Cairo de Gras

8 05 2017


Now the P-D admits that there used to be quite a bit of racial terrorism (black on white) in Cairo?

That’s something they covered up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, Cairo is like East St. Louis, only smaller, and without the benefit of a major metropolitan area surrounding it.  The historical attraction that blacks had to Cairo is that it was in many physiographical ways like the Mississippi Delta, but it was also in the state of Illinois with its relatively generous welfare benefits.

As for this matter, what will probably happen is that they’ll be Section-8ed to Carbondale or Marion, or somewhere else.

News, Somehow

10 11 2016


Guy and gal paint their faces and pose in front of a flag.

It’s news, for some reason, because I’m reading about it in a news outlet.  It’s so newsworthy that the SIUC administration is commenting.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how or why.

Count Me the Most Unsurprised

21 10 2016


As you all know, I lived in Carbondale in 2009.  And it didn’t take me long to realize that Murphysboro is the Rio Linda of far southern Illinois.

Strange part about this story is that this is a Bellcurvius, and Murphysboro is what it is because of oblivious lower class white people.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

1 08 2016


If the 700 block of North Robert A. Stalls Street is in the northeast section of town, then WRPT, I concluded after having read it.

It is.

Northeast Carbondale, anywhere east of Route 51 (Illinois Avenue) and north of Route 13 (Main Street), is Bell Curve City.

Another hint is that this happened very close to a city park named Attucks.  As in Crispus Attucks.

Even though I don’t know this for sure, Robert Stalls was probably some prominent black preacher.

Any Given Day

12 07 2016


He put the car in Carbondale.

Though from my one year experience of living in that area, running over people with cars is more of a Murphysboro thing.

A Hoaxer Bug’s Life

25 04 2016


Not only is a big phat hoax, (yet another one down there), I also think it’s an attempt to smear a legitimate YouTube channel that overlays Alt-Rightist dialogue with the fair use of Disney movie clips, that being Walt Bismarck, formerly Uncuck the Right.

Video Proof, Or It Didn’t Happen

11 04 2016


On second thought, don’t bother, because it probably didn’t happen anyway.  I can figure that out just from who is doing the complaining.

WRHPT, Wicked Racial Hoax Profiling Trick.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

28 07 2015


Southern Illinoisan:

Carbondale police in schools program suspended

A controversial partnership between the Carbondale Police Department and Carbondale Elementary School District 95 has been suspended.

The northeastern section of Carbondale is a mini-ghetto.

I stopped reading there, because I wanted to test my wicked racial profiling circuitry, which I think is on the fritz.  I bet you’ll find the words “black,” “African American,” “black lives matter,” “school to prison pipeline,” or “Ferguson” farther down in the paragraph count.

Social Media Provides Hints

17 04 2015


It’s been awhile since I quoted this source.  Then again, my one year of living in that area ended more than five years ago.


Altercation on the SIU Campus, Investigation Underway

SIU police late Friday began an investigation of a report of a disturbance on the Carbondale Campus, that apparently has some students locking themselves down in campus buildings.

The first reports came in just before nine PM, as shots fired in, or near a talent show, staged by Underground Arts, taking place at Lawson Hall, right in the center of the SIUC campus.


SIU spokesperson Rae Goldsmith confirmed an altercation took place,but said police did not find shell casings.

Goldsmith told reporters shortly after 10:00 p.m. Friday, “Right now we don’t have any evidence that anything other than an altercation took place, our DPS people will continue to investigate.”

We’ll eventually find out precisely what happened.  However, thanks to social media, we have a line on what whoever did it looks like.  Here are the people that follow SIUC Underground Arts on Facebook and Twitter.

Another Mahogany Mob In Carbondale

3 10 2014


Read all about it.

Along with the listed safety tips, one other piece of advice that the citizens of the most populous city in the region of Illinois where I lived in 2009 is to surround northeast Carbondale with tall electrified barbed wire fencing.

Rape Culture

19 09 2014


Like I’ve said, “rape culture” is how the left blames white men for black men raping white women on college campuses.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

10 06 2014


He was from Charleston, which is a little more black than white, and he thought it was a good idea to cross the river and party at a nightclub in Cairo, a town that is almost all black.

Who else?

“Mama’s Boys”

19 12 2013



I wonder if he had anyone particular in mind.

