“Shithole Countries”

11 01 2018

Washington, D.C.

It looks like our Orange Crowned God-Emperor is waking up just in time to save himself from himself.

I hope this is his way of telling everyone that this Version 2.0 of the 1986 immigration legislation that is being worked on is boo sheet and that he’ll veto it, unless it’s 99% enforcement and 1% letting a few “DREAMers” stay.


Steve Bannon Has…

3 01 2018

Needless to say, this unfortunately pushes Trump closer to Mitch McConnell.

Jeff Sessions As USAG

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

I now think that that which made Jeff Sessions a beloved Senator, and liked even among people that disagreed with him, is the very thing which makes him a less than ideal Attorney General.

To be a good Senator, you have to make good relationships within the very tight (100 members only) social circle of your colleagues, and leverage them. That’s something that Sessions became really good at, that someone who is an ideological close analogue of his, Ted Cruz, isn’t. This is why he recused himself on the investigation that was eventually dropped in Robert Mueller’s lap, because it was a Senatorial move in the USAG’s office.

Sessions as AG is turning out to be very similar in the same less-than-ideal and underwhelming sense as the last time a well liked Senator from the right half of the Republican caucus was made USAG, and it’s a name St. Louisans and Missourians will know very well, that being John Ashcroft.

On the flip side of the coin, that which made Ted Cruz a not so good Senator would make him a great USAG. Precisely because he lets it rip, and doesn’t give a shit about who he pisses off.

Why I Made a Certain Prediction

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

Federal buildings refuse to put Trump’s photo on walls where Obama’s photo was.

The Secretary of the Gayvy defies Trump and allows for the continued enlistment of transgendered recruits. Coast Guard, too.

State Department will for public consumption refuse to state openly that the American embassy in Israel is about to be in West Jerusalem.

This kind of blatant insubordination of an American President is unprecedented definitely in the post-WWII era, and maybe even in the entire history of the Presidency.

I’ll say it again:

On November 3, 2020, the person of Donald J. Trump will be either one of two things:  Dead, or king.

The OCGE v Deep State stare down really can’t end otherwise.

All the World’s a Stage

20 11 2017

Chino Hills, California

Better put, all the world’s a reality show.

Because I now see that there has been a crossover between The Apprentice and Ball in the Family.

About that:

(1) If I was the OCGE I wouldn’t have done sack jhit to intervene on their behalf, mainly because springing them loose probably meant some concessions on our part when it comes to trade negotiations.

(2) If Lavar Ball’s middle son and his two teammates shoplifted in China, then it probably means they’ve been doing it a lot here.  The difference is that here, they’re doing in ways where everyone will look the other way.  They don’t play that in China, though.

(3) Someone on AR did some /pol/ style sleuthing, and discovered that the odds are close to 100% certain that they stole cheap Chinese knockoffs instead of the genuine article, and of course, China is bad for these knockoffs.

(4) UCLA has suspended all three of them indefinitely, which tells me that none of them are really that good on the court, because everyone would have looked the other way if they were.  There was already lots of talk that Ball’s middle son really isn’t that good, but UCLA gave him a scholarship as a favor to Lavar because they got the oldest son (who was a one-and-done) and they’ll eventually get the youngest son in two seasons, whose games are way better.

My Unique Take on the Orange Crowned God-Emperor’s North Korean Bellicosity

14 11 2017


I’m going to start with the conclusion and then conclude with the reasoning.


This is our last chance to win the Korean War.


I have written in this space on several occasions in the last few years that we are in the Era of Peak Boomer, that is, the zenith of the Baby Boomer generation’s ability to exercise serious control over serious and consequential institutions.  So much so that we’re on our third President whose birth is part of the direct “nine months later” consequences of the orgasmic exuberance of the circumstance and aftermath of V-J Day.  Three Presidents, born Summer 1946.  Including the current one.

The first wave of the Boomers are currently in their last gasp of power and influence over serious institutions, and at the same time, are the last people who can exercise that kind of power who have any conscious memory of the Korean War, even though they were just little kids (ages 4-7 if you’re a Summer ’46er) during Korea.  The later you were born, the younger you were when Korea happened, meaning that even if you were alive, you have no conscious memory of it at all, and if you were born after July 1953, you weren’t even alive at all.

Yet and still, whether you were just barely old enough to know what was going on in Korea, or whether you were born after it was over, you had older relatives who were Korean vets, and they inevitably did the woulda-coulda-shoulda thing.  You grew up hearing all that griping.

Donald J. Trump both probably was just old enough to understand that we were at war in Korea when it was happening, and probably heard a lot of the woulda-coulda-shoulda kvetching in his ears as he got older from that point.  He just turned seven when we got out of Korea, and any seven-year old boy who doesn’t see his country emphatically win a war, especially since his very birth was a consequence of his country winning a really big war, is going to have his young male ego hurt.

And now, he’s President, and Korea is still divided along post-July ’53 lines.

See where this is going?  He thinks he can finish the job and close the loop on what got him butthurt at the age of seven.

