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15 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

I’m going to “pin” this post to the top, with newer posts below.

My posting storm of November 14 is so voluminous, plus a few other posts here since then, that my posts just before that about my condition are already buried, so I want to link to those directly in a pinned post.

Best News In Months — Norm’s post on November 13 predicating my return

Hello World (Take Two) — My first post here, that evening, after almost four long months

With Some Yuge Caveats — A long and detailed run down of my condition and my near term prospects, posted not long after that

Missouri’s Loosey Goosey Texting While Driving Laws — About why my assailant will never face criminal charges, and why the law will eventually be changed

From Bugatti to Corvette — Why I’m not doing as well as it seems just from reading my writing here since my return

Norm’s post the day after the fact, just so you know what precisely happened, in case you don’t already

I’ll link to all of my individual posts from November 14’s post storm, for handy reference, all 29 of them, including the preview.  Preview, YT Limited State, Harveywood, Trump’s First Summer, North Korea, AL-SEN, Catalonia, Vegas Nutbar, 2016 FBI Crime Report, Decline of BLM, NFL Kneeling, Anti-Cop Urban Whites, Astronomy News, 95 Theses 500th, CA HIV Laws, Illini vs Math, HRC Doc Hoax, Donna Brazile, STL Prop P, Hamilton in STL, Kenneka Jenkins, Grammarly Disease, Halloween Jihad in NYC, Fearless Girl, Common Core Meltdown, Frat Splat, Charlottesville, Jason Stockley, Bonus Tidbits.

One more thing:  If the post starts with a geographical moniker of some sort, it’s me doing the writing.  If it starts with “Guest post by Puggg,” it’s Norm, the best friend anyone could ever have, doing the writing.


You Can Have It All

18 11 2017


Usually, these kinds of articles only express one or two of the standard diversionary bromides.

This one?  Well, as we St. Louisans say, everything and the kitchen zinc.

In it, these things are blamed or cited as causes or intimated as solutions:

(1) Overgrown weeds
(2) Lead paint
(3) Vacant houses
(4) Job applications
(5) “Safe streets” mediators
(6) Recreation centers
(7) Street lights
(8) Housing code violations
(9) Juvenile justice system “failing” youths
(10) Poverty
(11) Family domestic strife
(12) Drug addiction
(13) School absenteeism

All to avoid saying “black undertow,” and in the specific case of Baltimore current year, to avoid the politicians taking responsibility for agitating the city’s black undertow about two and a half years ago.

It’s November, which means the weeds should have died out by now.  Lead paint has been off the market for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  Houses don’t commit violent crimes.  Anyone with an internet connection can apply for a big percentage of jobs.  Safe streets mediators are often the same kind of thugs as the thugs they’re purportedly trying to calm down.  Recreation centers cause, not deter, violent crime.  A city ticket for housing code violations relates to murders…how?  In my day, youths committed violent crimes, not the juvenile justice system “failed” youths, just as in my day, students failed school, not schools failed students.  The rest?  Yadda yadda.


Cool It, Both of You

18 11 2017

Lawrenceville, Georgia


A Georgia networking event wants to help white people ‘Come Meet a Black Person’

A networking event in Georgia offers an interesting twist: a chance to meet a black person.

It may sound like a “Saturday Night Live” skit, but the “Come Meet a Black Person” event — set for Thursday in Lawrenceville, near Atlanta — is a real attempt to bridge the racial divide.

It’s the brainchild of Cheryle Moses, the founder of Urban MediaMakers, a group of independent black filmmakers and content creators. Moses dreamed up the networking event as a response of sorts to a 2013 study from the Public Religion Research Institute that showed about 75% of white people in America don’t have any nonwhite friends. The study also found that for most whites, their circle of friends is about 91% white.

Likewise, about 65% of black people don’t have any white friends, and the average social circle for a black American is about 83% black.

“In the black community we know of white people who don’t have a lot of black friends,” Moses told CNN. “But still, seeing a statistic about it just opened our eyes.”

The event specially asks that white people who don’t have any nonwhite friends to attend.

Well that leaves all white people out, because no white people are racist because all white people have black friends.


Yeah, I know, it’s just as corny to joke about that as it is actually to claim it.

Now, back to regularly scheduled blogging.

There are two distinct groups of people who have disparate hopeful expectations about this and events like these.

The first is the kind of people who organize this and events like these. They’re hoping that the end result is that Walls Come Tumbling Down.

The second is people in my own sector, which includes many of you reading these words. Our hope is that, because of Patterson’s First Axiom, when do-gooders start forcing us into each others’ intimate company, we’ll all start hating each other so badly that we’ll finally start shooting at each other, and finally get this RAHOWA going.

Until recently, I would have advanced a modified version of the second argument.

What do I think now?

Both sides need to chill out.

Even before I was so rudely interrupted some four months ago, I was already starting to doubt the chances of a domestic race war ever breaking out, primarily because socio-economic status (SES) sorting means that cross-racial fraternization tends to occur among people of like or near-like SES, and this precludes the necessary heat and energy source for a race war of sustained interpersonal cross-racial contempt from happening, which in turn means no race war possible.

These shindigs of Cheryle Moses’s will therefore result in one of two things: (A) Some white people will add some black people to their social and professional circles, because they are already compatible from a SES and interest standpoint, and vice-versa, or (B) Nobody will really be “feeling” anybody else at these events, and everyone will just go home as if it never happened. Even if (A) happens, it will still happen within the long-standing social framework of SES sorting, meaning nothing changes, no Walls Come Tumbling Down. Even if (B) happens, then none of the white and black people who go to this thing will ever cross paths again, meaning they can’t possibly start hating each other, no RAHOWA.

