Detroit Gratitude

30 06 2015


Not once, not twice, but three times.

If they’re going to have that attitude, the power crews should have just packed up and drove off without fixing the lines.

During St. Louis’s extended power outage in July 2006, this same thing happened at least once.

Still the Law of the State

30 06 2015

Jefferson City

Breaking news this afternoon:  SCOMO beats back a challenge to Amendment 5 based on supposedly deceptive ballot language, a challenge that SLPD Chief Sam Dotson was listed as a plaintiff, and they found that the ballot language was not deceptive.  Those are the only grounds that the state Supreme Court could have used to invalidate part of the state Constitution.  It looks to be either a 6-1 or unanimous 7-0 decision, because the only one of the judges to express a dissenting opinion, Richard Teitelman, had an opinion that was part concurring with the majority but part dissenting.  So, I guess one could call this 6.5-0.5.

This case did not deal with any practical applications of Amendment 5 to any real world criminal cases involving firearms offenders.

Are Your Pets Giving You Problems, Andy?

30 06 2015


The rabble versus Andy Taylor.

They must not realize that Taylor is just about the worst anti-white race panderer in St. Louis’s constellation of very high level business and corporate executives.

Just Our Immediate Galaxy

30 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

I was able to read the majority opinion on Texas Housing v Inclusive Communities, the disparate impact case.  Yes, it’s bad, but the way it was written, it doesn’t seem that it is going to impact anything more than housing policy.  In other words, I don’t think this language can be used to free black murderers on the grounds that murder being a crime has a disparate impact on black men.

“Seeing How Much Damage They Could Do”

30 06 2015

Macon, Georgia


We’ve already seen how much damage they can do.

They wreck cities, so why not big box marts?


30 06 2015

Mt. Clemens, Michigan

The seventh black on white pizza delivery murder in the last year.

Where’s OSHA?

Reparations 2.0

30 06 2015


Everyone has been wondering how LGBTQetc is going to stay marginalized now that they’re no longer marginalized.

Turns out there was the answer to that hiding in plain sight:  Demanding reparations.

And of course the Stupid Party is going to be dumb enough to let their debates be moderated by people who are going to goose their questions in this fashion.


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