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10 01 2018

Jefferson City

Originally posted January 10, 2018, and frequently updated since then

Because of the gravity of the news, which will probably mean a flood of new details and developments, and the chances that this will drastically affect Missouri state politics, I have made this a “sticky” post.

Me, April 29, 2017:

Greitens buying in Innsbrook. 

Add this to the fact that he lives in Creve Coeur while his wife lives in the CWE, (and remember she was jacked close to where she lives back during her husband’s transition period), and I’m just waiting for all the gossip about the unconventionality of their marriage to break the blood-brain barrier.

What also helped fuel this gossip was that there was a lot of serious talk that, between the times of Greitens winning the election and being inaugurated, that Sheena Greitens would not be living in the Governor’s Mansion.

Guess what crossed over from the below ground to the above ground tonight, coinciding with the State of the State speech earlier this evening.

This isn’t quite that, but there’s always more time for more to come out.

We also will eventually find out how their buying in Innsbrook relates to the unconventionality of their marriage.


* The bit about the S&M nudie/blackmail isn’t going away so easily, if at all, and will be why Mike Parson should be measuring for drapes right about now.

* There’s now calls for Hawley to investigate.  Especially in this #MeToo climate, he’ll fire all four barrels at Greitens, especially if he thinks he needs to in order to beat Claire in November.

* Then, there’s this.  Though if one wants to think this diminishes the credibility, then why did they want whatever news outlet would run with it to time it to the State of the State?  What real political damage does that cause?

* Gardner is opening a probe.

* John Hancock claims that “party officials didn’t know about the story.”  They didn’t know about this particular story, but believe me, the less than conventional nature of the Greitens marriage has been talked about in the grapevines that Hancock is plugged into since he became a serious candidate.


* According to the ex-husband of the woman Greitens allegedly blackmailed, the FBI has interviewed both him and his ex-wife.  The FBI has not yet confirmed or refuted.


* The woman now says she didn’t want this to come out at all and that the ex-husband betrayed her trust by shopping this story to the local media.


* It is my sense, reading between the lines of the news and things that people are saying,  that Republican members of the General Assembly generally lean on the side of believing the blackmail accusation.

* Now, some of the above are going on record openly with resignation calls.

* It’s getting deeper.  First off, she has to be related to Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, but I can’t remember precisely how offhand.  Second, while it’s not proof that the blackmail accusation is true, I think it’s indicative of something.

* And deeper still. It all depends on what the FBI, and maybe the U.S. Attorney, and Kim Gardner, all think. I don’t think that the timing of this and now four General Assembly Republicans calling for his resignation is a coincidence.


* FBI’s St. Louis office confirms an open active investigation.


Life Takes a Bite Out of Your Blogmeister (Pinned Post, Newer Content Follows Below)

15 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Originally posted November 15, 2017, and frequently updated since then

This is a “sticky” post.

Since I’ve written many posts since my return to functional coherence in mid-November, any posts about my condition I wrote here upon my return, and also subsequent ones, are buried in the avalanche. So, I’m going to use the opportunity of this sticky post to link to them directly.

Between my return to functional coherence, and the restoration of most of my short term memory in mid-January, for that about two month time period, I was not inherently able to remember most people who I either knew or knew of for about five years or less.

Norm’s post on July 20, the day after the fact, just so you know what precisely happened, in case you don’t already

Norm’s post one month, then two months, then three months, after the fact.  The post summarizing September doesn’t state this directly, but I had a second hospitalization stint in the middle of the month, after which I was moved to what is still to this day as I write this my secret hideout

Best News In Months — Norm’s post on November 13 predicating my return

Hello World (Take Two) — My first post here, that evening, after almost four long months

With Some Yuge Caveats — A long and detailed run down of my condition and my near term prospects, posted not long after that

Missouri’s Loosey Goosey Texting While Driving Laws — About why my assailant will never face criminal charges, and why the law will eventually be changed

From Bugatti to Corvette — Why I’m not doing as well as it seems just from reading my writing here since my return

As I Pursue My Ph.D. in Powerology — How I’m sensing my brain is rewiring itself, after four full months of recovery

Lucky Dominoes — The series of fortunate circumstances that resulted in this not killing me instantly

As if I weren’t having enough problems, fate decided to plop down on me a very serious and frustrating case of the flu in December.

Fifth month of recovery  — Still stuck in purgatory after the fifth full month of recovery

Fourth and Very Long — The first major economic consequence of the accident for me, just after the turn of the year

Fate or Felony, followed up by Like Son Like Father — Karma is just a comforting delusion, but comforting nonetheless.

January Doldrums, Mine Eyes are Telling Another StoryTest Me, Up the Second Step.  The posts in mid-January which foretold and then announced the restoration of most of my short term memory

Four Main Courses — My serial concerns as of late January

One more thing:  If the post starts with a geographical moniker of some sort, it’s me doing the writing.  If it starts with “Guest post by Puggg,” it’s Norm, the best friend anyone could ever have, doing the writing.

When Fair Enough Won’t Be Fair Enough

23 01 2018


In as much as I really care about duhmocrazy anymore, I’d probably vote yes if I was in Florida.

That’s because all this would do is put Florida at the state-by-state national median when it comes to felon re-enfranchisement policy.  Missouri, for instance, currently is almost exactly what Florida would be if this passes.

I should warn you all, though:  If you think this is going to make the other side happy for good, then, I’ve got a prison for sale.  They’re already bitching about the MUH DISPUT IMPAK LOL~!!!!!1 of the paradigm that one has to finish probation successfully before being able to register to vote.  That’s because, when it comes to universe of people on probation for a felony conviction, either standalone or after a prison term, certain kinds of people that look a certain way seem to have a harder time abiding by the probation terms than other kinds of people that look other ways.  And the groups that have the most trouble just so happen to be the biggest blue team party voting groups around, one of them is the biggest period.

