My PR Whitey Sense Is Tingling

31 05 2018


Read it, then come back here to find out what’s really going on.

Good, you came back.

It’s perfectly obvious now what’s really going on here, both in general and specifically in terms of their struggle session of two days ago: They are trying to squirm out of the “bad” PR of the whole set of circumstances by trying to focus everyone’s attention on historical racism porn, “bad” things that happened many decades or more than a century ago, and also dwelling on the questionable things that other people and institutions (i.e. the police) have done in more recent times. In other words, don’t blame you, don’t blame me, blame that guy behind the tree.

StarCucks is trying to get people not to think about StarCucks’s recent “sins.”


Foreshadowing Another Future Trip

31 05 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

One of you e-mailed me this afternoon to ask me if the “Right to Try” bill the OCGE signed yesterday will have any relevance to me in my situation, as you remembered that I did mention something here about potentially being a clinical trial guinea pig for an experimental regimen if I don’t get any better.


Unlikely, because RTT is designed for people who are terminally ill.

I do wind up becoming such a guinea pig, it will be for a regimen that already exists and already got all the regulatory approval under the system the way it was before yesterday’s legislation signing.  As I’m within hours of leaving for a month long vacation, that alludes to another, but much shorter, but just as personally important, trip I might soon make.  I’ve already been told that, if I don’t make stark improvements, and I’m a good candidate to be a guinea pig, it wouldn’t be until at least after Labor Day that I start, and probably not until after the New Current Year.  It would involve me living either one or two months in the city where this certain major university medical school/center is based.

But, that’s quite some time away.  Let me enjoy June and not get that far ahead of myself!

On the Anti-Tommy Faction of the Alt-Right

30 05 2018

Luton, England

I am not ignorant of the anti-Tommy Robinson arguments that some of our favorite websites, blogs and nodes are advancing, because I thought of them myself.

The reason I can’t take them that seriously, even if they are bona fide, is that the bases of the their arguments aren’t the real reason why Cuck Island is persecuting him.  The integrity of the criminal trial proceedings?  That only seems to matter on Cuck Island when the defendants are non-white.  Tommy violated probation?  Smells like weak sauce.  Tommy’s an Alt-Lite Jew lover?  Yes, I know that, but they didn’t throw him in prison because he’s not precisely one of us.  Tommy only did this to be a narcissistic publicity hog?  Under the same reasoning, our favorite websites, blogs and nodes that happen to be advancing the anti-Tommy arguments are engaging in contrarian clickbait, so glass houses.

The End

29 05 2018

Jefferson City

Just when I had the feeling the political legs of impeachment were losing strength, (the criminal case had already fallen apart), evidently, those legs were stronger than I thought, and within the hour, Eric Greitens fell on his sword.

He will officially leave on Friday.

I should say it was nice of him to wrap up Greitensgate the day before I lift off.  It would have been rather inconvenient if he would have done this while I’m practically on the other side of the world.

NOTE:  On Friday, I will “un-sticky” the mega-thread about Greitensgate.

Two Things At Work Here

29 05 2018

Jefferson City


Missouri among worst states to be a police officer, has several of the most dangerous cities

There’s new research showing Missouri has some of the most dangerous cities and is one of the worst states to work as a police officer.

Two of the top 25 most dangerous cities with more than 100,000 residents are St. Louis which ranks 4th and Kansas City at number 19 on the list.

There’s the first thing at work here: The Ferguson Effect.

The personal finance website’s data shows the top 5 states to be a police officer are, in order, North Dakota, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and California.

Wallethub’s research shows that officers, like people in most professions, are drawn to financial perks, but are also more likely to be attracted to police departments that steer clear of scandal and corruption and that are transparent with their communities.

There’s the second thing at work here: Moynihan’s Law of the Canadian Border. Funny when you want transparency, lack of scandals and lack of corruption, you’re thinking about high trust and high social capital, and states like North Dakota and Minnesota rank at the top.

Tenth Month of Recovery

29 05 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

You’re getting the end of the month update a few days early, because I’ll be somewhat involved this week getting ready for liftoff on Saturday.  I haven’t been this jazzed for anything in quite some time.

Like my ninth month of recovery, I’ve really had no substantial improvement either mentally or physically.  I would have liked to have improved some before my June sojourn, but I can’t let the fact that I didn’t prevent me from going, even if I’m not in perfectly optimal shape for this long and far of a voyage.  Because it’s a chance I may never get again, and I’d forever regret not doing it if I didn’t.  Too, my giddiness and optimism in anticipation of the June sojourn has blunted my despondency over not really showing any improvement through the month of May.

With any luck, my vacation will double as serious recovery in the upcoming month.

Never Anything Happy About This Day

28 05 2018

South County

Go ahead, wish me a “happy” Memorial Day.  Nice septum you’ve got there, too bad I’m about to deviate it severely.

In November 1988, an uncle-by-marriage, the husband of my blood aunt, died of a delayed Korean War injury, and even though it was long after he sustained the injury, the Pentagon considers him a Korean casualty.  Which means that every Memorial Day since 1989, I’ve visited him at Jefferson Barracks.

In November 2012, a blood grand-uncle, a Korean vet, died, and in July 2013, a blood uncle, also a Korean vet, died.  Both of those also have JB as their final resting places.  Which means that, starting Memorial Day 2014, I’ve had three visits to make on this day.

Since we knew that this Memorial Day would be more like Independence Day weather-wise, we got a very early start which meant an early finish.  For me, this visit this year had the extra logistical complication of me being in a wheelchair, but thankfully, I had someone to push me around.  Which meant that I had quite a bit to tell all three of them this morning, not only about what has happened to me, but for the fact that there have been stark diplomatic developments since last MD relating to the peninsula all three of them served in and one of them ultimately died from.

Oh yeah, I pay real close attention to Korea news.  I should, when there are three relatives at JB with headstones that have “KOREA” carved on them.

And I hope that, next year at this time, I have a lot of good news to tell them, both about myself and the Korean resolution.