Smart Enough to Know Better

12 04 2016



SLMPD implements recruiting plan to combat monthly departing officers

It’s being called a crisis. The Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department is losing officers at an alarming rate.

Police are now working to fight crime and recruit at the same time that they see as many as six officers leaving each month.

I knew that they were having an attrition problem, and that the local media were largely hushing it up, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

The police chief Sam Dotson and attorney general Chris Koster have been going on recruitment trips at Metro High school, the chief’s alma mater. It’s kind of like a job fair and the goal is to create a pipeline from the high school that would eventually lead to serving the community at the police department.

It being the chief’s alma mater notwithstanding, he’s talking to students who are smart enough to know that they should stay away from that line of work, especially in that particular jurisdiction.

Making his force more diverse is a top priority for Dotson.

Arguing over how to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in gators.

St. Louis City’s problem in terms of recruiting more diverse black cops is similar to Ferguson’s. While St. Louis pays better than Ferguson, though not as much as, say, Chesterfield or Ladue, St. Louis is even more dangerous than Ferguson, and black people who want to be cops can get on anywhere, thanks to black skin privilege and affirmative action. The SLPD would have to raise its pay drastically, (incidentally, part of the DOJ consent decree with Ferguson is that it does exactly that), but it’s not as if the St. Louis City budget has very much wiggle room.

Who Is Missing? Good Question.

11 04 2016


Read it, but here’s the money:

Adelaide Lancaster of Webster Groves and Laura Horwitz of Clayton, started organizing the We Stories nonprofit last year, looking for a way they could respond to Ferguson as parents of young children.

Before that:

Every month, We Stories organizes reading resources, discussion aids and events around a theme. The events can include history walking tours, storytimes, coffee chats and anti-racism workshops by the Anti-Defamation League. For example, in a month with a theme of “neighborhoods,” We Stories would feature a book that comes with discussion questions for families like: Who’s missing from your neighborhood? Does everyone look alike or different?

Adelaide Lancaster and Laura Horwitz ought to move out of evil Webster Groves and evil Clayton, where black people are sorely missing (*), and move to north city.


A frequently cited 2007 study in the Journal of Marriage and Family showed that nonwhite families talk about race three times as often as white families do, and that the majority of white families don’t talk about race.

Because white people are told not to think tribally, not to notice race, that there’s no such thing as race in reality, that it’s just a social construct.

(*) – Officially, Clayton is 8% black, but in reality, its residential sections aren’t even 1% black.  What explains the disconnect?  “Officially” means U.S. Census Bureau, and Census counts jail and prison inmates of residents of the geography where the jail or prison is on census day, not where the inmate lived before he got sent to jail or prison.  The seat of St. Louis County government and its “justice center” is in Clayton.  I just wanted to let you know that before snooty Claytonite tries to deceive you with that 8% legerdemain to make you think Clayton has diversity.

Four Is Enough

8 04 2016

City Hall

Big news about an hour ago is that Slay called an emergency presser.

I surmised before it started:

I was right, but not right enough.

He then also spiked the football over Proposition E winning in spite of all the money Rex spent in opposition, as the state ballot measure which necessitates these quintennial earnings tax retention votes here and in Kansas City was also Rex’s baby, though as you all know, because you read this space, Rex was and is being Machiavellian, not ideological.

Then Slay announced that he won’t seek a fifth term as mayor, and assured us that it has nothing to do with health problems or indictments or greener political pastures.  Because Slay will be 62 years old by the time he leaves Room 200 in about a year, I think it’s entirely a function of him wanting to enjoy some good years while he still has some left.

As for 2017 candidates to replace him, try Lewis Reed, Joe Roddy, Antonio French, Jane Schweitzer as big names that everyone will mention.  Dark horses in my mind are Cara Spencer and Christine Ingrassia.  The latter holds down Ward 6, which includes Lafayette Square, which would instantly give her an advantage.  Remember who held down 6 before her:  Lewis Reed.

Twice Baked Potato

6 04 2016


Read carefully, and two different bellcurvey elements present:

(1) Dinduistands are notorious for packs of dogs running around; the dogs are former pets that the owners jettisoned or just let drift free.  The dogs meet each other and form packs.  And they’re even more dangerous packs than the typical dogs, because dogs that black people own tend to be vicious breeds, pit bulls among others.

(2) Dinduistans are also notorious for unkempt cemeteries and memorials.  You can tell if a cemetery you’re passing by is a black one if the grass is overgrown.

Of course, those aren’t the only two bellcurvey elements of this narrative.


3 04 2016

St. Louis City; Clayton

And all this is happening in spite of the fact that the metro area has a pretty tiny Hispanic population.

Imagine how much worse it would be if it was larger.

Yet, many of the quoted by name public officials are big open borders zero immigration enforcement hacks.

One other thing the Mex cartels are bringing in that isn’t mentioned here is meth.  As various Federal and state laws have made home brew meth operations way more difficult, the Mex gangs have stepped in to fill the supply void.  And what they bring is way more potent, addictive and destructive than the trailer park home brew.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

1 04 2016


Comma, Delrish.

For you won’t have a job for long.

Because there won’t be a Ferguson PD for you to lead for long.

Because there won’t be a Ferguson for the Ferguson PD to lead for long.

Ferguson is begging the voters for tax increases this coming Tuesday in order to survive.  If they fail, then Ferguson is back on track for insolvency by the middle of next year.

City Bound

31 03 2016

Carr Square

NGA just announced that it prefers the St. Louis City proposal, the land just north of the old Pruitt-Igoe site.

That sound you hear is Francis Slay boogie woogieng like boogie woogieing becomes a crime at midnight.  Paul McKee can’t be disappointed, either.


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