Vote Mary Pat Carl.

12 07 2020

Guest post by Puggg

If you can vote in the city of St. Louis, take a Democratic ballot on August 4 and vote Mary Pat Carl for Circuit Attorney.  Just to get Kimberly Gardner out of there.  This whole episode with the McCloskleys is all you really need to show why Gardner needs to be gone, even though there are many more reasons.

July 4 Weekend Open Thread.

3 07 2020

Guest post by Puggg

You read the title, so you know what to do.

Do your thing, puppies.

And have a happy 4th, because they’ll probably cancel it before there can be the next one.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 7

30 06 2020


The virus restrictions and lockdowns had threatened it, but enough of them have been lifted.

Frau. Blogmeister’s morning sickness would have been an issue, but it finally ended more than a week ago.  Speaking of, her morning sickness was rather longer and significantly worse than usual — It could mean nothing, or be indicative of something very germane to why she had morning sickness.  That we will find out when she has her sonogram in August.  Just to drop the hint, fraternal twinning runs in both of our families.  If our hunch and the hunch of Frau.’s physicians and also my mother-in-law comes true, because of the biology of the matter, the heritability is only mother-side relevant.  (Think it through — You’ve got a whole month to figure it out.)

So there’s nothing stopping us now, nothing precluding it.  Tomorrow, we depart for our honeymoon.

We’re planning on using the entire month of July, which actually is the traditional honeymoon month, as it was once called the “honey month.”  It’s just that our actual wedding wasn’t the traditional June one, and, as you all know, thank the stars that we planned it when we did.

I’ll be gone from here and my socials for the entire month, unless something big happens.  As much luck as we had for this honeymoon even to be happening as previously planned, in spite of everything, also counting the fact that July is probably going to be the Halcyon month in Frau.’s pregnancy, our luck will probably run out in that regard.  So I do anticipate something big happening. And that’s above and beyond the fact that my native city is currently in the process of losing its shit, and may not exist in any recognizable form one month from today; It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine.  But, if nothing really really really big happens, then my Gab, Minds and Twitter timelines will be empty, and all that you’ll see here are our favorite doggy’s occasional contributions.

Once we get back, then Frau.’s weight and appetite are going to start to pick up bigly.  If our aforementioned hunch is correct, then both will pick up even biglier than normal.

Until then, we’re going to enjoy life, enjoy this honeymoon, and the many places where we’re going.  Obviously, for our security, I won’t say where those places are, until well after the fact, at least not in specific terms.  However, and I will drop yet another hint:  If any one of you want me to bring back Dracula as a souvenir for you, just ask.


Rewinding more than a week, this Father’s Day was the first one that really mattered to me in awhile.  As you all know, my own father hadn’t been with it for the last several years of his life, so there seemed to be no point to bothering with FD.  FD in 2018 I was in this country as a tourist, and last FD was when I was in Wiesbaden rehabbing my legs, after the now Frau. Blogmeister and I had made our relationship official, but it would not be until mid-August that she would introduce me to my now in-laws including my now father-in-law.  So last year’s FD didn’t matter either.  In between those two FDs, as you know, he actually died.

But this year, I now have an actual father-in-law, Mein Schweigervater, and I know that I’ll be a father myself come next FD.  My father-in-law is actually more enthusiastically anxious to be, as the Germans informally call them, an “opa,” than either Frau. or I are to become a mother and father.


That’s it, for now.  Happy returns in a month.

Ball’s In Your Court

29 06 2020

Jackson, Mississippi

What happens or doesn’t happen next will tell me everything I need to know.

Will the supposedly most right-wing white people in the country organize to dox, harass and recall the white legislators who voted the wrong way, and organize to undo this via an initiative-petition measure (if available in the state)?

My cynicism informs me, well, just by saying that, you know what I think is going to happen. They’re going to pick football over taking their own side.

Cancel Culture Just Crossed the Rubicon

23 06 2020


Or, more accurately, the Colorado River of Texas.

I’m wondering why the fuck. Let me guess: His uncle was a cop, or something like that.

My favorite SRV, in fact, I think this is his perfect song:

Suspects in the Capt. Dorn Murder.

5 06 2020

Guest post by Puggg

This is from the SLMPD YouTube.

