The Narrative, Cont’d

5 03 2015


Another day, another attempt to peddle the narrative, although tempered with a little bit more reason.  Probably to give the P-D Ed Board and also John Danforth an escape hatch if the narrative goes nowhere or blows up in their faces.

Or, one could read what I wrote two days ago, and rightly conclude that there’s no there there.


The Narrative is so good that the P-D went back for a second helping today.

Even though none of this had anything to do with Tom Schweich committing suicide, it’s still an issue.  And the cause is the inevitable degenerative effects of democratic republicanism.  There isn’t a problem I complain about, people like me complain about or people not like me complain about that doesn’t have at its roots the mania over voting and elections.  Therefore, the solution is hereditary monarchy, either temporarily until a better way can be found, or permanently if there is no better way.

Any time anyone wants to take Barack Obama’s pen and phone away and bring them to me, I’ll be ready.  Except not during the middle of the night, I sleep naked.


A third helping.

Meaning that the non-existent anti-Semitic whisper campaign that was a figment of Schweich’s own imagination, Schweich told it to his wife and a John Danforth aide.

“Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign” is this year’s “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” which means it won’t be until next year that everyone does a mea culpa.

For the Good Times

5 03 2015


Forget about it, the good ole days are over.  Being violent on behalf of a dead gentle giant is so 2014.

The fambly is going to file a wrongful death lawsuit, which will go nowhere.  The first judge this suit sees will probably summarily dismiss it.

Dear Chet:  This is not a hard riddle.  Holder/DOJ had to find something with which to bludgeon Ferguson because he knew he had no grounds to string up Darren Wilson.

Milwaukee’s Worst

4 03 2015


A few points:

1.  Remember, handicap tags are person-specific, not car-specific.  You can only use them if the person who has the tag is being transported at the time.

2.  “It’s not my fault she bounced off my big chest,” so saith the she-linebacker.

It’s like saying, “Your honor, I was just standing there holding my knife, and he ran into it 20 times in a row.”

3.  Milwaukee blacks…the descendents of welfare seekers.

4.  My own mother turns 71 tomorrow, the same age as this victim.  If it was my 71-year old mother, the first thing I’d do is grab my heaviest baseball bat.

Rogue Cops

4 03 2015



These two, and one more that looks like them.

They’re real, not no sellouts to da man.

Trouble in Paradise?

4 03 2015

Prince Georges County, Maryland

NAACP vs CASA de Maryland.

Popcorn.  Grab it.

Even More Disparities

4 03 2015


Along side its SHOCKING discovery that there is a race based disparate impact in law enforcement in Ferguson, the DOJ also happened on another SHOCKING discovery, that cops and resource officers stationed in Ferguson’s schools, that is, the schools within Ferguson that are part of the Ferguson-Florissant School District, often have to use force.

The report goes on to list a bunch of anecdotal examples.  Sure, one can always get outraged if one picks the most egregious individual circumstances from the whole.  But that’s just the exception that proves the rule.  The reason that so much force is used inside FFSD schools is because many of the students are such ghetto hellions that force is required in order to prevent a full scale Cat 3.

A Three Piece Puzzle

4 03 2015

Washington, D.C.

Two pieces of the puzzle in King v Burwell, whose SCOTUS BJs have just started.

Louisiana Gov. Piyush Jindal, writing in NR:

And here’s where some on the right want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Conventional wisdom in Washington has assumed that, should the Court strike down the subsidies in 37 states under King, states will immediately act to establish their own state-run exchanges — allowing the subsidies to flow once more. Alternatively, Congress might be tempted to pass language extending the subsidies to the federally-run exchange, allowing Obamacare to comply with the Court ruling. That’s a “solution” in search of a problem. If eliminating the subsidies represents a net tax cut, then restoring the subsidies — whether by states creating their own exchanges, Congress passing new legislation, or some combination of the two — would re-impose a sizable tax increase. Americans would pay billions more in higher taxes to fund the newly restored subsidies, making Obamacare that much more entrenched. What self-proclaimed conservative of sound mind would do such a thing? Alternatively, some have talked about enacting a “compromise” that would restore the Obamacare subsidies while reforming some of the law’s new insurance requirements and regulations. But restoring the flow of subsidies means restoring the employer mandate, thus raising taxes. And even if such a “compromise” weakens or eliminates the employer mandate, the Obama administration — to say nothing of the insurance companies themselves — will hardly countenance a repeal of the individual mandate, which restoring the subsidies will only strengthen. So those seeking to restore the flow of subsidies will likely end up having to raise taxes on millions of Americans, in some way, shape, or form.

The emphasis of one given word in this quote is my own addition.

Betsey McCaughey, in the NYP:

Insurance companies will be the biggest losers

Their stock prices have soared since the rollout — Humana up 66 percent; Cigna, 53 percent; Aetna, 52 percent. No wonder: ObamaCare forces the public to buy their policies.

It’s like a law requiring all Americans to buy cars, subsidizing those who can’t pay. That would send automaker stocks skyrocketing, too.

Insurers are expected to haul in over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money over the next decade. No wonder they’re bombarding the Supremes with arguments defending their cozy deal.

The third piece of the puzzle?  Look at the campaign finance reports of a lot of Republicans, and you’re going to find a whole lot of insurance PACs, 527s, if not semi-directly, then funneled through one or two intermediaries.

It’s why the Republican Party in current form is never going to make a serious run at repeal.  At “best,” they’ll just nibble around some of the worst edges.


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