Mexican Tariff Negotiations, Explained

8 06 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Mexico City

The White House wanted, and seems like it got, Mexico to be at least temporarily and vaguely a buffer state between the United States and Central-South America.

Appropriately, both going to Omaha Beach on Wednesday, and then coming back from Paris earlier today, (my thoughts on D-Day are coming early next week), I passed through a country that was manufactured out of essentially nothing, in order to serve as a Western European continental buffer state in the approximate century between Napoleon and World War I.  That being Belgium.



22 03 2019

Washington, D.C.

Trump’s pro-Israel fanaticism was until now just an ultimately inconsequential curiosity to me.

Now, he’s just crossed the Rubicon with it into out and outright geopolitically dangerous.

In our post-WWII world, we don’t cosign forced territorial aggrandizement and annexation.  We offload these matters to civil society sort of mechanisms.  IOW, we have turned invasion into a sin.  And it’s the main reason why there haven’t been any WWII-style conflagrations since WWII.

Not even the most pro-Israel institution outside of Israel, the United States Congress, has ever recognized the post-1967 occupied territories as proper Israeli territory.  It’s also why the heretofore most pro-Israel American President, that being George W. Bush, never made such a demand.

Trump is gravely risking starting World War III, all in the futile hope that American Jews will quit hating him.  SMDH.

Two Pompeos In One

22 02 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Berlin;  Baghdad

Guten Abend aus Lübeck.  Probably my favorite city in a holistic sense so far in this my northern Germany arc.  Yesterday I was in Schwerin, saw Schwerin Palace, which is now my favorite building used for public administration.  Though it was not designed for that purpose.  These days, it hosts the state legislature for Mecklenburg-Vorpommen.

Now, onward and downward, we have two Mike Pompeos in one:

NYT:  Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Can’t Return Home, U.S. Says

DW:  Germany mulls US demand to take back ‘IS’ fighters captured in Syria

Though the DW article doesn’t mention Pompeo by name, I can assure you it’s his baby.  And he’s the very inconsistent, and dare I say, hypocritical, common denominator.

I’ll add that, without really giving that much away, the White House is split on the politics of the second matter.

Function Follows Form

20 02 2019

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Guten Abend aus Rostock.

Taken October 2016, from a Trump campaign rally near Denver.

For various reasons, I must be circumspect in whatever I say and write publicly about this matter of the White House’s new global campaign against state-sanctioned killing of homosexuals.  Peanut gallery can do all the speculation it wants in the comment section, but just don’t look for me for any confirmations or denials.

But I can write this comfortably:

I’m shaking my head over all the people in our sector who are outraged about this news.  It’s as if they didn’t see this picture when it was taken.  Did any of you really think you were voting for Pat Robertson?

It’s like the JQ angle — Nobody in our sector should have ever thought they were voting for George Lincoln Rockwell, when all you have to do is read The Art of the Deal.  Rather, feed the book through the Coincidence Detector, and there aren’t enough parentheses on Earth to insert around all the names that Trump shouted out in a laudatory sense as people who helped him as he made his way up the ladder.  You’re not making a multibillion dollar fortune with Manhattan commercial real estate as its foundation without having good relationships with at least a few Jews.

Likewise, just a little bit of digging, and you’ll find that Trump has been pro-gay for a long time, and dispassionately observing his Presidency, it’s the second most pro-gay Administration in American history.

Yet and still, I have to read all the hem-hawing from our sector about “ZOMG HE’S TURNED TRAITOR SHILLING FOR THE JOOZ N FAGS LOL~!!!!1!111!”

I’m so glad I’m getting too old not to look at people and things at eye level anymore.

State of the Meh

6 02 2019

Washington, D.C.

The person of Donald John Trump has the ability to deliver some really insightful political oratory, especially considering that he’s not a lifelong politician or political hack.  He has given several such speeches since he rode down the escalator.

Last night was not one of them.  While it had its moments, it was just your usual uninspiring SOTU laundry list, and had way too much pandering to Democrat-left oriented interest groups, even more than I’ve come to accept from him.

Yet the world is raving over this SOTU.  While it mostly ignored his speeches that I really liked.  Go figure.

That’s just the way it is with me — While I don’t think I’m some sort of contrarian, I have noticed that I tend to do the polar opposite of the crowd.  It’s like my writing — That which I put a lot of time into and proofread 87,000 ways to Sunday, people are like meh.  But the junk I just let roll off my fingers and only proofread for big errors, that’s the stuff that people really eat up like grandma’s apple pie.

Note:  I couldn’t help but notice relatively hard charging Trump in front of disinterested sour pus reading whatever the hell paperwork she had in her hands Pelosi.  Remember, just a matter of days ago, the person in front politically surrendered to the person in back.

The Trump Presidency Ended Yesterday

26 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

While he’ll still do plenty of good things in the remainder of his presidency, and he might yet still pull out the pen and phone to get the wall built, the reason it ended yesterday is that the Great Negotiator got rolled by NANCY F’N PELOSI.

How does he now expect to be taken seriously by Xi and Kim?

He came to drain the swamp, and the swamp drained him.

Remember a prediction I made maybe about a year and a half ago?  It won’t matter now, now that the swamp won.  Really, he ought to just save face and not embarrass himself next year, and just announce he’s not going to seek a second term.

Furthermore, I’m all the more glad I’m not physically in the open air insane asylum called the United States of America as of the present.  I get to watch the American Empire die from a safe distance.


Saturday Night Special

19 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Just watched the OCGE’s special address on immigration.

The substance is basically trading off a several year temporary extension in Obama’s DACA for the $5+ billion border security package.

If the blue team turns cold shoulder, then I think I know what they’re really up to — They want to negotiate, but what they want has nothing to do with immigration.  It’s a fiscal matter, and not relating to anything important to the lower income people that vote for them, such as a Federal minimum wage increase.  No, it’s going to be something that’s important to upper income Democrat voters, such as restoring the SALT deduction.

Even though as far as pure politics goes, the OCGE’s address was too egalitarian for my taste, it was brilliant chess board politics, because he swallowed up all the middle ground like a Clemson football party Big Mac, forcing the blue team into a checkmate.