Poe’s Lawless

4 06 2020

Salzburg, Austria

Found on the wall of a school in Salzburg.

I place the odds at 50/50 that this thing is real BLM/Antifa on one hand, but trolling by someone on our side on the other.  What speaks to the latter is that it has “white” and seems a lot like the simple “It’s Okay to Be White” signs and literature.  That, and while Salzburg surely has Antifa, I doubt they have much in the way of real BLM.  OTOH, speaking for the notion that this is real, Salzburg’s Antifa probably does sympathize with American BLM.

That it’s in English probably doesn’t swing the scales one way or the other.  You’d think that it would be in German because it’s in Austria, but I’ve seen way too much English and too many Anglicisms and semi-Anglicisms in written public political and other very short form rhetoric in Austria and Germany.

Assassination Attempt.

2 06 2020

Guest post by Puggg

That’s what it was near SLMPD HQ overnight.  Someone tried to pull a Dallas.  Four were shot but none fatally.


1 06 2020

Los Angeles


“I saw this on the news earlier tonight,” she added, “and I thought, ‘No way is it really like that out there with the police.’ So I came out to see. And, yeah, it’s really like that. “We’re going to … get the backlash,” Travon Walton, a 25-year-old student from Long Beach, arrived in the Fairfax area in the afternoon to join the protests.

He said he saw many non-black protesters inciting the police from up close and worried that the black community would be blamed. “All the white people are in the front,” he said. “We’re going to be the ones that get the backlash.”

The White Allies Question has been really contentious among POC SJW for a long time.  One faction demands that white allies go to the front lines, in all senses of the phrase, because the theory is that WAs are absolutely necessary for change, because the big bad evil system won’t pay attention to POC, and besides, white people should be the first to fix the messes they made.  The other faction opposes this, because they figure, (correctly, IMHO), that WAs are only in it for some combination of virtue signaling, status signaling, attention seeking, resume-CV-application enhancement, and wolves-please-eat-us-last-ism.

What we have in the current week is a new argument against WAs — That they’re causing the most damage, (which is actually true, because generally, blacks are doing the looting, WAs are doing the major damage), for which black babies’ bodies will get the blame.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 6

31 05 2020


I’ll let the colorized version of one of the most memorable scenes in the entire history of television make the biggest announcement of my life.

Once upon a time, supposedly, Orson Welles scolded Ted Fonda to keep his “goddamned crayons” off of Citizen Kane.  But the reality is that colorization has gotten that good.  My very favorite Three Stooges episode was colorized in 2004, and it takes a really sharp and knowledgeable eye to tell that the color isn’t original.

But, back to the good news.

We found out some time during the month.  To protect our security, I’m not going to state here when in the month, so as not to make it easy for anyone to figure out our due date range, which we also already know.  As usual, I’ll tell you only if you ask and I trust you, and I’ll also include the summary of the back story, well, except for the most obvious detail, which all of you can infer.  Said back story contains four elements of special congruence, but that’s all I can say here.

Other than the fact that this is just the prime directive for living organisms on this planet, and we seem like we’re going to fulfill it successfully, the amazing part to this is just how unlikely it and everything that led up to it was for me, and how none of it was supposed to happen, especially as late as two years and change ago.

He or she will be the first grandchild for all four of his or her grandparents, late of my own father, and with the very high odds that my own mother will never see him or her in the flesh.


This has relevance to those two other people that have been a serial feature in this the RHOC series:  My sister-in-law, and her husband, the soyboy-in-law.

First off, the good news is that the one-two-three punch of our actually getting married, the Covid-19 lockdown, and our expecting, have finally forced my sister-in-law to give up on her treachery.  But more than that, and while no actual words have been spoken to prove it, I can see in their body language that these three recent major events are making them do good hard soul searching, to figure out what they really want out of life, and if whatever they decide for themselves going forward involves each other or nah.

So I’m going to make this prediction now:  Two years from today, May 31, 2022, they will be either one of two things but not both:  Parents, or divorced.

First St. Louis Death From George Floyd Rioting.

30 05 2020

Guest post by Puggg

It was this matter with the Fed Ex truck and driver on the near north side.

