Good News, Eventually

2 12 2016

Moline Acres

DESE gives Riverview Garbage provisional accreditation, valid as of the start of the district’s second semester of this school year, in early January.  However, the Turner Law transfers can continue through the end of the year, and won’t have to resume at RG schools until the start of the next school year.

Historical Racism Porn, ESL Edition

2 12 2016


Shot:  East St. Louis to commemorate the deadly race riots of 1917

Chaser:  East St. Louis Township Supervisor admits to fraud, embezzling public funds

The more we scream about what white people did in the town coming up on a full century ago, (and there were actually two riots, there was an earlier bout in May), the more we don’t think about how black people have made the very name of “East St. Louis” an international laughing stock for the most recent almost half of that century.

“ESL” is its own hangover.

How to Tell This Is a Hoax

2 12 2016

Webster Groves

A real racist doing real racist fliers for real wouldn’t have included the homophobic parts.

This was a hoax perpetrated by some BLM-type black lesbian.  Blacks are good for hoaxing, and lesbians are really good for hoaxing, so when you put to two together, you have a super duper intersectionality hoaxing machine.

Carriering Himself Well

1 12 2016


One of the reasons I think Trump swung the Carrier deal now, even before he actually becomes President, is that he wants to act like he’s President before he actually becomes President.

The more adapted people get to thinking of him as President before it is legally the case, the more any antics with the recount or the formal meeting of the Electoral College will come off as petty and quixotic, and therefore, not happen.  To put it another way, by mentally ensconsing himself as President right now, Trump is daring anyone who wants to steal the election from him with “finding” votes in potential recounts or interfering with the EC to do it, thereby deterring it.

To Review

1 12 2016



New Missouri gun law worries Chief Dotson

St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson describes the new 2017 Missouri gun law as thoughtless and loose.

Starting January 1, 2017, Missouri residents will be able to carry a gun without a permit or training, and that’s leaving Chief Dotson worried.

Effectively, yes, but legally, no.  All that happened was that the line-item within the state’s list of things which constitute the unlawful use of a weapon (UUW) that cites carrying without a valid permit was eliminated.  At the same time, one was added to the list to stipulate that carrying while possessing enough illicit substances by weight to constitute a facial violation of state possession with intent to distribute (PWID) laws is now UUW.  What it definitely does not do is to allow one to carry either with or without permit in places where state law absolutely prohibits it or permits private establishment and business owners to disallow it.

This is why I don’t consider SB 656 to be genuine constitutional carry.

However, Dotson should be happy with the UUW category that was added.  Except we’re about to have a George Soros financed Lizz Brown slash Marilyn Mosby sort as Circuit Attorney, who won’t swing a hammer at a nail as long as the nail is black.  This means Dotson’s cops should hand the files of such UUW cases to Josh Hawley (starting January 9) instead of Kim Gardner.

The new Missouri law also cover the stand your “Stand Your Ground” law.

It makes mild tweaks in it, not wholesale changes.

“What’s interesting is that we spend a lot of time in law enforcement talking about how to deescalate a situation, this law takes out that requirement that you had to retreat or pull back. Now you don’t have an obligation to deescalate, you can just stand there, stick out your chest and whoever is the bigger man and fires first, that could actually be a defense in the court of law,” said Dotson.

Non sequitur.  “We,” in the context that Dotson uses it, refers to men and women who are granted a legal and moral monopoly on the use of deadly force and are given legal, moral and social benefit of the doubt in questionable situations therefore.  If he wants to make the case that deescalation training, such as it currently is, does no good and is mostly racially/politically driven instead of done out of a desire for better law enforcement, he should be my guest ’till the cows come home.  It does not follow that what we want from civilians should be the exact same as what we want from cops.

What I fear, though, is that Dotson is turning over his hand and showing us that they’re ready, starting at the stroke of midnight which rings out the old current year and rings in the new current year, that they’re going to lean on the excuse of SB 656 for every “gun crime” committed in the city.

Barry’s Bar Crawl

30 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

I’d like to know what kinds of bars and restaurants he goes to.

He’s done nothing but whine about FNC ever since he became a thing.  FNC has been the top rated cable political channel for a long time, and the entirety of Obama’s national ambition political career (2004-2016) has fit inside that time frame, yet he was somehow able to win two national elections in spite of FNC and all its power and its currency among bar and restaurant owners.

Just in case you gave his argument any credibility for even one second, some simple math.

Sore winner, sore loser.

Racial Profiling, Tsk Tsk

30 11 2016

North County

County Browns to install Shot Spotter near the corner of Halls Ferry and Chambers.

For some strange reason, they’re not going to install one near the corner of Clarkson and Clayton.

And I ask:  Why the hell not?  After all, we know, because certain people in this town told us over and over, that there’s all this white crime out there that the cops ignore.  Shot spotter at Clarkson-Clayton would be the best way to prove it.

The end of this article mentions the controversy over the city turning its Shot Spotter system off in certain areas, why it happened, who or what is to blame.  I have my own cynical hypothesis.