One Month Later.

17 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I paid our regular host a visit this evening.  Saturday will be one month after the “accident,” but I’ll be busy starting tomorrow all the way through eclipse day on Monday.  This is why I’m writing this post as the one month later post, because I won’t be able to write any posts or visit him until at least Tuesday.

He’s really not doing any better or worse.  He said that he had a bad Tuesday two days ago, really didn’t get out of bed to do anything that day, even though he didn’t feel physically ill.  But he bounced back from that the next day, and it looks like all systems are a go for him to go to the eclipse, as he was always planning to go to the prime eclipse point near Carbondale, though now his uncle will be going with him and doing all the driving.  For what I’m thinking, maybe this trip, being as it will involve a little bit of travel, and involve doing something that’s been one of his long time interests, will jog his memory and lead to a faster recovery.

Today was also his last rehab session until Tuesday, and the therapists are also aware that it has now been a month.  He told me that they told him, and later, when I talked to the uncle, he told me the therapists also told him, that the second month will tell the tale, if he gets any better mentally, and how much better he gets, and how fast he gets better, between one month after and two months after, will tell the tale on how well he’ll ultimately be able to recover.

Someone Got Her Hand Caught in the Assassination Jar.

17 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Yeah, she was a big loudmouth during Ferguson.

She says that people were afraid to go outside when Ferguson popped off.  As I remember it, there were plenty of people who weren’t afraid.  And that’s why it started a chain reaction of draining down law enforcement resources and leading to so many overtime hours, me included, that I made so much extra money that I paid off every penny of debt I had other than my mortgage.  That doesn’t sound like people were afraid to go outside, even if the ones that did were the wrong people.

Problem Name.

16 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Everyone is supposed to hate all of a sudden people that either owned slaves or engaged on behalf of slavery.

You thought it was all over and done with here in St. Louis when the Forest Park statue was removed.

What is the official name for the Arch Grounds?

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

A Change of Pace.

15 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Our regular host has written so many posts over the years that it’s usually the case that, when I myself find an interesting story, I can enter a few search terms into this blog’s search box and there will be an old post of his about what he’d probably write about the matter if he could right now.

Here’s what our regular host had to say back on October 11, 2015.

Guys, in the huddle.  All guys, any race, and I guess I have to include women who are transitioning to men; since they want to be one, they better learn the tricks of the trade.

White Knight and Captain Save-a-Ho only works on TV and in the movies.  Here in the real world, it usually ends badly.  Most often, her man whacks you around or worse, and the woman hates you for trying to save her.  Occasionally, it’ll end up for you like it did for Mr. Turner here, and for the other people whose stuff was burned.

And it doesn’t matter that the “Ho,” in this case, was his own mother.

If she really wanted out, she knows the phone number to 911.

Now here’s the new story.

See how it fits?  His mother’s boyfriend was a 26 time loser, two of those were for domestics against her.  Yet, she still lets him back into her life, and he does what he already did to her twice, and probably more in actuality, to her again.  Her son plays White Knight and saves his mother from him killing her, killing him in the process.  Yet, he’s the one in trouble.  When none of it had to have ever happened, but it all happened because of her.

And yes, I’ve seen first hand in my career how it went badly for teenage boys and young adult men, right here in my own county, with my own eyes, when they White Knighted for their mothers against her abusive boyfriends.

I’ll Tell You What Happened

12 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

The Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and the Governor of Virginia both begged for and got a rampaging mob to attack a patriotic rally, and used their control over the Charlottesville PD and the Virginia State Police, respectively, to have them to stand down to let it happen.  The mob got so out of control that they were violently swarming a car with Ohio plates that was trying to leave, and the driver, to save his life, rammed into the mob, killing one of the people in it.

Why do you think Terry McAuliffe sent out the “stay away” tweet well before the scheduled start of the event?  Because he knew what he was up to.

If there’s any kind of paper trail, then I could easily see both McAuliffe and the Mayor being strung up on Federal charges of civil rights violations.

Woker Than Ever?

11 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

From Channel 2 this morning, about the NAACP becoming more “militant” and “woke.”

But something changed when a local NAACP official recently found a way to catapult the group back into the national spotlight. He issued a travel advisory for the state of Missouri, urging “extreme CAUTION” for any person of color traveling there. The advisory evoked the Green Book, a pamphlet that guided black motorists across the treacherous terrain of Jim Crow’s America. Reporters started asking if Missouri is the new Mississippi. And NAACP leaders seemed delighted.

“We were built for this moment,” says John Gaskin, a spokesman for the group’s St. Louis branch. “Cadillacs are built for the highways.”

Yet the story behind the story — why the NAACP came up with the advisory and what it says about a potentially seismic shift in the group’s philosophy — is as interesting as the advisory itself.

Start with a basic question: Is the advisory really necessary, or is it a bit over the top?

Consider the history. This is the first time the NAACP has issued a travel advisory.

It was founded during a period of widespread lynching in the United States and didn’t issue one then.

It didn’t issue one after four black girls were killed in a church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963.

It didn’t issue one when Medgar Evers, one of its most prominent leaders, was shot to death in front of his Mississippi home that same year.

It didn’t issue one when riots erupted across America after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. five years later.

Why now?

Nimrod “Rod” Chapel Jr., president of the NAACP’s Missouri State Conference, says he decided to issue the advisory after the state’s Legislature passed a law in June making it more difficult to sue for housing or job discrimination. The full NAACP subsequently adopted his advisory at its national convention.

Why now, they ask?

Our regular host had this to say on June 28.

What the NAACP is really grinding over is that since the bill would make it more difficult even to file some discrimination lawsuits, this means the NAACP-LDF won’t be able to submit billable hours to the state.

The answer to “why now” is because what is going on “now” is interfering with the NAACP’s revenue stream.

I Have a Different Interpretation of This Photo.

9 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg.

This tells us how we’re supposed to interpret this photo.

But I think that this photo has just about everything you need to figure out why this little slice of a place is the way it is, including three homicides in the last month.  If, for no other reason, we see a toddler only in diapers and nothing else left to run around, as if his parent or parents, probably single mother, doesn’t care.  The picture points to parental nonchalance.