“Seeing How Much Damage They Could Do”

30 06 2015

Macon, Georgia


We’ve already seen how much damage they can do.

They wreck cities, so why not big box marts?


30 06 2015

Mt. Clemens, Michigan

The seventh black on white pizza delivery murder in the last year.

Where’s OSHA?

Reparations 2.0

30 06 2015


Everyone has been wondering how LGBTQetc is going to stay marginalized now that they’re no longer marginalized.

Turns out there was the answer to that hiding in plain sight:  Demanding reparations.

And of course the Stupid Party is going to be dumb enough to let their debates be moderated by people who are going to goose their questions in this fashion.

“Selfish and Stupid”

30 06 2015

Akron, Ohio

Which could only mean…



This Article Was About Something

30 06 2015


The words in the URL suggest that there’s a wanted poster out there for the alleged CVS arsonist.

The title is about the witnesses that may be called to testify on behalf of the prosecution in the upcoming trial of the Baltimore Six.

Most of the story is about the title.

Then you get to the end of the story, and it tells you about the alleged arsonist.

But toward the top of the article, we get this previous mugshot of the alleged arsonist, which means he’s well known to the Baltimore criminal justice system.

Deja Black

29 06 2015

Polkton, North Carolina

Murderer busts out of prison with the help of a guard who is now herself in legal trouble for it.

Seems like we just saw that story.

But for his being quickly caught, you weren’t going to hear hourly updates about him with a sidebar about her.  And you know why.

The House They Live In

29 06 2015


Now that the left really doesn’t much fear us anymore, they now have to face the day of reckoning for what it took for them to build their temple:

Yep, the good ole intersectionality again.

Massive car wrecks at the corner of #BlackLiesMatter and LGBTQetc, of Labor Unions and Hispanics, and of religious blacks and LGBTQetc.

Sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch who throws whom under the bus now that who and whom aren’t united in fear of us.

And also, save some of that popcorn for next July in Philadelphia.


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