The Mokwa Doctrine Has Come to Sweden

17 11 2019


Sounds so familiar:

For years, the Swedish media and political establishment have done their best to play down the trend, dismissing concerns such as my own as alarmist overreactions. Malmö has been hailed as a multicultural success, despite growing evidence to the contrary. “This is a serious situation, but most people shouldn’t be worried, because they are not going to be affected,” the head of intelligence at Sweden’s National Operations Department assured everyone earlier this week. We are also made to understand that the perpetrators are, as one police official put it, “from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants.” A Social Democratic MP from Malmö, Hillevi Larsson, infamously claimed during a parliamentary debate in 2017 that she goes on her bike everywhere in Malmö, and that there is thus no reason to be afraid. Shootings are mainly about ”gangsters shooting at each other,” she argued.

The Mokwa surname is Polish, but sometimes, I think it’s Swedish.

A$AP Rocky, Explained

23 07 2019


The purpose of this post isn’t to argue over whether President Kardashian-West-Bieber-Kushner should or should not be weaponizing Foggy Bottom to spring Rocky loose.  If you want to do that, you can go right ahead in the comment section.

Though I will say that the Swedish judiciary has a whole lot of separation and independence from Swedish politicians, so it is probably the case that there’s nothing that the officials from the incumbent government can do.

The occasion for this post is to explain why Rocky is being charged at all.

The whole saga sits at the intersectionality of recent non-white immigration into Sweden, and the country’s criminalization of self-defense.

The first part is more well known to most people who are reading these words, and it plays into the story because the guy that Rocky had a conflict with is described as a “Middle Easterner.”  A conflict that looks to me like legit self-defense in American eyes.

It’s the second part that needs a little explanation.

For a long time, Sweden was a homogeneously Swedish-Scandinavian-cuck country.  Meaning that violent crime was very low, and the kind of violent crime that one could legitimately defend one’s self against, using American-style legal precepts of self-defense, was virtually unheard of.  The reason self-defense is a crime in Sweden is because nobody ever really needed to do it legitimately.  If one engaged in a behavior that Americans now consider self-defense, then it was only because you were defending yourself against some bad act that you either wholly caused, partially caused, provoked, or had it coming.  If you’re the wrong side of the tracks, defending yourself against the wrong side of the tracks, you’re still the wrong side of the tracks, and doing wrong side of the tracks-y stuff, and the Polis were going to bring you in.

In recent decades, Sweden has imported a lot of mystery meat, which means that unprovoked violent crime has gone up.  Swedish legal-cultural precepts have been much slower to change with it.

The same is more or less true for much of the rest of the Europe, though it varies by country.


Steve and Steve

10 09 2018


While the news yesterday from a generally northeasterly direction wasn’t as good as some thought it could have been, it was still good news.

Among the many people that deserve credit for it are two guys named Steve.

That’s all I’ll say so publicly — You’ll just have to figure it out for yourself.

Read Closely

25 07 2018


Lede buried.

The real issue here isn’t child marriage or pedophilia.

It’s immigration and visa fraud.

The touch that gave it away:

“People see young girls as their sons’ tickets to Europe,”


Misplaced Priorities

23 05 2018


“The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war.”

Read down, and it’s all about MUH RUSSIA.

You know, I’m just old enough to have a conscious memory of the Soviet Union as an empire that displayed a threatening hostile posture, and I don’t remember the Swedes being this scared of Russia even at a time when they should have been.

We all know what’s going on here:  The Jews are so paranoid about Vladimir Putin for whatever reason that this is the root cause of the mainstream domestic left in the Western world losing whatever mind it had to begin with over Russia, dragging them into every second conspiracy theory of theirs to explain their hung toenails or their grannies tripping over throw rugs.

But don’t you see the misplaced priorities of it all, when it comes to this brochure?  They’re worried about a Russian invasion which only has Powerball odds of happening, when right under their noses, they’re losing Malmo.

There isn’t any invasion problem that Sweden has that they themselves aren’t facilitating with legal immigrant visas, refugee status and lax immigration enforcement.  If Vlad really did want to invade Sweden, he wouldn’t use conventional military, he’d dress the soldiers up as Arabs, Pakistanis and Somalians, and have them learn phrases in the relevant languages about being oppressed and LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL and a victim of *-ism/*-phobia and manufacture fake under-18 birth certificates for them.

