Problacktards and Antiwhitetards

24 07 2016

Baton Rouge; Cleveland

This is a fairly good even if not perfect backgrounder on black nationalist and associated groups.  (Not perfect because it tries to drag the Klan into the narrative.)  Just as alt-right is an umbrella term that refers to anyone in the generic whose rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism and are not comfortable with claiming any of the other major strands of modern rightism, all these black nationalist and kinda-sorta movements and mindsets have their own umbrella grab-bag term:  Pro-black, or as I call it, problacktard.  It includes lots of things:  Outright black nationalists, black secessionists, Moorish Science Temple, black sovereign citizens, conscious brothers and sisters, Hotep, Nation of Islam, Hebrew-Israelite (of the black variety), New Black Panther Party, Universal African People’s Organization, Five Percenters, Boyce Watkins, Professor Griff, Frances Cress Welsing, Tariq Nasheed, Umar Johnson, Sa Neter, and much and many more.  Like alt-right, it’s full of people and things that aren’t exactly in tune with each other.  Notice that Hotep, Nation of Islam and Hebrew-Israelite are included, and obviously, black Americans can’t be ancient Egyptian polytheists, Muslims and (“the true”) Jews, all at the same time.

On the other side of the coin, there are the antiwhitetards, the trucklers, the pathologically altruistic virtue signalers, the people who need to make it known that they’re white, but they’re better than those icky sticky kind of white people.  Out of Cleveland, we see:

In Shaker Heights, a diverse and wealthy suburb of Cleveland, 50-year-old Lisa Vahey said she and other mothers at her daughter’s high school are looking to turn an informal discussion about race, including a Facebook group, into more concrete action.

The group, calling itself Shaker Heights High School CommUnity Builders, will be pushing administrators this school year to better integrate sports and other extracurricular activities that tend to get segregated along racial lines, she said.

Let’s unpack this.  Lisa Vahey and all her too prosperous for their own good soccer moms are going to make sure that there aren’t too many whites on the swim team and there aren’t too many blacks on the basketball team.  Which should work out just peachy.  Sure, they might accomplish what they want, but don’t expect any state championships any time soon.  Not with African Rockfish swimming the hundred free.

In the late 1970s, when the Federal judiciary was at the peak of its obsession with forced integration, a Federal judge forced several school districts in the Cleveland area to have race quotas for its high school sports teams.  I’m not making this up.


24 07 2016

New York

“LaQueenia is a NAME!”

Yes it is.

It’s the name of a person that is part of your party’s most loyal voting demographic, black women.

If You Leave Me Now, You’ll Take Away the Biggest Part of Me

24 07 2016

Baton Rouge

Let’s pick this up a few paragraphs in:

Meanwhile, the rich, white enclave of south Baton Rouge has launched a campaign to split off from the poor, majority-black north, into a new city called St. George.

Holden has fought the separation in every way possible, even annexing the land under the stores at the Mall of Louisiana to keep their massive sales taxes in the city of Baton Rouge if the secession is successful.

The break would prove devastating to the remaining city of Baton Rouge, according to a Louisiana State University economics study. It would also be a major blow to the legacy of a mayor who has preached unity.

And now, let’s set it to music.

“Preached unity.” Which, considering the revealed preferences of his actions, means that he’s begging white people to keep their checkbooks open, otherwise, the dindus are so fucked.

Ironically, Missouri’s city of St. George — It didn’t go away soon enough for me.

Let You Count the Ways

24 07 2016

Iowa City, Iowa

Right in my wheelhouse, for three reasons.

Let’s see if you can do like a Pokemon Go player and collect them all.

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

Show ‘Em

24 07 2016

What in the HELL is this?

Show ’em your fashion accessory, your virtue signaling, your pathological altruism.


Sunday Wrap-Up

24 07 2016


* As you read, if you read, remember that Tony Messenger hates guns and hasn’t met a gun control proposal he doesn’t like.  It’s what I’ve been saying all along about the left’s lust for gun control, that it’s going to collide with the left’s obsession with too much law enforcement on black bodies.

* Because ESL.

* Pardon me?  Is this the same David Spence who was the Republican nominee for Governor four years ago?

This discusses all the unrealized and unappreciated talent in North County.  Yet, somehow, North County is quickly becoming the ghetto.

* Executive summary:  Not as close to and not in any way conducive to the black undertow.

Other than that, this mentions something I have noticed:  Downtown is all about the professional firms, loft living and establishments, while Clayton is starting to develop a corporate reputation.  One thing I do know is that daily parking in Clayton is more expensive than it is Downtown.


* Is he wrong?  If he is, it’s only in a matter of degrees, and not the whole thermometer.


* The main problem with the bill, as Norm Matloff puts it, is that it relies on the false dichotomy of the “bad cop” Infosys-style bodyshops and the “good cop” mainstream firms.  The noise about bodyshops are the way that mainstream firms take the heat off of themselves for being just as H-1B gluttonous.

* And they gloss over the really crucial and scary part of this:  Half the world is flooding into Costa Rica, waiting on Nicaragua to unplug the drain so they call and stream northward into the United States, in order to to utilize their Zeroth Amendment rights.


* It’s called professionalism, duh.

* Papa John’s thinks that its increased business matched with the sudden decrease in business at casual dining establishments is a trailing indicator of people fearing violence and instability.  Though we have to remember that pizza delivery isn’t always safe, because one of the favorite pastimes of the black undertow is setting up, ambushing and murdering pizza delivery drivers.

