A Chevy at a Ford Appreciation Picnic

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

My whitey sense informed me that you all needed some subversive thinking done.  So I got here as quick as I could, even though I don’t get around very quickly at all these days.  But, in as much as my semi-ambulatory legs and my wheelchair could let me, I went at top speed.

Andre Perry, writing in Hechinger Report, H/T AR:

Charter school leaders are complicit with segregation, and it’s hurting their movement


A recent Associated Press analysis of national school enrollment data found that “as of school year 2014-2015, more than 1,000 of the nation’s 6,747 charter schools had minority enrollment of at least 99 percent, and the number has been rising steadily.”

I responded at AR:

You think that might be the case? Especially when, as an example, in my state, charter schools are only allowed to operate in St. Louis City and Kansas City proper, because the politics of charter school legislation invariably revolve around the educational “needs” of NAM (esp black) children, and the establishment of actual charter schools are done with NAM (esp black) children in mind. It would be like being outraged that there are no Chevys to be found at an event advertised and billed for months before the fact as a Ford Appreciation Picnic.

The subversive politics behind articles like these and the more pregnant political question have to do with teachers’ unions. The blogger Education Realist has pretty much proven to the smoking gun level that the charter movement is a stealth movement to bust teachers’ unions using the academic needs of NAMs esp blacks as a social justicey front. At the same time, articles like these are very likely the stealth weaponized pushback from teachers’ unions, again, using social justicey language (“segregation” blah blah) as a front. As it is with many things, two different selfish special interests are firing at each other with deliberately rhetorically confusing weapons, and we live in the middle of the free fire zone.

So it boils down to: Charters yes because zomg social justice lol vs charters no because zomg social justice lol. Neither side really gives a sheeyt about social justice, it’s just that they know that social justice tripe coming out of one’s mouth officially sounds good these days.


Columbia Writ Large

15 12 2017


Covered on AR and SBPDL.  Net it out:  Globe be like:  ZOMG RACISM LOL~!!!!!1

In the past, the pre-July 19 version of myself, the one with my full and complete roster of capabilities, I would have deep dived this screed and refuted every point.  No can do these days, because, even though I beat this flu, I’m back to square one with all my other problems, and if I do too much thinking, I fear it will cause me physical pain.

So I’ll spare you all and myself, and opt for a short, overarching metaphor.

The way to think about Boston is that it is, for the most part, and when boiled down, a large metropolitan equivalent of a middle sized town or city that contains a large public land grant college or university, aka a massively scaled up college town writ large. Think: Charlottesville, Va., Chapel Hill, N.C., Columbia, Missouri, and many others, magnified many times and with many prominent colleges and universities, anchored of course by Harvard and MIT.

Where the analogy is apropos is that Boston’s gentry white liberal civic and academic elite have the same attitude about black people that the much smaller scale civic and academic elites in Charlottesville, Chapel Hill and Columbia maintain. They love them, but from a distance, and the berg itself doesn’t have that many, and the blacks who are socially closest to the civic and academic elites are carefully selected and SES-similar, not the ghetto undertow. Furthermore, the main use that said elites have towards blacks is to love them from a distance whilst using them as virtue-signaling tokens against those icky sticky yucky ducky kind of white people “way out there.”

Correlation With Causation

15 12 2017

Article links on AR’s story haul back on Tuesday, these two are obviously juxtaposed:

Genius juxtaposition on the part of the AR editors, as far as I’m concerned.


As I wrote in the latter story’s thread:

Cluster, not coincidence.

“What are you thinking, QD?”

Long track Stockholm Syndrome.

In addition to the fact that a certain percentage of women really go in for audacious goons, especially ones like the Religion of Peacers who have quasi-official societal endorsement.


Claire Could Referee

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

OCGE twittertrollbaited Elizabeth Warren into intimating that Kirsten Gillibrand is a slut.

Catfight on the Senate floor.

Not Too Loud

15 12 2017

New Brunswick, New Jersey

College Fix:

A Rutgers University labor rights organization is being blamed for spray-painted graffiti on a couple of buildings in the surrounding community.

The phrase “Fight 4 $15” was discovered on the Livingston Daycare and the Asian American Cultural Center and is linked to the group Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops (RUSAS).

According to The Tab, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Felicia McGinty said the graffiti, as well as a banner hung on Brower Commons and unauthorized distribution of flyers, violate the university’s Student Organization General Guidelines.

In an email, McGinty noted the graffiti at the Asian American Cultural Center appears to be “retaliation” for the center not immediately endorsing the RUSAS. She added members of the AACC saw this as a “dog whistle, similar to what we’re seeing in today’s political landscape.”

Keep your voices down, people, because if people hear this, they might start getting the idea that there’s some sort of inexorable association between racial agitation, mass immigration and wage/salary depression.  Some might even start to think that “Asian” this that or the other is an opaque conduit for cheap sweatshop labor.


15 12 2017


Here’s the good news: You don’t need to bother with risky black ops exfiltration and rescue operations.

Just tell your ethnic brethren of Barbara Lerner Spectre and the Jews that own the two biggest newspapers in Sweden to knock off wielding disproportionate sociopolitical leverage to keep the gates open to these Arab immigrants.

Of course, even when you jump past that hurdle, there’s still the matter of Swedish pathological altruism. While Jews have outsize influence in Sweden relative to their numbers, quelle surprise, their absolute numbers are so low that in the greater scheme of things, it’s not that much in absolute terms, nowhere near their relative power in the United States. Which means that your typical Stockholm-Minneapolis cuckery that Scandies are generally world famous for is the better explanation.

Vito Dumped Luca

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

Europa has subsurface liquid water oceans, that’s becoming more and more apparent.

Now we know it has plate tectonics, which means both heat source and nutrient replenishment source.

One day, when we can send drilling robots there, we’ll find out that’s where Vito Corelone dumped Luca Brasi.