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* This blog was once the URL for the St. Louis CofCC Blog.  It has not been since mid-2007, even though the posts made before then are still up.

* Before you get offended by something you might read here, you might want to consider the fact that this blogmeister often uses subtle sarcasm, biting cynicism and verbal irony. For instance, my use of the words “twelve unenlightened dufuses” in reference to the Twelve Disciples of Christ, or “That Place Is Replete With Crazy Homophobic Christian Fundamentalists” in regards to Mississippi, Alabama or Wyoming, does not literally mean that I think those things literally about the Disciples or those states, respectively. One should read these words in context, realizing the sarcasm involved.

* If that doesn’t keep you from being offended, then chew me out.  And while you’re upset, re-read the text above in bold, so you don’t think you can complain to anybody but this blogmeister.

* It is my personal policy not to publish names of sitting or retired-but-still-living magistrates or judges, save members of the U.S. or Missouri Supreme Courts, whose identities are just too famous and ubiquitous to conceal. In many circumstances, this blogmeister will not provide a link back to the source material, if there is any, if it has the name(s) of sitting or retired judge(s).

Usually, stories that involve sitting or retired judges are covered on this blog because the judge has done something that is (in my/our opinion) very agreeable, or very abhorrent. Therefore, that judge could be a target for physical violence and retribution either by extremists on our side of the spectrum (if it’s one we disagree with), or by anarchist nuts (if it’s a judge we agree with).

This logic applies to magistrates but is non sequitur to elected politicians, because most judges have veritable or virtual lifetime appointments; politicians can get defeated at the ballot box.


Q: What do you mean by the verb “murtha?”
A: Surrender.  The Late Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) wanted us to surrender to radical Islam.

Q: You seem to use the word “integrity” as a substitute for that four-letter word that begins with “S.” What is up with that?
A: See this.

Q: What does “PTB” mean?
Q: Do you use the word “baby” or “babies” in definitions other than the commonly accepted?

A: Both questions share the same answer. Radio talk show hostess Lizz Brown, the morning drive personality on WGNU-AM-920 St. Louis, started to use the word “baby” several years ago to refer to young black people who were arrested on criminal suspicion, to draw sympathy for them. It got so ridiculous on her part that she used it to refer to a 37-year old woman in north St. Louis County that was picked up on drug charges.

In reaction, “White Eagle,” who was a regular caller to some of the better shows on that station, back in the days when that station had good shows, formulated the “Predatory Thug Baby of the Week Award,” to lampoon Miss Brown. PTB means Predatory Thug Baby.

Q: What do you mean by “that radio station whose mascot is a wildebeest?”
A: Another name for a wildebeest is a gnu. WGNU-AM-920 in St. Louis uses a gnu/wildebeest as its mascot. That phrase is merely a sarcastic circumlocution for saying WGNU.

Q:  Who is “Mrs. Antolinez?”:
A:  You know her better as (at the time of this writing) Missouri Secretary of State and Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate race in 2010, Robin Carnahan.  In the summer of 2007 or 2008, she married a Latin American diplomat named Juan Antolinez.  Other than a Jo Mannies blurb in the Post-Dispatch, and his brief appearance at her concession speech when she lost the Senate election to Roy Blunt, (he is to Jean Carnahan’s right in this photo), there wasn’t a peep about the marriage.  She certainly didn’t jettison her politically advantageous maiden name.  Calling her Mrs. Antolinez is my sarcastic way to razz her.  There is a theory that the marriage is a cover-up for a certain lifestyle choice on her part.

Q:  Who is the “dork in Orlando with a fax machine?”
A:  Richard Lapchick, founder and head of The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) at the University of Central Florida.  Like clockwork, every mid-December and mid-March, he puts out press releases whining about the “racial disparity” and the “graduation gap” in the football and men’s basketball programs (respectively) chosen as BCS bowl participants and NCAA tourney participants (respectively).  Sometimes, he will laud the NBA for its “diversity” (80% black, huh?) and bash the Winter Olympics and some Summer Olympics sports for being “too white.”

Q:  What is the “generic coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long-haired white woman?”
A:  My snarky way of picking on Starbucks for its failed-aborted debranding campaign.

Q:  Who is “Tom Danforth?”
A:  The late Tom Schweich, Missouri Auditor until his suicide in 2015.  I called him Tom Danforth because of his links to the Danforth RINO/Establishment machine.