Open thread, on things going on around here, with the George Floyd matter spreading here now.


Minnesota Trail Mix

28 05 2020


Some random thoughts, subject to amendment and editing:

(1)  If there’s no new great revelation forthcoming, then just from the video, these cops were definitely in the wrong, and deserve what they (should) get.

(2)  I don’t think that our generally being for cops or against the black undertow should mean that we should in any way justify what happened here, once again, provided we already know everything we need to know.

(3)  In the last three incidents involving Minneapolis-St. Paul and area cops and deaths of civilians: George Floyd, Philando Castile and Justine Ruszczyk, of the cops involved in those incidents, you’ve had a Somalian, a Hispanic, and a Vietnamese.  Which speaks to how the affirmative action mania in law enforcement recruitment, hiring and promotion is probably making these things worse, not better.

(4)  It may be unfair, but it’s just a fact of life: When left with uncertainty otherwise about a given matter, people make assessments and judgments about the matter based on the behavior and antics of those who do or claim to have taken a strident solid side on the matter.

In the Floyd matter, the apparent facts are squarely against the cops.

However, people are going to interpret otherwise merely because of these riots and protests with benefits.  I can guarantee you that a lot of people who were on Floyd’s side of the matter based on the initial video are starting to question their assessment as they watch video of the riots.

Bad optics, bad PR.

(5)  Remember, these things are not expressions of hopelessness, they’re impressions of actual or perceived power.  They’re victory celebrations by any other means.  Remember my axiom that, when it comes to the history of race riots in the United States that involve black and white issues, before 1963, they were almost entirely white-led and were almost always precipitated by frustration over black violent street crime, while after 1963, they were almost entirely black-led and almost entirely were precipitated by a questionable police or law enforcement action that resulted in the death or serious injury of a black civilian.

(6)  The cops are not going to respond to these incidents too intensely, because the “best practices” strategy on small scale urban riots is to let them burn out on their own energy. Which is why, five years ago, then Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, during that city’s riots, used the words “space to destroy,” which was merely and very inelegantly parroting the establishmentarian strategy.  Which is, to keep the enforcement wall at a Goldilocks zone between too far out and too close in, too far out and they can destroy too much, while too far in only fuels their anger (remember, they’re already mad at cops).

(7)  The MSTP area was a sitting duck for this kind of event, because it’s a stew pot of the worst pathologically altruistic pandering white people, the worst domestic black people who moved there for the generous welfare, and now, relatively recent immigration from black East Africa.  It’s the same reason why the largest white-black racial gaps when it comes to education, crime, prosperity, incarceration, etc. are found in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

(8) Contra the mayor of Minneapolis, if George Floyd was white, he still would have died, but the event would have only been local news and only for a very short time. Needless to say, among other things, a certain Minneapolis Target will still have fully stock shelves right now. In fact, it did happen to Justine Ruszczyk in his own city, and that eventuated a payout that the mayor himself had to sign off on.

(9) As a generality, in MSTP, blacks are doing the looting and stealing, white Antifa types are doing the destructive violence.

(10)  Over the weekend, both the Minnesota Governor and Minneapolis Mayor tried to float the “it’s all outsiders-white supremacists-Russians-etc.”  Everyone knows that’s typical CYA, because no politician wants to blame publicly their own constituents.

(11)  But, to that point, “out of town” are weasel words.  Because some of these looters or rioters may have come from as far away as St. Paul.  Really though, during Ferguson, we got the “out of town” BS, when “out of town” simply meant mostly from other places in the metro area.  I snarked back then that “some came from as far away as Jennings.”

(12)  I do think the first autopsy report on Floyd moves the needle in my head, but not enough to where I’m either on the cop’s side, or to the point where I think that there won’t be a court conviction against him.

(13)  MSTP and elsewhere, does anyone else see a big “petard hoisted own” quality to these riots and looting?  Hell, I even saw a gang of em take out after CNN HQ in Atlanta.

Sky Is Falling, Part Whatever

27 05 2020

Lake of the Ozarks

I see from afar that the St. Louis media are convinced that ZOMG WERR DOOMED LOL~!!!!!11!1!1 because there was a big outdoor pool party at the Lake of the Ozarks over the weekend where the participants were packed slightly more tightly than six feet apart.  One of the people peddling the superspreader hysteria is a physician who also happens to be St. Louis County Executive right now.  Meaning, someone who should know better.

