Sounds Like a Confession to Me

27 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

CNN: NAACP leader: We will ‘resist’ Trump’s voter fraud investigation

There’s a murder. The detectives interview a person of interest. The person winds up stating a detail that was never released to the public. Guess what the detectives are thinking.

First off, Trump talking about voter fraud and illegally cast votes is his poker table politics against the crowd that’s trying to psychologically delegitimize his ability to govern by preening about how he didn’t win the legally irrelevant national popular vote; it is how he’s trying to delegitimize the delegitimization. He’s going to keep talking about it and threaten to have Jeff Sessions bring down the hammer until Soros tells his rent-a-mobs to shut the fuck up about the popular vote.

But insofar as race has even been hinted around, the only plausible link has been to largely Latino illegal aliens voting.  Yet, here comes the NAACP with its stuck pig squealing.  The detective in me figures this as a confession that there’s a whole lot of black voter fraud.  Which I already knew.  Which Bruce Franks could tell you.

I have written here several times in the past that if the media keep talking about a problem but won’t provide any details, sometimes you’ll be able to figure out who is causing the problem as a result of which racial lobbies are engaging in stuck pig squealing as a result of efforts to solve the problem.  As I wrote here on February 4, 2014:

This article is useful in one way — Voltaire was once rumored to say or write that you can tell who rules you for who you’re not allowed to criticize.  Likewise, as this row has proven, you can tell which group of people suffers which particular problems for which group of people want talk of those problems shut down and censored.  A UNC tutor blows the whistle about dumb athletes, and like they have springs in their butts or ants in their pants, every black race lobby on and off campus starts jumping up and down in a panic.  Even if you were too dense to infer “black” from “dumb athlete,” the fact that black groups and spokesmouths started complaining about it should spell it out for you.

Remember, the Jill Stein (remember her?) led Michigan recount was quickly shut down when a lot of hanky panky out of Detroit was about to bubble up to the surface.

We’ve Been Through This

25 01 2017



I don’t need to instruct all of you yet again in the difference between “rare” and “marginal leverage,” do you?

And also, I’d be coughing and aheming at this story if I was Bruce Franks.

Kander’s Parting Shot

6 01 2017

Jefferson City

Yeah, asshole, that was really considerate of you.

The irony is that the start of this legislative session also means the start of not only the fact that visitors to the Capitol will have to go through metal detectors, but also that more sorts of people than otherwise had to before will have to show photo ID to gain entry.

Caring Is Sharing

21 12 2016


Like I wrote back in August — This town only seems to care about voter fraud when it’s a black Democrat victimizing another black Democrat.

Neither the Circuit Attorney nor the U.S. Attorney that worked out of Downtown St. Louis in 1991 could be bothered with voter fraud that changed the outcome of city school board elections that year.

And, notice how quickly the Michigan recount was shut down when bodies started floating up to the surface in Detroit.


Turning Georgia Blue

14 12 2016


Or trying to.

Yeah, that’s what that was all about.

Let’s Think This Through

7 12 2016

Washington, D.C.


Huffington Post editor’s tweet sparks FBI investigation

The FBI is investigating a Huffington Post scribe for joking about “destroying Trump ballots” at a Washington, DC, voting site, the reporter claimed.

Even if the word “joking” was not used here, I would have already figured off top that he was joking.

How do I know this?

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

Rigged System

25 10 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

A lot of people are deliberately misunderstanding what we mean by “rigged system.”

Elections are for the most part procedurally effective but substantively ineffective means to affect political change.  If Jane Doe gets more votes than John Smith to be dog catcher of Podunkville, Jane Doe will be dog catcher of Podunkville.  We know there’s a lot more voter fraud out there than anyone cares to admit, but it does not affect the outcomes of most elections.  And even in the matters where the marginal leverage of fraud does change the outcome, it changes the outcome in an ultimately substantively inconsequential way.  And even if fraud doesn’t happen, so what?  It’s the dog catcher of Podunkville; While it matters greatly to both John Smith and Jane Doe who draws the public salary for the next four years, and whether John Smith’s best friends’s pet store or Jane Doe’s cousin’s animal feed distribution warehouse gets the public contract to provide dog and cat food to the Podunkville city pound, I can assure you that the historians of two millennia forward won’t care about who won the election to have responsibility over the animal control agents in Podunkville, USA.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that there was enough fraud to get Baraq Obama re-elected four years ago, and but for it, Mitt Romney would have won.  Would anything really be that much different with Romney being President rather than Obama?  Romney’s antics since losing have provided us the answer of mostly not.

Here’s another example:  St. Louisans will remember the 1991 SLPS school board elections, and I know one of you reading these words was a candidate on the neighborhood schools slate, (btw, hi Earl), and that slate won off of legitimate votes, but voter fraud made the difference.  In that instance, we know there were very drastic differences between the people that won only because of fraud and the people that won off of legitimate votes.  The problem is is that even if our side won that slate in 1991 and therefore attained a majority on the SLPS board, the actual substantive long term good it would have done would have been very little.  The Federal courts wouldn’t have ended deseg any sooner than they otherwise did, (and, because of AFFH, it was a moot point anyway), the SLPS student demographics were what they were, and trending the way they were, no matter who sat on the school board, and that said, you know who would have gotten the quasi-official blame for every real or supposed failure in the SLPS after April 1991.  Just the fact that our slate got to five out of twelve board members, some people (cough cough, Hattie Jackson, cough cough), still used that as a crutch even as late as the late 1990s.  Our people running the SLPS board would have resulted in more honest graft-free crony-free contracting, but that only affects/-ed a small percentage of the total district budget.  Hardly civilizationally consequential.

Here’s yet another far more recent local example:  House-78-D, Bruce Franks versus Penny Hubbard.  Because it was black Democrat versus black Democrat, the Hubbard family machine’s fraud was noted, discovered, adjudicated and corrected.  The problem is that no matter who occupies the seat of the 78th district representative in the Missouri House of Representatives, it matters not one whit to what the State House does.  Most votes in the State House are party line votes, and in the next two years, Bruce Franks’s voting record will be virtually 100% identical to what Penny Hubbard’s voting record would have been, and almost always on the losing side of the question.  Same goes for anyone that could win election out of House-78 any time this decade, whether the name is Bruce Franks, Penny Hubbard, Mickey Mouse, or Donald Duck.  That district will, considering the relevant range of gerrymandered geography and the current decade, elect a solidly left-of-center Democrat.  Whether that Democrat is black or white or something else, (and out of the current H-78 boundaries, it would usually be black), young or old, man or woman, whatever or whatever else, it doesn’t matter, because it will be a liberal Democrat voting the party line liberal Democrat way on measures that go against liberal Democrats by a more than 2-1 margin.  The only politics of H-78-D this primary season and the bonus court-ordered election were whether that face attached to the hand casting those votes is that of an upper middle aged black church lady or a young black man who is a street activist slash comic book aficionado.

Neoreactionaries, like of the sort I have become, will go one step further and make the case that the idolatry of plebiscites has in and of itself affected negatively societies that engage in such idolatry.  That said, we hear “voter fraud” and think “redundant.”

Barring that, what we mean by “rigged system” is everything that happens in the realm of sociopolitics and public policy formation other than punching holes in cards on election day that pretty much makes the hole punching moot.