3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be sparse going forward.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — If I experience any significant progression or regression in my recovery, I or our favorite doggy will let you know, and this post will be appendaged. As of the time of my moving, my cognitive functioning has mostly recovered in full, but my physical functioning is still far from it, I’m still in a wheelchair during waking hours more often than not, and if I can stay upright on two feet, it’s for an hour at the longest, usually less.


A-Grade Weaponry

15 07 2019

First off, you should read my Minds feed, because I am able to do a lot more there than I am here these days.  My Gab and Twitter have the same content, but I favor Minds for social content, because of its lack of character restriction.

But I wanted to bring this one matter from there to this medium.

From Vox, not Vox Day.

Without even reading it, I bet that it plays off the matter off on “progressive activists” being scared of “white supremacist violence,” i.e. 80-year olds carrying around Heritage Foundation-printed signs in Portland.

But the taboo realities, which those progressive activists will never confess, is that they need firearms for protection and self-defense, for two main reasons:

(1) Most “progressive activists” live in the same cities were lots and lots of black people live, ergo they have to worry about incessant black violent crime.  Urban-dwelling left-of-center people in the United States play off their fear of the blacks that surround them on the rednecks they’ll never meet in places so far away they’ll never go.  Extreme lefties are mostly the same as their normie counterparts in that regard, except they tweak it a little differently, based on their political paranoia and psychosis.

(2) Antifa types in particular do what they do, as my reverse political engineering back in 2006 informed me, because they want an inexpensive and sanction-free supply of illicit street drugs. Meaning that since Antifa types are into drugs, it also means they are close to drug violence, and think they need to defend themselves from such.

Often, these two factors intertwine.

Quick Turnaround

14 07 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

One year ago today, my German and Czech vacation was through, the month and a half grand loop was finished, and we lifted off from Frankfurt to head back to dear ole St. Louis.

At that moment, I had no idea that: (1) I would ever be back, (2) More than that, how soon I would be back, (3) The circumstances that would bring me back, and (4) Even more than all that, how soon I would find out that I would be coming back.

However, if you would have told me then that the circumstances involved me accidentally talking myself into a job while on the vacation, I probably would have accurately theorized when and where it happened.

But, back to a year ago, and knowing what eventually happened, it was the start of a really weird and transitory month and a half in my life.  I now call mid-July to Labor Day 2018 my interregnum.


On the vacation, Speyer was a city we visited on one of the very final days.  At that time, they were getting set up for the Pretzel Festival.  We couldn’t stay for its start, but I got a little taste (pun intended) of what it would be like.

Little did I know then that by the time the next one would roll around, I would actually be able to go to it, which I did (with someone else) this weekend.


This coming Friday is that day on the calendar.  I’ll have some thoughts and a big announcement then.

Confederate Railroaded.

10 07 2019

Guest post by Puggg

The news broke yesterday, and today, we found out why.  It’s because Illinois Gov. J.B. PRICK-er personally intervened.

The first article says that Shenandoah will still play the Fair.  Here is one of their famous songs.  All I can say is hide it from the Governor.

Bug Out

9 07 2019


I’m sure you’ve all seen the news that WV is finally ending the Beetle.

That little car, basically a 1937 model year compact delayed by war, made for generations, and tangentially involved in politics all the way from Hitler himself to the American counterculture left, and also Herbie, helped make Wolfsburg the most prosperous city above a certain population size in Germany today.

Among VW’s many subsidiaries are Audi, Lamborghini, and a lesser known but prosperous firm called Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg (“Machinery-factory Augsburg-Nuremberg” or “MAN” — Based neither in Augsburg nor Nuremberg, but in Munich, go figure), MAN being one of two prime manufacturers of large public service vehicles in Germany, Mercedes being the other.  Audi of course, based in Ingolstadt, just up the road from Munich, is now VW’s luxury marquee, but started as its own firm, and VW later bought it.

Solving One Problem Begs Another

9 07 2019

Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico

This is the solution to a problem that stumped even Isaac Newton.

A Mexican figured it out, at the behest of another Mexican.

If we’re ever to make it off this rock and to another star, we may well have another Mexican to thank for it, that being Miguel Alcubierre Moya.

Mexico has enough intellectual and natural resources to where it has no business being as poor as it is, even counting its demographics.

Now all we have to figure out is why.  I guess solving this one problem created another.

And I guess it’s going to take an Einstein to figure it out.

All Eyes On Me

7 07 2019

Wiesbaden;  Frankfurt

Well, next week’s news cycle has already been written.

Deutsche Bank is in Frankfurt, and the Bundeskriminalamt, the law enforcement agency which will have to unpack all of this, is based right here in Wiesbaden.  So you know it’s going to lead all week in this region, and the whole country.  Since Trump is involved tangentially, it will probably also lead in the American media, and get top billing worldwide.

Full Circle

7 07 2019


About fifteen years ago, college conservative groups had this trend of holding affirmative action bake sales.  They charged different prices for different identity groups.  All in order to criticize affirmative action.  And of course the organizers got it with all four barrels.

Fast forward to the current year.

You can’t make fun of these people, because they’ll eventually adopt your ridicule as their serious reality.