3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

I’ll be more frequent on Gab, Minds and Twitter.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — If I experience any significant progression or regression in my recovery, I or our favorite doggy will let you know, and this post will be appendaged. As of the time of my moving, my cognitive functioning has mostly recovered in full, but my physical functioning is still far from it, I’m still in a wheelchair during waking hours more often than not, and if I can stay upright on two feet, it’s for an hour at the longest, usually less.

Oil Has No Future In Water

13 11 2019

Los Angeles

You miss the point, Maddie.

To say that “The Alt-Right has no future in conservatism” is like saying that oil has no future in water.

We’re not trying to take over normie conservatism, we’re trying to replace it.

The Groypers are forcing normie conservatism to confess to its own current obsolescence and its long time treachery and bad faith.

Open thread on Groyper-related matters or anything close enough.

Water’s Edge

13 11 2019



Hillary Clinton is hit by claims that SHE is ‘interfering with UK politics’ by slamming government for delaying report into Russia doing the SAME thing until after the election (while plugging her new book)


Hillary Clinton has slammed the ‘shameful’ delay in releasing a report probing Russian interference in British politics – but has been accused of interfering herself during a UK media blitz promoting her book today.

The former presidential candidate said she believes ‘every person who votes’ in the UK should see the document before Britain goes to the polls on December 12.

She said: ‘I’m dumbfounded that this Government won’t release the report about Russian influence. Because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens’.

The former presidential candidate spoke out while promoting her new book ‘Gutsy Women’ with her daughter Chelsea in a series of interviews across the BBC and ITV.

But some critics have questioned the timing of her own intervention ahead of a UK general election and accused her of trying to help Labour.

This has been on the tip of my tongue for awhile.

The same people who tell us that the economy is already global, praise popular culture for being global, and demand that populations be global, and would be happy with certain public affairs decision making mechanisms to be global, all of a sudden find their nationalism and say that domestic politics should be confined totally within borders.

Though that’s not really a hard one; You don’t need me, here.  But a hint if you’re lost:  Think of the criminal convicts who suddenly find religion in between the guilty verdict and the sentencing phase.

Postscript:  Whose husband was President in 1996 when the United States openly and brazenly affected the binary outcome of that year’s Russian Presidential election?

Cherry Bomb

12 11 2019


Probably the most popular Canadian in Canada got canceled.

He shouldn’t have been.


His was a delusional civnat rant.

As if recent non-white immigrants give a rat’s tail about Canada’s part in a war that mostly white people fought against mostly white people a century ago.

That’s only half the equation, though.  Assimilation, in the way that its proponents define, doesn’t happen by magic, or random chance, or pure osmosis.  It happens because credible authorities and elites want immigrants to assimilate, and they apply certain legal, social, moral and cultural mechanisms to make it happen.  Nowadays, doing so would be a civil rights violation, even in the United States.  And however true this is for America, it’s even more true for Canada.

Mash up these two factors, and it’s easy to see why hardly any recent non-white immigrants in or around Toronto were wearing lapel poppies yesterday.



10 11 2019


November 9, 1989 is for Germans what November 22, 1963 and September 11, 2001 is for Americans.

The “where were you and what were you doing when you learned that…” moment.  The main difference is that JFK and 9/11 were immediate flash events;  The fall of the Berlin Wall, or more accurately, East German authorities no longer enforcing out-travel restrictions as of the evening of November 9, 1989, had a lot that needed to happen before it could happen, and then a lot of things happened as a result of it.

I’ve already gone over the Cliffs Notes of the history.  Except I should have mentioned something then, that I figured out in the car on the way to Berlin night before last as we zoomed by the old Helmstedt-Marienborn Inner German Border checkpoint, and yes, during the summer voyage summer before last, I saw the museum and remnants at that spot.  November 9, 1989 didn’t immediately abolish the Inner German Border — That didn’t happen formally until July 1 of the next year;  The CDU government headed by Lothar de Maizière elected in the DDR in March of the next year in the DDR’s only genuinely democratic elections needed to happen, and then his government abolished the Inner German Border security, and of course his government was just the placeholder for the DDR’s part in negotiating “German reunification,” i.e. the DDR being abolished and its territory joining the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (colloquially “West Germany” until 1990) per Article 23 of the Bundesrepublik’s Basic Law.

