Bittersweet Day.

16 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I made detective.

I found out today.  On National Boss’s Day, to lick boot.

Early this year, when I was figuring on whether I should make a try at detective or not, a certain someone told me that all the reasons I was giving myself for not doing it was just me being crazy in underestimating myself, and that what I really needed was better writing skills for writing my reports, and he could tutor me on that.  Really he’s been sort of my writing tutor for a few years, it’s just that when I threw myself into the process to making detective, I really had to put my pug nose to the grindstone when it comes to that.

And I think you know who this “certain someone” is.

Which is why today is bittersweet.

The thing which he helped me get, is the thing he’s in no condition to share in the glory of.

I know I’m not the star of this website, so I know who you’re really interested in, which means it’s time for more depressing news.

The first half of this the third month of recovery has been yet another bad period, and if it keeps up for the rest of the month, it’ll mean yet another bad month to go with last month.  The good news at least is that no hospitalizations, no going unconscious in any way events, no seizures.  The bad news is that the way this has been a bad first half of October is a different kind of bad than the kind of bad September was for him.  I would rather not say any more than that, even though the lawyer has given me permission to.  Because it’s something on the personal side.  If he’s ever in the right kind of condition, I think it should be up to him whether he wants to expound.

Which means I’m still dreading hearing my phone ring during odd hours of the late evening or in the middle of the night.  But for a different reason why I feared it last month, and again, because October bad is different than September’s bad.  But I can’t say that the doctors and therapists didn’t warn me that this would be a rough and long ride.

One of the ways that the way this has been a bad first half of the month for him has been saddening is that, as I keep up and manage his internet life as much as I can, I’ve come to find out that he’s made himself really useful to quite a few people. Just look at tutoring – He’s my writing tutor, but I also see that he is or has done tutoring in logic, algebra, calculus, politics and civics, ham radio, astronomy, accounting and finance, philosophy, history.  From what I see, there are at least five computers out there in the wild here in the metro area that he put together for other people, it looks like someone else bought all the parts and guts and innards, and he put it all together. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I knew he had something of a wide range of interests just by hanging around here, but it wasn’t until I got a look at his online life, of the kind he doesn’t really talk about here, to know how wide.  I don’t see any evidence that he is or ever was interested in ballet or dance or art, but anything other than those, and he’s interested in it, somewhere between mildly and being a full blast nerd. Plain speaking, it’s not just true from me knowing him personally, I now see with my own eyes gazing over his online life some of which comes off of his real life that wherever he goes and whatever he does, he’ll find a way to make himself as useful as practically possible to quite the handful of people.  Earlier this year, he made the off hand remark to me that he was amazed that the thing he was doing for a living at the time, before he left it for the new business he started up, that thing was PR, was a thing he had almost no formal training in, but wound up being good at it anywho.

Which is why it pains me when I am told and I hear him say with my own ears in the last two weeks about how suicidal he is, how he wishes he would have never been born, how he wishes the hit would have killed him right then and there, how he despairs that nobody in the world really needs him, or how he’s going to spend the rest of his life being a useless vegetable.  It’s sad because it’s not him, it’s just a matter of a malfunctioning brain, a brain that may never function right ever again.  I really do hope that at some level he realizes that his despair is just a matter of a malfunctioning brain so he has something of a built in block against trying to do any of this for real, but I can’t get a clear enough read from him eye to eye to know whether or not this is true.  The doctors can’t answer that question definitely, either.  They can only remind me, and the uncle, of the same thing they’ve said for months, that we can’t let ourselves put too much positive stock into improvement trends and we can’t put too much negative stock into the desperate times (like now), because it’s probably going to be a lot of quick and severe switch ups back and forth until about a year into recovery, maybe more.  In the meantime, considering the current bad weather, where we’re secretly hiding him out as part of Operation Keep Away, the instruments which would allow him to do that to himself most easily are hidden away, but I also know that anyone who wants to do that to themselves bad enough can find a hundred ways to do it.

If he wasn’t this way in the first half of this month, if he was now the way he was back in August, I’d have no problem either bringing him myself or having his uncle bring him to my promotion party later this week, even if he wouldn’t fully enjoy, or appreciate, or even understand it.  But now, with all this going on, it would be a scene, a debacle.

All it means is that during the party, I’ll have to do enough celebrating for the both of us.


I Know It Now.

13 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I didn’t know that there is a Christopher Columbus statue in Tower Grove Park.

But I do know that there are a lot of these social justice freaks that live around Tower Grove Park, which means that it was only a matter of time before we all found out there is a Christoper Columbus statue in Tower Grove Park.

Enemy Territory.

12 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

One of the TV news photos from the scene overnight last night of the SLMPD detective getting shot on the south side.  Jefferson Avenue and Cherokee Street, to be more specific.

There’s that business right there on the corner with the lighted sign that says “foam”.

I had a hunch, so I searched our normal host’s old posts.  And, tah dah.

Ferguson Effect in the County That Contains Ferguson.

11 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

“In 2014, the county as a whole ended the year with 34 homicides. That number jumped to 65 in 2016, about a 91 percent increase, according to statistics from the Missouri Highway Patrol.”

What happened somewhere in St. Louis County in 2014?

Those Signs Aren’t Lying.

10 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

It’s now worldwide news thanks to Drudge Report putting up the story link.

When you see those signs at Lone Elk Park about how you enter the elk inhabited part of the park at your own risk, they mean it.

Open Thread.

9 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Work has had me busy for awhile.  One day last week, I had three major situations to deal with on one day, and over the weekend, there was another one. Speaking of work, some time through the week next week not this one, I’ll have some either yea or nay news about another step up the ladder and and another salary increase.

So I haven’t had time to do my fill in guest posting about news.  I have been keeping up with our normal host, and there are a few things I’d like to write here about what has happened here in the first part of October, but the lawyer’s permission is pending.

In the meantime, I’ll treat you with an open thread, and a starter story.  That Alabama county has Gadsden, and Wikipedia says it’s 83% White 15% Black and the rest others.  So it doesn’t strike me as the kind of county that would have STD rates that are twice to three times that of St. Louis, depending on the particular STD.  The reason they gave for their error does seem to be bureaucratic fibble bibble, even though I do think their first reported numbers and rates were outlandish considering their race demographics.

Draining the Swamp.

9 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I think I’m going to need your help to drain a swamp.  To be more specific, one of the two swamps that I have accidentally discovered, through my time of maintaining our normal host’s online accounts and existence, have been causing him problems.  The other one, while I happened to discover it online, really has nothing to do with online, and in fact, his lawyer and I have been handling that officially and with paperwork and with him and I showing up in buildings and at houses and to court houses with me in full uniform.  And it looks like it’s being drained and cleaned.  This other one is more difficult to deal with.

Before I go on and type out any more words, I need to know from you readers how many of you or which ones of you have You Tube accounts to where you can write comments on You Tube videos, and how many of you are on Twitter and Facebook.  If not that many of you do/are, then I won’t waste any of our time and try another tactic.  Depending on the responses to that, I’ll add on to this post here with more information, either with the message that not enough of you do and I’m tabling the whole thing, or enough of you do and with enough background information and then marching orders.