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1 04 2015


The world’s largest corporation in terms of revenue and the world’s largest corporation in terms of market capitalization have teamed up to demand that the full power of government be used to hammer cake bakers and wedding photographers.

Two groups that you’d think would be screaming to high hell, but are speaking volumes with their absence and their silence?

1.  Libertarians

2.  Anti-corporate populist liberals

My bologna has a first name, it’s p-h-o-n-y…


1 04 2015

Jefferson City

So they want Nixon to pick either a real estate appraiser or an equal opportunity bureaucrat to do a job that requires JD or CPA certification.


The Most Important Elections in the World

1 04 2015


Municipal elections in Missouri are six days from today, which includes…

Eight years ago:

To measure change on election night, look no further than the area stretching across this city’s southern boundary, a mix of charred strip malls, sprawling apartment complexes and modest bungalows.

It wasn’t always synonymous with looting and arson, tear gas and the asphalt street where Michael Brown’s body lay for more than four hours after he was shot by a white Ferguson police officer.

In fact, Ferguson’s 3rd Ward was known for something else entirely: voter apathy. So much so, that in a council race eight years ago no one bothered to officially file as a candidate. The seat went to a 31-year-old software developer who persuaded 23 people to write his name on the ballot.

Ever since, council races in the 3rd Ward seldom attract more than 200 people at the polls, despite the fact that more than 3,400 registered voters live there.

And then you read on to find out how it’s all different this year.

Ace of Spades is going to cover Ferguson’s election day, and it will also cover an election in a city slightly more important than Ferguson, that being Chicago and their “Jesus vs the Jew” runoff.

Not to be outdone, expect real time coverage in the NYT.

CSIT-STEM Just Got More Diversity

1 04 2015



FBI arrests man accused of hacking St. Louis County police union

The FBI on Tuesday arrested a man accused of hacking a St. Louis County police union website.

Justin E. Payne was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized damage to a protected computer. That computer, charging documents claim, belonged to the St. Louis County Police Association. Payne accessed the computer sometime between Nov. 22 and Dec. 3, documents say.


A law enforcement source said Payne was connected to the RbG Black Rebels, a local group that was accused of making threats against police during the Ferguson protests and offering a reward for information about former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson or his relatives.

The Black Rebels minister of information, Zulu Gaddafi, denied making threats in an emailed statement at the time. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Justin E. Payne:



Not Worth the Risk

1 04 2015

Kankakee, Illinois



Illinois jail escape: Convicted murderer overpowers guard, drives off in his SUV

A man recently convicted of murder overpowered an Illinois correctional officer early Wednesday morning, took his keys and uniform, then fled the jail in the officer’s vehicle, a local sheriff’s office said.

Kamron T. Taylor was awaiting sentencing when he escaped from the Jerome Combs Detention Center around 3 a.m. (4 a.m. ET) on Wednesday, according to the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office.

He took off in the officer’s brown 2012 Chevrolet Equinox and “is considered armed and dangerous,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities urged people to call 911 if they spot Taylor or the SUV, which has an Illinois license plate.

The 23-year-old fugitive — who weighs about 170 pounds and stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall — is wanted for aggravated battery to a correctional officer as well as escape, the Sheriff’s Office said on its website.

That’s right, let’s get outraged that the murderer is now wanted for aggravated battery to a CO and escape.

Ordinarily, he’d have nothing to lose, because someone who’s going to be at least a lifer has nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying to make a run for it.  But this is Illinois, where it’s not uncommon for those convicted of Murder Two to be out in seven years.  Why would you want to risk it, get caught, and get an extra month tacked on to your bit?

Window Dressing

1 04 2015

Jefferson City


Missouri House Speaker proposes changes to traffic fines

Missouri’s Republican House speaker is proposing a number of changes to how traffic violations are handled to address concerns raised by the fatal police shooting in Ferguson.

Don’t get too excited, because I read the words “Missouri House Speaker” in the headline.

The shooting of black 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white officer led to criticism that some cities excessively fine residents to fund their budgets.

Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown because the latter was in arrears on traffic tickets?  The latter didn’t even have a drivers’ license, much less a car.

House Speaker John Diehl of Town and Country on Wednesday announced proposed changes to prevent that from happening. Those include limiting cities from funding more than 20 percent of their budgets from fines.

Yay!  Cheer!   Applause!  Right On!  Right On!

Buzz kill #1:  Ferguson gets 15% of its revenue from fines, so this would not apply to them.

Buzz kill #2:  Missouri already has very similar anti-speedtrap laws, but they’re rarely enforced. The main reason is that all this speedtrap revenue helps fund cop pensions in these smaller municipalities. Neither the state Attorney General or any of the state’s circuit attorneys are in any mood to enforce laws in such a way that it pisses off cops.

Another proposal would require courts to consider a defendant’s ability to pay fines and offer alternative payment plans, such as paying online or community service.

Already part of existing state law.

The Senate bill now is pending in a House committee. Diehl says he expects it will win approval within days.

Believe me, that’s proof that this legislation is window dressing. No effective piece of legislation on this matter will ever move this quickly.

Want the problem solved?

1. Disallow fines as a punishment for any crime or ordinance, as a matter of Federal civil rights.

2. Federalize and universalize the pensions of first responders.

Wake me up when you’re serious about solving the problem.

Feeling Devotional

1 04 2015



This story involves a monk.  But not in terms of him becoming one.


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