I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade on that day, and my teachers and most of my classmates followed along with the daily series of events, because we all knew this was big history happening right in front of our faces.

My girlfriend was only two and a half years old, her sister nine months old, her brother-in-law three months old, that day, so this could not have been a “where were you and what were you doing” moment for them.  My g/f’s father was 31 and her mother 27 on that day, so the next time I see one or both of them, (we’ll be motoring on outta here very shortly, but we won’t get back to Cologne in time for me to join them all for Sunday Rinderbraten), I’ll ask them where they were and what were they doing.

Just in the past year, I’ve been to the centennial of the Armistice of World War I in Compiègne last November 11, the 75th anniversary of D-Day at Omaha Beach back on June 6, and then, yesterday, here.  That’s one of the perks of this job, being here to be party to significant anniversaries of some big events and right where they happened.

And if you would have told 12-year old me on November 9, 1989, that I would be right there on site at the 30th anniversary commemoration of this event, I would have told you you were crazy.


There was a big disconnect between the way the German, American and international media portrayed the bittersweet nature of the day, and the attitude of most people on the ground about the bittersweet nature of the day.

The only thing in common between the two sides is the bittersweet mentality.

The disconnect is really easy to explain:

The media and political establishment thought that 30 years ago Saturday leading up to the day after Christmas 1991, the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, was the process which meant the Fukuyamaite “end of history.”  But in the generation since then, the promise of utopian liberal democracy has been unrealized, and is now being set back by those white populists and nationalists who stubbornly continue to take their own side.  The German media in particular also used the day as another opportunity to squeal about the lingering east-west divide.

Germans on the ground in Berlin on Saturday were bittersweet, because the grassroots mentality starting 30 years ago Saturday and peaking on the day of formal reunification the next year was that, now, finally, the Russians and Americans would take their troops and go home, and Germany could finally become genuinely independent and a true global power and maybe even superpower, and at the very least, quit being a vassal-client of either.  In that time, obviously the Russians left in very short order, mainly because the USSR proper was itself on its last leg.  But American disengagement from Germany has been a much more slow process, and still to this day not consummated.  While the American military footprint in Germany has been declining, what has not abated is American soft power.  Yes, I know I write that rather unironically.

To wit, and as a very small example:  The new Reagan statue debuted on Friday very near the exact spot where Reagan stood on the high podium to deliver the “Tear Down This Wall” address.  While JFK is openly honored about two miles southwest of that point, at the old West Berlin City Hall, the site of “Ich Bin Ein Berliner,” (and miss me with the jelly donut nonsense, that’s fake news), the reason why the Reagan statue there and now rubs Germans a little bit of the wrong way is because Americans are continuing to use Germany for American political ends, when by now, they thought we would have been long gone.

So that basically sums up the disconnect.  Politicians and the media are upset that populism and nationalism still exist, while grassroots Germans are upset that Germany is still an American vassal-client.


From Rhetoric

6 11 2019

From David Cole’s latest:

A good cult leader always begins by assigning initiates a new name.

So, now we’re all named “cis.” We’re no longer “normal,” we’re “cis.” We’ve been renamed. Why? Because to the left it’s all about seeing how much we’re willing to take. If they can make us accept a new name, they can pretty much make us do anything.

Here’s the real purpose of this “cis” thing:

When you are trying to normalize that which was previously thought of as deviant, it is incumbent upon you to trivialize that which was previously thought of as normal, so that the formerly deviant and the formal normal things are put on equal social and moral footing.

This is why the word “heterosexual” was coined.  “Homosexual” as a word has been in common usage for a long time.  But those who wanted homosexuality to be normalized knew that they had to create a rhetorical device for the “normal” act to seem on the same level as homosexual.  Hetero is the prefix that is the opposite of homo, so add it to “sexual,” and presto, the word for the proclivity that is the opposite of homosexual.  Homosexual, heterosexual, samey same.

