Sleep Debt.

16 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I just got off the phone with the lady of the house at the hideout a few minutes ago, and she tells me they’re both still sleeping, that both have only been awake along enough to do necessary things and maybe the odd non necessary thing, then back to sleep.  And we’re coming up on 48 hours since I pulled up on their driveway with them and their stuff in tow, 6 o’clock on Saturday evening about, and as soon as they got in the door they went as fast as either one of them could to something to sleep on and fell right off.  But the lady of the house told me that since then they’ve both moved to proper beds.  As drained out as both of them looked when I first laid eyes on them at the airport on Saturday late in the afternoon, this doesn’t surprise me.

This thing they call sleep debt, and having to pay it off, it’s for real.


Safe and Sound.

14 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Just a short while ago, about two hours before I am typing this, I deposited our Blogmeister and his traveling companion, back at the hideout.  That means the return flights like the going-there flights went as smooth as an uncoerced voluntary confession that holds up in court. If you puppies are anxiously awaiting the travel report, I’m just telling you don’t hold your breath, because they both went straight to sleep as soon as they got in the door and found something comfortable to sleep on. And I think both will be doing that for very many hours in a row. For good reason, too, because I could see in both their faces when I fetched them from the airport that this trip took a lot out of them. Compared to what they looked like when I saw them both off back on June 2, they both looked totally drained out.

Back on June 2, I just went along to see them off, someone else from the hideout drove them to the airport, and I just happened to make it there before they did. This afternoon, I actually fetched them from the airport, because the person who drove them there, Blogmeister’s traveling companion’s wife, had a family emergency relating to her own sister, and she wound up remembering me, getting my phone number from her husband who in turn got it from Blogmeister, and she called me yesterday, asking me if I would do her this favor, which I gladly did. The only hangup is that while my truck is big enough for all their luggage and our Blogmeister’s wheelchair and some souvenir they picked up in Austria called an Imperial Bosendorfer piano, in the truck’s bed, properly covered up of course, with all these storms late this afternoon on the way from the airport to the hideout, it isn’t big enough in the passenger cab for three people. So I had to drive myself to the hideout, and then get the keys to and drive the traveling companion’s much larger truck, a crew cab, and use it to fetch.

I’m really so glad that this trip of theirs went off without any problems, especially from those truck drivers of peace types.  They’re safe and sound, emphasis on the sound with all the thunder this afternoon.

I told Blogmeister on the drive back from the airport that I would write this very post to let everyone know he’s home, and he asked me to embed a You Tube video of a particular song in it. He said that even though we don’t really like the artist, and I certainly dislike him even more than most of you reading these words, because I’ve heard things through the years, being in the line of work that I am, the song conveys the feeling.



Open Thread and Special Delivery.

14 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

This afternoon, I have to go to the airport, because I’ve got a special delivery, a real special package, coming in.  Yes, I’ll be the one picking them up, because Blogmeister’s traveling companion’s wife, who would otherwise be doing it, has a family issue, and she got him to give her my phone number, and of course I was happy to oblige.  So, off to the airport I go late this afternoon.  But until then, I will leave you puppies with some bones to chew on in an open thread.

The public buses and Metro Link are seeing declining passenger counts.  Yes, the violent crime on the Metro Link might be part of it, but maybe it is just a matter of the economy getting better and people who before had no choice are able to afford cars.

Since he’s already in for life for a prior murder, I don’t know how much punishment he thinks he’s getting by getting an “extra” 12 years.  I would fear having to be a guard around an inmate doing a life sentence in a state that does not have the death sentence possible.

This news isn’t all bad.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve never seen one of these bikes, but I have been told how they work.  You have to get the phone app for the company that runs the bike sharing service, the company will paint its bikes in a unique way with the company’s name.  Then you have to link that app on your phone to a bank account.   Then each time you want to use one of these bikes, you have to scan the square box bar code with your phone to deduct the one time cost of that one ride, something like a buck.  Even if they are using these bike sharing bikes as getaway rides, the reason it’s so convenient for police work is that there’s a digital trail that can easily be tracked back.  If they were using their own bikes to make a getaway, there wouldn’t be this digital trail.  It will make suspect ID way easier.  Who would be so stupid to put themselves on the grid in such a way?

