Mixed Bag

4 12 2016

Rome; Vienna


As you can see, there were two dates today.

And as you know by now, we got what we wanted in Italy but not in Austria.

Of course I would have rather had both, but if it was going to be a situation where we could have had one but not the other, what we got was the better of the two options. The Italian referendum is consequential, while Austrian President is a symbolic-ceremonial office with little power.

Sunday Wrap-Up

4 12 2016


* Onion Horton passed on Thanksgiving Day.  I linked to this story a few days ago in passing, but want to make closer mention of it.

Let me put it to you this way:  You’ll read here that he was at quite a few stations in town, and that was for a reason not to his benefit.

* Remember, this is the safest zip code in the city, yet it’s even happening there, too.  Why?  Because there are lots of rental units on the eastern periphery of the zip code and quite a few elsewhere within it.

* Of course the victims are made out to be some sort of criminals, and of course we don’t have any suspect descriptions, even though we actually do, think it through.

* Mother and father of the century.  Though I should ask:  Which one is the mother and which one is the father?


* Officially, 700, but HeyJackass has the tally higher.

While numerically, 2016’s final number, whatever it will be, won’t be as bad as the last supra-900 year in Chicago, that being 931 in 1994, it will be worse because Chicago’s black population was way higher in 1994 than it is in the current year.  That means the per capita rate of black homicide victims in the city is going to be higher.


* Very soon, so it seems, Donald J. Trump will be both the Secret Service’s boss and its landlord.

The convo will go like this:

SS:  “Mr. President?  We’re going to have extra security for your trip to Oshkosh and Appleton, because the disturbing internet chatter from that part of Wisconsin is off the charts.”

Trump:  “Okay, got it.”

SS:  “Oh, and also, the trash compactor is on the fritz.  You’ll have to have Bob come down and take a look at it.”

* Peter Thiel to world:  The atom is our friend.

This was written more than a year ago.

If Trump appoints him to anything, cabinet or not, I think it will be a signal of a major policy shift thereto.

* Two can play at that game.  Or, could have played at that game, because Jill Stein’s stunts are ending before they can even begin.


* Okay, when did Curtis Yarvin start writing for the NYT?

* Fine, agreeable, for the most part.

But I never bought into the Thomas Frank thesis that he advanced in Kansas (and it should be noted he’s walking back his initial contention in recent months).  The problem with it is that using the same razor that compels one to conclude that as a whole, the modern Republican Party’s ec

* I think Cedric Richmond is right, he’s not imagining things.  When it comes to Democrat legislators and tenure, in most cases, any attempt to diminish the power of incumbency and seniority has a disparate impact on black members of their caucus, precisely because black constituents love their HNICs and rarely vote them out, and their HNICs don’t want to leave.  I think what Nancy Pelosi, who did win another stint as leader of House Democrats since this was written, is trying to signal with this move, is that her party really bad a serious boo-boo by putting blacks so much in the front-and-center of their coalition.

* SJWs always lie, and white virtue signalers always mess things up.

* WRPT.  It’s either going to be some sort of Chinese, Indochinese or black African.  All I read was the headline.

* Oh well hell, there goes the universal sisterhood of woman/women/womyn/trans.


* This is what they call “being stuck on the Mobius Loop.”

Or, Melbourne is just getting more vibrant.

* Club Gitmo gets MSNBC, evidently.

* Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, Italian style.

* Germany withdrawing from the EU would be like America seceding from the United States.

* Speaking of EU withdraw, Blogmeister Echo Syndrome.

* What’s this I hear about that generous compassionate Swedish welfare state?

* The American left loves Steve Jobs, the French and European left, not so much.

Though if Saint-Denis can name a street after Mumia Abu-Jamal, then I don’t see why Steve Jobs is off limits.


* Yes, it may have been radical then, but it wasn’t invented in the late 1990s.  I remember reading that theory as early as 1993.

* In its final act, Cassini is going to sample some of Saturn’s ring material.

What it really ought to do is drop the needle on that record and see what song plays.

* You don’t say.

One of the reasons these kinds of drugs can sell for these outrageous prices is because nobody thinks anyone will care about the sticker price, because of the sociopolitically sensitive patient groups these drugs help, i.e. pregnant women, HIV-AIDS patients, the latter hooks into the whole LGBTQBBQBLT agenda.

But I’ll add this from professional experience:  The margins between sticker price and actual cost pay for a lot of lobbyists.

* The other side of the Kursweilian fears about AI.

About that video:  AI is about to to make obsolete one of my generation’s very few marketable skills.

* While you might dismiss this as something that will make LOLcat videos a second and a half longer, the benefits of this are as stated.  In any system where deviant or unpredictable circumstances are paramount, this will help algorithms recognize them.

* If such life existed, it wouldn’t surprise me.  But it would kinda suck to be a lifeform whose very life necessarily depends on staying adrift in the niche portion of the atmosphere.

* Is it just me, or is all this race psychobabble nothing more than a way for half wit half blacks to justify their existence in their make-work jobs in diversity-inclusion departments, so they can pay off the loans they took in order to earn their otherwise useless *-studies degrees?

* Twitter is brave in that it is refusing to do something that it has not been and never will be asked to do because the thing has not been seriously proposed.

* I like the historical parallels.  But before anything she speculates here kills football, it will be what caused NFL TV ratings to decline precipitously at least for the first half of the season, though they have recovered in the past few weeks — Too much black-led social justice warriorism.

* You might be shocked to learn that the inventor of General Tso’s Chicken was not a general named Tso.

* Notice something?  Yes, this was 1962.  Remember, we live in a media climate today that leaves us with the impression that the Klan totally ran the world until just a few years ago.  In the context of this snapshot, Levittown, Penn., being a Philadelphia suburb, the state of Pennsylvania officially outlawed de jure school segregation in 1881.  Philadelphia, as a city, has a very very long history of having a racially egalitarian urban sociopolitical climate, owning back to its Quaker roots.

Check My Check

3 12 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

When did half the world it seems start working for Goldman Sachs?

Hell, I might even be working for Goldman Sachs and not even know it.

Megyn Kelly Makes Like a Tree

3 12 2016


She might bolt to CNN.

Which is like a tree deciding to fall in a forest rather than in a city.

Fake News

3 12 2016

Santa Maria, California

I would have known the official Santa Maria PD press release was bogus right away.

There’s one very easy obvious hint.  If it had teeth, it would bite you.  Need a running start?  The obvious hint I’m referring to is about as believable as Abraham Foxman celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday every April 20.

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

No Degrees of Separation

2 12 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Is it just me, or did about 60% of everyone around me on a regular basis suddenly come down sick with something?

Bread and Buttered

30 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

H/T Vox Day

At least they know how the bread is buttered, and they’re not falling for the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 propaganda.

On the other hand, that party doesn’t much do well when black people, black concerns and black political organization and activism are are placed at the tip of its spear.

Because, black women have informally run almost everywhere where black people are for about two generations, so letting them run the Democrat Party should work out just as well.