If they don’t want to worry about that, then they could worry about the Stockholm-based world’s biggest cloud music service giving the Pro-Defamation League and the Poverty Palace veto power over its content.


captain sweden

Day In Day Out

17 04 2018

London;  Stockholm

Each day l look at our sector’s news stories, and it’s nothing but the Humanitarian Stuporpower and Cuck Island in a fierce competition to out-stupid each other.


15 12 2017


Here’s the good news: You don’t need to bother with risky black ops exfiltration and rescue operations.

Just tell your ethnic brethren of Barbara Lerner Spectre and the Jews that own the two biggest newspapers in Sweden to knock off wielding disproportionate sociopolitical leverage to keep the gates open to these Arab immigrants.

Of course, even when you jump past that hurdle, there’s still the matter of Swedish pathological altruism. While Jews have outsize influence in Sweden relative to their numbers, quelle surprise, their absolute numbers are so low that in the greater scheme of things, it’s not that much in absolute terms, nowhere near their relative power in the United States. Which means that your typical Stockholm-Minneapolis cuckery that Scandies are generally world famous for is the better explanation.

The American Way

31 05 2017



Migrant children who come to Sweden after the age of seven are drastically falling in Swedish school standards since 1998 with only half being able to pass in 2014.

The results come from a new study by the Swedish Expert Group on Public Finance (ESO) who say that test scores of children from migrant backgrounds have greatly deteriorated since 1998.


The authors of the study also say there are performance differences based on the geographical origin of the children, with African migrants performing the worst.


In the heavily migrant-populated city of Malmo in southern Sweden, where 42 per cent of the population have foreign backgrounds, 17 per cent of the teachers in the city quit last year to move elsewhere. Many, including the teachers’ union, have said some schools have become dangerous for teachers due to widespread violence and criminality.

Don’t worry, Sweden, there’s a country whose national capital is some 4200 miles away from yours as the airlines fly, that has plenty of experience in bullshitting its way around this problem, creating an industry around pretending to solve the problem, while never actually doing so. Learn from this country. Learn well.

BTW, I wonder how “Waiting for Superman” translates into Swedish.

Horses’ Asses Act Like Horses to Protest Horse Statues

31 05 2017



A group of feminist performing artists ‘galloped’ seven kilometres through Stockholm past a number of the city’s statues on Saturday to protest “patriarchal” statues of men on horseback.

“When you look at the sculptures we have in the park and city in Stockholm, you see men on horses and other men,” choreographer Anna Källblad told SVT. “Statues of women tend to be naked, and quite small.”

The group ‘galloped’ past the Royal Palace, Humlegården, Royal Garden, and Gustav Adolf’s Square, pausing at statues, where participants “snorted”, kicked, and flicked their hair in an attempt to mimic equine behaviour.

Hoping that ‘City Horses’ could start a debate about men and women in public space, artist Helena Byström said the “feminist dance gallop” acted as a necessary “counterweight to the great hordes of men who take up room in the city in different ways”.

That’s right.  In Sweden, public sculpture should be all about that homely obese feminist theoreticians, because Swedish values.  OTOH, we should thank our lucky stars that there’s nothing Confederate about the statues they’re protesting — If there was, some Muslim sex grooming gang would have already tagged it in Arabic language graffiti.

Really, that’s all this is about:  They’re jealous that the women in sculpture are attractive, svelte and naked.  Which is everything  they’re not.  That’s all the modern SJW agenda is, ugly fat women and scrawny beta or lower men trying to rewrite the rules of society to put themselves on top of the sex market totem pole.

I Wonder What “Gentle Giant” Is In Swedish

21 02 2017


I guess this means Rinkeby is the Ferguson of Stockholm.

It also means that the world is just a device which in very short order gets around to proving that OCGE is right even if he isn’t technically correct at the time of his statement.

Stockholm Syndrome

25 05 2016


Quite literally.

Executive summary:

Brown refugees rape native born white women; Swedish police blame native born white men who drink.

