The Beginning of The End

23 12 2012

Stratford, Ontario


It’s a book.  Yep, she wrote a book.  Unless there are enough hints in the prologue or dedications to ferret out the ID of the ghostwriter.

“Just Getting Started?”  Dude, you’re on the Donny Osmond career arc.  You’re not “just getting started,” you’re on your way out.

It’s like the antimatter Winston Churchill would say, “Now this is not the beginning. It is not even the end of the beginning. But it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end.”



6 03 2011

Both of Justin Bieber’s albums have been entitled “My World.”

Really?  His world?

What world?  It’s just him, his mother, his manager, three vocal coaches, eight background dancers, five audio technicians to augment his voice to make it marketable (hired away from J.Lo), a press agent and six P.R. underlings below him, the CEO of the media conglomerate skinny dipping in all that money (Mazel Tov, Jean-Bernard), and of course Usher, who was well on his way to irrelevance (filled below Chris Brown in most people’s minds), until he decided to make a new career of trolling Canada for twits.

BTW, my suggestion, upon remarking that Mr. Bieber looks like Hitler on the side of milk cartons, that his next album be entitled “My Reich 3.0,” didn’t go over so well in certain circles.

See Hitler

17 06 2010

Milk carton that was part of a grab-n-go meal deal at a few convenience stores here in Madison County.

At first glance, I wondered why they put a visage of Hitler on the side of a milk carton.  Then I figured it wasn’t Hitler, because the album wasn’t named “My Reich 3.0.”