The World Is Merely a Machine Which Continuously Fulfills My Predictions

19 12 2016

Washington, D.C.

I first called it on May 17, 2013.

Tax Prof Blog, today.

The worst part about this is that many of this ilk undeservedly benefited from Trump’s coattails.



22 06 2016

Washington, D.C.


GOPers Far More Critical of Party Leaders Than Democrats Are

Though there’s been voter anger towards the leaders of both major political parties in this year’s highly contentious presidential primary season, Republican voters are far more likely than Democrats to say their party bosses are out of touch with the voter base.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 73% of Likely Republican Voters believe GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican voters. Just 20% say those leaders have done a good job representing GOP voters.

But there’s another way of looking at this:

Modus Stuperandi

9 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

The New American:

After some grandstanding to placate outraged constituents, establishment Republicans in Congress quietly voted to fund…

What’s this all about?  Does it really matter what this particular thing is about?  It’s the way the Republican Party operates for the most part, so the specific question on the table is moot.  This perfidy is so common that you can pre-write the article and leave open spaces for dates and nouns.


“After some grandstanding to placate outraged constituents, Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly quietly voted for a budget that made virtually no cuts to the University of Missouri’s state funding.”

Already Surrendering to World War T

27 05 2016

Washington, D.C.

Here’s the actual article.

The late news is that the conservatives were able to ride to the sound to the guns and stop this.

For now.

Just as gay marriage has been a conservative value for going on ten months.

Improve This Headline

4 01 2016

Janesville, Wisconsin

CNSNews: Ryan: Obama’s Executive Action Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From His Failed Policies’

I’ll improve this headline.

Paul Ryan:  Obama’s Executive Action on Guns Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From his Failed Policies, Which My Budget Funded, and I’ll Eventually Fund This, Too’

Not Quite What I Was Thinking

1 11 2015


Yeah, I bet all those seventy-something Democrats are really worried and really shaking in their footwear over Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.  Seems to me just a few days ago that all the news was about how House Democrats, led by one of those seventy-something Democrats, and Democrats in general, were happy with the concept of Ryan becoming Speaker.  In fact, Nancy Pelosi was probably going to go so far as to repeat the trick she pulled back in January to save John Boehner, just in case Ryan couldn’t get 218 Republican votes on his own. As it turned out, he got more than that, and the reason he did is that there were only 45 Republicans who didn’t vote for Ryan in the intra-party caucus vote the day before the whole-House Speaker vote. This means that everyone knew that Pelosi had well more than enough “keep enough Democrats away” wiggle room to save Ryan. Therefore, opposing Ryan became futile.

And, I don’t think Democrats are much worried about someone who is polling in very low double digits at best and will be a one-term Senator; he’s not even running for Senate re-election, and he’s basically blowing off Senate business in what time he has left in this his one and only term to dick around with his Presidential candidacy.  A candidacy that seems to be the rescue dinghy for donors jumping off the Jeb! Titanic.

Why is the UK Telegraph, of all papers, publishing this drivel? Then I look at the by-line, and it’s Matt Lewis from the DC providing content. So, of course.

There’s another reason I’m highlighting this story. I’m leaving a hanging curveball over the heart of the plate; let’s see if one of you wants to knock it over the fences. I already have a response, so I am prepared to jump high enough to make the home run saving catch.

River of Schemes

30 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

Nothing good happens on Capitol Hill after midnight.