What Did Kim Gardner Know And When Did She Know It?

17 06 2019

Guest post by Puggg

Reading this, and this, I get the sense that Kim Gardner knew all along she was using a bad actor to try to take down the Governor.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this scandal turns back around and eats her up.


Merkelian Slip

16 06 2019


Red Pill Germany, a YouTuber who lives somewhere in Bavaria, found something Freudian about Angela Merkel’s Harvard commencement address.

Ironically, and as a side note, Germans themselves don’t make a big to-do or a big production of finishing a given stage or level of schooling, like Americans do.

What’s Missing Here?

14 06 2019

Guest post by Puggg

This news article from the Post-Dispatch is leaving out an important detail.  Let’s see if any of you puppies can figure it out.  If you need a hint, look at the date of the crime, and remember what was going on around here at that time.


8 06 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Screencaps of the seven most recent Twitter accounts that have followed me.  If you have an Alt-Right or -ish Twitter, the few of you remaining that do, I am guessing that you, too, have gained these kinds of followers in recent days. Their Twitter feeds are pretty much all the same.

I suspect Russian bots, or some such.

They’re As Clueless As Ever.

8 06 2019

Guest post by Puggg

For the last few days, this city and this area has been falling all over itself trying to figure out why all these cops are so right wing.

It’s just that none of them will come to the right answer, that the job made them that way.  They will probably dismiss them all and plug in new ones, who themselves will become just as right wing within a few years.

Why Society Considers Child Pornography To Be Very Wrong.

5 06 2019

Guest post by Puggg

It’s because people that make or watch it and the people that molest children often turn out to be the same people.

From Channel 4, about the break in the Angie Housman murder.

Sources tell News 4 the suspect is a 61-year-old white male who is in civilly confined in North Carolina.

The man was serving time on child pornography charges out of Colorado and was later criminally confined under the Adam Walsh Act – which allows authorities to keep a convict beyond their sentence, if a panel of experts deem the person is likely to re-offend.

A family member of the suspect tells News 4 she is horrified and disgusted. She hopes this serves as a reminder for parents to closely watch their children.

Before that 1990’s arrest in Colorado, the suspect was court-martialed from the Air Force in 1982 for molesting four girls.  He was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany at the time.

News 4 will not identify the suspect until formal charges are filed, which is expected to come within the week.

Why wasn’t the Pentagon able to keep him chained up for the 1982 molestations long enough so that he wasn’t running around free to be able to molest and murder Angie Housman?  It’s probably because the criminal laws they had available to them at that time were weak.


Life is a Copier Machine

1 06 2019

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If the doer turns out to be black, then I think he and the Cookie Monster of Kirkwood (February 7, 2008) will turn out to be very similar.  City government workplace shooting, disgruntled at the city for some reason, the doer was incessantly pandered to and groveled to for years only out of pathological altruism and fear of the evil R-word, and the first time he was emphatically told no, he snapped, and let loose of the hot lead.