Denali and Denial

31 08 2015



I wonder what William McKinley did to one of Obama’s recent ancestors on his mother’s side such that Obama feels personally slighted.  Though it’s probably just pandering to Indians, much like this Redskins NON-troversy, though it’s on stuff that Indians don’t care about, though the Democrats and the left are too dense to realize that.  Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, and Denali isn’t just a mountain in Alaska.

Wikipedia has already made the appellation of this mountain as Mount McKinley as a matter of past tense. Siri, fresh off of its “Caitlyn” Jenner auto-correct, is probably next. It won’t be long before calling it Mount McKinley will be an anti-Indian microaggression, and then it will get you docked a grade at Washington State University, and then an out and outright hate crime.

You’re Safe, It’s All Good.

31 08 2015

Washington, D.C.


I respond:

You’re not a Republican, so why are you acting all cucky like one?

Black Party

31 08 2015


Because, when you strip past all the hype and hoopla, that’s all it really is.

Nice timing, by the way, DNC. “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” And then, later, this.

But it’s not good enough for #BlackTranniesMatter.

Sunday Wrap-Up

30 08 2015


* Welcome. To. St. Louis.  Though I doubt she’ll be coming back, ever.

* Patch was never the best of neighborhoods even when it was hoosier.  But now, enter the DeMontaes.

* And of course they’d eventually hit Patch because they’re in the middle of “changing” Carondelet.

* It’s Normandy.  Remember, it’s the district where GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS graduated from.  Therefore, you might that muzzles in this case aren’t the worst of things.

* Coming Apart.  One is a year older than me and the other is two younger than me, and both look way older, both of them could easily be taken for 50.  Meth will do that to you.

* The 11th Ghetto Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Diss.

* The madness has hit home.  It doesn’t matter where you are, you’re not going to avoid World War T.  Which means you better teach your daughter how not to drop the soap.


* Don’t worry, he dindu nuffins.


* Jorge: I vote early and often.


* Camden, New Jersey: Ruin Porn.

* Wow, that’ll show ’em.

* Crime is up, even in the hoosegow.

* “Grandma got run over by a reindeer…”

* Except for this:  Just before Obama was inaugurated in 2009, The Oprah had a TV special in D.C. to celebrate.  Biden was on for a couple of segments, and big mouth couldn’t keep his trap shut long enough to keep from blabbing that the previous summer, Obama offered him of his choice of either Vice-President or Secretary of State.  The reason that was a gaffe is that it was basically saying that Obama gave Biden first dibs then HRC got the leftovers.

* And when you need clickbait, you do a draft story.  Though I’m wondering if there’s something beyond pure clickbait going on here.  Some people have been mouthing off about draft draft draft for quite a few years.  I’m wondering if important people aren’t worried about some really serious social instability, which of course historically, military conscription has been used to paper over.  If that’s what they’re worried about, they should crack open a book about relatively recent history and read the part about Project 100,000 aka New Standards Men.

* Maybe you could take a break from your SJW jihad, Mozilla, and find out what the fuck is wrong with Firefox?

* Read closely, HBD Alert.  The story isn’t about lead paint, it’s about the structured settlement cottage industry, the one that makes its bones off of blacks’ love for immediate gratification.  As you can read (between the lines), the reason these kinds of settlements were structured in the first place was because certain authorities know what we know, that if the settlement was given up front in one large sum, blacks will blow it all within a year.

* 1996 was the year that Bob Dole had a Kinsley Gaffe and admitted that his party’s platform was “a meaningless piece of paper,” and so it is true in the Democrat Party, that year, or any other year.  Still, it’s going to be an embarrassment as today’s Democrats try to reconcile it with the modern day mania over the plight of the undocumented, school-to-prison pipeline, prison-industrial complex.

* Lulz, Bern inequality is worse than one of his keynote issues, income inequality.  Seriously, I want him to do well, because it will show that you don’t have to be BAPF in order to win elections.  But he’s going to have to do better than narrow constituencies in narrow geography.

