Some Modification Required

26 05 2017


Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is worried about income and wealth inequality?

I hope you brought your own laugh tracks or irony-o-meter.

You don’t have an irony-o-meter?  You’re in luck, because if you look hard enough on Ye Olde Internets, you’ll find a few places where they’ll show you how to mod any decent SWR/wattmeter and turn it into an irony-o-meter.

Seriously, though.  In spite of the pot-kettle-black nature of the matter, he’s right — Whether any of us want it or not, advocate it or not, think it’s a good idea or not, what he’s calling for will come to pass, and it will happen because there won’t be any other option, as artificial intelligence and cognitive stratification lock in.

All the Hoopla

26 05 2017


A whole lot of hype and hoopla and noise over…

…A special election in…



The last time people were that interested in Montana, Dan Seals and Marie Osmond were singing.


24 05 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Why is the Alt-Right growing by leaps and bounds?

Because it’s the only constituency going that sees a black and white striped ungulate and says “zebra.” To everyone else, it’s a fucking mystery.

The Race to the Gold Star Starts…NOW.

24 05 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Notice the new blog slogan:

“Our diversity makes us more diverse.”

The first one of you in the peanut gallery to figure out my motivation gets a gold star.

Easier Row to Hoe

22 05 2017


Okay, here’s what I think was going on here:

Russell here got so obsessed with and fixated and fuxxated on the Jews that he developed an “enemy of my enemy” relationship with Islam and Muslims, which turned into friendship, which eventually turned into a full-fellatioed religious conversion.

I guess he figured that, if he wanted to build bombs and hate Jews, that it was societally and socially more permissible to do so as a Muslim than it was as a modern-day follower of one Mr. Adolph H.

From the way the newspaper in Tampa is playing the story off, his game of jitz didn’t work.

Only real Muslims can get away with that sort of thing, and only to a point.

The Friendly Ghost of Sam Francis Continues to “Haunt”

22 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

Michael Lind, channeling James Burnham, and it all reads so Francisian.

This is one of those meter-click online journals that gives you x number of free articles per month.  So my advice is to cut and paste the text and insert it into a text editor like Notepad.

Faln Flim Flam

21 05 2017


Here’s what makes me dizzy about the political question over FALN leniency, clemency and apologetics, which has been festering ever since Bill Clinton pardoned a boat load of ’em back in 1999 in order to encourage New York City’s Puerto Rican voters to turn out for his wife who was running for Senate the next year.

FALN wanted Puerto Rican independence.  Yet, the Clintons and Warren Wilhelm are pandering to FALN to pander to Puerto Ricans in New York, i.e. Puerto Ricans not in the place what FALN wanted to be independent.  If they think they love Puerto Rico so much, then why aren’t they in Puerto Rico?

In reality, Puerto Ricans are generally around a two-thirds Democrat constituency no matter what kind of terrorists do or do not have their sentences commuted.  That’s because the Democrat Party is the welfare party and PRs are welfare voters.  They would have turned out for Hillary Clinton in 2000 even if her husband hasn’t sprung the FALN terrorists out of the can.

Also, PRs don’t really want independence, because independence means both cutting themselves off from the American welfare state and removing the ability for PRs in PR to schlep to the mainland to take advantage of even more welfare.  Too, the blue team wouldn’t want it because they want PRs in PR to be able to move to the United States in order to import more Democrat voters.  Especially into swing states like Florida.

The Puerto Rican independence movement in general and FALN in particular were both creations of Soviet intelligence via Cuban intelligence to plonk PR out of the American orbit and into the Soviet one.  Though, in retrospect, that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, though if it had happened, it wouldn’t have made any net difference on the immigration front, because there would have been some sort of open immigration wet foot dry foot adjustment act provision enacted.