* Aside from all this, I’ve been telling you the reason Obama definitely will leave in January is because golf.

* Heh, she’s got nothing on Sally Kohn, who actually changes their names.

* Not voting?  Don’t they understand the whole purpose of BLM is Democrat Party GOTV?  Though I should say that the only reason I’m not with him in the non-voting party is because of two things:  Trump, and ballot propositions.

* Roger Ailes’s departure from FNC gives us the opportunity to look over demographic ratings data from the political channels.  FNC gets a lot of heat for it being the network of old people.  And from the data, that’s not an inaccurate assessment.  However, as you can see, FNC’s 35-64 numbers alone are just about as big as all of MSNBC’s number and a big percentage of all of CNN’s number.  The ratio of over 65 to under 65, while somewhat higher in FNC’s case than CNN’s or MSNBC’s case, isn’t drastically higher.  Then there’s the matter of the ass naked obvious duh — Politics are old people’s games, always have been, always will be.

* “Trump is the only one of the 17 who ran who can win in November.”  That is saying a lot, considering he who said it supported one of the other 16 candidates.

* Shorpy does the 1964 RNC.  The keynote speaker, being shown here, was Oregon Governor Mark Hatfield.  He later served in the Senate, and was there up until 1996, which goes to show you how long political careers can last.

* Warning:  Massive wreck at the intersectionality of Hispanic and black in blue team city.

Obama and Harris are alike in another way:  They are both the mixed race progeny of non-American black fathers.

God I hope this week is fun.

* Reading carefully, I think the NYT is implicitly confessing that HRC’s “I’m a woman ZOMG MUH UTERUS LOL~!!!!1” and social justice warrorism aren’t going to work to keep the coalition of the fringes together, and also implicitly warning their favorite political party to try something else.

* I’m all for it.  Except, I’ll link to my own comment on the YT video where I first found this story.

* “Conspiracy to support ISIS.”  More like diarrhea-mouthed ooks.

* What have I told you about these campus protests all along?  That, while it may seem they’re protesting the administration, they’re acting at the behest of and in concert with the administration or other crucial people.  It’s sort of a pincher movement.  Remember my famous axiom, phrased in another way:  Whenever you see masses of young people doing anything, it is safe to infer the background provocation of older people.

* Just a hunch, but I think affirmative action has something to do with it.


* The French are rediscovering their inner Charles Martels.  And in a way, behaving curiously American.

* While this is portrayed a a generation thing, and I’m interested in that just for that reason, I think this is more of an immigration thing.  I think that mass immigration is really starting to impact wage and salary equilibria at the time when the earning power of Millennials should be picking up steam.  To make things worse, mass immigration means that Millennials are paying more for rent than Xes and Booomers did.  Getting less and paying more is not a nice combination.

* The Ergodan versus Gulen fight is spilling over into the American government and political lobbying game, including St. Louis’s own Dick Gephardt.

* Speaking of Turkey…


* Once upon a time, “search,” and a lot of other things, meant “Yahoo.”  The mass internet is now old enough to where “we had to walk to school through a foot of snow twenty miles one way in tattered boots” stories can now be told.

* I’ve been wondering why GOOG isn’t pushing hard for Android as a laptop and desktop OS.  I suspect that there are some subterranean corporate politics at work preventing them from doing so, something having to do with not pissing off MSFT.

Well, well, someone got tired of waiting. And if it could be done with laptops, it’s just a short hop to desktops.

* From what I see, all these hospitals and clinics have to do is make themselves Pokemon Go training gyms.  Then half the world will show up.

* Because the world is clamoring to hear and see an almost half century old man sing a more than quarter century old song.

* They’re crop tops.

* Memories, misty water colored memories, of the way we were.

Most people’s memories with VCRs are the flashing “12:00” because they were unable to set the clock, and the Byzantine operating systems they used, and therefore how hard it was to program them, and all the snake oil workarounds that were invented just to alleviate that problem.  Worse still was if what you wanted to record theoretically started at 8:00, but the ball game ran over.

I think this is another acid test to tell whether someone is Millennial or Generation X.

* I have my Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine, my rhetorical device for when I want you to do four dimensional thought experiments.  ICYMI, it’s off of a 2010 movie called Hot Tub Time Machine, a movie that just recently had a sequel.  Well, someone has taken that metaphor a bit literally.

* We haggle (or want to haggle) on cars for the same reason we do and want to on houses.  For how expensive they are, and how important their buying and selling and building and using and occupying are to the economy.  While the percentage terms of the amount that is haggled up or down in a house or car deal don’t seem to be that much, and when applied to small ticket items and scaled down, seem ridiculous, on the scale of houses, cars, and other big or bigger ticket items, it means a lot of money.  Haggling in the +/- 10% range on a $400,000 house means $40,000 either way, or an $80,000 spread, meaning anywhere between $360k and $440k.  Meanwhile, haggling in the +/- 10% range on a $10 towel only means $1 either way or a $2 spread, meaning anywhere between $9 and $11.  Which is why haggling on the towel is not done.  For individuals, the house and the car(s) are by far their two biggest ticket items.

Which One Scares You the Most?

22 07 2016


airconditioner refrigerator isis-terrorists

Yeah, I know, but you’re not some sophisticated Secretary of State.


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