Assignment for Mayor Slay

28 05 2010

Write a short (250-500 word) essay, comparing and contrasting the verbs “rationalize” and “justify.”  Along with content, you will be graded on neatness, penmanship, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Here’s why you need this assignment.  And no, this wasn’t a senseless act.  While it was reprehensible, repugnant, abhorrent, criminal, immoral, illicit and anti-social, there was a reason why these North St. Louis denizens allegedly did what they did.  It is because Officer Haman was cramping their style, and either one or more of the passengers had a warrant out for their arrest, or was doing something which would have been a parole/probation violation, or they had drugs or guns in the car.  (Obviously, there was a gun in the car).

There, you see?  I just made sense of it.