That’s the Point, Snoop

30 05 2016

Los Angeles

Vulgar, Ebonicsy, but on point:

“They going to just to keep beating that shit into our heads about how they did us, huh?”

Gee, I wonder if there’s some big even that’s going to be happening later this year that’s giving certain people the incentive to hype black people up on historical racism porn.

Snoop even alluded to the concept of historical racism porn:

Snoop said he has no interest in new shows and movies — specifically mentioning 12 Years a Slave — that “keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago.”

Hmm, 12 Years a Skin Game. Seems like these things always seem to be peddled during even numbered years.

Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

29 05 2016


* In that which we can plainly see how stupid and dense dindus are; they’re doing this even though they’re at least somewhat aware that there are cameras all around them.  It’s just that they’re so stupid mashed up with impulsive that they don’t kurr.

* “An East St. Louis woman…” says all.  And you know the strange part?  She would have gotten away with the first heist if she hadn’t have been so greedy as to go back to the same mall for a second attempt at a five-finger discount.


* A crime?  And a hate crime at that?  Why should he be charged when he’s only responding to White House directives?

* The strange part about this is that this kind of prank jackassery is usually the province of young white men.  Blacks aren’t really known for wanting to do it, and they especially hate being the victims of it.  Maybe what’s fueling this exception is WSHH.


* I would think this ironic, except I don’t, because ICE isn’t in the immigration law enforcement business anymore.  Anything except immigration, yes, but immigration, no.

* Haitians usually try to get in-country through Florida, that’s geographically obvious.  But at least from this, I think they have figured out that if they can get into Mexico, the Mexican government will bring them north to the American border.  That’s probably somewhat less dangerous than a direct jalopy trip across the waters from Haiti to Florida.


* Go Bonnie Go!   Ruin Ook Bike Week in Myrtle Beach!  It’ll dump so much rain on the blacks at BBW that it’ll turn them into Chinamen.  (You’ll get the gag as you go further down in this post.)

* SHOT:  Ben Shapiro calls Trump a Nazi.  CHASER:  CSLA Prof class Ben Shapiro a Nazi.

The only thing more ironic would be if Cheri Jacobus was called a Nazi.

* Don’t worry, dear, Bern and his people already know it.  If it weren’t for elderly black church ladies, Bern would be ahead of you.

* Could it have anything to do with the way gay black men behave?  The answer is no, because they’re both black and gay, both Democrat voting constituencies.  Therefore, they never do anything wrong and are not responsible in the least for the consequences of their own behavior.  Therefore, it’s time to play pin the tail on the red team honky.

* No more Negro Leagues, no more United Negro College Fund.

* L’Genius Wisdom updateMy original post about him.

* Does he really want to (((go there)))?

* Chimpout as a consequence of asking, “really guys?”

* Minnesota Governor declares a Beyonce Day in the state, Prince fans, as Prince was a Minneapolis native, are mad that he didn’t recognize a native son.  I wonder why they’re bothering with either one, why it’s such important Gubernatorial business at all.

* You don’t want me to notice things, do you?  Like all those supposed natural conservatives profiled here.

* I’ve heard of recidivism, but this is ridiculous.  He couldn’t even get out of the jail building before doing something to land him right back in jail.

* The 54th Axiom at work.

* There’s a new sorta clickbaity website that’s really starting to flash on my radar in mostly good ways, it’s called Heatstreet.  It’s owned by the Dow Jones Company, which means Murdoch, which means it’s basically a News Corp boutique.  In fact, Heatstreet’s impresariess is married to the lead singer of Metallica.  Another similar one, Daily Signal, is a product of the Heritage Foundation, and as of late, it’s where all the good reporting on the right about the civil asset forfeiture travesty is coming from.  That makes me suspicious, that News Corp and Heritage are putting out decent material, and it could be the tip of a spear of a new (((neoconservative))) effort to co-opt the burgeoning alt-right.  But, for now, just enjoy the content, as long as you ignore the clickbait.  Hell, Heatstreet had Vox Day (!!!) and Louise Mensch (who is the aforementioned Heatstreet impresariess) debate anti-Semitism over the weekend.

* There’s something about this story that, while untold, really jumps out at me.  Let’s see if my peanut gallery can figure it out.  Though I don’t think what I’m seeing is really germane to the story at hand per se, it’s just a little bit ironic.


* I think it’s more sensitivity than trend.  I don’t think it’s actually increasing, I just think we’re more sensitive to it and calling attention to it whereas in the past we would have ignored it.

* The money is the best explanation of the ones floated here, and it’s probably the best explanation overall.  However, I think there’s another explanation that’s not mentioned here:  The projection of soft power.  Some of the seed funding for these schools’ expansion and satellite campi in these globally interesting hot spots and diplomatically curious places probably comes from the foreign relations state department type agencies of these schools’ home countries.

* In our world, this isn’t a shock, it’s to be expected.  The only thing that’s surprising here is that the non-citizen Muslims aren’t also LGBTQ.  See also…

* Before he was a black serial killer, he was just an ordinary dindu.  Because Americans protecting Germans from the Nazis and the Communists, or something like that.

* These are the same people who are supposedly worried about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.

Aside from that, you can see in this article that the other side is already prefabbing a narrative in case Brexit wins; they’re delegitimizing the people that are expected to vote for it.

* Because, speaking power to truth, locked in a Goliath vs David battle.

* No LOLcats for you, Saudi Arabia.

LOLimams.  I can has fatwa?

