Color Line

27 11 2015


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Rush and Caller Talk Alt-Right

27 11 2015

South Florida

I heard it, and now we have proof via transcript:

RUSH: Here Roy in Gurnee, Illinois, as we start on the phones.  Always try to get a phone call in the first hour, Open Line Friday on Wednesday.  How are you, sir?

CALLER:  I’m fine.

RUSH:  Well, good.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Yeah.  First-time caller.  Been listening to you if the last few years.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  What I’m interested in, is all this stuff about conservatives being older people. But I think that’s gonna quickly change.  I think there’s a group of younger people called “the alt right.”  And it started in the last few years in Europe because of the Muslim invasion.  And I think it’s… They’re beginning to get people over here, youngsters between 18, 25, 26, to convert to what they call “the alt right.”  I think it’s gonna be pretty intense.  I think you should keep an eye out for it.

RUSH:  Yeah, that’s a good thought. “The alt right,” like in alternative right?

CALLER:  Alternative right.

RUSH:  Yeah, like in alternative media and so forth.

CALLER:  The ones they dislike are the old hippies — and “the ’68ers,” is what’s called in Europe. That’s who they have contempt for, the Marxists.

RUSH:  Well, I don’t… In principle I think you’re right.  Now, what Roy here is responding to, the Washington Post, New York Times, DNC website pieces I read to you where your average liberal Democrat is going to Thanksgiving dinner and is being warned how to deal with the aging, kooky, perhaps Alzheimer’s-stricken conservative crazy aunt or uncle.  And he is assuming that… It’s a pretty good assumption.  He’s making the assumption that the libs think the conservatives are all a bunch of old farts that have lost their minds are on the verge of losing their minds, and they have to be dealt with.

He’s right.  There is an entire…  In fact, we don’t have wait for this alt whatever it is in Europe.  There is a thriving youthful conservative emergence happening in this country.  They may be borrowing from what’s going on in Europe.  But, Roy, there’s no question you’re right. It’s growing and it’s thriving because, you know, young… The Millennials, a significant number of them have been seduced by the left and remain buried there, but there are a lot of people that don’t want to be part of that movement.

It’s nothing but depression.  It’s nothing but doom and gloom.  It’s nothing but, “There’s no future. America’s best days are behind us.”  A lot of young people that don’t want to live their lives or start out their adult lives with that kind of attitude.  It’s not gonna get anybody anywhere.  And I think if anything is aging, you take a look at the Democrat presidential candidate roster. If anything is aging in this country, it’s the good old Democrat Party.  It isn’t us, folks.

It’s clear Rush doesn’t know what the Alt-Right is, or he does and is playing dumb.

The European Alt-Right differs from the lamestream center-right in two big ways, among many ways:  One, it’s nationalist, not conservative, and two, it acts like outsider insurgents battling an almost universally hostile society, not relative insiders trying to combat outsider insurgents.

Neat Adventures in Thanksgiving News Juxtaposition

27 11 2015




I could tell Spike why it will never happen, but that would be both misogynist and racist.

“Only Christian Refugees”

27 11 2015

South Florida

Jeb! and a few other Republican Presidential candidates and politicians are saying just that.

Two problems with that:

One, Christian Arabs can do really bad things, cough cough, Sirhan Sirhan, cough cough.

Two, Muslims do have the capability to lie and say they’re Christians.  In fact, the Islamic doctrine of taqqiya allows them to do so as long as their deceits advance Islam.

Ann Coulter reminds us that there’s a more obvious problem:

Some Republicans have called for admitting only Christian refugees—the main point of which is to allow Jeb! and Rubio to talk tough on immigration, without alienating their imaginary Hispanic base.

Hiding in plain sight; I should have known.  “Christians only” is a rhetorical device and back door meaning “we want Hispanics but not Muslims.”  Which is also to say that “we want our cheap labor as long as it’s relatively docile and doesn’t like to set off bombs.”

Now we’re getting somewhere in answering my riddle of ten days ago.

Thanksgiving for a Snowflake

27 11 2015

Framingham, Massachusetts

We know what kind of Thanksgiving they had.

* Kiddie table

* Pablum

* Juice in a sippy cup

* The knives and alcoholic beverages were kept on high shelves

* Post meal entertainment was “Dora the Explorer”

* In bed by nine

Rich Liberal Democrats Heart Syrians

27 11 2015


But not much of anyone else.  Including something I rarely see, a reverse gender gap on an issue where one would expect it to be a normal gender gap.  Click to enlarge.


Black Lives Don’t Matter

27 11 2015

Columbus, Ohio

You’d think that with today’s obsession with black lives and black babies’ bodies, she’d be revered.

She was pro-life in the most politically correct way possible, but they weren’t having any of that.

Firing up the engine to my Ferrari mind, I know this isn’t really a paradox.  Remember, college administrators and the black autumn extortion-mob are two sides of the same coin.  Plain words, the latter is negotiating against a former that agrees with it, and a former that was the extortion-mob when they were in college.  So you can probably see how it’s obvious that the former doesn’t want anyone to cause the latter to notice things which will cause massive wrecks at various left wing intersectionalities.


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