Patterson’s First Axiom

17 01 2017

Santa Monica, California

LAT, on how Stephen Miller became Stephen Miller in spite of his FDR-style liberal Jewish Santa Monica household:

“These challenges were some of the toughest I faced in life,” Miller said in an interview. “When we think of nonconformity, we tend to imagine kids in the ’60s rebelling against ‘the system.’ This was my system. My establishment was a dogmatic educational system that often uniformly expressed a single point of view.”


Santa Monica was experiencing growing pains as Miller came of age at the start of the 21st century. The city was transforming from a laid-back coastal community of rundown rent-controlled apartments into an upscale celebrity and tourist mecca. But it still suffered from entrenched working-class poverty and on-again, off-again gang violence.

Samohi, the city’s biggest public high school, served as a laboratory for addressing the clash between cultures and rising income inequality.

These were the late 1990s, the years immediately after a mostly white jury acquitted Los Angeles police officers in the beating of motorist Rodney King, sparking days of civil unrest; when Latino students staged walkouts to protest Proposition 187, a California ballot measure that would have prohibited children who illegally immigrated from going to public schools or receiving government-paid medical care.

Miller grew up in the tony north-of-Montana neighborhood, the middle child, in a Jewish family of longtime Franklin Roosevelt Democrats. He played tennis and golf. But their status abruptly shifted when his parents’ real estate company faltered and the family moved to a rental on the south side of town.


By the time Miller began his freshman year in 1999, minority students were the majority on campus, and the community was engulfed in conversations about race and class. The district was working to improve the educational outcomes for all students, not just the wealthier graduates scooped up by Stanford University and UC Berkeley, in part by emphasizing an inclusiveness that has become a mainstay at schools elsewhere today.

Emphasis mine, and key to understanding the whole thing.

Hi Barack!

16 01 2017

Palm Springs, California

The Obamas are headed straight to Palm Springs after the inauguration.

Which once and for all means that my speculation that they wouldn’t even attend the inauguration is out the window.

But, knowing what they will be doing, it comes back to being relevant to me.

If their flight from Andrews AFB to Palm Springs International follows the usual most direct “great circle” path, then it means they will be flying over the city of St. Louis, and even more so, they will be flying directly over the dead on epicenter of Bell Curve City.  I could imagine the fight would easily be visible from Ferguson, provided the skies are clear, and it looks like they will be on Friday afternoon around here.  Though, depending on when it leaves Andrews, and past experience is that the flight taking the newly minted former President takes off around 4 PM Eastern, the Obama flight would likely cross over St. Louis after local sunset.  I might be able to see it, because I would know where to look, except I probably won’t be home by then, and where I’m at now and will be during the course of this week is nowhere gawkably close to the flight path.


Think Globally (About Faulty Causation)

16 01 2017

London; Oxford, England; Davos, Switzerland


Some neat-o text to go with it.

The question of increasing concentration of wealth is a problem. The question of increasingly impoverished masses is a problem. However, I don’t think they’re necessarily correlated, and it’s faulty causation to so state or insinuate. Furthermore, I don’t think Davos and Oxfam are opponents, or really that far apart. What they really are, are two different sides of the same coin.

To explain further, some would like to think that the problem of the increasing elitism of wealth concentration, the problem of increasing desperation of the average sorts of people, and the consequent problem of burgeoning income and wealth inequality, are so closely and holistically intertwined and correlated that there are a few easy solutions that like a magic bullet solve all three, easy peasy, that’s all she wrote, nothing but net. I don’t think it’s that easy, because, like I wrote above, they are discrete and none too closely correlated problems.  In reality, they have separate causes, therefore, I think the solution set for the first problem will be separate from the solution set for the second problem, and solving both problems discretely with their individual solution sets will by definition solve the third problem.

Consider that, of the eight people shown here, most of their aggregate net worth is a function of either crony capitalism, or abuse of monopoly power, or epehmerally illusory, or some combination of the three.  The two Koch brothers are the only two for whom there is any real “there there” to their fortune, and the irony is that they’re the two the left hates the most.  A right-populist agenda of beefed up anti-trust/anti-monopoly legislation and enforcement, socio-cultural-political demotion of stock exchanges to a less prominent station of the economy, and breaking up crony capitalist structures, systems and relationships, would hurt the net worths of some of these eight listed individuals more than others.  But by itself, would not make the lives of WCWs in Pennsylvania nor the desperate masses huddled along the Ganges River any better.

Another problem, especially with the way the left tries to deal with these issues, is that for them, social justice warriorism is the opiate of their masses.  If they get too close to solving the problem accidentally, someone will scream something about some ism or phobia.  Remember:


We already see evidence of that here, for the way Oxfam talking heads throw in this snark about “the worrying rise in racism,” “Trump,” and “Brexit.” When in reality, those things are part of the pushback against burgeoning inequality. I can assure you that well-to-do London residents voted for Remain not for altruistic reasons and not to spite their own bank accounts.

He Forgot Slavery

15 01 2017


Because no good scaremongering that involves or alludes to the Holocaust or the Klan is complete without a shout-out to slavery.

Sunday Wrap-Up

15 01 2017

Personal note:  The upcoming week will be a road warrior week for me, so expect little in the way of any new content in this space.  Any quick thoughts I have, you can find on Gab or Minds.


