Power of Lists

24 11 2015


He, a native domestic black American convert to Islam, was on the no-fly list.

The no-fly list is a lot harder to get on and a lot more reliable than the terror watch list.  Ted Kennedy was on the terror watch list, for example.

Yet, the left thinks that the terror watch list is some sort of reliable bible to determine who should be on the legally prohibited firearms list.  Unless they actually don’t think it, unless the whole thing is their own diversionary politics.


24 11 2015

Amherst, Massachusetts


The Grievance Generation

Remember the campus unrest in the 1960s? Whether you agreed with the students or not, they were protesting about things of great consequence — like civil rights, or the military draft, or the Vietnam War. They had chants like “hell no, we won’t go.” Those were the good old days.

Now we are witnessing whiney college kids marching in the streets screaming obscenities or taking over the university president’s office for what? Feeling slighted? Having their feelings hurt? Talk about rebels without a cause.

Many of you would disagree with the notion that the late ’60s college mobs and the mid-2010s college mobs are really that different.

Who’s to blame for all of this? Alas, we are. The parents who caved in to every instant gratification demand they ever had, arranged “play dates,” for them, showered them with daily positive affirmation, and gave them time-outs rather than spankings. Our schools are to blame for labeling them “gifted and talented,” and awarding them towering trophies for finishing in 6th place so as not to damage their self-esteem. The college professors who corrupt their minds with hate-America ideology and now are the administrators who cave into their every petty demand.


Yes, I admit that these complaints are made of every generation. But this one seems seriously off and we made them this way. A generation that has grown up in more affluence and personal freedom than any other in history has been taught to hate the free enterprise wealth-creation process that gave them what they want in the first place. A generation that has been drilled since pre-kindergarten that the highest virtue in life is tolerance, has suddenly become the most intolerant in history.

In other words, Stephen Moore just contradicted himself.  The people that comprised the late 1960s college mobs are the parents of the people that comprise today’s college mobs.  Like I’ve been saying, the most spoiled problem-free narcissistic generation in history spawned precisely the generation that anyone could have predicted they would; as of the present time, Millennials are picking up where Baby Boomers left off.

But, hold on.  Change is coming.

Dear Millennial:  When your parents get too old to help you, that will be the time that we in Generation X take over.  And when you start in with your trademarked Millennial whining, “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah problematic,” we’re going to fold our arms, give you the thousand yard stare, and respond with our own trademarked generational response:  “Whatever, as if I care about your fucking problems.”  That will be what forces you to grow up, even though it will mean when you do so, you’ll actually be more mature than we are, because we’ll still be stuck on comic books and video games.

Crossing Wires

23 11 2015


Pre-trial proceedings today in what will be the local story of next year.

This soap opera is about to cross wires with my world:

Zoo leaders have said that for their deal to go through, they must seek a tax increase to pay for farm operations and renovations.

A tax initiative would require a vote of the Missouri Legislature. The 2016 session starts in January and ends in May.

But zoo leaders reiterated on Monday that they could take the matter to the Legislature before a trial ended.

“We will listen to what the public and our elected leaders have to say,” said St. Louis Zoo Association President Matt Geekie, “while the court process unfolds.”

Which means the Zoo is probably going to want to hire lobbyists.

Wouldn’t be just the shits if they hired…

It’s not as if I’m not on record being on the Zoo’s side in this matter, so it’s not as if I wouldn’t be working contrary to my heart, as I have to do with these kinds of matters a majority of time.

Problem is, I think it’s all going to come down to Missouri’s trust and estate law applied to the matter of the relevant Busch heirs’ rights to Grants Farm.  Nothing the Zoo can do in terms of lobbyists or taxes will matter if SCOMO (bet on this making it that far) finds for the heirs that don’t want to sell.

When Will the Bell Toll For Me?

23 11 2015

global warming muslim

global warming hitler

I always thought Hitler caused global warming.

Nevertheless, this should invoke an interesting debate among the throng of black lesbians and transgenders screaming for free tuition, about the troika of global warming, Hitler and ISIS, how they are all both the causes and effects of each other, or whether all three can be explained by the lack of gender neutral restrooms.

Then I have to stop and consider the bell tolling for me.  What is global warming going to do to me?  I fear it’s going to turn me into a real cynic.

Quiet as a Herpetarium Resident

23 11 2015

South County

Doc dump reveals that ZMD has been eyeing Grants Farm for a year and a half.  Which means their campaign must have been really self contained in a tight circle of Zoo officials that must involve no women, if it’s just getting out now and only because they went public.

