14 04 2018

Washington, D.C.

If the Orange Crowned God-Emperor thinks the spitballs he just threw on Assad will smooth things over with the deep state, he is mistaken.

I do think that he’s communicating with his body language that he’s doing it contrary to his better judgment.


What’s the Common Denominator?

3 04 2018

Mexico City; Jerusalem

The very late breaking news is that the Mexican government and authorities are breaking up the March of the Hondurans, and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has squelched the latest scheme to resettle African “infiltrators” to white Western countries.

I wonder what is the common denominator.

Could it be that there’s an individual in this country who is both aggressive with Mexico and friendly with Netanyahu?


23 03 2018

Washington, D.C.

Just as I uploaded my last post, he signed the omnibus spending bill.

That is actually the first obvious known identifiable paper trail political backsliding of the Trump Administration.

And that’s what our sector should be incensed about.

Like the Sand Through the Hourglass

23 03 2018

Washington, D.C.

I just gotta love the drama queens in our sector that are putting on a show and a sing sing and dance that they’re supposedly so shocked and disappointed at the very recent swapouts of Tillerson for Pompeo and McMaster for Bolton.

Did any of them ever think that pulling the lever for Donald J. Trump was the same thing as giving the pen, phone and nuclear football to George L. Rockwell?  I (now) have a good enough memory to tell you for sure that some of the same big wheels in our sector feigning all this outrage over being “sold out” today knew better back in 2015.

For my part, I thought there was a chance Trump would open up a little bit of daylight between ourselves and Israel.  In reality, he found a way to be even more pro-Israel than Bush 43, which I never thought would have been physically possible.  That part surprised me somewhat, but even back in 2015, I knew that the odds of him being even more pro-Israel than Bush were far greater than being a GLR disciple, and that what he actually has wound up doing was within his Overton window.

That’s because anyone who made a multi-billion dollar fortune with Manhattan real estate at its root has to have an amicable working relationship with enough importantly placed Jews.

Chance of Precipitation

4 02 2018

Washington, D.C.

Remember a certain prediction I made back in the summer about a week before I was so rudely interrupted?

Don’t be surprised if the OCGE releasing The Memo turns out to be the precipitating event.

Livegabbing the OCGE’s First SOTU

30 01 2018

Washington, D.C.

While he had a quasi-SOTU in February 28 of last year, that event was not officially billed as a SOTU.  So this is officially his first SOTU.

I’ll be livegabbing on, of course, my Gab account, with the hashtag #SOTU.

Best place to watch if you’re online and you want to avoid the talking heads is the White House’s own YT channel.

Another Chapter

26 01 2018

Washington, D.C.

I don’t buy the idea that Trump was serious about this plan (in terms of something that is meant to be implemented) for one moment. I think this is 3D chess, him proposing something way softer than what he wants, just to expose the Democrats’ fanaticism and extremism on the immigration issue.

Another hint is that he sent Miller Time to Capitol Hill to try to sell this deal, and everyone knows that Miller Time wants way way way more. I anticipate that if there’s any grand bargain in terms of legislation, it will be “legal status” (permanent deportation forbearance plus work permit but no de jure citizenship path) for some alien minors, in exchange for the sun, moon, stars, galaxies and galactic superclusters otherwise.

This leads me to another chapter in my life’s unfinished dissertation in powerology: I say X about you, or you show X about yourself. We all know which is more powerful. Which means that if I want it to be established in the minds of as many people as possible that you are X, I could just come out and say X about you, but I know it’s way more powerful and permanent to arrange a set of circumstances where I bait you into showing X about yourself — That I did bait you will get lost in the process.