4 01 2016


“Censorship must not win?”  WTF?  Hebdo has not published a single cartoon mocking Islam or Muslims since then.  I know, because out of sympathy and pity, I subscribed for a year; needless to say, I’m not reupping.

The moral of this story is to ignore all the official high and mighty bullshit about how terrorism doesn’t work.

Four Or Five

23 12 2015

Los Angeles

Blow up the 91?  Maybe 10-15 years ago that would be the worst choke point, but now, if you really want to cause grief, you’ll blow up the 14, to cut off traffic between the valley and L.A. and the subprime valley, the high desert.  Resist the temptation to blow up the 405, because doing that and causing that to jam, and that’ll be like every other day.  Nobody will think anything amiss.

ISIS: Built Ford Tough

14 12 2015

Galveston, Texas

Funny that, a ten year old Ford F-250 mysteriously makes its way from the Houston area to ISIS-controlled Syrian territory.

This isn’t the first example of this I’ve seen.

Tell me I’m just being paranoid.

“You Need to Take Notice”

9 12 2015


Ordinarily, yes.  But that’s before noticing became a sin.

H/T Hoft.

From Second to First

8 12 2015

San Bernardino, California

You know what this means?

This is evidence of pre-planning, and borks the stupid story that the NYDN peddled that some Messianic Jew microaggressed and triggered him at a Christmas party.  If this was a garden variety murder investigation, this would be evidence of first degree as opposed to second degree.

Ten grand or more in cash transactions, and someone is supposed to say something.  Why didn’t the great NSA and the great HLS and the great this that and the third acronym get suspicious when “Farook” converted $10k to cold hard?  This article doesn’t say it, but there were also several transactions in close range of under the $10k reporting requirement; the Feds call it “structuring,” and they’re more than happy to string up people that look like me and own small businesses when something they does seems like structuring.  This should have been another thing which got the attention of the great ABCDEFGHIJKLMONP.

X-Ray Machine in Use

7 12 2015

Washington, D.C.

They’re using it on Obama’s brain, and I think they’ll see a basketball.

Obama be like:  Can’t restrict Muslim immigration, because Muhammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, or something like that.

Young Man, It’s Fun to Stay at the I-S-I-S

7 12 2015

Washington, D.C.

“Young American men,” average age 26.

But “no common background” or “place of origin.”  Yet, there’s a map along with this story that shows New York State and Minnesota with the darkest colors.  Does this mean that 26-year old Americans of Irish or Swedish ethnic extraction are the ones who want to run off and join ISIS?


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