Three Years Ago Today.

9 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I was on duty at the time it happened, and at that time, I did mostly jail guard and inmate transport duties.  Within an hour of when it happened, the news got to my ear.  “Officer involved shooting in Ferguson.”  Okay, I thought.  Dog bites man.

We all know it turned into man bites dog.

If something like this was ever going to happen in the area, I wouldn’t have ever guessed it would have happened in Ferguson.  I would have guessed it would have popped off in one of the worst of the worst parts of the city itself.  When I think of Ferguson, I think of owner occupied working middle class and about half and half on race.  What I didn’t realize until it all popped off is that in the parts of Ferguson close to Jennings, there are big apartment complexes, full of people who used to live in the worst of the worst parts of the city.

It wound up changing my life because the local law enforcement response drained man-hours and people from all over the area.  I pulled a lot of extra hours filling in for St. Louis County doing regular patrols in South County, and all the overtime I worked for several months made me a lot of extra money which I used to pay off every penny of debt I had other than my mortgage.  After things calmed down and everything got back to normal, I was permanently transferred out of the jail and to regular patrol, and also have gotten two promotions since then.

I’m hearing things now about how the people in the local media are mad at the national media for hyping up the whole thing, making it seem worse than it actually was, and the locals are quietly accusing the nationals of agitating much of the thing.  With the right law enforcement response on the night of the first rioting, which wasn’t until the second overnight after Darren Wilson met Michael Brown, and a national media not looking to create a serial story, the whole thing would have been put down and over in one night.

Minor Scare

8 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

The uncle called me this morning and told me he had to take our normal host to acute care, and would call back later with details.  I got said later call back with details a few minutes ago.

He woke up this morning doing a lot of vomiting and having a lot of nausea, and feeling weaker than usual.  Traumatic brain injury features vomiting, nausea and full body weakness as symptoms, so that’s what the uncle was worried about.  The doctors at acute care were worried about the same thing, and re-ran all the brain scans that he had after the “accident” just to make sure that there is no delayed onset of a brain bleed or brain bruise.  Good news is that there’s none of that, and since food poisoning was ruled out, the docs working their next hunch drew blood and discovered a bacterial infection, and they think what happened was that he’s just now getting around to feeling symptoms from an infection that set in to the accident wounds, perhaps one he contracted while admitted, because hospitals are bad for germs.  They didn’t give him a script for an antibiotic because the symptoms aren’t that serious and worries about antibiotics becoming ineffective.   But if he does get any worse with the symptoms, they will write him the script.  Otherwise, he’s back at the uncle’s house now, where he’ll be doing a lot of resting for the time being.

What it means is that this isn’t a setback on rehabbing on the brain injury.

I was planning on visiting him this evening even before I found this out, but double dutch so because of this.

Really Good News

31 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I’m still out of town for training, and I won’t be back home until tomorrow, and I already told you that my next opportunity to visit our normal host in the hospital would not be until tomorrow evening.  Well, I will be visiting him tomorrow evening, but it won’t be in the hospital.  It will be at his uncle’s house.  Because he was discharged today.  His uncle called me within the hour and told me that the hospital concluded that, in spite of him not getting better mentally, there’s no benefit from him continuing to be hospitalized.  By the time the uncle called he, he told me that they were already settled in at his house.

But now, the hard and long and hopefully not impossible task begins.  I’ll see more when I see him at the uncle’s house tomorrow evening, but according to the uncle, he’s sort of a lethargic vegetable.  Not really interested in much of anything, not talkative at all.  He’ll read and listen to and digest news and other things well enough, but he’s nowhere a mood for discussion or writing or creation.  I know he has his own laptop, and it’s possible that if he gets in the mental mood, he could start writing posts here again at any time, or write comments at other places, but I wouldn’t count on that happening any time soon.

At least we’re out of the hospital room.

Yes, I still have his car in my driveway.  The main reason why I wanted it off the street where it was on the night of the “accident” other than the fact that I didn’t want it to get any tickets, is because of what he had in the glove compartment.  It would have gotten taken away if the car was towed for some reason, or stolen if the car was stolen.  As of right now, that special little thing is in the safe in my house and not in his glove compartment.

I intend to make this my final post about this matter, which means all updates I can give you about how things are going for him will go as comments in this post. So keep it bookmarked, and check back often.

