St. Louis and Stuttgart Are Official Sister Cities

20 07 2021

Therefore, it should be no surprise that just about the same story happened at just about the same time in both places.


20 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Not that this actually has a good chance of happening.

But, after the Covid hysteria is over, and being mindful of the history of denazification in this country, most of the countries in this world need a good thorough desalemification campaign and effort.

Not only do we need to punish the supposedly rational important people who acted so irrational and anti-scientific, which in turn fueled the societies-wide fires of paranoia, we also need to find out why they did.

That so many such people did in such a big way suggests to me a big motive.

One hot theory, among both the people in that crowd who have already self-desalemified, and among the people who were rational and science-informed all along observing the Covid cult and never went to Salem, is that the root cause of the paranoia was a visceral reaction to Trump. I’m sure that there was some of that. But I don’t think Trump by himself is a big enough or sexy enough explanation to something this yuge and bigly. I do think that Trump plays into what I believe to be the real reason, but, by himself, he’s not the proximate causation.

I think the real driving factor is the fact that just about everyone knew from the get-go, even if they didn’t admit it openly at first, that China was the genesis of the virus. The only open question was whether it was the wet markets or the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Like I wrote here back in November in my thinking out loud post about why TPTB had it out for Trump all along, one of the possible big picture reasons is that the United States and now much of the world is now too China-dependent to tolerate conventional politics that risk a trade war with Beijing.

My current pet theory is that the proximate causation of all the flying in the face of science and rationality official Covid hysteria of the last year and a half is somehow rooted in China’s increasing economic uber-importance to the global economy, and the worry about not pissing Beijing off.

Read it and weep.

The Ground Under Our Feet Has Moved That Much and That Quickly

18 07 2021

Oakton, Virginia

The ten year anniversary of its publication.

AR had two threads about it on Friday, and I want to use the opportunity of a whole blog post to write here what I wrote in one of those threads, with a few changes. Because I think it’s one of those “future of the sector” and “for the sake of posterity” things, but also for the fact that even at this late hour, a lot of our own people don’t understand the seismic shift that has happened under our feet.

When Jared Taylor started American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation in 1990, and for a majority of its history of existence, the objective was to prove on a monthly basis, and then, with the transition of the website into a daily weblog, daily basis, that race exists, and race is real. The purpose was to provide a steady stream of counter arguments to the “race isn’t real” or “it’s just a social construct with zero basis in biological reality” colorblind race neutral race denial narrative/zeitgeist.

But in very short order, within the last decade, pursuant with The Great Awokening, our enemies have done a total 180, and they have so zoomed so far past us in the race obsessiveness game, that AR’s founding objective seems like a moot point. Nobody outside the anthropology department and a few forked tongue disingenuous gaslighters in the media and the dying normiecon/center-right/civnat conurbation truly believes any longer that race isn’t real.

We used to be the race-obsessed people, but by today’s Critical Race Theory/Great Awokening standards, we’re relatively nonchalant about race. And all we did was stand still. Back then, being race-obsessed was bigotry; Today, not being race-obsessed is bigotry. We no longer have to combat race denialism, we have to combat our own photographic negative.

Our sector’s objective in the current year and epoch should be that, now that everyone admits that race exists, that there’s a path for white identity to be a positive, healthy and desirable construct.

To put it another way, and bankshotting off the book’s title, “white identity” in 2011 meant whites overtly and collectively taking their own side, which was and still remains out of bounds in polite mainstream society, while in 2021, it means the mainstream demand that we need to be overtly and collectively self-flagellating.

I offer as small and anecdotal evidence of this point, two articles I read on Thursday.

One was on AR, about Berniece King objecting to Republican efforts to juxtapose MLK’s name with opposition to Critical Race Theory. The other was on ESPN, the history of the whole Arizona/MLK Day/Super Bowl controversy about thirty years ago, in light of this year’s MLB moving the ASG from Atlanta to Denver because of the voter fraud laws.

And if you read both, then you understand the contradiction, and also understand how much The Great Awokening has moved the ground from under our feet. Back then, MLK meant colorblindness and race denial, universal humanity. Those who wanted Arizona to celebrate MLK Day by name made the argument that MLK was for everyone. Now, you’re wrong for saying that MLK was for everyone and that he would have opposed CRT-style race obsessiveness, and now we’re supposed to read MLK as a through and through critical theorist.

Then again, I’m cynical enough to think that the whole colorblindness thing was a plastic banana all along, that the whole intention all along was to morph the whole project into critical theory, and that TPTB were just waiting for the right timing to pull the switch. As others have said, one or the other mentality had to be a deliberate lie all along.

Too Soon?

16 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Germans loved Johnny Cash, because he could speak German pretty well, and adapted a few of his songs to German. So, with that and current German events in mind:

Really though, in case you’re wondering, I’m fine. No involuntary permanent swimming trip for me. I’m in Berlin for the week, and even though the worst of the flooding is in NRW and RP, the heavy raining did spread east yesterday and the day before, and had some not as severe effects on the Hauptstadt. The better half tells me that the flooding back at home has not affected her at all, has only barely inconvenienced my parents- and sister-in-law, but for a few reasons, has been more of a hassle to the soyboy-in-law. But nowhere near disruptive in a major sort of way.

And because I was 16 years old and a St. Louisan in 1993, I can obviously do the side-by-side comparison to know that dis ain’t dat.

It’s also not my first flood in Germany. The Rhine here in The Region got pretty high in late winter and early spring.

Really though, all this recent rain causing this flooding has made up for what was a fairly serious drought for about the last few years, and generally, these things even out in the long run. As I remember, back during the voyage, early June to mid-July 2018, there was exceedingly little rain.

The reason that, controlling for all the variables, it’s easier for rivers in Germany and Europe to flood compared to the United States isn’t because they actually do or don’t, it’s because space and land realities mean that cities are developed much closer to the normal edges of rivers than would be tolerated in the ‘States. Meaning that a given river flood here in either fixed levels or standard deviation terms will necessarily affect more people and things than it will in the ‘States. It also means that locks and dams are more critical to flood mitigation. And from what I understand, this week, they’ve been mostly doing what they’re supposed to do, keeping things from being that bad.

Something that’s not supposed to be happening is looting. There have been credible reports of looting from closed and flooded out stores and shops, and, knowing where they’re happening and what I know about the demographics, it’s Germany’s relatively newfound vibrancy at work. They should expect more of this, if current trends continue.

