Do Not #FreeBrittany and Do Not #FreeAlexis

12 08 2015

Earth City


Remember the 70 shutdown about 48 hours ago?

Remember also that someone driving a blue-ish SUV drove through the blockade and then drove away?

These two fine wimmenz (“allegedly”) actually punched the driver of the SUV, another woman, causing her eye damage.  She drove away in order to get medical attention.

Though with the one on the right, gender is a little hard to distinguish just on the pic they give us.

Dwane Kilt Latrina

12 08 2015

Mount Pleasant



Taylor, as Dewayne Taylor, was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 after pleading guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action in St. Louis Circuit Court. He was 15 at the time of the murder.

Taylor was among a Bloods-affiliated gang calling themselves the “Boys of Destruction” who got into a fight with another group on April 6, 1994, then-prosecutor Nels Moss said at Taylor’s sentencing hearing, according to a transcript. Taylor left the fight, got a shotgun and fired at one person, Moss said. But he missed, instead fatally shooting Latrina Fields in the heart and wounding another person, Moss said.

This does not elaborate to why Mr. Taylor was let out of prison only having served 19 years of an alleged life sentence, but it probably has something to do with Miller v Alabama, or one of the various provisions of state law and the practice thereof dealing with underage violent offenders.

But, back to the matter at hand, you might be surprised to learn that the yoot who dindu nuffins when he was 15, and is an example of the kind of inmate that Obama is about to spring loose from Federal prisons in large numbers, wound up dindu nuffining again earlier this year:

A man who spent 20 years in prison for a murder committed when he was 15 has been accused of two new murders.

Dwane Taylor, 36, was indicted July 16 on charges of possession with intent to distribute heroin and two charges of discharging a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. The indictment says that Taylor shot Erin Davis on or about Dec. 16 and Juanita Davis on Jan. 16 “with malice aforethought.”

Police at the time of Erin Davis’s murder said that they believe she was shot in the head and the neck sometime after 8 p.m. Dec. 15 in an apartment in the 300 block of Walsh Street in the city’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Police said that they’d responded to a call of shots fired in the 4400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 16 and found Juanita Davis’ body in the street with multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said that they’d heard two people arguing before the gunshots.

Davis, 37, lived in the 4300 block of Virginia Avenue.

Federal prosecutors did not immediately return calls seeking comment.


In an interview, U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan said that the Attorney General in Washington makes the decision and stressed that the process is triggered by the filing of certain charges.

Hale said that the federal death penalty is rare.

So, there’s a chance of him being executed, but I doubt it.  It will be more like straight life, and this time, it will actually be straight life.

I think.

Judging From Last Night, He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing

11 08 2015


Another day, another Maria Chapelle-Nadal genius pronouncement.

Actually, crackpottress, judging from last night, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Human Shields and Ghetto Lottery

11 08 2015



It goes like this:  If the cops have to shoot or fire tear gas or something like that, and it hurts one of the kids, then #BlackLivesMatter will be all over the place screaming about da evil white po-leeceseseses trying to gas babies to death, and then a lawsuit.

All in the hopes the cops don’t do anything to the “protesters.”

Cuckservatives Without the Cucks

11 08 2015


As it turned out, the County Browns bringing out the dindu wagons and filling them up on the first sign of misbehavior really cramped the style of the revelers last night on the Fergaza Strip.  There was no real news to speak of after that happened, which means everyone else took their marbles and went home, nary a weave was looted.  Maybe there’s an object lesson to be learned here, but I’ll leave that for you.

I looked at the UKDM’s photo set from yesterday’s festivities through the day and evening around here, and also looked at the local eyeball news to see if anything did pop off overnight.  One thing that I did not notice just by watching low resolution sail foam streams last night, that the news and still photos this morning did show me, is that the Oathkeepers are back.  They were on the Fergaza Strip on the overnight of November 24-25, having anticipated heavy weather ahead as a reaction to the grand jury decision.

That got me to thinking.

I have two rhetorical questions in my mind about O/K presence on the Fergaza Strip, both back in November and last night.  For one, what for?  For another, would I?

What for?  They didn’t need to be there to squelch problems that the actual protesters (proto-rioters) were going to cause, because the County Browns, armed with Stenger’s SOE, dropped the hammer at just the right instance.  They might have been there to protect businesses and individuals, but again:  Why?  Almost all of these businesses and individuals made their own beds and therefore should not be precluded from sleeping in them.  Almost all of these people the O/K protected both back in November and last night helped build the system and contribute to the conditions which allowed the black undertow to fester unchecked.  I sure as hell wouldn’t protect these people for free, and even if they paid me, it would have to be so much that the money would be more attractive than my proclivity to let the black undertow burn down the homes and businesses of the very people who let the black undertow fester or directly profit from the black undertow.  Really, is the world really worse off for the ooks looting and burning L’Shaniqua’s Hair Hat Emporium and Weave World?  That L’Shaniqua’s Hair Hat Emporium and Weave World even exists in a given place is proof that you’re in the freaking ghetto.

There are very likely some older white people who still live in the traditional single family owner occupied residence part of Ferguson close to the Fergaza Strip that they could have been protecting, and if that’s what they were doing for free, not only do I approve, but I’d do it for free if I had those capabilities and expertise.

So why are the O/K giving free security to people that need to suffer the consequences of what they helped create?

You already read the title of this post, so you already know the answer.  Cuckservatism, or more accurately, the racial pandering and pathological altruism of the right, isn’t just a lamestream conservative or neo-conservative or RINO thing.  It runs wide and deep even in the hard right, the political space to the right of the official right’s Overton window.  The O/Ks figure that if they protect black people for free, nobody will call them racist anymore.

I’ve lived long enough to attest to the fact that it never works that way.

Tonight’s Episode of Survivor: Ferguson

10 08 2015


My tweets from observing some livestreams and ustreams.

Reverse chronological order.


10 08 2015

Grand Center


“There is a narrative behind why poor and minority kids have been so underserved,” Stevenson said. “There is a narrative behind our failure to confront many of the challenges that we’re dealing with.”

In the last 15 years that narrative has increasingly led to an overuse of suspensions nationwide to address disruptive behavior in children as young as 4. It’s also led to more police officers working in school buildings, putting children closer to the criminal justice system than ever before.

Oh, he must mean some other narrative, one that’s valid in an alternate universe.

That’s not the narrative I was thinking of.


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