Pray For Our Host (Guest Post By Puggg)

20 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Yes, this is the same Puggg who sometimes writes comments here.

I am one of the very few people other than his close relations that gets contacted if something serious happens to our host, our blogmeister. Some time back, he trusted me with his important internet passwords, including e-mail accounts and the password to this blog, which is how I can even be writing and uploading this post at all.

Last night, late in the evening, I got such a call. He was sent to an emergency room, I know which one it is but I won’t say, with a serious head injury. Using my law enforcement powers, I back tracked the whole thing, from the nurses at this ER, who put me in touch with the paramedics who brought him there. The paramedics told me what happened as far as they were concerned, and pointed me to the black and whites (local police department officers) who responded to the scene. They told me their part and read from their report. From there, I called a few of the witnesses who provided their names and stories to the responding officers, and that took care of the whole story.

It goes like this:

Last night, in about the middle of the evening, around quarter to nine, which was around 25 minutes after sunset, our blogmeister and others were leaving an event at a private residence, again, I know where it happened, but I won’t say because of privacy, and because of snoops and trolls. It was probably one of these networking dinners that business and professional types go to all the time. A few of the people, including our blogmeister, made their way to their parked cars, and were on the street side of the drivers side doors of their cars. Our blogmeister was one of them. Well, what happened was that some slow moving car hit him head on, knocking him to the pavement where of course his head hit the pavement. The driver of the car, according to the witnesses, seemed to be “looking at a device” in their own words instead of looking ahead at the street, which means he, and he is a white man, was texting and driving, or paying attention to his phone while trying to drive. The detectives for this department have already put in a request to the driver’s cell phone service carrier, and if, or rather, when, they show that it was being used at the time the witnesses report he hit him, that may be grounds to request the filing of criminal charges against the driver, though Missouri laws in this area are rather weak and charges aren’t exactly a sure thing.

I am writing this in the noon hour on Thursday, the day after the evening this happened, and the last I checked, which was right about noon, he is still unconscious.

I will provide updates as they come, and I will also be answering e-mails that are submitted to this blog, and also e-mails sent to his personal account and business account.

Murray’s Straw

19 07 2017

Washington, D.C.


Today the San Francisco Chronicle: “Why Universal Basic Income is Gaining Support, Critics.” Apparently — and I knew it wasn’t a one-off. I knew when Zuckerberg did this that it wasn’t just something he thought of the night before amd decided to mention the speech. I knew it was a campaign. It’s what the left does. They come up with campaigns. They strategize these things months, years in advance. Zuckerberg was the rollout of it.

The next aspect of the rollout is today in the San Francisco Chronicle, in which many renowned thinkers — including many libertarians — are eager to sign up and support this. The libertarians, one of them is Charles Murray, who is one of the most profound sociologists and political scientists in the country. Many people have assumed that Murray is conservative. He’s actually more libertarian. But he says this is a great idea if the guaranteed universal basic income replaces all welfare, all food stamps.

And I think they’re reading Murray’s support for UBI all wrong, “they” include Murray himself.

The Charles Murray who now advocates UBI, or rather recognizes the inevitability of it, isn’t doing so because of or in spite of his right-libertarian ideology.  The Charles Murray who is doing so is doing so because Charles Murray is the co-author of the most important book about burgeoning and ossifying inequality written in my lifetime, although, since hardly anyone actually read the book in question, hardly anyone actually knows it’s about burgeoning and ossifying inequality.

To put it another way, the straw stirring Murray’s UBI drink is inequality, not libertarianism.

As for Zuckerberg, I think his motivation is far less sincere.  I think he’s trying to paper over burgeoning and ossifying inequality in a superficial sense, so that people don’t notice how unequal the scales are in favor of people like Mark Zuckerberg.

No Force Field Immunity

19 07 2017


Happens all the time ’round here in Dindutown, yet this particular incident is newsworthy.

Are we to think that the fact that the happenstance that the victim works for BJC, or the happenstance that she was in a parking garage in the BJC/WUMed/PharmCol complex, gave her and the area some sort of force field of immunity?  The same kind of people that rape very elderly women and mow down toddlers are going to show respect to hospitals?

Bad Aim

19 07 2017

St. Louis City

Six shot, no kills.

In one incident, “20 to 30 shots” resulted in two shot but not killed.

The fact that they have bad aim…I can’t figure out whether that’s a blessing, a curse, or somewhere in between.

Revenge of the Swamp

18 07 2017

Washington, D.C.

I can’t believe I’m quoting Ben Shapiro, but:

All that happened here is that the insurance lobby, which is pretty friendly with the red team, went to work and made sure that the replacement legislation kept most of the ObamaDontCare elements that are insurance industry friendly.  This caused enough Senate Republican defections, and there only needed to be three, to kill the whole thing.

I Beg to Differ

18 07 2017

Fox Park

Au contraire, Mr. Z.

There actually is “parenting” going on.

I screencaped this very interesting YT comment from several months ago.  Click to enlarge.

Which means Mr. Z’s assailants did what they did for, among other reasons, at the behest of their mother(s) in order to supplement her/their income.

Let Me Count the Excuses

18 07 2017


Not his brother’s keeper.

What was the cause of this?

* The cops in Berkeley not being paid enough.

* The Berkeley PD being understaffed.

* Drugs.

* Gangs.

* The lack of recreation centers.

Those are the options that Official St. Louis presents us.

As for your ever-hatin’ blogmeister, I’ll have to go with:

* None of the above.

For the record, this is not the Robert Moses of New York infrastructure fame.