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17 08 2016

St. Louis City

I wrote here two weeks ago, about the House-78-D race which I otherwise didn’t care about, that:

…I noticed that Penny Hubbard, the incumbent, got a stiff challenge from forty-something comic book enthusiast and street activist Bruce Franks.  The only reason I’m writing about this is that, like I said, St. Louis City reports absentees first then about equal chunks of one-thirds of the boxes.  Hubbard won about 80% of the absentee votes, but only won the whole thing by a 51-49 margin, or by 84 actual votes.  Whenever there is such a severe difference between absentees and election day boxes, it’s safe to presume that there was some funny business with absentee ballots.  If I was Bruce Franks, I’d press the matter.  The Hubbard family, and there are several of them involved in various political offices, has enough pull to get enough people to send in enough phony absentee ballots.

For some reason, even though I’m two-thirds of a state away and I don’t avail myself to Democrat and aligned grapevines wherever I am, somehow I’ve been able to pick up on talk that the voter fraud allegations are starting to gain serious legs and it’s rattling the City BOEC.  The only reason why this one will get heeded is because it’s black Democrat on black Democrat.  City voter fraud between 1987 and 1993 which altered the outcome of city school board elections and the 1993 citywide office races, including for mayor, never seemed to matter.

Look Who Believes In Voter Fraud

31 07 2016


The very people telling us that it doesn’t exist.

To wit:  At the time of this writing, on the “Recommended List” of other stories on the right side, there’s a link to the story that kvetches about the evil of requiring photo ID to vote.

In the minds of the Kossacks, voter fraud exists when an establishment Democrat closely defeats a populist sorta-Democrat, but it does not exist when an establishment Democrat closely defeats any Republican.  Gotcha.

Though in reality, this particular case that HRC beat Bern because of voter fraud is weak.  She won because of black voters casting legitimate ballots.

Then again, we neoreactionaries have the ideal solution to voter fraud.  Except nobody’s interested in our solutions.

On the Heels of Hope

8 07 2015

Jefferson City

Kander signs off on the circulation of a ballot referendum to require photo ID to vote.

Notice that “John Ashcroft” who lives in zip code 63146 submitted them.  It’s not that John Aschroft, it’s his son who usually goes by Jay instead of John, the one who narrowly lost a run for State Senate 24 last November, but is running for Kander’s job in 2016.

Of course I’ll sign the petition, and of course I’ll vote for the measure if it makes the ballot and if I’m in the mood to vote, a mood which is declining over time.  But I don’t see the point, because on the heels of every good initiative petition lies John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy.  Need I remind you?

Still on the Crazy Train

29 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

Oh no, no way, you couldn’t expect SCOTUS to wrap up this term without yet another wackadoodle decision, one in which they do right by duhmocrazy.

It’s Not a Roadblock, It’s Almost a Dead End

9 06 2015


Not enough sigs to recall Mayor James Knowles.  Because, so many of the turned in sigs were either non-voters or non-Fergusonites.

The bad sig rate is 49.2%.  Now, this is was a small scale petition, involving a hot button issue.  So it was very likely that there would be a high rejection rate.  By comparison, many contracts for paid signature gathering for initiatives stipulate that the checks aren’t cut if the reject rate is higher than 30%, and that’s giving the pavement pounders a lot of leeway.  Generally, statewide initiatives that rejection rates around ten to fifteen percent.

But here, almost half.

You almost have to walk away from this wondering how may black votes are fraudulent.

Black Like Me

4 06 2015


It’s time for HRC to pretend to be black.  She don’t feel no ways tarrd…


Hillary Clinton closed a three-day campaign fundraising swing through Texas and New Mexico on Thursday with a rare public appearance at Texas Southern University in Houston and a stemwinder on voting rights.

She took no questions and spoke with no reporters, but angrily complained that Texas voters can present their concealed-carry gun permits as a voter ID, but not their college student identification cards.

Because Texas carry permits mean that the person is actually a Texas resident, the college ID just means the person attends college there.  It is very possible to attend a Texas college or university and be a resident of another state.

Clinton was received with wild applause at the historically black college, but organizers arranged the 8,100-seat basketball arena so that three-quarters of the seats were roped off and empty.