This also reminds me from what happened in this country back in 2002, and others have confirmed my memory and filled in some details: The Elbe River and its tributaries from about Magdeburg upstream had really bad floods, also due to heavy summer rain. That was also a national election year in Germany, and the Chancellor at the time, one Gerhard Schröder (SPD), was able to eke out a second government when it looked liked he was a one-and-doner, because he did the whole put on rubber boots and PR parade around Dresden and then blame muh glowbull warming. Nature wouldn’t save him three years later, and there hasn’t been a Social Democrat Chancellor since, though three years later was the start of Angela Merkel, and we all know…

I should also note that, while it’s nowhere near as likely as where I come from, the low lying regions of northwestern Germany and surrounding parts of The Netherlands do constitute a small unheralded tornado alley where there have been some EF5 biggies throughout recorded history. In fact, either this past spring or last one, an EF3 touched down in rural areas around Münster slash Osnabrück.

The DA Has Already Filed Hate Crimes Charges Against God

14 07 2021

Toledo, Ohio

No Cigar Munchers Necessary

13 07 2021

I’m turning this into a blog post, because I want it to be a cautionary tale for the near future of our sector.

American Greatness:

In an era resounding with cries against elitists, the current ruling class knows they are in the populist crosshairs—and this targeting is coming from elements within both major parties. The situation is still manageable for them, but only if Left (Sanders supporters) and Right (MAGA) do not combine to curb the elitists in both the private and public sectors.

So how best to divide the opposition? Become strange bedfellows with the only party willing and able to go all the way to crony socialism: the Democrats and their DIE cult.


It is just common sense, however cruel: the current elite must prevent Left- and Right- populists from combining and devising and implementing the means to bring elites to heel; and, consequently, safeguard liberty, equality, and prosperity in our republic. In defiance of both parties’ populist movements, one witnesses the incestuous marriage of America’s current elite and the Democratic Party’s power brokers in the temple of the DIE cult. You weren’t invited. But they expect you to visit the registry and send a gift—or else.

In other words, the cabal of cigar munchers on the 115th floor are conspiring to keep the populist left and the populist right from fusing, out of self-preservation.

I have no doubt that the cabal of cigar munchers on the 115th floor would like to make sure that that sort of thing doesn’t happen, and they very likely feel some kind of way about both the populist left and the populist right discretely.

However, I think that the cigar munchers aren’t the proximate reason why the popleft and the popright can never truly fuse or even get along for longer than short spurts of time.

No, the real thing that will keep them apart is the very nature of the differences between the popleft and the popright.

It all comes down to identitarian matters; The popright is all about them to one extent or another, while the popleft is doggedly opposed to them.

Furthermore, each side believes that the other’s position on identitarian matters means that they’re useful idiots for the elites and therefore disingenuous about their populism. The popleft thinks that the cigar munchers either make up out of thin air or overdramatize differences between human beings to keep non-elites fighting with each other instead of fighting the cigar munchers, while the popright thinks that the cigar munchers are all about denying human distinctiveness and particularities, and that somehow and in some way (precisely how depends on which poprightist you’re talking to), forcing unity on people whose nature is to separate will be the mechanism that preserves cigar muncher privilege.

If you want a shortened version with much easier rhetorical algebra, the popleft thinks that the cigar munchers peddle racism to divide people to keep them from uniting against the cigar munchers, and therefore, the popright’s racism makes them useful idiots for the cigar munchers, while the popright thinks that the cigar munchers peddle anti-racism to (however they think the mechanics work), and therefore, the popleft’s anti-racism makes them useful idiots for the cigar munchers.

As you can see, the two arguments are each other’s inversions, or photographic negatives.

Since you know who you’re reading and on what medium, you can probably figure out which side I take, with some reservations.

I’ll also note that the above is both a simplification and a bit outdated.  Some elements of the self-styled populist left are full blown SJW/CRT/DEI/Woke, and in fact, integrate Wokeness as a central tenet of populism in the same way the older popleft did their (supposedly) colorblind anti-racism.  Meanwhile, there is an attempt on some elements of the populist right to fuse aracial civic nationalism with economic populism, which is all MAGA really is when you boil it all down.  Remember, decoupled from populism, the Woke left thinks that aracialism is a form of bigotry, while the aracial civnats think that the Woke are race-obsessed bigots.  And that doesn’t change just because each side also believes in economic populism, only in their case, they think that the other side’s worldview make them actual useful idiots for the elites who of course are said to have the same position.

Dead Fish on the Pizza

12 07 2021

Well don’t look at me.

I’m not the one who demanded that the English (et al.) outsource their patriotism to a bunch of guys kicking a ball around.

I’m not the one who demanded more immigration because (among other reasons) England would have better more soccer-talented guys to do said ball kicking.

To top it all off, I’m not the one who did all this knowing full well the hooligan nature of a certain percentage of English soccer fans.

It’s like I say axiomatically, when you order an extra large with anchovies, don’t be upset when there are dead fish on your pizza.

And what I mean by that, in case all that goes over your head, is that, even if the whole team was properly English, then people would have abused them online for other reasons, such as their hair color, eye color, native region of England, socioeconomic status (England is historically class conscious and classist), or something else. Plain words, the proximate causation of this abuse isn’t race or racism, but soccer hooliganism.

Don’t forget that there were wildings and mini-riots in and around Wembley in the immediate run-up to the game.

I also predict that, when the abusers are inevitably doxxed, some of them will be non-white, and a few will be black.

Late note: A black “English” soccer player who wasn’t on the national team is blaming the Indian home secretary for all this, because she criticized the team’s BLM kneeling.

Thankless Job.

7 07 2021

Guest post by Puggg

By the time they find and hire a new one, he or she will be Ferguson’s fifth police chief in the last seven years.

They better be careful, or this job is going to get a reputation.

The Future’s Not Ours to See

7 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

David Cole wrote parenthetically yesterday:

“…if one thing’s true of the “groyper” generation, it’s that it’s produced no new Jared Taylors or Peter Brimelows—genuine intellectuals who can handle these issues adroitly…”

I respond:

This makes me feel some kind of way. David Cole should know better.

