Weekend Open Thread.

15 09 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Check out the guy on the right’s t-shirt.

The complaint is that these barriers make the area look like a “war zone” and “some third world nation” like “Somalia, Afghanistan, whatever”.  Maybe that’s because it is all those things.

I remember 4 years ago exactly that black lives were supposed to matter at the corner of West Florissant and Canfield.

Now, puppies, what’s on your mind?  Have at it.


The Selfish Gene

10 09 2018

Cologne;  Chemnitz

Before I ride out, I want to put in my two cents on a story that broke on Labor Day.

It’s this business about putting the AfD under surveillance.

Personal, selfish motivation.

Let me unpack.

You may remember several weeks back that I brought you the story about the Reichsbuerger.  I told you to read the story on both sides of the page:  The American way to interpret it is that the retarded American media were trying to make them out to be the same as extreme libertarian individualist sovereign citizen types, when anyone who is longing for the Kaiserreich is the philosophical polar opposite of that mentality.  The German way to interpret it is that since the German domestic intelligence agency put out this report, the BfV, which is actually based here in Cologne next to a shopping mall, it was doing so at the behest of Horst Seehofer, who runs the Federal cabinet agency, the Interior Ministry, that oversees the BfV, and he did it as an end run implicit dog whistle “smear” of the AfD. As you can read in my comments in that blog post, the original article was later amended with weasel fears that the AfD has “infiltrated” the BfV, when all that means is that long time BfV bureaucrats who voted CDU or another party for a long time switched to AfD starting last year when they figured the AfD gave them a better deal. It’s as stupid as saying that the Republicans or Democrats have “infiltrated” the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The AfD is too new for any deliberate “infiltration” efforts in the literal classic sense of the word to have yet yielded fruit, so what representation it has in public governance agencies, both flesh-level law enforcement and white collar duties, is purely a matter of “defectors,” not “infiltrators.” Though for obvious reasons, the use of words like infiltration and defection only serves rhetorically to otherize the AfD, which may be fine with those who use them, but is not fine by me, and shouldn’t be fine by anyone with a brain.

Aside, also geographically close by is the national personnel/recruitment office for the German military (Bundesamt für das Personalmanagement der Bundeswehr or BAPersBw) — Because the German military is still to this day treaty-limited in terms of total enlistment and the scope of its engagement ability, (you know, losing two major wars, or something like that), and its total enlistment is well below its legal maximum, you can predict that that building is not and does not need to be a very big one, and you would be correct.  I could imagine BfV and BAPersBW employees bickering over which joint in the mall’s food court to do lunch.

Back to the point, it’s not an end run or an implicit dog whistle anymore.  And because the rhetoric is more naked and direct, the motivation is easier for more people to understand.  Horst’s Ass by his own admission lives in mortal fear of the AfD for personal and political reasons.  He not only leads the Interior Ministry, but is also the Bundestag leader of the Bavaria-only Christian Social Union (CSU), a party that is in permanent coalition with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), so much so that it’s not unfair to think that the CSU is nothing more than the Bavarian CDU.  And as I saw during the summer while in Munich, the CSU very recently built a brand new building for its HQ, with its big mortgage payment.  October 14 looms close and large on the calendar, the day of the elections for the Bavarian state government, der Bayerischer Landtag.  Currently, the CSU holds 101 of the 180 seats in that fine august legislative body.  But the AfD has it within very easy reach to send CSU below an absolute majority, and has a good enough chance to take so many seats from it that it won’t be able to form a government in the only state where it even exists, and there’s a fair-outside chance the AfD becomes the largest even if not majority party.

So it’s easy to understand why Horst’s Ass will pull out all the stops, including now directly ordering the quaint little domestic intel agency next to a shopping mall to treat the AfD like some sort of criminal conspiracy.  As October 14 gets closer, he is going to get more and more desperate, and his dirty tricks will get worse.  Joining him will be alle pferde des königs und alle männer des königs, not the least of which will be the two major newspapers in Munich/Bavaria, the Münchner Merkur (“Munich Mercury,” politically aligned with the CSU) and the Süddeutsche Zeitung (“South Germany Newspaper,” politically aligned with the SPD), the latter being larger and more prominent.

Coincidentally, my business itinerary for the near future has me in Munich on October 14.

“Whatever could you possibly mean by that, Blogmeister?,” in my best Frank Underwood voice.

Interpret as you will.

Now I’m out.

Except When It Does.

5 09 2018

Guest post by Puggg

You know how they tell us to ignore black crime because it doesn’t affect us and doesn’t affect anyone but the wrong people?

That’s right!  Because it never affects anyone but the wrong people.  Except when it does.


3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in the Rhine-Ruhr Region of Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be sparse going forward.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — If I experience any significant progression or regression in my recovery, I or our favorite doggy will let you know, and this post will be appendaged. As of the time of my moving, my cognitive functioning has mostly recovered in full, but my physical functioning is still far from it, I’m still in a wheelchair during waking hours more often than not, and if I can stay upright on two feet, it’s for an hour at the longest, usually less.

Just Count Them.

29 08 2018

Guest post by Puggg

You don’t need to put shots of the crowd through software programs to see who they are.  All you need to do is count heads at the turnstiles.

And this business about 12-15% but it doesn’t reflect the city?  The whole metro area they say is 18% black.  The team isn’t just for the actual city that it’s in.

Read more.

Because of the Lyrics…

29 08 2018

…this is the greatest bluegrass song ever written.

The lyrics mean a lot to the version of me that has been through all I have since July 19, 2017 to what will be next week.

Learning German 101

29 08 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

The German language has a knack for mashing together simple words into a single compound word that’s 87 letters long with nine umlautted vowels and ending in either F or G, and the compound word properly translated almost has nothing to do with the literal translations or meanings of any of the constituent part simple words.