Distant Cousins

18 01 2016


About these Swedes who are providing this training:

Their very distant cousin ancestors many times removed were on the American frontier selling guns to the Indians.

Heroism, Pending

18 01 2016



He will turn out to be a hero in the long run if Sweden comes more nationalist.  Ironically, he was Lithuanian, not Swedish.  Otherwise, he’ll have been nothing but a fool.


Shades of Rotherham

11 01 2016


Radio Sweden:

According to Peter Ågren, who was heading the police operation this summer, one explanation as to why they did not talk more openly about this may be because the young men who were accused of harassing the girls, were mainly said to have foreign backgrounds. “Some times we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” Ågren told Dagens Nyheter, referring to the anti-immigration party in Parliament.

Same ole story, girls and women getting raped is preferable to nationalist winning an election or two.

It was the same story with Rotherham; there, it was later admitted that the cops and the media colluded to stuff it down the rabbit hole to keep the BNP from getting votes.

Grass Is Greener

29 11 2015



LOL at 2:04 to 2:12:

And yet, some people here blubber on about how well multiculturalism works in Sweden.

We get these “grass is greener” tall tales from the media all the the time.  The first time I came to understand the games they play in this regard was with my first trip to Atlanta way back when.  Before then, the St. Louis media loved to blubber on about how great it is in Atlanta, how great race relations are there, how vibrant their Downtown is in contrast to St. Louis’s which (at the time) became a ghost town after 5 PM on a workday, and why can’t it be that good in St. Louis.  During my first trip to Atlanta, I read an article in the AJC, and among other things, it discussed how great things are in St. Louis, how great race relations are there, how vibrant its Downtown is in contrast to Atlanta’s which (at the time) became a ghost town after 5 PM on a workday, how Underground Atlanta was a flop, (guess why), and why can’t it be that good in Atlanta.

If You Can’t Go to Bella Noche, Where the Hell Can You Go?

5 10 2015


The title is an inside joke.  You have to be a Tommy Sotomayor fan to grok.

But, if Sweden can’t get anti-racism right in the minds of the left, then where the hell can it ever be done right?

Though I think this rant is more leftist paranoia than reality, though I wish it wasn’t so.  First off, those “Afrophobic hate crimes” are probably carried out by other non-whites, not native-born white Swedes.  Second, Sweden not doing official race classifications is basically following through on what is considered official anthropology, that race does not exist.  Third, the Sweden Democrats’ soft nationalism is so soft, that some of you reading these words are loath to call it nationalism at all.

Meanwhile, here is what is really going on, on the ground, in Sweden.  It is getting so bad, that Swedes are strapping up.  SWEDES~!

Minnesota Wisconsin Syndrome

2 09 2015



In Nordics, many refugees encounter a paradise lost

Sweden may have one of Europe’s most generous immigration regimes but there is flip side – one of the poorest records among wealthy industrialized nations of integrating newcomers, especially thousands of refugees, into its labor force.

That failure to provide jobs, a cornerstone to fuller acceptance into society, has helped create an ethnic underclass, straining Sweden’s open-mindedness toward foreigners and fuelling the far right – a trend mirrored across the Nordics.

Scandinavian-America sees the same problem.  The biggest black-white gaps in this that or the third of all the states in the union are to be found in Minnesota and Wisconsin, because those states juxtapose particularly well behaved whites (by white standards) with the worst welfare seeking blacks who moved into those states because they had the most generous welfare benefits.  Likewise, in Scandinavia itself, their generous welfare states and enviable quality of life are a magnet for a good chunk of sub-Saharan Africa and other problematic peoples.

Yeah, I know, I already wrote this at AR, but it’s worth repeating.

Not Too Loudly

2 08 2015


Weekly Standard reviews a book popping the leftist bubble about Scandinavia.

Money paragraph:

Instead, Sanandaji shows, the root of Scandinavian success can largely be found in culture. These countries, and Sweden in particular, have historically had remarkably high levels of social trust, family values, a strong sense of work ethic, and social cohesion. The notion of the “Protestant work ethic” goes back far longer than the modern welfare state. Scholars like Max Weber, Sanandaji shows, long ago noted that the Protestant countries of northern Europe had an overall higher living standard and economic success than most. The often-celebrated equality of Scandinavian countries, too, began well before the welfare state was developed.