A:  My snarky (what else?) way of making fun of the ever-expanding official acronym for the “alternate lifestyle.”  It used to be it was just “Gay,” then it was “GL,” for gay and lesbian, then B an T were added for bisexual and transgender or transsexual or both, to make LGBT, then they added “Q” for questioning, to make LGBTQ, then they added M, I and A, for intersexual and asexual, and whatever “M” stands for, meaning the official designation is now LGBTQMIA.  (They are going for the holy grail — An acronym that uses every letter in the alphabet.)  You know what LOL stands for, and PLPLTH was a common silly-time late 1990s chat room acronym.  Their acronym is getting so long and convoluted that I’m no longer trying to ridicule it, now I just use “LGBTQetc” or “LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL.”

Q:  What is the TALA Doctrine?
A:  TALA = They All Look Alike.  It’s my snarky (what else?) way of noting the misfortune that becomes of our brothers and sisters of very dark hue as a result of having little dissimilarity among each other in terms of facial appearance.

Q:  What is Patterson’s First Axiom?
A:  Robert “Tut” Patterson founded the Citizens Councils movement in Mississippi one millisecond after the Supreme Court handed down Brown v Board in 1954, because he knew the decision’s consequences.  He had three axioms:  First, “Nothing cures the thirst for integration like a good dose of n****rs.”  Second, “Take race out of the equation, and white people vote their pocketbook, which usually means Democrat.”  (That’s not as true today as it used to be when he first said it).  Third, “If your woman like sex more than you do, watch out.”  (I know plenty of men who have the scars to prove this one.)

Q:  Why do you call Michael Barone your illegitimate father?
A:  He isn’t, really.  It’s just that we’re both obsessive political statgeeks, and that he and my mother were both born in the same year.

Q:  What is the “Metallica Doctrine?”
A:  “You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you,” as sort of a back handed tribute to the song “Paranoid” that Metallica did with Ozzy Osbourne.  The temptation is to interpret the phrase literally, meaning that if someone is really out to get you, then you’re not paranoid.  The real meaning of the phrase is that those who are that paranoid to think that someone or everyone is out to get them will allow their paranoia to ruin their selection biases and their ability to interpret news and events and reality.  One who is that paranoid will always be able to find evidence that someone is out to get them, even if there is no evidence, even if nobody actually is out to get them.  If they have to revert to interpreting toast burn patterns to find evidence, they will.  Which means that I am usually accusing someone of engaging in reality distortion level paranoia when I bring up their name and “Metallica Doctrine” in the same post.

Q:  What is “Sessio Volans?”
A:  Latin for “flying chair.”  I sarcastically speak of it as a species that is rarely spotted in the wild, but when it is seen, it is seen in Dinduistan, aka Bell Curve City.  It’s a meme of my own invention to make fun of the fact that when blacks get into melees and fights and other similar disturbances, they like to throw chairs around.

Q:  What does WRPT mean?
A:  No, it’s not the radio station in Cincinnati where Johnny Fever spun vinyl.  It stands for Wicked Racial Profiling Trick.  It’s my uncanny ability to identify the race of people involved in or relevant to a story with very few words from the story.

Q:  What do you mean by “Dynamo of Bell Curve City?”
A:  You know that “Bell Curve City” is one of my synonyms for black ghettos, along with the title I provided Paul Kersey of SBPDL fame for his blockbuster 2015 book about St. Louis and the Fergaza Strip hoopla in particular.  A dynamo effect is sometimes used to refer to an actual or metaphorical perpetual motion effect, where one or more things are both the cause(s) and effect(s) of each other.  The Dynamo of Bell Curve City is where there are murders at black funeral services, funeral interments,  funeral processions, remembrances, peace or anti-violence rallies, and because somebody died, that necessitates another funeral/peace rally, at which there will be a murder.  On and on and on.

Q:  What is “The Steve and Lyda Show?”
A:  My metaphor for the modern political push, started in 2017, for both reunification of St. Louis City and St. Louis County (note to outsiders:  They are legally separate entities), and then the formal merging of the reunified county into a singular unitary city-county political entity.  On June 12, 2017, St. Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger held a joint presser at the Cheshire, symbolically important because the Cheshire is very near the Clayton-Richmond Heights-St. Louis City triple point, announcing their support, and then after that they appeared on a slew of local media sources.

What I think are the real reasons for The Steve and Lyda Show.

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