Everybody Loves Raymond Kroc

24 04 2015


AP headline:

What could McDonald’s do to fix its business?

I respond:

Someone on AR awhile back might have a suggestion.

Okey Dokey Smokey

24 04 2015



More pics, but none so ironic.

Great Goods

23 04 2015



Next Year At This Time

23 04 2015



Tony Messenger wins honor for editorial writing

Tony Messenger has won the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Editorial Writing for “After Ferguson,” a collection of editorials following the shooting and protests.

And next year, he’ll win it again for his provocation coverage of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015.

As Real As It Gets

23 04 2015

North Riverfront

CGI is getting pretty damned good.  If I didn’t know better, and I do know better, that this won’t ever happen in reality, I’d swear this was actually reality.


All part of a CGI arms race to see whose hypothetical new stadium is better.


23 04 2015

Las Vegas

One reason I’ve been cynical of Scott Walker’s recent Sessionsesque pronouncements on immigration is because he has sucked from the Sheldon Adelson teat in the past, and I was thinking that it wouldn’t be long before we get news of him doing it again.

Well, forget about that.

This might explain why Walker has had his sudden about face to our side on immigration patriotism.  It is probably all personal revenge against Adelson for picking Marco Rubio and not him.

The reason why I think Adelson’s endorsement and money is done with immigration politics in his mind far more than “stand with Israel” politics is that everyone in the Republican field “stands with Israel.”  He’s not endorsing Rubio to head off the anti-Israel foreign policies of Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush (*), Rand Paul (who is “evolving” to that end more and more), Mike Huckabee, et al.  That’s for damned sure.  If Adelson wants a Republican Presidential candidate who stands with Israel, all he needs to do is pick a name out of the hat.  Meanwhile, Adelson money can and does have leverage over immigration politics within Republican Presidential politics, and open borders helps Adelson’s bottom line.


(*) – There is gossip that Adelson is dumping Jeb Bush because ole Jebby is embracing James Baker, who had none too nice things to say about Israel and Jews during the father Bush’s administration.  Really though, you think a President Jeb Bush isn’t going to “stand with Israel” enough to make Sheldon Adelson happy?  Forget about that high school lunch room gossip.

Again, This Time, Only Worse

22 04 2015


“We might get to read this story again pretty soon.”

And we have.  Only this time, it’s “Job Corpse” quite literally.


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