Key and Peele Skit Come to Life

4 02 2016

Fiction, you say?

Think again.


4 02 2016


The story.

And you just knew he would:

Her Students

4 02 2016


They stand with Melissa Clickbait because she teaches many of their fluffy duff media/comm courses.

Great News

3 02 2016


Deray is leaving St. Louis.

Rand Paul Postmortem

3 02 2016

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Among other reasons why his campaign never got off the ground:

(1) He tried to triangulate between his own father’s neutralitarianism and the neocons, and it made neither side happy.

(2) Very bad immigration related and cuckservative statements since the start of 2013 hurt him badly.

(3) Trump stole his anti-establishment energy.

The Coalition of the Fringes Turns On Itself

3 02 2016

Springfield, Missouri.

Sacramento, California.

Funny, we’re always told that Hispanics and Asians are the coalition of the ascendant, yet in both instances, our old long time domestic favorite minority wants priority over them.

Another Reason Why Mizzou Hired Andy Blunt

2 02 2016


Any sort of revenue disruption will hurt its credit score.


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