May We Live In Interesting Times

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I’m going to use a separate post for tonight’s status update on our blogmeister.

While he’s mentally and physically only slightly better than yesterday, he is starting to think about his blog, that is, what you’re reading here, and his fans.  Though I should say that, other than me, whose name he didn’t even remember until yesterday, he is only thinking about his audience as a generality of a crowd, he is not thinking of any of you in particular by screen name, not yet.

But because he’s thinking of his blog and his readers, and because he’s been paying attention to the news as much as he can, he said something to me, and I asked him if he would mind if I wrote what he said (or close enough to it) as a message to all his readers on his blog, as I reminded him that he gave me access to the keys to this place, and I also reminded him that I’m keeping it up in his absence.  He said yes.

His message (or close enough) starts after the dashes.


Trump bringing in that Corleone slick [Puggg interrupts: Anthony Sacramucci] is the first domino that brings down a really big pile of dominoes. Trump will fire Bannon, Priebus, Sessions and Mueller and maybe a few other big names either in one felt swoop or a functional equivalent. If he could fire Pence as part of this swoop, I think he would, but Pence is technically elected, so he can’t. Stephen Miller, a Sessions transplant, will probably quit out of anger that Sessions was fired, even though Trump would really want him to stay. Trump appoints Giuliani as either AG or a special prosecutor on the Hillary beat. Without the ideological moorings of Sessions, Bannon and Miller, the Trump administration will start getting really wildly inconsistent and unwieldy from a policy standpoint. But that’s not the crucial follow here: Once someone in the direct Trump orbit starts the ball rolling on prosecuting Hillary, and/or gets serious about draining the swamp in a big way, that’s when the shit gets serious. That’s when the deep state tries to have him assassinated, or that’s when Trump chimps out and nukes the deep state. I think on what would ordinarily be on the schedule election day 2020, there won’t be an election, and Trump will either be an absolute ruler, or dead. [Puggg interrupts: I reminded him at this point that he already made this prediction a few weeks ago and wrote a post about it, though he only vaguely remembers doing that.] If Trump is dead, then the absolute ruler will be the man who is currently close enough to the brass ring who has read every book ever published, and has the intellectual heft to win over civilians in general and crucial civilians in particular, and already has the hearts and minds of the military, which means we’ll be living under a James Mattis led junta. [Puggg interrupts: I told him at this point that this part is new on his part].

May we live in interesting times.


Two Articles In One

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

In the same news article about people complaining about the possibility of law enforcement’s use of racial profiling, we get a complaint about there not being enough firearms laws.

Ferguson Doesn’t Need Any More Empowerment

27 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

You all probably saw on the news yesterday and the day before that the Urban League’s “Ferguson Empowerment Center” has now finally opened up, it is on the site of the former burned out QT near Ground Zero.

Personally, I find the whole concept of a “Ferguson Empowerment Center” to be laughably ironic, because Ferguson being empowered is what caused the QT to be burned down in order to open up that space to build the Ferguson Empowerment Center to begin with.

But that isn’t the most juicy news from it all.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the cops had to be called because various members of the Brown family were fighting with each other.

What else is new?

Week Two (Guest Post By Puggg)

26 07 2017

Okay, like I promised, here’s the post for the second week, because it’s already been a week tonight since it happened.

I’ll make my status update for tonight the first comment.

Puggg’s Mid Week Wrap-Up

26 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Yeah, it’s me again.  I know how much you loved it on Sunday.  So I’m back with a middle of the week version.

1. They’re kidding themselves if they think that trees and shrubs and bushes and a little extra concrete and changing the striping and doodling around with the stop lights will make a difference.  Remember a story our normal host had here a few months ago?  Natural Bridge Avenue through the city is probably the most dangerous part of the country when it comes to murders.  So it is my take that the reason it is so bad when it comes to car on car and car on pedestrian accidents or “accidents” is related to the reason why it’s so bad for murders.  And we all know what it is.

2. See how they try to make this the victims’ fault?  They were just sitting in their cars, not driving them.

3. When lesbian “marriage” collides with black crime.

4. I think what’s really going on here is that they’re trying to find a way to set a lower bar for the black districts.  But with the matter of being able to transfer from non accredited districts still being hot, as we’ve all read here over the last few years from our usual host, I don’t mind at all.  Do whatever you can to keep them accredited.

