Sovereign Immunity

1 01 2013

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett says he plans to sue the NCAA in federal court over sanctions imposed against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.

The Republican governor has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday on Penn State’s campus in State College to announce the filing in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg.

The sanctions were agreed to by the university in July. They included a $60 million fine that would be used nationally to finance child abuse prevention grants. State and federal lawmakers have raised objections to the money being spent outside Pennsylvania.

The NCAA has declined to comment.

Sandusky was a Penn State assistant football coach. He was convicted of abusing boys and was sentenced to decades in prison. He maintains his innocence.

The school is not part of this lawsuit, even though the presser announcing the suit will be at the school.

I think the state has a good chance to get the cash fine bonkered out because of sovereign immunity, (depends on Pennsylvania state law at the times that Pervy Jerry said “hit the showers,”) but no grounds to get the Federal courts to undo the postseason ban on Penn State’s football program.


Bologna Time

24 12 2012

Warrensburg, Pennsylvania

Read this, then this, then come back here.


Report: Convicted ex-PSU coach ‘trying to learn’

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) – Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky maintains his innocence and tells a Pennsylvania newspaper he is “trying to learn from … the struggle and circumstances” as he focuses on an appeal of his conviction on child sex abuse charges.

The (Wilkes-Barre) Citizens’ Voice says Sandusky sent a note from his prison cell declining an interview, saying his attorneys have told him to stay quiet. The paper said Sandusky wrote that “there is much to learn” and that “nobody who covered the case and reported it has the time or took the time to study the allegations … Justice and fairness were not a focus.”

Sandusky is serving a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. He was convicted of abusing 10 boys.

Really, Jerry.  You’re STILL “trying to learn?”   I already learned all I needed to know, and I hope I’m at least seven degrees separated from you in a six degrees of separation world.  I learned (or more accurately, already knew before) that fucking prepubescent boys is wrong, if I do it, I’m going to prison for a very very long time, and will be lucky even to get out alive.  And if I do have prospects of getting out alive, I would familiarize myself with this short story, because I’ll be in Rainsford’s shoes for the rest of whatever life I have left.

Bologna sandwich time, Jerry.  And also…Merry Christmas.

Less Harsh

8 12 2012

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Sandusky doesn’t want to be treated so badly.  He should have thought about that before he started banging nine-year old boys in the shower.


A lawyer for former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky said Friday his client has gotten his fighting spirit back after his child abuse conviction and sentencing and hopes prison officials will find a way to house him under less restrictive conditions than he currently experiences.

Karl Rominger said after spending several hours with Sandusky at Greene State Prison in southwestern Pennsylvania on Friday that Sandusky’s outlook has improved since he was sentenced two months ago to decades behind bars. He said they discussed pending post-sentencing motions and plans for an appeal.

”I was meeting with a man who was again ready to press forward, who has regenerated his energies and has clearly devoted his time and energy to perfecting that appeal,” Rominger said. ”His fight is 100 percent back.”

I’m floored.  Not because any of this makes no sense, which it doesn’t.  But because there’s nothing here about helping the pervert realize his full potential.

If his “fight is 100 percent back,” then so too probably is his penchant for prepubescent male flesh.  I hope the authorities that have the final say take this in mind.

But look on the bright side — If he gets what he wants, and gets into the general population, that will only hasten the day that we get the gleeful news that some other inmate, one on death row who has nothing to lose, (this prison has Pennsylvania’s death house), has killed him from a shank in the back.  Unlike here in Missouri:  Michael Devlin is at a joint in northwest Missouri, whilst our death row is in Bonne Terre.

Cya in Thirty

10 10 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Sandusky gets 30.  Assume PA has something like an 80% truth-in-sentencing law, and 68+(0.8*30) = 92, so he wouldn’t be able to get out until he’s at least 92 years old, if he lives that long.  (And he won’t).

But even if Sandusky gets out, I think the ten-year old boys of the year 2036 won’t have much to worry about.  Sandusky didn’t snatch any given ten-year old boy off the streets, he had to gain their trust and confidence, and con them into thinking that the sexual intercourse was just harmless fun.  A 92-year old Jerry Sandusky roaming the streets of Happy Valley, Pennsylvania won’t be able to con anyone.

Maybe Proving the Freeh Report Accurate

3 10 2012

State College, Pennsylvania

McQueary files a lawsuit against Penn State, alleging that they did him dirt when he blew the whistle on the football team’s defensive coordinator emeritus and his shower buddies.

If he wins, this very likely proves the Freeh Report’s fundamental contention that Penn State covered up the affair when they knew far earlier because the football culture demanded it, even if it blames the wrong people.

Which is why I say:  All football from NFL down to Pee-Wee needs to take a year off as penance not only for this, but for all the other idiocy and criminality we tolerate in the name of football, the opiate of America.

Must Register

12 09 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Prosecutors want Sandusky to fall under Megan’s Law, which means that if he ever gets out of prison, which he won’t, he’ll have to register as a sex offender wherever he lives.

I would think the mailbox that reads “Sandusky” would be enough of a hint to keep the prepubescent boys far far away.

Egg On My Face

6 09 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Me, June 25:

I’m not buying the theory that the defense lawyers acted as stupidly as they did in order to set up the grounds of “incompetent defense attorneys” for an appeal.  One thing that lawyers need to do and do often is eat, and if they were play acting incompetence just to self-create grounds for appeal, they are seriously hurting their own future business prospects.