Come Hither

8 12 2014


P-D cutting off comments.

But I’m not.

Hint hint.

Speaking of, I wonder what that prick that calls himself “STL Full of Racists” is going to do, because 99% of his material came from P-D comments.

Droop’s Street

8 12 2014



Protesters in Shaw march to Missouri Botanical Garden

About 80 people marched to the Missouri Botanical Garden Sunday night in the latest protest over the fatal shooting of VonDerrit Myers Jr. by an off-duty officer.

Protesters began their march at Shaw Boulevard and Klemm Street, where Myers, 18, was killed by Officer Jason H. Flanery on Oct. 8.

The St. Louis Police Department announced Friday that it had found no criminal wrongdoing in the shooting. But prosecutors, who will review the results of the police investigation, could still file charges.

The group moved west toward the garden about 7:15 p.m., chanting “Whose streets? Droop’s street” – a reference to Myers’ nickname. They also sang songs with protest lyrics set to melodies of Christmas carols. Organizers instructed participants to call up the lyrics on their cell phones.

One example, to the melody of Silver Bells: “Life is hell. It’s racist time in the city.”

Droop’s street?  Was Droop’s name on the deed for the right-of-way?  Did Droop have the ability to put up a toll booth?  Did Droop pay the electric bills for the street lighting and pay for pavement and sidewalk maintenance?  Was Droop ever an object of an ADA compliance civil lawsuit because of improper corner cutouts for those in wheelchairs?

In a way, it was Droop’s street, and the street of a whole lot of other Droops.  Which is why Shaw is ghetto for the most part, but not so far gone and still in decent enough shape such that the hippies, yuppies, gentrifiers and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH are still dreaming.  Which is why the name of VonDerrit Myers Jr isn’t much said locally anymore and rarely nationally.  As far as Official Saint Louis is concerned, Ferguson and the rest of North County is where the Droops of Shaw have a bright future.

How a Community Is Community Organized

8 12 2014


NR on the DOJ’s Community Relations Service and its recent foray into Ferguson.

I once thought that the real purpose of the DOJ CRS was to provoke riots.  And, if the President and the Attorney General were real ghetto blacks, it would be used for that purpose.  But, since Barack Obama and Eric Holder are gentry white liberals who happen to have tans, they use the DOJ CRS to kvetch about white privilege, as if the DOJ was a college campus extension.

Opposite Reaction

8 12 2014


Not that the media are in a mood to let us know, but I know that white people, the sane ones anyway, are pissed off way more than anyone would care to admit, even themselves, much less the media.

But every once in awhile, you get indications even from the media that even I may be underestimating our own people.

If some of our people are throwing off the football cult for the handsupdontshoot antics, then this must really be the last straw.

Speaking of Jefferson County, I haven’t heard from our favorite toy dog in awhile, either here or privately.

All Dogs Go to Valhalla

7 12 2014

Around the Metro

I like to keep an eye on the Craigslist St. Louis pets lost and found.  While I’m on that subject, I’m surprised there wasn’t a lot of pets that went missing because of the Ferguson fiasco, both on August 10 and November 24, the most serious nights of rioting.

Anyway, there were five entries one day this week of dogs or cats found dead, all of them had images in them.  I’m not that emotional, but they even got to me.

Each image here links to the CL entry.

00101_7FRALTLMw5C_600x450 00n0n_lwIkyFQfYf5_600x450 00303_6i8fuupHr19_600x450 00X0X_8lT0CVlNyMe_600x450 00303_4chC8X8RTKP_600x450

You’ll notice in the case of the unneutered unchipped white male pit bull, that it was emaciated, so according to the person who found it along St. Charles Rock Road in Normandy, it must have been out on its own for awhile.  Yep, Normandy is mostly ghetto, and is surrounded by a lot of ghetto, so this was probably some jettisoned pet or some fighting dog that lost too many matches and dumped on the street.

I certainly hope that there is a Valhalla and a rainbow bridge to there and that all dogs and cats get to cross, just so there’s some sort of reward for being treated so shitty in this world.

Fellow Viking

5 12 2014


Key paragraphs from the P-D article about today’s Normandy HS walkout:

Principal Derrick Mitchell walked alongside the students as they moved north, past cemeteries, homes and police officers whose cars blocked most intersections. Some residents walked onto their porches, held their hands up and cheered in support. A physics teacher who marched held a “Black Lives Matter!” sign.


Normandy schools Superintendent Ty McNichols, who also marched in the protest, asked the students to put two fists in the air. It was time for a moment of silence.

“Let’s also keep them up for a fellow Viking,” McNichols said. “Normandy strong, guys.”

Yeah, such bravery, walking out when your teachers, principal and district supernintendo gave you permission.  They’re all part of the same undertow mentality.

And also…I’ll never mistake any of these people for Vikings.


More Undertow

5 12 2014

Spanish Lake

One of several good YT videos from a relatively new YT channel called Concerned Citizen, which you should subscribe to if you’re on YT and if you are a YT.  (LOL)  I wonder if it’s the same “Concerned Citizen” who used to leave comments here.

Since these videos are all from St. Louis, especially North County, that’s where I presume Concerned Citizen is from.


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