RIP, Al Smith Dinner

21 10 2016


The bitch couldn’t even make a joke about herself.

Even the obsessive insecure whiny narcissist that calls himself Baraq Obama was able to kick lots of good self-deprecating jokes at this shindig in 2012 and 2008.

On top of that, she tried to hook Al Smith’s Catholicism to her sex.  She tried to make us think that there was a yuge wave of anti-Catholic contempt that was solely responsible for denying Smith the Presidency.  First off, I don’t think either the outgoing incumbent President, Calvin Coolidge, nor the Republican nominee, Herbert Hoover, ever said a word about Smith’s Catholicism, or even countenanced it as a sub rosa campaign tactic.  Second, the outcome of that election was a foregone conclusion even if Smith would have been a Protestant.

As far as Trump being booed, that’s a non-issue, and entirely a function of interborough cultural politics in New York.  Trump could own every non-public piece of real estate in Manhattan and be worth trillions, and it wouldn’t matter one whit to Manhattan’s elite — To them, Trump was, is and will always be an outer borough untermensch.

He Disagrees (So It Seems)

21 10 2016


Ordinarily, this is the kind of SVNT that I ignore.

But the reason I’m not ignoring this is to prove a point.  Here in the proposition nation, patriotism is agreeing with the proposition, treason is disagreeing (or even seeming to disagree) with the proposition.

Rape Culture

20 10 2016

St. Charles


Some time tomorrow, the campus activist feminist presence will out of revenge throw bricks through the windows of white frat houses.

I’m #NRx, Not Horrified

20 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

I figured this out quite some time ago.

It’s why my ultimate solution to the voter fraud problem is rather drastic.

It’s also why arguing over whether or not a given piece of “omnibus comprehensive immigration reform” legislation does or does not have a path to citizenship and if so what the particularities of it is useless.

Leave the Supposed Son Alone

20 10 2016

Little Rock

I don’t know if I’ve written about this matter in this space, but in case I didn’t, you’re reading it for the first time.

Leave the whole issue of Bill Clinton’s supposed mulatto son alone.

First off, I don’t think they look that much alike, so I doubt it.

Second, he’s trying to cash in on fifteen from the matter, which is only hot now because of the season.  This is actually old news; it broke back in 1998.  I remember at the time, a site that lampooned the Drudge Report splashed this headline:  CLINTON HO-DOWN LEADS TO FUN BABY SHOWDOWN.  Anyway, this is in all practicality his last chance to cash in on the matter.

Third, and most importantly, this could actually help Hillary.  If people get it in their heads that he is Bill’s son, then the obvious inference is that Bill Clinton, at the time, Governor of Arkansas, had sex with a black woman.  And guess who would love that and eat it up most of all.  That’s right, it just happens to be the Democrat Party’s most loyal voting demographic:  Black women.  It’s also the same demographic which drives the ratings for Scandal, which is about an executive level elected politician, a white man, stepping out on his white wife with a black woman.  This will only drive the black woman turnout for Bill’s wife sky high.  They’d want to get him back into the White House, even if it’s in the “First Gentleman” role, because then they would fantasize about Bill coming for them.

Remember, the black woman turnout in 2013 for Bill de Blasio was both near monolithic on both primary and general day and in record numbers in terms of percent of the possible.  He, married to a black woman.

I’m Dizzy

20 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

Hechinger Report:

The federal government is trying to increase the number of minorities in the teaching profession by, in part, allowing institutions to maintain a low bar for entry into teaching programs.


Diversity matters because research shows that students tend to do better in school when they’re exposed to teachers of the same background. A March 2016 study by Johns Hopkins University showed that black teachers are more likely to have higher expectations for their black students; for example, white teachers were almost 40 percent less likely than their black counterparts to expect black students to finish high school.

I should sit down before I fall down.

Ninety Ten

20 10 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Economics is 10% math and 90% politics.

Religion is 10% spirituality and 90% politics.

Marriage is 10% romance and 90% politics.