Sunday Wrap-Up

28 08 2016


* This has sorta been one of the stories of my life in the past maybe year and a half or so.  So most of this I already knew just from working for a living.  When Nixon openly pw3ned DF and called out the lobbyists it hired, I almost got the impression that he was looking directly at me, and since I was there and within his line of sight, that would have been possible.  Otherwise, I just had to interpret it as a shot across my bough.

Understanding this matter is simple.  Since DF could be construed as gambling, politicians, starting with NYS AG Al Sharpton wanted to shake it down for money, and/or they want people using their gambling resources at state lotteries.

* I hope the froyo they robbed was plain and not flavored.  That’ll teach them.

* The McCaughey septuplets are already starting to enter college.  Where does all that time go?  And four of them are going to Hannibal-Lagrange.


* Notice:  Black judge.  Black cops, black judges, black President, black USAG.  You could black this, black that, black the third, black everything, and it won’t make the black undertow happy.

* I stopped reading at “father of 15.”  And they show us a picture of him with his sister, which probably means that his fifteen children aren’t from one mother.

* Suspects in the murder of Dewayne Wade’s cousin have been nabbed.  Note that one got released from prison early (that’s our Illinois), and also note that the whole thing is made out to be the fault of the next Vice-President of the United States.


* Our widdle bridge collapse survivor is all grown up and supporting ISIS.

* The obfuscation and bafflegabbery in this article constitutes such a Gordian Knot that I’m not even going to bother trying to break it down or refute any of it.  I’ll just link to it.

* Central banksters are upset that there isn’t enough economic growth in advanced economies.  Guess they’re demanding of one particular chronic low growth advanced economy.


* A word to the wise:  When you celebrate and honor diversity, don’t be surprised when diversity turns on you and your pet causes.

* Finding out the pie don’t taste so sweet.  We’re back to the same ole roller coaster of the cops are doing too much and the cops aren’t doing enough.

* What I’m about to say may not be applicable in this particular matter, because this San Antonio light rail is probably going to be built in its urban core.  However, if you notice that there seems to be a severe disconnect between public officials’ intransigent insistence on the matter of building or expanding public transportation and suburbs and the local public opposition including plebiscites that turn out in their favor, then AFFH explains the paradox. Part of AFFH is the Feds using carrots and sticks to bully otherwise recalcitrant local governments to building and expanding public transit. However, it will be yet another situation where the local politicians get the blame even though they’re not the ones who caused the problem.

* It happened in Waterbury, Conn., yet the only identified suspect is from New York.  I think AFFH plays into this, some way, some how.

* “Be useful to society, don’t be a lazy bum and parasite.”  And Hispanic race activists don’t think that people are going to draw and perpetuate stereotypes from their stuck pig squealing?  We’re not supposed to hold stereotypes, but it seems like our opponents are always begging us to do just that.  If you do anything to combat violent crime in the generic, the NAACP will bitch.  Even though we’re not supposed to associate black people and crime.  If you do anything to break up cartels in the generic, the ADL will bitch, even though we’re not supposed to associate Jews with cartels.  If you do anything to counter academic cheating in the generic, this that and the third Asian student association will bitch, even though we’re not supposed to associate Indians (dot not feather) and Chinese with pandemic cheating and test gaming.  And after all this, people start to wonder if maybe they should engage in stereotypes and generalities.

* Not inadvertently so, IMHO.

* Some hard data about that.

* And still more about that.  Interesting paragraph:

As middle income people head for more affordable places, the high-priced coastal areas are becoming ever more sharply bifurcated, between a well-educated, older, and affluent population and a growing rank of people with little chance to ever buy a house or move solidly into the middle class.  Ironically, these divergences are taking place precisely in those places where political rhetoric over inequality is often most heated and strident. Progressive attempts, such as raising minimum wages, attempt to address the problem, but often other policies, notably strict land-use regulation, exacerbate inequality.

To the left, inequality is a feature, not a bug, and their hobby horse solutions, minimum wage, marginal tax rates, are ineffective, because they’re not supposed to be effective, they are boob bait diversions.  Heated and strident political rhetoric is, when you strip it all down, all talk.

* Named after a gorilla.

* Usually, the educrat-politics of “ban homework” are the polar opposite, because (“NAM”) students’ home lives are so bad that they couldn’t devote their full attention to homework.

* Actions have consequences, and affirmative action has consequences.

* Not surprised.  From what I’ve heard, he strikes me as something of a simp, a weirdo and a flake.

* Not all is well inside the rainbow.

* “Off duty.”

For example, two felons work in management at the San Juan VA hospital, and a worker in the security office came to work each day with a GPS monitor because she had taken part in an armed robbery, which a spokesman said was irrelevant since it occurred off-duty. At another VA hospital, a nurse’s aide remains on the payroll as he awaits a manslaughter trial in the beating death of a patient.

Let’s try this again:

Off duty.

* Though I should say, the close relationship between economic globalism and population globalism isn’t exactly a startling revelation.

