It’s His Vehicle Baby

28 07 2015

Jefferson City

The key word is “Kurt Schaefer.”  Who is running for AG.  This committee was more or less his vehicle for free publicity.

In principle, I think this committee is a good thing.  In reality, I don’t think it was really necessary because anyone with both a brain and a shred of intellectual honesty why Nixon’s response to Ferguson in both August and November was so weak.  Because we’re living in BRA, the black undertow can do whatever the hell it wants, because #BlackLivesMatter and racism.  We’re talking about the same Jay Nixon who hypocritically pre-declared a state of emergency for Ferguson before the announcement of the grand jury decision and then held back on any state resources, NG and otherwise, to enforce it.

Easy Mark

28 07 2015


Racial hoax at the Adam’s Mark in Downtown Kansas City.

Because they’ve already show that they’re an easy mark.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

28 07 2015


Southern Illinoisan:

Carbondale police in schools program suspended

A controversial partnership between the Carbondale Police Department and Carbondale Elementary School District 95 has been suspended.

The northeastern section of Carbondale is a mini-ghetto.

I stopped reading there, because I wanted to test my wicked racial profiling circuitry, which I think is on the fritz.  I bet you’ll find the words “black,” “African American,” “black lives matter,” “school to prison pipeline,” or “Ferguson” farther down in the paragraph count.

I Said Nothing

28 07 2015

New Orleans

First they came for the Confederate and Southern memorials.

Then they came for the cop and law enforcement memorials.

In both instances, I said nothing.

Because #BlackLivesMatter.

Upside Down Rule Book

28 07 2015


The Hill:

Patrick Murray, Director of the Monmouth University poll, said his surveys show Trump’s negatives declining from 55 percent in June to 41 percent in July.


They also say Trump has no platform, no identifiable base of support, that he lacks institutional support from within the party, and they believe he continues to benefit from outsized media coverage


Critics also say Trump’s past will eventually come back to haunt him. Indeed, he has a long record of donating to Democratic candidates, and has in the past expressed support for universal healthcare, abortion and taxing the wealthy.

Read the whole thing for context.

Netting this all out, Trump can’t win because he has too much name recognition and he’s pro-abortion while running for the Presidential nomination of a political party whose elites constantly say “drop the social issues.”


“Taxing the wealthy” is a reference to Trump’ proposal to do a marginal wealth tax on extremely large static fortunes of 14.25% per year.  For a lot of reasons, that can’t be done, but I do think that it could be done and would be worth considering if the rate is low, say, 1% a year or under.  And as far as “universal health care,” (“which ObamaCare is not” — Trump), I think it’s smart politics on Trump’s part, because not many people who want ObamaDontCare gone have been able to articulate well what it should be replaced with, and those that try only give us vagaries and platitudes.  Plain words, Trump is not letting himself be a conduit for right-libertarian economic ideology, and this is why European soft nationalist parties are starting to make major inroads, and part of the reason why he’s at the top of the Republican heap at the moment.  It also shows that he wants to win, or at least he thinks he can win; whether he can or not or whether he actually will is another question, but it also means we’re dealing with something that’s a lot more than pure entertainment.

As for the first part, I included it to show that high unfavorability numbers can be reversed, and in a hurry.  Which means that the 57-38 lead that HRC has over Trump in a hypo matchup can also be wiped out in a hurry.  Remember, Lee Atwater was able to wipe out a 27 point lead that Michael Dukakis had over George H.W. Bush coming out of the Democrat National Convention in July 1988, in only three months and change.  Meanwhile, we’re a year and three months and change away from election day.

But, since Trump is Trump, he has the very easy ability to make things go in the wrong direction in a hurry.

No Shit Sherlock

28 07 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

Groundbreaking research by Dr. Richard Rosenfeld at UMSL shows that:

…the killings have not been as random as some might think.

“Fifty percent of all the violent crime in St. Louis occurs on just five percent of the street blocks in the city,” he explains. “And those blocks tend to be concentrated in very, very disadvantaged neighborhoods, typically on the city’s north side.”

As for why they’re occurring, Rosenfeld says there’s no single reason but he’s been told that street prices for heroin are running at historic lows right now.

It goes on to semi-justify whack-a-mole then to doubt the Ferguson Effect.

There is such a revolving door between the SLPD and UMSL’s Criminology Department (*) that I tend to be a little skeptical about some of the politically loaded conclusions from their research, in this case, research that is way more duh than wow.  I bet if they looked harder, they would find that almost all of the violent crime occurs within one race of people.

It also looks like we have a newly minted excuse that we’ll hear over and over, so that public officials make sure we don’t blame public officials and everyone important can use to make sure we don’t notice things — Record low heroin prices.  Though that doesn’t make sense to me — It would seem to me that illicit dope prices would have to be sky high in order to fuel violence between those in rival dope gangs and other associated kinds of violence, because the stakes would be much higher.  Lower dope prices should mean less violence.  And even if heroin prices were higher, you have to wonder how much difference by itself it would actually make — After the very violent post-riot May in Baltimore, we heard the excuse that it was all the pills that rioters looted from pharmacies, except someone did the math and that was no more than a drop in the bucket.  Furthermore, if heroin prices are low, could it possibly be because supply is at a record high due to non-existent southern border enforcement and the Camp of the Saints at that same border that has been going on for more than a year?

But still, get ready to hear it non-stop with every new fresh body on the pavement:   BAWK AMENDMENT 5!  BAWK LOW HEROIN PRICES!

(*) – Dan Isom, who was SLPD Chief before Dotson, left to head UMSL’s Criminology Department, and he left that to run the State DPS as Nixon was throwing #BlackLiesMatter a bone in the Ferguson aftermath, and after awhile, Isom left DPS to go back to running UMSL Criminology.  The proposed armed offender docket for the 22nd, aka “gun court,” would heavily involve and would mean special grants and contracts to UMSL Criminology for research and analysis, which is one of the reasons why Larry Dierker was able to convince the other judges on the 22nd not to adopt it.

We Get It. They Don’t Care.

27 07 2015

New York City

And #IDNYC doesn’t care if you’re actually human or actually living.

Don’t think for one millisecond that #IDNYC won’t be used for voter ID.


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