Always Hustling

9 02 2016

Flint, Michgan

A secret squirrel source tells me that people in Flint who have had various brands of store-branded bottled water donated to them have been trying to “return” them to the stores for refunds.

Cue Excuses

8 02 2016

St. Louis City

“But we can’t annex! Unfair comparison! Apples and oranges!”

The news keeps being bad, so the excuses keep being the same.

Sunday Wrap-Up

7 02 2016


* This research has already been done by others, and has shown the same results.

* Do you think either one of them had a clue?

* Bob Holden’s new job; I don’t think he’ll be there to address violent crime.

* One can just sense the snark emanating from this news copy.


* Obama lied for partisan benefit? Shocking!

* Real rape culture on college campi, the sort that all the yelling serves to distract us from.

* Just like there was political corruption behind several curtains in the Bundy ranch matter two years ago, it seems like there’s some in the Burns, Oregon fiasco.  This source I’m linking you to is not one given to tinfoil thinking; in fact, it ridicules it.

* Sure, because you can accomplish a whole lot in fiction.

* Now Asians are getting in on the whine about cultural appropriation hustle.

* If George Wallace was still living and coherent, he would react to this news this way:  “People who work for a living should get more bandwidth than people that don’t.”

* Fine, I don’t see any love in any of those faces.

* X Games:  The men of our generation have a suicide problem, even ones that have everything going for them.

* Like knows like.

* Irony alert:  The very Supreme Court judge who openly disavowed clearly written and constructed and intended legislation is worried about the public perception of the Supreme Court.

* It’s official, just like I predicted:  Nothing burger.

Incidentally, when you see or read or hear the words “understaffed” in relation to a public agency, an excuse they trot out all the time, the way one should translate that into readable English is that the public agency in question can’t find enough magic negroes and other affirmative action beneficiaries to hire. They wouldn’t be understaffed if they tried to hire white men, it’s just that they don’t want to.


* What’s German for “how are the schools?”  In the next several decades, the German judiciary will mandate busing and deseg.


* Pie in the mile high sky.  Mile high skyscrapers have been “seriously” proposed continuously in one place or another since the early 1970s.

Besides, who wants to live or work that high off the ground?  For awhile, the Trump Chicago tower had the world’s highest residential unit above ground level anywhere in the world, almost 1,400 feet.  I wouldn’t want to live in a place where it takes more than two Arches of elevation and all that time just to get from home to the ground and vice-versa.  Living in a skyscraper wouldn’t much bother me, it’s just that I’d want to live at a low level within the building, so that it wouldn’t take me long to get out.  Just in case some Muslims get more funny ideas about airplanes.

* The swag bag for all Oscar nominees.  The most expensive item therein.  Should I even?  Or would that be borderline anti-Semitic?


Disproving the Notion That With Age Comes Wisdom

7 02 2016


Back in 1972, Mr. Handwipe was for the American Party ticket for President.

This doesn’t state that on the top of the ticket was John Schmitz, someone who I had the pleasure to meet and see speak in the late 1990s.  Hardly anyone today knows who he is, but his daughter is way more famous.  Born Mary Katherine (“Kay”) Schmitz, later married then divorced a man named Letourneau, and from there, you can figure out her next and as it turned out illicit romantic interest.

Transcript of Marco Rubio’s Debate Performance

7 02 2016

Goffstown, New Hampshire

Wicked Attorney General Profiling Trick

4 02 2016

St. Charles

Delaware-based TRG Holdings, LLC, d/b/a TRG Philippines, Inc., and its COO Mohammed Khaisghi

Guess what is happening to that firm and that individual.

Trump Got Schlonged in Iowa

4 02 2016


Of all people, Karl Roverrated is starting to climb on that caboose.

Consider this today’s Trump and campaign open thread.


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