The Case For Jeb!

27 07 2015

East Hampton, New York

Make Jeb! the Republican nominee for President, because filthy rich Hamptons Democrats give him money.


“People with money like him,” said Andrew Sabin, 69, a top local Republican fundraiser and a co-host of one of the Bush events. “I’m sure there’s a lot of poor people that like him too. It so happens there’s not a lot of poor people in the Hamptons.”

You really are clueless, Andrew Sabin, if you think that there are a lot of poor people or working class people or middle class people that like Jeb!.

Over a salad on the deck at the South Fork Country Club prior to attending two of the fundraisers, Sabin said donors appreciate the way Bush’s staff keeps in touch.

“We get a rundown every week—they’re very transparent,” said Sabin, who runs a precious-metals refining business with offices from China to Dubai. “Some guys take your money, you don’t know what they’re talking about until you read it in the newspaper.”

Slaves are supposed to keep in constant contact with and be transparent with their masters.

An ardent environmentalist, Sabin said he’s encouraging Bush to become “the Teddy Roosevelt of this century.” He said he’s indifferent to the rise of big money in politics.

Environmental preservation and mass immigration don’t mix.

In some ways, the Hamptons are Hillary Clinton territory. The Democratic candidate and her husband have often rented summer homes here, and it’s popular with movie stars and entertainers who tilt liberal. Suffolk County favored Democrats in the last three presidential races.

But Lipper estimated that the crowd of about 70 at his event was almost evenly split between the parties, and virtually every one of them donated to Bush.

Which makes me recall Sam Francis’s warning that when the Stupid Party and the Evil Party get together to do something bipartisan, it’s usually going to be both stupid and evil.

Lipper, 74, said he introduced Bush as the candidate who will “bring unity and civility to the process.” He was impressed when Bush started his visit by introducing himself to Lipper’s kitchen staff.

Yes, Jeb! can speak Spanish.

You Expect a Lot from a Leader, and You Get Nothing

27 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Ron Paul had a reputation for being Doctor No when he was in Congress.

Screw that — Mitch McConnell is the real Doctor No.

There’s also an object lesson hiding in this, for those of you astute enough to pay attention and notice things.  Let’s see if anyone is paying attention and noticing things.


20 07 2015

Washington, D.C.


Nah, that would be racist.

Either you put up, or shut up.  Except the Stupid Party will do just the opposite on both counts.

Alternatively, I’m resigned to the increasing approaching absolutely dictatorial power of the executive branch and the increasing impotence of Congress.  We’re at about the same point in our history that Ancient Rome was when the republican era transitioned to the imperial era.  All I care about now is who has control of the pen and phone and to whose benefit are they used; in fact, that is the only real pregnant political question left.  Forget about all the cuckservative and patriotard dorks who still live under the delusion that the Constitution can be restored.  Of course, if I had my way, if I could find some way to get the pen and phone, I wouldn’t be giving it up; my most capable son would have to take it from my cold dead hands.

He Thinks That Donald Trump Is Ruining the Republican Party

11 07 2015

Graham-080106-18270- 0035

That’s right, Trump is ruining the reputation of that cabal of invade the world invite the world corporatist crony capitalist whores.

Likewise, Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t want anyone to think that he was a racist.  I’m not kidding.


John Boehner Purges More Than National Review

24 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

Read all about it, here, here and here.

As for that rebellion and revolt that Newsweak (sic) describes, well, I have a suggestion.  Actually, I have two suggestions, but the idea of making me the first American hereditary monarch is a bit too far afield for most people, so I’ll give them my more moderate suggestion.  Which does not involve “taking back the Republican Party” or lamestream conservative purity.

No There There

22 05 2015

Washington, D.C.


Negative Views of New Congress Cross Party Lines

Republicans Want GOP Leaders to Challenge Obama More Often


Unlike after some previous partisan turnovers on Capitol Hill, negative assessments of the new Congress now cross party lines. Today, just 41% of Republicans approve of the job their party’s leaders in Congress are doing. By comparison, in April 2011, 60% of Republicans approved of GOP leaders’ job performance and in April 1995, 78% approved of GOP leadership’s policies and proposals.

And just 37% of Republicans say their party’s leaders are keeping their campaign promises, while 53% say they are not. In 2011, after the party won its House majority, 54% said GOP leaders were keeping promises. And in April 1995 — as the Republican-led Congress hit the 100-day milestone — fully 80% of Republicans said this.


The survey finds deep differences in how Republicans and Democrats want President Obama and GOP leaders to deal with issues. Fully 75% of Republicans want GOP leaders to challenge Obama more often; just 15% say they are handling relations with the president about right and 7% say GOP leaders should go along with Obama more often.


Today, more Republicans say they disapprove (55%) than approve (41%) of the Republican congressional leadership’s job performance. In February, Republican evaluations were more positive (50% of Republicans approved of the GOP leadership’s job performance, 44% disapproved). And this shift in opinion is primarily seen among conservative Republicans: 54% approved of GOP congressional leaders’ job performance in February, today just 41% approve.


On a set of three current issues – government spending, illegal immigration and same-sex marriage – rank-and-file Republicans are much more critical of how their party has dealt with each than Democrats are of their own party’s performance.

Fewer than four-in-ten Republicans and Republican leaners say the Republican Party is doing a good job representing their views on the issues of government spending (35%), illegal immigration (34%) and same-sex marriage (29%). On all three issues, majorities of Republicans say their party is not doing a good job representing their views.


Republican ratings of their party on these issues are no better than they were in a September 2014 survey, prior to the GOP winning control of the Senate in the November midterm elections.

We’re almost five months into this Congress, Republicans run both ends of The Hill.  So far, they have not yet sent President Obama a piece of legislation blocking his pen-and-phone immigration amnesty, repealing ObamaDontCare or at least its worst element, and just yesterday the Senate passed a trade bill whose details are more closely guarded than our nuclear secrets, with only five Republicans (Sessions, Paul, Lee, Collins, Shelby) voting no.  Come to think of it, what the hell have they done?

Hooray, Or Something Like That

27 04 2015



Jeb Bush tells his donors they’ve helped make history

Jeb Bush told about 350 of the top donors to his super PAC on Sunday evening that the organization has raised more money in its first 100 days than any other Republican operation in modern history, according to several people in attendance.

Yes, they have helped “make history.”  They’ve helped make quality governance a thing of the past.

But you’ll be glad to know that even Jeb Bush and his Stupor PAC has its limits:

The former Florida governor has spent the past several months on a nonstop fundraising blitz, headlining high-priced finance events at country clubs and resorts nationwide. Money has come in at such a rapid clip that his aides temporarily limited donations to $1 million.

Anything more than $1,000,000 might lend the suggestion of bribery, after all.

Bush aides said that about 350 people signed up to attend the donor conference. Among the people spotted at the hotel were … (snip) … Miami-based lobbyist Al Cardenas and his son, David Cardenas… (snip)

Al Cardenas ran the American Conservative Union until not long after 2014’s CPAC, and of course the ACU puts on CPAC. Now you know why CPAC was such a turkey in the last handful number of years, and why this year’s version was slightly better.

Now I’m starting to think that Jeb Bush won’t miss Sheldon Adelson’s money, which is going to that other Miami-based Presidential candidate.


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