Third Option

5 07 2015


“No” wins, so now we’ll sit back and see how far the pile of dominoes falls.

UK Telegraph:

Greece has become a battleground for the worst ideas of the 20th century

There will be no winners in this showdown between Left-wing fantasists and the European project’s true believers

Ctrl+F “Golden Dawn” yields no results.

They can only think in terms of two options, and little ole me in the middle of flyover country on the other side of the world can come up with a third option? Come on now.

Also, this thing polled at 57% yes one week ago, but the actual vote was 61% no.  Recent months have not been kind to scientific polling.

Meet the New Boss, Samer Than the Old Boss

5 07 2015




Let me quote the same paragraph from Vox Day that I quoted here six days ago:

White Christian conservative attachment to the Constitution and traditional American ideals such as representative democracy are consequences of their deeper attachments. Once those connections severed, they are simply a larger, more dedicated, more effective, and better-armed group playing the game of power. I tend to doubt post-democracy is going to be all that those celebrating it now believe it will be.

You leftist loons are playing with fire.  If you get what you want, and provided the greater American right can kick its addiction to the opiate of ideology, these will be your new rulers, or at least the people enforcing the will of your new rulers.


They’re Not Real

5 07 2015

Silicon Valley

What if the big name SF-SV CSIT-STEM firms found their Ben Carsons?

The same people who are bitching today about the lack of SV diversity (i.e. the lack of blacks) will then call those people every name they’re now calling Ben Carson:  Coon (*), Uncle Tom, trimmer, buck dancing, soft shoe, tap dancing, sellout, he’s not real.

(*) – “Coon,” traditionally one of our anti-black pejoratives, is now an intraracial insult among blacks.

Independence Weekend Wrap-Up

3 07 2015

Don’t expect much new material in this space until Monday.


Turns out the transfer reform bill that Nixon vetoed was worse than I thought, because it got a last minute poison pill amendment that would have allowed for students who are in unaccredited schools within otherwise accredited districts.  I’m glad Nixon vetoed it.

*  If you’re white and anywhere close to Bell Curve City, you’d have to be the dumbass of all dumbasses to want to impersonate a cop in this day and age.  Getting made and caught for your stunt isn’t your biggest danger.  Because, #BlackLivesMatter.


“Scales back deportations?”  How is that even mathematically possible?

In that which there are both kinds of Indians.  Both dot and feather.

*  Wait, what?  I thought fences didn’t work.  I thought there were always ladders a foot taller than the fence.

I’m happy with the outcome, but I noticed something.  One hint is that this is in my immigration section.

*  Hey, intersectional leftists, start whacking your hammers, because I’m sure this gives you an orgasm.

*  The slightly cracked rhetorical door that Scott Walker left for himself to open and run right through in order to get back to open borders when he started to pretend to be an immigration patriot for a few weeks, he just went through.  Though I didn’t need to know this, because of his support for the TPP, which is de facto supporting immigration surges.  In related news, look who he has brought onto this staff.

*  The story about the SF camera crew getting jacked turns out to have had a hook to immigration; see below in the National section.


*  It’s official:  Baltimore PD admits to surrendering to the black undertow.  And I don’t buy this line about “they wanted to save lives before property,” because riots usually wind up killing people.

Indianapolis calls in the Feds to help combat its own black undertow. Speaking of Indianapolis, five shot within fifteen minutes there last night; I guess they were trying to set some sort of speed record.

*  One of you asked me about this hypothetical scenario, which turned out not to be so hypothetical.

*  Look, ma!  Look who used to say something something not so good about gay “marriage.”

*  What if they gave an election and nobody came?  If it winds up being H-> versus Jeb!, we might get close to that.  News is starting to bubble up to the surface about how hardly anyone on the left or in the Democrat Party is really jazzed about HRC, and of course if Jeb! wins the nomination, it will be because he defaulted into it by winning so many crucial early primary states with puny pluralities.  The nadir of turnouts in Presidential elections is 49% in 1924 and 1996.