Here’s why I highly doubt this will be a superspreader event, three factors are working against it at the same time:

(1)  Outdoors.  It has been documented all the way to the Moon and back that the virus we’re all worried about spreads far more easily in indoor rather than outdoor environments, all other factors being equal.  This was an outdoor party.

(2)  Warm weather.  It has also been documented all the way to the Moon and back that warm weather greatly impedes the spread of this virus.  From the video, if people were comfortable enough to be in a pool in warm weather pool-appropriate clothing, then the weather must have been pretty warm.

(3)  Asymptomatic individuals.  Presumably, nobody there was showing any symptoms, and if they were, they didn’t go.  So, the people who were there who were carrying the virus, and per the law of averages, I would bet that number is more than one, were asymptomatic carriers.  Once again, to the Moon and back, it’s close to impossible for asymptomatic carriers to spread the virus.

Because science.

Online Lace

26 05 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

I had been deluding myself and blinding myself to the truth.

But I had no choice, this past Thursday, May 21, to conclude that it was the day the Alt-Right died.

On that day, I had to read some 6500 words published on the previous day, written by someone who is ordinarily and in many ways the closest analogue to myself that one could find in the (or should I say more accurately now, former) sector, praising and gushing all over:


Since then, I’ve also had to read explicit or implicit support of Joe Biden from the ex-sector.








And all this isn’t counting the hiding under the bed and China-praising that has emanated from some in the ex-sector in the last three months, one of the prime sources of this is someone who comes off the same coaching tree as myself.  Five’ll-getchya-ten that two years from today he’ll be part of Antifa.  That’s not as crazy as it sounds, because others who used to be part of the ex-sector have taken pretty similar paths.

I would say here I’m not naming any other names so as not to start beef, which the ex-sector needs more of like it needs a hole in its head, but at this point, it seems moot.  The reason I’m not naming names is because I personally would rather not have the hassle.

Otherwise, many of you already grokked the hint to the song reference in the title.  For those of you that haven’t, here ya be.

The Bloomin Onion, In The Flesh.

20 05 2020

Guest post by Puggg

Remember the building that our normal host called the Bloomin Onion?  Well it’s just about done, so I just wanted to show you this link to the news story to what this thing looks like in real life.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve been doing alright.  I haven’t come down with anything, even though, as you all know, I did some international travel back in about the beginning of March.  The job has kept me devilishly busy.

I Have a Few Questions

30 04 2020


Today, the German Federal government officially banned the Hezbollah in Germany organization, complete with raids in quite a few cities.

A few questions:

(1)  What took them so long?  After all, “Hezbollah” should be obvious.

(2)  Why are there so many Hezbollah adherents in Germany, such that there needed to be police raids in many cities?

(3)  Is the official prohibition happening during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic hysteria just a coincidence, or did someone credible get enough evidence that Hezbollah in Germany was planning some sort of biological warfare?

The American Left’s Hostility to Reopening the Economy, Explained

27 04 2020

New York

Ignore all their smokescreen and fluff arguments.  It all boils down to four things:

(1)  The grand strategy of keeping the economy wrecked, with the perhaps vain hopes that voters take it out on Trump in November.

(2)  If there’s a two-foot snow blizzard in New York City but nowhere else, there’s a two-foot snow blizzard everywhere, so goes the old saying.  Covid-19 in the United States has been disproportionately a New York City and region problem, therefore…

And of course, the New York-based national media don’t want anyone or any thing else to reopen before they can.  Like Dennis Prager said, if half of Montana was closed for a viral infection but hardly anywhere else, New York City wouldn’t shut down.

(3)  Democrat-left upscale voters tend to have some combination of relatively guaranteed paychecks and/or income sources, and/or the sorts of jobs and professions that can be done sequestered for relatively extended lengths of time.  Meaning they’re too myopic and arrogant to understand the kind of people that need an open circulating society in order to make a living.

(4)  Accelerationism isn’t just our sector’s problem, the left also has one.  And for a certain element of the left, they’re using the economic shutdown as an opportunity to try to wreck it all the way, so that they can rebuild it in their utopian ideological image.


