Drying Cycle

9 10 2015


Energy conservation versus SWPLs/HOAs.

What is the taboo angle?  Remember which blog you’re reading, so you should know what I’m thinking just from that alone.


My tendency is to agree with Brown for signing this bill.  I view HOAs with suspicion anyway; I think the people that run them are the kind of people who would have no real power in life other than running the HOAs, so they get their jollies off by being jerks with their puny little power over the subdivision.

Luis Fail

9 10 2015

Washington, D.C.


This is how you can tell Luis Gutierrez isn’t exactly a ball of brains.  If he truly wanted Paul Ryan to be Speaker, he would have kept his trap shut.

Also, this “crisis” isn’t hard to explain.  It’s just what happens when you try to mash two different political parties into one.  I think finding someone who can get the support of 218 other Republicans isn’t going to be easy, in spite of the donor class lining up behind Ryan.

BTW, there’s talk about bringing Newt Gingrich back, based on the speculation that one need not be elected to the House to be House Speaker.  I’m not so sure about that, because Art 1 Sec 2 reads:  “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; …”  The implication here, from “other Officers” coming right after “Speaker” is that the Speaker is an officer, and officers of an institution are supposed to come from within the institution’s membership.  If they actually try that stunt of bringing in Gingrich from the outside, and someone presses the issue in the Federal courts, I can easily see SCOTUS seeing it my way.

Never Too Soon

9 10 2015

North Charleston, South Carolina

Like the seemingly too soon civil settlement in the Freddie Gray matter in Baltimore, eerily for almost the same amount of money, this is riot insurance, because TPTB see something other than a not guilty verdict happening at the criminal trial.

And, like I wrote here back in the aftermath of the event, in the criminal trial of Michael Slager, it’s going to come down to the Fred Thompson Axiom:  What did he know and when did he know it?  The famous line that future U.S. Senator Fred Thompson wrote for then-U.S. Senator Howard Baker in response to the Watergate investigation.  If Slager says and sticks to the story that he did not know what Walter Scott was wanted for at the time Scott got out of his car and started running, and there’s no proof to the contrary, then Slager is going to walk.  If the Solicitor can prove that Slager knew that Scott was only wanted for child support matters before Scott started running, then Slager is going to fry.  It all has to do with TN v Garner. It does not totally prohibit LEOs from using lethal force against fleeing suspects, but it does prohibit them from using it in situations where the suspect’s successful escape would not present an acute danger to public safety. Applying that to this case, Slager not knowing (and there not being proof otherwise) means that he was within his rights to use deadly force because he didn’t know what Scott was wanted for; for all he knew, it could have been a violent felony. But if Slager did know that it was just child support, or it could be proven that he did knew in spite of his saying otherwise, then he wasn’t supposed to use deadly force.

I take this premature payout as a clue that the Solicitor knows he has no proof.

I See What Everyone Else Sees But We Can’t

8 10 2015

New York

“Where’s the credible financing details?”

There are none.  That’s because they know what just about everyone knows and what I figured out almost from day one of this fiasco — It’s PR vaporware.  The amazing thing is that if you read the national media about this matter, they are pretty much saying just that, they see what’s going on.

For those of you that are pretty new here, what I mean by that is that the Convention and Visitors Commission and just about everyone important around here know that this is the final season for the Rams in St. Louis, that Stan Kroenke is moving them back to L.A., eventually to play in the Inglewood, Calif. stadium that he will totally pay for himself, and the reason he wants to do that is that Steve Ballmer’s purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers last year after the Donald Sterling nontroversy proved how valuable big time pro sports franchises in Los Angeles can be, that “Los Angeles Rams” will be worth far more than “St. Louis Rams,” in spite of Kroenke being a mid-Missouri native.

In reaction, the CVC (owners of the current Edward Jones Dome, and would-be but never-will-be owners of the hypothetical new stadium that will never be built), and the important people in this town, don’t want the public relations disaster that would become them if they didn’t look like they were doing everything they could to keep the Rams in town.  Therefore, that’s why they’re cooking up this stadium vaporware.  They’re going through the motions, appearing serious about everything in public.  (Except the NFL owners see right through it.)  That way, the day after the move is announced and official, there will be a press conference held somewhere Downtown, one or more of those doing the presser, people you’ve heard of, will get in front of the microphone, the podium and the cameras and use these words:

“We did everything we could.”

At that point, they hope, all our anger gets directed at Stan Kroenke, and none of it at them.

Remember, some time before, say, April 1 of next year, you’ll hear:

“We did everything we could.”

Home Team Takes Two Ls

8 10 2015

St. Charles


Suspected of a whole string of gun thefts in all the St. Louis area collar counties, including those in Puggg’s own Jefferson County.

It says that they didn’t take the stolen guns to pawn shops, probably because they would cross check the SNs against those of reported stolen guns.  What they probably did was sell them to thug blacks.  Their great-great-great-great-grandfathers were on the frontier selling guns to the Indians.

Not Your Best Friend Anymore

8 10 2015

Montgomery, Alabama

Birmingham News:

Gov. Bentley and Jesse Jackson meet to discuss DMV closings with Jackson citing progress made

The Rev. Jesse Jackson emerged from an hour long meeting this afternoon with Gov. Robert Bentley calling Bentley a “decent man who I think wants to do the right thing.”

Jackson, along with several dozen others, met with Bentley and Secretary of State John Merrill to talk about the state’s decision to close 31 driver’s licenses offices, all of them in rural communities with about half of those in majority black counties.

The decision to close the offices has ignited a firestorm of protests over concerns the action will make it harder for blacks to get the most common form of ID, a driver’s license.

Alabama in one of a number of states that require a photo ID to vote. The decision to close the offices has caused some to fear the effort is aimed at suppressing black voting by the time the March party primaries role around.


Rep. Terri Sewell has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the closings.

Bentley thought that Jackass would be his BFF after he ordered the Flag taken off the state house grounds earlier this summer.  Well, that was a really short bromance.

As for this matter, it’s not about drivers’ licenses, and it’s not about voting.  It’s all about saving the jobs of black women drivers license office clerks and bureaucrats.  That’s the straw stirring this drink.  That, and if Alabama drivers licenses offices in these black counties and areas are anything like Missouri DoR offices anywhere close to a substantial black population, then every fly by night month at a time car insurance outfit that advertises on daytime trash TV, (“Where beez my babydaddy I’m testing the 28th man”), has an office close by, and I’m sure they’re sweating a little bit.  While they don’t have the political pull that mainstream insurance companies do, they can probably make a few people catch cold after sneezing.

Standing on the Corner

8 10 2015


This post serves as today’s music break.

The story.

“Brother you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking.”  Not yet.


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