About Time

20 05 2015


They’re dismantling the garbage pile, but putting up a permanent plaque.

Incidentally, today would have been the GENTILIVUS GIANTIVS’s 19th birthday.  Get ready for May 20 to become a national holiday.  All because nobody can read a grand jury report.

Look What They Found

20 05 2015

North Riverfront

Important people in this city are finally getting around to noticing what I noticed several months ago.

That in between our fancy new bridge and our snazzy new hypothetical football stadium, sits a halfway houseLike I said here awhile back, the northern edge of the stadium parking would be directly across the street from the halfway house.

But don’t let yourself get sucked into the silver bullet mentality that moving it will make everything better Downtown.  Because most Downtown crime has nothing to do with ex-cons at the halfway house.

Hard to Figure

19 05 2015

St. Louis City

ACAs will deploy to every homicide scene.

Because, the same ooks that won’t snitch to cops (hint:  44 of the 64 homicides so far this year are open cases) will surely talk to prosecutors.


Tom Wolfe’s World

19 05 2015



I’m with his lawyer.  This reads to me far more like The Hunt for the Great White Defendant than There’s a Whole Lot of There There.

I find it ironic that Baraq Obama’s U.S. Attorney and his assistants are the ones trying to send him up the river, because:

“I think he has opinions and views” created by his unhappiness by police conduct in Ferguson, Radefeld said. He said Hagler worried as a white man living in a predominantly black neighborhood that heavy-handed police tactics might change his neighbors’ perception of him.

Which means that Rambo and Obama share a common hatred of the Ferguson PD.

Games People Play

19 05 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

Another chapter in the story of SLPD Whack-a-Mole.  I don’t ever remember them whacking so many moles at one time.


At the roll call, police commanders defended the strategy saying it is working but the challenge is sustaining the gains made when officers are swarming a neighborhood and taking criminals off the streets.

That’s what happens when you play Whack-a-Mole. Once you’ve whacked one down, then take the anvil away, the mole has a tendency to pop right back up.

Droop’s Fault

18 05 2015


Meanwhile, a joint investigation by the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern Missouri has yielded no charges for the cop that defended his life by shooting Vonderrit Myers, Jr. to death back in October.

What time does the rioting in Shaw begin?

Anyway, after reading the official report, I now know that I had thought all along turned out not to be true.  Until today, I thought that Myers wanted to fire at the cop, actually did pull the trigger, but the gun jammed.  That’s not true, both Myers and the cop exchanged fire, with Myers shooting first.

Another SMH part of this, which I knew, was that Myers was on an ankle monitor.  Yet, he felt comfortable enough to be out running the neighborhood with his friends.  If he did that evening, then you know it wasn’t the first time.  So what good are the ankle monitors?  I suspect that they’re used as a psychological tool.  While a lot of the facts of this case were able to be discerned by examining the data that his ankle monitor sent back to the Home Office, there are way too many people on ankle monitors and way too few cops to send a cop every time someone with an ankle monitor leaves their house when they really shouldn’t.  It’s just that the authorities figure that most people won’t grasp this, and behave as if a cop will show up lickety split if they go too far from home.  And in cases where the data are needed, they can be called up.


A minor protest along, in fact, on, Market Street, this morning, but no big deal.

And a bit more serious one in front of Jennifer Joyce’s house, tonight.

True Bill

18 05 2015

Clayton; Ferguson


I don’t read here that he was indicted for the special crime of first degree assault on a LEO.  Which probably means the GJ didn’t even have enough “ham sandwich” evidence to issue an indictment on that charge, which means that the PJ wouldn’t have convicted him of it anyway.  There’s no evidence at all, much less BARD evidence, to prove that he knew he was shooting at a cop and wanted to do so.

No matter; remember who the St. Louis County Circuit Attorney is and what his life story and family history is, as the whole world knows by now.  He will see to it that he spends every day in prison legally possible based on the charges the GJ did return.


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