The soft quarantine, shelter-in-place, social distancing, gathering prohibitions, by themselves, cannot and will not prevent any significant numbers of serious illnesses and deaths from Covid-19.  That won’t happen until we get one or more of the magic troika of widespread testing, vaccine and herd immunity.  The purpose of the soft quarantine provisions isn’t to save lives or prevent serious illnesses, because, now you know, they can’t.  The purpose is to keep the rate of serious illnesses and deaths at any one time, especially at the peak of the bell curve, low enough, such that it does not strain the capacity of hospitals, clinics, health care professionals and the health care system in general.  Without any one of the magic troika, the only thing the soft quarantine provisions can do is the epidemiological equivalent of kicking the can down the road.


I wrote this as a comment to one of my own recent posts, but I’ll make it more visible:

TDS might explain some of the jihad against Hydroxychloroquine. But I think there’s a more practical reason, and one hint to it is that there is not a jihad against it on this continent. Hydroxychloroquine is off-patent, and the American pharmaceutical industry would really like a widespread drug treatment regimen that is on-patent. Therefore, they’re manufacturing a rage and hate machine against the off-patent solution, and winding up the politicians they’ve bought off and the mainstream news media sources they have implicit power over due to their advertising accounts with media conglomerates, to do it.

Ambition, Or the Lack Thereof

21 04 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Here’s how you can easily tell a lot about a person:

Ask him or her or it:

When you wake up in the morning, and power on some device, what is the first thing you’re reading or looking at?

Discuss among yourselves, even though it should be obvious I’m leading to a point, which I will eventually fill in, if one of you doesn’t get to it first.

Where Do We Go From Here?

19 04 2020

Wuhan, China

Before I start, I have some personal good news:  Frau. Blogmeister returns to her job in full capacity and actually doing the job where it is, starting tomorrow morning.  My work necessarily involves being around serendipitous groups of relatively random people, so it won’t be back to full strength until later.  But I’ve still been able to do a percentage of it from home, and starting this week, that percentage increases.

We also found out last week something that increased the odds that we will be able to go on our planned July honeymoon close to 100%.

So it looks like we’re very close to the end of the tunnel.

That said, I have three scenarios about what’s up ahead once we’re out of the tunnel.

I’ve been saying here and elsewhere during all this that, because I know the shamelessness of the narrativemongers and the will to power of their bosses, that I don’t think the whole globalist project is necessarily kaput because of this.  In fact, I’ve seen some well written articles from Alt-Lite sources in the last week predicting that and how the globalist overclass will in fact hit the gas on their mentality.

What I do think is that, in spite of what will probably be some futile lobbying on the part of business interests in the West not to retaliate against China, the real globalist overclass is going to be mad at Beijing for awhile. How mad they’ll be depends on what kind of smoking guns we get from Wuhan over just how Sars-CoV-2 was born.

If it was just the wet markets, and that’s so far my Occam’s Razor conjecture, then that’s the best case scenario for the world, because it will mean the world putting relatively benign and painless pressure on Beijing and the CCP to get them to ban wet markets.

The other scenarios aren’t so good: If this was a lab accident combined with a CCP coverup designed with the purpose of CCP CYA and allowing this bug to spread to the West, we’re looking at Cold War II.

If there’s any kind of evidence that this was some sort of deliberate biological warfare, a microscopic Pearl Harbor, we’re looking at World War III.

(White) Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

16 04 2020


Because social science.

Notice the second bar graph. You have ten bars, five categories for the ideologies, and each one is broken down into whites and non-whites. All but two of the categories are pretty close, but then you’ll notice the significantly high percentage for white liberals and white extreme liberals, and how in both categories, they’re much higher than non-whites of the same ideological stripe.

This does not offer a theory, and since this site is normiecon, I doubt they’d get what I think is the correct one even if they did try. But I think most of us reading these words have already figured it out: The way that modern left of center ideology, both mainstream left and extreme left, is constituted, it necessarily requires white people who ascend to it to work blatantly and openly against white group interests. (Normie conservatism does too, but way more implicitly.) Therefore, the kind of white people who become moderate or extreme liberals have to be some sort of crazy. In contrast, non-white moderate or extreme liberals aren’t any more or less crazy than usual, because they’re merely advocating an ideology that works in their best interests as a group.

