So It’s Not Gonna Be Oprah

26 05 2016


Glad to see that Trump’s not in the affirmative action mood.

When Trump declared, almost a year ago now, (tempus fugit), he joked that The Oprah could be his running mate.

Pens and Phones

26 05 2016

South Florida


And we still have — with all of this, we have all of these NeverTrump people out there claiming to be afraid of Trump ’cause he’s gonna be a dictator.  And here is Hillary Clinton promising to be one from day one and through the first 100 days.

That’s because #NeverTrump doesn’t care if Trump is a pen-and-phoner or not, and they don’t care if Hillary is a pen-and-phoner or not.  All they care about is for what purposes the power of the pen and phone are or are not used.  Since #NeverTrump wants zero immigration enforcement, zero immigration law, open immigration, and effectively if not actually no borders, they’re going to be perfectly happy with the way Hillary would use the pen and phone, and unhappy with the way Trump uses it.

Missing One Fact

26 05 2016

Waco, Texas

Press release and executive summary of Baylor’s mea culpa.

There is an inverse relationship between having and enforcing academic/conduct standards and winning football games, because having not quite so intelligent fleet-of-foot aggressive impulsive could-rage-out-at-any-time black men on the team is necessary to win.  Or it’s supposedly necessary to win, because when one school sacrifices standards to get an edge, this creates a race to the bottom that exerts pressure on all the other schools to do the same.   It wouldn’t even take one school sacrificing standards, because just in the natural course of things, schools have different standards.  For instance, Harvard is going to be more selective than double directional state college in general, not counting athletic recruiting.  This means that double direction state college’s football team will be better than Harvard’s, because DDSC’s lower admissions standards means that more speedy black skill position players will be admitted.  And this by itself starts the race to the bottom, and if you think I was including Harvard just to be illustrative, well, I didn’t.

One might suggest that colleges deemphasize money making sports, but we have to remember that college football is how a lot of white American men outsource their patriotism, it eats up their/our tribal energy.  If we can’t outsource our patriotism to squads of 17-23 year old young men that are around half black in terms of total team rosters and heavily black in terms of starters, (the reason for the disconnect is that a lot of coaches will give scholarships to whites only to have them be permanent bench warmers because they want whites on the team and wearing uniforms because their presence sorta keeps a disciplinary lid on the blacks that actually do play, it’s the same sort of buffer-cutting effect that forced racial integration in K-12 schools is supposed to accomplish), then white American men might actually have to reach for their own tribe to find a reason to behave tribally.  Who is most scared of that?  You probably won’t want to start looking for the answer to that, unless you like being anti-Semitic.


Take It To The Bank

26 05 2016


Some women say:  “Donald Trump hates women”

What they mean, translated into English:  “We’re jealous that all three of his wives are good looking.”

Living in the Differential

26 05 2016


Like I said, margins and differentials really interest me, in fact, it’s partially how I make a living.  If you want to ferret out the lesson of a thing or a moral of the story, you’ll often find it hiding in margins and differentials.

Trump’s RCP composite polling average today is 43%.  Yet, only 4% of likely voters in the Harvard Class of 2016 are going to vote for him.

This differential between Trump’s support from the general public and his minuscule support from the current graduating class of a school that is more than any other the choke point to the real clipper ships of power should be scandal in and of itself, and a lot of people should be trying to figure out what lessons can be gleaned from the differential.  Someone should be screaming about this matter.  Corey?  Manafort?  Are you listening?

What Difference Does It Make, Drudgeaposition Edition

26 05 2016

Las Vegas


Team Green vs Team Blue

26 05 2016


Read closer, and this is almost as much about a divide within organized labor as it is a divide between some elements of organized labor and environmentalists.  These divisions will become obvious when we find out where the Trump votes are and where the Hillary votes are from the organized labor space.

Also, I think this has helped me figure something out:

Trade union leaders may remain wary of some GOP candidates because they support causes like right-to-work laws that unions traditionally oppose. But right-to-work, which allows workers to opt out of union dues and fees, doesn’t smother jobs; research shows that it often boosts investment and hiring.

I’ve been writing it myself here, because RTW/PP is actually a frequent feature of my professional existence, that whether or not a state is RTW or not doesn’t make a difference on actual real world conditions, that those are determined by many factors more important than RTW-or-not.  It’s just that since union leaders think it’s a BFD, they’ll make the union rank and file think it’s an absolutely existential issue, and in Missouri statewide politics, union rank-and-file households are the crucial marginal swing constituency, so there won’t be a Republican Governor ever as long as s/he supports RTW and the General Assembly remains in Republican hands.  My suggestion for Hanaway, Kindercare, Brunner, is that one of them breaks ranks on RTW.

However, what this tells me, from the article, is that union leadership is using RTW-PP as a LOOK SQUIRREL diversion to paper over not only the internal blue team politics between the blues and the greens, but also the schism within organized labor between Trump-leaning construction and trades unions and Hillary-leaning public and service employees unions.



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