News From 1995

18 11 2016

Creve Coeur

Interdistrict deseg (“VICC”) is going to be phased out.



Or something like that.

Seriously, with Trump’s victory meaning AFFH is going to be stopped dead in its tracks, this probably gives VICC every incentive to continue, even if it’s in the rose-by-any-other-name sense.

The Inevitability of Simple Math

17 11 2016


MissingLink + Wellston =

What else would you expect?

Prison Pipeline

16 11 2016



Ladue High students walk-out in protest of racial inequality

The St. Louis County NAACP confirms they will meet on Friday with Ladue School District leaders about racial incidents being reported at Ladue High School.


Last week, a black student said a white student told her to go to the back of the bus now that Donald Trump is president. The school says they disciplined the student. Some say suspension was not enough.

But wait.  Three days ago, Twitter was full of tweets from twits about the evils of suspending kids from school.

A shindig I’m sure the NAACP loved.

I guess in a matter of three days, they forgot all about that school-to-prison pipeline.

Or, maybe, just maybe, I’m using the occasion of this post and all the snark therein to drop a hint or three about a thing or three.

High Quality Cynicism Is Just One of Many Services I Offer

15 11 2016


Messenger chalks it all up to the usual bureaucratic bungling.

I’m here to offer a more cynical theory.

Slay and Dotson wanted it turned off.

Because they have to deal with the PR headache year in and year out of St. Louis being at or very near the top of the list of the country’s most dangerous crime cities.  Slay, because he’s the mayor, and therefore, the public executive face of the city, and Dotson, because he’s the police chief, and therefore is said to have primal responsibility for violent crime.  Sure, they can trot out the zomg we can’t annex lol excuse, but they can only do it for so long and only so often before it gets old.  With that in mind, they don’t want to create a paper trail to prove that St. Louis City really is that dangerous.

Interestingly, the alderwoman for that area, Cara Spencer, is thinking about running for mayor herself.  Speaking of which, Dotson, who was running, took his hat out of the ring a week ago while we were paying attention to other bigger elections.

And, odd for Tony Messenger, the blind squirrel found an acorn when he associated this (bureaucratic bungling/deliberate move/whatever you want to attribute it to) to the 2013 transfer of control of the SLPD from the state to the city.

If he thinks it’s bad now, wait until the Lizz Brown/Marilyn Mosby/George Soros shill becomes Circuit Attorney.

Fun With the Tweeter

13 11 2016


The high school in the district in which I live held a school to prison pipeline conference today.

I saw that a hashtag about it was trending locally, so I went to town.

Muh Consent Decree

10 11 2016


Through all this, everyone forgot to ask how Trump’s election will affect the most important place in the world.

Until now.

My hunch is that Trump will see that it’s renegotiated, and the egregious sections taken out.

OD City

10 11 2016


St. Louis is quickly becoming heroin overdose city, over the last two nights, the volume of service calls for ODs for various spots Downtown, including around the Larry Rice shelter and the halfway house along the North Riverfront next to where the hypothetical stadium was supposed to go, have been off the charts.

It’s getting so bad that City Hall wants Larry Rice to move his shelter out of Downtown.  Which means they just want to unload the problems somewhere else, not solve the problem.