Miss Weavie

22 08 2016

West End


Suspect is described as:

…a woman in her 20s with a heavy build, black and red medium-length hair…

Black and red medium-length weave.  And she stole weave.

Shocking, I know.

Two of These Things Are Not Like the Others

22 08 2016

Akron, Ohio

I count two traitors.

Old Chatroom Buddy

22 08 2016

Fredericton, New Brunswick

J.P. Kirby, an old chatroom buddy of mine from back in the IRC days, gets an article about what was even back then one of his obsessions in the Silver Mines today.

Though this year, I don’t think the St. Louis market will see the Rams quite as often as we have in the last twenty seasons.

Also, if I remember JP like I do, I don’t think he’s responsible for the Redskins defenestration in the first large map.  I think someone at the Silver Mines did that.

Bell Curve City

22 08 2016

Newark, New Jersey

First sentence:  “For the second consecutive year…”

That’s because Bell Curve City keeps on bellcurvin’.

There will probably be murders at the funerals of these victims.  After which someone will call for a truce, light candles, be outraged, and yell about taking back the streets.


22 08 2016

Downtown; Florissant

When you boil the legal and SJW psychobabble away, all he’s saying is this:

Black people get what black people want, everyone else go fuck yourselves.

However, it’s all a moot point anyway; the FFSD is already 78% black, and you can probably surmise the trend.  All I’m worried about is how far this MUH DISPUT IMPAK madness is going to metastasize in the Federal judiciary before someone puts a stop to it.  Remember, murder being a crime has a disparate impact on black men.

Being an Expert

22 08 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Being an expert means never having to admit you’re wrong or that you’re sorry.

It also means you have official societal permission to fumble around with questions whose answers are so plainly obvious.

I’m sitting back in amusement watching and reading one expert after another after another after another try to define alt-right, and each attempt is either as wrong, oblivious or hilarious as the last.

I proposed this definition a few months ago:

One is Alt-Right if one’s rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, AND one is at least less than comfortable with identifying one’s self with the incumbent categories of rightist politics.

Which reads very closely to the Reddit alt-right section’s definition of itself:

The Alt-Right, unlike the dominant ideology of the 20th Century (Liberalism/Conservatism), examines the world through a lens of realism. Rather than continue to look at the world through the ideological blinders that Liberalism imposes in its dogmatic evangelism of the Equalitarian religion, we prefer to look & examine social relations & demographics from a perspective of what’s real. Thus, racial & sexual realism is a key component of the Alt-Right – perhaps the key component that ties the diverse factions within it together.

See, experts?  That was easy.

Unilateral Disarmament

22 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

This is why lamestream conservatism is becoming obsolete, and the Trump candidacy has made it obvious:

It is telling white people to disarm tribally, and while it engages in half-hearted demands that non-white groups to do the same, that won’t ever happen, and especially not because NR asks them to.  As if non-white identity group tribal activists even read NR much less take it as an instruction manual.


It would also be a disaster for conservatism to become associated with white identity politics.

I don’t think there’s any danger of that.  I think the bigger problem in the last quarter century was the opposite one, that white identity politics, nationalists of various sorts, the alt-right or its precursors, or rough equivalents, tried to piggyback off of and attempt bank shots off of lamestream conservatism.  Doesn’t matter anymore, because the Trump campaign has set in series a set of events that will result in a Berlin Wall being built between the two sides.



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