Going the Distance

3 09 2015

The Ville

Sumner High School is having attendance problems this year because of what happened in Ferguson last year.


Note that the trip between Sumner High School and Fergaza Strip Ground Zero starts you off in the SLPS, takes you across either the Normandy or Jennings district or both, depending on which route you take, and then you cross into the Ferguson-Florissant district.

I wonder if any of the high schools closer to Ground Zero are having worse attendance problems.

That is, if you don’t want to think that the whole thing is just another convenient excuse to hide behind, because the real answers are taboo.

“SLPS Deputy Superintendent Stacy Clay.”  You don’t think he’s closely related to Bill Clay and Lacy Clay, do you?

Historical Racism Porn

1 09 2015



Old ‘White Only’ sign removed from St. Louis Goodwill’s online shopping site after complaint

MERS/Goodwill posted a ‘White Only’ cast iron sign on its online site last week, thinking it would catch the eye of a collector who favors items that highlight the history of the country’s segregation.

You can figure out what happened next.

Dotson: Still on the Excuse Train

1 09 2015


Dotson on Jake Tapper’s CNN show this afternoon.

BAWK GUNS AND GUN SHOWS LOL.  Because that’s all he can do, he certainly can’t blame the black undertow, especially not now that City Hall controls his job.

BAWK AMENDMENT 5.  Even though SCOMO denuded him of that excuse two weeks ago, he’s still not giving it a rest.

As long as the black undertow is too sacred to hold accountable, someone will always be able to find an excuse, even if there are none to be found.  It’s a derivative of the Metallica Doctrine.

Bell Curve City Chronicles

1 09 2015

St. Louis City

* The crime, the suspect.  Martie Aboussie once lived on that very block, who was the alderman for that ward for a long time.  In 1998 or so, he got then mayor Clarence Harmon (Harmon’s son is the only real competition that Mary Pat Carl has to replace Jennifer Joyce as Circuit Attorney) to appoint him to be the city’s public safety director, mainly because Aboussie didn’t want to live on that block anymore, he wanted to move to a better part of the city, and as his ward was configured at the time, he didn’t have much wiggle room to both do that and stay in his own ward.  This is why he needed a citywide job, to be able to move anywhere else in the city.

* Holly Hills?  Yes, expensive, but it’s also right next to increasingly problematic Carondelet.

* This is actually LaSalle, not Downtown.  But there has already been a lot of funny business very close to that corner both this year and recently.

* Only 4th place, so there won’t be much of a hurry to bash the survey’s methodology.  But it’s based on 2013 data, and by comparison to last year and so far this year, 2013’s days were Halcyon Days.  Around the the time the Cardinals win the World Series this year, CQ Press (formerly Morgan Quitno) will release its own rankings, though I don’t know which year’s crime data it will be based upon.  Just as the Cardinals beat Detroit to win the World Series in 2006, and then a few days later, we beat Detroit again in the Morgan Quitno ratings.

* Steve Patterson, of Urban Review STL, one of my very favorite blogs, (in spite of its political leanings), gets some love from the local media.

World War T

1 09 2015


Front of the P-D print edition today.

The Gap and The Camp of the Saints make cameo appearances.


Call Her Lila

31 08 2015


I only had a link to it in yesterday’s wrap-up.

The P-D has a longer follow-up today.

Here “she” is.


Guilt Monument

31 08 2015


Black people used to live there, but not so many do anymore.  And because the surrounding areas are now new money suburbs, the increasing property taxes means that the few that are there won’t be there for much longer, even if they were not already up in age.  Therefore, when there are no longer any black people there, it should be made plainly obvious that black people used to live there, because black.

The places around here where white people used to live but are now black ghettos?  Never mind those, you evil noticer.


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