We Sure Showed Him

19 10 2016

Richmond, Virginia


Even when we win, we lose.

Though the good news, at least good to the sadist in me, is that even without the world becoming fully Pepefied any time soon, the Stupid Party is killing the golden egg laying goose of the revolving door just as a function of its own stupidity. Me, eight days ago:

The Republican lamestream is contradictorily trying to save its own Congressional power and making its own Congressional power a dead letter. Since the purpose of the revolving door is for interested corporations and special interests to influence the Federal government’s actions, yet Congress’s sway over the Federal government’s actions is declining as the years roll on, then why should corporations and special interests waste money giving former Congressmen seven-figure salary lobbying jobs?


Third Debate Open Thread

19 10 2016

Las Vegas

At least for two hours this evening, what happens in Vegas will be massively tweeted about and preened over.

TALA Doctrine

19 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

NYT, on the need to regulate LEA use of facial recognition databases and software:

The report found that systems relying on police photographs have a greater effect on African-Americans because they are arrested at higher rates.

But the software may be less accurate with images of black people, and there is no independent testing for racially biased errors, it said.

Leave it to the NYT to advocate for a worthy thing but for the most goofy of reasons.

Eliminationism, Again

18 10 2016

Sanford, Florida

Drop and give me twenty.

Fifty Plus Years, More Like

18 10 2016


O’Keefe Drops Part II.

Everyone now admits that JFK won in 1960 off of voter fraud, just enough mafia and labor union muscle in just enough places made the difference.  But, come on now, we all know that there’s been voter fraud for as long as there’s been voting.

That’s the difference between the two of us — I’ve given up on pretense and high and mighty bullshit, and you haven’t.  And that’s your tough luck.

I’ll say it again:  There can’t be any voter fraud in the voting that never occurs.  Why I’m #NRx.


18 10 2016


WABC-7 New York:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday tore into Donald Trump for sowing suspicion about the integrity of the U.S. election, telling the Republican presidential nominee to “stop whining” and focus on winning votes.

Obama called Trump’s intensifying, pre-emptive warnings about voter fraud “unprecedented” in modern politics. The rhetoric is not based on any evidence, Obama said, but is simply aimed at discrediting the election before the first votes are counted.

Somewhere along Cherokee Street, Bruce Franks is saying, “ahem.”  That is, when he’s not swinging a baseball bat at Trump pinatas.

Also, we don’t need a lecture about whining from the sorest ass winner around.

Equitable Distribution

18 10 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

People talk about the need for a better and more fair distribution of wealth, income and resources.

I think we really need a better and more fair distribution of suffering.