*  I’m telling you so often to grab the popcorn that we’re going to have so many popcorn grabbing opportunities in the next year or so leading up to and including the DNC 2016 in Philly, I think, that all that popcorn is going to wind up consuming all the corn harvest.

Some say this is cultural appropriation; I don’t think so.  I think there’s a very easy and philosophically consistent line that can be drawn between the actual real life event and this photographic imitation.

*  The recent hysteria over the cultural icons of old Dixie has also reignited the Indian team mascot nontroversy.  Now, Obama’s National Park Service is playing hardball on that front with efforts to build a new stadium for the Washington R******s.  Then I recall:  Didn’t that unmentionable NFL team name just get a new stadium just a few years ago?

*  They were there to do a report about a murder that happened very near there just a few hours before, and while they were there, they were robbed of their cameras and equipment and pistol whipped.  It says this happened at Pier 14 Embarcadero.  I looked that up on GM, and it looks like the last area where one would expect to be very dangerous.  Google has San Francisco offices there (separate from its world HQ down in the SV), and it doesn’t look to have any “affordable housing” nearby.  But, I did find a possible culprit, public transportation called BART has a stop right there.  UPDATE:  Turns out the murder at Pier 14 they were covering was done at the hands of that illegal alien who already had seven felony raps and was “deported” five times previously, so this story should really be in the immigration stack, but I’ll just make a note of it up there.  Also, when you read these crime stories about “he was previously deported x number of times,” it doesn’t mean he was actually physically removed x number of times then snuck back into the country x number of times.  No, in this case, being “deported” means getting a court order to deport, most of those orders are ignored.  So, he was “deported five times” in terms of his getting five court orders to go home, never actually going home.

If I was a parent, I’d want to know.  But I can’t work up the kind of outrage over this that is editorially displayed here.  I’m going to go out on a limb and surmise that the schools in Seattle mentioned here as participants have high NAM percentages.

“…was not the boy she remembered.”  Sure he wasn’t, but you have to consider the possibility that people change a lot between the ages of 11 and 49.


Ironically, Margaret Thatcher was one of the few Tory votes in favor of what turned out to be a successful bill to legalize male homosexuality in the UK.  It happened while she was a relatively young Tory back bencher.


That’s what you get for telling the truth, one day you’ll get drafted to play on the same guy you told the truth about, and then you’ll have to walk it all back.

Sweet dreams, you rat.

*  “Napoles tells Yahoo Parenting that she and her husband Andrew have been taking Desmond to watch the Pride March since he was 6 years old.”

And look what he was going two years later.  Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older, he will not depart from these ways.

“Aww, how cute.”

Aww, hell.  Eleven-year olds should not be involved in such serious relationships.  If at all.

A Whole New Army of What-The-Fuckers

29 06 2015


There’s a chance that last week wasn’t the beginning of a new dark era, but merely a matter of “darkest before the dawn.”

See this, this, this and this.

The last quote of Vox Day’s post is important:

White Christian conservative attachment to the Constitution and traditional American ideals such as representative democracy are consequences of their deeper attachments. Once those connections severed, they are simply a larger, more dedicated, more effective, and better-armed group playing the game of power. I tend to doubt post-democracy is going to be all that those celebrating it now believe it will be.

That and all of this means that last week may well have been the final straw that broke the back of lamestream conservatism as a serious governing ideology and also that of democratic republicanism and constitutionalism itself.  Their soon to be former adherents are finally starting to grok the obsolescence and uselessness of them all.  Some of you reading these words have known me at least semi-personally for almost twenty years, and if you are in that category, then I know you’ll agree that if someone told you back in 1996 that the me of 2015 would turn against democratic republicanism and turn against Constitutionalism, that is, the sort practiced by right-libertarians, fewer and fewer by the year, I might add, you would have never believed it.  So if I can convince myself to leave democratic republicanism behind based on events and circumstances, (what broke my back in that regard was the Central American Children’s Crusade of last summer, realizing that there was no way that “the system” was ever going to send them home), not to mention seeds of doubt planted in my mind by Mencius Moldbug and Hunter Wallace, then anyone can.  Last week created a whole new army of doubters and what-the-fuckers.