When I lived in the area in 2009, my job was not with SIUC directly, but the school and especially the athletic department was a big client, and I was on the campus quite a bit.  What I’m about to say isn’t true for this season’s roster, but I know in general and in the recent past, SIUC loves to recruit in ESL, and also among second rate talent in Chicago.

Meaning a lot of the black ones ARE “mama’s boys,” because they’re certainly not daddy’s boys.

Naughty Naughty

5 12 2013



News from the county where lived for almost all of 2009.


Downstate prosecutor cited for ‘appeal to racial prejudice’

State’s attorney’s conduct in 2011 murder trial at issue

The state agency that disciplines lawyers has accused a longtime state’s attorney in a southern Illinois county of unprofessional conduct, saying his use of racially charged language at a murder trial “served no purpose other than to appeal to racial prejudice.”

In making its complaint public Wednesday, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission said Williamson County State’s Attorney Charles Garnati violated four rules of professional conduct. His behavior during a July 2011 murder trial “tends to defeat the administration of justice or to bring the courts or legal profession into disrepute,” the commission concluded.

James Grogan, the commission’s deputy administrator and chief counsel, said it is unusual to bring a case finding fault with a lawyer’s use of racially charged language.

The case stems from the trial of Marcus Marshall on charges he fatally shot LaQuinn Hudson at a party in Marion in August 2010. Authorities said Marshall fled to Chicago after the shooting and was later apprehended.

Marshall, who is black, was tried by an all-white jury, convicted of murder and sentenced to 85 years in prison.

During his closing argument, Garnati spoke of the small African-American community in Williamson County, saying that “there are some very good law-abiding citizens in that community here.” Trying to contrast how whites and blacks deal with police while referring to allegations that two black witnesses had recanted their statements, he began with the words, “Now in our white world, ladies and gentlemen ….”

Garnati also told the jury that African-Americans typically carry their guns in their waistbands.

Oh my God, he noticed things!

The “small African-American community in Williamson County” is a few percent in a few census tracts in Marion.  In that part of far southern Illinois, other than the obvious Cairo, the real Bell Curve City is in the northeast section of Carbondale.  And those are permanent residents, not transient students at SIUC.

Always a Good Answer

14 10 2013


They should take this suspension as a badge of honor. If they really wanted to be honorable, they wouldn’t come back.

Even the ACLU is going to intervene on their side.  Judicial precedent re student politics inside schools is pretty clear — If you prohibit one, you have to prohibit all.  If you allow one, you have to allow all.

Still, they should have had this flag, then they’d be in twice as much trouble:


Forgottonia No Longer

6 05 2013

Johnson County, Illinois

Oil/energy boom coming to far Southern Illinois. 

Remember, I lived in Carbondale for virtually all of 2009.

It’s a part of Illinois that’s so obscure, so underpopulated and so far south that I bet that most Illinois statewide elected politicians in recent history and including the present have never even laid eyes on that part of their own state.  The natives have something of a light but noticeable mid-South accent.

The premier town in that part of Illinois, Metropolis, on the Ohio River and about across the river from Paducah, Kentucky, is famous for two things:  The Superman statue, and the burial place of Robert Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz.

I should warn all you people down there — While the new industry will be nice, all those new Somalian arrivals won’t be so nice.

That Will Teach Them a Lesson

30 06 2012

Clinton County

The Feds prosecuted the same-surname owners of two Southern Illinois businesses for knowingly hiring and harboring illegal aliens.

So far, so good.  Right?

Their big punishment is a fine and promising to follow immigration law going forward.  Of course, following immigration law is something everyone is supposed to do, so that’s not really a punishment.  Therefore the fine is their only punishment.

It is said the illegals were also prosecuted, and I’m guessing they got the same slap on the hand.  Don’t you dare think they’ll be deported!  Furthermore, if they’re under 30, they will get to stay, and Obama will give them a work permit, so they can go right back to work where they were originally.

The Arachnophobiac Gymnophiliac

14 06 2012

Scared of creepy crawlies?  Here’s a hint:  Don’t sleep naked.

Good Idea. Glad I Came Up With It.

29 11 2011

We’re winning.


A state Republican legislator has introduced a bill to the Illinois General Assembly to separate the Chicago’s county from the state–effectively making the midwestern city the 51st state in the union.

