Temporary Alchemy

3 05 2018



Since I’m this area’s only red pill dispensary, I’m the only one who can do what I’m about to do, and tell you what I’m about to tell you. You’re not getting this service any where else. Unh unh.

What does all this mean?

I’ll save you the time of having to read all 319 pages, which of course I didn’t, and don’t need to, and get down to the bare metal of the hard drive:

“Until we can get Trump out of the way and get AFFH restarted, we need some sort of stop gap where we fool ourselves and everyone else into believing that we can turn all these dindus and yoots into SWPLs.”

Otherwise, you’d be lost trying to make sense of all this contradictory mishmash and bafflegab.

This area is officially 64% black and 39% under-21.  I can believe the latter statistic, but since blacks tend to be hard to count officially, I think the former figure is an underestimation.  This area does contain St. Louis City’s only patch of Hispanics/Latinos, mainly the Mexicans that have planted themselves along and near Cherokee Street, and of course we’ll hear a lot about them on Saturday, as white people have yet another irrelevant drinking opportunity incongruous with their racial or ethnic heritage (see also:  Soulard Mardi Gras, Dogtown St. Patrick’s Day).  Whites are 22% of the area, but those are mostly older people who are remnants of what those neighborhoods used to be, and the occasional young or middle age skid row dope junkie or three, and also a handful of Antifa/Anti-Racist types.

Two other points:

One, I have now officially added “mentor” as an official modern sociopolitical rhetorical construct as an arrow into my WRPT quiver.  Why?  Because where there are demands for “mentors” and “mentoring” (mislabeled, IMHO), it means there are a whole bunch of single mothers raising sons, and that’s a distinguishing characteristic of Bell Curve City.  In instances like these, “mentors” aren’t really expected to be true mentors, but fill-in fathers, because the real fathers are nowhere to be found, because L’Booshondria let some past/present/future felon/vagabond into bed with her.

Two, this report spouts the cliche that “the children are the future.”  BONK.  The truth of the matter is that the mothers of the children, and potential mothers of the potential children, are the future.  Meaning girls and women of reproductive age and capability are the future.  I’ve already explained to you how that kind of thing plays into AFFH and the covert sociopolitics of the matter.


Fair Housing Laws When?

7 03 2018

Los Angeles


A new generation of anti-gentrification radicals are on the march in Los Angeles – and around the country

The protest at Mariachi Plaza didn’t seem, at first, like a declaration of war.

In fact, the Feb. 7 event looked like the same sort of grassroots, anti-gentrification gathering that might have taken place in any big American city at any point over the past 10 years as higher-income transplants have increasingly colonized lower-income urban communities, remaking once marginalized neighborhoods in their own cold-brew-and-kombucha image.

But this one was different.

That’s because it was organized by Defend Boyle Heights, a coalition of scorched-earth young activists from the surrounding neighborhood — the heart of Mexican-American L.A. — who have rejected the old, peaceful forms of resistance (discussion, dialogue, policy proposals) and decided that the only sensible response is to attack and hopefully frighten off the sorts of art galleries, craft breweries and single-origin coffee shops that tend to pave the way for more powerful invaders: the real estate agents, developers and bankers whose arrival typically mark a neighborhood’s point of no return.

Just curious when the Feds will swoop in with Fair Housing Act indictments against Defend Boyle Heights.  Especially since the FHA now seems to apply to bar fights.

I doubt they will, because the people who want to gentrify Boyle Heights are important people, whereas young white men who patronize bars in rural Pennsylvania aren’t important people.  I should also add these “Mexicans” better be careful, because they’re undercutting one of the prime reasons why the white liberals permit their immigration and ignore immigration law on their behalf — To combat the black undertow in various cities, including Los Angeles, as a predication to white liberal gentrification.

One should also remember that Boyle Heights isn’t actually a traditionally Mexican neighborhood.  Before it was Mexican, it was Jewish.

City Born and City Bred

10 02 2018


My illegitimate father makes the case pretty well that today’s Democrat Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of urban gentry neoliberal interests. Of course, I added “urban” and “neo” for clarification purposes.

I therefore contend the two items of political conflict driving the official contempt towards the Orange Crowned God-Emperor are: (1) Immigration, and (2) AFFH. His increased immigration enforcement means urban areas have a harder time importing a brown and mystery meat mercenaries to do battle against and serve as a buffer against the black undertow in urban areas, and his ending AFFH also ends the program that gets the black undertow out of urban areas and unloads them on someone else.

