My Day

28 05 2015

San Bernardino, California

In my day, our principal had to sign off on our senior yearbook phrases, and vetoed, among many other sorts, overtly political messages.

Speaking of which, “my day” was my high school graduation which happened 20 years ago this coming Saturday.  And just where the hell did 20 years go by so quickly?  Yes, there is a reunion planned, for later this summer.

Honest Work

28 05 2015




Feh.  They probably swung a deal with him, he would pose in antlers for this pic in exchange for them not pursuing the case on whatever he was arrested for.  I wouldn’t have let him off so easy — Here’s a red nose for you, now go pull Santa’s sleigh.

But of course Bell Curve City Chicago will be way more incensed about this than about twelve of them killing each other last weekend.

Leading and Supporting Actors

28 05 2015


Let me net this out:

Jews, as the leading actors, with Lutherans, Catholics and Episcopalians in supporting roles, are going to wear down our resistance to Muslim immigration, so that we can import more Medicaid clients.

Yes, it’s true, that actual incidents of terrorism on the part of previously admitted Muslim refugees have been rare.  And, contra this article, I don’t count incidents of those trying to run off to join ISIS as a terrorist incident; I only wish all of them would,, because it would get them out of our hair.  However, that’s not the point.  I don’t feel any obligation to let any of them in even if they were all perfect angels that are victims of persecution.  That’s because we have the right to our own safe spaces.

It’s just that, to way too many Jews, not admitting any and every refugee, (“–” in some cases), is tantamount to sending them to a gas chamber.  That said, if Jews are the leading actors in this play, and if refugee resettlement is so important to Jews, there’s always Israel, which is actually nearby to where all of this persecution is (supposedly) happening.  And if it’s that important to the Christians who are supporting actors, I’m sure there are some nominally Christian but non-white countries that are close enough.

Maddening Rand

28 05 2015

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Here’s another one — What might have been.

The neos are spiking the football on Rand Paul’s supposedly dead political corpse because he dared suggest that neos should be held accountable for engineering the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, thereby clearing a power vacuum that ISIS is now filling.

In spite of all his immigration votes being proper and correct, Rand Paul has made too many horrible pronouncements on the issue for me ever to trust him.  But imagine how his campaign would be taking off right about now if he was known for immigration patriotism combined with pissing all over the oatmeal of the invade the world neocons.  He’d still have some hurdles to overcome, including his racial pandering, but he’d be doing a lot better than upper single digits.

More Dots Are Getting Connected

28 05 2015

Benghazi, Libya

One of the open questions on Benghazi in my mind is how it came to be that the White House found out about the crummy and unwatchable YouTube video in order to pawn the blame off on it.  Until now, I do know that the producer of that video was e-mail spamming lots and lots of Arab and Muslim world journalists in the Middle East and North Africa with links to his vids and advertisements about it.  So how it it jump from them to the White House?

Well, more dots are starting to get connected.

Turns out that Sid Vicious got wind of some conversation between some senior security bureaucrat within the interim Libyan government (remember, Gaddafi Duck was ousted in the Shariah Spring rebellions of the previous year) and that government’s interim President, wherein the bureaucrat floated the video as a cause to the President.  So, Sid Vicious feeds it to HRC, who feeds it to Obama.  Therefore, I think the rest of the dots have to do with some Arab-Muslim world journalist talking directly to the security bureaucrat about the video, or maybe one or more dots in between.

One weird part is this:  Why would Sid Vicious and HRC want to help Obama frame an excuse designed to save Obama’s re-election campaign for what everyone knows as an AQ or AQ-ish terrorist attacked time to the anniversary of 9/11?  After all, Sid Vicious was kept out of the official Obama orbit precisely because he helped HRC frame anti-Obama attacks during the 2007-8 Democrat primary season.  The only thing I can think of is that Sid Vicious and HRC sucked it up because they figured that the lesser devil in terms of HRC’s future Presidential ambitions was to see Obama re-elected than the truth of Benghazi be obviously and immediately known.

The Mechanics of KKKrazy Glue

28 05 2015


An unusually colorful and cynical article on Breitbart about the Republican Presidential field (he uses “glass ceiling” and “affirmative action” to refer to Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, respectively), wherein the author, Ben Shapiro, exposes the folly of Republican big-tent-ism.

Almost by accident, and certainly without putting it in these terms, Shapiro shows the mechanics of Democrat Party and left wing KKKrazy Glue:

The Democrats have mastered the art of Top Priority Trading: for Hispanics, supposedly, the Top Priority is illegal immigration, and so blacks must take a back seat on that issue; for blacks, supposedly, the Top Priority is governmental subsidies, and so wealthy earners must take a back seat on that issue; for gays, the Top Priority is same-sex marriage, and so Hispanics and blacks must take a back seat on that issue; for wealthy coastal elites, the Top Priority is environmentalism, so everyone else must take a back seat on that issue. The result is a party with a coherent coalition of far-leftism.

Other than KKKrazy Glue stroking the common contempt that every part of the Democrat-left coalition has toward “traditional white bread America,” albeit each constituent part hates it for different reasons, the reason why they have some success in staying together is because of this “Top Priority” horse trading. Each constituent part is getting their most important agenda item even though their lower priority items contradict with the most important items for other constituent parts in the group.  Again, this horse trading will only work as long as they have a real or imagined common enemy.

Shapiro suggests that this kind of horse trading is possible within the Republican Party.  I don’t.  Mainly because the top priorities of the various elements of Republican or lean-Republican world contradict each other.

Gone Glory

28 05 2015



Didn’t he used to play quarterback at Ohio State, then got caught up in some tattoo scandal?


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