I suspect that their decision on timing to go public now has to do with the Beer Inc merger being announced.  I think ZMD thinks that as the international megacorporate entity that technically owns Grants Farm becomes larger and larger and more and more international in focus and less and less St. Louis-interested, that now is the time for the knight in shining armor to ride in on his white horse.

Another one of my suspicions has been confirmed:

The four heirs filed suit two weeks ago in St. Louis Circuit Court to break 198 acres out of the family trust, leaving just 22 acres, including Busch mansion, for the siblings.

Like I figured, some family members still live at the castle.

Descendants of the Signers

22 11 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Back in 2006, this story interested me.  Eighty percent of today’s English are direct descendants of the Edward III (reign 1327-1377)

A while later, I read a story, but lost it, that genetic analysis done of English babies born in 1947 shows that there is an 80% chance that any one such person is a direct descendant of any person who lived during the reign of King John, of Magna Carta fame (1199-1216), including King John himself.  To look at it another way, John or any individual that was one of his contemporaries is a direct ancestor of 80% of English persons born in 1947.

To swing it back around to Edward III, while it’s true that 80% of Britons are direct descendants of Edward, it is also true that 80% of Britons are direct descendants of someone who made a living cleaning horse manure out of stables in the fourteenth century.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are direct descendants of Edward III.

That so many Britons are direct descendants of royalty is so inconsequential that it and £2 gets you a cheap cup of coffee in London.  What it means is that everyone is a direct descendant of someone important in history that we’ve all heard of.

I’m thinking about the veracity of this theory.

Consider one of today’s most exclusive hereditary-entry clubs:  The Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (DSDI).  I don’t know how many members it has, or how many it could have, but I do know that only fifteen of the 58 signers have living descendants today.

Let’s say that a generation is 30 years, and every signer had two children, and every one else will have two children.

So it goes like this:

1776: 58

1806: 116
1836: 232
1866: 464
1896: 928
1926: 1,856

1956: 3,712
1986: 7,424
2016: 14,848
2046: 29,696
2076: 59,392 (Tricentennial)

2106: 118,784
2136: 237,568
2166: 475,136
2196: 950,272
2226: 1,900,544

2256: 3,801,088
2286: 7,602,176
2316: 15,204,352
2346: 30,408,704
2376: 60,817,408 (Sexicentennial)

2406: 121,634,816
2436: 243,269,632
2466: 486,539,264
2496: 973,078,528
2526: 1,946,157,056

2556: 3,892,314,112
2586: 7,784,628,224
2616: 15,569,000,000
2646: 31,138,000,000
2676: 62,277,000,000 (Nonicentennial)

2706: 124.5 billion
2736: 249.1 billion
2766: 498.2 billion
2796: 996.4 billion
2826: 1.993 trillion

2856: 3.985 trillion

Notice I have separated them by five generations removed from the signers per bundle, for easy counting.

Using this as a guide, next year, you could fit the whole DSDI in a typical large city hockey/basketball arena like the Scottrade Center.  Even at the year of the tricentennial, they could fit in the Edward Jones Dome.

But as you can see, two to the power of n is powerful as n increases.  Nineteen generations removed or 570 years gets you almost to California’s current population.  Twenty-three generations removed or 690 years gets you above the current population for the whole country.  Twenty-seven generations removed or 810 years gets you above the current world population.  Thirty-one generations removed or 930 years gets you higher than the estimate for the current number of human beings that have ever lived.  Of course, who knows what the world’s population will be in 810 years or what the estimate for the total number of people who have ever existed will be in 930 years.  What we do know that with each generation, there are twice as many descendants as there were in the previous, while each given descendant becomes genetically less and less like an actual 1776 signer.  And at some point, maybe between the 15th and 20th generation, the 450th and 600th anniversary, being DSDI will become both numerically too ubiquitous and genetically too irrelevant to be special.  Depending on the carrying capacity of the world and other factors, definitely by the 29th generation or 870 years out, being DSDI and being human will become the same thing.

That said, the part about King John and King Edward III is not only plausible, but probable.  It’s amazing that only 80% of b. 1947 Britons are direct descendants of John; seems like they virtually all should be.

Another Grants Farm Angle

22 11 2015

South County

I still think they just don’t want to leave because they are still living in castle.

But I think I just discovered another reason, one I should have thought of a few days ago because I already knew this:

Billy Busch, owner of the William K Busch Brewing Co., said he would build a Kräftig beer brewery on site, add a large pavilion and move his corporate offices into the historic halls of the red-roofed Bauernhof building there.

The answer is that some Busches are going in the craft beer business, and maybe they think that if things work out well enough, the good ole days will come back.

Incidentally, I have created a tag called “Grants Farm,” because I’m sure I’ll be writing many posts about this soap opera in the near future.


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