I’m Not Planning On Going Solo

6 07 2016

Walnut Park

Wake me up when this and the mentioned recent similar incidents at churches are discovered to be either a hoax and/or an insurance scam.



6 07 2016

St. Louis City

The holiday weekend is over, but I’ve never been much impressed with their sense of temporal punctuality or awareness.

Ookdependence Day

5 07 2016

St. Louis City

Four and four overnight (notice that three of the four were in South City, and one of those was in the city’s literal diversity epicenter), to go with the two and one yesterday morning on Page, making six and five.

It’s time for more generic outrage, blame guns, calling for more spending, in what is expected to be an otherwise slow news week.  Everything but telling the truth.

Thanks For Reading

2 07 2016


Guess who has been saying that the Ferguson Effect exists but not in the way you think it does?  That it’s a matter of suddenly agitated blacks acting ookier than usual far more than it is the cops having cold feet?  As police saturation has no effect on violent crime.

Yeah, me, you’re ever-lovin’ blogmeister.

It should be noted that the Ferguson Effect was before Ferguson called the Cincinnati Effect, because it was noticed that for two years after that city’s 2001 riots, black crime was higher than usual, then went back down to its pre-riot norm.

And now I have some quality corroboration.

Missing the Forest Park for the Trees

2 07 2016

Forest Park

Dotson’s gonna protect Forest Park and Fair St. Louis from [omitted].

Yeah, that’s who I really fear when I’m in that area.

Or maybe Dotson is using this Muslim bit as an excuse to do more security to combat the dindus.

Employment Agency, Gone

2 07 2016


Jack Taylor, RIP, I guess.

Which means that black athletes from Mizzou who don’t quite make it to the pros will have to look elsewhere for work.

Hate Crime?

2 07 2016

North Riverfront

Confirmed:  Suspects are black.

Unconfirmed:  Victims are white.

Confirmed:  Not a robbery because nothing was stolen.

All adds up to…

…Hate crime.


Or not. Vic’s name and address.