But, who can pay attention to any of that when urban gentry neoliberals have Black Lives Matter yard signs, scalp tickets to Hamilton for insane prices, and will help cram jam movie theaters starting in six days?

Saturday Afternoon Diversion

3 02 2018


Just what it says it is, a video tour of Downtown Cleveland, done by one of the many roadgeek YouTube channels I sub.

I was looking around to see if I could see the Notsam Building, but no such luck.

I also have the strange temptation after watching this video to rub my hands together and say “at the end of the day” and then light a cigar, and I don’t even smoke.

Charles Murray, Call Your Office

26 12 2017



Big cities possess 2 worlds: one violent, another prosperous

Some of America’s large cities seem to be getting safer and more dangerous at the same time. That’s the conclusion of an Associated Press analysis of homicide data in Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

In those cities, killings are becoming concentrated into small areas where people are dying at a pace not seen in years, if ever. Around them, many other neighborhoods are growing more peaceful, even as the total number of homicides rises.

The AP collected 10 years of homicide data from the cities that had the highest homicide rates in 2016. Reporters used spatial analysis to identify clusters of killings and track the changing geographic patterns over time. The neighborhoods enduring the most violence were largely poor and African-American, as were the killers and the victims.

Because I allow myself to think about words like “gentrification,” “Ferguson effect” and “cognitive stratification,” I’m not scratching my brain-damaged head here.


The danger of the more concentrated violence, Hertz said, is that it can become easy for most people to ignore it, and that can intensify the problem. “It can create this sense of ‘Let’s wall it off,’ ” he said.

Alternatively, whenever the important people want us not to care about it, (“It ain’t yo’ problem, crackaz”), it will be all the easier for us to obey.

It’s the Current Year, After All

28 06 2017


Emory University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and a major children’s hospital in Atlanta, are three institutions that are in the area but not technically in the city of Atlanta.

They all want in.

Thirty years ago, if they were in, they would have been looking for a way to get out.

All because Atlanta had Clayton County as a dumping ground to unload its thug dindus for the sake of the 1996 Summer Olympics and beyond.

2018 Model Year Bafflegab Penetrator XLT

4 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

The URL is in my hopper.  But since AR got to it before I did, I wrote what I intended to be my hot commentary about it there instead of here.

So, I’ll cut-and paste from there to here.


Never fear, QD is here.

That alone would be cause for celebration. But I bought along the 2018 model year Bafflegab Penetrator XLT, the one with the standard leather heated and cooled power seats.

Here’s where they’re trying to pull a fast one over on us:

Many older, working-class blacks are able to remain, because of the District’s progressive affordable housing policies, and they welcome some benefits, such as a decline in crime.

The key to understanding the rhetorical scam is “older, working class.” If “progressive affordable housing policies” meant what one would ordinarily think they mean, they would result in blacks all across the age spectrum being able to stay. But, no. What they really mean by “progressive affordable housing policies” are programs like Bill Clinton’s HOPE VI and (before Trump shut it down) Obama’s AFFH. Which are specifically designed to remove negroes give housing mobility options to young single black women with dependent-age children.

Remember my hypothetical I write here often about the reproductive bottleneck, that a world with 9 women and one man can have a far faster population growth rate than a world with 9 men and one woman. My purpose is to point out that men murdering men won’t result in a self-imposed genocide-level population collapse of the group, as long as fertile women are not homicide victims by and large.

That hypothetical is also applicable to programs like HOPE VI and AFFH.

Getting reproductive-age black women out of cities and into suburbs is therefore the easiest and cleanest way to result in the population crash of the black population in those cities and parts thereof, the parts that developers, gentrifiers, SWPLs, hipsters and the edgy crowd covet. Men who want to procreate with such women will follow them to the suburbs. Their babydaddys, when they get out of prison, will be following them to their new suburban AFFH apartment, not the inner city. The blacks that are left behind are older and ensconced, and are far less likely to commit violent crimes. Plus, if you allow them to stay, and spend their final years where they spent most of their lives, their very presence will serve as diversity tokens for the edgy hipsters who want to fool themselves into thinking they’re living around edgy diversity.

Believe me, if I’ve thought of this angle, then the people that really matter in this society and who have their hands on the policy levers long ago figured this out.