Sunday Wrap-Up

1 03 2015


Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on our German-American stamp.

“Hanna Shuppert, 20, of Festus,”…a mudshark…

I don’t blame them for trying.  But the big problems in trying to apprehend Fergaza Strip suspects are twofold:  One, the TALA Doctrine, and two, Stop Snitching.

If it’s happening to Indians specifically, then it must be at the hands of people who know that Indians live in these particular houses.  Which suggests other Indians.

In Illinois, 16 = 6.


Surprise, or not.

No they don’t, if the black life is taken by someone else in the Democrat-left coalition of the fringes.


*  “White people don’t eat the way we do.”

“We” swill from 365BellCurve fast feeders.

*  “Peruvian transgenders.”  That’s getting pretty close to Bhutanese Transgendered Vegetarians.

It’s back, Knockout Martin Luther King.

It may be an evolutionary dead end, but it is a political Rosetta stone.  Them that got is them that get.


Surprise, or not.  Again.

Maybe we’re more worried about Boko Haram than we should be?


And the neat thing about it is that if you rise to this challenge, you won’t have to do much reading for a whole year.

Pardon me if you do Yoga, but it seems like the sort of thing where those that do it become the victims of rape and sexual assault is inevitable, just based on the mechanics of yoga movements.  People getting their asses up in the air will be a temptation to a lot of perverts.


College Arithmetic

1 03 2015


Big name rappers + HBCU college basketball tournament + Nightclub =

Groundbreaking medical literature on protein folding.


Well, you can see the researchers at work:

Bell Curve Birmingham

1 03 2015

Birmingham, Alabama

I went to see a fight, and a Facebook broke out.


14-year-old girl killed after Facebook spat, planned videotaped fight

The fatal feud started with a squabble on Facebook, devolved into a planned brawl at a park, and ended with a 14-year-old girl dead.

Police in Alabama say a group of girls who quarreled on Facebook decided to take their grievances to a Birmingham park, where their fight was going to be videotaped and then posted online, CNN affiliate WBRC reported.

After the melee ensued, two teenage males pulled out guns and started shooting at the girls, CNN affiliate WIAT said. The shots killed 14-year-old Kierra’onna Rice and wounded two others.

Birmingham police arrested two suspects who were identified by witnesses. The names of the suspects, ages 17 and 19, have not been released.

WIAT said authorities believe one of the suspects was dating one of the girls who was fighting Kierra’onna.

It’s par for the course in Bell Curve City:  The women start beefing, then arguing, then fist fighting, then they drag their men into it.  The catch is that the women get the men all amped up, and then the men take it out on each other, not any of the women.  This is one of the rare times when the men take it out on one of the women.

I fully expect the Tommy Sotomayor video about this some time this week.

That Damned Gap Again

28 02 2015


An elementary school in the Ritenour district serves as the backdrop for a P-D feature on the tally of non-white first graders surpassing white first-graders in St. Louis County’s public school districts.

Of course, the really big driver is North County getting more and more black by the year.  However, smaller drivers include the fact that the relatively small Hispanic population in and around St. Ann means that the Ritenour district is now 16% Hispanic, and also that the Parkway and Rockwood districts in West County have a significant but nowhere near big percentage of Asian students, Orientals and Subcontinentals.

Predictably, any discussion of race demographics in schools inevitably leads to discussion of:


Closing the gap.

Prosecutorial Discretion

28 02 2015


One of my two favorite judges on the 22nd uses Amendment 5 to throw out a state felon-in-possession case.

There’s still the matter of the Feds, and it makes me wonder why they haven’t swooped in.

As I’m reading all this, then thinking about the Feds, I wonder to myself:  Isn’t the concept of prosecutorial discretion supposed to be the in thing these days?

Leonard Nimoy

28 02 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I don’t know why Leonard Nimoy’s passing shook me up.  Or I didn’t until this morning.  I’m not a Trekkie; yes, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek episodes and a few of the movies in my life, but I’m not a junkie.  And Nimoy was 83 years old; men of that age are living on borrowed time statistically speaking, and men of that age die all the time, I know.

Leave it up to Eric Raymond, who made Ferguson a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt closed case affair on August 18, to answer my question.  Leonard Nimoy was the first real popular culture nerd.

Mohammed Misses Downtown

28 02 2015

Los Angeles

Another episode in “As the Stadium Toast Burns.”


A report commissioned by the developer of a downtown Los Angeles football stadium warns that a rival project nearby could be a potential terrorist target because of its proximity to Los Angeles International Airport.

The report was released Friday at a time when several potential stadium projects are competing to bring an NFL team to Southern California, two decades after the Rams and Raiders exited.

The 14-page report was commissioned by Anschutz Entertainment Group, which wants to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles. A development venture linked to St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has proposed a stadium in Inglewood, about 10 miles from downtown.

The report by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge finds that constructing an 80,000-seat stadium in Inglewood — as close as 2.5 miles from an airport runway — “materially increases the risk of a terrorist event.”

Ridge concluded that in a world in which terrorism is a recognized threat, “the peril of placing a National Football League stadium in the direct flight path of (the airport)” … outweighs whatever benefits it would bring over its lifespan.

The Hollywood Park Land Co., which is developing the Inglewood site, declined comment.

I would decline comment too, if I didn’t want my comments to be in the form of snark, ridicule and insults.

Probably the most publicly digestible thing I could think to say if I was asked to react to this:

“As if Mohammed al-Terroristiqua wouldn’t notice Downtown Los Angeles.”

I guess lobbying-whoring for the Albanian government doesn’t pay as well as it used to, Tom Ridge?


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