I guess they didn’t buy her act.  Actually, that should be a bad omen for her, because the lethargic black crowds for joint appearances for Baraq Obama and Anthony Brown in heavily black Bell Curve County, Maryland turned out to be way more of a danger sign for Brown’s 2014 campaign for Governor than even I thought it was.

Clinton also complained that state and local officials in southern states have crusaded against early voting plans, same-day voter registration, and pre-registration systems that target 16- and 17-year-olds in high schools.

All of those are very easy vehicles for fraud.

Texas Southern, a historically black university, honored Clinton with a public service award named for the late Rep. Barbara Jordan, the first black female member of Congress from the Deep South.

‘She was a staunch advocate for the Voting Rights Act, which had helped make it possible for her to be elected,’ Clinton said Thursday, lamenting that the federal law’s ‘heart has been ripped out’ by America’s most senior jurists.

She was also a staunch advocate for immigration restriction and enforcement, so much so that she wouldn’t get the time of day in today’s Congressional Black Caucus much less the whole Democrat Party.  Hell, she’d be better on immigration than most of the Republicans running for President.

But voter laws will be a political issue in 2016 that Democrats seem happy to embrace, despite the odds stacked against them.

In order to dog whistle to elderly black women voters that the KKK is coming back, therefore, hurry up and vote for HRC.

She advocated leapfrogging the states’ laws, with Washington, D.C. forcing them to implement universal, automatic voter registration for all citizens.

As this article later points out, these “citizens” need not even be citizens.

Clinton scoffed at the idea, mocking what she said was a ‘phantom epidemic of election fraud.’

And she is right, voter fraud is rare.  If Candidate A gets 1,000,000 votes, Candidate B gets 999,999 votes, and two votes for Candidate B are “found,” this means that fraudulent votes were only 0.0001% of all votes cast.

Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of the conservative group True the Vote, said Thursday afternoon that putting the federal government in charge of a sweeping expansion of voting rules would introduce the possibility that illegal immigrants could cast ballots.

She’s right, but that ship sailed a long time ago. Lots of illegal aliens are voting, because there are lots of ways to get them registered, (welfare office, drivers license office), and the anti-fraud mechanisms are almost non-existent, because a certain political party wants it that way.

But Clinton played to her crowd, saying convicted felons who have completed their sentences should have their voting rights restored.

Some crowd, huh?  HRC be like, “Felons,” and the crowd be like, “Yay yay yeah, right on!”

Almost all states do allow convicted felons to vote, but most of those stipulate that they have to be through with their probation (“off papers”).  And that’s what hangs up the black ex-cons, they often can’t behave long enough to get off probation.

HRC wants instant registration but would permit imprisoned felons not to vote.  Do you actually think that their name will be taken off the rolls while they’re in prison?  (Hint:  The answer rhymes with “no.”)  That’s the point of everything HRC wants and the Democrats want, to puff up the voter rolls with real people, pretend people, 16-year olds, felons, illegal aliens, dead people, Fido, so that some corrupt black poll workers can cast votes for them even if they don’t or physically can’t vote.

She called also for Internet voter registration, a system that would keep no one in a voting line for more than 30 minutes, and demanded a national system that would leave polls open for at least 20 days prior to the actual Election Day.

Do the full Noah and go 40 days.  That way, you can vote once per day and cast 40 votes.

‘If families coming out of church on Sunday feel inspired to go vote, they should be free to do just that,’ she said.

But only if it’s a black church.  Or a Hispanic Catholic diocese, or the UCC.  Any other church, don’t dare talk about voting during services, otherwise the church-state separation fanatics will cave the roof and the steeple in on you.

OTOH, my plan to stop voter fraud and voting shenanigans is very simple.

Landslide Lyndon

2 06 2015


Precinct 13 strikes again.

Voter fraud in ESL?  I’m shocked.

Further down, we read:

Some who voted in the mayoral election said they are not surprised to learn about possible fraud.

“Too many things don’t surprise me nowadays,” said East St. Louis resident Aubrey Vaughn.

One street away, Bobbie Hardwick agreed. “To tell the truth, [I’m] kind of used to things like that happening in this city,” she said.

But but but, the professional excuseologists keep saying that voter fraud is rare.  When rarity isn’t the issue, leverage is.


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