The Groypers are generationally young, younger Millennials down to Generation Z. Would it have made sense to write back in 1970 that “there are no Jared Taylors or Peter Brimelows among the Boomers?” There actually was a Jared Taylor and a Peter Brimelow. It’s just that Jared Taylor wouldn’t become Jared Taylor until he was in his late 30s, and Peter Brimelow until later. Back in 1970, 19-year old Jared Taylor was backpacking around Africa, and Peter Brimelow, 23 that year, was probably still in college.

I think there actually are Jared Taylors and Peter Brimelows among late Millennials and Gen Z, though they might not fashion themselves as Groypers right now, and they might currently be either apolitical or on the enemy side. It’s that it’s going to be awhile until we know who they are. These kinds of things usually take time, and are almost always not the province of young people. Especially now, when people take longer to mature socially.

Que Sera Sera.

Fourth of July Weekend Open Thread.

5 07 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Wasn’t it nice of the signers of the Declaration of Independence to finish and sign the thing on a Monday so that countless generations of Americans that would follow could have nice neat three-day weekends?

In other news, West County Mall is looking more and more like a place to avoid, in general, and because pretty soon you’ll have to walk through metal detectors to get inside. I knew right away when I heard the news what and who it was going to be. But the mall security, the Des Peres PD, and the local news, still reacted as if this was a mass shooting, just to be on the safe side.

On a High Note

30 06 2021

Melbourne, Australia

Housekeeping note: Prime time for me is about to start. Tomorrow evening, I hit the road for what will be the start of three months of constantly being on and off the road. So my discretionary time, which was already scant enough, will be virtually zero for the next three months. Which means for those of you who follow my social feeds, you won’t have much to follow for awhile. Just don’t think something bad has happened, unless something bad does happen, in which case you’ll eventually find out. I’m going to try to be at or close to home around the end of August to be there when my nephew arrives. If for no other reasons, I want to see my father-in-law come unhinged, and also I want to find out in short order how this name thing will turn out.

Now, onward and upward.

As many of you know, astronomy has been one of my nearly life long hobbies. So much so that, even during my cognitive purgatory when I couldn’t think about much, I still had enough ability to focus on the August 2017 eclipse, as I had been anticipating it for 29 years. And when I finally returned to cognitive coherence enough in mid-November of that year, and looked over the big news that accumulated while I couldn’t pay that much attention, there was quite a bit of astronomy news in that stack.

As you can see, one of the items was the first ever confirmation of two neutron stars colliding into each other.

Now, we’ve got confirmation of a black hole eating a neutron star.

Just to keep things simple, a neutron star is the last stop before black hole, when it comes to object density. And it’s the most dense thing that can be directly observed in some way, as (until two years ago) black holes were only inferred from mathematics.

Just as the observational data from the two colliding neutron stars will keep astrophysicists busy for years, so too will this two-for-one deal of black holes and neutron stars colliding. Let a thousand dissertations bloom.

Maybe I should have entitled this post “On a Dense Note.”

Bad Hydrological Juju, Maybe?

27 06 2021


What is it with Eastern African people and the Main River?

Two years ago, it was the Eritrean Successful Model of Integration (TM) at Frankfurt Central Station. And now, it’s the motive unclear Allah-u-Akbar Somalian.

Of course, we know that this one will probably be just as successful in using the insanity defense as was the Eritrean.

But, I dunno, I’m starting to think that cities along the Main are just no place for East Africans to be. It’s gotta be something in the water.


Yesterday’s and today’s new developments:

(1) All three of the fatal victims (so far) are women, so expect Official Germany to spin this to “misogyny,” just as the Orlando nutbar five years ago was spun to “homophobia” because it was at a gay nightclub.

(2) A slightly tragic irony: It took place at Barbarossaplatz in Würzburg, and two weeks ago was the 80th anniversary of the start of Operation Barbarossa.

(3) The exact retailer is Woolworth, which is a name familiar to Americans of at least a certain age. Woolworth in the United States went out of business a long time ago, for the most part. But the Woolworth in Germany is a separate entity, and is still in existence, and doing as well as brick-and-mortar German retailers can.


“Zomg xenophobic backlash lol” season began today.

We also found out that most of the people at the Woolworth who scuttlebutted and detained him for the cops are themselves migrants, so of course Official Germany is going to honor them.

The insanity defense is already being implicitly prefigured, as various higher ups in the official organization of German psychiatrists is calling on better psychiatric care for “refugees” and “migrants.”


Ever since this weekend, German rightists have this new bilingual wordplay pun that I absolutely love, and you’d have to know enough German to grok it:

Black Lives Messer.

Speaking of, early this evening, in fact, within four hours, is Germany’s first knockout stage (playoff) game in Euro 2020, against England in London. Die Mannschaft is going to kneel for Black Lives Messer, so we’re not even going to watch one second of it, and we will not have it on the TV.


We’re at the stage now where real big developments are pretty much over and the new news is tangential, so:


The victims. As you can see, the funeral for the youngest was today.

Also, there is an unsubstantiated rumor that the Somalian has already murdered in the name of ISIS back in Somalia.

As you


The Somalian just got sent to the nuthouse today, which means that they’re officially going with “just a nut,” and also officially stuffing Islam under the rug.

Ich Liebe Es Zu Sein Papi

22 06 2021

The Nursery

My two best friends in the world turn six months old today, already. A year of living between the two of ’em.

The way things have worked out, the halfway mark between their birthdays will always be close to and sometimes on the American Father’s Day, even though Germans celebrate Vatertag in the month of May corresponding with Ascension Day, as they extend the analogy of a son reuniting with his father secularly. Ascension Day is always 40 days after Easter Sunday, which means it could range from April 30 to June 3, so it’s almost always in the month of May. This year it was on the Thursday after Mother’s Day, (Germany and the United States both do second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day/Mutertag), meaning that with the two being so close to each other, Vatertag seemed anticlimactic.

Plain words, I don’t think I’ll ever get out of the habit of third Sunday in June being Father’s Day.

Since they started showing emotion, my two best friends in the world do a lot of laughing at their goofy father. Whereas before, they kinda acted like they were scared of me.

I wouldn’t have them any other way.

And I know in the next half year, they’re going to start to go mobile, and be joined by a boy first cousin eight months their junior. Onward and upward, always. But I’m gonna miss these little babies when they’re gone, and all that’s left are the whiny pouting brats I know they’ll be in their third year of life.

