Ian Ian Quite Contrary

4 04 2014

Fort Myers, Florida

Rush had a long conversation yesterday with a caller named Ian from Fort Myers, Florida.

Now, when Rush happens to be right, and not saying silly things like “Democrats were the racists and segregationists,” he can usually get to the simple explanation right away.  Why he missed it with Ian, I don’t know.

But that just leaves an opportunity for me.

Ian lives among a lot of low information undertow people who collect a lot of government benefits.  Therefore, he’s worried about Republican messaging about individualism (when they actually do it anymore, which isn’t often), that it is really interpreted as wanting to take their gibs away from them.  Therefore, he wants the Stupid Party either to surrender on big government/big spending/big gibsmedat, or try to nuance and finesse the message so that people who vote or could vote Republican can hear the dog whistle and at the same time it goes over the heads of the low information undertow welfare clients he knows.

But then when Rush pumped him, Ian let out his support of Rand Paul.  Who is (supposedly) most stridently opposed to welfare and entitlement spending of all the 2016 Republican contenders.

The whole thing’s a farce anyway.  You can never win a pissing match with Democrats when competing for the votes of welfare clients.  If the Stupid Party surrenders, or finesses the rhetoric, or goes full bore, they’ll lose.

Oh What a Feeling, Green Cards Stacked to the Ceiling

8 01 2014

South Florida

Rush talks immigration.  See here and here.

This was pretty good, especially coming from someone who I wish would talk about the immigration issue more.

However, there are two points I wish he would have made, or maybe he didn’t because he doesn’t know them himself:

1.  Even if a hypothetical piece of immigration legislation that grants legal status, grants a complete legal forbearance of deportation and work visas but no chance of citizenship isn’t dragged into Federal court for 14th Amendment/Equal Protection concerns, or it is and survives it, it’s still bad simply because of the downward pressure it will create on wages and salaries.  And it won’t just do so directly in industries in which the newly legalized illegals will be working, it will do so economy-wide.  Which is why the Chamber Pot of Commerce is threatening to go on a donor riot — Cheap labor baby, cheap labor everywhere.

2.  Our virtual open border to our south is the prime reason why American agriculture has not yet been totally mechanized in terms of bringing the harvest in.  But even if the only way crops could be harvested was at the hands of Hispanics, we already have enough Hispanics here, both citizens and legal aliens, to last us ’till the end of time.  It’s just that when they learn how to work the welfare system, they stop working hard, so a whole new fresh over the border bunch has to be imported.  That and the never ending supply of replacements keeps wages low.

Accomplish Something

23 08 2013

South Florida

Rush, yesterday:

When we were 21, Jen, nobody cared about us.

We were punks, we hadn’t proven anything yet, and nobody expected anything of us except a plan.  When I was in my teenage years and early twenties, when I ran into an adult like one of my parents’ friends, inevitably they would ask me, “What are you gonna do to make a living?” and they made a value judgment on my answer.  It was just the way it was then. To illustrate this, I remember I was at a world-famous golf club back in the mid-nineties.

I was with a friend of mine and his 30-something son or late 20-something son, and here came General Alexander Haig, who I had met one time previously. But he was a friend of my friend, and the first thing General Haig said to this 20ish young man was, “So what are you going to do to make a living, Son?”  It was just what you asked.  That was the assessment that the adults made of young people.

How serious were they?

Of course, the bottom line there is: “What are you gonna do to earn your way?”  That’s what the question really was.  What are you gonna do to earn your way?  Somewhere along the line the question became, “What do we have to do to not hurt your feelings?” and “What do we have to do not to disappoint you?”  So in a way she’s right. We can’t blame the Millennials.  I mean, they’ve been conditioned.

There’s a better way to put what they were trying to say:  “Accomplish something first, then I’ll care about what you think.  You’re not going to be credible in this world until you have a standing in your community.  And you’re not going to start making any real money if you ever do until you’re 40 and you’ve proven your abilities and character.”

Today:  I’m young, I want to change the world and make a difference.  I just said so on Facebook.  See?  I just made a difference.  Now, gibsmedat.  Because…I deserve it for all my hard work of being a keyboard commando social justice activist in my parents’ basement clad only in my underroos.

Cumulus Clouds

29 07 2013

St. Louis Radio

The big story nationally very likely will have zero effects here in St. Louis, because Rush is on CBS/Infinity-owned KMOX, and Hannity is on Emmis-owned KFTK.  Meanwhile, Cumulus owns no radio stations in the St. Louis market, even though Clear Channel has some.  Even though it might be tempting for the Clear Channel suits to want to move as many Clear Channel (Premier) syndicated hosts as possible in as many markets as possible onto Clear Channel stations, I think this business is far more about the Cumulus vs Clear Channel rivalry.  In markets where CC syndicated hosts are on Cumulus stations, or vice versa, there is an incentive to untangle that conflict of interest.

I hope for Cumulus’s sake that they’re not dumb enough to slot their big name syndicated personalities, Mark Levin and Michael Savage, (who still hate each other, BTW), in dayparts that would put them head-on against Rush and Hannity.

The big radio story locally is that WGNU is flipping from a mix of local (including what was a revival of Lizz Brown) and national (including Laura Ingraham, Al Sharpton, Herman Cain and Andrea Tantaros) talk and black church shows on the weekend, to a mix of national sports (CBS Sports, where Jim Rome landed at the beginning of this year) and local sports (including Kevin Slaten, who’s leaving Romanik-owned KQQZ).  Meaning…Lizz Brown’s revolution in the air will again be off it.

Why Does Michael Savage Think George Zimmerman Is Guilty?

5 07 2013

San Francisco

Because he has a contrarian personality.  He’s saying GZ is guilty only because everyone else on talk radio is saying he isn’t.

Also, he’s hedge betting in case the jury does find GZ guilty;  If they do, he can do “nanny nanny boo boo” victory laps and make his talk radio competitors “eat it.”

Rush Names and Shames Koch Bros., Adelson

17 06 2013

South Florida

He must have untied the other half of his brain.

If he’s not on tomorrow, then you’ll know why.  He told too much of the truth.

Calm Down, Children

25 05 2013

Cumulus Media

When Michael Savage switched from TRN to Cumulus, I thought the food fight between he and Mark Levin, also on Cumulus, would be over, because I thought it was merely a function of them occupying the same time slot.  Turns out I was wrong:

Evidently, Savage has been just as hard on Levin.  And it turns out the feud is probably more personal than anything.

If I’m the CEO of Cumulus, I’m getting both of them on concall and telling both of them to knock it off, and threatening to fire both of them if either one of them starts bashing the other again.  It does not make for good radio.


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