These people don’t look like they know the value of copper, but they do.

Alderman wants more cops in the park, both regular city and park rangers?  I thought they thought the problem was too many cops and too much policing.

It says “shoes” so I didn’t even need to see the photo.

I am guessing that a certain group of people are more responsible than the others for making that Build a Bear costing your age to be chaotic.  And now Chuck E Cheese is promising to make up for it with their own pay your age day, oh yeah, that’s really going to turn out well.

I find this sadly ironic in a way.  That means a lot, because dogs don’t do irony.

Grant him this much.  He may have been dangerous, but the B&Ws in Fulton could guarantee that he wasn’t armed.  And now he’s going back where he belongs.

I would figure by now our Blogmeister and his traveling companion are already up in the air and probably by now they’re over open ocean.  So unless they have any problems between now and them landing in Chicago, or laid over in Chicago, or on the flight from Chicago back to here, and they had zero problems going from here all the way to there, back six weeks ago, then all their flying went silky smooth.  In fact I’ll be getting a call from him when they land in Chicago, here in several hours, if all goes to schedule, and again before they get ready to take off from there, if all goes to schedule, so I know when to time my drive to the airport.  But I couldn’t help but thinking of them when I saw this a few days ago. I don’t think I’d fly on an airline called Wow even if it was free.

Now, take it away, bark to your heart’s content.  As for me, I’ve got things to do, paperwork to fill out and doors to knock on and if I’m lucky some people to arrest and cases to close between now and having to fetch my package this afternoon.

That’s Real Nice.

10 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sure all of you here in my whereabouts have seen the news by now.  The latest pizza delivery driver done in by the black crime plague.

The Imo’s where he worked is ponying up $10,000 of the reward money.  That’s real nice of them.  What would have been nice of them though is some courteousness and responsibility, in not allowing their locations in dangerous high crime areas to do delivery at all.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration would have already come down hard if this was any other matter than a matter of delivering pizzas and other takeout food to black areas.

Open Thread

7 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Because the city wants to collect revenue.

I don’t think this one is that hard.  They may not know exactly who they are looking for, but they already know one of his distinguishing features.

Dice game?  That one isn’t hard, either.

Something to do with “his live-in boyfriend.”  And they say these alphabet soup people that march around telling you how proud they are are all just peaches and cream.

One of our Blogmeister’s favorite things to say is that January 1 midnight and the 4th of July are two real good times to “take care of business” in the ghetto, because people won’t know whether those booms are gunfire or fireworks.  Well, here is you some proof.

People doping it up at strip clubs? I never heard of such a thing.

But they’re all dreamers!  They keep telling us.  Note the fake green card.

You know why I think Netflix is really doing this?  I think they’re getting tired of bad reviews of the kinds of movies and shows that peddle the social justice SJW line real hard.

You see where this happened, so I wonder if Blogmeister saw this.  All I can say is that he should have waited to do this in Texas, or in the rural portion of my own county, about the southern one third of it.  He would have fit right in.

A Human Trafficking Rap.

5 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Blogmeister bait.

I’m just wondering if this is news over there.

Open Thread

1 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I told you here last week about the immigration protest that was planned for yesterday up in Troy, because LCSO has a contract with ICE.  It did happen yesterday, the protest, and there was a worry that the protest would go beyond protesting, and extra agencies beyond Lincoln County and Troy would have to be called in to put down the rebellion.  Thankfully it was nothing like that.  It was just a few screaming malcontents, who ran across Highway 61 to shut it down for maybe 30 seconds.  There was also a so-called larger rally Downtown at Kiener Plaza, and various reports in the news say anywhere from dozens to 1,000 people showed up, from what I hear through the grapevine, it was more like dozens.

That’s all I’ve got.  So now, you can have at it.