And now I know the more mid-term future, which means I’m already pricing soccer cleats. I’m just as big of a hypocrite as anyone, I guess. I’ll fume about ZOMG SPORTSBALL CUCKS LOL~!!!!!1 as much as anyone in the sector, but, provided I’m still living, if one or both of them are scoring goals for Die Mannschaft in the 2046 World Cup, I’ll be right there in the first row cheering them on.

All that said, both the better half and I are glad we got in all the living and having fun in life that we wanted before procreating, and that we didn’t do it either with each other or separately with someone else, until we were both good and ready to handle the (as it turned out, many many many) consequences and sacrifices.

It’s why I say to those of you who are younger or young-ish and reading this: Yes, they make life worth living, they really do. But they’re a job and a half by themselves, even more so if they’re twins. Don’t do it if you’re not truly ready for everything, that is, if you intend on being a good parent.

Yet and still…the post title.

Gotta Use Protection

21 06 2021

Munich; St. Louis

They say that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it rhymes.

So too does the news.

I’m following two different soap operas on two different continents that both involve some political entity enacting some sort of right-of-center legislation that is overtly stated to be some sort of protective measure, and both of them busted wide open today.

Let’s start in the native city.

Channel 4:

St. Louis City, County file joint lawsuit aiming to block Missouri’s controversial gun law

As disputes over the new Missouri gun law continue to heat up, St. Louis City and St. Louis County filed a joint lawsuit Monday in Cole County Circuit Court, seeking to block the newly-signed House Bill 85, termed the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”


The joint release from the city and county says the legislation makes Missouri a sanctuary state for gun violence, and unconstitutionally hampers law enforcement.

Now do immigration.

“This new law is like the state holding out a sign that says ‘Come Commit Gun Violence Here,’” said St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page. “We can’t expect people to stay in St. Louis or to move their businesses here if we don’t do everything we can to reduce gun violence in the region, but this new law sends the opposite message to our residents and business community.”

You can already see what’s being prefigured. They’re fixing to pawn the blame for every violent “gun” crime and business closure in Bell Curve City on HB 85.

And as far as “holding out a sign,” well, Page, that boat has already done floated down the river. The Ferguson and Floyd Effects have seen to that. Gardner and Bell certainly haven’t helped matters. But I’ll get to those two in a moment.

St. Louis City and County are seeking an injunction, but ultimately hope to overturn the law on constitutional grounds. They are arguing that HB 85 is in violation of the U.S. Constitution Supremacy Clause, which states federal law preempts state law.

HB 85 is more or less about Missouri’s state or local LEAs shouldn’t tell the Feds. Now, what I think is going on here is that Jones and Page are basically confessing that Gardner and Bell will just throw those police reports into File 13, so if there’s anything gun-related, they have to go to the U. S. Attorney. They’re scared that that option is going to be cut off if HB 85 takes effect and is interpreted as literally as they fear.

But there could be a wild card that comes out of left field: BLM. You think they’re going to be happy when they find out that Jones and Page want to see to it that the cops in St. Louis City and County can still talk to the Feds on gun matters, thereby continuing the dindu-to-Federal prison pipeline? But of course the wild card to that wild card is that the U. S. Attorney for St. Louis is probably by now someone that * appointed, which means that, whoever he or she is, it’s going to be someone who is too woke to want to put dindus in Federal joints on gun cases.

This one’s going to last for awhile.

Now, here’s one that will be resolved by Wednesday night, my time. From this country and continent.

Hungary has recently enacted laws against LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL propaganda to minors. Of course, this has LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL upset, the same people who insist that they’re not proselytizing to or recruiting minors. Anyway, as you also know, Euro 2020 is going on. Germany’s third and final “pool” game is Wednesday night (my time) against Hungary, at Allianz Stadium in Munich. Now, Bavaria is CSU-run and probably the most socially conservative Federal state in Germany. But Munich is SPD-run, and moderately liberal on social issues. But liberal enough to be pro-LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL. And, Allianz Stadium, remember, is the one which can do the color changing exterior.

Guess what colors the mayor of Munich and other important city officials want it to be on Wednesday night.

Now, UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, and the organizers of the Euro tournament, have said no way. Their reasoning is that they don’t want soccer so closely wound up with conventional politics. Though, once again, that boat has already done floated down the river. Because you can’t turn your head without officially organized soccer on this continent being used as a political bludgeon against “racism” and in support of “refugees.” So I can understand Munich’s frustration with UEFA discovering political agnosticism all of a sudden.

I have a prediction on how Wednesday will go:

UEFA will put their foot down and say no. Munich will go on ahead and do it anyway. Hungary boycotts and forfeits the game. Cue outrage enough for everyone, for the rest of the week.

Incidentally, one of the players on the Hungarian team wants Munich to go all rainbow, because he’s opposed to the legislation in “his” country. But you’ll note the quotes around “his” — The problem is, his current club is RB Leipzig (that’s a whole soap opera of its own), and he was born in Kaiserslauten, RP, in this country, to a Hungarian father and a Polish mother, and lives full time in this country. But, since his Hungarian father means a Hungarian passport, he plays internationally for Hungary. Otherwise, he’s not emotionally attached to Hungary.

His last name?


No relation.

Didn’t I just say that these things rhyme?

Iron Sharpening Iron

20 06 2021

West Palm Beach, Florida

Personally, I have my doubts about the veracity.

But, if it’s true, then all I can say is this:

There were people in his immediate daily orbit right there in his own White House and in his Cabinet who were advising him that this was the wrong way to go. But he ignored all them, because he thought that the guy he ultimately paid so much attention to and sourced so much of his administration to had some sort of special political juju only because he happened to share a bed with his daughter.

So no, in this matter, it wasn’t bad advice, it was a bad advisee.

Writing on what is American Father’s Day, you all know that I have officially been a father-in-law’s son-in-law since March 7, 2020. He’s the best father-in-law a guy could have, and, when I compare him to what I thought in my younger years would be the perfect father-in-law, he comes so close to it that the odds that there’s someone closer are infinitesimally low. (I think the same about the better half, vis-a-vis what I always imagined to be my ideal wife.) That said, neither one of us believe that the other is infallible only because a woman that one fathered is the same that the other married. And, save one game, he is batting a thousand against me in chess. Our relationship is best described as iron sharpening iron, bidirectionally.

Father’s Day Open Thread

20 06 2021

Guest post by Puggg

I’m glad mine is still living, but at the same time, this day also reminds me that I still haven’t become one since the this same day came around last year, and that the odds that I ever will decrease with every passing one. I turned 48 last month, in case you’re wondering.

