Hide and Never Seek

20 06 2016


I don’t think that the redactions have anything to do with covering up some state secret or covering up Mateen’s frustrations over Obama’s drone strikes.  I think it’s as simple as the fact that Baraq H. Obama II is the world’s defense attorney for non-Arabic Islam, and also the current leader of the American Democrat political party.  In both his Muslimist and Democrat roles, he has a double incentive to censor the role that fundamentalist Islam had in Orlando, the latter is a matter of the fact that the Democrats are in deep shit denial that their coalition of the fringes is literally slaughtering each other.

We know what was redacted, and I’m surprised Obama didn’t have some CIA lab digitally alter into the 911 recordings Mateen’s voice seeming to say that the NRA and Trump ordered him to do it.

Dead By Sunset

15 06 2016


Judging from all the official screaming about gun control and Trump is evil this morning, it’s good to see that the political establishment has forgotten nothing because it has learned nothing.

By sunset today, Orlando will be totally forgotten.

The Defense Rests

14 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

I didn’t watch Obama’s quasi news conference this morning, because I knew he would be acting as Islam’s defense attorney, and I was thinking in exactly those terms.

Turns out that Rush Limbaugh was thinking in those exact same terms.

The reason the person of Barack H. Obama II is so defensive of Islam, especially its non-Arabic practitioners, has to do with his life history and the career track he once thought he would be on.

Something else I noticed is that while there has been an anxious effort afoot to try and pawn this off on the NRA, Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the religious right, (as I predicted), nobody seems to be accusing the alt-right of anything.  Why isn’t the dog barking?  Because as of now, the alt-right isn’t really a mainstream impediment to Democrats winning elections, NRA/Trump/Rush/FNC/RR are. (*)  When the alt-right does reach that threshold, then we and it will be blamed for bloody intersectional wrecks in Progressivetard City.  To the extent that we and it had a hand in determining the Republican Presidential nominee, and that extent is debatable, we and it do get overtly and publicly blamed, though in that case, it’s by a lot of people of the non-alt right.

(*) – This is further proof of a point I started making in this space more than a year ago.  The Democrat/left can’t be honest about what happened in Orlando, because blue team, because voting and elections, because democratic republicanism.

“Unquestionably a Terrorist Act”

14 06 2016


Because this time, France doesn’t have an NRA to blame it on.  And blaming it on MLP would be a bit out there.

Losing Is Winning

13 06 2016

Manchester, New Hampshire

I get the feeling that today, for the first time, those that supported Republican Presidential candidates other than Donald Trump became glad and relieved that their guy or gal didn’t win.

News in the Next Two Days

12 06 2016


It will go like this:

1. It’s Donald Trump’s fault

2. It’s the NRA’s fault

3. Blame homophobia generically

4. Blame hate generically

5. Blame hate and extremism on social media generically

6. Scream about values and “that’s not who we are”

7. Dredge up something Pat Robertson said about gays in 1984

8. Trot out a bunch of stooge astroturf gay/Muslim intersectional activists (bonus Pokemon points if they are also Hispanic)

9. Mental illness.

10. ZOMG ANTI-ISLAM BACKLASH LOL~!!!!1 (Even though we’re not supposed to think Islam had anything to do with the original attack)

11. OUTRAGE!  TAKE BACK OUR STREETS!  To be followed by more OUTRAGE!

By Wednesday, rabbit hole.

A Hitch in the Intersectionality

12 06 2016


Lots of confused progressives this morning.

They’ll mostly yell about guns, which is their only option other than letting their brains BSOD.


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