I left this, the 58th comment, at that Vox Day post:

We’re also experiencing peak baby boomer. The boomers now range between 55 and 69 years old, and are therefore at their zenith in terms of running things, exercising serious control over serious institutions. And it’s no surprise that such a narcissistic rotten spoiled generation that really had no real struggles would create the world that we’re in. The millennials are nothing more than the generation that you knew that their parents, the boomers, would beget.

I think that the boomers aging out of power positions will mean a huge paradigm shift. It’s only matter of a shift to what.

I could add to it, and will add to it here, that the American right is going to change once today’s current conservative Republican boomers, currently at their own zenith of influence, start aging out of power.  Less Reagan, more dark enlightenment.



Profiles In Cowardice

28 06 2015

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Me, June 2:

I have been amused for quite some time by this notion that some right-libertarians peddle when saying that public entities shouldn’t be in the marriage business, that marriage should be purely a contractual matter between interested individuals.  To me, that’s a cop-out, mainly because the right-libertarians who peddle it are caught in between the rock of being on the right and being around social issue conservatives and the hard place of being libertarian and therefore being scared witless of social issues.

“Cop-out,” “right-libertarian,” which points directly to…

Sunday Wrap-Up

28 06 2015


What do I think of what he’s about to do?  Well, in a song.

We have enough, without having to import any more.


How black of you, running to the Federal courts to make mean ole YT give you back your trophy and screaming racism int he process.


Didn’t anyone notice that a truck carrying lots of border crossing cards was in Mexico to begin with?  I wonder what that’s all about?  And if you think that these cards have been invalidated, then I have an unlimited credit platinum card to sell you.


*  Chris Christie announcing his Presidential campaign means that the number of Republican Presidential candidates has now increased from 13 to 15.

*  The disheartening news from the last two days of the workweek last week made me forget about something that I thought about, but thankfully someone else did — SCOTUS ruling the way it did on gay “marriage” means that, if they remain consistent, (and you can’t always count on that, to wit, the John Roberts of Thursday and the John Roberts of Friday read like two totally different people), then CCW permits must have full national reciprocity.

Elijah Cumstain be like:  Obama, please tell the Baltimore PD they can arrest people without your DOJ chimping out and filing brutality charges!   I guess this means that June in the Harm City was just as bad as May, but they’re not telling us.  Remember though, the Baltimore Six aren’t being strung up by Loretta Lynch, they’re being strung up by Marilyn Mosby, who pretty much openly stated that the riots were what drove her to file these charges.  And far from having to worry about Lynch or Mosby, the reason why cops fear having to enforce the law in Bell Curve City is that half of the black undertow will show up out of nowhere throwing rocks and bricks and maybe even poo.

*  Also out of Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan has signed off on the Maryland Purple Line.  You know, the one where residents of Montgomery County are praising a shrimp.

Why are they even bothering warning us?  If something like this happens, these same people will be telling us that it isn’t terrorism.  If anything, the thing to worry about next weekend will be the massive body and casualty counts out of bell curve cities.  Remember last year, the 4th itself was on a Friday, so there was a three day weekend, and Chicago had 14 murdered and 82 others shot.

Well, the good news is that somebody is standing up to the Taliban/ISIS.

News about a certain horrific violent crime that has totally fallen off the media’s cliff that we’re not supposed to notice.

Taking bets that people are going to be more mad at the cops for initiating the chase than at the driver for hitting the gas.  Even though the cops gave up the chase after a minute and fifteen seconds.

What’s the world coming to when $20 million won’t even get you a good quality mansion.


The way to get around this is to call them Pachystanis.

Self-driving vehicles, perfected not where you think.  Which would make sense, because their obstacles are few and their objectives are narrowly defined.


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