In a side note: Please don’t go swimming in rivers here in Jefferson County. My county’s rivers have been nothing but people eaters in the last maybe two weeks.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 16

16 06 2021


Cologne, we have a problem.


Yesterday began what is ordinarily a biannual ritual for Germans, during the summer of even numbered years. The ritual involves Good Germans outsourcing their patriotism to a bunch of guys kicking a ball around.

The last time this happened was the World Cup in 2018. As you may remember, I was just a mere tourist in this and a few surrounding countries when the WC was going on, and we were able to watch Germany’s first pool game while we were in Wittenberg and its third in Ingolstadt. The second game, we were in the Czech Republic. At the time, Germany was the defending WC champions from 2014, so there were high hopes for 2018. But, they flopped. Yet and still, it was a sight to behold, this “outsourcing,” first hand.

After I later learned I was going to come back for different reasons, and then after actually doing that, also as you might remember, I went to a regular season game of the German domestic league, Bremen at D’dorf, November 2018, to see a fellow native St. Louisan, one Josh Sargent. I really lucked out, because it was the game where he logged his first playing time in the Bundesliga and his first goal. You may remember that’s the game I bought my St. Louis flag, and when I saw Sargent being inserted into the game, I waved it and yelled, “YO JOSH.” All for naught, because it was nothing but noise the whole game, the only variance is whether it was really loud or ear-deafening loud. And remember, this was just a garden variety domestic league game between at the time a mid-standings team (Bremen) playing at the basement dwellers (D’Dorf). Side note: Bremen got relegated after this just finished Bundesliga season to the second league. They were having money problems anyway, and relegation certainly isn’t going to make them any better. Odds are they’re probably going to move Sargent out in a fire sale, and one of the talked about destinations is right next door to me in Leverkusen.

Anyway, we’re now on Euro 2020 season, it like the Tokyo Olympics delayed a year because of Covid. The World Cup is held the summer of midterm election years in America, while the Euro and all the other regional mini-WCs are held during the summer of Presidential election years, usually. Euro is probably the world’s second most anticipated national team soccer tournament behind only the WC itself, though the WC in 2018, with four UEFA teams in the final four, got the snarky nickname Euro 2018.

Germany’s first pool game in Euro 2020 was last night in Munich versus France, who you will remember won the 2018 WC, and, as it’s mostly the same team as then, is a favorite to win this Euro. All three of Germany’s pool games will be in Munich, and yes, that’s the stadium that changes exterior colors.


The good news is that Germany scored the only goal of the game. The bad news? Well, I’m sure it’s run its course in the international news cycle by now. Also, some eco nut parachuted in on a yellow parachute. I figured when I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye (see below) it had to be some kind of left wing kook.


The better half and I watched it from the parents-in-law along with my sister-in-law. The soyboy-in-law had other commitments and had to leave after dinner. But even if he had been here, it wouldn’t have made a difference, because none of us would have watched it that closely, as the five of us grown folk that were there had other things to do, and the sixth not there would have done other things if he was. Since the game started at 9, the better half and I plus our two bundles of joy left not long after the start of the second half, because it was already past 10.

But, like I said, while we were all there, and we had it on the TV, nobody was really watching it.

With one big exception.

Or, to be more accurate, two big exceptions.

Or, to be even more accurate, two little exceptions.

I think you can figure it out by now.

From what I saw, they were glued to this game, and unusually so for something that happens this late in the evening by their increasingly regular daily awake-asleep cycle. They paid attention to it more intensely than they have anything in their almost six months of life. The better half, who observed them more than I did during the time before we left and the game was on, noticed the same thing even more starkly.

Uh oh.

I can already see where this is going.

Oh well, at least it’s not that expensive. And it’s good exercise; Especially since I know which two people with their weight problems they are descended from by one generation. Though I have to digress for a moment, most of this will be for another time: The better half is maintaining a much healthier weight post-birth than she did before she started in being in the family way, which is very atypical for mid-30s women who do that. Only wish some of that being able to keep weight off would spill over on me, though I’ve lost a few pounds overall since the end of rehab, and I should concede that at my age, any weight loss in a situation where one needs to lose weight should be appreciated.

And they are little German boys, after all. This was kinda inevitable. I can’t throw stones; After all, their Papi was once a little St. Louis boy, and little St. Louis boys almost inevitably get the baseball dream. A dream that, as you know, I substantively knew wasn’t in the Cards (pun intended) when I was eleven, and I hung up my cleats at seventeen. Though I will say that, as you might guess, Germans are so cold at soccer development that, once they get to around age twelve, the old grown folks around them will know whether they have any chance of a future in this business or nah, if nah, then that’s when they’ll be hanging up their own cleats. Simply because there won’t be any school teams for them to continue playing even past the realization that they won’t be making a living out of this, if that’s what winds up happening. Remember, Germans and Europeans don’t do school sports in the way that Americans do.


So, that’s it. I now know that I have a mid-term future as a soccer dad.

You know, I was expecting these two to save our civilization, not score goals for Die Mannschaft in the 2046 World Cup.

Only the Better Half and I

10 06 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

One of the frequent criticisms lodged against our sector, mostly from outsiders and normies, but also sometimes internally and internecinely, is that we’re too conspiratorial in our conceptual framework, that we are assigning much more intelligence and organizational skills to our enemies than they have in reality.

Yesterday I saw a Tik Tok of a juvenile raccoon herding goats into an open air pen.

It’s not that juvenile raccoons are master Machiavellian strategists. It’s that goats are such, well, sheep, that all it takes is the organizational skills of a juvenile raccoon to herd them.

Our critics are correct in saying that our enemies aren’t that clever or organized. But they don’t need to be. They’re juvenile raccoons, but don’t need to be anything more, because we’re sheep.

Human beings have an infinite appetite for distractions, and will take the path of least resistance. Old as the hills known truths.

So you can see how it’s not hard for the juvenile raccoons that are our incumbent establishment elite to arrange a set of circumstances to where people think they’re sticking it to the big bad evil ugly system by retweeting a video of a 12-year old boy acting a whole slap fool.

And I might be only one of two people on Earth (the other being the better half) who can turn a goofy animal video short into a moderately important sociopolitical philosophical insight.

