I Have a Slightly Different Interpretation

5 08 2016

Cleveland; Dallas

Reading material, here here and here.

What do I think was really going on here?

I’m going to say this even though I might be a little too far out there in the woods.

But here goes anyway:

Baraq Obama tried to have Pam Gellar assassinated.

Whose Side Are You On?

18 07 2016

Washington, D.C.


Translation:  The cops deserved it.

A high class way of pissing on their graves and then going ook ook eek eek.

Three Bads

12 07 2016


President Obama:  “Bad white people!  Bad cops!  Bad guns!”

Of course, because he can’t allow us to think about the perpetrator and his motives, because if we start doing that, we’ll start pointing fingers Mr. Obama’s way.  That’s why he’s not going to “cease talking about gun control,” because it’s a nice convenient diversion.

We know his rhetoric about cops is hot air, because we know he personally likes them.  And how do we know that?  Because he chose his Hyde Park Chicago residence way back when precisely because it had two layers of police protection:  Chicago Police Department and University of Chicago Police Department.  And since he has been a serious Presidential candidate and then actually the President, throw in the Secret Service, and I’m sure the Illinois State Police will keep an eye if they’re in the neighborhood.  If Philandro Castile or Alton Sterling would have done the same things and behaved the same way in front of the White House gates at a time that Mr. Obama himself was in the White House, the Secret Service would have mowed ’em both down just like the municipal cops actually did.  The difference is that the media would have covered it up, and hardly anyone would have ever been familiar with those two names.  That’s because important people deserve police protection; as for everyone else, fuck you, because black lives matter.

Think I’m kidding?  Look up the name Miriam Carey.


My point exactly.


31 03 2016

Front of Drudge, as I write this.


It’s almost as if Drudge is trying to tell us that things aren’t quite going so well on the streets even under Obama.


11 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

Obama to devote his final SOTU to his favorite subject.

Or, he could belt out these lyrics:

Obama’s Mouth Is Writing a Check

6 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

Kevin Williamson, in NR:

If you are wondering why the president is, at the eleventh hour, using probably illegal executive fiats to start a national fight over gun control — a fight that will do nothing to reduce ordinary crime, terrorism, or mass shootings — it’s because he’s still looking for his Gingrich, and he believes that the NRA may be it. That is a grave and uncharacteristic political miscalculation for a man whose only documentable talent is for political calculation, and one suspects that his administration and his party will suffer for it between now and November.

And by “his Gingrich,” Williamson means Gingrich vis-a-vis Bill Clinton, an adversary that got Clinton’s and the Democrats’ juices flowing; Williamson goes over that history of (already) 20 years ago.

Here’s the problem with this: The NRA has been the only Obama opponent in the era of the Obama Presidency that has shown the ability to take the fight right back to Obama’s snoot and make it personal. Obama must have forgotten three years ago, and this.

X-Ray Machine in Use

7 12 2015

Washington, D.C.

They’re using it on Obama’s brain, and I think they’ll see a basketball.

Obama be like:  Can’t restrict Muslim immigration, because Muhammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, or something like that.


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