5. I saved up four stories about the Somalian cop in Minneapolis.  Here, and here, and here, and here.  The mystery to me is that in his early 30s, he was making pretty good money doing property management around these parts, mainly in the Metro East, but getting close to mid life, he all of a sudden decides to shift gears and go into law enforcement?  That the bad vibes part of the whole story.  Ordinarily, it would cause the brass of any department or agency or office he would be trying to join a lot of concern.  But we all know why everyone looked the other way.

6. This is bush league of you, Trump.

7. The first thing I thought when I heard about this San Antonio illegal immigrant truck tragedy is that the driver is a professional coyote-smuggler.  There’s something else to know about him.

8. A bit surprising to me, because I thought Trump was cool with the whole LGBTQ program.

9. Remember the prediction our host made a few weeks ago?  It’s not true yet, but stuff like this should make us all think that it will happen.

10.  I know they mature faster, but if he’s really 14, then I’m still 14.

Detroit Riots, 50th Anniversary

24 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

It was July 23 through 28, 1967, which means we’re in the thick of the half century anniversary as of now.

Here’s a video of the view today of some of the worst areas for rioting back in 1967.

Puggg’s Sunday Wrap-Up And Open Thread

23 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

As I promised, as our usual host recovers, I’m going to do my own version of the Sunday wrap-up.

1. The California community college system is mulling getting rid of algebra as a requirement. Pardon me, but don’t we do algebra in high school? Sometimes in middle school? I remember California wants to make all 8th graders do algebra, so what’s good for the 8th grade goose is bad for the junior college gander? Using my reasoning, they wouldn’t have been able to make it to junior college if they didn’t pass algebra to make it out of the 8th grade, so they should be able to pass a second time what they passed the first time. Also, they’re putting this as an issue for “people of color.” We all know who they’re talking about.

2. Oh boy, imagine if this was done fairly and across the board. We all know why enforcement will be a single edged sword.

3. It’s interesting, but I don’t have anything to say about it other than the way the headline is written, it makes you think that only men could take the deal, while reading the story informs us that both men and women have the offer.

4. Because this happened to someone who is in the same line of work as I am, this made our gossip grapevines.  And I can tell you that the reason why the lesbians fought was the belly button ring to begin with.  Plain words, that’s why the fight started, because of the belly button ring.  This makes it sound like the belly button ring was incidental to the whole fight, when it was the fight.

5. This is being talked about in a lot of places because of the clickbait nature of it. But what’s weird about it is that he’s accusing them of racism because they didn’t get out of his way. Usually their gripe is that you’re racist if you do get out of their way, if you are walking toward each other, and if you cross the street, he’ll say you’re racist because you’re thinking he’s about to do something criminal to you. They’re good for finding grounds to complain either way.

6. The restaurant wasn’t some fast food joint, so the waiters and staff had to figure that if she was walking in and sitting down and ordered something, that there was a good chance she was going to walk out without paying.  I mean, come on, how many 18 year old black gals who look like that have that kind of money?

7. If they didn’t want that kind of stress, then they would not have reared sons and daughters to do that kind of damage which causes them that kind of stress. To me, those are chickens coming home to roost.

8. Bill Nye turned into Oprah?  Oprah wants old white people to die, Bill Nye wants old people in general to die. They all think that old people hanging around is holding them all back from their supposed mythical utopias, but I’ve been hearing that sort of line all my life, and old people have been dying off for as long as I’ve been alive, and we haven’t hit utopia yet.  What I think Bill Nye really means is that old people aren’t voting for Democrats, and if we can just get them out of the way, Democrats will win, and we’ll live in an environmentalist paradise. There was probably a time when today’s old people were young people and said that the old people who were old when they were young needed to die out before they could have their utopia.

9. I think I know what OJ Simpson is going to do now that he’s free from the joint.  Hint:  Who was one of his defense lawyers during the murder trial?

10. Yeah, that’s right, keep on doing this, and you won’t have to worry about breaking into the hoosegow, because someone will willingly bring you in.  From the grapevine, these are a combination of local BLM and Antifa.  I’ve done my tour on jail guard duty, and even a close to 100% white jail, and I’m referring to jail, not prison, is a place where you really don’t want to be.

11. Our host predicted this, and whenever he gets coherent enough to start understanding such things, I’m sure he’ll feel vindicated.

This is also an open thread, so if any of you have some interesting stuff from the week to put your two cents in, by all means be my guest.