Popping the Cork

28 09 2015

New York

We all think it was a failure.  He thinks it was a success.

The reason we think it was a failure is the same reason why he thinks it was a success, because overthrowing Qaddafi Duck and installing the God-knows-what government meant opening the immigration floodgates from black Africa to Europe by way of the Mediterranean.  Which is still going on, even though all the attention is being paid to the migration from the southeast.

Plain words, we see The Camp of the Saints as dystopia, Obama sees an instruction manual.


23 09 2015

Washington, D.C.

I don’t care if she’s five years old.  No living creature, not even a fly, was going to be able to bust through the joint security for the Pope and the President.

This was a pre-planned stunt, the security deliberately allowed her through, in fact, President Obama and Pope Francis ordered them to let her through, knowing what she was going to do and who put her up to it.

All’s Well

20 08 2015

Riviera Beach, Florida

And they did so vote in the affirmative this afternoon.

Ordinarily, I would be hot and bothered.  But not in this instance.

Why not?

Naming the drag after Baraq Obama is doing a service to first world people, giving them the hint to stay off and stay away, lest ye be robbed and kilt.  See also:  Martin Luther King Avenue.


So Much For So Much

16 08 2015

Washington, D.C.


Publicly, Mr. Obama betrays little urgency about his future. Privately, he is preparing for his postpresidency with the same fierce discipline and fund-raising ambition that characterized the 2008 campaign that got him to the White House.

Which means he can’t wait to get out of Dodge.

Which also means we can permanently put to bed any of our apocalyptic fears about Obama whipping out the pen and phone and canceling the election to give himself lifetime power.  The reason I never thought he would is because his post-presidency is going to be both more lucrative and easier than his Presidency.  More golf, more parties, more fun, but never having to be so rudely interrupted with having to dress up in a suit then read whatever Valerie Jarrett loads on the teleprompter.  And when he does have to put on a suit and speak, rock bottom $500k a speech, don’t be surprised if he bags a million a speech.  His wife will probably be better suited than he to be the new Al Sharpton, and he can eat all the junk food he wants without her and her nagging around.

Which also solves the mystery of why he keeps on doing so much fund raising even though he seemingly has no electoral need for it and neither does his party — It’s all for his library and post-presidency happy meal fund.

If Trump is the 45th President, don’t be surprised if the Obamas leave town before January 20, 2017, and aren’t there to do the whole inauguration day Presidential transition formalities.

And speak of the devil, this is this blog’s 16,666th post.


There But for the Curse of God Go We

16 07 2015

El Reno, Oklahoma


Oh now I’m starting to get it.  He takes it personally.  Then again, this narcissist would.

Obama be like:  There but for the grace of God go I.  I guess one man’s grace is a whole country’s eight year long curse.

In related news, Bill Clinton regrets the Clinton Presidency.

Dinnoe Nuffins

14 07 2015

Washington, D.C.


Jeh Johnson’s Reaction to Steinle Family Question, ‘Who?’ Not Sure if Admin Has Contacted

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he didn’t know if the administration had contacted Kate Steinle’s family and responded “To who?” after being asked if the family had been contacted on Tuesday.

Johnson was asked by Representative Steve Chabot (R-OH) “has the administration reached out to the Steinle family, to your knowledge?” He responded, “To who?” After Chabot said Steinle was killed by a person who had been deported repeatedly and had a criminal record, and asked if the administration had reached out to her family, Johnson answered, “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question, sir.”

Johnson did promise that he would look into it after Chabot asked, and pointed to his practice of personally writing letters to sheriffs, commissioners, or chiefs who have lost officers in the line of duty.

Who really believes that Jeh Johnson doesn’t know who the Steinles are?  Even the Obama-favored news channels, CNN and MSNBC, covered the family, the murder of Kate Steinle, and the sanctuary city issue.  Sure, they may have covered it in terms of denying that sanctuary cities exist, or making excuses for their existence, or supporting the San Francisco Sheriff, or bashing Trump, but they did cover those things.

If Jeh thought he was avoiding the PR disaster of admitting that the administration just doesn’t care about the Steinles because Kate Steinle was murdered at the hands of a member of an Obama-favored demographic group, then he was mistaken.  If anyone actually believes Jeh’s implicit claim, then they’re going to walk away thinking that nobody in the administration actually watches any news of any sort.  And you’d expect the President of the United States and his cabinet secretaries to watch or read some sort of news.

There was no way out of a PR loss for this White House, no matter what Jeh said to Steve Chabot.

Luckily for Jeh and Obama, it won’t matter, because they have no real opposition with real political power, especially on the immigration issue.


Three Some

24 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

It gave Obama the opportunity to say: “You’re in my house.”

So we have three of Obama’s favorite things all in one little incident:  Transgender, illegal alien, himself.


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