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15 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

I’m going to “pin” this post to the top, with newer posts below.

My posting storm of November 14 is so voluminous, plus other posts here since then, that my posts just before that about my condition are already buried, so I want to link to those directly in a pinned post. Before then, I’ll say here that probably the most critical thing to understand right now, mid-November 2017, and probably will continue to be the case for quite some time, is that my short term memory when it comes to people is still borked, which means if you’re a person that I’ve either known or known of for a relatively short period of time, i.e. for only five years or fewer, then I probably will not inherently remember you.

Best News In Months — Norm’s post on November 13 predicating my return

Hello World (Take Two) — My first post here, that evening, after almost four long months

With Some Yuge Caveats — A long and detailed run down of my condition and my near term prospects, posted not long after that

Missouri’s Loosey Goosey Texting While Driving Laws — About why my assailant will never face criminal charges, and why the law will eventually be changed

From Bugatti to Corvette — Why I’m not doing as well as it seems just from reading my writing here since my return

As I Pursue My Ph.D. in Powerology — How I’m sensing my brain is rewiring itself, after four full months of recovery

Lucky Dominoes — The series of fortunate circumstances that resulted in this not killing me instantly

Norm’s post on July 20, the day after the fact, just so you know what precisely happened, in case you don’t already

I’ll link to all of my individual posts from November 14’s post storm, for handy reference, all 29 of them, including the preview.  Preview, YT Limited State, Harveywood, Trump’s First Summer, North Korea, AL-SEN, Catalonia, Vegas Nutbar, 2016 FBI Crime Report, Decline of BLM, NFL Kneeling, Anti-Cop Urban Whites, Astronomy News, 95 Theses 500th, CA HIV Laws, Illini vs Math, HRC Doc Hoax, Donna Brazile, STL Prop P, Hamilton in STL, Kenneka Jenkins, Grammarly Disease, Halloween Jihad in NYC, Fearless Girl, Common Core Meltdown, Frat Splat, Charlottesville, Jason Stockley, Bonus Tidbits.

One more thing:  If the post starts with a geographical moniker of some sort, it’s me doing the writing.  If it starts with “Guest post by Puggg,” it’s Norm, the best friend anyone could ever have, doing the writing.


Chicken Soup for the Brain Damaged Flu Ridden Soul

7 12 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

This flu seems to have eased up on me, for now.  I don’t think it’s done with me, quite yet.

I need some encouragement from my peanut gallery.  Yes, I’m asking people, most of whom I still don’t inherently remember, for this.  Alluding to my more chronic medical problem.

I really do have a lot of nerve, don’t I?

Anyway, get in the comment box.

Relax, It’s Not Me.

5 12 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sure you all saw it by now.

I live in Arnold, and only a short distance from the scene, where 141 ends at Jeffco.  But APD is not my agency, JCSD is.

This is precisely the reason why our Blogmeister and I exchanged internet account information several years back, because I always thought that if one of us would have been needed like this, it would have been him keeping me up, and not the other way around.  Because I always feared, and in fact, even still do even though I’m now a detective, that someone who really doesn’t want to be arrested is going to do the worst.  This, today, could have been me.

But it better not be me, and nothing really serious better happen to me, because if both Blogmeister and I are out of commission, neither one of us can do anything for the other.

Three Letters He Didn’t Need.

4 12 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Remember back on Saturday, Blogmeister said he was starting to feel blah?

I wrote a comment there that I was planning to stop by and see him that day, but a bunch of stuff came up at work, and that I’d try for the next day, which was yesterday, but knowing by then he wasn’t feel good, I’d call first.

I called yesterday, and he was feeling much worse yesterday than on Saturday, so I held back.

This morning, worse yet.  So, it was off to Acute Care with him.

It’s the flu.

This means I’m back off the bench for a week to two.  Of course with the flu you’ve got to watch it real close.  This could be an easy flu and be gone sooner than a week, or a bad one and last three weeks or more, and then there’s always the worst possibility when it comes to flu, even though docs tell uncle the blood work which proves flu also shows his immune system is healthy enough, so that the worst probably won’t happen.

Uncle told me that acute care docs talked with his rehab docs, and that for the most part, this flu and the lingering traumatic brain injury have nothing to do with each other.  Which means that one won’t make the other worse.  The only hangup is that, as we all know, the traumatic brain injury is continuing to cause him problems when it comes to standing upright for anything close to a long period of time, and we all know the flu makes you weak.  That means coming up now when he’s suffering the worst of the flu symptoms, the rare few moments when he’ll have the oomph to get out of bed and do the necessary things in the necessary room may be at the same time when his brain won’t be letting his legs cooperate, which means he’ll need help, which of course he has plenty of where he’s being hidden out.

But I know I can’t be part of that help, because I’ve never had the flu, so I can’t be around him until he’s getting better from it.

Truck Attack?

3 12 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Channel 4 News:

HAMEL, Ill. ( — Illinois State Police have released the identity of the semi-truck driver that plowed into several vehicles on Interstate 55 near Hamel Nov. 21.

Mohamed Jama, 53, of Colorado was the driver behind the wheel. So far, he has not been charged or issued any tickets.


Truck terrorism?

There’s also this from the paper over in Belleville.

I looked up Mohamed Jama in a search engine and it spit out a Somalian kick boxer.

A Day Good For Exactly Two Things

2 12 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Nothing, and shit.

I must have caught something from someone, because I’ve been blah all day long.

The only bright side is that I’ve been able to be blah sitting outside most of the day in just about the best weather wise day you could ask for from St. Louis in early December, my peace and quiet was only interrupted for awhile by the head of household of my secret hideout grilling some ‘dogs and burgers.

On second thought, if you’ve got to be sick on top of brain damaged on top of wheelchair semi-bound, this is the way to to do it.

Black Board

1 12 2017



Racist message left on SIUE blackboard under investigation


The message quoted in part the ruling. It read: “No person of African descent shall be citizen of the U.S. … nor were they ever intended to be. Dred Scott Decision – Google IT. What’s your nationality? Million dollar question.”


Campus police investigating the racist note have spent hundreds of hours on the case and interviewed at least 28 people but have no leads, McIlhagga said Thursday. The school has offered a reward of paid tuition for a full semester for information in the case.

Hundreds of hours and 28 different people sat down in the Blue Room? To crack the case that involves a violation of the state statute of First Degree Having an Anachronistic Opinion?

My Theory on the Kate Steinle Trial Clusterfuck

1 12 2017

San Francisco

Some think the jury blew off a rock solid case for political reasons.

Some think the ADAs just didn’t have a rock solid case.

My off-the-cuff theory?

The ADAs deliberately soft pedaled the case, for political reasons.

Remember, the San Francisco DA as late as 2010 was Kamala Harris.


I just thought of another theory.

The Angela Corey Syndrome.

The San Francisco DA’s Office deliberately overcharged him because they wanted both the pretense of trying to convict him and for him not to be convicted of anything that serious, at the same time.