The Day the Music Died

26 03 2015


“Well, St. Louis strikes again.”

One more time, and Don McLean can rework the lyrics to his most famous song.


He who helped kill the music.

Double Bank Shot

26 03 2015


I’m glad the FBI is finally catching up to all these white Illinois National Guard farm boys and their terrorist ways.

Oh wait…


Is ISIS really getting that desperate that they’re resorting to ^THIS?^

Idea:  Let ‘em go.  In fact, encourage Africanus Americanus Bellcurvius that ISIS is where they really need to be.  It’ll be a double bank shot for us:  They’ll be out of our hair, and they’ll screw up ISIS.

Because, win-win.



Yes, I Have One Idea

26 03 2015

The Gate


Ferguson Commission asks public for ideas to promote racial reconciliation


Can you imagine a St. Louis that actively encourages public discussion of racism? What would be your personal contribution to racial healing?


“Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown Jr. … (That) is a wound that needs to be healed,” said Peggy J. Keilholz of the Affton area.


The meeting Wednesday drew an audience that was 42 percent black, 42 percent white and the rest “other,” a survey found. At the meeting, at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall at Jefferson and Chouteau avenues, the largest group (50 percent) was from the city of St. Louis. Other meetings, in other locations, have had larger percentages of St. Louis County and north St. Louis County residents.

Yes, I have one big idea:

Read McCulloch’s GJ report and Holder’s DOJ report.  If not all of it, just hit the important parts.

Pray, what is the sheet metal workers union doing signing on to this craziness?

They Forgot About the Klan

26 03 2015



The Racial Wealth Gap: Why A Typical White Household Has 16 Times The Wealth Of A Black One

If all you do is read this Forbes article, you really won’t know why, even though they float some really creative excuses.

The United States is becoming much more racially and ethnically diverse. At the same time, it’s becoming more unequal in terms of wealth and income.

Some people are scratching their heads, I happen to think it’s a sequitur.

Much of that disparity comes from the gap in the home values in white neighborhoods versus the neighborhoods where people of color live. The roots of the gulf stem at least as far back as the 1934 National Housing Act, which redlined black neighborhoods, marking them as credit risks. Though outlawed in the ’60s, the effect persists today in the form of neighborhoods, consisting mostly of people of color, that have high poverty rates, low home values and declining infrastructure.

The cause is therefore something which was outlawed a half century ago.

Less obvious factors have historical roots in prohibitions against teaching slaves to read and the practice of “separate but equal” educational facilities. They continue to matter because parents’ educational level and family income and wealth are strong predictors of children’s educational success.

The cause is therefore things which were outlawed in 1865 and 1954, respectively.

Bummer, because they forgot to blame the KKK.

Yes, I Did Know

26 03 2015

Washington, D.C.

Did you know Obama just took new executive action on immigration?

Did you know that you’re more likely to stumble onto a tropical resort in Antarctica than Baraq Obama will be impeached over this?

Did you know that a bunch of eleven figure net worthers are throwing a party tonight because of this news?

Yes, I did know, but I’m all zapped out of outrage energy.

Rahm Cares About Both

26 03 2015


In the past few days, we got documented evidence that the CPD uses SQF and that Israel does have a nuclear weapons program.  Or is it that Chicago has a nuclear weapons program and Israel uses SQF?

Anyway, both doggedly denied these things until now, and for much the same reason.  Plausible deniability, not wanting to create a controversy, wanting to speak softly yet carry a big invisible stick, keeping the element of uncertainty and surprise on one’s own side, playing head games with one’s opponents.

And I’m sure Rahm Emanuel approves of both.

New Customers

26 03 2015



These are new HIV infections in 2010, and raw numbers, not rates.  Imagine how this graph would look in the 13-24 and 25-34 age ranges if this measured rates.

What’s also curious is that the number of blacks drops with each increasing age category step while with whites, it seems more like a bell curve.   If I had more time right now, I’d put some brain power behind trying to figure out why.  Then again, maybe you could help me?



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