27 07 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing is going to do to housing policy what World Star Hip Hop did to social media.

Open a lot of (white) people’s eyes.

A Field Guide to Cuckservatives

27 07 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Cuckservatives have an amazing ability to pretend to be human and pass themselves off as Homo Sapiens and Homo Occidentalis in the wild.  But some of their sounds will give them away.  When you hear any of these bird calls, among others, then you know you’re dealing with Homo Cuckservativius.

* Martin Luther King was a Republican and a true conservative and also colorblind
* Robert Byrd was a Kleagle
* The seggies and slavers were all Democrats
* Zomg liberal racism!
* Unions and Democrats ruined Detroit
* School vouchers and charter schools free of teachers’ unions will mean educational utopia (1)
* Fritz Hollings and Bill Clinton loved Confederate flags (2)
* Bill Clinton’s mentor, J. William Fulbright, was a seggy
* Way more Republicans than Democrats voted for the civil rights act
* Just mention the words “Abraham Lincoln”
* Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande (3)
* Harry Reid once said “negro dialect”
* Bill Clinton said that Baraq Obama “should be shining our shoes”
* Affirmative action hurts blacks
* Affirmative action hurts Asians
* Affirmative action hurts Hispanics
* Don’t ever say white, because proposition nation
* Baraq Obama is an anti-Semite who hates Israel


(1) Neoliberals have now on board with this, so this isn’t just a cuck characteristic
(2) If the intent of this rhetoric is to expose modern day liberal Democrat and his hypocrisy and forked tongue and political opportunism, then it’s not cuckservatism, and even if it’s a cuck saying it, it’s not out of a spirit of cuckservatism.  However, if the intent is to try to turn blacks against voting Democrat, then it is cuckservatism.
(3) Many of these same people want the Republican party to “drop the social issues,” hypocritically

Sunday Wrap-Up

26 07 2015


*  Where you usually expect to see black, you see something different this time.  This Schnucks is very close to south city’s tiny Hispanic patch.

Of all the things Fast Eddie was going to die from, you would have thought it would have been a heart attack.

St. Louis is the place you come when you want to expose bad news and expose potentially faulty technology.

This is like part of the P-D’s soul is being ripped right out of its body.

*  Meanwhile, Katie bar the door over at Channel 4.  One of the departees is Robin Smith, who has been there for quite a long time, in fact, for almost all of my conscious lifetime.  One thing we may never know is if those rumors about her and then SLPS superintendent Jerome Jones having three figure lunches often at district expense were true.

Indecent exposure, but he probably would not have had to expose himself to do that.  Philosophers, start your engines.

As of five days ago, 21 women were murdered in the city of St. Louis compared to 23 of all of last year.  Like I write in this space often, women of reproductive age are the population bottleneck; a man being murdered doesn’t affect the population long term, but a woman of reproductive age being murdered does.

*  A man still calling himself “Daddy Tru” at the age of 38, well, guess what he has just been indicted for.

*  If this kind of thing sunk King John, then there was no way Paul LeVota was going to be able to survive.

They can vote, because Chicago, so why can’t they get welfare?  What are you, necrophobic?


Cop vs ook. Cop shoots ook. The whole tribe all of a sudden materializes out of the woodwork to yell at the cop.

Ook vs ook.  Ook kills ook.  Cops come.  The whole tribe materializes to watch the chalk lines being drawn.  But nobody saw a damned thing, nobody knows anything, dindu nuffins.


Boys and girls, this is what we call “astroturf.”

“Don’t want to hit sanctuary cities over the head with a hammer.”

From the same administration that’s about to go balls to the wall with affirmative furthering fair housing.

I wonder why.


Bullet proof blinds?

Reading through this, and the contention that Obama cared way more about himself than his party, which damaged his party, Obama = Nixon.

“Coalition of the ascendant.”  Sure.  Keep these pictures from this article in mind as I ask you to reevaluate the conventional wisdom about the way things turned out in 2012.