Sunday in S-A

8 06 2021


A few of you, who must have seen out of the corner of your eyes both here and more so on my social posts that I was in Magdeburg, wanted to know my assessment. I’ll just cut-and-paste my Minds posts, even though it will be repetitive in a few stretches, and with added links for context.

Sunday afternoon:

This will probably be my only social post this evening, and my only contribution to the matter before all results are in plus the voter-shifting graph (Wählerwanderung, I call it the twisted ribbon).

If the CDU ekes out first place tonight, it will ONLY be because of a repeat of the tactics in neighboring Saxony and Brandenburg in September 2019 — Other parties’ voters strategically fell behind the only party that had a chance to get more votes than the AfD (SPD in Bran., CDU in Sax.), in order to deny the AfD the moral victory of finishing in first. Though the German and international media coverage then, as I think it would be tomorrow, would be to treat the day as a de facto AfD win.

However, it’s a tactic that cannot last, because as time goes on, the yellow doggers (“Besenstiel” trans. “broomsticks” in German political parlance) for the old parties are themselves old, and more of them will be shifting toward the other side of the life divide over time. Also, it’s a tactic that can’t really be replicated for the Federal elections in September, because the kind of people who would strategically abandon their own preferred party for the “whoever could beat the AfD” won’t be doing that WRT Federal voting, as they want their party to be as strong as possible in the next Bundestag.

Of course, if Team Blue finishes in first, all this will be moot.

All this will make me have to make last minute decisions on my set.

Earlier this afternoon:

I wrote here on Sunday afternoon that the only thing that would prevent Team Blue from finishing in first place was a repeat of the tactical voting scam that happened in neighboring Saxony and neighboring Brandenburg in September 2019. People who didn’t want the AfD to have the moral satisfaction of finishing in first place temporarily abandoned their own preferred party to vote for the known “strongest other than the AfD” party (The SPD in Bran., the CDU in Sax.). In S-A this year, that is the CDU.

I also wrote that the problems with that tactic are that: (1) It’s unsustainable, because the elderly faithful voters that mean that the CDU or SPD have the staying power they do so that they can be used as anti-AfD tactical voting foils, will eventually start dying, thereby lowering those parties’ baseline percentages, and that (2) They won’t and in fact can’t run that tactic in the much higher stakes Bundestag elections, because they will want their own preferred parties to get as many votes and therefore as many seats as possible.

What happened in S-A is that this tactic worked too well. So much so that the SPD and Die Linke “lost” big ground, and the Greens, who are supposed to be growing like weeds (pun intended), barely grew, and at one point were threatened by finishing under 5% and therefore not getting any seats. Back in Sept. 2019, the media had a sober take, treating the day as de facto AfD wins, and openly warning the numerically victorious SPD in Bran. and CDU in Sax. that their “victories” were paper tigers.

After Sunday, there has not been that level of media and public political sobriety. The CDU and Union in general feels like it’s got the shot in the arm it desperately needed heading into September, (when in reality, we know why it isn’t), and the left parties think they have to lick their wounds (again, when we all know why it’s not actually bad news).

Strangely though, there is not any verve on the part of the German media and political establishment to gloat about the AfD not doing as well as it was thought they would (and I’ll get to that in a minute). The AfD’s percentage take slightly declined compared to five years ago, even though its raw vote total increased, owning to greater overall turnout and the rush of tactical anti-AfD voters. Plus a bunch of old people who rewarded the perceived authority of the CDU because they’re still scared of Covid. Like I said, people who won’t be around that much longer, and an issue that is hopefully only months away from being totally forgotten.

Instead, the official German media and political culture are kinda sorta in a way treating Sunday as something of an AfD win, once again, though not as obviously as they did two years ago. One of the main reasons is that the AfD finished in first place among voters under 45, and the lower you go in age, the better it did. Though you have to remember my axiom that any politician or party who is banking on young (U-30) voters is already writing his/its own concession speech. But it’s an actual worrisome sign for the Greens, who are supposed to be cleaning up among U-30. And it portends the mid-term future.

And that is what has Official Germany scared in the S-A aftermath. They’re already screaming about needing more and better education, even though these people have totally controlled German education for as long as most people alive in this country have been living. If all their brainwashing hasn’t prevented the AfD from being the preferred party going way from under-45 in the East, then even they have to realize that a little more brainwashing isn’t going to change that.

Also, a new fashionable phrase, Diktatursozialisation (“dictatorship socialization”) has been popping up in the past two weeks, as a coping mechanism for Official Germany to explain all this. Meaning that the reason young-ish eastern Germans support the AfD is that communist East Germany brainwashed them. (?????) Even some of Official Germany’s own official talking heads have been picking that apart, without patriotic help. If that’s the case, then such brainwashing should have redounded to the benefit of Die Linke, the SED remnant still in existence today. People under 30 weren’t even alive when the DDR existed, anyway. And then they have to explain Le Pen/RN next door — What [past] “dictatorship” socialized the young-ish French to support her/it [today]? Mitterand? Chirac?

To sum it up, Official Germany has seen that the AfD is here to stay, and, once the old people who are yellow doggers (“Besenstiel” trans: “Broomsticks” in political German idiom) for the old parties start dying in large numbers, Team Blue will start getting yuge bigly percentages and frequent first place finishes, and will one day in the near-mid term future have the run of the joint in the East, and of course the aroma from the BBQ happening East will spread West.

One more thing: I now am of the serious opinion based on observation and implication that the pollsters deliberately fibbed down the CDU’s percentages and fibbed up the AfD’s in the immediate pre-election polls, knowing what they knew would happen, precisely to give grounds to manufacture a post-election narrative of “zomg disappointment for the AfD they’re falling off lol,” and at the same time use those fake polls as a clarion call to get the anti-AfD tactical voters out in force. The second part happened, but mysteriously, not the first part.

Within the hour:

One other loose end from Sunday is that it’s the absolute end of the Meuthen vs Höcke schism within Team Blue, with a clear winner.

Remember, Meuthen/-ism had the run of the joint down in BW and RP in March, and wound up losing ground, both in percentage and raw terms. For his part, Höcke is already bragging about it in a slick roundabout way, stating that (trans and pph): “East is going to move West.”

And also, we had direct side by side comparisons right here in NRW back in September’s local election cycle, and Höcke/-ism showed much stronger gains than Meuthen/-ism.

This part I’ve hinted around here and elsewhere in the very recent past.

Fauci and the Third Loose End

8 06 2021

Washington, D.C.

Now the receipts.

