Affordable Housing

27 08 2016

West Hollywood, California

Lucille Ball’s first owned house in southern California is on the market, a house that she bought into the marriage with Desi Arnaz, though by the time they divorced, they had sold this one and moved to Beverly Hills.

Let’s look see about some details:

Every room’s a Ball room! The first-ever Hollywood home owned by ‘I Love Lucy’s’ Lucille Ball goes on the market for $1.75m


A real slice of Hollywood history is now on the market: The home that Lucille Ball moved into after signing to RKO Pictures in 1933.

Then just 22, the future star of sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’ took up residence in 1344 North Ogden Drive, a 1,874sqft, two-bedroom home that was soon inhabited by her whole family, who followed her out from New York to Los Angeles.

I’d like to guess that that $1.75m price is at least somewhat inflated for its numismatic value (*), but I just looked up for sale listings on Zillow for West Hollywood, and that is very much a typical price for that square footage.

What does this mean?

In 1933, a 22-year old rookie B-picture contract player could afford that house in that place.  Could a 22-year old rookie B-picture contract player afford that house in that place today?  Hardly.  Unlike what I noticed about the book and movie Mildred Pierce, this is definitely a real-world example, and not a dramatic embellishment.

(*) – I know “numismatic” is only supposed to refer to specie coinage, in that a numismatic coin has value above the pure value of its pure precious metal content, and “bullion” is the term for coins that are worth no more than their precious metal.  However, I’m coining (no pun intended) a new usage for the word, to refer to anything that for some reason has more value than its pure market value disregarding that reason.  I was thinking at first that the house was worth more than comparable West Hollywood houses only because Lucille Ball once owned it.

As I Have Been Predicting

26 08 2016

Jefferson City

Last two state polls I’ve seen have Trump, Blunt and all the downballot statewide Republicans in the lead.

Except for one.

Guess which one.

Not All

26 08 2016


I commented at that thread:

Many of you are probably going to hate me for saying this. But I’m going to say this anyway. But did you notice how the reporter goes and finds two random black parents, shows them the video, they react incredulously, of course, as anyone should, and their reactions become part of the news? When does that happen for any other garden variety news item on a half hour local eyeball newscast? And this happens fairly often, in all sorts of stations all across the country. I happen to think that a lot of news directors want to soften the blow of outrageous black misbehavior news stories by finding black people at random to express outrage and dismay. “See? Don’t hate all black people, they’re not all bad, NOT ALL.”

So far, no hate.



Dog Swap

25 08 2016



I mentioned him several years ago.

He did indeed make the NFL, and now he’s being traded.

Cleveland, the city with the NFL team with a group of rabid fans called the Dog Pound, doesn’t want Barkevious anymore.

I’m Not Used to This Much Irony Before Noon

25 08 2016


I get the hunch there’s a rapper somewhere underneath all those tattoos.

Old Pain Burning

25 08 2016

Jefferson City

SCOMO’s ruling on the Bazell case is causing some curiosity.

This state has always had a rough relationship with stealing laws.

Though I don’t see why some of the people upset with it are actually upset.  Aren’t these the same people who constantly worry about overincarceration?  You’d think that fewer felony crimes on the books would make them happy.

Some Time Today, The Smartest Woman in the World Will Declare War on a Frog

25 08 2016

Reno, Nevada

Open thread about the matter.

I’m surprised there isn’t a lot more media and social networking buzz about the matter.  Which indicates to me that the Hillary camp and the media (though I repeat myself), even before the fact, have determined that it’s going to be a big flop in terms of what they want out of it.  Meanwhile, it will be a big boon for us.  I just hope she spells “Countenance Blog” correctly.  However, they’re past the point of no return — Even if they are suddenly getting cold feet, the fact that they’re going to pwn the alt-right and try to hook it to Trump is too well known by enough people for Team Rodham to back out suddenly without getting egg in their faces.  Another possibility, again, assuming they’re getting cold feet, is that the speech is being reworked to read like a generic screed against *-ism and *-phobia, while not mentioning any movement or any Presidential candidate in particular.

If this does turn out to be what it has been advertised, I predict that Hillary will make special emphasis on the none too favorable attitude that many in the alt-right have about Jews.  For the same reason why the media peddled the non-troversy about the six-pointed sheriff star for a week, in order to dog whistle Trump Hitler Trump Hitler to try to dissuade Jews from writing checks to Trump.  If I’m right about that, Hillary will kvetch about the Schlomo Shekelstein memes and the parentheses.


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