“Visible Africans”

27 06 2016

Guangzhou, China

China’s only Bell Curve City is no more.

Bad experiences, I guess.

Eating Discipline

27 06 2016


They climbed through the drive-thru window to get in.

Aside all we can figure out about the robbers just based on geography and WRPT, we can probably also figure out that they don’t eat McDonalds food.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fit through the McDonalds drive-thru window.


27 06 2016


Bad reporting.

Look up the difference between mean, median and mode.  Some outlets are reporting this statistic as the average (mean) or the median, when in reality, it’s the mode (most common data set).  Of course, in a perfect Gaussian distribution, mean, median and mode are all the same thing.  But usually not in the real world.

All a Blur

26 06 2016


I dunno, something about segregation and guns, or something like that.  I guess Tony Messenger has some sort of point, though I’m beside myself trying to figure why he didn’t work an anti-Semitic whisper campaign into this and blame that as well.

And then there’s this:

This is often the sentiment shared by North Side African-American aldermen whenever there is high-profile violence in other areas of the city, like downtown or on the South Side. They see immediate pledges to do something, anything. Patrols are stepped up. Attention is paid.

Anybody who spends much time downtown has seen an increased police presence at various times, for instance, since the May shooting of 21-year-old Brandi Hill on Washington Avenue.

Meanwhile, violence continues unabated in many neighborhoods on the North Side.

So what do they want?  More cops in Bell Curve City, at which time Messenger will write a new op-ed accusing the cops of racial profiling?  Their solutions are such that their implementation will always give them an open lane to complain about problems.

Smooth Trade

26 06 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

U.S. Attorney for Idaho rattles the sabres; doesn’t want people to notice things.

Hints of Joyce-McCulloch-Boyer and the Truth Squad of September 2008.  A story which I personally broke on the internet on another medium, and luckily, Jim Hoft picked it up and sent it to the stratosphere.  Interestingly, neither Joyce nor Boyer are seeking re-election this year, though we know what the reason isn’t.  Neither one of these three people have yet been punished for what I think is a violation of the Federal Klan Act’s 1983 amendment, i.e. color of law conspiracy to chill civil rights.  And I think Wendy Olson and her office stepped in the same pile of dog poo.  Though we know she’s not going to prosecute herself.

Hustling While Black

26 06 2016

Lincoln, Nebraska

The story.

His firm.

Why do I get the feeling he’s going to be able to parlay this incident into a lot more work for himself?

When the Fergaza Strip first blew up, coming up on two years ago, he came to Ferguson to bitch and moan that the city hired a white PR firm to handle the sky-is-falling work.  (Note:  Not the firm I work for.)


26 06 2016

Tower Grove South


Find out what they did.

What really interests me here isn’t what they did, but where they did it.  It was at the corner of Grand and Chippewa.  That area on Grand between Chippewa and Gravois, and parts just to the north and just to the south, is the most diverse part of St. Louis City.  And when I say “diverse,” I mean the literal dictionary definition of it, the Shannon-Weaver Index sense of the word.  Domestic blacks, immigrant blacks, South Asian immigrants, late 1990s Bosnian refugees, native born whites, Hispanics, Indochinese (Vietnam-era refugees), LGBTQ, Knockout Martin Luther King players and victims, all converge on that area.  And it’s the kind of area that if you didn’t know that and were placed there blindfolded, you’d sense something not quite right about it, some eerie feeling in the air.

So if diversity is supposed to be so great, then why all this?  Why this news?  In this case, it’s one of the rare instances when one of us did something to one of them.


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