Or, to borrow Fred Thompson’s line for Howard Baker, we now know for sure what Fauci knew and when he knew it. And because of the receipts, we also know that and when he was lying in public.

This also is the third loose end.

Me, November 9, 2020, on why “they” hated Trump all along:

China. Official America in both the public and private sphere is just way too invested in China to tolerate this or any White House treating Beijing like an economic adversary.

And then, me, on March 22, on why “they” were manufacturing hysteria about anti-Asian hate crimes:

The establishment is trying its best to dampen any official energy behind blaming Beijing and the CCP for the Wuhan virus, so as to prevent economic retaliation and decoupling, and any such actions of course would force Beijing to reciprocate. It’s because too many “important” Americans are too invested in China.

So, let’s loop this back around to Fauci. He lied repeatedly, because China.

This is all about China. Specifically, that so many important or powerful individuals, firms and institutions have so much China in their portfolios.


There’s another loose end.

It goes back to our sector’s perennial frustration with the Trump years. The fact that he ever trusted the kind of people who always had it out for him or at least never wanted any part of him. Fauci, Paul Ryan, among many others. Not to mention types like Kushner, who mostly did wrong by his administration even though they actually didn’t mean it or its chief executive literal harm.

Even before the receipts, there was plenty of good evidence against trusting Fauci and basically letting him run Covid from the moment that it seemed like Covid was going to be that big of a problem. Not the least of which was his stellar record on AIDS, which, coincidentally, was “born” in terms of medical and public consciousness 40 years ago this month. (Though its backstory is more extensive and has a St. Louis angle.) Scott Atlas was there all along, and he should have been given the ball. But it’s that the medical, media and public health establishment loved Fauci so much more, and Trump loves his own name next to praise. As far as that went, now we know why everyone “important” was so much in love with Fauci.


The Antiquarian Bug Hits St. Louis

2 06 2021

Okay, I’m going to make this as cogent as possible for my lack of time:

A bunch of fat ugly women are jealous that Ellie Kemper is more attractive than they are, and are taking to social media to try to cancel her, because she was once the queen of a ball of an organization that formally dropped its official racial and ethnic exclusivity before she herself was born.

Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread.

28 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Before I turn you loose, I’ve gotta say this:

Have any of you seen or heard the public service announcements about not forgetting your children in their car seats and leaving them in closed locked hot cars where they could die of heat stroke?

One of the suggestions for parents so they don’t forget their children is to put something valuable in the back seat.

I swear, are people really that vain, selfish, and materialistic?

You’d think that their children would be that valuable thing.

No, I guess. People attach much more value to some several hundred dollar little rectangle of electronics that will be obsolete in a few years than they do the small living human beings that are by biology and DNA half them and are expected to live many decades and themselves reproduce.

But here I am, caring more about an actual child, while not having any children. I do have a phone.

Okay, now you can go at it.

It’s Their Way Of Defunding The Police.

24 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

You’ve all seen it by now if you’re from around here.

Everyone keeps saying that they have to face consequences?

But why? All they’re doing is following their leaders who want to defund the police, abolish the police, close jails, close prisons. Those things seem to be a winning political recipe nowadays in certain areas, yet the people who win somehow think that a small group jumping up and down on top of an SLMPD cruiser is so wrong?

Pop Goes the Squad Pinata

24 05 2021

Washington, D.C.

Back in 2018, when the progressivetard insurgency (“The Squad” in Trump parlance) really started up, I wrote back then that, in spite of what would seem to be almost no real differences between a progressivetard insurgent and the establishment Democrat he or she is trying to replace, and also that they would have close to 100% the same legislative voting record, when there is that kind of internecine frission and fission within a political sector or party, and the two sides seem alike, you can bet on some taboo unmentionable factors being behind the curtains as the heat and energy source. I remembered that much from the Tea Party Movement days.

In the case of The Squad, I also wrote back then, those taboo factors were Israel and the military-industrial complex, the major differences between them and the establishmentarians they were/are challenging. The former group being against, the latter for.

For awhile, and mainly to stay united in the face of Trump, the pro-Israel/MIC Democrat establishment and the anti-Israel/MIC Squad has kept those differences so silent that even I thought they kissed and made up on such things.

But now, as we can all see in the last few weeks, those old taboo frissions are busting back open, and wide open in front of the curtains for all to see.

It’s Finally Time For The Flip Flop.

23 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

I know our normal host predicted it from the outset, and I guess I was thinking the same thing at the same time.

Well, it’s finally coming true.

That, and Sunday open thread.

Let’s Play Detective.

18 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

One of the bills that made it through the Missouri legislature this year was a bill that would allow those who win Missouri Lottery prizes to remain anonymous, not have their names and identities released.

The bill’s sponsor is a black Democrat from North County.

As I will put it, the race to the dog biscuit starts now.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 15

18 05 2021


You all want to know how it went this weekend.

There is going to be a whole lot of DADT about this weekend. But the way I nudged it out of the soyboy-in-law, and my wife out of my sister-in-law, they did everything they were supposed to on a pure necessity level, but not much more, and nowhere near what we think they should have done. So it might not literally take us years to undo the damage; Maybe only months.

The time leading up to this weekend just flew by, while the actual weekend itself dragged on and on, each second seemed to take a whole minute. The only saving grace for me was that I had a short business roadtrip on Saturday, which took my mind off of all my worrying a little bit and made time go by not as excruciatingly slow. The better half was not so lucky.

Yet and still, we weren’t either going to break in or interfere. All we gave them were their portable convertible cribs, a few changes of clothes, enough bottles of their mother’s pumped out breast milk, and the two car seats. Everything else, they had to buy themselves. The way we figure, if they wanted to practice being parents to infants, and use their twin nephews to do it, they were going to do it as accurately and completely as practically possible. After all, very soon, this sort of thing won’t be practice, it will be their consummate all-encompassing reality.

When we got them back, they both had a look in their eyes toward us as if to say that, the next time we pull something like this, they’re going to run away, even if they haven’t started walking.


In the days through the week leading up to the weekend, my father-in-law tried a few times to talk me off the ledge, trying to convince me that maybe some good will come of this. On Thursday at Abendessen, he gave me a sealed envelope, and told me not to open it until Monday.

I’ll get to that in a moment.


