Never Would Have Guessed

26 02 2015




Nigerian man on the lam following IRS identity tax scam

A St. Louis musician is accused of stealing close to $200,000 in tax refunds in an IRS scam.

Olufunsho Adeshina, 29, may be the last guy you’d ever suspect:  an immigrant with a very public persona.

Sure, because it’s so rare to read “Nigerian” and “scam” in the same article.


Yeah, That’s a Real Big Mystery

25 02 2015

City Hall


St. Louis passes bills to reduce Section 8 concentration in poor neighborhoods

The Section 8 housing voucher program is designed to avoid the challenges of concentrated poverty typically associated with traditional public housing. Tenants receive rent subsidy vouchers from a local housing authority and can redeem them anywhere landlords accept them, as long as properties meet certain standards.

In the end, though, most voucher recipients in St. Louis still end up clustered in lower-income communities.

In an attempt to alleviate that concentration, the City of St. Louis passed two measures last week aimed at making it easier for landlords to participate in the program while also banning the practice of rejecting tenants because they have vouchers.


In a study of Section 8 use in cities nationwide, Metzger found that voucher users tended to be more concentrated in poor neighborhoods than non-voucher users who earned less than $15,000 a year. She also found that voucher users were more integrated in cities where landlords couldn’t reject Section 8 tenants.

I would presume that one has to be of low income to get a Section 8 voucher.  So of course you’re going to find a very strong correlation between Section 8 voucher tenants and low income individuals.

In as much as this is a problem, and not a definition, I fail to see how these city ordinances will make it any better.

Don’t Take “24 Hour” Too Literally

24 02 2015



WTF?  We have enough miscreants that look like this of our own, without having to import any from Hannibal.

“We recommend anyone, especially females, working out late at night come with a workout partner,” he said.

Yeah, that would help.  If that fails, how about picking a 24-hour gym that’s not near a Metro Link stop.

The 60th Axiom Strikes Again

23 02 2015


More FergCom news.

Pay close attention:

Polk, who has a 6-month-old infant, said that she struggles to get through every day. She lives in Jennings and had to get up at 4:30 a.m. for three weeks to get to work in Cool Valley after violence temporarily shut down the McDonald’s in Ferguson where she had been working.


Another speaker, Kaylen Smith, 18, a high school senior at Hazelwood East, works at the Ferguson Toys R Us for a little over $7 an hour, she said.

Workers have been told the store is closing, she said. “We can’t afford to fix our store, pay the bills and pay the workers.”

Axiom #60.

In that which we see why they struggle.  The first one would have never been so brutally inconvenienced for three weeks and the second one would still have a big box toy store to work at if the Category Three Chimpout on the Fergaza Strip up on through to Dellwood never happened.

There is a relationship between poverty and crime.  Crime causes poverty.  That’s Axiom #61.

Five, six, seven, eight…

Better Life

23 02 2015



Activist warns: Return of warm weather to St. Louis could mean return of violent protests

A leader of a local community outreach group told a federal civil rights commission at the University of Missouri-St. Louis on Monday that warm weather could spark more violent protests over police shootings in this area.

“As St. Louis walks into this next warm season, and it’s right around the corner, we’re not ready for what’s going to come out of our neighborhoods,” said James Clark, vice president of the non-profit organization Better Family Life. “Once this weather breaks there are going to be challenges for the police officers. How the police are going to manage it – my prayers are with them.”

Yes, I’ve been thinking that there’s a chance that ook batteries are being recharged over the winter, and they’ll be charged up enough for the wind-up toys to start running around the streets once it gets warm enough.  However, I think the chances of this really happening are slim.  This is more of a matter of Better Fambly Life trying to goose some state or Federal contracts or grants to itself using the fear of the second summer as a weapon.  Or maybe, BFL has the ability to turn the street jigs on and off just for this very purpose?  It certainly thinks it has the ability to turn them off!

Joining Clark on a panel of activists were Charli Cooksey, with the Young Citizen’s Council of St. Louis; J. Alfredo Chavez, with Latinos en Axon St. Louis; David Nehrt-Flores, with Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates; and the Rev. Traci Blackmon, with Christ the King Church in Florissant.

What do Hispanics/Latinos have to do with this hot ghetto mess?

Chavez said that Latinos are the victims of racial profiling more often than statistics would indicate.

The reason, he said, is rooted in the way police tally stops and other encounters with members of his race.

“When they stop you, they don’t put you as Latino or Hispanics. They put you as a white,” Chavez asserted.

That part is true.  There’s a reason for that, Pancho Villa.  Think it through.  It has to do with making “white” crime seem higher than it is.

He also complained that police are quick to deport Latinos after stopping them for minor traffic violations.

“They don’t take us to jail. They deport us. They take us out of here. They don’t care about the separation of families.”

That part, unfortunately, is not so true.  If the cop bothers calling ICE, almost 100% of the time, ICE won’t want to hold them.  In the rare instances that ICE does put a hold on them, those rarely result in an actual deportation.



Percent of Nothing Means Nothing

21 02 2015

North Riverfront

If the new Rams stadium is such a done deal and so ready to go sans the financing, why aren’t all the gibsmedat minority contractor goober groups around here bitching a fit demanding a piece of the action?

Enough to Tide Them Over

18 02 2015


They like Tide laundry liquid, and they like the Family Dollar store on Virginia Avenue.  So why wouldn’t they keep coming back?

Confused?  Well, this and this should help.




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