Presuming the Constitutional process continues after Trump, and as you know, I don’t think it will, this is the last President we’ll have that was alive during the Korean War.  If we have another Boomer President, it will be late Boomer type, a 1959 birth year type, born after Korea, and by the time a 1959 birth year individual got old enough to understand such things, the woulda-coulda-shoulda-ism re Korea dissipated as our attention turned to another Asian civil war, that being Vietnam.  This means that the Trump Administration is last Presidency with “skin in the game” motivation to “win” the Korean War in the way the American foreign policy establishment thinks we should win it slash should have won it.  Speaking of, “our” official goal of “denuclearizing” the entire Korean peninsula is nothing more than a dog whistle for either the internal toppling or the external conquering of the DPRK, and subsuming its territory into the ROK.  There is no other credible route for there to be no nuclear ordinance on the Korean peninsula.  Which means that “denuclearization of the Korean peninsula” is a humanitarian-sounding front for what would in all essence be adding territory to the American Empire, i.e. winning the Korean War once and for all.  The stalemate is that the growing Chinese Empire wants the territory that is now the DPRK to be its protectorate, not ours.

Long and short is that since Korea is still divided, we still think we can win it, and we now have as a Commander-in-Chief someone who wants to win it for personal reasons.

Incidentally, that is why we gave up on Vietnam in the long run, in spite of all the very similar woulda-coulda-shoulda-ism on the part of Vietnam vets that still takes place to this day, (including that on the part of a man who is on the other side of a wall from me right now whereas I write this), because Vietnam didn’t stay divided, the Paris Accords didn’t hold, the North ignored them and overran the South and created a North-ran unitary Vietnam.  If that had not happened, there’d still be separate North and South Vietnams to this day, with a DMZ between them, and we’d still be treating Vietnam like we’re treating Korea, which is, a thing we can still win in the long run.

My late older blood uncle, my late uncle-by-marriage, and my late great uncle, are all Korean vets, the middle one is technically a casualty but one who didn’t succumb to the war injuries until 1988.  Incidentally, my younger blood uncle, who I just alluded to above, the one who you know, thanks to Norm, is one of the three principals of my existence right now and has been since July 19, the others being Norm himself and my lawyer, all of them have legal rights therein, is a Vietnam vet.  So as you can see, I have a plenty of blood and quasi-blood relative investment in eastern Asia.  So what I’m about to write, I’m not writing out of a sense of disloyalty or sedition.  And I know I’m gonna hear from a few people.  But I have to say it anyway:

Those gooks aren’t worth it.  Nary a bone of a single Pomeranian grenadier.

My Unique Take on the Lethargic First Summer of the Trump Administration

14 11 2017

Washington, D.C.

I’d like to think that I was part of a rare coterie of keyboard bangers within the Alt-Right who split the uprights between mindless pollyannish fanboyism on one side and pure cynical negativity on the other side during the rise of Trump. (“Split the uprights?” Yes, peanut gallery, I have something to say about the NFL, just look elsewhere in today’s post storm). I’d like to think that I and scant few others accurately analyzed the whole thing at eye level.

My neoreactionary-laced contention was that even when he won, and I always figured on him winning, which he did, he would be limited in how much good he could do for us, precisely because he was attaining executive level state power as a result of a public election in a democratic republican process. Now, I also remember, before the start of my involuntary sojourn, that I threw down, crossed the Rubicon, and predicted that if he is still even alive on what is scheduled to be Election Day 2020, provided he survives the deep state eliminationist putsches against him, he’ll still be head of state and head of government, but not democratically so. Yet and still, he’s the elected President within a democratic republican system as I type this, and therefore, that seriously limits his ability to govern nationalistically, even if he actually wanted to. (*)

Even through all that, even through my eye-level cut-down-the-middle analysis of the Trump phenomenon since he rode down the escalator, and in spite of the fact that that sort of thing I would have thought would have precluded me from his ever disappointing me, the Trump Presidency has still been a bit of a disappointment.

Not all bad, though, hardly, because we’re getting more than the usual crumbs we get from anyone else who could have won the Presidency. But it’s no better than bags of crumbs. I think as long as Trump is still President and still President within a presumed democratic republican system, that’s what we’ll get, bags of crumbs. Half of the time, it’ll be grrrr and growl and WTF, and the other half, we’ll think he’s getting back to his old self.


That “Widowgate” kerfuffle of last month indicates to me that he’s telegraphing slash dog whistling the message that he wishes he could govern more nationalistically. My unique angle on that is that his calling as many newly minted military widows as practically possible, and he claims he calls them all, his is way of communicating that he has something of a personal blood-and-soil investment in the American armed forces and takes its fatal casualties personally from a blood-and-soil mentality. Likewise, the reason he took a swipe at Baraq Obama for rarely or never doing anything like that is that it is his way of dog whistling that he thinks that Obama has no inherent blood-and-soil investment in the United States. Trump was on the slick, on the sly, otherizing Obama. And that would also explain why the system’s backlash against what seems to be a relative nontroversy was relatively harsh and bitter.