The bill, filed by State Rep. Bill Mitchell of Decatur Tuesday, would “enact legislation dividing Illinois and Cook County into separate states” because county residents “hold different and firmly seated views” on “politics, society, and economics” from people in the rest of the state. The bill’s supporters point to higher tax rates and strict gun laws in the Chicago area and contend that the northern county is out of step with its Illinois neighbors.

“These liberal policies are an insult to the traditional values of downstate families,” Mitchell told the Decatur Tribune. “When I talk to constituents, one of the biggest things I hear is ‘Chicago should be its own state . . . .Our voters’ voices were drowned out by Chicago.”

The measure would put the issue up to a vote by state residents through a referendum and then would require approval from the United States Congress and the president. As of this writing, the bill has just one other co-sponsor.

If that one other co-sponsor isn’t Bill Brady, then he’s hopeless.

Auld Lang Syne

15 09 2011

Almost a mahogany mob at SIUC.

Channel 5’s is the only video from any St. Louis or Southern Illinois source that shows the truth.  Start at about 1:10.

Having lived in that area for almost all of 2009, and having a job in a private firm that relied heavily on SIUC, this does not surprise me.  I bet that some of the participants in this near riot weren’t all black students — Carbondale has a significant domestic black population, mainly on the northeast side of town.  I know that Carbondale’s domestic blacks and the student blacks like to mingle a lot, for on-campus parties, drug deals, etc.  Probably in the stampede to get out of the suddenly dark dorm, various rivalries among the city’s domestic blacks turned into fights, and aligned students fell in and took sides, and it almost developed into a full-on riot.

I have a call in to a few ex-co-workers and someone who (I think) is still an employee at SIUC, I’m hoping they can fill me in on the rest of the story.

Auld Lang Syne

10 09 2010


Boy in Spiderman pajamas scoots along Illinois highway

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. — Clad in Spiderman pajamas, a 5-year-old southern Illinois boy on a scooter had someplace to be. And he apparently wasn’t going to let busy highways stand in his way. Authorities said Jackson County sheriff’s deputies picked up the boy and his Razor-type scooter about 2 a.m. Wednesday along Old Illinois 13 in Murphysboro after fielding two 911 calls about the child’s trek.

Investigators said the boy reportedly left home without his parents’ knowledge to visit a friend in Carbondale, about seven miles away. Deputies got to him about two miles into his journey, which involved traveling on two major highways.

The boy was unharmed and returned to his grateful parents.

Murphysboro is one town to the west from Carbondale, where of course you know I lived for just about all of last year.

So I can attest:  An unattended young child wearing only PJs playing along the road relatively far from his house in the middle of the night isn’t unusual for Murphysboro — In fact, the image of that very thing is in the city’s official seal.  Murphysboro is truly the Rio Linda of far Southern Illinois.

Cherish This

20 12 2009

These are the last two stories from Southern Illinois media sources I’ll cover just for the sake of their own geography.  Pretty soon, I’m removing all Cape-Carb-Paducah MSM outlets from my blogroll.

(1)  A candidate for Sheriff of the county where I lived for almost a year, Williamson, is making a potential Marion chapter of a biker gang his big campaign issue.  The reality of most of the few crimes that happen in his county being done at the hands of Marion’s small black population, or imports from Carbondale’s or Murphysboro’s ghetto sections, doesn’t seem to bother him.  It’s the potential of rough-looking white guys on donorcycles.

And I thought Williamson was the “sane” county compared to Jackson.  It just got a lot less sane as of yesterday.

(2)  Rural Illinois interstate highways tend to be pretty safe.  I should say, there are so damned many of them.  WSIL mentions the parts of I-57 in their viewing area — The irony of that is that I-57 between I-24’s northern terminus well south of Marion to where I-64 splits away north of Mt. Vernon is a scary stretch to drive.  The reason is that it’s a regular two lane per side rural interstate, but in that 44-mile stretch, you have traffic, truck and otherwise, for traffic going from Nashville to St. Louis for any reason, and for Memphis to Chicago for any reason, or vice versa on the southbound lanes.  You have essentially two interstates’ worth of traffic on 4 lanes for 44 miles, and at the wrong time of day, it looks like a moving truck stop.  I’m glad now that I won’t have to drive that stretch on a weekly basis.  I think there are two solutions:  Widen that part of 57 to 3 lanes per side on that stretch, or extend I-24 all the way to St. Louis.


6 10 2009

As the toast burns in Alexander County, Illinois.


