United Front

28 07 2016


Shorter Economist:

Plutocrats and corporations need to form a united front to repel the threat to them coming from the dispossessed, powerless and broke.  Globalists of the world unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Altruism From Me But Not From Thee

28 07 2016


I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote in AR this morning:

I’m just amazed that the left and SJWs are constantly working to undermine a system and institutions and social mores that they necessarily depend on to exist. Or, what they are relying on is for everyone else to maintain that system, those institutions and those social mores while they create and we approve of carve outs for the left and SJWs.

Here’s an example: Baraq Obama’s new rough trade boyfriend, that being Deray McKesson. He has done his fair share of peddling contempt and disrespect toward the Baltimore Police Department. Yet, that is the very institution that has the responsibility to collect the taxes from uncooperative people that are used to fund the Baltimore City Public Schools, which just hired Deray McKesson into a $165k/year sinecure.

Needless to say, I already reconciled the contradiction.  Deray, Ta and Co. will do everything they can to exempt black bodies from the interest of the Baltimore Police Department, but they all know that just about every property owner in Baltimore will pay their real estate personal or commercial property taxes with no BPD intervention necessary.  That’s because just about everyone out of a sense of social altruism recognizes the social necessity and good of paying personal property taxes and all the other kinds of taxes.  We are, still, and in spite of our many (un-)wanted guests and the continued presence of our obsolete farm equipment, basically a northwestern European society, after all.  The day that stops being the case fundamentally, all those leftists and SJWs and BLM are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucked.  On some subconscious level, they’re praying that we never start behaving like they do.

Y Ask Why

28 07 2016


Why do I get the feeling that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot in Gateway Region’s decision to move the Downtown Y from 16th and Locust to 6th and Locust?

Oh yeah, my whitey sense is tingling.  Though it may also be a WRPT, that it being at 16th and Locust makes it easier for Y patrons to become accidental beneficiaries of Ujamaa, while moving it ten blocks east will deprive them of that good fortune.  Or there may be something at play here other than race.

What is making me think that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot is that the PR coming out of Gateway Region announcing this decision is suspiciously glitzy, yet the footprint of the relocated Downtown Y will be smaller, even though the PR is bragging about all the new amenities.

Why We Need the Death Penalty

27 07 2016

Lewis Place

Remember him?

I initially thought that the reason the case was dropped was because of Stingray, as you can read.

Turns out I was wrong, it was for a much more primitive reason. The remaining witnesses clammed up when his mama had two of the witnesses rubbed out.

MPC is mentioned here. Let’s see if she brings a death penalty case here. While the initial murder was the sort of TNB that doesn’t warrant the use of the death penalty in the modern paradigm, even if the suspect was at least 18 at the time of the murder, and in this case, he wasn’t, murdering potential prosecution witnesses is such a murder.

Where in the World Is the Ironic Trolling?

27 07 2016


The people that write for, edit and manage the mainstream media are, as a group, obsessed with irony, both as concept and as rhetoric.  The people who make a living writing and crafting words know all the ways to play games with words.  Yet, we’re supposed to believe that none of them got the ironic trolling in Trump’s presser and especially the part about the Russian government purloining HRC’s e-mails.

We know they know, it’s just that they’re being deceitful.

Long Shadow

27 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

George Wallace was a Democrat, (though some don’t know that), he never won a major party nomination for President, and he died in 1998. Yet, he casts a really long four dimensional shadow.

Actually I think the deal is that the Republicans nominate Hitler every four years, and during a nomination year, the media, upset with the Hitler they nominated this year, run and apologize to the Hitler of four years ago.

On top of that, something about David Duke.

A Matter Of Perspective

27 07 2016


CSM, via AR:

For Salma Patel, too, the purpose of taking people on tours of the city is to excavate its painful history, not bury it. Her own tour zig-zags across Fietas, a once racially mixed neighborhood west of the city center that was blighted in the 1970s by one of South Africa’s infamous “forced removals,” which took aim at mixed areas of the city by marking them as slums and scattering their residents to distant, segregated peripheries.

Forced Removals, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, same difference.

Except it’s not the same difference.  The big difference is who is doing it and for whose benefit and why it is being done.  If the Jews in the media like the whos and the whys, then it’s social justice, if they don’t, it’s evil apartheid.


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