Mahogany Parades

18 05 2016


Schmaltz about the Annie Malone Parade.

Reality about the Annie Malone Parade.

It makes me wonder why it was moved from the north side neighborhoods at and near the Annie Malone House to Downtown several years ago.  The official reason was that a Downtown parade had easier logistics.  I think as much as anything, it was black people doing the looksatme.

Super Zips, Revisited

17 05 2016

Richmond Heights

Something I was thinking about this morning made me go back and revisit my own post about Charles Murray’s “Super Zips” research and data, then from there revisit the research and data.

Since the last time I wrote and thought about it, I have moved.  I was living in 63011 (Ballwin) at the time, and until early March, and its score was a very respectable 90.  Remember, every zip code gets a score from 1 to 99, based on a mashup of the zip code’s median household income and the zip code’s percentage of adults who have a college diploma.  A zip code of 95 or higher is defined as a Super Zip, so my zip code at the time was only five points away from being super.

I now live in 63117 (Richmond Heights), which only scores a 79.

How much worse is a 79 than a 90?  I cannot find the calculated standard deviation of zip code scores, (I do have a tweet into Charles Murray himself, hopefully he’ll know), but I do remember the Rule of Six when you need a quick and dirty standard deviation:  Top minus bottom divide by six.  This means I get a standard deviation of (99-1)/6, or 16.33.  Since my new zip is 11 points lower than my old zip, this means I have moved down in the world by (11/16.33), or about two-thirds, of a SD.

Two-thirds of a SD isn’t chump change.  My new area should be noticeably less good (as in both aren’t anywhere near bad) than my old area.  Yet, I really don’t grok a difference.  Even more head scratching is that 63144 (Brentwood) scores at 85, higher than RH, but visually less pleasant, and substantively a half a step down IMHO.

Does that point to limitations to Charles Murray’s research?  Or does it point to a possibility or the need to refine the criteria?

Not only do I not see any real difference between new and old, personally, I’m actually better off.  The rent is slightly lower, the square footage is slightly higher, and the commute, when I’m home, is way shorter.  And that points to another social axiom:  When people buy or rent domiciles, they’re not necessarily buying a building, or land, or features, or even a neighborhood, they’re buying classmates and a peer group for their children.  Want proof of that?  This same living space in this same kind of residential structure on this same kind of street north of Clayton Road rents for way higher.  Why?  School district.  North of Clayton Road is the city of Clayton, and zip code of 63105 (Murray Score of 95, meaning it’s a super zip, and it would be higher but for county jail inmates being counted as residents of the zip code and therefore dragging down its educational and household income averages), and most crucially, the Clayton School District, where the kids of university professors and physician specialists attend.  Where I am, definitely south of Clayton Road, is not only the city of Richmond Heights, but it and Maplewood share a school district, and as you St. Louisans know, Maplewood, blech.  For those who don’t know, Maplewood is about an even mix of lower class black and lower to working class white, trending toward the former, and they’re in the same school district with Richmond Heights, the whole district only has one high school, that being Puggg’s alma mater.  And as we know about mixing shit and vanilla ice cream…

You may think that you have figured out why 63117 has a lower Murray Score than 63011, because of Maplewood.  Actually, Maplewood has its own zip code, 63143, with a Murray Score of 41.

Incidentally, there has been chatter for a long time about Clayton municipally subsuming Richmond Heights.  If that happens, it wouldn’t solve the school district problem by itself, but I think it would be political predication for RH ditching Maplewood and joining the Clayton School District.  Which wouldn’t be hard, because the only high school in the MRH district is in Maplewood, and in fact, the district’s only middle school is also in Maplewood and next to the high school, and the district’s only elementary school is technically in RH, but this close actually to being in Maplewood; there are zero MRH schools in the part of RH north of 40.  If Clayton subsumes RH in a muni sense, then it would create political pressure for RH to be part of the Clayton School District.  It would mean that buying in RH also means buying in the CSD, meaning much higher selling prices and rents.  But, by the time that happens, I’ll probably be living somewhere else.

Incidentally, my previous abode in Ballwin was in the Rockwood School District.  Also, 63136, the zip code of the Fergaza Strip, comes through with a world beating Murray Score of 9.

I’m Not Tommy

17 05 2016

Walnut Park

Okay, this is where I queue up the instrumental to “Who Do You Believe In” by 2Pac in my imagination and then imagine to hear a certain someone say these words:

Now, maybe this is what it’s going to take for you hood whores finally to use one of the fifty million different methods of birth control that are readily and inexpensively available to you in order to quit bringing kids into these fucked-up ghetto environments so that the fucked-up ghetto environments don’t have any more kids to turn into ghetto thugs and in turn the ghetto thugs aren’t there to fuck up these environments.

Of course, Tommy wouldn’t actually say quite this; I don’t think he would be so diligent in avoiding split infinitives.  First world problems, n’est pas?

They Shot a Man On the Landing, Just to Watch Him Die

16 05 2016

Laclede’s Landing

I wonder why, of the threesome, the youngest one, described as being between 12 and 14 years old, would have the gun and do the dirty work, and not the other two in the group, who are described as being between 18 and 22 years old.  You don’t think they’re gaming the juvenile justice code by farming out the most serious criminal offenses to the juvies, do you?

I also wonder what the motive could be in shooting someone near a casino.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

16 05 2016

Mount Pleasant

“Facebook Argument.”

Nuff said.

Day, Rooined

15 05 2016



What if I would have gone there and told everyone there that there is no such thing as the school-to-prison pipeline?

That would have totally ruined their day.

And what if I would have told them on top of that that all they are observing is the fact that the same ooklets who misbehave in school and therefore get suspended are the same kind of ooks that commit felonies and therefore get sent to prison?

Well, let me put it to you this way:  Part of their march passed them by the county jail, and if I would have done that, they probably would have thrown me under it.

The caption of this photo:

Hayden Collins, 6, holds hands with his mom, Carrie Collins, of Charlack, as they march to protest the criminalization of youth by schools, police and the juvenile justice system…

Let’s jump in the blogmeister hot tub time machine (no skinny dipping) and dial that thing forward ten years.  We’ll see in May 2026, that 16-year old Hayden Collins, a student at Fort Zumwalt West High School, (his mother got an AFFH voucher to move to O’Fallon back in 2019), accidentally called a transgender woman who used to be a man “he.”  Now, World War T will want to prosecute that as a capital crime, but remember, ten years ago, his mother marched him in a protest against excessive school punishments.  How will the P-D of the day cover the story?  Which will it consider the bigger social injustice?  Transphobic pronouns, or the school-to-prison pipeline?

Magic Negro Doesn’t Have a Magic Pill

9 05 2016


I thought him being black was supposed to be the magic.

Nevertheless, he’s right.  There is no magic pill to raise black IQs and lower black crime rates.  Because, Allah knows, if one did exist, it would have been administered by now.