Just a Hunch

8 08 2016

St. Peters

Home invasion overnight that turned very badly for the perp.  Channel 2, Channel 4.

It’s just a hunch, but I bet there are some apartments very very close to this address, if not actually on this street.

It’s the Most Ookeyful Time of the Year

5 08 2016


Even though the sacred anniversary isn’t until Tuesday, the problem with Tuesday is that it’s not on a weekend.  Therefore, this afternoon, tomorrow and Sunday will be the days that the sacred anniversary is commemorated.

Bet on mini-riots on the Fergaza Strip happening at least one of the nights this weekend.  It happened last year this time in the aftermath of the official remembrance of the one year anniversary.


I’ll Explain

4 08 2016


Those mysterious lights seen hovering around the Arch early Tuesday morning?

The aliens came to cast votes in the Missouri primary, but left when they found out that they weren’t registered, and couldn’t have anyway because they didn’t meet the residency requirements.

The UFOs were all adorned with Chief Wana Dubie for Senate yard signs and banners.

One Single Reason

4 08 2016

North County

“There is no single reason”

Except when there is.

Old Jamestown is the last pretty much all white area of North County, and is middle to upper middle income.  Jennings is Bell Curve City.  The Battle of the Fergaza Strip was technically only a matter of a fraction of a mile from happening in Jennings, and not Ferguson.  Southeast Ferguson, the Fergaza Strip, in fact, has a far more Jennings feel than a Ferguson one.

Business Is Bad

4 08 2016

Bellefontaine Neighbors

Follow up on the 13-year old weave store shooter.

It’s both further justification and an offshoot of what I wrote here two years ago.

More Dindus

1 08 2016


Unrelated gun seizure from a dindu hovel and the ballistics tests show that the guns had bodies on them, which means more black bodies, the victims of Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, are facing fresh new criminal charges.

Getting that neck tattoo had to hurt.

Oh the Humanity

1 08 2016

South County


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” — Bell Curve City


“Man, datz sum boo sheet.”