Strange that, because WS is a #cuckservative slick, pretty much through and through.


I take a slightly different view.  The typical American liberal thinks that the big Swedish welfare state is the independent variable and Scandinavian success is the dependent variable.  This writer in WS thinks that the welfare state is a take-or-leave proposition.  My view is that the independent variable is Scandinavian-Nordic racial-ethnic-cultural evolution and relative isolation in a very cold climate, the dependent variables are Scandinavian success and the big Scandi-Nordic welfare states.  Plain words, I don’t think the welfare state is purely incidental, but unlike libs, I think Scandinavian success caused the welfare state, not the other way around.

Left to Infer

3 03 2015

Malmo, Sweden

I shouldn’t be surprised.  After all, this is CZBN (Christian Zionist Broadcasting Network), so of course all they care about is how it’s affecting Jews.  It would have been nice for them to tell us how it’s affective native born Swedes.  I guess they leave that to us to figure out for ourselves.

However, this article is useful because about half of you reading these words think that the moment Barbara Lerner Spectre set toe into Sweden, that all of Sweden’s problems instantly became all her fault.  From what I can see, she fits right in with the madness.  Remember, she didn’t barge into Sweden by herself; from what I understand, the Swedish government practically begged her to move from her native Madison, Wisconsin (what a shock) to Stockholm and set up some NGO or QUANGO or some similar outfit.  What we also see here is that whatever she’s up to, she’s not doing it for the sake of tribal loyalty.


15 09 2014


MSM hauls out its typical four-word long style guide when it writes about these kinds of stories:


Really, the Sweden Democrats are about on par with the more conservative half of the American Republican Party.  (I guess that does make them “far right” by impossible Swedish standards.)  Their immigration policies, while by far the most restrictionist of Sweden’s current credible political parties, is still too weak and non-ethnonationalist for me.  And the big bug-a-boo about it, emanating from certain quarters of the raciosphere, is that the SDs are Zionist and “stand with Israel.”

In that, the SDs are about on par with UKIP, so my assessment is the same.  Democratic republicanism is on its way out, and our only real use for electoral politics until that happens is to vote for the best available credible people, parties and issues in the interim, to make things as good or as least bad for us as credibly possible until enough of the right people get it.

The SDs are the party that had a proposed TV ad during Sweden’s political season four years ago that was eerily reminiscent of Jesse Helms’s famous 1990 “Hands” ad.


2 12 2013


According to him, the dead can consent to sex.

Don’t worry for him too much — This is Sweden.  All he’ll have to do is claim that necrophilia is compliant with some Muslim mumbo jumbo, then scream racism and Islamophobia, and the Swedish justice system will fold like a cheap deck of cards.  In enough time for all involved to get to Ikea.

An Overpass to Prevent an Intersectionality

2 07 2013



Femen stages topless protest in Stockholm mosque

Three feminist activists from the radical protest group Femen staged a topless protest inside a Stockholm mosque on Saturday before they were led away by police.

The women burst into the mosque and tore off their black robes to bare their breasts, which were emblazoned with slogans such as “No sharia in Egypt and the world” and “My body is mine, not somebody’s honor”.

The women shouted “Free Women”, “No Sharia” and “No Oppression”.


Founded in Ukraine in 2008, Femen is a self-declared “radical feminist” group known for its topless protests against sexual exploitation of women, sexism and religious institutions.

Good for them.  At least they’re consistent, unlike NOW.

And also…no intersectionality at the corner of WOMYN and Islam today.

Good News from Sweden

19 09 2010

The Sweden Democrats, the party behind the “Hands” ad, got 5.8% of the vote and 20 seats of the 349-seat parliament.  No party or pre-fab coalition of parties got a majority, though the “center-right” coalition finished with the most seats.  This means that the SDs are at the bargaining table, with aces.