Let’s see.  It’s in a third world city, and has a lot of third world people working there.

*  You may not be interested in the culture wars, but the culture wars are interested in you.

*  Speaking of the culture wars being interested in you:

“Ladies, is this what you really want?”

It doesn’t matter what ladies really want, because they’re not fringe enough, they’re not high enough on the progressive stack.  It only matters what transgenders want, because they’re currently the fringiest of all, top of the stack.

Limiting discussion?  More like hoping people don’t notice.

Where and why the states’ rights argument started.  Alas, cuckservatives, don’t expect liberals to change their tunes.

This:  In which the real world is going to resemble that Diversity Chronicle parody.

“Incendiary remarks about Jews, women, gays.”  I was hopeful until I actually read his name.  Now that we know that, we can’t think of his remarks as incendiary, we have to analyze them in terms of sensitivity and intersectionality, otherwise Islamophobia.

Also, I’m sure all those “dirty Jewish Zionists” will be shocked to find out that they are also “white supremacist thugs.”  Just as cuckservatives are happy that we’re calling them cuckservatives because it thinks the left will quit calling cuckservatives racist, I imagine that the “dirty Jewish Zionists” will really floor the gas on Islamophobia accusations.

What does diversity have to do with engineering?  Damned if I know.  But I do know that Asians in Virginia Tech’s engineering programs will not be counted as diverse.

Keeping it nice and simple — If they can’t be punished, and they know that, they’ll run wild.  BTW, this is this blog’s first link to Laura Ingraham’s new site, Lifezette, which just went live this week.  She announced it several months ago, and I was less than enthusiastic, because I thought it would be more right of center clickbait (I’m looking at you, The Blaze), or unnecessary duplication with Breitbart et al.  It’s not either, it’s basically a compendium of Laura Ingraham’s own interests and for the most part free of blatant clickbait.  Not quite my cup of tea overall, though, so Lifezette for me will be for occasional looksees rather than appointment daily stops.

Wait what?  I thought the whole point of raising the min wage was that people who actually worked didn’t need welfare.

Huh?  Really, I think if these people will make any convention fun to watch and disrupt its proceedings a year from now, (both parties go in the month of July), it will be the Democrats, not the Republicans.


I thought some environmentalists wanted humanity to go extinct.

Kenya: Not down with its favorite son’s World War G.

I love the sarcasm of this all. And that it’s exposing the phony white left.

Spain solves a non-problem, though I’m waiting on someone to complain that it will have a disparate impact on Muslims.


Shawn Johnson, yeah yeah yeah.  Her 2008 Olympic gymnastic teammate, Alicia Sacramone, who was there, is the real ultra hotty.

Kids who color outside the lines become pioneering adults. Controlling for a lot of factors.

This app is only described as “nefarious” if non-Jewish white people use it to restrict access.

Vox Day likes Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  Not surprising in the least.

The bionic eye, is here.

*  Perhaps all of this mania and hysteria to find white supremacy everywhere is just a matter of graduate students needing dissertation topics.

On the one hand, you want to think that leftist internet SJW hysteria is a matter of them being fearful of losing.  On the other hand, it might be their mopping up operation after a successful battle victory.  Nevertheless, this mentions the unmentionable name of Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug), and does note that the non-cuckservative right is getting more militant, more aggressive and more mentally insurgent.

Charles Haley, welcome to Tomville.

*  Colin Cowherd has made a lot of these kinds of statements.  The only reason ESPN is ditching him now is that he was only a short time away from leaving ESPN for Fox Sports anyway, so this gave them an excuse.

*  Let’s see who gets it:

That’ll Show ‘Em

26 07 2015

Ferguson; Visitation

How they deter violent crime in Ferguson.

How they deter violent crime in the Visitation neighborhood.

In the Ferguson story, you’ll notice that Easter is two weeks from today. Get ready for a whole weekend of foolishness and people running around like morons with their hands in the air for old times’ sake.

