Art Bell

16 04 2018

Pahrump, Nevada

The funeral will be the world’s first real life Star Wars bar scene.  I won’t be able to go, but I will watch it via remote viewing.

All kidding aside, my big problem with the Art Bell and George Noory media empire isn’t so much it or the hosts, but the fact that both peddled the notion that they were somehow telling us what the government doesn’t want us to know, all the while their shows were and still are on 500+ radio stations, every single one of those stations has an FCC license.  Meanwhile, Jared Taylor is very rarely seen or heard on FCC-licensed terrestrial media, and not much more often on media that isn’t FCC-licensed and not owned or operated either by himself or the Alt-Right sector.  Likewise, the Goolag loves to crazyaunt Jared Taylor videos but not flat Earth videos.

The Art Bell slash George Noory media presence is what our sector means by controlled opposition and opiate of the masses, and what I mean by dummy load diversion.

Believe it or not, when Art Bell first started, he was both on the same syndication network as Roger Fredinburg, (TRN, Talk Radio Network), but came right after him in time slot.  Later, Michael Savage would use TRN for syndication for many years, before a bitter falling out.


Emmis Blows Town

30 01 2018


Emmis selling all St. Louis props.  KSHE and KPNT to Hubbard, and probably most interestingly to people who read this space, KFTK along with KNOU are going to Entercom/CBS, meaning KFTK and KMOX are about to be under the same roof.  Figuratively and maybe also literally, as I imagine that KFTK and KNOU will be moving out of The Powerhouse and into Park Pacific with all the other CBS props, KMOX included.  I wonder how having KMOX and KFTK under the same ownership will affect both.  I also wonder if getting KSHE out from under Emmis will mean it will soon return to true AOR instead of what it’s been for the last several years, a warmed over classic rock format.

K.O.O.K.S. Reprise

27 06 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’ve been sorta in and out with this and that, and as such, I was only able to hear Rush today for bits and parts.  But without hearing it, I know he must have talked about his tongue-in-cheek K.O.O.K.S. organization today, because my three previous posts piggybacking off of that, all of them ancient posts, have gotten a ton of traffic.  This is the first one, and that’s all you need to find the second and third one, as the comment section of the first one have trackbacks to the later two.

Drop the (Golden EIB) Mic Moment

31 08 2016

South Florida


Now, I want to issue a — I don’t know what you call this, a message.  I just want to say something to you players of the National Football League.  The American people love your sport.  The American people respect you who have the unique human ability to play it at the level you play it.  But the American people are not going to sit by idly and watch the stage of the National Football League stolen and used for personal political purposes.

You players in the NFL, you can go ahead and try to continue stealing the stage of the NFL if you want.  You can take the example of Kaepernick and you can try to get some news coverage, you can draw attention to yourself, but you run the risk of obliterating the stage on which you perform that earns you your living and gives you the opportunity to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You better be careful in what and how you express your thoughts on this country, the greatest place in the history of mankind.  And the residents of this country are among the luckiest in the history of all humanity.  The National Football League is on TV.  It can easily be turned off.  The National Football League is sponsored by beer and cars and soft drinks that can easily be not purchased.  Not that hard.  Just turn it off.

You better be especially careful because the opening weekend of the National Football League this year is the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  Opening Sunday in the National Football League this year is September the 11th, the 15th anniversary.  And if a number of you endeavor to try to steal the stage of the National Football League to call attention to a personal political issue, attention you could not get without stealing the stage of the National Football League, you run the risk of doing grave damage to the league and business in which you play and are paid, a business which depends on massive public love and support and attention and money.

So you I think need to consider all of this responsibly and try to understand who your audience is and why they are watching and understand that they tune in to three hours, six hours, nine hours, however many hours on Sunday and Monday they watch, and now Thursday, to escape what they consider to be the stresses and the strains and the humdrum of their lives.

They tune in to the National Football League for a little break from the hassles of life. They tune in to the National Football League to forget all of these things that are causing controversy and divisiveness.  They want to be entertained; we want to be entertained.  We want to watch spectacular athleticism.  We want to watch the drama of competition.  We want to watch programming that has no script, therefore we have no ending, until it actually ends.  And you run the risk of destroying all that if you misplace your priorities.

I’ll add this:  The “business in which [the players] play and are paid” is a business that the players need but the owners don’t.  Extremely few NFL players would have any other way to make as much money as they are in the NFL, and most would be french fry jockeys but for.  OTOH, the owners, for the most part, made their money in other endeavors, and own either the entirety or percentage shares of NFL teams as hobbies and for PR.  But for the NFL, most of them wouldn’t miss much of a beat in life.

Golden Microphone

14 06 2016

New Hampshire

One of you auspiciously notice something I noticed myself yesterday:  That Rush was supposed to be back from his vacation yesterday, but instead extended it for a day and let Mark Steyn fill in for him.

I think the reality is more like this:  The seventh century religion of peace was especially peaceful over the weekend, and this was in Mark Steyn’s wheelhouse, so Rush willingly got out of the way.

I have a prediction.

Three years from now, when you turn the radio on at noon Eastern, the voice you’ll be hearing on a weekday basis will be Mark Steyn’s not Rush Limbaugh’s.  Rush just might have his successor and a retirement plan in front of him.  Don’t forget he turned 65 in January.

Reading Material

13 05 2016

South Florida

Rush, on World War T:

Is all this being used as a smokescreen to distract from us other things the Regime is doing?  And do not doubt that one.  Do not doubt this is designed to get all the social issues people all ratcheted up and loaded for bear and energetic, to start writing pieces and going on TV to talk about it, while the Regime is over here unobserved doing whatever it is that’s really on their mind.  So is this just a distraction?

Proving that someone on Rush’s staff reads this space.

Is it about continuing to get gay money for the Democrat convention and the election?  Is this about fundraising?  ‘Cause there’s not much more to do on the gay agenda.  They got gay marriage, and we’re close to putting you in jail if you won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding.  We’ve got pretty much everything, but you have to keep the group happy.

Proving that someone on Rush’s staff reads Steve Sailer.  It’s diminishing marginal returns.

A theory I read in a YouTube comment thread several days ago, that one big driver of man-to-woman transgenderism is gay men trying to make straight men who because they’re straight never want gay men or any other men so the gay men become women in order to attract straight men, makes a lot of sense, because it really solves the mystery of why Gs are so damned defensive of Ts and Gs will go to the wall for Ts in all ways you could imagine.  Even though on the surface, G and T have nothing to do with each other.  Sure, they have their Grand Acronym/Coalition of the Fringes/Mutual Defense Treaty thing going, but that wouldn’t explain why Gs are so sociopolitically enthralled with Ts.  A lot of Gs think they might or eventually will want to become Ts.

It’s All Good

4 05 2016

South Florida


It may be comforting to some, to others just a thought, that Trump’s not gonna really do this. “When you get to the end of this, it isn’t gonna be Trump,” and now it is.  I mean, I think the number and the types of reactions out there are infinite, and the attitudes about the future are multifaceted as well.  We’re gonna explore here what happened, why it happened, what went wrong, where do we go from here, what does this all mean.  But again, folks, I can’t do this in one show, can’t do it in the opening segment certainly.

Rush always tells us that words mean things, and he just tipped over his hand by using the three words “what went wrong” in relation to what happened yesterday and throughout the season.

It’s all good, though, at least he gave Trump a fair hearing, so much so that #NeverTrump still thinks he was secretly pro-Trump all along, and was only pro-Cruz in as much as one had to listen carefully to pick up on it.  And he’s not going on an unhinged lunatic rampage today.  Unlike someone else in that business.