The media keep calling the SDs “far right.”  Maybe they are in Swedish standards, but plop the SD in the United States, and it would be just a skosh to the right of the Republican Party.  An AR poster from Sweden shed light on the situation a few weeks ago:

Sweden Democrats is a cultural conservative and paleo-conservative party. In an American political context, they would be classified as a party close to the cultural-conservative wing of the Republican Party. Sweden Democrats are great fans of the Spencer-Horowitz-Pipes Zionist-club and Robert Spencer even spoke this summer for the party. It is very similar to Danish Peoples Party, but has a more radical history.

Sweden Democrats were founded by some conservative Swedes in 1988. In 1991 the party became a platform for neo-Nazis which lasted until 1995 when Mikael Jansson took over as leader. All Nazis left the party or were forced to leave the party.

Mikael Jansson seeked to turn (SD) into a paleo-conservative and cultural nationalist party, even though many racialists were still in the party at high positions until 1999-2000. Jansson had first kicked out the neo-Nazis and now he wanted to get rid of all racialists. In 1999-2000, the “Stockholm section” was expelled from the party – and almost all racialists were forced to leave the party. But some stayed.

The racialists (ethno pluralist) created National Democrats in 2001, a party very similar to British National Party. They have a couple of seats in some municipalities around Stockholm. The Swedish Democrats have very few racialists in their lines today. Since 2005 the party leader is Jimmy Åkesson, he went even further to modernize the party. He was a part of the liberal Scania region and in opposition to the more hardliner Stockholm region.

Almost all of the remains of the “racialist” section left when he entered as party leader. Åkesson went further, today you are expelled if you raise the issue of race or talk ill about Israel. Hence, the party wants to make all import of hall-Kosher meat illegal and the party wants a ban on circumcision of boys. The Jewish community is not very thrilled when it comes to Sweden Democrats, even though the party is heavily Zionist.

The problem in Swedish politics is that the elite have adopted cultural Marxism in the most extreme way. To even talk about the concept of assimilation is called “racism”. According to our elite, the Swedes should adopt the values of the immigrations not, the opposite. Ten years ago it was racist to talk about language tests for those who seek citizenship. Today, the Peoples Party supports it, but no other party, except Swedish Democrats of course. You have to live here to understand it – it maybe the most terrible political experience you can find. In Sweden it is an official truth that gender is social constructed. The governments have the last 10-15 years have spent billions of kronor on different projects. The Swedish Army spent around 100 million kronor a year on Gender issues. All the media is anti-assimilation and cultural Marxist in the most extreme sense. It is common among the elite (politicians, academia, media and so on) that there is no need for immigrants to learn the language.

We have also an American inspired anti-discrimination government department, and fill suits against both private companies and the state. Often the defend Muslim men’s right to discriminate women, according to the director, “ethnicity, religion and culture” is more important to defend then gender. This in a country that spends billions a year on radical feminism and social constructive ideas on gender.

The election is in two weeks and the media is going in spin and the mainstream politicians are afraid. Experts say that Sweden Democrats will become the fourth or even third largest party in Sweden after this election. It would likely destroy any chances to have working government. There is a large risk that old enemies (Social democrats and social-liberal party and former conservative party Moderates) will create a government together. That would mean that end of a 100 year battle between them too. Socialism and Liberalism would at last join side against all nationalism and conservatism in Sweden. Sadly as it is, just 20-25 years ago both the social democrats and the Moderates would rather join with Sd then the other socialist-anarchist-social-liberal parties that are currently in the parliament along side the social democrats and the moderates.



3 09 2010

Compare and contrast.

This is an ad from a conservative political party in Sweden that the country’s media refuses to air:

Jesse Helms’s famous “Hands” ad from his 1990 Senate re-election campaign:

My, It Got Dark In Here All of a Sudden

27 01 2008

He’s a Swedish rapper.  I know Sweden is so far north that a lot of it is dark for long stretches during the winter, but I didn’t know the big cities were getting this dark.

Defeating the Purpose

15 12 2007

The Local of Sweden:

Army castrates heraldic lion

Protests from female soldiers have led to the Swedish military removing the penis of a heraldic lion depicted on the Nordic Battlegroup’s coat of arms.

The armed forces agreed to emasculate the lion after a group of women from the rapid reaction force lodged a complaint to the European Court of Justice, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

What for?  It’s not the case for women that join the military, but that’s what certain kinds of civilian women that hang around military bases are looking for.