* “Mayor’s race,” says my good buddy, (ahem ahem, cough cough), except we don’t actually have a mayor’s race.  What we have is the Lyda Krewson Invitational.  And all the other candidates competing for the pride of finishing in second place.

Notice again that my good buddy, (ahem ahem, cough cough), is again beating the war drums for city-county reunification.  I’ve been telling you that as soon as that movement is perceived to be for real, the trial lawyers lobby will spring into action to save their honey pot of the 22nd Circuit.  I can reverse-engineer my theory and surmise that the sworn enemy of the trial lawyers lobby, the insurance lobby, is the hidden central engine driving the reunification politics, for the same reason, only phase-reversed.  If there is a better theory, then I think Trump winning and the concomitant end of AFFH on one hand and this increasing cacophony of reunification on the other hand is a correlation with causation.  If AFFH isn’t going to happen, then the area’s civic leaders must do something to provide what is now considered to be the City of St. Louis with statistical cover for its violent and STD-ridden dindus.  And that is city-county reunification.

* A museum, because they certainly don’t play that kind of music anymore.

* South Grand is more interested in its history than its present, because its present is Knockout Martin Luther King, literal diversity, Mokabe, BLM, anarchists, and LGBTQBLTBBQLOL.

* A little bit of pushback, always good to see.


* There never actually is any violence anywhere, it’s just that people are dumb enough to believe their lying eyes.

* You see, you can’t say No Ns anymore as a way of keeping Ns out of your establishment.  You need to do it in a round about way:  Use the fast feeder’s sound system to play classical, classic country or heavy metal.  N repellent.


* Andrew Jackson, huh?


Trump replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20.  I like.

* The more time goes on, the more I dislike the choice of Betsy Wetsy at Ed.  Not that I think she’s particularly abhorrent.  No, the reason I’m increasingly disliking the choice is because of the Machiavellian politics of the choice.  It’s giving the teachers’ unions an outbound target.  Remember, until now, the teachers’ unions and the neoliberal reformists were firing at each other within the blue team tent.  Now, that’s all forgotten, because Betsy Wetsy is giving them a much easier target, and because a “Republican” PEOTUS chose her, it gets the unions and the neolibs back on good terms.  Trump should have really picked someone with Machiavellian wedge-dropping politics in mind, so that we would actually see a death march duel between Davis Guggenheim and Randi Weingarten come to pass.

* He could have gotten all that just by reading The Bell Curve.  And, that’s one reason we’re going to see what we’re going to see five days from now, as he, albeit not in such stark elegant terms, made inclinations that he wants to fix it.

* Longer than it needed to be, and when you boil away all the extemporaneous paragraphs, you wind up with a feature about the now-deleted Journal of American Greatness.

* It’s as if they actually think they’re about to be thrown into a gulag.

* Like I keep saying it’s the professors egging the students on.


* This mall is the mall, when it was operating under its former name, that was referenced in the 1991 movie Boys in the Hood, as Cuba Gooding Jr’s character worked there.

* But wait, don’t black women tend to brag about how “strong” they are?

* You’ve got that right.  You think all these people that own and run casinos are doing so in order to be beaten at their own game?  No, man, the house always wins.  Don’t you dare enter a casino if you have an excellent knowledge of probability and statistics.  Casinos and lotteries exist to siphon money from people who have no real knowledge of probability and statistics.


* AQ:  ISIS is to extreme.

Really, I can’t, even.


* The giant-collision theory to explain the formation of Earth’s Moon is falling out of favor, for reasons you’ll be able to read.

Until now, the giant-collision theory was the consensus of science.

Which is something we should keep in mind.

* More Pluto porn from NH.  Actually, not porn as much as it is a new discovery.  That there are leaning ice towers (penitentes) that are more than 1600 feet tall.  To put it in a perspective that St. Louisans would understand, that’s more than two and a half Arches high.

* You know where my sympathies lie, but you also know of my other proclivities.  What this means is that you can get away with this in a dindu-free town like Flagstaff, but you can’t do it in North St. Louis.  In fact, North St. Louis does have dark skies, because the dindus shoot out the street lights.

* The very first time I had what could conceivably called formal education in chemistry was the seventh grade, even though it was not a chemistry class per se, seventh grade science spent a half semester on chemistry.  And one of the things we all learned, which I (and everyone else in the room, presumably) later learned again when we got to formal chemistry, is that water is a really weird molecule which marches to the beat of its own drum, it breaks a lot of the conventional rules of inorganic chemistry.

Which is why we should have known the ultimate answer of why hot water freezes faster than cold water was going to be found somewhere in that universe of weirdoness.

* World War R.

* Ford is bringing back the Bronco, and it looks like OJ will be getting out of prison just in time to buy one.

* I wish I would have thought of its idea myself.  Use the right music, and you’ll burn off a lot of weight.

Smoking Gun Proof That Donald Trump Is Not a Real Republican

14 01 2017

Manhattan; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta



12 01 2017

Santa Barbara, California


An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official allegedly threatened executives at an energy company by telling them he would send them to prison to be raped by a black male prisoner named “Leroy,” the Santa Barbara News-Press reports.

The EPA official being a good progressive, no doubt.

ICYMI, “Leroy” is a metaphor that people like me, untouchable non-progressives, use to describe unworthy if not outright criminal black men.