Hammers and Nails

21 02 2017

Northampton, Massachusetts

No cops giving out high fives at school, because students of color and illegal aliens.

This shows a school called Jackson Street.  Great Schools indicates it as being 62% white and 21% Hispanic, with only 4% black.  So I figure the big concern isn’t the “color” part in as much as it is the “illegal alien” part.  Though probably at least a majority of the Hispanics are Puerto Ricans, who are, thanks to our Navy’s continuing need for coal refueling stations, natural born citizens.

Nah, That Would Be Too Simple

21 02 2017

Waco and Austin, Texas

All the fancy new state laws the Texas state legislature is considering in the wake of the Baylor scandal.

A really simple idea would be for schools not to import violent dindus as ringers to win ballgames.

Problem is, that idea is too simple.  Aside from that, the idea suffers the problem of its advocates having to name the ook.

Horn of Plenty

21 02 2017

Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin

Capital Times:

Michael Johnson to announce $600 million plan to reduce Chicago violence

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson and other community leaders will introduce a $600 million 15-point plan to reduce violence while at the Chicago Police Department headquarters Thursday.


The framework includes:

Re-purposing $100 million over four years from the correctional system to employ thousands of inner city men
Training and developing peer support coaches for violence prevention
Training and developing peer support coaches for recidivism reduction
Engaging youth in providing solutions with Chicago Peace Project
Providing awards and protection for witnesses who report violent crimes
Employing thousands of youth during summer months
Lobbying for policies that address social justice issues
Providing mentoring and executive coaching for inner city men in the workplace
Providing alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders
Providing mental health therapy for families
Providing court advocates for low-income individuals 25-years-old and younger
Building new community centers in targeted neighborhoods
Funding robust functional family therapy programs
Providing parent management training classes that includes financial literacy and wealth building
Creating a basic need fund for new emerging workers who struggle with housing and transportation issues.

Reads to me like the CEO of the county level organization of the Boys and Girls Clubs wants us to dump $600 million on the Boys and Girls Clubs so they can supposedly prevent violent crime, but in actuality increase Michael Johnson’s salary.

Walking Back Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

21 02 2017

New York

This whole Milo thing has been personally painful for me, because I’m watching an easily explainable comment ruin someone’s career.

Just as I had a front row seat to the same thing four and a half years ago.

But for it, or but for my hesitance to insist that we totally ignore it and that it’ll blow over by the end of the week, which was my gut instinct, there’s a good chance I’d be working in the White House right now.

Capital Beat

21 02 2017

Jefferson City


A sting operation, which means my brain treads lightly.  In spite of that, you’d have to figure that with a facial countenance like this, he’d be some sort of menace to society.

Though I have to snicker at the fact that four of his five online aliases involve some variant of Mohammed.

And also, that looks like the top part of the WSHH logo tatted on his upper chest.

I Wonder What “Gentle Giant” Is In Swedish

21 02 2017


I guess this means Rinkeby is the Ferguson of Stockholm.

It also means that the world is just a device which in very short order gets around to proving that OCGE is right even if he isn’t technically correct at the time of his statement.

Their Parents Are Lying

21 02 2017


My conclusion?

Their parents lied to the researchers.