It Is What It Is

14 04 2014

Overland Park, Kansas

Well, we’re at the end of the first business day after.

Amazingly, nobody in the statewide media or even the national media have connected the obvious dots between Miller and Alex Linder/VNN/Kirksville.  Not even the paper in Kirksville itself has noticed how the matter lands right in their back yard.

It’s not like this is a state secret akin to nuclear arming codes.

I wonder why the media are holding back.  Lazy?  Don’t want to publicize Linder/VNN?

As for everything else, check out the last three threads at OD, here, here and here.  Hunter Wallace gets down to the bare metal of the hard drive.  No conspiracy theories involved or necessary.  Once you read his take, you’ll be nonplussed.  I also have my own contributions.

Evening Tidbits

14 04 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Read carefully.  It’s Harry Reid’s signed confession that his hand is in it.

Less internet spam, straight ahead.

Bosley Sr slams Schnucks for announcing the closing its store on Grand and Kossuth next month.  Bosley notes that the store is often crammed with people using their EBT cards.

So how can a store that has heavy foot traffic be chronically operating in the red?  Let me count the ways:  Grazing (taking a bag of potato chips off the rack, opening it up, eating the chips, throwing away the empty bag and not paying for the bag), spoilage (Latrina picks up a choice of meat, decide she doesn’t want it, but doesn’t take it back to the freezer, and just leaves it lying around), stealing/shoplifting (of the garden variety), corruption (Aquanetta is a cashier, her sister Shaniqua comes to the checkout aisle with a cart full of items, but Aquanetta only scans one of the items), violent crime, high insurance costs for this particular store, lackadaisical employees who may or may not show up to work on time if at all, but still somehow collect a full paycheck, cashiers with sticky fingers for cash in their drawers, and probably a million other reasons.

UPDATE 4/17:  Thanks to Nicholas Stix for linking, and someone there suggested grocery cart theft.  And as luck would have it, Steve Patterson felt adventurous and went spelunking.  For one, the way that particular store controls cart theft is the barrier method.  Second, you can tell from pics on the inside of the store that you’re in Bell Curve City.

Old fashioned technology and their piece of the pi.

*  I know this bill was going through the House, and has indeed passed the House by an overwhelming margin.  This is the first actual media proof of this bill that I’ve seen.

As you know, I have this pet theory that the insurance industry is the hidden hand behind schools and districts’ zero tolerance fanaticism.  That said, I was expecting my colleagues who are in the employ of the insurance industry to gear up to try to kill this bill.  Amazingly, there was nothing on that front.  There was something of an effort on the part of an industry known as a perennial adversary of the insurance industry, those being the trial lawyers, to kill it, and indeed they got enough suburban Democrats from both St. Louis and Kansas City to squak about it and vote against it, but not enough to prevent an override-proof margin.

However, that does not refute my pet theory.  All it means is that the insurance industry has nothing to lose with this bill becoming law; it does not by itself prove that they’re not the real energy behind Zero-T.

Another day, another poke in the eye of Mizzou football.

Duh, they’re trying to gin up their base.

For you, Norm.

Immigration in the News

14 04 2014


“Control our borders, not our ranchers.”

That’s a good sign, coming from a movement who in the past had the propensity to denounce real border control as an example of dictatorship.

“We can’t invite the whole world.”

But he’s sure doing his best to try.

“We can’t be the party of cronyism and plutocrats.”

Okay, so why are you for amnesty and open borders and no borders, the #1 desire of cronyists and plutocrats?

Day?  Just a day?  You mean they’re not already agitating for their own whole month?

*  Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:  Mickey Kaus sounds like someone I know from the other side of the mirror.  Notice my contribution in that article’s so far very short comment section.

True, but LT (Latino Time) is almost always more accurate than CT (Colored Time), the time zone Obama uses.

Steve Israel is merely repeating something Nancy Pelosi said a few weeks ago.  They’re thinking long term.  They’re willing to lose now in order to secure permanent electoral hegemony later.

*  St. Louis is already fixed for cab drivers.  Why did we need to import people from Africa with names like Ibsa Alemu to drive cabs?  And didn’t we already have enough blacks changing the demographics of the area around Holly Hills and Alabama without having to import blacks to make it worse?


Maybe New to the Blogroll

14 04 2014

The Ambler.  No posts there yet, but whoever this is, he/she/they have already linked to my blog and a bunch of the other cool kids.

This person or blog seems to be (or will be) Canadian.



14 04 2014


It’s going to be hard to defeat an incumbent House Speaker in his own party’s primary for his own Congressional seat.

But he’s giving himself a puncher’s chance with this.

Tomorrow’s Going to Be a Fun Day

13 04 2014

Overland Park, Kansas

With Glenn Miller being from Aurora and Alex Linder currently living in Kirksville, bet on all the statewide news sources of any consequence latching onto this big time starting tomorrow morning.  IOW, expect a feeding frenzy.  It might be such a frenzy that MissouriNet will mention neither the names of Jay Nixon nor Claire McCaskill tomorrow.

I doubt many if any people in my particular line of work will much talk about it.

Horsing Around

13 04 2014


What’s this all about?  Well, go there!


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