Universe of Inches

8 04 2020

Middleburg, Virginia

In a slightly different universe, Linda Tripp would have been universally lauded as a #MeToo whistleblower protecting a vulnerable young woman against a predatory male boss.

Aging Process

6 04 2020

Wuhan, China

The main reason that the world’s elites allowed China to become the workshop of the world is because we have an incumbent global elite that, because of the lingering trauma of the two World Wars, is way more scared of military aggression than economic skulduggery. They figure you can fix economic problems in the mix, while military invasions and global warfare and its consequences aren’t so easy to fix.

So they countenanced and oversaw the transmission of a lot of manufacturing to China, because they gambled that an increasingly prosperous domestic Chinese population would magically create political inertia that would inevitably result in them rebelling against their “Communist” rulers, and converting China into a liberal democracy (generic terms). And that was the end game — Making sure that China’s growing military power was commanded by liberal democrats (again, generic terms) instead of aggressive pseudo-communists.

That mentality…didn’t age well.


2 04 2020

Luxembourg City

The last few weeks have shown the European Union as the most useless institution in the world that supposedly otherwise matters.

As if to take advantage of the timing, the European Court of (In)Justice ruled today that the Eastern European countries that refused to take in “migrants” during the 2015 Hegira broke EU rules.

Collective yawn.

Of course, the Hegira itself was set off by one of Merkel’s bureaucratic flunkies sending a single tweet indicating a policy change within Germany, which itself broke EU rules.


2 04 2020


In case you haven’t figured it out by now:

The reason the world media are trashing Viktor Orban for being legislatively granted the same level of power that Angela Merkel and Bill DeBlasio have right now, is because we all know that Orban will use his powers in furtherance of the idea that Hungarians have specific group and tribal interests.  Merkel and DeBlasio, not so much.

Why Pelosi Is Stonewalling

27 03 2020

Washington, D.C.

Why is Nancy Pelosi gumming up the works to get the Covid-19 stimulus bill passed?

There’s the obvious reason:  Whenever there’s a big important bill that is going to be signed, everyone and their brother and sister who happened to win one of 535 certain elections is going to load it down with their pet rhinestones.

But there’s another reason, which points to political psychology and positioning, in light of what will theoretically happen in November.

The moment Trump inks the bill, he will have instantly moved to the left of Joe Biden, and as left wing as Bernie Sanders, on economic issues and other adjacent issue bases.  Which means that, no matter where you look on the political spectrum, with the exceptions of the most extremes of the right and left, Trump will at least partially fill the atmosphere.

Pelosi knows that her letting go of the bill will mean that whatever tiny chances her party’s nominee to had to win in November, (if November happens in the way it normally should), are kaput.  So, she’s going to use the opportunity to get as much as possible for her individual caucus members, and the House Democrats’ collective interests.

Christmas Cheer.

22 03 2020

Guest post by Puggg

That 102.5 station is spending this weekend raising our spirits here in the coronavirus times by running the same 20 Christmas songs into the ground that they normally do every November and December.

But, since there were snow flurries this morning, it seemed like good timing.

Census 2020 in 13 Languages.

13 03 2020

Guest post by Puggg

I got my Census fill out form in the mail today.  But it was just two sheets, because it’s an online form.  The first sheet has the web address and the unique pin or security code.

The second sheet has brief instructions on the front side, then the help phone number on the back side.  It has those things in 13 languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog, Polish, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Japanese.

I’m sure all of you will have lots of fun with that in the comment section below.  If nothing else, it’ll take our minds off the grind of the non stop corona virus news.

Timing Is Everything

12 03 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

It’s a damned good thing we got married when we did, this past Saturday.

If we would have waited as much as one week, then none of the six people from back in St. Louis who came, including my quasi-uncle slash best man, would have wanted to come, out of fears that they wouldn’t have been able to go home, or that they would have had to have gone under mandatory quarantine once they got back.

