how or why.

Count Me the Most Unsurprised

21 10 2016


As you all know, I lived in Carbondale in 2009.  And it didn’t take me long to realize that Murphysboro is the Rio Linda of far southern Illinois.

Strange part about this story is that this is a Bellcurvius, and Murphysboro is what it is because of oblivious lower class white people.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

1 08 2016


If the 700 block of North Robert A. Stalls Street is in the northeast section of town, then WRPT, I concluded after having read it.

It is.

Northeast Carbondale, anywhere east of Route 51 (Illinois Avenue) and north of Route 13 (Main Street), is Bell Curve City.

Another hint is that this happened very close to a city park named Attucks.  As in Crispus Attucks.

Even though I don’t know this for sure, Robert Stalls was probably some prominent black preacher.

Any Given Day

12 07 2016


He put the car in Carbondale.

Though from my one year experience of living in that area, running over people with cars is more of a Murphysboro thing.

A Hoaxer Bug’s Life

25 04 2016


Not only is a big phat hoax, (yet another one down there), I also think it’s an attempt to smear a legitimate YouTube channel that overlays Alt-Rightist dialogue with the fair use of Disney movie clips, that being Walt Bismarck, formerly Uncuck the Right.

Video Proof, Or It Didn’t Happen

11 04 2016


On second thought, don’t bother, because it probably didn’t happen anyway.  I can figure that out just from who is doing the complaining.

WRHPT, Wicked Racial Hoax Profiling Trick.