2 03 2015





Rich Saint

2 03 2015


Me, about a month ago:

The excessive amount of money that blacks pay for Air Jordan shoes is an altar sacrifice to St. Michael of Jordan, Patron Saint of BASKETBALLIVUS.

When blacks kill each other either over possession of these shoes or a place in line to buy them, that’s a blood sacrifice to the same.

Well, all those people buying all those Js have had an effect.  Because St. Michael of Jordan is now the country’s second black billionaire, the first being The Oprah.



Diversity, Strength.

2 03 2015


P-D profiles one of the South Grand shop owners affected by the November 24 festivities.  Remember, there was some action on Grand between SLU Med and Chippewa, even though it got way overshadowed by all the undocumented shopping and burn-this-bitch-down-ism in Ferguson and Dellwood.  Part of the South Grand action was the pre-planned and pre-approved stunt to close 44 at Grand.

Here are the interesting parts:

But today, he sits at home in south St. Louis County, wondering when he will be able to reopen the business that serves as the sole income for his family of Bhutanese refugees.

Did I read “Bhutanese?”  Are there some transgender vegetarians in the bunch?  Oh boy, I just might get my wish, and the National Association of Bhutanese-American Transgendered Vegetarians just might actually come to pass.  Based in St. Louis, as the kicker.

But he’s not actually Bhutanese:

He was among the more than 100,000 ethnic Nepalis expelled from Bhutan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bhutanese leaders had become increasingly concerned about the rapidly growing number of ethnic Nepalis because they retained their own language, culture and Hindu religion. The majority of Bhutanese are Buddhist.

He’s actually Nepalese.

So what we have here is getting people out of one multicultural chamber pot, and “saving” him and his family by bringing him to an even worse one, that being the Grand-Chippewa-Gravois area of St. Louis City, where most of racial and ethnic diversity St. Louis has to offer intersects.  And by “diversity,” I mean it in the Shannon-Weaver Index sense.

Your Turn

2 03 2015

Los Angeles


Looks like it’s going to be pretty nice in southern California after today.

Perfect riot weather.

This Can’t Be What It Looks Like

1 03 2015

New York


It is.

H/T to “Joe” for e-mailing this to me.  And by “me,” I mean someone who still doesn’t want to believe that this is what it actually is.

Lord jehovah jireh.



It’s Starting

1 03 2015

National Harbor, Maryland

I commented on my own post two days ago:

Something just occurred to me. What if Jeb tries to turn CPAC boos hisses and walkouts to his advantage? We already know he’s pretty much flipping the bird to Iowa, because Iowa is too little like Miami. I expect the Bush propaganda after today that he was so courageous in telling the knuckledraggers what-for.

Yesterday, I tweeted:

It didn’t take long.


Jeb Bush didn’t just survive his journey into the conservative bear pit. By the end, he actually seemed to be enjoying it.


In the short term, braving the audience at CPAC may allow Bush to argue that he can at least have a respectful dialogue with the conservative movement — and may suggest to more mainstream audiences that he will not be a hostage of the more extreme elements of his party.


Six Shooter

1 03 2015


Read all about it.

Now I’m waiting for the original driver in this incident to say that Allen had his hands up and was in the process of surrendering.


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