When Fair Enough Won’t Be Fair Enough

23 01 2018


In as much as I really care about duhmocrazy anymore, I’d probably vote yes if I was in Florida.

That’s because all this would do is put Florida at the state-by-state national median when it comes to felon re-enfranchisement policy.  Missouri, for instance, currently is almost exactly what Florida would be if this passes.

I should warn you all, though:  If you think this is going to make the other side happy for good, then, I’ve got a prison for sale.  They’re already bitching about the MUH DISPUT IMPAK LOL~!!!!!1 of the paradigm that one has to finish probation successfully before being able to register to vote.  That’s because, when it comes to universe of people on probation for a felony conviction, either standalone or after a prison term, certain kinds of people that look a certain way seem to have a harder time abiding by the probation terms than other kinds of people that look other ways.  And the groups that have the most trouble just so happen to be the biggest blue team party voting groups around, one of them is the biggest period.


Fools Rush In Where Foxes Dare Not Tread

23 01 2018


Dear Brandon:

When your opponents are making fools of themselves, the thing to do is get out of their way.

What you did, in contrast, was the total complete polar opposite.

Nice work, bruh.

Not Part of the Deal

23 01 2018

Los Angeles

In my day, there was actually a social expectation of nudity relating to gym class.

But it was only for the students, and it was after class.

We never thought it applied to the teacher during class.

Ironically, if you follow the contraction and etymological trail, “gym” leads back to “naked.”

Stuff It, @Jack

20 01 2018

San Francisco

The world’s worst DuBourg alum is continuing to peddle a BS narrative.

In my e-mail inbox earlier today:

21 Words

18 01 2018


21 words to make the case for #NRx better than the millions written by Moldbug and Land ever have.

Yes, this is Occidental Dissent’s Jack Ryan.

He wins the internet.

Real Work Begins

18 01 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Expect infrequent posting here for about the rest of the month.

Now that I’ve got most of my short term memory back, I can finally start picking up the pieces, metaphorically speaking.

Doing that is going to take some time out of my upcoming days.

Maybe in my very temporary mostly absence, we’ll have some guest posts by Puggg to tide my peanut gallery over.

Questioning Diversity Is Now Cool (Unless It Isn’t)

17 01 2018

Los Angeles

Jonah Goldberg, supposedly questioning diversity, in the LAT.


I should have figured this off top due to the parenthetical ethnicity and neoconservative politics of the author, but each time I read it, the less impressed I am with it.

This is nothing more than Jonah Goldberg griping that supposedly color blind and supposedly race neutral egalitarian lamestream conservatism is dying.

In contrast, that it is dying makes me happy, because it means the end of the only remaining credible political space for race denial. Once it’s gone, then white people will have to pick either the side that hates them for who they are, or loves them for who they are. We won’t be able to hide behind touchy feel good egalitarian tripe any longer. And even if white people initially pick the “hate ourselves” side, it would be hardly the worst thing in the world, as anyone who has taken enough psych courses can tell you, inordinate hate and inordinate love are two sides of the same coin, and one can instantly flip to another. (Which is why Jews are suspicious about philo-Semitism, because a lover can become a hater on a dime.)

Which means that it will continue to be the case that only Question Diversity will be questioning diversity.