Alexander County pays off debt to Tri-County Jail, but budget problems persist

ULLIN, Ill. — Even as Alexander County’s financial troubles continue to mount, the sheriff’s department will be able to continue housing inmates in the Tri-County Detention Facility in Ullin, authorities said Monday.

The $86,000 in back payments the county owed to house prisoners in the jail has now been paid in full, excluding costs for the month of September, which haven’t been submitted yet, said Alexander County Treasurer Frances Lee.

Two lawsuits for non-payment that were levied against Alexander County over the summer had created a tenuous situation for the future of the contract with Tri-County, but the balance of the bill was paid off Monday.

Tri-County is a privately run hoosegow that serves Alexander, Pulaski and Union Counties, and the U.S. Marshals, Federal HLS and the Illinois State Police also house people at that facility.  So Alexander only needs to pay prorated costs for their jailbirds, though since Alexander contains heavily black Cairo, I could imagine that their share is by far the highest of the three counties that use it.  That said, they couldn’t even afford their share, much less a whole hoosegow for their own county alone.

The Problems of Alexander County, Illinois

29 09 2009

They keep saying that it has to do with money.

It might well, but the money problems have roots in a long string of black hate crimes and racism against whites in Cairo, in the 1970s.  In other words, Cairo was mugabeized.  Cairo was once thought of as a potential competitor to St. Louis, as it is right at the junction of two major rivers.  And it was fairly prosperous until the 1970s.  During the “Great Migration” of blacks out of Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana between the World Wars, most went to Chicago but some settled for St. Louis or East St. Louis, Cairo was a fairly attractive destination for some of the “migrators” because it was both in the river delta, physiographically like the places they left, but it was also in the welfare generous state of Illinois.  In other words, they got Chicago’s welfare and Mississippi’s climate, what they thought was the best of both worlds.

Hate Crime in Southern Illinois (This Time, They Did Look and Did Find)

28 09 2009

Southern Illinoisan:

SESSER – Four men are in Franklin County Jail today after a weekend fight that police say was racially motivated.

Joshua W. Szczeblewski, 28 and Nathan R. Loucks, 23, both of Mulkeytown, and Aaron J. Parker and Shawn D. Parker, 28, both of Sesser, were charged with mob action and hate crime, Sesser Police Chief Rob Barrett said.

Sesser police were called to the 100 block of South Locust Street late Saturday night where the four men, allegedly highly intoxicated, were discovered allegedly yelling racial slurs, Barrett said. The racially charged language was allegedly directed toward Hispanic residents in the neighborhood.


Barrett said he will seek assistance from hate crime units with the state police and FBI because of recent racial tensions in the Franklin County town.

“This is unchartered territory for me and my staff and they have investigative units designed to deal with things like this,” Barrett said. “Ninety-nine percent of the people in Sesser are very good people but you have 1 percent who are idiots that do things that embarrass the rest of us. That’s a fact.”

Now, you see, Bob Haida?  When you actually look for evidence of hate where you think it might be, gosh darn you just might find it.  You might have been able to invite the FBI into Belleville to help out, though since the FBI’s bosses are Eric Holder and Barack Obama, don’t hold your breath.

Cairo Burning Itself Into Oblivion

8 09 2009

In the four days between this past Thursday and Sunday, there were three house fires in Cairo.  I wonder if the fact that it’s an almost entirely black town has something to do with it.

Things Sure Are Expensive in Illinois

2 09 2009

Ground will soon be broken to widen Route 13.  However, it will take FIVE fucking years and nine figures to add 12 piddley feet of concrete to each side of 13 between Marion and Carterville.  And they only need to add concrete — It’s not a freeway grade road, it’s just four lane divided with a grass median, with frequent grade crossings and stoplights (Think: 94 in St. Charles County between 70 and 40, not counting Page Avenue Extension concurrency.)  IIRC, there is only one overpass for 13 in that stretch over a creek, therefore only two bridges that need to be let out a bit.  Why so fucking expensive and fucking long?  Then again, this is old hat for Illinois.

As it is, it won’t help me one bit, because my daily commute is from Carterville to Carbondale and back — that stretch will be widened in the far distant future, and is not part of this project..  By that time, I’ll probably have moved away from here, hopefully back to St. Louis or some other sane state.  It will actually hinder me because going back to STL from Carterville means 13 east to I-57 north.  That’s the part that’s going to be worked on for the next five years, which means one-lane stretches in each direction, low speed limits and a snails pace just to get back to Marion.

