Midweek Wrap-Up

20 05 2015


New boss, same old results.  That’s because you have the same students.  That is, the ones that didn’t flee for Francis Howell.

How much do you want to bet that the son will be punished more harshly than his mother?

I don’t know what to say.  Did he really want to beat his nephew to the end of level eight that badly?


*  Forty-nine shot last weekend.  I’ll link to his NSFW video instead of embedding it.


Yes, this probably violates the laws of physics.  But who needs laws when you’re on a cheap labor crusade?  Open borders for everyone, just not for his own houses.

*  I keep forgetting, while the black undertow is feeling its oats and the seventh century death cultists are feeling their oats, there is another crowd feeling its oats as well.

Higher minimum wage but more immigration.  Splain.

The Mouse goes Patel.


Slavery:  The WD-40 of black excuseology.

They forgot to blame slavery.

Okay, Mr. Obama.  You can debate Jared Taylor any time you want.

Some say “sex ed,” others say “grooming.”

He probably doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Bell Curve City shows a lot of irony but knows none.

Bug Out Deuce Four.

*  Plot the life expectancy gap against Baltimore’s race map, and you might find a stark correlation.

I thought we were supposed to care about rape victims.

*  If you’re a NYC dope dealer, once you’ve made it to 40, you’re good to go.

Then again, it won’t be that much longer until I turn 40.  So far, this lobbying and PR gig is working out decently.  But if it goes south, maybe I’m game for a career change and a city change beginning March 31, 2017.  And the best benefit of all is that I’ll be a lot closer to my biggest fan.


Immigration has consequences.

Some say France has a racism problem, I say France has a non-white problem.


Seems like this is the image that today’s Stanford would want to project.  Looks like a gay pride parade float.

Democrats outraged that the proposed NASA budget coming out of Congress will heavily emphasize space exploration.  Really.

The Death of the Republican Party Is Greatly Exaggerated (Unless It Isn’t)

20 05 2015


Sean Trende proves.

And I pay close attention to Trende.  He’s the one who proved that the four million missing Republicans in 2012 were not doctrinaire conservatives punishing the Republicans for their transgressions toward doctrinaire conservatism, (after all, they weren’t missing in 2008, meaning that did vote for John McCain, who is as RINO as they come), but instead Republican leaning white working class independents north of the M-D line and in Great Lakes states who were never going to vote for Obama but just couldn’t warm up to Romney.

We are not suffering for a lack of Republicans winning elections.  The big problem is the huge disconnect between Republican loyal and Republican leaning voters and the Republican establishment, senior political leadership, consultants and big money donors.

One thing that Trende briefly brushed on here that I wish he would have spent more time on is that because more and more power is accumulating in the executive branch, the pen and phone, it almost doesn’t matter who wins everything else.

Not So Fast, Bernie

20 05 2015

North Riverfront

Before you break out the champagne, consider these two Debbie Downer facts:

1.  Our hypothetical new stadium is NOT “further along” than either hypothetical new stadium in southern California in any way.  Mainly because the only one of the three new potential stadia that are financially locked down and otherwise all ready to go is the one in Inglewood, because that’s only a matter of Stan Kroenke swiping his debit card.

2.  The fall of King John Diehl, a St. Louis Countian, and his replacement as Speaker being from Poplar Bluff, means that the state’s end to a financial package for our hypothetical new stadium will probably not happen.  As long as Diehl was there, and was the powerful House Speaker that he was, state financing was probably as easy as he and Gov. Jay Nixon cavorting in a room and working something out.  The new and much weaker Speaker not from the St. Louis area is going to have no interest in spending state money on a new St. Louis stadium nor have the power over House Republicans to ram the deal through even if he wanted to.


Back to reality.

The Past Is Behind Us

19 05 2015



That’s because more than a decade ago, Bill Clinton could have been forgiven for thinking that the Democrat Party was always going to be the same Democrat Party that nominated him in 1992.  Identity politics and the race to the bottom to be fringier than thou was still three years away from breaking the blood-brain barrier of that party and ruining his wife’s Presidential ambitions in the process.  Today’s Democrat Party wouldn’t nominate either rock bottom of the progressivetard stack white cishet gentile man named above.  The only reason Bill Clinton’s wife has a chance is because she’s a woman.

The Obama Vaccine Failed

18 05 2015

Durham, North Carolina

He voted for Obama.

A lot of good it did him.

Here’s the interesting part of his statement, interesting to me anyway:

This editorial is what is wrong. The Democrats are an alliance of Westchester [County, N.Y.] and Harlem, of Montgomery County [Maryland] and intercity Baltimore. Westchester and Montgomery get a Citigroup asset stimulus policy that triples the market. The blacks get a decline in wages after inflation.

That may be why he’s taking so much heat, because he’s noticing that the Democrat Party is a high-low coalition against the middle.  The difference between us is that I think the “lows” benefit way more than he seems to think.


Yeah, Well, Hmmm

18 05 2015

Waco, Texas

Yes, some of them are Hispanic.

But that doesn’t excuse the whites, who are still a majority of them.

And it doesn’t make the point any less important, that this motorcycle hooliganism should be stopped now before it gets out of control, before they actually do become as bad as the Crips and the Bloods.


18 05 2015

North Palm Beach, Florida

Alternative charter school

You got it.

She has a husband, who is today probably the most unenviable middle aged white man in Florida.


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