Assassination Attempt, Pure and Simple

8 01 2019


He’s the AfD organizational leader for the city-state of Bremen, and is also in the Bundestag.

After a gang of Antifa got done with him on New Year’s Eve.  The only reason he survived is because some passersby chased the assailants off and called 112.

Last week, an AfD office in Döbeln, about halfway between Leipzig and Dresden, was bombed.

Here’s how the mainline paper in Bremen covered it, they softpedaled how serious it was.


Less Gang Violence?

6 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

From US News:

Columbia Police Investigate Lieutenant’s Social Media Posts

Columbia police are investigating a lieutenant’s social media posts, including one stating there would be less gang violence had the South won the Civil War.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Brian Tate investigated alleged misconduct while working as an internal affairs supervisor from 2015 until last September, when he was promoted to lieutenant in the patrol division. The Tribune sent city officials several screenshots of tweets from Tate’s now-private personal account, including one shaming a poor family for living in a mobile home after it caught fire. Tate repeatedly identifies himself as a Columbia police officer in his feed.

Acting police chief Jill Schlude didn’t answer whether Tate’s post were inappropriate, but also said the department will investigate. Tate didn’t respond to emailed questions from the Tribune.

It’s the Columbia in the middle of Missouri, just to be clear.

So what do we think about this?

St. Louis County Happenings.

4 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

First things first, Wesley Bell wasted no time inflicting his damage.

And now, Belmar wants to merge the SLMPD and the SLCPD.

Let’s talk about all this in the comments.

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’

3 01 2019


It has already been three and a half years since New Horizons visited Pluto, but it’s not done yet.

You’ll see in my Pluto post from three and a half years ago that I mentioned Voyager 2.  Well, it was in the news just a few weeks ago, still after all these years, because it was determined that V2 crossed over into the interstellar medium some time in November.  Its twin, V1, did that back in 2012, but a lot more of V2’s scientific instruments are working, which means 2 will give us much more useful science about the ISM than 1 could.  V2 probably being the singular most successful fruitful unmanned space mission in human history.

Ready to flaunt your American jingoism just a bit, for the right reasons?  Barring a low percentage calamity, NH will itself cross into the ISM many years from now.  And when that happens, there will be five man-made objects in interstellar space, Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, New Horizons.  All of the American.

Not to mention having unmanned missions to every planet (including Pluto pre-2006 definition), and the only country ever to have put human beings on the surface of a regolith world other than Earth.

Eat it, commies.


I’m Glad to See Today That President Romney Is Lashing Out At the Uncouth Unelectable Buffoon That Calls Himself Donald Trump

2 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Happy New Year, On The Normal Time Zone.

31 12 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I guess I’ll check in while I’ve got a little bit of free time and wish you all a Happy 2019, which we all will be ringing in the same time we’re used to.

I’ve been so busy this year, my first full year as a detective, that 2018 flew by in the blink of an eye.

Neujahr (Seven Hours Early)

31 12 2018


What a difference a year can make.

When 2018 rang in, while I had regained functional coherence a month and a half prior, it wouldn’t be for yet another couple of weeks, the middle of January, that my short term memory would roar back. Many of you will remember that in the mid-November 2017 to mid-January 2018 time frame, I was writing posts here again, but I didn’t remember who many of you were by name. Even when my short term memory came back, I was faced with the prospect of trying to pick up the pieces, figuratively thousands of them lying on the ground, and trying to figure out if I could do anything with my life other than coast for the rest of it off of what would be my insurance settlement.

If you would have told me when 2018 rang in that 2018 ringing out would see me living in Germany and doing a really neat productive job, in spite of no real physical recovery, and everything else that transpired through the year to make that possible, I would have told you that you were some kind of crazy.

When we were younger, we all had fantastic dreams about our future. But at some point, we had to bite the bullet and confess that we were blowing smoke up our own asses when it came to the most outlandish and extremely high percentile career track fantasies, and readjust our expectations around reality. And so it was with me. But I can now honestly say that, for the first time in my life, my professional life is more than one standard deviation above the realistic median I supposed in my younger years. I could even make the case for two standard deviations.

I can also say that, for the first time in a long time, I am content on a consistent basis. And that’s not an easy thing to pop off — As most of you long termers can probably deduce, I’m not naturally given to happiness.

So, that’s the long and short of it. I’m finally living the American dream, except my American dream done upped and moved to Germany. It also just so happened along the way to have cost me the proper use of my legs and a certain element of masculine functionality, both probably for good. But hey, it’s like Thanos might say, the best things in life have the steepest cost. Best life, highest membership dues.

I’ll be ringing in 2019 tonight, albeit in a nice indoors venue and gathering. No mood to be outdoors — Remember, it was here in this very city just three short years ago that the worst of the mass gang rapes happened, even though they also happened in other German cities. I’ll also be ringing in a brand new year seven hours earlier than I’m accustomed.