Improve This Headline

4 01 2016

Janesville, Wisconsin

CNSNews: Ryan: Obama’s Executive Action Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From His Failed Policies’

I’ll improve this headline.

Paul Ryan:  Obama’s Executive Action on Guns Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From his Failed Policies, Which My Budget Funded, and I’ll Eventually Fund This, Too’

Not Quite What I Was Thinking

1 11 2015


Yeah, I bet all those seventy-something Democrats are really worried and really shaking in their footwear over Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.  Seems to me just a few days ago that all the news was about how House Democrats, led by one of those seventy-something Democrats, and Democrats in general, were happy with the concept of Ryan becoming Speaker.  In fact, Nancy Pelosi was probably going to go so far as to repeat the trick she pulled back in January to save John Boehner, just in case Ryan couldn’t get 218 Republican votes on his own. As it turned out, he got more than that, and the reason he did is that there were only 45 Republicans who didn’t vote for Ryan in the intra-party caucus vote the day before the whole-House Speaker vote. This means that everyone knew that Pelosi had well more than enough “keep enough Democrats away” wiggle room to save Ryan. Therefore, opposing Ryan became futile.

And, I don’t think Democrats are much worried about someone who is polling in very low double digits at best and will be a one-term Senator; he’s not even running for Senate re-election, and he’s basically blowing off Senate business in what time he has left in this his one and only term to dick around with his Presidential candidacy.  A candidacy that seems to be the rescue dinghy for donors jumping off the Jeb! Titanic.

Why is the UK Telegraph, of all papers, publishing this drivel? Then I look at the by-line, and it’s Matt Lewis from the DC providing content. So, of course.

There’s another reason I’m highlighting this story. I’m leaving a hanging curveball over the heart of the plate; let’s see if one of you wants to knock it over the fences. I already have a response, so I am prepared to jump high enough to make the home run saving catch.

River of Schemes

30 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

Nothing good happens on Capitol Hill after midnight.

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5

26 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

It starts with this phrase:

“The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker, the member from among them who is best able to raise money…”

Oh wait, it doesn’t?

Until now, and contra the conventional wisdom, I never bought that Boehner stepped down because of any conservative or TPM pressure, (prima facie evidence of that is that the same forces who are said forced him out are seemingly unable to resist the Paul Ryan juggernaut), the real reason is that he’s already 65 and wants to be able to run through the revolving door and cash in/cash out while he’s got some years left.  I now also think that he wants to play a lot more golf.  In about 15 months, Baraq Obama will be joining him.

He’s Supposed to Be the “Smart” Bush

1 10 2015

Manchester, New Hampshire


Why Jeb Bush Sees Himself as the John McCain of 2016

As polls show Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush slipping, and though his donors may be worried, he’s certainly not, at least visibly.

Speaking to ABC News today, Bush offered an anecdote about a previous GOP candidate whose chances seemed slim.

“This time, eight years ago, John McCain was traveling through the Atlanta airport. I saw him and he had no aide, no person, [he was] by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended,” Bush said of the Arizona senator. “He won the Republican primary that year. This is how the process works; you have to go earn it.”


Meanwhile, here in the real world, Jeb! is behind Mike Huckabee in North Carolina.

Consider this today’s open thread about the Presidential race, or anything, because I’m burning a two ended candle at three ends today.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

29 09 2015

Washington, D.C.

National Journal:  RNC Chair: Iowa and New Hampshire Aren’t “Sacred Cows” After 2016

I stopped there.

You know which blog you’re reading, and you know what my WRPT is.  So you can probably guess what I’m thinking the reason is that Rinse Pree-Bus wants to make this change.

“Because IA and NH are too white, not diverse enough.”

I have news for Rinse Pree-Bus:  Whatever he’s thinking, there might not be a Republican Party in 2020.

Behind the Green Door

26 09 2015

Washington, D.C.

If I told you that 72% of Democrat voters were dissatisfied with the current Republican House Speaker and Republican Senate Majority Leader, and only 2% of them were very satisfied with them, you wouldn’t be surprised.

But this was a poll of Republican voters.

I’d like to know who the 2% of Republican voters are that are very satisfied with B&M.  Probably beltway consultants, donors, and people associated with industries that directly benefit from big government conservatism.  What’s also strange is that as much as outside the beltway Republican voters are dissatisfied with them, a high percentage of House and Senate Republicans were perfectly happy enough with Boehner and McConnell to make them Speaker and Majority Leader, respectively, at the beginning of this Congress.  And the odds on favorite to replace Boehner as speaker is current Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, a Boehnerite all the way.


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