Primaries That Look Like Amurrika

10 02 2016

Concord, New Hampshire

There’s a reason why both Bern’s relatively lethargic victory speech and HRC’s very upbeat concession speech leaned heavily on black, Hispanic and immigration issues:

Now that Iowa and New Hampshire are in the rearview mirror, the next two contests are South Carolina and Nevada, both on the 20th, and those states’ Democrat voter universe are heavily black and Hispanic, respectively.  Both already started campaigning in those states with their speeches last night.

HRC knows that, in spite of being blown out last night (strangely, though, she walked away with 15 delegates compared to 13 for Bern, WTF?), and her eke-out win in Iowa, if she keeps the non-white firewall intact, she’s pretty much home-free.  And Bern knows he has to bust that firewall to have a puncher’s chance to win.

Underroo Brigade

10 02 2016

West County

Messenger:  23-year old “kid” who runs around in his parents’ basement clad only in his underroos wants the St. Louis region to unify so badly that he started a website and got Gene McNary’s son to go along.

And he’ll be successful where Rex Sinquefield hasn’t been because, well, because.

Cutting Off All Shortcuts

9 02 2016

Jefferson City

SCOMO ruled today that Amendment 5 doesn’t allow for the legal possession of firearms by convicted felons.

A decision that (A) we knew they would make, and (B) didn’t have to make, if one simply read their ruling on a very similar matter last year.

But, I guess it’s better to cut off all possible shortcuts, and denude certain people of an excuse.

New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

9 02 2016

New Hampshire

Bernie, easily, though I think his margin over HRC will be a bit less than the polls suggest, again because he’s relying on under 30 voters.  I’m going to predict again that Trump wins with a shockingly high margin.

Wiggers, Can’t Live With ‘Em

9 02 2016

Manchester, England

Cops called to a riot, discover that it was just a rap video recording taking place.

What’s the difference?

Always Hustling

9 02 2016

Flint, Michgan

A secret squirrel source tells me that people in Flint who have had various brands of store-branded bottled water donated to them have been trying to “return” them to the stores for refunds.

Cue Excuses

8 02 2016

St. Louis City

“But we can’t annex! Unfair comparison! Apples and oranges!”

The news keeps being bad, so the excuses keep being the same.


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