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6 10 2015



Keeping James Edwards in material until the end of days.

Words Mean Things (But Tomorrow…)

6 10 2015



U Penn Professor Calls Ben Carson ‘Coon of the Year’ on Twitter

A University of Pennsylvania professor of religion recently called African-American presidential candidate Ben Carson a “coon” on Twitter.

Anthea Butler used the racist term in a tweet responding to a Sports Illustrated article on how Carson didn’t mind NASCAR fans flying the Confederate flag on private property. “If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” she lamented.

“But wait,” you might be asking.  “Isn’t ‘coon’ one of our racial slurs against them?”

Once upon a time, it was.  You may be taken aback to know that it has Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner transitioned to a whole new meaning and a whole new usage and a whole new constituency.  Now, “coon” means “Uncle Tom,” and from there you can figure that militant blacks use it as an insult against “sellout” blacks.

Blacks have been good for re-purposing our group pejoratives against them into words they use at and about each other.  In 20 years, they’ll all be calling each other dindus.

For the Love of Black

6 10 2015

Spokane, Washington

Rihanna, a Barbadian mulatto, (remind you of anyone?), hearts Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, because “black is a great thing.”

Shaun King could not be reached for comment.

If you read further down in this article, you’ll find out that Dolezal wears a weave.  “White women do it too!,” screech the weave-junkie BT-1000s.  And in one instance, they are correct.


Buckley Axiom

5 10 2015

Napanoch, New York

When he wasn’t busy purging any and every body that was at least mildly interesting or talented out of Official Conservatism, Bill Buckley, the blind squirrel that he was, found an acorn when he said that he would rather have been governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone book than the Harvard faculty.

I couldn’t help but think of that quote when I read this story.

But it’s not a fair comparison.  Even before I read this story, I would not have thought it inconceivable that the three smartest inmates in any given prison could beat three members of the best colleges’ debating teams.  But, to me, it’s a moot point — The subject matter at hand in this particular debate, illegal alien children and public school enrollment, wasn’t settled because of academic debates and did not rest on the mythical power of ideas.  The public policy we have was set in place because of the ideas of power and the will to power of very rich and very activist people and institutions and organizations.  Our side, the side who wants things to be the opposite way, could win every formal academic debate known to man from here to the end of days, and it won’t change a damned thing.

One more thing:  It’s not unusual to win an academic debate arguing a position contrary to your own.  In fact, that’s the hallmark of great formal debaters, that they win an argument, arguing against their own position with someone advocating their own position.

Why I’m #NRx

5 10 2015

Manchester, New Hampshire


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton threatened Monday to use unilaterally implement a new gun control plan if Congress does not pass her measures.


Clinton also said that “if Congress won’t act,” she will take “administrative action to close” the so-called “gun show and internet sales loophole” and require that anyone trying to sell a significant number of guns be deemed “in the business” of selling firearms.

In this case, the process is far more important than the product.

The pen and phone aren’t going anywhere.  The only real pregnant political question remaining is who exercises the increasingly dictatorial power of the Presidency and to whose benefit is it exercised.  We’re in the middle of a very long game of musical chairs, the chair being behind Desk Resolute, the pen and phone can be found on top of it.

Dark Enlightenment and NRx means one of us gets in that chair, then stops the music.

Sunday Wrap-Up on a Saturday

3 10 2015


* Harvard is on the case.  If they can’t improve St. Louis’s MLK drag, then it’s just not possible, I guess.

* The home team takes another L, though just from the looks of them, you knew they’d eventually have to.

* This is a local version of a national story you read about in AR recently, about the DOJ thumping a bank not for doing anything wrong, but merely for not doing enough business in dinduistan.

* “Box Chevy” is the WRPT.  Blacks even loved those back in the 1980s.

* Like I’ve been telling you, Kirkwood is pound for pound the snootiest place in St. Louis County.

* How altruistic of them.  Small print:  Footzball.

* The settlement? Deserved. But notice again, IQ.  Remember, there is no such thing as IQ, except when black men are trying to get out of the death house or argue a police abuse case.

* When I think of the issues with the St. Louis business scene today, the first that comes to mind that the international megacorporation that stole A-B from us is trying to buy out the international megacorporation that purchased Miller from the other international corporation that stole Miller from Milwaukee.  I don’t think of the internal plumbing of business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Though the cynic in me, (as if there’s a non-cynical side to me), thinks that all this identity politics on the left is to keep the populist left political space hobbled.


* Just because the hot news is Europe’s Camp of the Saints, doesn’t mean that our Camp of the Saints isn’t newsworthy.

* Today’s generation of illegal aliens are “undocumented and unafraid.”

Okay, how is that any different from the last generation?

* Paul Bedard rips off channels Ed Rubenstein of V-Dare.