The prefix “cis” meaning “cisgender” does for gender theory what “homosexual” did for sexual orientation.  “Cis” and “Trans” are Latin prefix antonyms, that almost always referred to geographical features.  “Cis” meaning nearer, on the same side as, closer to, and “Trans” meaning farther, on the opposite side of.  For instance, the Roman provinces of Cisapline Gaul and Transapline Gaul — The former was on the same side of the Alps as Rome itself, or closer to Rome, modern day Po River Valley, for the most part, and the latter was on the other side of the Alps, across the alps, farther from Rome, modern day south of France.

I surmise that at some point in the recent past, some gender theorist, already familiar with the concept of “transgendered” individuals, figured out that “cis” and “trans” are Latin antonyms, and swapped out “trans” for “cis,”, and created a whole new word, “cisgender(ed),” to refer to people whose gender identity is the same as their biological sex, i.e. normal people.  For the same reason:  To put “normal” on equal rhetorical footing with the “deviant.”

As of late, the two prefixes have been mashed up frequently, to make “cishet,” or cisgendered-heterosexual.  Double the normal, but double the rhetorical attempt to trivialize the normal.

All that said, let me prepare you for something:

Some time in the next handful of years, you’re going to start seeing this word emanate in a big way from Wokeness Inc., and when I explain it, you’ll know what I’m thinking will be the next great cause in social justice wackoville:


Coming from “Teleios,” which is the Greek prefix for “completed” or “finished.”

Or “fully grown.”

You figure it out.


Hit Repeat

5 11 2019

Columbus, Ohio

I can figure out pretty much anything.

But I’m at a total loss over something I’ve been thinking about for the last few hours:

Charlie Kirk and other pro-Israel fanatics openly love them some Israel.

But when some Groypers show up to their public events and do little more than repeat their own words and contentions and stands, Charlie Kirk et al. get upset.

It would be like a supply side economist getting mad that some protesters show up to his lecture and heckle him about his advocacy of tax cuts.  I mean, like, duh.

Or like me standing outdoors earlier today and complaining that the color of the sky in Cologne in the middle of the day is gray.

If you really do love Israel that much, the reaction to someone telling you that you do should be “thank you,” not “GTFOH.”

Any theories?

Cause I got nuttin’.


I’m going to ask the same question in another way:

Charlie Kirk should be glad that these Groypers are showing up and “owning” him. Because he now has visual and video evidence that “actual racists” hate him, and an easy way to countersignal against “racists” on behalf of egalitarian lamestream conservatism. Lamercons, both past and present, have constantly tried to say “we ain’t racist, the real racists are far to the right of us, and also D3R.” So you would think that when the “real racists far to the right” of Kirk show up to heckle Kirk (or, more accurately, ask difficult questions and/or repeat their own viewpoints back to them), he’d be pinning the video at the top of his social media accounts and on the front of TPUSA’s website.

So why isn’t he happy?

Because Disparate Impact

4 11 2019


Protesting with benefits in Brooklyn over the weekend, from my biggest fan and the NYP.

I have written this prediction elsewhere, but I see that I have not yet written it here in this medium.  So this news, and the fact that it revolves around fare dodging on public transportation, or as the Germans put it ironically, a Schwarzefahrer, gives me the opportunity to do that for the record.

Within the next several years, Wokeness Inc. will start demanding that intra-city public transportation be free of charge for everyone.  I understand that this demand has already been lodged in relatively fringe SJW circles, but I think it will actually cross the blood-birdbrain barrier into the left-of-center mainstream in the next few years.

It has actually already started even if not a big way here in Germany, namely Berlin.  Earlier this year, a CDU member of the city-state legislature proposed that Bundeswehr members be allowed to ride Berlin’s buses and S for free.  In response, an SPD colleague of his proposed adding those who are either on various dole programs or Hartz IV or legal refugees, and his rationale was that the burden of enforcing laws against fare dodging has a disparate impact on them, though not in those exact translated words.  I don’t know if the bill ever got any serious legs.