Andy Taylor’s Pets Are Turning On Him

17 02 2016


Even though he’s one of the biggest n****r-lovers around. He’s notorious for giving sinecures to black Mizzou ex-jocks, and that’s just the start of his race pandering.

But, these are different times.  If you’re not with the mob 100% of the way, you might as well be a cross-burning Kluxer.  And, Taylor is a cross-burning Kluxer because he supposedly makes a little bit of money off of black jail and prison inmates.

Here’s the better idea for the mob:  The best way to prevent someone from making money off the backs of black jail and prison inmates is for there to be no black jail or prison inmates.  How about cutting out the violent crime?  It’s a win-win situation; blacks aren’t shoved into the prison-industrial complex, and Andy Taylor loses 0.01% of his net worth.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

16 02 2016

St. Louis County

They had me at “Fingerhut.”

That’s where you go to get last year’s merchandise at next year’s prices and at 1979’s interest rates.

“No Politics On Cherokee”

16 02 2016


Too late for that.  Cherokee between Jefferson and Gravois has been intensely political, extreme left, for quite a few years.  And it’s no surprise that Bern’s St. Louis campaign office is there.  In fact, I would not be surprised to learn that it was near or in that community arts project hovel where a lot of the area’s anarchists hang out.

Moot Suit

10 02 2016


Not much to say about Ferguson’s counteroffer on the DOJ consent decree.

No matter which side wins, or if it’s somewhere in between the two sides, Ferguson is losing property value, tax revenue and ticket and fine revenue so quickly that the city is going to be financially insolvent and go out of business by the middle of next year.

Underroo Brigade

10 02 2016

West County

Messenger:  23-year old “kid” who runs around in his parents’ basement clad only in his underroos wants the St. Louis region to unify so badly that he started a website and got Gene McNary’s son to go along.

And he’ll be successful where Rex Sinquefield hasn’t been because, well, because.

Cue Excuses

8 02 2016

St. Louis City

“But we can’t annex! Unfair comparison! Apples and oranges!”

The news keeps being bad, so the excuses keep being the same.

Historical Racism Porn Made Easier Than Ever

2 02 2016



St. Louis Public Library offers online African American database

Historical records of discrimination, and integration, are now available to city library patrons through a database called African American Communities.

Copies of pamphlets, newspaper articles and periodicals — including almost 70 years of Urban League of St. Louis records — are free. Patrons must, however, be in a city library using one of its online computers to access the collection. The collection is not accessible from home.

Which means black people will rarely access it, while the P-D will access it often.


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