* SCV were the victims here, so why are they being treated like and acting like the suspects?

* The way this is written, I walk away with the impression that the military is just a business and has no actual purpose.

* Duh, truly understanding music is a g-loaded activity, so those who are good at it, and as we read, you have to be good at it even to be admitted, are generally going to be good at other subjects and disciplines.  However, the way this is written, we’re supposed to walk away with the notion that if we give Shitavious a cello, he’ll quit acting Shitaviously.

* Rap and hip-hop are the central focus of the article, but I noticed how easily they conflated religious radio and talk radio with R&HH.  And that country music, while permitted, is dismissed as nothing more than date rape, booze and drugs.  (That’s unfortunately true about way too much new country, which ironically, is being disturbingly intertwined with rap and hip hop; they call it “bro-country” or “hick hop.”)  Also mentioned here is a song whose lyrics I finally noticed here about a year ago.

All that is on top of the usual intersectional wreck between urban white liberals and the black undertow and its official spokesmouths.

* Well, if you had been paying attention, then the obnoxious behavior of anti-racist white allies of yours should not have come as a surprise.  The reason they engage in it is because they’re trying to prove their own “moral” bona fides and make themselves out to be better than those sticky icky yucky ducky white people behind the tree and way out there.  That kind of attitude pisses off non-white people as much as it pisses me off.

* Target customers pick Target and Wal-Mart for a reason:  Because they want to avoid People of Wal-Mart type behavior like weirdos in the wrong restroom.  So, when Target starts allowing PoWM-type weirdo behavior under the rubric of social justice, then Target customers will tend not to be customers.


* Because it’s racist and Islamophobic to try to do so.

* Tell me which inefficient public bureaucracy got more efficient when white men were swapped out for black women.

* “Different ethnicity from the Danish.”  How different?  I think the difference is more vast than subtle.

* Frexit is next.  At this rate, Germany will be the only country in the EU, though, that’s pretty much the way it is already; the EU is nothing more than barely disguised economic Greater Germany.


* Headline says all.  As far as the last one, I still think that could happen.  The only problem is that newer refrigerators are losing their ability to hold on to magnets, some newer ones won’t at all.

* I thought a billion for an NFL stadium was too much.

* WRPT.  Not “twerking,” but “lowriders.”  Chicano-Mestizo type Hispanics love lowriders, blacks love highriders.

* I was taught that vibrant life needed an atmosphere that is no less than 16 percent but no more than 25 percent oxygen.  I can’t remember the reason for the lower limit, but I do remember that the reason for the upper limit is combustibility.  However, now we’re getting science that 10.9% O2 at 813 mya was good enough for a life explosion.

* Very low mass black holes is a speculated explanation for ball lightning.

* If bullying is the parkway to power for alpha males, then campaigns against bullying are parkways to power for the less-than-alpha typical victims of bullies.  And therefore, all the bullying we see in anti-bullying campaigns makes sense.

* Some adult beverages are better well aged, but this, um, ridiculous.  Even if it is an interesting project.

* This MTC vs Uber battle being waged here, and all the other similar ones in a lot of other cities, over which kind of people get to drive the cars that serve as the functional equivalent of taxis, will soon be settled because it will be moot.

* Pretty blue eyes, you’re all inbred.


Melted Swirl

27 08 2016

I referenced her, and specifically, her book, in a post here last year.  I’m referring to Christelin Karazin.

I’ve heard that the oil driller left her, and the whole thing is blowing up on the parts of social media to whom the matter is a big deal.  “White supremacy” is being thrown around a hundred different ways.  Though I’m vague on the details.

The thing about so many WM/BW relationships is that both partners come into the relationship with contradictory agendas, which involve the mythical concept of white privilege.  She thinks it exists, and that all WM have it, so if she gets a WM, any WM, she has an “in” to the supposed white privilege system.  Meanwhile, he thinks it exists, he doesn’t want it to, and he doesn’t want to benefit from it, so he thinks that the BW he is in a relationship with is his anti-racist egalitarian talisman.

So you put the two together:  One wants it, the other doesn’t, and both are why they’re together, but the it in this case doesn’t actually exist.  Aside from the million other reasons a relationship can go bad, this one doesn’t help.

Chobani Rape Update

27 08 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

As if they’re not?  I still think this that this and any other media source which engages in unusually strident rhetoric about the matter is a source where one can find a lot of Chobani advertising.

Speaking of Chobani and Twin Falls, rape isn’t the only thing it wrought.

White Supremacy Lives (No White People Required)

27 08 2016



Isiah Thomas: ‘White Silence’ Is Violence

Twelve-time NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas said Friday on ESPN’s “First Take” that white silence during times of social injustice involving an African-American is the same thing as violence itself.

“I look at white silence in these issues as violence,” Thomas said. “White silence is the equivalent to violence in these issues. When you’re not standing up and you’re not speaking out for your brother, right, you and I are brothers regardless of skin color, and this is where this whole race thing, this constructed race thing really separates us in this country, and that’s what we need to get underneath because any type of mistreatment of you or oppression of you I have to stand up and speak against that.”

