Minority Report = Reporting Minorities

24 05 2016


Sure, the cops themselves could compile this list, but then that would be racial profiling.  Because Jesse Jackson.

As you can read at the end, the algorithm is specifically written in such a way to avoid discriminatory variables.

Remember my contention, that data is how we do racial profiling without actually doing racial profiling, giving ourselves plausible deniability, and in this case, legal immunity.  Sure, this algorithm studiously avoids discrimination, so it will be just a coincidence when the names it pops out are names like Shitavious, Shaniqua, L’Booshondria, N’D’Mario, Boo, Shuntrice, NuKeese and Euphemiette.

Also, while these cops are on the way to visit the people that this algorithm generates, bet on the HUD people riding shotgun in the cop car to bring the big mama of the house an AFFH application.

Friday Afternoon

23 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Expect some big news to drop some time after 3 PM on Friday.

It tends to happen on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend.

Needs One More Button

23 05 2016


SLPD’s new app.

The developer’s website.

The app appears to be less than ideal because it is lacking one critical piece of functionality:

A “Name the Ook” icon.

You know it won’t and will never have that, but it probably does or eventually will have an icon that one presses when one is a victim of (“black”) crime in the city, just in case the perpetrator is a yoot; when the victim taps it, an AFFH application will automatically be sent to the suspect’s mama’s sail foam.  Yes, I’m halfway kidding, but I’m also halfway not; I can easily see data that this app collects being cross-referenced with HUD in some computer to yield ideal AFFH clients, and then some social worker will pay a visit to Mama Weavie with the AFFH paper application in hand.

Worth Watching

23 05 2016


Vic was from O’Fallon, and was hanging around the Downtown loft and party district, which suggests white, but she was also 21 years old, with a nine month old child, and had the child with her, that late at night, which suggests black, and AFFH.

The suspects?  A lot less ambiguous.

Let the Riots Begin

23 05 2016



Rain today, but partly sunny and 80s for the next three days, so it’ll be perfect riot weather for the ideal riot time frame.

So far, there has not been a guilty verdict in the Baltimore Six cases, just a hung jury and a bench trial not guilty.

It’s a Spelling Error

23 05 2016


I wouldn’t if I was you.

Here’s why.

Sunday Wrap-Up

22 05 2016


* No thanks, the city doesn’t need to import any burglary and vandalism minded youths from Jefferson County; it has plenty of the yooty variety of its own.

* WRPT, just from geography alone.  And this isn’t new; I remember seeing and hearing and reading ads for 30+ only establishments on the north side and in North County as far back as 1990.

Of course the reason is obvious; middle aged blacks don’t want the young wild dindus around them.

* I told you about Romp and Circumstance.

* Surprised he didn’t work transgender into it.

* Duh, it was political pressure, but the pressure from the vantage point of Mizzou wasn’t inward, but outward.  And if I have to explain it to you again, then I give up.


* Cops have a code of silence, and we’re supposed to me mad?  Remember, the street has a code of silence, too, it’s called Stop Snitching.


* Neat, and instructive.

* They hate us, even though they need our fiat currency to fund their boogie woogie terrorism.

They should have waited a few years, they could have fled the country with suitcases full of Harriet Tubman Twenties.


* “A better future awaits them,” in Westchester County, they forgot to add.

* People who would do all this are people that are already doing all this.

* Good idea, and one that should become contagious.

* Twelve O’Clock Boys meets the Bone Crusher.  Though I don’t see why the bikes have to be wrecked, they can be sold to out-of-town buyers.

* It’s the usual mehe of the revolving door crony capitalist pseudo-populism of the Obama years — They came to do good and wound up doing very well indeed.

* “Affordability problem for young families.”  Doesn’t that sound like someone we know?

* “Everyone steals from this store” was when WRPT kicked in.

* Milo usually gets it, so the third paragraph was an unusual bit of naivete, and his missing the point was ironic, considering why this meeting went down.  Far from “making the old media irrelevant,” we found out from whistleblowers that FB’s news box and news feed is nothing more than an overglorified feed reader for the NYT.  And this is why cons got pissed, and in spite of all the official denials from the Zuckerborg, his meeting with various cons was a backhanded admission that the whistleblowers were correct.  So, backing up for a moment, if the new media are so reliant on the old media, the the new media have not made the old media irrelevant; they have made them more powerful than ever.


* Like we all knew.  But it’s not about any of this, it’s about comparable worth.

* AFFH, South African style.

* Meet the new boss.

* His old skill set will be of value to him if Filipino politics are combat sports.

* Except I missed the part about the Twelve Apostles beheading people.


* Whaddaya know.  Spiders have heard of alimony.


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