Bitch-Made Testosterone

12 11 2018

Spokane, Washington

Truer words:

“For boys, talking about the depression spectrum and then violence, these neurotoxins are attacking not only cells but they’re attacking testosterone. Male testosterone levels have gone down a little over 30 percent in 30 years.

“Lowered testosterone is one of the reasons that we have so much violence.”

I saved this AR comment from quite a few years ago, and it explains this paradox:

Blacks have average testosterone and are mentally defective, not just “less smart” than other races.

The myth that high testosterone makes a person violent comes from so called “roid rage”. What is the mechanics of the anger, depression and mood swings associated with steroid use? It has to do with the fact that male and female hormones are the same thing, just shaped differently. And “steroids”…artificial hormones and the like are changed randomly in a person’s body. You know what happens to a steroid user who doesn’t use special anti-cancer drugs that work by blocking specific hormones? They grow breasts (bitch tits). That absolutely does not happen if you consume real testosterone by say, consuming goat testicles (like the Greeks did) and the like or, more likely, consuming lots of precursors to testosterone (ie meat) and let your body create it naturally. Steroid users and “roid rage” are essentially experiencing PMS…..just like a pimply teenage girl, growing breasts and other signs of being a woman….cough.

Men who have high testosterone, for real, are calm, cool, collected and feel empowered. It’s little bitches who fly off the handle, feel small, threatened and “dissed” over the smallest things.

Quite frankly, you’ve been brainwashed. You think, blacks are larger, stronger, more virile and have larger penises than you (all lies). The TV tricked you into thinking you are less of a man. Then it tricked you again into thinking part of the EVIL blacks do is related to being manly….especially being sexual or sexually potent.

Figure it out.



Election Day and Night Open Thread.

6 11 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’ll leave this thread open for all of you to talk about the results that roll in tonight.  But I just got too much to do, so don’t expect me to do much talking here.

Metro Gang.

5 11 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Someone in the post I wrote here last week left a link to this Facebook video showing something called Metro Gang.

Now it’s hit the news.

The talk in my line of work is that all this Metro Link violence and all these Metro Link crimes on the trains and at the stations is a bit more organized than pure random, and now we’re seeing that those hunches are true.

These People Know Nothing About Powerology

4 11 2018


Get the gum out of your mouth, and quit throwing spitballs, because we’re about to start powerology class.

Weak sauce, this is.

The main thing they’re missing is that corporate power in American politics mostly does not impose and manifest itself through the formal electoral process. It does it one level down, in the level of political think tanks, research institutes, NGO-type groups. Corporate power doesn’t buy elected officials on the electoral level, because it doesn’t need to. Not when it funds things like “heritage foundations” or “centers for american progress” or “southern poverty law centers” or “rand corporations” or “american conservative unions” or “anti-defamation leagues” or “centers for military readiness” or “aipacs” or “gopacs” or “moveons” or “americans for prosperity” or the many like them.

That way, the politicians who the corporate power aren’t allowed to buy rely on the think tanks that the corporate power can and does buy for base governing ideologies and meat-and-potatoes legislative applications and for fundamental ideas, and often directly for legislative or executive staffing.

Going one level down further, corporate power can and does influence “respected” academia, “respected” news media, and “respected” popular culture, and that in turn under-girds and influences the think tanks.

The other thing is that, considering the country in which I now live, that being Germany, is a country where legally, corporate power and formal electoral politics are far more separated, and the American concept of lobbying is pretty rare. Structurally, German labor and corporate laws have contributed to a paradigm of equitability to labor and production, way longer and better than the United States. In spite of what one would think be those things precluding this, German corporate power influenced Merkel to do Merkel’s Boner three years ago, and also, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) is more or less lobbies for the Russian government and especially Russian energy business concerns in Berlin and the state capitals.

Proving that power usually finds a way.

And also proving that these people on a crusade about Citizens United are spinning their own wheels and wasting their own time.

Pre Election Open Thread.

2 11 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Okay puppies, have it out here about the local things, the state things, or the national things, but just not any Germany things, before Tuesday.  Just think, you’ve got a whole weekend and then some to vent your spleens!

Easy Prey.

30 10 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sure all of you around here have heard about it by now.

“During the press conference, Chief Hayden said a juvenile was dropped off at the hospital by a black SUV shortly after the shooting, suffering from a gunshot wound and police are working to determine whether it is associated with the retired officer’s fatal shooting.” – SLMPD knows that happened because the hospital ER called them and told them that, because Federal law requires that. Someone coming in the ER for a gunshot wound sometimes means some kind of open case for a violent felony can be closed, with either talking to the patient or just the patient’s personal information being a hint. That could have quickly solved this case.

Then there’s this. The answer to this is easy. Certain kinds of people known for doing armed jobs target elderly people because they’re easy prey.

Anti-Semitism, Here and There

29 10 2018


I just stumbled on a grand paradox.

In the United States, quintessential anti-Semitism is not legally prohibited, but being anti-Israel is verboten in official mainstream politics, the only slight exception being in some circles of the Democrat Party, who have to permit a little bit of it from the occasional Muslim, in order to keep their Coalition of the Fringes together.

Meanwhile, here in Western Europe, it’s pretty much the total opposite:  Anti-Semitism beyond a certain threshold as speech is legally prohibited, but anti-Israelism as politics is found way more often in the mainstream center-left and left political spaces.  And I think it would still be the case even if Western Europe didn’t have an ish-load of Muslims and other kind of mystery meat none too friendly to the state of Israel.

Go figure.

Now, if you pardon me, I have a train to catch.