Capital to Burn

22 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s time for OCGE to quit letting someone who was one of his avowed political enemies as late as November 7, that being Paul Ryan, to guide him down a path where OCGE is needlessly burning through political capital.

Remember my previous piece of advice on health care reform:  Just use the pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s unpopular provisions, and then do the “where do we go from here” thing slowly and rationally.  This issue is not the sort which will cause the world to end if not dealt with immediately.

Same goes for tax reform.  We can afford to slow down, take a deep breath, and think things through.

OCGE should be spending most of his public energy on his politically popular agenda items and existentially important agenda items.

Remember, the 2012 Presidential ticket with Paul Ryan on it not only did not carry Wisconsin, it didn’t even carry Paul Ryan’s own Congressional district.  Trump carried both.  So it’s not as if Paul Ryan is some great political genius.

101 Plutomations

22 03 2017


In order to make Pluto a planet again officially, 101 other Solar System bodies would also have to be classified as planets.

Time to give it a rest, Pluto partisans.

Just count your lucky dwarf planets that we launched New Horizons before the IAU reclassification, otherwise, the Feds would have defunded NH and spent the money on a black preacher.

Achievement Gap

22 03 2017

Welch, West Virginia

This shindig happens in McDowell County, W.V.  The entire county is served by a single county-wide public school district.  And while there aren’t that many black people ergo black students in the county, there are enough to be statistically significant for the sake of educational and social science research.

It just so happens that McDowell County’s district is the public school district with the smallest white-black achievement gap.

It’ll probably take you all of one second to get the gag.

Still think narrowing the achievement gap is desirable, gapsters?

And also, all you black people reading this:  You’re equal to these white people.   Because, hooray equality, or something like that.

Maybe Not the Usual Suspects

22 03 2017


Cherokee and California.

On the southwest corner is a small Mexican grocery store whose awning reads “Mexico Lives Here!”

On the northeast corner is the former Woolworth, which is now a larger Mexican/Hispanic/Latino grocery store.

Plain words, St. Louis’s small patch of Latinos is anchored there.

So I’m thinking there’s a chance that this might not be the usual suspects.

Proven Track Record

22 03 2017


California’s state legislature is mulling BDS of any contractors that win contracts to help build the Great Wall of Trump.

There are actually many California contractors that have a lot of experience in building walls.  Especially around the Zuckerberg joint.

You don’t think I’m making a point about two-faced elitist hypocrisy on the slick, do you?

Them That Got

21 03 2017


Okay, you wanna know what’s roasting my ass?

That so many official resources were dedicated to a shirt.  A shirt, that’s all it is.

If you’re in Houston, and your car is stolen, not only will the HPD not go to this extent to try to find both it and the thieves, they might not even send an actual cop to the scene of the crime or to you personally, they’ll just take your report over the phone.

Really Bad Accident At the Intersectionality of Jewish and Black

21 03 2017


Netting it all out:

Jewish artist paints a depiction of Emmett Till’s badly mutilated body in an open casket in order to virtue signal and shovel guilt into the goy’s face.

Blacks are mad that a “white” woman is profiting off of black suffering and black bodies, and in this case, literally a black body.

We won’t be around to see it, but I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when we’re not around anymore to keep these people unified.  They’re really going to turn on each other something terrible.