14 03 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Los Angeles

I’m just waiting for the first serious proposal that the celebrity college admissions scandal means that more affirmative action in college admissions is needed.  You know, “something-something privilege and underprivileged.”

I would have thought that the scandal would have been a segue to the much more critical and important matter of affirmative action and Elizabeth Warren-style race fraud in higher education, and maybe even a segue into serious discussion about major gut-rehab reform in higher education.

But it was me doing the thinking;  the open air asylum that calls itself the United States of America isn’t into sane reasoning.

So, instead, what we’ll get is affirmative action and celebrity bribery being played off good cop bad cop against each other.

Which means you should all start your stopwatches…NOW.


No Going Back Now.

12 03 2019

Guest post by Puggg

Check this out.

The two things the mother says that needed to be done differently both go against the grain according to today’s standards in schools.

She says that the school needed to more to protect him.  How?  Don’t say security guards, and certainly don’t say the SLMPD, because you try that, and groups like the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter will complain so loud that you’d never be able to concentrate.

She also says that her son was taken out of smaller classrooms and mainstreamed into the school’s general student population.  The article uses the words “general population” as if it’s a jail or prison, though, hey, if the shoe fits.  What she doesn’t realize is that that’s also been the thing to do in schools for a long time.

Conor’s Song

12 03 2019


Inside joke and friendly trolling directed at a long lost someone who I hope may still be reading this space.  The rest of you can tune out…right…about…NOW.

A few songs dedicated to your boy.

Only in Amurrika

8 03 2019

Washington, D.C.

The issue was Ilhan Omar’s “anti-Semitism” (i.e. in this case, clumsily handled attempts to tell the truth), and the House passes a resolution that mentions the Dreyfus Affair, JFK and Japanese Internment.

The 2020 Democrat Party Presidential Nominee

7 03 2019

Wilmington, Delaware

Here’s why it’s going to be Biden, in spite of this claiming that “he faces doubts about whether he can win over minority and younger voters that are fueling much of the party’s current energy and success.”

It’s because he’s up really big among likely black Democrat primary voters in South Carolina.  Which probably also means he’s up big among likely black Democrat primary voters and caucus goers in the whole country.

Remember, that was HRC’s ace-in-the-hole, the only factor that helped her beat Bern in 2016.

And you also have to remember that black voters tend to get behind the big boss;  They generally aren’t known for fueling outsider insurgents.  If it were up to black voters and politicians, Baraq Obama would have gone nowhere in 2008 versus HRC;  The ground-air combo which propelled Obama to a viable position such that the water got warm enough for black voters and pols to defect from HRC to him was white doctrinaire progressives and anti-Iraq War activists on the ground, and the early adopter endorsements from high level white women elected Democrat officials in the air (Claire McCaskill was one), largely out of Queen Bee Syndrome, or one of the many reasons that women can come up with to despise a given woman.

Biden is perceived as the current “big boss” and “it’s his turn” in Bob Dole parlance, because he was the most recent two-term Democrat Party Vice-President.

And if Biden has enough of the black vote, considering that everyone else in the blue team clown car will be dividing the rest of the vote up 87 ways to Sunday, (or rather, 30 ways to Tuesday), that will mean Biden will finish in first place in states with enough blacks.  While that won’t immediately mean he’ll rack up an insurmountable delegate lead, because the DNC doesn’t do winner-take-all, it means that as he keeps winning enough contests, it’s going to discourage the other riders in the clown car, who will one by one give up.

I also think after the midterm failures of Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and Ben Jealous to punch through, the latter in a solid blue state, no less, I think the DNC brass is thinking it better run a stale pale male for President.  Biden not only fits that bill, but probably is the best chance for the blue team to flip the PA-MI-WI geography back to blue, because of his faux populism, and for the fact that he’s a Scranton, Penn. native.

If not, then Biden will be just the Dole-style sacrificial lamb.

And They Wonder Why Anti-Americanism Is a Big Thing In Germany

6 03 2019


So typical of American mainstream-ish media articles about German military policy and spending, oblivious to the obvious.

Goes like this:

SHOT: America to Germany: You’re not allowed to have much of a military.

CHASER: America to Germany: Why aren’t you spending more on your military?

HANGOVER: The answer to this paradox is that Washington wants Berlin to buy more stuff from Boeing, just like Roman Emperors occasionally shook down imperial subjects, vassals and protectorates for tribute.


All Praise Due to the Dog.

5 03 2019

Guest post by Puggg

Why does the story have to be about her?  When it should be about the real star of the show.

I was told that one of my current three was “marginal show quality” – But I never bothered showing her, because it would have taken up too much of my free time, back when I had free time, and I have a lot less now, and all that would have come of it was her finishing something like the 5th best pug in Midwest regional shows.