Twilights of Rage

16 06 2017


OCGE reversed some of Obama’s last moment Cuba policy changeups, and insinuates that none of them will go back in that direction until, among other things, Havana hands over Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur.

ICYMI, here’s a long but excellent book review that’s probably as worthy as the book itself, that puts, among other people, the lovely and gracious Miss Chesimard, into context.  We think it’s never been worse, but the 1970s make our times look Halcyon.

“Pittsburgh, Not Paris”

1 06 2017

Washington, D.C.

Even though civic nationalism is underpowered and long-term ineffective, we just heard an encapsulation of why even it is preferable to ideological-based governance.

It’s because our OCGE must have used the word “our” some 87 million times.  The implication is that countries have concrete interests, economic and otherwise, that are sometimes more important than and sometimes need to take precedence over the ideological proclivities of the people inside of them.

Kalorama Sky Swat

30 05 2017

Washington, D.C.


Blogmeister to OCGE:

Swing this Sword of Damocles in the air space just slightly above a certain Kalorama residence, (which now, strangely has walls around it), and maybe some of this deep state skullduggery against you will calm down.

Confused About Something

27 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

If the Trump Administration isn’t softening up on Putin to the degree or at the rate we in the Alt-Right think we should, it’s precisely because of Jared Kushner.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe that Kushner wanted a secret com-link to the Kremlin, presumably to facilitate better relations?

Turnkey Business

25 05 2017


There was once a time when you needed gas chambers and Zyklon B to commit ethnic cleansing, or at the very least, you needed crates full of rifles and machetes.  Those were simpler times, the good ole days.

Today, ethnic cleansing is so easy that all you need is a ten year out Federal budget proposal which grows Federal spending at about the same annual rate as the projected annual rate of economic growth, and makes a slight raw dollar cut in a few Federal programs.


Last Current Year Was Last Current Year

11 05 2017

Daytona Beach, Florida

About Betsy Wetsy getting booed at Bethune-Cookman.

First off, I have a bad habit of presuming that you’ve already read about it and watched video, which is why I tend not to include links in my posts.  But, just in case…

Here was my hot take:

“Nanny nanny boo boo, you stupid pandering cuckservative bitch.  You do nothing but pander and grovel to these (racial pejorative censored) with all this talk about charter schools for the (racial pejorative censored), and the beneficence of HBCUs..  So you only got your comeuppance when your pets booed you.”

Then I walked myself back.

Notice in the video that only a small fraction of the esteemed graduates (?) are booing.  Probably because they’re the sons and daughters of public school teachers and employees, and they belong to unions that, rightfully for the most part, fear that the charter school movement will affect their jobs.

About that — Let’s jump in the blogmeister hot tub time machine (no skinny dipping), and dial that thing back about one year, and go to the Bethune-Cookman graduation ceremony held last current year.  Let’s pretend that the Education Secretary of the time, Arne Duncan, (who was EdSec during the entire run of the Obama Presidency), was the commencement speaker.  Would anyone have booed him?

Why not?  He’s a charter school advocate, and actually used the power of his office to push charter schools.

This is why I didn’t and still don’t like the choice of Betsy Wetsy for EdSec.  Because it gave the other side an opportunity to paper over its internal schism over education policy and focus on a common enemy.  With some strategic thinking, if OCGE would have made a better pick here, Randi Weingarten and Davis Guggenheim might have actually held a duel with real guns by now.

Return of the OCGE

9 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

He just may have gotten himself back on track today, by derailing Comey.

Now all he needs to do is to send daughter and (((son-in-law))) packing, and we’ll really be getting places.