Night Five Open Thread

24 09 2016


Ordinarily, these things would be petering out by the fifth night.  But, this fifth night is a Saturday night, so just off of that alone, I’m expecting some vibrancy.

YouTube’s Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police

24 09 2016

Mountain View, California

The Googitburo is recruiting.

Go to its official YT video page and downvote that mofo.  More than 560,000 have, including myself, as I write this.

By the way, what’s so heroic about crowdsourced censorship?  Just like you don’t give a live grenade to a baby, you don’t give SJWs this kind of power.

Implicitly Pleading the Fifth

24 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Now we know why Obama didn’t indict Hillary.

Because his doing so would have been effectively indicting himself.

This is sorta why Cheryl Mills got immunity in an investigation whose outcome was pre-determined.

Night Four Open Thread

23 09 2016


There have also been some “protests” in Atlanta.  And the Charlotte rabble is threatening to cause trouble at the NFL game on Sunday unless Cam Newton kneels during the national anthem.

It Took Two Months

23 09 2016


But I finally got an answer.

Me, July 28:

Why do I get the feeling that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot in Gateway Region’s decision to move the Downtown Y from 16th and Locust to 6th and Locust?

Oh yeah, my whitey sense is tingling.  Though it may also be a WRPT, that it being at 16th and Locust makes it easier for Y patrons to become accidental beneficiaries of Ujamaa, while moving it ten blocks east will deprive them of that good fortune.  Or there may be something at play here other than race.

What is making me think that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot is that the PR coming out of Gateway Region announcing this decision is suspiciously glitzy, yet the footprint of the relocated Downtown Y will be smaller, even though the PR is bragging about all the new amenities.

P-D, yesterday:

Responses showed people felt that safety and walkability were compromised by the Downtown Y’s proximity to the New Life Evangelistic Center, a shelter that serves the homeless.


Despite concern from some critics that the transition is meant only to generate revenue and cater to young professionals, Helm said the facility’s motives hadn’t changed.

So it’s about getting away from Larry Rice’s vagabonds and getting closer to loft-dwellers.

As you can read in this article, a lot of people are now worried that the Y moving ten blocks east will somehow hurt diversity and be social injusticey, and be a blow to yoots.  Whoever is handing that out is using it as a front for some self-centered motivation.  If there was an endangered species of some sort on the building site on 6th and Locust, they’d be screaming about the environment.

Risque as it might be, I also think the brief mention that the new digs will have “private showers” can’t be overlooked.  Remember, part of this is about catering to downtown loft-dwelling millennial professionals, and in that way, they’re reserved. 

Slave Mentality

23 09 2016



Seahawks DE Michael Bennett: ‘Need a white guy to join the fight’ against social injustice

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said this week that he thinks it’s time for a white NFL player to join the protests against social injustice.

“You need a white guy to join the fight. The white guy is super important to the fight,” Bennett told the Seattle Times. “For people to really see social injustices, there must be someone from the other side of the race who recognizes the problem, because a lot of times if just one race says there’s a problem, nobody is realistic about it.”

“Massa likez me bedda den he likes u.”

With all the black people in this country who want white people to cosign their causes, and with all the white people (cuckservatives et al.) who think their causes aren’t legitimate unless some non-white people join in, if we just get these two groups together, we might be able to solve this whole irresistible force immovable object mystery.

Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirteen Days of Unrequited Advice

23 09 2016


Re Instapundit.

I need just two words:

Reginald Denny.