I know, so corny, that’s so 2009.


* So that’s what they look like when all that filth is washed off ’em.

* The post-Millennials, aka Generation Z, aka Homelanders, roughly anyone born in a year with the thousands’ digit as a 2, are starting to become sentient, and develop characteristics.  Remember, the only kind of world they know is a ubiquitously connected one.  As you go up the ladder in generations, from Homelanders to Millennials to X to Boomers to Silents, you see that each one has a smaller share of their lives spent in the new connected world and a larger one in the older not so connected world, with my Generation X being the sweet spot between even time spent in the old and new worlds.

* Buzz about a theoretical fifth force of nature that is related to the theoretical particle called a dark photon.  If it’s confirmed, I wonder if it will complicate the development of a unified particle theory, aka string theory, aka a theory of everything, perhaps forcing everyone to go back to square one and start over again.  Unless string theory itself actually pointed the way to this discovery.

* Milankovitch > AGW

* Yeah, so?  Houses were not designed for electricity and plumbing, but we got ’em and need ’em anyway.

* Captain Godwin.

* Stoners trying to do deadlifts.  Let me know how it works out for ya.

* Mad?  About what?  After all, what age do you think high school graduates are?  They’re (usually) not 12 years old.  If you want to grind about anything, grind over the angle of the economy, that those who take this joint up on their offer are doing it out of necessity.

* Life can exist and thrive in strange autarkic environments.  At the end, we read about yadda yadda global warming, but I think the better predication for this is our hunt for extraterrestrial life.

* It’s like I’ve been saying, a woman can find any reason to hate another woman.  It’s why HRC banking on girl power and MUH UTERUS politics is stupid.  Blacks wanted a black President for its own sake; the same is not true of women.

* I’d love to see how EmojiBible handles Leviticus 18:22.



Blogmeister Bait

29 05 2016



Few Americans have a lot of confidence in any of the branches of the government. Just 4 percent say they have a great deal of confidence in Congress, while 48 percent say they have only some and 46 percent have hardly any.

The other branches of government fare a little better, but still don’t inspire much confidence. Fifteen percent say they have a lot of confidence in the executive branch, 50 percent have some and 33 percent have hardly any. And 24 percent have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court, 58 percent have some confidence and 17 percent have hardly any.

On the other hand, 56 percent of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the military.

There are some partisan differences in Americans’ confidence in their government institutions. With a Democrat occupying the White House, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to express a great deal of confidence in the executive branch, 24 percent to 6 percent. And about 7 in 10 Republicans, but just under half of Democrats, have a great deal of confidence in the military.

Blogmeister bait because I see two of my perennial hobby horse themes here:  #NRx, and Living in the Differentials.

#NRx, just because the military is the only institution listed here whose approval rating is above water.

Living in the Differentials, these things really leap out:

* The delta between the approval rating of the military itself and the approval rating of the institutions whose members control and fund the military.

* The delta between the low approval rating of the executive branch as an institution (15%) and the mediocre but halfway respectable current approval rating of the current occupant and chief executive of the executive branch (mid-40s).  Baraq Obama has admitted that he experiences a chronic net wind to his back in his approval rating precisely because of race.  But I don’t think that explains how about 30% of people approve of the President but not of the Presidency.  The race thing is probably good for 5-10 points of it, pure blue team partisanship is probably another 5-10, and I think the rest is simply because of the ubiquitous celebrity of whoever is the incumbent President, as long as the economy isn’t in a total disaster and clusterfuck.

* The delta between the very low approval rating for Regress (4%) and the very high odds that its individual members have to get re-elected, and for the fact that within their districts or states, individual members of Congress or the Senate have approval ratings far higher than 4%.  This has long been baffling to far many more people than your ever-lovin’ blogmeister.  And I think none other than Cass Sunstein a short while ago provided the answer:  Because political parties are becoming more and more congruent with socio-racial tribalism.

* What is a bit surprising to me is that only 24% of Democrats approve of the Presidency, but you know the current occupant of the Presidency has around a 70-80% approval rating from the same group.  I think this delta and the overall delta (see above) can be explained by the same things:  Race, blue team partisanship, President as celebrity, non-clusterfuck economy, but the difference is that they’re wider spreads within the Democrat-only universe.  That “just under half” of Democrats approving of the military is a bit curious but very easy to explain:  It’s because its current Commander-in-Chief is a Democrat.

Da Unduhfeeted

28 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I just started a new parody Twitter account trolling ESPN’s “The Undefeated.”

Hey, I can’t let SalonNotCom and DemsRRealRacist steal all my snark thunder!

Take It To The Bank

26 05 2016


Some women say:  “Donald Trump hates women”

What they mean, translated into English:  “We’re jealous that all three of his wives are good looking.”

What Difference Does It Make, Drudgeaposition Edition

26 05 2016

Las Vegas


Okay, We’re Going to Give It The Ole Middle Age Try

25 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

IRC, tonight, 7 PM Central.  I may be sorta in and out of it, and I don’t know how long I’ll want to go.

Freenode network, channel #countenanceblog.  Freenode has an online chat portal.  You’ll just enter the screen name you want to use, #countenanceblog (including the hashtag) as the channel, skip the auth-to-services box, then confirm your subhumanity.  Boom, you’re there.  If you have an IRC client and know how to use it, all the better.  I can only provide help on what I use, mIRC, and even at that, it has been a very long time, so my mIRC proficiency is rusty.

However, my chatroom snark skills, probably better than ever.


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