At Georgetown, Anti-White Basketball Bigotry Is All In The Family

26 03 2007

He is every bit the bigot of his father’s college coach, or his coach’s father

Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team has returned to the Final Four.

If you just arrived here in 2007 sleeping Rip Van Winkle like from 1985, it might sound familiar to you. Coach John Thompson, with Patrick Ewing on his team, is poised for college hoops glory. Though this time, it’s Thompson III, and Ewing, Jr., pictured above.

Thompson III and Ewing, Jr. are different coaches and players than their fathers. The former’s formative coaching days were at Princeton University, under Pete Carril, best known for his uber-strategic coaching style that led to his teams of perpetual nerds pulling several upset and near-upset victories over supposedly much better teams in NCAA tournaments past (ironically, one upset victory was against Georgetown), so T-3 does not run the same kind of game that his father did at Georgetown. And Ewing, Jr., who is four inches shorter than his father and averages that many points a game, is definitely not a star player, unlike Ewing, Sr. during his Georgetown days.

But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s black bigotry against white athletes. Thompson, Jr., despite the fact that he coached at an elite white university, rarely if at all recruited white basketball players, and not only did he admit that, he took pride in the fact that he, as a black coach, was doing his part to keep “our program” (i.e. black team) for “our people.” His lust for “his people” was so strong that he almost literally recruited Allen Iverson straight out of a Virginia state prison. Let a white coach try this sort of thing.

And Ewing, Jr. has come down with the same affliction.

From Yahoo Sports:

For all the social activism credited to his father as Georgetown coach, John III has come along in a different time, a different place, and made his contributions in a far more subtle yet powerful way. He runs the Princeton offense, something that Patrick Ewing Jr. admitted to me is a system that most associate for use with “white players” and “not athletes.”

So, white basketball players aren’t athletes; somebody alert Larry Bird. If you define “athlete” as simply the ability to sprint in a straight line, and the ability to jump high enough off the floor and slam the ball into the hoop like a primate and hang off the rim like a primate, and generally to engage in bombastic, ostentatious, “in your face” unsportsmanlike showmanship, and only shoot 50% from the free throw line and 30% from the field, then yes, white basketball players aren’t athletes.

But if you want to define the term in a more complex and multi-variable manner, to mean someone who can actually help a team score points and win games, the I think Mr. Ewing the Younger is wrong.



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