I’m #NRx, Not Horrified

20 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

I figured this out quite some time ago.

It’s why my ultimate solution to the voter fraud problem is rather drastic.

It’s also why arguing over whether or not a given piece of “omnibus comprehensive immigration reform” legislation does or does not have a path to citizenship and if so what the particularities of it is useless.

Fifty Plus Years, More Like

18 10 2016


O’Keefe Drops Part II.

Everyone now admits that JFK won in 1960 off of voter fraud, just enough mafia and labor union muscle in just enough places made the difference.  But, come on now, we all know that there’s been voter fraud for as long as there’s been voting.

That’s the difference between the two of us — I’ve given up on pretense and high and mighty bullshit, and you haven’t.  And that’s your tough luck.

I’ll say it again:  There can’t be any voter fraud in the voting that never occurs.  Why I’m #NRx.


18 10 2016


WABC-7 New York:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday tore into Donald Trump for sowing suspicion about the integrity of the U.S. election, telling the Republican presidential nominee to “stop whining” and focus on winning votes.

Obama called Trump’s intensifying, pre-emptive warnings about voter fraud “unprecedented” in modern politics. The rhetoric is not based on any evidence, Obama said, but is simply aimed at discrediting the election before the first votes are counted.

Somewhere along Cherokee Street, Bruce Franks is saying, “ahem.”  That is, when he’s not swinging a baseball bat at Trump pinatas.

Also, we don’t need a lecture about whining from the sorest ass winner around.

No Voter ID, Because Trayvon

12 10 2016

Jefferson City

P-D, on the activist energy opposing the voter photo ID measure on the ballot next month:

For example, the AFL-CIO, a member of the coalition, announced Wednesday that it will canvass St. Louis neighborhoods this weekend with black millennial activists, including Jahvaris Fulton, the brother of Trayvon Martin.

I know that Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, is an ESL native.  Trayvon’s mother is Sabrina (sp?) Fulton, and this brother of his has the last name Fulton, not Martin, so he must be a half-brother through his mother and another man.  It doesn’t say if Mr. Fulton lives in or around St. Louis, but I would have expected any close relatives of the late great Trayvon Martin in the area to have the surname Martin or be related to his father, not his mother.

Voter Fraud Is an Extremely Minor Problem, You Say?

16 09 2016

St. Louis City

The do-over special election for House-78-D was today, and Bruce Franks easily won.

This is what happens when elections are honest.

Last month, the raw vote total was Penny Hubbard 2203, Franks 2113.  Tonight’s results are Franks 2234, Hubbard 701.  As you can see, Franks got about the same number of votes, maybe slightly more because a handful of people voted for him out of spite and out of sympathy for the first election being stolen from him; as it was, there were 314 votes last month for the token sacrificial lamb Republican in House-78-R, so some of those voted today for Franks.  However, the raw vote total for Penny Hubbard went way down, from 2203 to 701.  What percentage of that 1,500 vote margin was fraudulent in last month’s vote?  Let’s be generous and say half of it, for 750.  There are about 19,000 registered voters in House-78, so that’s close to 4% fraud over the total possible electorate, and 17% of last month’s actual turnout.  Extrapolate this over many precincts, and all I can say is that when blacks and others want to commit voter fraud, they can do it, very easily.  Yes, I’m thinking that a certain big election four years ago needs an asterisk.

One other thing we shouldn’t forget is that the only reason this do-over happened was because a black Democrat was the victim of black Democrat voter fraud.  If the victim was anything but, nobody would have cared.  How do I know?  Because there have been many such “anything but” victims in this town over the years, and nobody gave a shit then.

Now, Mr. Franks, let’s talk about your professional wardrobe.  Since we’ll be seeing each other often in the first four and a half months of next year, even though I very rarely have to deal with General Assembly Democrats, I don’t need to be seeing you in faded cartoon T-shirts.

Why I’m #NRx

7 09 2016

Washington, D.C.


Colonel Sanders wants you to eat more fried chicken rather than the same or less, and he’s not going to let anything get in the way of that. Likewise, democracy wants more voters over time, not the same or fewer, and it isn’t going to let immigration laws or voter fraud laws get in the way.

Solution is simple.

Dood, Seriously?

6 09 2016


As the Toast Burns in House-78-D.


You came to a news conference at the City BOEC dressed like that.

If he winds up winning the special election and joins the House, it will be interesting to see how he dresses for work.  For that, I’ll have a front row seat.

Also, Nixon reshuffled the deck on the board itself.