What Is Wrong With This Picture?

24 08 2016

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Frenchman stabs British woman to death in an Australian tourist hostel.

Except the first two proper nouns are less than accurate.

If Townsville rings a bell in your head, other than for the fact that it’s a city that has both “town” and “ville” in its name, it should.

Peak Boomer

24 08 2016

Sokoto, Nigeria

Proof that we’re living in the Peak Baby Boomer era.  Even though I know John Kerry himself is just slightly older than the generally accepted cutoff year between Boomers and Not-So-Silents.

On a visit to Nigeria today, Secretary of State John Kerry declared there are “far too many” who join terrorist groups like Boko Haram “because they have trouble finding meaning or opportunity in their daily lives.”

“Because they are deeply frustrated and alienated — and because they hope groups like Boko Haram will somehow give them a sense of identity, or purpose, or power,” Kerry said after meeting with local religious leaders to discuss community building and countering violent extremism in Sokoto, Nigeria.

See?  They’re just trying to find themselves.

That generation is really bad about projecting itself onto everyone else, both older and younger.

I Have a Slightly Different Interpretation

5 08 2016

Cleveland; Dallas

Reading material, here here and here.

What do I think was really going on here?

I’m going to say this even though I might be a little too far out there in the woods.

But here goes anyway:

Baraq Obama tried to have Pam Gellar assassinated.

Oxygen Deprivation Syndrome

31 07 2016


If they were doing this about bang bang shoot em up beta male rage nutbars, then I would totally agree, and in fact, I’ve been calling for just that. Those kinds of nutbars feed off of publicity and are doing what they are doing purely for infamy.

However, the antics of the seventh century totalitarian death cult, the religion of peace, are not the same as beta male rage nutbars. They have way different motivations and objectives. And they are the sort that cannot be deterred by starving them of publicity. Therefore, the motivation for not reporting on them is not social altruism, it’s political censorship. Just as Jim Clyburn’s daughter is jonesing to pressure American TV stations not to report news about black crime, this effort is to prevent white people from knowing what’s actually happening which is the same as preventing them from properly reacting.

However, I think I can be talked into a paradigm of reporting that the given terrorist attack was motivated by the religion of peace, while at the same time not reporting the specific names and photos of the perpetrators and not showing the gory photos of their peaceful actions.

By the End of the Day

26 07 2016

Rouen, France

ISIS, you say?

By the end of the day, it will have had nothing to do with Islam, and we’ll all be made to be vigilant about resisting the Islamphobic backlash.  Ordinarily, I’d think that’s a contradiction, but those seem to thrive in Der Narrative.

Also, ordinarily, I’d swear that a foreign potentate has declared war on France.

Why Afghanistan Is Afghanistany

18 07 2016

Wurzburg, Germany

Because these are its 17-year olds.

Just don’t call him Trayvon.

Especially don’t question the wisdom of letting the Trayvons of Afghanistan flood into Germany claiming the refugee moral high ground.



18 07 2016

Nice, France

It’s official:  It was planned.

No fucking duh.  Who does this kind of thing on a whim?


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