* You say “social science,” I say “narrative enforcement.”

* “Wow, people are really struggling and suffering,” Jeb! said.  Someone must have told him that people are struggling and suffering.

* They’re wrong, #BLM doesn’t want to micromanage cops.  They’d rather them not be around, especially not them.

* Well, why not?  Wouldn’t want to be Islamophobic, would you?

* There are two ways to interpret this story if you read closely enough and read between the lines:  The first way is that enforcing the rules has a disparate impact on blacks, and the second way is that black high schools are basically athletic programs with a veneer of education.

* It was then that parents’ hands started shaking when they wrote this semesters’ tuition checks.

One of the two profs involved defends herself with this:

In an email to Campus Reform, Fowler complained that “the term ‘illegal alien’ has permeated dominant discourses that circulate in the news to the extent that our society has come to associate ALL unauthorized border crossings with those immigrants originating from countries south of our border (and not with Asian immigrants, for example, many of whom are also in the country without legal documents and make up a considerable portion of undocumented immigrants living in the country).”

Except that the mainstream news goes out of its way to avoid the phrase “illegal alien,” preferring the very words you’re imposing on the students in your own courses.


* Last week, a Brit paper had a feature article about preppers; I thought there was something off kilter about it, or something not quite right about the whole scene.  Well, none other than Mike Vanderboegh has finished my thoughts, and taken a sledgehammer to the cult of individualism, the opiate of the greater American right, in the process.

* I think ISIS/AQ/etc. have understood this for a long time, that the first world is the first world because its foundation is a precarious and tenuous bond of interpersonal social trust and altruism, that all it’s going to take for them to do us great damage is to kill us one paper cut at a time.


* These theories have validity.  But I think there’s another one:  Millennials’ club music just plain sux.  I think that my generation, Generation X, incubated the Golden Age of Club Music.

* BET, plenty of television show directorial diversity.  Which goes to show you how much television show directorial diversity is really worth.

* The Metallica Doctrine:  You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you, meaning those who are that paranoid will always be able to find evidence that someone is out to get them even if there is no evidence.

Methinks Baraq Obama suffers the Metallica Doctrine when it comes to his precious golf game.

* Distinctive tattoos, should be avoided if you want to be a professional criminal.

Oppressed Soul

29 08 2015

Washington, D.C.


Between growing up in Hawaii, attending Harvard Law and becoming President of the United States, there has to be some oppression in there somewhere.

The irony is that he really didn’t fully embrace his blackness until he moved to Chicago the first time for his community activist gig.

Five, six, seven, eight…


Just a Tinfoil Thought

27 08 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

We have found out that a big percentage of the profiles of women on Ashley Madison are fake, meaning they’re not real women, and in fact, they’re not real people.

We do know something for sure about the CEO of the parent company of AM.

Tinfoil hat theory, and yes, it involves Jews:

Ashley Madison’s entire raison d’etre was to get men to sign up to cheat on their wives so that this data could be selectively used later on in extortion attempts against them, or if not extortion, negotiation leverage, just in case some of the men who sign up have some sort of money, power, station or influence.

I could easily see when, for example, the Duggar reality show was up for a new contract, the suits at the media conglomerate that owns the cable channel which airs the show will be in contact with the CEO of Avid Life Media.  “Hey, Josh Duggar, we understand you’re on Ashley Madison.  You’re not going to try to drive a hard bargain with us, are you?  Snicker snicker, rub the hands together.”

Now, talk me off the ledge.

Now, Pay Close Attention.

26 08 2015

Moneta, Virginia

All I had to hear this morning is the word “manifesto” to know we’re dealing with yet another publicity seeking beta male dweeb nutbar.

The end.  That is, of my interest in this whole story.

Since this happened directly to the media, maybe now they’ll pay close attention and change their coverage of nutbars.


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