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22 07 2016


KCK was the last incident, and that was black undertow/BLM.  So we knew that the Religion of Peace was up to bat.  Though we have no confirmation yet that this is RoP.

Four Words

22 07 2016


Twitter wants us this morning to define Trump’s speech in four words.

“I’m on your side.”

Trump is maybe the first high level “Republican” (“–“) to realize, maybe accidentally, that modern politics are about whose side you’re on and that all the other sides are personal tribal enemies.  To put it another way, American politics have now reached the Lee Kuan Yew axiom.  Last night, Trump clearly said that he was siding with some identifiable group of people, and in as much as his alt-center civic nationalist politics permit him, he identified that group, and he also roughly identified enemies.

Piper Must Be Paid

22 07 2016

Montgomery City

Because the RNC was this week, and because the people I work around were watching it, as was I, I lucked out by not having to go to the Montgomery County Fair, especially in this weather.  But, the convention is over, and the Fair still has tonight and tomorrow, so my luck has run out.

Next week is St. Charles County, and that’s too close and too important to miss, even for what I hope will be a must-see freak show like the DNC.  Thankfully, the heat dome looks like it will be gone by then.

Recall last year that “cuckservative” hit the mainstream while I was at Montgomery.

The Process Should Be the Punishment

21 07 2016


North Carolina, the state where men use men’s privies, women use women’s, and the NBA is upset about that.

If they actually do that, if I was either the North Carolina Attorney General or the District Attorney for Mecklenburg County, I’d file felony extortion charges against Adam Silver.  Sure, they probably have no case, but no bother, the process will be the punishment.

Day Four Finale Open Thread

21 07 2016


Day Four, aka the first day of the rest of Ted Cruz’s life, and his first day as a non-entity.

Tonight we finally get Peter Thiel, and some time after him, our God-Emperor will ascend from the firmament to deliver his divinely-inspired pronouncements.

Got some fresh new polling for MO-GOV-R, and like the last numbers I saw, the running order is Brunner-Greitens-Hanaway-Kindercare.  However, the undecided field is huge, and the support behind all four are volatile enough, such that I think anyone could win it, even though I think of the four, Greitens has the worst odds, in spite of him being in second.  Brunner is probably leading only because he’s been doing buys the longest, and has a Trump-style cache as a not-elected-to-anything-ever businessman, even though I know for sure this isn’t his first campaign.

Threatening to Drop the Other Shoe

21 07 2016


Repeating for those needing or those new here:  Ban-the-box is nothing more than political predication for what its advocates know is their end game:  Mandated affirmative action for (“black”) felons.

Read very closely, and the end game was almost publicly revealed here.  And I mean in a way that should be clear even to those who already hasn’t figured out what I have.  It’s obvious even to those people that an ulterior agenda is afoot.

A few loose ends from this article:  The reason employers don’t treat a GED the same as a regular high school diploma, or assume that someone who has a GED has been incarcerated, is because a high percentage of GEDs are earned in jails and prisons.  Even if that wasn’t the case, HR pros interpret a GED rather than a regular HS diploma as a clue that the person was likely lazy and slothful as an adolescent and may well continue to be that way.  Also, this business about anonymizing the names of applicants is also another non-starter; even if it happens, it, like BtB, won’t result in many more Shitavious Smiths landing jobs.  The reason Shitavious is unemployed is because he is unemployable, and the reason he is unemployable isn’t because his name is Shitavious, it’s because he gets half of his DNA from a woman who thought it was a good idea to name her newborn son Shitavious and the other half of his DNA from a man who thought it was a good idea to sleep with such a woman.  Changing Shitavious Smith’s name on the resume to Aloysius Cameron doesn’t change the reality that he is Shitavious Smith.  It’s all a run-up to forcing firms to hire Shitavious Smith into unimportant do-nothing sinecures.


21 07 2016

St. Louis City

Mary Pat Carl is St. Louis’s Rachel Dolezal?

In her most recent mailing, she’s trying to pass herself off as black, when she is definitely not.

I don’t know why she’s trying to pander to black voters, when in relative terms, they’re much less a factor in primaries than they are in general elections.

In the mailing, she lauds herself for winning murder convictions, showing pics of black woman victims and their surviving black relatives, all the while for some strange reason not showing pics of the convicts.  (Are we to suspect the Klan?)  However, she’s the chief ACA for homicide; therefore, every murder conviction and in fact every murder prosecution in St. Louis City has gone through her desk for as long as she’s been chief ACA for homicide.

Has Carl even attempted a capital case during her tenure?  I doubt it.


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