I’ll go into more detail later, but, while I was anticipating my quasi-uncle slash best man as the only one of my people there, he wound up surprising me by bringing along five other people:  His wife, his older sister slash my aunt by way of being the ex-wife of my youngest and as of June late blood uncle, their daughter who is a first cousin of mine, the only actual blood relative of the bunch, the retired pastor of my boyhood Lutheran church whose daughter is a high school classmate of mine, and our very own Puggg.  After being so surprised, I soon got to work, working in the second-to-last into the ceremony, and making the last my second best man, and of course, he fully anticipated being asked to do that.

Considering that I had tempered and realistic expectations based on how short order was this ceremony, and that it wasn’t an insignificant trip from Cologne, things turned out even better than my most optimistic expectations.  Again, I’ll elaborate later.

But, back to the matter at hand, all six of them are going to get tested for COVID-19.  The first four are all at least 69 years old, my cousin and Puggg were both born in the first half of the 1970s.

Note:  While COVID-19 hysteria hasn’t affected my job, as of this morning, Frau. Blogmeister’s workplace has been shut down for the rest of this week and at least all of next, in one of the two ways she does it.  In the other way she does it, she can and is still doing that.

Later Edit:  I’m adding the words “Real Housewives of Cologne” in the text of this post for reasons.  I should have entitled this with the RHOC series, but it’s too late now.


On Hazony

9 02 2020

Rome;  London

Yes, I made it to Hamburg in one piece, and in fact, survived the first weekend, here in the open air insane asylum.

A recent HW post over at OD made me think of another city where I was recently, and it also gives me the opportunity officially to register my assessment of the political question at hand.

Even if you don’t want to think that Hazony’s outfit is nothing more than a mass effort of political co-option, the main problem with it is that Hazony is trying to create a political sector and space, that is trying to split the uprights between three forces that want nothing to do with one or both of the others for varying reasons, if they’re all honest: Organized activist Jewish interests, proper nationalists, and official lamestream conservatives. People invested in one of them will bash and trash Hazony, his sector and anyone who associates with it, because it contains enough elements with at least one if not both of the others.


(1)  Organized activist Jewish interests are doing well enough on their own.  They certainly hate proper nationalists, and, while there are plenty of Jewish lamestream conservatives, OAJI really have no need for official lamestream conservatism.  To put it another way, if OLC, Republican Party-ism in the United States, Toryism in Britain, Liberalism in Australia, Christian Democracy in Germany, etc., and their underpinning ideologies, totally disappeared at this moment, it wouldn’t matter to OAJI, and it wouldn’t affect them one bit.  So why would OAJI have any truck or need for a movement which is close enough to a sector they hate and another they don’t need?  There’s nothing in it for them.

(2)  Official lamestream conservatism doesn’t do nationalism, and, in their opinion, they’re doing well enough without it, even though they’re doing “well” in a pride-cometh-before-the-fall sense of speaking.  OLC obviously slobbers over OAJI, even though, like I wrote above, OAJI don’t need OLC, so the antipathy that OLC has toward Hazonyism has far more to do with it being “too close” to proper nationalism.  Of course, that was the point of the OD article I linked to at the beginning, the Tories thumping one of their own for going to Rome.

(3)  A majority of proper nationalists think that Hazony is nothing more than a deliberate con artist, trying to co-opt the growing popnat sector in order to keep it from hurting OAJI and/or OLC.  My assessment (a mere two paragraphs away) is not quite as uncharitable, and it’s probably the least mean and cynical you’ll find in our sector.  But still nowhere near laudatory or positive.  No matter what, proper nationalists maintain somewhere between bearish (at “best”) and not wanting to touch it with a ten billion foot pole (at “worst”) posture toward Hazonyism.

So, that’s why Hazonyism is unsustainable, because it’s trying to broker a compromise between three much more powerful sectors that don’t want or need the other two, and don’t like or need his OAJI-OLC-PN mashup ideology.

My take on Hazony, like I wrote above, is the least uncharitable you’ll probably find from our sector, the proper nationalist one.  He does not strike me as a deliberate con artist.  I think he’s just plain ole naive.  I think he happens to like some of the ground-level features and agenda of proper nationalism while not liking the gestalt (which literally translates to “shape” or “form”) of it.  To put it another way, he likes the lyrics, but not the melody.  So he’s trying to work the same lyrics around a different melody, but he won’t exactly wind up with a hit record.