In the story from Visitation, you’ll notice that it seems like half of the people at this street rally were white. Because it was held at Union and Delmar, south of Delmar at that point is the CWE, very expensive houses full of good white progressives. It’s not that way on other side of Delmar, no way. Also you see that someone floated the oh so original idea of a gun buyback program, and he floated it to one Mary Pat Carl, who is the heavy favorite to be the next Circuit Attorney, she, currently as head ACA for homicide, is Jennifer Joyce’s hand picked successor.

The Servant of Two Motivations

25 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

What’s he up to?

I think he had two roughly equal motivations here:

1.  He’s genuinely pissed off that the Republican Congress isn’t even trying to deliver on the major campaign promises of its candidates last fall, nor is it really trying to deliver on its implicit collective promise of resisting President Obama.  Its major accomplishment so far as been FTTA, which gives President Obama more power.  A lot of people are pissed off about that sort of thing.  That, and it has finally dawned on him, in spite of the warnings that his own staff provided him, that Mitch McConnell is a rat fink.

2.  Donald Trump.  You may have noticed that Ted Cruz is about the only other Republican Presidential candidate who is both not bashing Trump and saying nice things about him and his supporters.  I think Cruz thinks the odds are decent that Trump, being Trump, will do or say something that not even his own gold-plated PR staff can help him weasel out of, and then fall off the map.  Cruz, with his combination of being cordial to Trump and his Mr. Smith Goes to Washington rant on the Senate floor yesterday, positioning himself apparently and somewhat deceitfully in a hostile position to the corporatist establishment of his own party and his own chamber’s leadership, is setting himself up to pick up the pieces in case Trump implodes, to be where Trump supporters turn if there’s no more Trump.

Raj Chetty, Call Your Office.

24 07 2015

Palo Alto, California

Like Chetty’s research, the Grusky-Mitnik research also relied on them being able to talk the IRS out of letting go of otherwise confidential income data.   But unlike Chetty, Grusky-Mitnik’s conclusion is that socioeconomic mobility doesn’t depend on where you grew up, as Chetty thinks, but how much money your parents made.

I think the G-M conclusion is better than the Chetty conclusion, if for no other reason, the NYT’s analysis of the Chetty conclusion was that black ghetto kids from St. Louis City would be a lot better if they grew up instead in a corn field between Red Bud and Waterloo.  And it’s a conclusion that seems to line up better with the out of school observations of most people — The phrase “them that got is them that get” wasn’t coined yesterday, it was coined a whole lot of yesterdays ago.

But I think the main problem with the G-M conclusion is that they seem to treat socioeconomic ossification as both the cause and the effect.  I happen to think that they’re both effects of more fundamental causes.  Ctrl+F “immig” yields zero results, of course.  Forget about speculating about any other HBD-compliant explanations for the independent variable.  And since nobody wants to be honest about the causes, we don’t get honest solutions.  The only remedies offered here are offered by the author of the piece, who is a senior business editor at The Atlantic, who noted that the G-M study explicitly avoided proposing remedies.  Joe Pinsker suggests:

In dealing with the persistence of intergenerational wealth, the changes that would be most effective are also the most sweeping: Taking private money out of political campaigns would give more of a voice to people who’d benefit from stronger social policies. Bolstering housing-voucher programs would let poorer families move into better neighborhoods. Increasing taxes at the uppermost end of the income spectrum would redistribute perpetuated wealth. Finding ways to get lower- and middle-income workers to put more money into savings would help them improve their lots.

Hobby horses and pie-in-the-sky do-gooderism.  Of course, every social problem is a result of blacks not being able to live in suburbs and can be solved by making it easy for them to do so, or de facto forcing them to do so.

We Forgot Nothing Because We Learned Nothing

24 07 2015

Lafayette, Louisiana

Now, are you going to stop paying attention to and rewarding these nutbars?


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