Fools Rush In Where Foxes Dare Not Tread

23 01 2018


Dear Brandon:

When your opponents are making fools of themselves, the thing to do is get out of their way.

What you did, in contrast, was the total complete polar opposite.

Nice work, bruh.

Four Main Courses

23 01 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

More than a week after the restoration of most of my short term memory, and after about a week of finally being able to pick up the pieces of my life, I now know that for awhile, I’m going to have four major serial concerns.  All four of them play into each other and dynamically relate to each other in various ways.

They are:

(1) Continuing physical and cognitive recovery, or lack thereof, and the threat of my overall condition of my recovery or various parts of it sliding back downhill.  The doctors have already floated the trial balloon with me that, if my recovery either stalls or backslides, that I could become a clinical trial guinea pig, and doing that may require me to live somewhere other than St. Louis for an extended length of time.  It would be the kind of thing where it wouldn’t hurt me at all if I did, because if I stall or backslide, I’m screwed anyway, which means even if the clinical trial regimen doesn’t work, it won’t matter anyway.

(2) Going back to work.  First off, there’s the matter of what precisely I would be doing, because, as you all know, my startup is gone.  This is related to my recovery, because what precisely I would be able to do depends on how well I can continue to recover physically and mentally, if I do at all.

(3) The incendiary gossip monger I have referenced here a few times since mid-November.  Just about everything relating to that, I have to keep under the vest, for legal reasons and other reasons.  But, at such a time when I’m able to tell all, it’s going to floor you.  I already know based on hard copy and hard-ish copy proof that the incendiary gossip crossed the blood-brain barrier into the social circles of my professional networks.  What my lawyer has to calculate now is if:  (A) The incendiary gossip monger had any idea that that which he was spewing was untrue, or (B) If the obvious ridiculousness of the gossip itself should have informed the reasonable person about its untruthfulness, and (C) The realistic notion that this gossip making my way into my professional life actually materially hurt me.  Even though I used “gossip monger” in the singular sense, I really should have used the plural, because he who I know was peddling this gossip most likely didn’t come up with it himself.  Netting this all out, when all these factors are mashed up together, it will ultimately determine if one or more people will soon be having a friendly meeting with a process server, or not.  I’ll also add that this relates to the last item, because, even if none of this rises to the legal level of civil lawsuit territory, it may well have risen to the level of ruining my professional reputation, which means that, if I can recover well enough not to need constant companionship, i.e. I can live on and exist on my own, I’m going to have to consider the prospects of leaving St. Louis for good to start all over again professionally speaking, if I can ever arrive at the point of being able to go back to work.

To beat all, the gossip monger has had the shameless audacity to get in my e-mail inbox at least once since the restoration of my short term memory.  It’s as if he doesn’t think I actually found out about what he’s been up to with his mouth and keyboard, and it’s as if he doesn’t think that I have a lawyer who gave me the same advice I gave myself before he gave it to me, that is, not to say word one to this person.  (Norm also gave me the same advice, but I was well ahead of him, too.)  Odds are that if I would have read the gossip monger’s e-mail instead of deleting it, I would have found an apology, banking on the notion that he thinks I did find out.  Problem is, sorry is a word, contrition is an action.  This person is very often sorry, but never contrite.  If you can’t figure out what I mean by that, he’s sorry enough to say he’s sorry every time he pulls something like this with his fire-ready-aim mentality (even though the previous things were nowhere near this bad), but never sorry enough to quit doing it, especially “he” is north of sixty years old, which means if he’s still doing it at this late age, he’ll never stop.  I’d take the actions of contrition over every instance of “sorry” ever said or written, eight days out of seven every week.  Otherwise, with the gossip monger in question, if he actually did try to peddle off another “sorry” on me, and I was sap enough to accept it just like I was sap enough to accept it the many times before now, the next doozy would have been that I was really on the grassy knoll.

(4) The fifteen round bout that the lawyer is about to start with the basement dweller’s insurance carrier.  Just in case you’re wondering, a potential insurance settlement is one of four identified funding sources that affect neither me nor my relatives nor taxpayers, meaning money and bills are and will not be a problem.  However, this relates to the other items here, because the less well I recover, the more I’ll have to rely on these sources for money and income for the rest of my life, which means the lawyer is going to need a better long term prospectus of my condition, because the worse it is, the more bargaining power he has in and out of court.

Everything beyond that is a trifle.

Not Part of the Deal

23 01 2018

Los Angeles

In my day, there was actually a social expectation of nudity relating to gym class.

But it was only for the students, and it was after class.

We never thought it applied to the teacher during class.

Ironically, if you follow the contraction and etymological trail, “gym” leads back to “naked.”

Just In Case You’re Wondering…

23 01 2018

Los Angeles

There is no such place as Ebbing, Missouri.

On the other hand, Missouri in general does have a bad reputation for the multiplicity of full sized high mount billboards.

Why Richard Spencer Is So Cheerful (Days of White Sheets)

22 01 2018

The Bronx

So, they’re disabled, huh?

The last time we said that kind of thing openly, we had an organization which had all-white uniforms.

These people are getting so close to us that we can’t even joke about it anymore.

Pikers, LOL

21 01 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica


For what?

Consider:  In 2017, the murder rate in Jamaica was 56 per 100k.  In 2017, I estimate the murder rate in black St. Louis city was 125 per 100k.

Bunch of amateurs.

This also means I should expect the State Department to issue a travel advisory for St. Louis.