Fresh Has Gone Stale

13 07 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Fresh Never Frozen 102.5 isn’t Fresh anymore.  I noticed they’ve dropped the “Fresh” brand and are just calling themselves by their call letters and frequency.  But it seems like the format really hasn’t changed, save an all-’80s lunch hour like their now-CBS/Infinity stablemate in St. Louis, Y-98, had back in the ’90s.  Then again, I’m not a professional KEZK listener, so maybe I’m wrong about the format in a nuanced sort of way.

But don’t worry, we’re less than four months away from it flipping to…yes, we just got through with last Christmas, it’s pushing 100 degrees with heat index over 110 today, and here I am talking about next Christmas.

Anxious Are We?

13 07 2015

West Downtown

The official protest wasn’t supposed to be until some time today, with the riots tonight.  But thirty people got too anxious and wanted to get started last night.


More on what they did.

Bell Curve City St. Louis Is Starting to Cook Again

12 07 2015



The New Gentle Giant is the one wearing the “Iced Out” t-shirt.  Remember the name Brandon Claxton, though it’s not as if you’re going to be able to avoid it pretty soon.

Like I told you earlier today, cut and dry isn’t so cut and dry in Bell Curve City.


Teen shot by St. Louis police paralyzed; mom laments gun violence

Dindu nuffins, it’s the gun’s fault.

Liggins said a protest is planned sometime Monday at Police Headquarters.

And the riot is planned for Monday night, at about the corner of Hodiamont and Martin Luther King.

I noticed the mother’s last name is Liggins but her two sons’ last name is Claxton.  The late daughter’s last name, as you will read below, was Liddell.

That officer, a white male, 29, with seven years on the force, fired three times. “He saw a gun in the suspect’s hands,” Dotson said. “He believed the gun was pointed at him. He feared for his safety.”

Darren Wilson, who was 28 years old on August 9 of last year, feared for his safety, too, justifiably so, as the evidence eventually showed.  Mobs don’t do logic or evidence.  Therefore, my suggestion for this 29-year old white man on the SLPD is to go into hiding.  Just do it now, get it over with, because that’s what you’re eventually going to have to do anyway, after your name is released or doxxed and then demonized.

Liggins said police took in another son, Anthony Claxton, 15, who was with Brandon when he was shot. She said they told her he had violated his parole by missing curfew, and would be held. She said a GPS monitor was put on Anthony’s ankle last week for a juvenile charge last month of tampering with a motor vehicle.

That would be the one in the blue top and red pants in the photo above.

One brother is 16 and was by almost everyone’s admission running around the ghetto with a gun and did something otherwise to make himself a person of interest to the cops, and may have pointed the gun at cops.  The other one is on parole for “tampering” (as you can read in the article), which is basically the way that grand theft auto is pled out in Bell Curve City St. Louis.  Miss Liggins should lament her parenting skills rather than “gun violence.”

Her daughter, Brenda Liddell, was 14 when she was shot Nov. 5, 2008, as she sat on a porch in the 5900 block of Alpha Avenue. Brenda died the next day. Liddell said she has forgiven the boy, then 15, who shot her by accident. She said he was charged as a juvenile with reckless homicide, and held until age 18.

And then after that, several different versions of the same story.  He didn’ have no gun, he did have a gun.

To show you what kind of neighborhood is like, here are all of my posts which use the phrase “Wells-Goodfellow.”  And I remember that it was one of the SLPD whack-a-mole neighborhoods back in May, but I didn’t actually cover that here.  Every St. Louis neighborhood that is at least half black will eventually be part of the SLPD’s game of whack-a-mole.

Seems Pretty Cut and Dry

12 07 2015


You’d think.

But, because it shares a lot of similarities with what happened on a certain Saturday last summer not way too far from here, and appropriately enough, this thing last night happened very close to Normandy High School, where the certain someone in last year’s similar incident graduated from, it won’t be cut and dry for long.

By the end of of the week, yesterday’s miscreant will be a gentle giant who just wanted to buy something from the quickie mart, because he was starting college next month, he was down in his knees on the pavement with his hands in the air, in spite of that the KKKop filled his head full of hot lead.

