Speak of the Devils

22 09 2015

Warson Woods

Tony Messenger pumps up John Danforth and his latest book.

Gee, I wonder what the book could be about?

I know what it’s not going to be about:  Danforth will not apologize for helping to peddle a racial hoax.

Messenger certainly didn’t do that in this article.

I already miss Bill McClellan.

Firefighters Are Not Cops

22 09 2015

City Hall

Bad idea, really really bad idea.

Police deal with people; “police” and “politics” have the same root word, and not coincidentally.  Firefighters deal with the laws of physics and chemistry.

As for what we should do, well, I’m working on a premonition.


22 09 2015


International students get charged international rates.

No kidding.

One point of order:  HB3, which, like I told you last week, was one of the bills the General Assembly was able to override in last week’s veto session, applies to “undocumented immigrants” who do not have DACA or DAPA status.

Fifteen More Fuzzes

21 09 2015


SLPD gets a Federal grant, around $1.9 million, which they will be able to use to hire 15 new cops.

Doing the math, that will last for two years.

Fifteen new cops for two years.  Boy howdy, I bet Bell Curve City is really shaking in its Air Jordans.

Weren’t we told in August and November of last year and in April of this year that cops are the problem?

Money In Chains

21 09 2015



Again, I must say.

Getting tattooed over your Adam’s Apple has to hurt.

What did you think I was going to say?  You didn’t think I was going to say something all racist and sheet, did you?

I will add that, considering one of the apparent circumstances of this murder, according to this story, I am coming to a premonition.

Spring Fling

21 09 2015


All this talk about Obama, Christian, Muslim, religion.

Reminds me of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 and the late Tom Schweich, from this past spring.

I bet you forgot about that story.  Well, the P-D didn’t.  They punished Tony Messenger for his part in hooking up with Schweich’s political patron, John Danforth, to concoct this hoax, by promoting him to Bill McClellan’s job.

MissingLink’s Fun Weekend

20 09 2015

St. Louis City

Union Station and Delmar stations.


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