* I like the tactic, and also like that this article does not do what so many like them unfortunately do, and that is, try to pawn the whole matter off on the bodyshops.  Reminder, keep Life of an IT Grunt bookmarked.


* What, are you so transphobic as to suggest that some men will fake being women in order to gain access to women?  You don’t say!

* WWT vs TSA.  Popcorn, grab it.

* Officially, no.  Because women are 50% of the population, transgenders are 0.2% of the population.  Therefore, transgenders are more fringe.  Therefore, transgenders win.  In fact, transgenderism is so hot that the entire LGBTQetc alphabet gang has more or less handed over the keys to its kingdom to the Ts, even though there are a few “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) or militant lesbian holdouts.

Otherwise, if you have a daughter, teach her how to hold on to a wet bar of soap.


* What have I been telling you?  Trump is even more popular than independents and Republican leaning independents than he is with loyal red teamers.  Macomb County, Michigan is one of the most important bellwethers around, and Trump beats HRC by 27 in a hypo matchup there, even though some of the other Republicans lead her by much more narrow margins.  Remember, Great Lakes states and white working middle class nonchalance toward Romney is one of the big elements that helped Obama eke out 2012.  The idea that Trump could win Michigan has to be freaking out the DNC.


* And in related news, people with degrees in astrophysics reject the notion that the sun and everything else in the universe revolves around the Earth.

* See, I bet you have already forgotten about it.

* Key takeaway:  Graduate degree women = Some college men.

* And what is the element of this story that will largely be blown off?  A woman sexually harassing a man.

* Aside from the amusing name of the bar, notice one of the serial themes I’ve been writing about, at the end of this piece.  The Feds getting more and more creative to bring ordinary black street crime under Federal jurisdiction.

* Remember, where there is a school doing something insane when it comes to discipline or policy, there’s an insurance company in the background.

* #BLM almost always wants to disrupt white liberal and SWPL events.  If they really had brass, they’d try to scuttlebutt deer season coming up soon.

That reminds me, awhile back, I started seeing oval stickers on cars with “26.2” and “13.1” on them.  At first, I thought that was related to 22.2 surround sound systems.  But I later learned that 26.2 means the 26.2 miles of a marathon, and half that, 13.1 miles, for a half marathon, so they’re distance runners.  Not long ago, I started seeing those same stickers with “0.0” on them; snarky as I am, I wish I would have come up with the idea.

* #BLM hearts Little Ricky.

* “Public safety zones.”  Fe fi fo fum, I smell SWPLs.

* Astorino wins a battle versus Obama.  Remember, the reason the Feds are doing this, in Westchester County, N.Y., and generally, is to dump ghetto blacks on suburbs so that they’re not in cities.  Again, SWPLs.

* Generally, I’m not opposed to most of these things.  But we know the real reason why they’re doing this, and it’s not really #BLM.  It’s the hobby horse I’ve been riding here all summer, that they’re trying to clear out 50-year old Club Fedders before their health care problems spin out of control (the way of all flesh) so that the next generation can be slid into their cells.  Remember my other hobby horse, which I alluded to above, in the New Orleans story.

* Shenanigans of the model minority.  Hint:  Cambodia and Thailand still exist, if you think we’re so evil.


* South Sudan, not any better off than regular Sudan.  But nobody is interested in my explanation.

* 97% are opposed.  So what?  Remember, we live in a world where fringier is better.  This is a world where 4% and 3% and 2% and 1% and 0.2% and 0.1% groups and constituencies get their way precisely because they are so fringe.  That 97% want something only shows how evil that something is.

* No, it’s not that they don’t want blacks, they don’t want the BT-1000.

* Don’t think their application won’t be accepted.  Remember, Rotherham happened in this same country.

* She deserves it, because her grandpa was probably a Nazi, or something like that.

* A head of state and the leader of a billion strong faith institution was absolutely clowned by a rural elected dog catcher.  Would somebody mind spelling that out for me?  Unless I already know how to spell it out:  C-Y-A.

* I hope the bitch has a conscience and that she lives to a very ripe old age so that her conscience bothers her every one of those days.


* The next civil rights crusade.

* There goes another bromide.

* If we had a real environmentalist movement, this would be at the top of its agenda, full steam ahead, pun intended.

* Train wreck at a crucial intersectionality in libville.

* “Sports diversity and inclusion symposium.”  I’m surprised the dork in Orlando with a fax machine wasn’t there, just like I’m surprised he isn’t all over this story about basebrawls largely being race based.

* No, it’s not that women wouldn’t trust men to take it, it’s that women fear that they will take it.  This would drastically change the balance of power.

* Hotep!


Let’s Start

1 10 2015

Roseburg, Oregon

Now would be an ideal time to start in on not paying attention to nutbars.

Needless to say, it is highly likely that this is my first, last and only post about this story.


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