Documentary Sans Truth

9 07 2015



In documentary, ex-board member explores Normandy schools’ decline

A former member of the Normandy School Board has produced a 67-minute documentary that raises questions about who is responsible and accountable for the decades-long decline that resulted in the district falling under state control last summer.

Throughout the film, “The Dismantling of the Normandy School District,” Terry Artis shows footage of parents and community members questioning the intent of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as the district buckled under the financial pressure of the school transfer law. It also shows Artis accusing state education officials of racial bias as they determined the course of the district, whose students are primarily black and low-income.

But Artis places the blame of Normandy’s demise on one person: himself.

“I’m to blame first and foremost,” he says into the camera.

Artis graduated from Normandy High in 1982, when its student body was more economically and racially diverse. After he got married, he and his wife bought a house in Hanley Hills, one of 24 municipalities in the north St. Louis County school system.

But they never sent their daughter to Normandy schools, which were struggling. Instead, they sent her to elementary school in the University City and Winfield school districts, where Artis’ wife worked at the time. Later, they rented an apartment in St. John so their daughter could go to Ritenour Middle School in the neighboring Ritenour district. Two years ago, she graduated from the prestigious Metro Academic and Classical High School in St. Louis.

“I just sat there and paid my taxes,” Artis said an interview. “I didn’t do anything to change the condition of my school district. I should have been the activist, the reformer. I just let it go. A lot of it rests on me. A lot of it does.”

He didn’t get involved until he ran for School Board in 2013. He served until the state took over in July 2014.

The idea that parents and residents should have done something to halt the district’s decline is prevalent throughout the documentary.


Artis has footage from 2010 when, at the state’s direction, the district absorbed students from the failed Wellston school system — a move that has angered many Normandy parents ever since. Normandy’s decline accelerated.

And he captures the racial divides exposed at a hearing in St. Charles County, when some parents expressed outrage that Normandy students would be transported to Francis Howell schools by bus, if they decided to leave under the state’s school transfer law and needed transportation.

None of the above.

When Normandy was bar none the most desirable school district in North County in the 1950s, the schools were white.  By the late ’70s and early ’80s, corresponding with Mr. Artis’s high school days, Normandy HS was “more economically and racially diverse,” meaning blacks were coming and whites were going.  For as long as I’ve been paying attention to such things, the district has been virtually all black.

There’s your documentary.

Why should Mr. Artis blame himself for not wanting to send his daughter to the Normandy district?  He and his wife were so adamant about not sending their daughter to Normandy that they somehow used his wife’s status as an employee in the Winfield district (look up Winfield, Missouri — It’s quite a long way from Normandy) to have her go to elementary school there.  As far as Metro HS, part of the St. Louis City Public Schools magnet program, which is hooked into interdistrict deseg program, the VICC, established in the 1983 settlement in the Liddell vs Board case, the only kind of St. Louis County student who can attend St. Louis City magnet schools are white students, as the inverse of black City students being able to transfer to willing County districts.  Incidentally, Metro is the only SLPS magnet school that has a substantial enrollment of and interest from whites in the County.  Daughter Artis, being black, had to have been a City resident in order to attend Metro, meaning that either Mr. and Mrs. Artis established some sort of City residence on paper, or they falsely claimed it based on some pretext.

However, they shouldn’t have been mad at white taxpaying parents in the Francis Howell district for not wanting to see Normandy-Wellston failures transfer into their district.

What The…

8 07 2015


I’ll be at the Franklin County Fair tomorrow evening and Friday evening at least.

While I’m there, I’m going to check on a rumor going around that Toelke doesn’t honor ICE detainers.

If it’s true, then I think I know why — It’s called “Happy Apples.”

Black Flight Continues

8 07 2015

St. Louis City

Census out with its 2014 estimate on St. Louis City.

*  Overall population down 0.6% over the official 2010 count.

*  The biggest decline comes from people under the age of 18, which in the context of St. Louis City, means blacks.  If under-18 blacks are leaving, it means their single mother led households are leaving too.

*  Demographics are now 46.4% white, 47.9% black.  Compare to 42% white 49% black in the 2010 census, and 44% white 53% black in the 2000 census.



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