Looks like I might have to learn to love US 51 north out of Carbondale up to I-64.

If you ask me, what needs to be done is to convert 13 from I-57 in Marion to Carbondale to an interstate highway grade road.  Use the existing main lanes of 13 for the freeway lanes, take out the lights and cross-grades.  There are already outer roads in and around Carterville, make those one-way on each side, extend those from Marion to Carbondale, as frontage roads for the freeway.  Any freeway exits would be slip ramps to the frontage roads, which would meet the surface streets at-grade (Think:  I-44 between the Meramec River and Highway 141 in Fenton).  There are two ways they could end the freeway in Carbondale:  (1)  Join the freeway and frontage lanes going westbound before the US 51 stoplight in the center of Carbondale, and vice versa for eastbound after it, or (2) Dogleg the freeway lanes down so that they flow right into the entrance to SIUC (Southern Illinois University – Carbondale), where almost everyone who goes west on 13 from Marion winds up going anyway, let the frontage roads flow as the Route 13 lanes do now, right through the middle of Carbondale as one-way surface streets, until they meet back to to go to Murphysboro.

The freeway could be an I-57 spur, I-x57 where x is an odd number.  I see no need for anything more than SIU to I-57.  13 east of 57 to Harrisburg isn’t that busy, and 13 west of Carbondale to Murphysboro isn’t too busy either; both stretches are four lane divided and are fine that way.

A Blessed Union

26 08 2009


A marriage in Charleston, South Carolina might look very different from a marriage in Cairo, Illinois, but both are recognized as marriages because of the mutual obligations they create for the parties involved, and for the aims they strive for.

I don’t know if I could confirm this theory or not, because there aren’t too many marriages in Cairo, Illinois.

Elder Abuse: It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Even Worse

8 07 2009


Groups Fight To Curb Elder Abuse

CARTERVILLE — Advocates say their funding for fighting abuse to seniors will not be affected by the so-called “doomsday budget.” This news comes at a time when elderly abuse in Illinois is at its highest rate.

“We know that a lot of abuse goes unreported so there may even be more than we know about,” said John Smith, Executive Director of the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging.


“A lot of times it’s by family members who use it for their own means,” said Smith, “couple hundred dollars there, taking 20 dollars out of the billfold.”

Smith says a lot of the abuse isn’t reported because people aren’t aware it’s happening, don’t know where to go to get help or are simply afraid.

“There’s help out there, there is someone that will be on the victim’s side,” said Smith.

Really?  There is?  Not if the abuse is done at the hands of the low chattel black and Hispanic employee base that nursing homes love to hire.  Remember, Claire McCaskill’s husband is a nursing home conglomerate owner, and all they’re concerned about is making as much money as they can.  That’s what cost Claire McCaskill the election for Governor in 2004.

The only thing going for old people now is that there are nursing homes.  In 2050, when America becomes majority non-white, and in the decades after that, as the United States becomes majority Hispanic, old gringos like me won’t have nursing home, the Hispanic-run Federal and state governments won’t spend dime one on old gringoes because young Hispanics will need the welfare money.  This is why I laugh and cringe at cheap labor propagandists when they say we need more Hispanics to save Social Security — yeah, right, stoop labor making minimum wage is going to fund Social Security.  Single mothers with children whose income is low enough don’t even pay Federal income taxes, they actually get money back in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit.  And, like I said before, once their numbers get big enough, and their political power breaks critical mass, they’ll cut old gringoes off of Social Security, Medicare and nursing homes.

Coming to Southern Illinois?

7 07 2009

The Mayor of Marion wants him and many others like him to habitate at the nearby Club Fed.

During my roadtrips from St. Louis to Nashville, or trips that use 64-57-24 to get to wherever I’m going, I always wondered why there’s that exit off I-57 to Illinois Route 148, the last one on 57 going South before you hit I-24.  There are no motorist services or significant towns to speak of anywhere near that exit.  It wasn’t until I moved down this way that I figured it out — the Federal prison.

You really have to know where you’re going and what you’re doing to get to the prison from any town along Route 13 — Marion, Carterville, Energy, Carbondale.  It’s a tad easier, but still convoluted, to get to the prison from the aformentioned exit.  I think the reason that it’s complicated is that if any of the inmates escape, they won’t have an easy time getting to populated areas in order to hide out.