That’s the shot.  The chaser is that a lot of black and BLM activists are mad that virtue-signaling and status-signaling white leftists are sucking up all the movement’s oxygen.

Back to the article.  Here’s what I get out of it:

This black millionaire, when faced with a problem, is tucking tail between legs, running home, kicking and screaming and pouting to white daddy.

Racial equality, I guess it’s not a thing.

Affordable Housing

27 08 2016

West Hollywood, California

Lucille Ball’s first owned house in southern California is on the market, a house that she bought into the marriage with Desi Arnaz, though by the time they divorced, they had sold this one and moved to Beverly Hills.

Let’s look see about some details:

Every room’s a Ball room! The first-ever Hollywood home owned by ‘I Love Lucy’s’ Lucille Ball goes on the market for $1.75m


A real slice of Hollywood history is now on the market: The home that Lucille Ball moved into after signing to RKO Pictures in 1933.

Then just 22, the future star of sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’ took up residence in 1344 North Ogden Drive, a 1,874sqft, two-bedroom home that was soon inhabited by her whole family, who followed her out from New York to Los Angeles.

I’d like to guess that that $1.75m price is at least somewhat inflated for its numismatic value (*), but I just looked up for sale listings on Zillow for West Hollywood, and that is very much a typical price for that square footage.

What does this mean?

In 1933, a 22-year old rookie B-picture contract player could afford that house in that place.  Could a 22-year old rookie B-picture contract player afford that house in that place today?  Hardly.  Unlike what I noticed about the book and movie Mildred Pierce, this is definitely a real-world example, and not a dramatic embellishment.

(*) – I know “numismatic” is only supposed to refer to specie coinage, in that a numismatic coin has value above the pure value of its pure precious metal content, and “bullion” is the term for coins that are worth no more than their precious metal.  However, I’m coining (no pun intended) a new usage for the word, to refer to anything that for some reason has more value than its pure market value disregarding that reason.  I was thinking at first that the house was worth more than comparable West Hollywood houses only because Lucille Ball once owned it.

You Always Find Things Where You Least Expect Them

24 08 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

The exoplanet hunt in the Alpha Centauri system had always been focused on the two main Sun-like stars in the system.  Nobody gave a thought to the star in the system that’s not only a red dwarf, but may not actually be gravitationally bound to the system, as Proxima Centauri just might be passing through and A-B hyperbolically affected its path through the galaxy.  However, it is the star that is closest to us, hence the name Proxima.  And that’s where they found not only a planet, but a terrestrial planet in the Goldilocks Zone.

Problem is, the GZ of red dwarfs is so close to the star that any planet it it is going to be tidally locked to the star, i.e. its rotation equals its revolution, meaning one side always faces the star and the other side always faces the dark.  So, unless there’s a thick windy atmosphere to transfer and distribute heat and a lot of a thermal stabilization and moderation agent like lots and lots of oceans of liquid water, that rock is going to be burning on one side and freezing on the other in perpetuity.  Also, red dwarfs like to flare up really badly, which would cook potential terrestrial atmosphere-breathing life on the sunny side.

Before we develop viable technology to send something there, and hopefully we will have solved the phone home problem before we send something that way, there’s talk of a “moonbounce” operation, in which we’ll send a radar signal that way, and in a number of years that is twice its light year distance from Earth, we’ll get the bounce-back signal, from which we’ll be able to glean a lot of good science.

Grift Away

23 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

I wanted to call attention this nine-day old article in Politico before I totally forget about it and it gets stale in my hopper.

I kinda knew about this roughly, but I didn’t know how bad the problem was until I read this from front to back.  As much as the bipartisan IRSgate scandal hurt the movement and its ability to raise money, what turned out to be even worse was what you read in this article, the conga line of hustlers and grifters who swooped in and swooped down and drained the money the TPM and its foot soldiers were able to raise and contribute and pass around.  Conservatism Inc is a beast that always needs to be fed, and it just found a new source of blood.  But it’s not the first time:  It has been estimated that various Conservatism Inc beggar groups raised a half a billion dollars in the forty years from 1975 to 2005 just off of the concept of peddling Constitutional amendments that had almost no chance of being enacted.  The only Constitutional amendment enacted during that time period came off a college student’s political science thesis.

Doesn’t matter, the Trump candidacy and the alt-right have succeeded much of the TPM, and those from it that don’t want to come along have been pretty much jettisoned into interstellar space.

Speaking of the alt-right, what made me call your attention to this article is Vox Day’s post about it today.  He reacts:

Don’t even think about supporting any big-money Alt-Right PACs that come into being in the next 2-5 years. If the real Alt-Right figures want your support, we’ll not only request it directly, but we’ll do so for specific purposes and projects whose progress you can track for yourself. We don’t play the “overhead” game.

I think the reason why that won’t really be a problem is that the alt-right consists of cynical younger people who see a scam behind everyone asking for a handout and jilted refugees from the TPM who don’t want to be shamed by being fooled twice.




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