By the End of the Day

26 07 2016

Rouen, France

ISIS, you say?

By the end of the day, it will have had nothing to do with Islam, and we’ll all be made to be vigilant about resisting the Islamphobic backlash.  Ordinarily, I’d think that’s a contradiction, but those seem to thrive in Der Narrative.

Also, ordinarily, I’d swear that a foreign potentate has declared war on France.

Why Afghanistan Is Afghanistany

18 07 2016

Wurzburg, Germany

Because these are its 17-year olds.

Just don’t call him Trayvon.

Especially don’t question the wisdom of letting the Trayvons of Afghanistan flood into Germany claiming the refugee moral high ground.



18 07 2016

Nice, France

It’s official:  It was planned.

No fucking duh.  Who does this kind of thing on a whim?

Missing the Forest Park for the Trees

2 07 2016

Forest Park

Dotson’s gonna protect Forest Park and Fair St. Louis from [omitted].

Yeah, that’s who I really fear when I’m in that area.

Or maybe Dotson is using this Muslim bit as an excuse to do more security to combat the dindus.


2 07 2016

Creve Couer

What are they so worried about?

After all, we already know that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.  The world’s foremost defense attorney for Islam, who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, for the next 201 days, tells us so.  And also, [omitted].

Shorter FBI

30 06 2016


Thou shalt not notice.

Because, [omitted].  And also, their boss is the self-appointed world’s defense attorney for Islam, especially its non-Arabic practitioners.

The Fast and the Furious (With Arabic Subtitles)

30 06 2016


Well, well, well.

Unstated here but obvious to anyone who reads closely enough is how the international small arms black market can really get around.  This gat was allowed to “walk” from Phoenix to Mexico, (remember, that was the supposed purpose of Operation Gunrunner, to create a paper trail of firearms process crimes which the Feds could later use either to prosecute Mexican cartel gang bangers or use those charges as hanging swords to get them to snitch/become pidgeons), and somehow, it made its way from Mexico to France.


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