A whole lot of nothing, cat wins the game.

I Knew You’d Be Back

16 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Just as I told you a few days ago in my epic post about my condition, and just as I predicted they would be, my mental pains have returned, the sort that I experience physical pain if I think too intensely.  That’s on top of the intermittent pains I naturally have from could be almost any part of me.  These brain pains gave me a break of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and about half of yesterday.  Since the afternoon yesterday, they’ve returned and slowly ramped up.  It was because I had that winning streak of pain free thinking days plus my brain feeling like it was getting re-wired to be serviceable and functional that I was able to return here at all.

Don’t be surprised if I disappear from here for awhile again.

Didn’t I also tell you not to get rid of those guest posts by Puggg so soon?

This isn’t going to be easy, people.

A Few Ways I Could Take This

16 11 2017


Paul Kersey, (who I understand also went on a voluntary blog hiatus while I was on my involuntary hiatus), on the latest nursing home outrage involving black employees.

A few points:

(1) A few years ago, I think it was out of Florida, there was another similar outrage.  It involved a black woman employee, a nursing home, a centenarian white woman nursing home patient, and a dildo.  You figure out the rest.

(2) This man fought to beat that big bad evil Hitler for the cause of equality in 1945, and equality wound up murdering him in 2014.

(3) These are the high costs of low wages.  The nursing home industry doesn’t pay well, which inevitably means that a lot of black women will be its employees, if they can easily access the facility by way of commuting.  Which in turn means that you’ll inevitably have younger black women, full of anti-white hatred and propaganda (public schools, rap music, and official society), who literally hold the lives of elderly white people (the very people they believe oppressed them) in their hands.  Hence, travesties like these.

(4) When my uncle and I were scouting out potential assisted living facilities for my mother in the early part of last year, from the outset, we deliberately eliminated from consideration any facility in the St. Louis area that was along or near public bus lines.  It will only take you a millisecond to figure out why.  As it turned out, the one she liked, we liked and she moved into in March of last year is well beyond the reach of the metro area’s public transportation system.

Seven Years Early

16 11 2017

Washington, D.C.

Me, February 10, 2015:

Police body cams expose black perfidy. Or rather, it provides what might as well be bonus footage for that movie released 100 years ago this month. Or, more WSHH material.

Just as blacks demanded harsh crack penalties because racism then demanded that we get rid of them because racism, I predict that in spite of all of today’s black hoopla about cops needing body cams because racism, ten years from now, blacks will demand that cops get rid of body cams because racism.

I come back to coherence to find out that my prediction has already all but come true, more than seven years ahead of schedule:

Police Body Cameras Can Threaten Civil Rights of Black and Brown People, New Report Says

The number of U.S. police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras increases each year, but the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights if the departments fail to set rules that govern when officers review footage from their cameras, according to a new report.

The vast majority of the nation’s biggest police departments allow officers to watch footage from body cameras whenever they want, including before they write their incident reports or make statements, said the report, which was released Tuesday by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“Unrestricted footage review places civil rights at risk and undermines the goals of transparency and accountability,” said Vanita Gupta, former head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and current head of the Leadership Conference, in the report’s introduction.

Because an officer’s memory of an event may be altered by watching body camera footage, doing so will likely alter what officers write in their reports. That, in turn, can make it more difficult for investigators or courts to assess whether the officer’s actions were reasonable based on what he or she perceived at the time of the incident, states the report, “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera Footage Can Distort Evidence.”

Body camera programs are in place at 62 of the 69 largest U.S. police departments, according to a scorecard released Tuesday by the Leadership Conference. Most of those departments—55, or almost 80 percent—allow officers to view their footage whenever they want.

The Leadership Conference report advises that police departments institute a “clean reporting” policy, under which officers write an initial incident report before reviewing any footage. Only afterward would they watch the footage and write a second, supplementary report.

And then, blah blah blah.

This doesn’t sound half bad on its face, if one isn’t cynical enough not to think that this is all grease skidding and manufacturing a social justice-y excuse to predicate the civil rights industry/BLM/SJW suddenly doing a 180 on cop body cams.  This group is lead by one Vanita Gupta, and as you read, she was in the Obama Administration, and therefore, was part of the milieu which demanded cop body cams.

We all know the real reason why the social justice industry will soon start demanding that cops get rid of their body cams:  Because they show too much dindu misbehavior, and they show the cops are in the right almost all the time.  The total opposite of what they were hoping for back in the days when they were all in on them, though I knew all this would happen even back then.

Justice, No Peace. No Justice, Peace.

16 11 2017

Guest post by Puggg

WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a man was stabbed four times by his brother while attending a funeral.

According to the Observer-Reporter, Devontye Walden, 24, wore red to his uncle’s funeral. His attire allegedly angered his brother, Justice.

An argument between the brother escalated and Justice allegedly stabbed his brother four times with a knife.

Devontye said he wore red because his uncle always wore red. However, Justice claimed his brother was wearing gang colors.

Family members told police Devontye is not in a gang.

Devontye was taken to a local hospital before being flown to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment. He is expected to survive his injuries.

At this point, charges have not been filed.

I bet his uncle always wore red because the uncle was in a red color gang.

The link to the story.

Pence Wise.

16 11 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Some of these same people obsessed about sexual harassment today were some of the same people who made fun of Mike Pence for never being in a room with another adult woman without his wife being there at the same time.

Mike Pence has suddenly become the smartest person in politics.