Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

17 11 2015


But for the very first word in the headline, “Nigerian,” I’m totally flying blind on this one.  That’s all I read, was “Nigerian.”  But that’s probably enough to inform me that it has to do with some scam or swindle or con.

That’s because “Nigeria” is a Yoruban word that roughly translates into English as “scam.”

Tidings of Discomfort

16 11 2015

St. Peters

Mark Parkinson, one of the few General Assembly Republicans to get it, for the most part, was going to run for SEN-23-R next year, as he himself is TLed out of the House, and SEN-23 is opening up because Tom Dempsey is TLed out of it, or would be if he hadn’t already resigned early.

He just threw in the towel today.

It’s all because of this stupid RTW battle.

There are two other Republicans in the primary, and of course, the Republican primary is the de facto election.  Either one has been able to raise way more money than Parkinson, whose bank account was mainly self-funded, and not with much.  Various unions are bankrolling one, to oppose RTW, various business groups are funding the other, to support it.  Parkinson himself supports RTW, and voted for it and for the override every year.  Like I wrote here some time back, I don’t think having it really changes much of anything compared to not having it, so whether it happens or not is almost a non-issue to me.  While I don’t think it’s good politics for statewide Republican candidates and for some other Republicans, I’m not going to grind over Parkinson supporting it, and in turn, endorsing the one of the remaining two candidates that does over the one that opposes it.  Even if I was mad about it, it’s no use being mad at him now, because his political career is just about over.

What I am grinding over is how everyone screaming, hemming and hawing over this trivial issue is drowning out the sorts of issues that really need to be talked about, and things that Mark Parkinson and a scant few others would be talking about and everyone else would be hearing about.  But for RTW, Parkinson could have made his bones and won SEN-23 on the transfer law issue alone, considering the geography of SEN-23.

On the Watch

16 11 2015


My bet on when KEZK flips to Christmas is some time this Friday afternoon.  Which would be the Friday before Thanksgiving, which I would think is the reasonable time if I was the GM of a station that flipped to Christmas.  Since KEZK is a CBS prop and right up the dial is KLOU, an iHeart prop, another station that does Christmas, one is probably waiting on the other to go, then they’ll flip themselves within a few hours.  I would not doubt it if Beth Davis and John Sheehan have called each other to coordinate on a flip date.

BTW, is it Christmas already?  It seems like we just got through with last Christmas.

In a Meramec Restroom

15 11 2015



2013:  Who can remember what happened in a restroom at Meramec two years ago when the KKK has a stranglehold over KKKirkwood right now?

Well Maladjusted

13 11 2015



Burden of proof: Missouri protests drives wedge between activists and skeptics

Allison Hughes is an 18-year-old freshman here at the University of Missouri. She is from St. Louis and she is of mixed race. Like almost every other student, she is getting questions from home about what’s been going on here, in the wake of days of protests that ultimately led to the ousting of the school’s president and its chancellor.

“Even my mom has been asking, ‘What do you think of this?’ ” Hughes said. “I don’t feel affected … but maybe I should.”

Hughes’ dad, who is black, always told his daughter she would face racism. She says she hasn’t endured much of it, except for maybe the occasional joke: “You like watermelon because you’re black.” She shrugged it off, thinking nothing hateful was meant.

Now, though, she’s beginning to wonder about her own reaction. You can sense her mind changing even as she speaks of the jokes.

“They’ve never bothered me,” she said. “I can see how they would bother other people. It does get annoying. I think those little things need to stop. The little jabs are hurting me.”

Back at home, she was a well-adjusted young mulatto woman.  So her parents sent her off to Mizzou, and now she’s a perpetually microaggrieved head case.  Don’t forget, the second semester tuition checks are due in January.

Total Los(s)

13 11 2015



Wigga, please.

He’s one of them with one of our paint jobs.

Which means what we have here is TWB.

Home team takes the L.

Knockout Martin Luther King (Remember That?)

12 11 2015


Yesterday afternoon.

But but but, the Klan at Mizzou!

The time of day and the ages of the suspects make me think that these were students at one or more schools close by, and they were roaming Soulard after having been dismissed from school for the day.  Lift For Life Academy, as an example.  Soulard itself is expensive and gentrified, in fact, it was the first St. Louis neighborhood to experience gentrification.



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