On Sunday late in the afternoon, when normal order was restored, one of the things that they conceded is that they now realize how much work it takes, and more than they were expecting. And that they really need to do a lot of mental preparation over this coming summer, and, while they didn’t quite use these words, also a lot more growing up. (If they’re in that mood, maybe they would like to settle on a nice normal rational name now, instead of what you know is their current game plan? Nein?)

We, too, realized something about ourselves. Once they took them from us on late Friday afternoon, it was the first time that they were in the direct guardianship of someone other than their parents or grandparents in their nearly five months of life. It was also the first evening where they weren’t in the direct company of either their mother or their father. Plain words, it was our first evening without them since they were on the other side of the birth canal. I counted, and the last time that had been the case before this past Friday evening was 145 days before it. We didn’t have them, but we had them. We were able to sleep on the two weekend nights without them for the first time in 145 and 146 days, respectively, and fully knowing that they weren’t there to wake us up. But we hardly slept any better.

What we realized is that we have both changed as people very quickly, starkly, and in short order. Our internal and external habits are so much different. Those 145 days ago were just that, only 145 days ago. But they seem like much longer ago. And that’s in spite of the fact that I blink and boom, there goes another month. If presented with the same version of our selves from five months ago, I doubt we’d even recognize those people.

Whoever said that a baby changes everything didn’t know the half of it. Having a baby changes so much of everything that it changes things you don’t think can be changed.

Like I just wrote above, these two now realize how much work they have to do, but they’ll soon realize how much about their existence and selves is going to change.


Speaking of work to do and changing selves, I’ve got another slightly thorny matter over the horizon.

Those of you who got my birth announcement know something that my father-in-law arranged for his first two grandsons, so you can guess, rightly so, that he’s going to do it for his third.  If you happen to remember an early installment of this series, then you’ll know why someone is going to have to break a certain piece of news to the soyboy-in-law.

Week before last, I asked my sister-in-law if she has let her husband in on the secret, and she said no.  Which means he’s going to have to be told, and someone is going to have to do it.  And after carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages to tasking the job to either his wife, his father-in-law, his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law, or his sister-in-law’s husband (that being myself), we came to the decision that I’m the best one out of the bunch to do it.

Some time in June, after I’m done with Magdeburg, I’m going to have to take the soyboy-in-law for a walk.  And when I put it in those terms, I realize that it will be the first time that I’ll be going on one of these “walks” in the physical presence one-to-one sense and being the one who has to do most of the talking and explaining.  It’s going to feel, well, some kind of way, to do this and not being the one on the passive end.

When I do it, I’ll be coming full circle, in a way.  Again, those of you who are both veterans of this series and received my birth announcement can figure out how.


Remember that envelope?

I opened up over Mittagbrot yesterday, and it had a piece of paper, and my father-in-law’s handwriting, just one sentence:

Sie werden entdecken, wie schwierig das ist.

Which translates to:

They will discover how difficult it is.

Well I’ll be damned, the old man knew.

A Future Nonetheless

10 05 2021


Mother’s Day weekend, Muttertag.

My first without mine, my wife’s first as one.

Happy and sad at the same time.

By the time next Muttertag rolls around, both of my mother-in-law’s daughters will themselves be mothers.

Also by the time the next one rolls around, someone else will be a mother. During the week last week, Martin Sellner announced that he and Brittany are expecting. (You’ll find me in that comment section if you do enough scrolling down.) A recent review on AR of the autobiography of the former Brittany Pettibone made me realize that there are some similarities between the Sellners’ wedding and marriage and my own. In both instances, it was a matter of an American marrying a European. Both ceremonies were in Europe, and within 18 months of each other. If the Sellner wedding would have been in Idaho, as planned, it would have been another congruent similarity, as both weddings would have taken in the bride’s native country. I read in the review, and will eventually again when I get around to reading the book, that Martin proposed to Brittany on a Danube River trip. As you know, our honeymoon last summer was a close to wire to wire cruise of the Danube, and associated and nearby attractions. In both cases, the married couple lives in Europe. The differences are that my wife is not sector at all, and in fact, I resolved a long time ago never to check for sector chicks, because of my “charming” personality, as I knew that it would eventually grate on them, and they might quit the sector for it. Neither I nor my wife are public figures, though that might change for my wife in the mid-term future. And also, “Willst Du Mich Heiraten?” came naturally for Martin, but it took me some practice.

All this got me to thinking, about our two screaming bundles of joy, my soon to arrive nephew, and then later the new baby boy or girl Sellner.

We’ve got a future. It may be a really bad future, but it is going to be a future nonetheless. Even as bad as it could be, I’d much rather have a bad future than no future.

Or maybe, the combination of my sons, my nephew, and boy or girl Sellner, will get together and figure out how to save our civilization.


I guess what I’m really thinking about is that I think I’ve finally figured out a riddle I had in my head for a minute.

What are the main differences between the accelerationists and anti-accelerationists in our sector?

Now I know — Read above.  Parents.  The accelerationists are either not and never parents, or they might as well have not been parents even if they were biologically so.  The antis are parents or seriously want to be.  Good parents don’t want to make life for their children any worse than necessary, even if we think it probably won’t be good.

Happy Mother’s Day.

7 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Mine is still alive and kicking and doing really well health-wise for her age, same with my father.

Open thread, though I don’t know how much a Mother’s Day thread should be that open.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 14

2 05 2021


Ruh-roh. And by “ruh-roh,” I mean “life has a way of sneaking up on you.” I should know, and should have known.

This was an atypical weekend for me that involved not being out on the road. During the Covid era, nearly all such weekend nights have been spent at my father-in-law’s house, losing to him at chess a whole lot. But he has been feeling a bit down and tired, and wanted to turn in early on Friday night and last night. So my wife and I, the two bundles of joy, and my sister- and soyboy-in-law, spent Friday evening at our place and last night at theirs.

Last night, those two, knowing that they now know the number and sex of their own anticipated bundle of joy, broached an idea which knocked me flat on my back…er, I shouldn’t have put it that way, considering relatively recent events. Can’t say the better half is too thrilled, either.

They want to practice for a weekend.

And guess on whom.

We can’t say yes, but we can’t say no.

So our lack of ability to answer meant yes by default.

The only reprieve is that since next weekend is Muttertag, it won’t be until the weekend after that. So I’ve got some time for prayers to be answered. Come through, omnipotent omniscient divine entity in which I’ve invested so much blind faith over the years!

It might take their mother, father and grandparents years to undo the psychological damage.