The Object Lesson of the Yellow Vest Movement

14 01 2019


I wanted to write this last week, but last week was not a good week for deep philosophical thinking for me, thanks to Bremen. In case you missed the analogy of all that, I’m taking what happened in Bremen to Frank Magnitz so personally, because I know that, when you get hit in the head that hard, you’ll never be the same. In some way, shape or form, it’s going to affect you for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, one thing that has not changed about me is my ability to beat everyone else to the punch of getting inside the paradoxes and contradictions, the margins and differentials, of a thing, or an event, and learn the moral and object lesson before anyone else, and make or advise practical applications in earnest. I took my talents to a whole new continent; LeBron has nothing on me.

I was originally intending for this missive to be much longer, but I think I can net it out in a few paragraphs.

I’m referring to the Yellow Vest Movement, which sparked in Paris, and still has its Ground Zero there. In case you didn’t know, in most European countries, among other things, you have to carry around yellow emergency vests in your car, and you have to put them on if you break down on the road, so that other drivers can see you and hopefully not hit you. Looping it back around to the personal.

All I needed to know is when I read legitimate research which showed that a Parisian Yellow Vester is twice as likely as the French general public to be a voter or supporter of the Rassemblement National (RN), trans: National Gathering, the new name for the Front National (FN).

Twice as likely seems pretty good, but it’s not as good as it seems when you look at the bigger picture. Half the Yellow Vesters are RN, while a quarter of the general population are.

What really interests me is the other half of the Yellow Vesters that aren’t.

I’ll just cut to the chase:

The object lesson is that populism, economic and social, sells a lot better than pure racialism or white nationalism. Even though in my experience, proper white nationalists who keep an open mind on everything else will eventually become more populist, especially on economic issues. In spite of the fact that so many American WNs passed through one variant or another of libertarianism to get to WNism.

What does this mean? It means the white nationalist movement needs a mild rebooting and rebranding to put economic and social populism front and center, both for public campaigning and the keynote agenda item for public governance when we get that chance. The explicitly racial stuff needs to be relegated to something of a back burner, and when we get power, we need to do the race stuff in the background and relatively discretely.

After all, that’s what the left and to a lesser extent the normie right do, they lead with what are the most popular articles of their manifestos, and do the stuff that appeals to the base or the donors but not so much to the masses, behind the curtains.


Snowed In Open Thread.

13 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

I report 11 inches here at Puggg House in Arnold.

In my garage right now is my truck, which is coming in handy, but in my driveway is a certain someone else’s car, which I used a few days last week while someone else was borrowing my truck.  But I didn’t return the car to where it ordinarily should be, so it’s on my driveway with almost a foot of snow.  I’ll just let nature take its work as far as snow removal.

Less Gang Violence?

6 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

From US News:

Columbia Police Investigate Lieutenant’s Social Media Posts

Columbia police are investigating a lieutenant’s social media posts, including one stating there would be less gang violence had the South won the Civil War.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Brian Tate investigated alleged misconduct while working as an internal affairs supervisor from 2015 until last September, when he was promoted to lieutenant in the patrol division. The Tribune sent city officials several screenshots of tweets from Tate’s now-private personal account, including one shaming a poor family for living in a mobile home after it caught fire. Tate repeatedly identifies himself as a Columbia police officer in his feed.

Acting police chief Jill Schlude didn’t answer whether Tate’s post were inappropriate, but also said the department will investigate. Tate didn’t respond to emailed questions from the Tribune.

It’s the Columbia in the middle of Missouri, just to be clear.

So what do we think about this?

St. Louis County Happenings.

4 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

First things first, Wesley Bell wasted no time inflicting his damage.

And now, Belmar wants to merge the SLMPD and the SLCPD.

Let’s talk about all this in the comments.

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’

3 01 2019


It has already been three and a half years since New Horizons visited Pluto, but it’s not done yet.

You’ll see in my Pluto post from three and a half years ago that I mentioned Voyager 2.  Well, it was in the news just a few weeks ago, still after all these years, because it was determined that V2 crossed over into the interstellar medium some time in November.  Its twin, V1, did that back in 2012, but a lot more of V2’s scientific instruments are working, which means 2 will give us much more useful science about the ISM than 1 could.  V2 probably being the singular most successful fruitful unmanned space mission in human history.

Ready to flaunt your American jingoism just a bit, for the right reasons?  Barring a low percentage calamity, NH will itself cross into the ISM many years from now.  And when that happens, there will be five man-made objects in interstellar space, Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, New Horizons.  All of the American.

Not to mention having unmanned missions to every planet (including Pluto pre-2006 definition), and the only country ever to have put human beings on the surface of a regolith world other than Earth.

Eat it, commies.


I’m Glad to See Today That President Romney Is Lashing Out At the Uncouth Unelectable Buffoon That Calls Himself Donald Trump

2 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Happy New Year, On The Normal Time Zone.

31 12 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I guess I’ll check in while I’ve got a little bit of free time and wish you all a Happy 2019, which we all will be ringing in the same time we’re used to.

I’ve been so busy this year, my first full year as a detective, that 2018 flew by in the blink of an eye.