Tonight’s News, This Morning

7 03 2017


Some time after 7 PM:

“The Post-Dispatch has now projected that Lyda Krewson has won the Democrat primary for mayor, and is therefore most likely the next mayor of St. Louis.”


Hunch Confirmed

6 03 2017


About a month ago, my WRPT was pointing inward.

My WRPT was working properly.

Now It’s Becoming Perfectly Clear

3 03 2017



Channel 2

Channel 4

Daily Caller

And now, the rabbit hole.

“Downtown Taliban”

2 03 2017


Yes, that’s what they call themselves.

Turns out the Taliban we need to be worrying about is not the one on the other side of the world in caves.

That has sort of been one of my points in this medium for the entire run of its existence.  The average American is way more likely to be victimized by a Dindu than a Mohammed.

But They Keep Telling Us There Is No Voter Fraud

2 03 2017


So, why this?

Also, cough cough, Bruce Franks, cough cough.

The irony is that Gardner’s sugar daddy, George Soros, several years ago, funded an effort to buy off state Secretary of State elections in order to facilitate voter fraud.

I also don’t think that anyone is going to be in the mood even to try to cheat on Tuesday.  After all, the outcome of the big thing on the ballot is a foregone conclusion.

Civilization Desert

2 03 2017

North City

The candidates for mayor gush over north city.

But this is where you could stop reading:

A paper co-written by University of Missouri-St. Louis Professor Todd Swanstrom found that “not a single majority black neighborhood in 1970 that was surrounded by other black neighborhoods rebounded in the subsequent decades.”

It’s all noise because Trump put a halt to AFFH.  So, unless black women of reproductive ages voluntarily leave, it’s same-as-it-ever-was.

Where the Wheel Lands Today

1 03 2017

Walnut Park

Messenger, in the P-D:

But it was a noncandidate, former city Police Chief Dan Isom, now a criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, who asked the question that got to the core of why students and faculty would take two hours out of a school day to talk about gun violence.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked. “And not just the good kids.”

The kid who is dealing drugs on the corner has value just as much as the basketball player who gets caught in the crossfire, Isom said. Indeed, their deaths are often reported in these pages completely differently — one gets a brief, the other nearly a full page of photos and love and quotes from neighbors and family about a tragic loss.

Funny that.  One of Isom’s predecessors as Chief, Joe Mokwa, told us the complete opposite, that we (and by “we,” the dog whistle was white people) shouldn’t care precisely because most city “gun violence” involves both perpetrators and victims that are on the wrong side of the tracks and whose life histories are indistinguishable from each other (dog whistle:  It’s just black thugs murdering black thugs, so quit worrying about it, cracker.)

The narrative changes up every other day.