Quelle Surprise

30 08 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Well peanut gallery, I’m good to go.

I know where precisely I’ll be living in terms of a street address, and all the lease paperwork for it is signed sealed delivered.  That was my last unresolved issue, and that got done on Tuesday.  Yes, it is handicapped-accessible.

I’ve got a bunch of new tech kit, including new headphones and new binoculars, both made by companies not too far from where I’ll be moving.  New camera.   A new sail foam, which got delivered on Tuesday, and I especially need it because my current Alexander Graham Verizon CDMA foam won’t work where I’m going.  I deliberately did not take my current foam with me on the summer voyage, in fear of accidentally using it and raking up a ginormous international roaming bill.  Turns out I need not have worried, because CDMA foams will not work at all anywhere in Europe, except as WiFi devices, and I had my tablet and laptop with me for that.  New laptop with desktop specs, which will be my main productivity device.  New tablet.  I even have a sail foam service provider contract all lined up;  My new metropolitan geography and one of its notable corporate citizens made that choice very easy.  Brought you by the letter T.  I already know my new international phone number, and all I’ll have to do is pop the T company’s SIM card into my foam, and I’m good to go.  I even have something called a “virtual port” or “tossable number” which means that my existing American foam number will ring or text my international number, meaning anyone back here that calls or texts me won’t be running up a meter on their end, even though it will cost me.  Which means it’s a thing I’ll use sparingly and only for important matters.

I know what will be my first weekend’s recreational activity in my new area.  Hence the binoculars and the camera.

I even know where I’ll be going on my first long distance business trip, which will have me out on the road for a month.

I’ve gotten my final St. Louis haircut, seen Soulard Market, the Arch, the Archgrounds, and the newly redesigned and renovated Museum of Westward Expansion, and all the big Forest Park attractions, for the last time in a long time and perhaps ever.  I should say now that if I don’t see the new MWE ever again, it will be too soon, because they’ve social justiced out that mofo big time.

Now all that’s left to do is what little packing I have remaining, double check everything, and then actually go, which will be one of the regular business days next holiday-shortened week.

But not before I take in what I have already been told will be a surprise this long holiday weekend.  Can’t be much of a surprise if I already know it’s coming.  I guess the “surprise” in this non-surprise is that I don’t know what it is precisely, though I can hazard a guess that, since it will be held the last weekend before I move away from St. Louis for a long time and maybe for good, it’s probably something along the lines of a going away party.

Some time on Labor Day, I’ll have a very special final St. Louis post here in this space.

And like I always say, look for some big national or international news to drop late in the afternoon tomorrow, with the intention of it getting buried in the long holiday weekend.


Just Count Them.

29 08 2018

Guest post by Puggg

You don’t need to put shots of the crowd through software programs to see who they are.  All you need to do is count heads at the turnstiles.

And this business about 12-15% but it doesn’t reflect the city?  The whole metro area they say is 18% black.  The team isn’t just for the actual city that it’s in.

Read more.

Bobby and Chris

29 08 2018

Tower Grove Park

After the UDC monument was disappeared from Forest Park last year, we all kinda knew what would be next.

If ole Chris stays, it will only be because The Hill will swing enough big sticks around.

Too bad Bobby never had a whole neighborhood of the city full of Confederates that had his back.

Because of the Lyrics…

29 08 2018

…this is the greatest bluegrass song ever written.

The lyrics mean a lot to the version of me that has been through all I have since July 19, 2017 to what will be next week.

Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

29 08 2018



University of Missouri bans all tobacco products from campus

The University of Missouri is banning the use of all tobacco products on the Columbia campus, effective immediately.

Cigarettes and electronic nicotine devices have been prohibited on campus since 2013. The policy announced Tuesday expands that to include any tobacco-based product, including chewing tobacco, nicotine salt products like Juul and pipes.

But you’ll have no problem finding weed, and you won’t suffer official sanction for smoking it.

The left’s “weed good tobacco bad” forked tongue was a mystery to me for while, but I now know it’s no more complicated than the fact that they’re all about Who-Whom, good people bad people.  Weed = Good People, Tobacco = Bad People.

Learning German 101

29 08 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

The German language has a knack for mashing together simple words into a single compound word that’s 87 letters long with nine umlautted vowels and ending in either F or G, and the compound word properly translated almost has nothing to do with the literal translations or meanings of any of the constituent part simple words.

Good Idea, In Theory

29 08 2018


Since I have called for something like this here in this space at least once over the years, and in fact, predicted that it was coming, I can’t throw rocks from my own glass house.

So I’ll say this:

In principle and in theory, I support what’s going on here in California.

In practice and in practical application, it’s going to be a big headache, largely because of the vague nature of the particular legislation enabling this change, and for the fact that blue cities and blue states full of violent NAMs are the places that are first implementing it.

It should be enacted nationally and in one fell swoop, and should involve legally hard coded standards.

I should also add that if this is being done in hopes of narrowing the incarceration gap, then the gap junkies are going to be disappointed, because it will have the opposite effect.  I keep going back to LGdL’s classic post that the more lenient you make the criminal justice system, the wider the race gaps between blacks and whites or between NAMs and non-NAMs become, and vice-versa.  If only the (suspected) violent criminals are ever held, and everyone else gets let out on some level or variation of recognizance without having to post cash or material bond, guess which races of people are going to be kept in jail, and which will be the ones let out on recog.  The more violent and serious you go up the latter in terms of crimes, the more likely it is that blacks commit them, and the wider the B-W or NAM-Non gap becomes.

Which means is that once the no cash bond movement is consummated nationally and some time has gone by, and it finally dawns on the gapmongers what I know will happen, get ready for some serious stuck pig squealing combined with brain blue-screening.