17 05 2018

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I heard China wants to move its embassy in Peru from one place to another, which makes me so incensed and angry that I’m about to murder one of my fellow white American neighbors.


A Long Time Prediction of Mine Sorta Coming True

17 05 2018


I have contended for some time that the mania over the non-existent gender pay gap is political predication for the long time feminist desired agenda item of “comparable worth” (or “comparable work”), and the way it would be carried out in practicality would be by paying men less, not women more. The beneficiaries would be the business and capital class.  Which should give you a hint to who is behind this hysteria to begin with.

Well, well, well.


Hey Live

17 05 2018


This official reason for encrypting police radio traffic is Barbra Streisand.  Those floating it know full well that way many more good guys than bad guys are listening, and it’s a net positive for law enforcement.

No, the real reason for this censorship, let’s just call it what it is, is that departments’ brass, i.e. politicians with badges, don’t want an official route for people to find out how much more violent crime there is in their cities than they officially report.  Because one of the only practical ways to reduce violent crime these days is to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Still Below Par

16 05 2018


Lyda’s infographic:


Notice the salary bump brings the SLPD “closer” to the pay scales of surrounding agencies. Not equal to them, and certainly not more than them.

As a certain someone you all know predicted.


16 05 2018


They want to kick him off the board as if he was just found out to be some kind of child molester, when all he really wants is for his district to be what everyone wants everyone and every thing else to be these days, and that is, inclusive.

There’s Always Someone Further Down To Whom You Can Pass the Buck

16 05 2018

The video:

The stories.

About this paragraph:

It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black men as a whole possess any sort of privilege—particularly the type of privilege created for and protected by whiteness. In America, we are near or at the bottom in every relevant metric determining quality of life. Our arrest and incarceration rates, our likelihood of dying a violent death, our likelihood of graduating high school and attending college, our employment rates, our average net worth, our likelihood of surviving past 70—I could continue, but the point is clear.

Having a less than desirable quality of life is no shield against the accusation that you yourself possess privilege emblematic of your group.  Ask the entire state of West Virginia, for example.  SJWs for the most part contend that the very worst white people of the backwoods of the backwoods of bum fucked Egypt have white privilege.

The difference is this:  There’s this old phrase that reads something like this:  “There’s always someone higher up to whom you can pass the buck.”  Except in today’s era of intersectional sociopolitics and the progressivetard stack, the phrase only remains accurate if you swap out “higher up” for “farther down.”  Yes, straight black men might be the white people of black people.  But they’re also black, which means they’ve got us further down to pass the buck.


16 05 2018