RIP, Beautiful Mind

24 05 2015

Monroe Twp., New Jersey

And of course…

I Agree

23 05 2015


This is what democracy looks like.  Or rather, what it leads to.

It’s Real In the Field

23 05 2015

The Bronx

Running Out of White Kids

23 05 2015


They “want more white children in the school to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Aminata, her smiling face framed by dangling African braids during Friday’s protest.

They want more white children in their school to buffer and mask non-white failure, and to be their punching bags.

There, I fixed it.

Haven’t you ever noticed that the people who scream the loudest with their mouths about racial equality demonstrate by their actions that they are the least to believe it?

World War G Wins a Battle

23 05 2015


Democracy doing what it does “best.”

Of course, it wasn’t going to turn out any differently, because all the major political parties, most of the big business establishment and many Irish celebrities endorsed it.  Therefore, voting yes was hardly a matter of courage.

The only silver lining is that it’s making the progressivetard stack fall down go boom.

World War T Loses a Battle

23 05 2015



The man that looks like a man is the perp, the man that looks like a woman was the vic.

H/T True News USA.

Thank God for Bread and Circuses

23 05 2015


That city would be rioting, except LeBron is still in the playoffs.


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