I’m Here in the Rabbit Hole, Checking Their Story

12 08 2010

Yesterday, he was a white racist serial murderer who deliberately targeted black men who were either elderly, frail or short in stature, and always isolated from other people.  Then again, we didn’t know who he was yesterday.  We knew he had to be a white racist bigot who hated blacks, because the professional profilers told us so!

Today, now that he’s been apprehended and IDed, he’s just a “misunderstood immigrant” who “lashed out” and “attacked a bunch of people,” who were “unfortunately mostly black,” but “also included a couple of whites.”  That’s your “serial stabber” of today’s world.

“He,” in case you’re wondering, is one Elias Abuelazam, a Christian Arab citizen of Israel.  The authorities nabbed him as he was at Hartsfeld trying to make a getaway to Tel Aviv.

Isn’t it great to be down here in the rabbit hole?  I can see how the MSM are covering up this story and changing their own day-old narrative as they go along.  Except that it’s found out that he does NOT look like Tim McVeigh, they go ahead and tell the truth that two of his many victims were white, those two white victims were among his Flint, Michigan attacks.  Flint is where Mr. Abuelazam last lived and worked.  On top of that, the media are now calling him a “serial stabber” and not a “serial killer/murderer” — you MIGHT be able to glean from today’s reporting that five black men died because of his (alleged) “serial stabbings.”

Remember, I told you two days ago not to take to the bank those oh-so-cocky assurances from Northern Virginia cops that this was a white man.  I also speculated the “Middle Eastern” was a very real possibility because of the mainly Michigan angle to this story.  Rule of thumb:  When cops in the D.C. area say it’s a white man that’s doing some serial killings, it’s not a white man.