Puggg’s Sunday Wrap-Up and Open Thread

30 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

1. Remember they tried to make the excuse that it wasn’t this and that the real cause was that people were worried about the election?  (On a Sunday afternoon?).  Well that all has been blown out of the water.

2. About this Pakistani IT scandal that revolves around Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  How were these big sums of money so easily able to be wired out of the country and wired to a known suspicious country like Pakistan without scrutiny from the Feds?

3. Schnucks is going to experiment with shelf stocking robots in three area stores, and one of the three is the one that is closest to where our normal host lives.

4. Our host’s distrust toward the new St. Louis City Circuit Attorney seems to have been borne out.

5. What’s really going on here is that she’s looking for just the right affirmative action hire.

6. Even in our kind of websites, there has been little talk about the weekend black riot in London.

7. You’d think they’d spare the really important crucial people this kind of drivel.

8. I know considering everything I shouldn’t be making a wise crack about this sort of thing, but here goes anyway:  Demetric kilt D’wayne.

9. Because many first world countries have cities full of third world people. They’re making it too hard when it’s that simple.

Anything else you want to chit chat about, there’s the comment box.


May We Live In Interesting Times

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I’m going to use a separate post for tonight’s status update on our blogmeister.

While he’s mentally and physically only slightly better than yesterday, he is starting to think about his blog, that is, what you’re reading here, and his fans.  Though I should say that, other than me, whose name he didn’t even remember until yesterday, he is only thinking about his audience as a generality of a crowd, he is not thinking of any of you in particular by screen name, not yet.

But because he’s thinking of his blog and his readers, and because he’s been paying attention to the news as much as he can, he said something to me, and I asked him if he would mind if I wrote what he said (or close enough to it) as a message to all his readers on his blog, as I reminded him that he gave me access to the keys to this place, and I also reminded him that I’m keeping it up in his absence.  He said yes.

His message (or close enough) starts after the dashes.


Trump bringing in that Corleone slick [Puggg interrupts: Anthony Sacramucci] is the first domino that brings down a really big pile of dominoes. Trump will fire Bannon, Priebus, Sessions and Mueller and maybe a few other big names either in one felt swoop or a functional equivalent. If he could fire Pence as part of this swoop, I think he would, but Pence is technically elected, so he can’t. Stephen Miller, a Sessions transplant, will probably quit out of anger that Sessions was fired, even though Trump would really want him to stay. Trump appoints Giuliani as either AG or a special prosecutor on the Hillary beat. Without the ideological moorings of Sessions, Bannon and Miller, the Trump administration will start getting really wildly inconsistent and unwieldy from a policy standpoint. But that’s not the crucial follow here: Once someone in the direct Trump orbit starts the ball rolling on prosecuting Hillary, and/or gets serious about draining the swamp in a big way, that’s when the shit gets serious. That’s when the deep state tries to have him assassinated, or that’s when Trump chimps out and nukes the deep state. I think on what would ordinarily be on the schedule election day 2020, there won’t be an election, and Trump will either be an absolute ruler, or dead. [Puggg interrupts: I reminded him at this point that he already made this prediction a few weeks ago and wrote a post about it, though he only vaguely remembers doing that.] If Trump is dead, then the absolute ruler will be the man who is currently close enough to the brass ring who has read every book ever published, and has the intellectual heft to win over civilians in general and crucial civilians in particular, and already has the hearts and minds of the military, which means we’ll be living under a James Mattis led junta. [Puggg interrupts: I told him at this point that this part is new on his part].

May we live in interesting times.


Two Articles In One

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

In the same news article about people complaining about the possibility of law enforcement’s use of racial profiling, we get a complaint about there not being enough firearms laws.

Ferguson Doesn’t Need Any More Empowerment

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

You all probably saw on the news yesterday and the day before that the Urban League’s “Ferguson Empowerment Center” has now finally opened up, it is on the site of the former burned out QT near Ground Zero.

Personally, I find the whole concept of a “Ferguson Empowerment Center” to be laughably ironic, because Ferguson being empowered is what caused the QT to be burned down in order to open up that space to build the Ferguson Empowerment Center to begin with.

But that isn’t the most juicy news from it all.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the cops had to be called because various members of the Brown family were fighting with each other.

What else is new?