Amonderez Green

29 10 2015


We have another situation brewing in the bellcurvey areas of North County.  Google News Search and of course the requisite #HASHTAG!

After the intense day I had yesterday, I simply didn’t have any time or room for this on my radar.  And really, I’m not much interested in it now, but this is the kind of thing that could get really ookey in a hurry, so I at least have to keep my ear to the ground.

From the Bottom of the Deck

29 10 2015



Holocaust survivor tells story of being turned away by America

I stopped there.

Wicked semi-racial profiling trick: I bet this circles around to today’s refugee deluge.  Obviously, turning away any supposed refugee means that you’re sending him back to the gas chambers in his home country.  Everywhere gas chambers.  Because, there’s no business like Shoah business.

Golden Anniversary

28 10 2015


A half century old, and you don’t look a day over 20.

Just to show you how middle aged I’m getting, I consciously remember the 20th, and the 25th, and the 30th, and the 40th.  I don’t consciously remember the 15th, but I have pictures of my three-year old self being taken that year with my mother (who was still platinum blonde at the time), pressing my hand (I was still blond at the time) on one leg, then the obligatory westward expansion museum pics, (for those who don’t know, it’s underground and between the legs, currently being renovated at the same time City-Arch-River is happening, the hope was to have everything done by today, anniversary day, but as these things always happen, they take longer than originally thought), and then of course the obligatory McDonalds-on-the-riverboat pics (and it’s no longer there).

It and I are growing old together.

My mother is now slate gray, and I’m brown-auburn transitioning to an off white-gray.

Today, I and most of the town will be celebrating 50 years of this city having built a monument to people who have left.

South County Mall Under the Gun

26 10 2015


Read it, see it.

A combination of the AFFHization of South County and a bus line ending there means that South County Mall is well on its way to taking its place on Dead Malls.

Recreational Yoots

26 10 2015

Benton Park

This, happened only a block away from this.

Too Much Irony For Me

23 10 2015


It offered self-defense and karate classes.


We know who wasn’t receiving those lessons.

Bevo is the Bosnian area of St. Louis, remember Zemir Begic.  And it’s close to encroaching black undertow, in fact, the Bosnians being resettled there in the late 1990s saved it from the black undertow temporarily.  But, looking at this outfit’s FB page, the WRPT is malfunctioning.

Sigh of Relief

23 10 2015


SLPS is getting its accreditation back.

That sound you hear is every white parent in every majority white school district in St. Louis County breathing a gigantic sigh of relief.


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