This Time, Learn Something

27 04 2016

Montpelier, Vermont

Forget about Occupy Wall Street, did you?

Here’s a sincere wooden nickel’s worth of free advice for those of you looking to start Occutards 2.0:

Laser light focus on economic populism.  Don’t get distracted or bogged down with SJW and identity politics.  That’s what ruined Occutards 1.0.

Or, to put it another way, and to paraphrase HRC, harden yourselves against cat calls that no vicious attack on the one percent ever fed a hungry transgender.

Speaking of Bern, the reason that big rallies don’t translate to election wins is the same reason why you can’t gauge the election results from yard signs or bumper stickers.  It’s because most people that vote never attend a campaign rally, or put up a yard sign, or put on a bumper sticker.  That’s a lesson that Ron Paul and his supporters learned very painfully in 2008 and 2012.

Addition By Subtraction

26 04 2016


Phyllis Schlafly is moving to plonk Ed Martin out of Eagle Forum leadership, as he is one of the pro-Cruz mutiny forces.

None of this surprises me.

I only wish the ole girl would have done her due diligence before trusting him that much.  That has been one of her very few flaws; she gets way too comfortable with certain people and lets people get way too comfortable with her.  And that is very unusual for any woman not to be able to read people.

Virtue Signaling

26 04 2016


Yeah, I noticed that some time back.

The Country Breathes a Sigh of Relief

26 04 2016

Las Vegas

Sheldon Adelson is starting to get interested in football.

With any luck, this will take his mind off of politics.

Champagne Life

26 04 2016


Sorry, Charles Murray keeps using the word “bubbliest,” which makes me think of something else.

Then again, considering the subject matter, the pun is actually pretty apt.

And all it is is more proof of what he and Richard Herrnstein contended twenty two years ago.  That the country was getting more and more bellcurvey, and by that, I don’t mean it in my snarky make-fun-of-blacks sense, I mean it the way M&H meant it, to mean the merging of the cognitive elite and the income-wealth elite into one big highly ossified elite that would get even more detached and “bubbly” from the country as a whole in the coming years.  As you can see, most of the top 75 bubbliest zip codes are in five metro areas that have an identifiable niche:  Boston (higher education), New York (media, finance, banking, haute culture), Washington (Federal government), San Francisco (internet, tech) and Los Angeles (popular culture and entertainment).

Now, let’s merge the two definitions of bellcurvey back together and call it today’s music break.



26 04 2016

San Francisco

Oh cool, the filthy rich San Francisco left has been given a convenient diversion.  It’ll preen on and on about this for weeks, while nobody notices that San Francisco is getting so expensive that nobody but the filthy rich, especially not any “nigs or beaners,” can live there.

Hide This News From NARAL

26 04 2016


Because it’s just a non-viable tissue mass.

Crickets from the “ZOMG WE MUST RESPECT SCIENCE 1000% OF THE TIME LOL~!!!!!1” crowd.


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