24 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

My 56th Axiom:  The more often you hear something repeated, the less likely you should be to believe it.

That alone is why I’m really turning a side eye to this constant refrain about opiates and heroin to explain the White Death.

Aside from that, it’s way too easy an explanation, with too easy and taboo-free solutions.

It’s for the same reason why Official Amurrika pawns all the blame for black violent crime off on drugs and gangs, when the reality is that most black violent crime has nothing to do with either.  But if you believe it’s all drugs and gangs, it means you get to propose solutions and be politically correct at the same time.  It’s easy to combat gangs and drugs and never have to name the ook.

And that’s what I think is going on with the constantly peddled bromide about opiates/heroin to explain the White Death — It gives us an excuse not to talk about anti-white enmity and discrimination, and especially not about cognitive stratification and growing and ossifying inequality.  At the same time, even if it does contradict what I wrote above, the opiates/heroin bromide puts 100% of the agency and blame on WCWs, when they don’t deserve it.  Anti-white hatred and burgeoning inequality and cogstrat would still exist even if opium never did.

Tuning Fork

22 03 2017


What in the HELL?

After this thing is done, then I guess we can be sure that the A above Middle C of the Manhattan skyline vibrates at precisely 440 Hertz.

The Bloomin’ Onion of the CWE looks rational by comparison.

Not Our Seth

22 03 2017


Say it ain’t so, Seth.

Seth, wearing a hoodie in solidarity with Trayvon Martin.


101 Plutomations

22 03 2017


In order to make Pluto a planet again officially, 101 other Solar System bodies would also have to be classified as planets.

Time to give it a rest, Pluto partisans.

Just count your lucky dwarf planets that we launched New Horizons before the IAU reclassification, otherwise, the Feds would have defunded NH and spent the money on a black preacher.

Achievement Gap

22 03 2017

Welch, West Virginia

This shindig happens in McDowell County, W.V.  The entire county is served by a single county-wide public school district.  And while there aren’t that many black people ergo black students in the county, there are enough to be statistically significant for the sake of educational and social science research.

It just so happens that McDowell County’s district is the public school district with the smallest white-black achievement gap.

It’ll probably take you all of one second to get the gag.

Still think narrowing the achievement gap is desirable, gapsters?

And also, all you black people reading this:  You’re equal to these white people.   Because, hooray equality, or something like that.

White Death

21 03 2017

Jefferson City


New Missouri House rural caucus to raise awareness about farmer suicide rates


“Newsweek” reported in July that a CDC study found that men who work in the farming, fishing and forestry industries had a suicide rate of 90.5 per 100,000 people, the highest of any occupational group. That CDC study used 2012 data.

Which is close to the homicide rate among blacks in particularly homicidal big cities.

Homicide by, against and among blacks is a big political issue (though I must add the caveat that it’s only a big issue when TPTB can make political hay of it, when they think that our thinking about it hurts TPTB, they tell us nothing to see here move along), but this the absolute first I’ve heard or seen any credible hard copy statistic about farmer, fisher and forester suicides.  I did know from my past several years as a lobbyist and being plugged into the grapevine that talks ag that it was something of a problem, but none of us were aware how bad it was.

Now They Get It

21 03 2017

Elon, North Carolina

Now we’re getting somewhere.  Now all she needs to do is familiarize herself with a two word phrase coined in 2004 and popularized two current years ago:

Virtue signaling.

Where she goes awry is the purpose of the virtue signaling:  White people who virtue signal in this fashion are boasting to the world that they’re better than all those icky stucky yucky ducky white people way out there in the boondocks in trailer parks who don’t believe in diversity.