If you think this assessment sounds a little familiar, then it should — This was similar to what I thought of Rand Paul.  I figured way back when, circa 2013, that his attempt to triangulate between his father’s right-libertarian “Dr. No” purism and invade-the-world invite-the-world neoconservatism was untenable, because both bookends hated the other, and weren’t interested in any compromise halfway house ideology between them.  Turns out that was spot on, if you want to use Rand Paul’s 2016 Presidential candidacy as proof.  Even though Trump getting in changed everything.  But, even if Trump didn’t, I still don’t think Rand Paul would have done much better than he did in the real world with Trump in.  In retrospect, the biggest problem with Rand Paul’s compromise ideology was that it was trying to triangulate between one bookend which was already a political cuss word (“neocon”) and another which could never punch through in a major political sense these days.  It would have been like trying to tie a rope between the Titanic and the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Note:  I could have gone to this shindig in Rome if I wanted.  It’s just that I’ve already been to Rome, so I feel no need to go back there this soon after having already been.  Hazony’s conference in Rome came too close to me getting ready to come here to Hamburg, and also happened at the same time when the soon-to-be Mrs. Blogmeister and I still have a lot of work to to to get ready for the wedding, in spite of just about all the important features being a done deal since just about the end of last month.  If I would have been able to go, I would have met Mr. Hazony, and therefore, would at this moment have an accurate direct personal first hand reading of him.  When I say that he doesn’t strike me as a deliberate con artist, it’s not because I have yet actually met him;  Meeting him might have changed my mind.

All Hype

6 02 2020


The hype of what happened yesterday in Thuringia, both on the part of our sector’s jubilation, and the media/left/Antifa hate-filled rage, was way disproportionate to the reality.

With the way AlexG, AliceW, JorgM, TinoC, celebrated yesterday, you would have thought that we just won a national absolute majority in the Bundestag.  With the way the media, left and Antifa went bonkers, you would have thought that YKW was successful in his Munich putsch and marched into Berlin.

For one, the FDP state PM, Thomas Kemmerich, was from the party that barely crossed the 5% threshold back in October’s elections, so you had to figure that his executive leadership was going to be the least legitimate.

For two, the football spiking on the part of AfD big wheels, mirrored by the media, left and Antifa hysteria, was unfounded, (even though getting Bozo out of power was worthy enough, I suppose), because Kemmerich was promising to assemble a minority legislative coalition behind him that did not include either the AfD or Die Linke.  The only hand the AfD played into making Kemmerich the PM (very temporarily, as it turned out) was that, after the AfD’s candidate was eliminated after the first round of voting, AfD legislators went for him in the subsequent rounds, entirely to stick to Bozo.  (Works like IOC members choosing an Olympics host city, with each round, the last place finisher is eliminated, which frees its supporters to go behind other cities, until you’re down to two cities, and then it’s just a matter of which one gets more votes than the other.)  But, like I said, they were backing someone who wasn’t going to include them in a numerically minority governing coalition.

For three, I thought this whole hobcobble was unsustainable, and just an interesting one-day sideshow to what I and everyone else knew was the inevitability of new snap elections, but I just thought that it would last for more than 24 hours.

And now that it has already fallen apart, the media, left and Antifa are going to get their wish of new elections, and they’re going to get it good and hard.  Be careful what you wish for, like they say.  Because the end result is that Die Linke will be weaker, the AfD stronger, and therefore, even more gridlock and an even smaller chance of forming a stable government.

Then there was the rose throwing incident, which came mere hours after Nancy Pelosi ripped up the papers.  Must be something in the air.  Symbolically, a bouquet of red roses was supposed to be transferred from the outgoing PM, Bozo Ramelow, to the newly enshrined one, the aforementioned Thomas Kemmerich.  But the young woman who had that duty threw the bouquet on the floor at Kemmerich’s feet.

Speaking of elections, I head to Hamburg tomorrow.  Which was going to be something enough by itself, but now that it comes on the heels of this clusterfuck, and will be in an actual Antifa stew pot, it’ll be all the more interesting, and maybe even risky.