Nothing Ever Became Him In Life…

3 01 2020


Three points:

* I think major problems have been deterred and prevented rather than caused and risked by dispatching Soleimani to his 72 virgins.

* Whenever things like this happen, a lot of people keep repeating this myth, so let me take this opportunity to refute it:

Foreign embassies (et al.) are NOT sovereign territory of the sending country.  The MISSION of a foreign embassy is sovereign to the sending country;  However, the real estate underlying foreign embassies is still sovereign of the receiving country.

There was a case many years ago of a Kenyan woman who timed her delivery such that she was in a women’s restroom of the American embassy in Nairobi, and of course she tried to claim birthright American citizen.  Now that you know what you know, you can figure that the American Federal judiciary turned her claim away, quite easily.

* You all know I don’t have that much love for Schlomo.  But this isn’t Schlomo’s deal here, and most American-Iranian hostilities for the past four decades have been mostly independent of Schlomo.  It is true that in some instances, Schlomo is trying to exploit the hostilities for his best interests.  However, even if Schlomo never existed, the United States and Iran would still have pretty much the same hostile relationship it has in our real world.

New Decade Open Thread.

1 01 2020

Guest post by Puggg

I figure I owe you one.

Something just occurred to me.  I was alive in the 1970s, and the 1980s, and the 1990s, and the 2000s, and the 2010s, and now the 2020s.

Merry Christmas.

24 12 2019

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write posts more often.  It’s just that the job has kept me real busy, especially this month, and I guess there just hasn’t been that much news that grabs me enough to write posts here about it.  I greatly enjoy what little down time I get these days, including tonight and all through tomorrow.  I only hope I can create enough down time and free time come whenever it will be this summer to fly across the big drink to go see a certain blessed event.

I might have another real big step up the ladder at work in the coming new year, but the reality is that it’s probably going to be more like the next year, 2021, that it happens.  I have already talked about it with our normal host, including details which I won’t be talking about here.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, all you puppies.

Look At What Sam Page Wants To Put On The County Police Board.

24 11 2019

Guest post by Puggg

It will make you sick.

She’s supposed to be a surgeon, but what surgeon’s job deals with politics and social matters that much?

Never Forfeit Your Niche

19 11 2019


When you’re someone small looking to grow while competing against someone big, you absolutely have to have a niche.  Because you’re not going to outdo the someone big on the things that the someone big has mastered down to the atomic level.

If you succeed, then you should never forfeit the niche which helped you grow and compete against the bigs.  Because, if you do, you’ll lose the patronage or audience you gained with the niche, while at the same time, you’ll never satisfy anyone you pissed off my engaging in the niche to begin with, even if your sacrificing the niche was meant to appease them.

And you still won’t be able to beat the guys that are still bigger than you, because all you’ll have left is to compete against them on their own playing field.

This is something that Chick-Fil-A is about to learn, the hard way.

Oil Has No Future In Water

13 11 2019

Los Angeles

You miss the point, Maddie.

To say that “The Alt-Right has no future in conservatism” is like saying that oil has no future in water.

We’re not trying to take over normie conservatism, we’re trying to replace it.

The Groypers are forcing normie conservatism to confess to its own current obsolescence and its long time treachery and bad faith.

Open thread on Groyper-related matters or anything close enough.

Hit Repeat

5 11 2019

Columbus, Ohio

I can figure out pretty much anything.

But I’m at a total loss over something I’ve been thinking about for the last few hours:

Charlie Kirk and other pro-Israel fanatics openly love them some Israel.

But when some Groypers show up to their public events and do little more than repeat their own words and contentions and stands, Charlie Kirk et al. get upset.

It would be like a supply side economist getting mad that some protesters show up to his lecture and heckle him about his advocacy of tax cuts.  I mean, like, duh.

Or like me standing outdoors earlier today and complaining that the color of the sky in Cologne in the middle of the day is gray.

If you really do love Israel that much, the reaction to someone telling you that you do should be “thank you,” not “GTFOH.”

Any theories?

Cause I got nuttin’.


I’m going to ask the same question in another way:

Charlie Kirk should be glad that these Groypers are showing up and “owning” him. Because he now has visual and video evidence that “actual racists” hate him, and an easy way to countersignal against “racists” on behalf of egalitarian lamestream conservatism. Lamercons, both past and present, have constantly tried to say “we ain’t racist, the real racists are far to the right of us, and also D3R.” So you would think that when the “real racists far to the right” of Kirk show up to heckle Kirk (or, more accurately, ask difficult questions and/or repeat their own viewpoints back to them), he’d be pinning the video at the top of his social media accounts and on the front of TPUSA’s website.

So why isn’t he happy?