3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

All my other presences.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — A recovery which for all intents and purposes is complete as of December 14, 2019.

I proposed on December 14, 2019, and was married on March 7, 2020.  We welcomed twin sons into the world on December 22, 2020.  You can read about how it all happened and eventually future updates in that stead on my RHOC Series.

When There Is Daylight

30 11 2021


I wish I could trust Eric Zemmour.

And I wish he could find a way to handle the Le Pens a lot more diplomatically.

However, I totally understand his political viability. It’s because MLP and Co. have taken their Dédiabolisation optics campaign so far that they have almost totally forgotten about substance and message. It’s why there was suddenly a big gaping hole to MLP’s right for Zemmour to fill.

If it was still JMLP at the top of the FN/RN, Zemmour wouldn’t be possible.

This also has ramifications for the blue clad political party on this side of the Rhine that has been internally combative on these kinds of matters for the last two years and change, as mine eyes have directly witnessed on almost a daily basis.

This is also why I never participated in our sector’s optics vs message civil war of 2018, which, as I just wrote, the German blue party imported the next year. Aside from the fact that I don’t think that most of the people arguing either side actually believe what they’re saying, they’re just cynically screaming optics or message because they think that their pre-existing sector rivals believe the other side, which is another way of saying that I think the optics vs message civil war was disingenuously waged, the problem with it, taking everything at face value, is that neither side is that right or that wrong. I didn’t and still don’t take either optics or message as a sacramental tenet and to hell with the other side. In reality, there is and should be a happy median, the right blend of optics and message, which can vary by time, place and circumstance.

It’s just that on this continent, on both countries on both sides of the Rhine, the blend over the last few years was too optics-heavy. Which is why an Algerian Berber Jew thinks and possibly actually could crowd out the Le Pens.

Teenage Girls Be Like

30 11 2021

Bridgetown, Barbados

CNN on Barbados becoming an official republic and ending Liz II as official head of state.

The first part is mostly MUH SLABRY yadda yadda, until you get all the way down to this part:

“Barbados intends to remain part of the Commonwealth”

Want daddy’s credit card but not daddy’s curfew.

Racist Roads, Explained

28 11 2021

South Bend, Indiana; Washington, D.C.

Evidently, Pete Buttigieg felt the need to ‘Splain himself, as Ricky Ricardo might have said, about his “racist roads” remarks of earlier this month. Looking at how he defended himself, he shouldn’t have bothered.

But, speaking of ‘Splaining, it gives me a Voxsplaining opportunity. Which means, if you have any anti-annoyance pills left in your stash, swallow one before you continue reading.

There seems to be this notion running around the American lamercon/normiecon sector that Buttigieg just very recently made this all up out of thin air, just to be woke for woke’s sake.

I don’t agree.

In reality, Buttigieg is merely bouncing off what has been an American left wing trope that has existed for at least as long as I can remember. The trope is that there is, in some way, some sort of causative correlation between urban freeways and interstate highways and rapid automobile infrastructure on the one hand, and urban black decay and dysfunction on the other hand. Whether the designers and planners deliberately intended it, or whether it happened accidentally in a “falling out of the design” (pun intended) disparate impact sort of way without any actual intent, depends on which left winger you’re talking to and on which day.

Either way, that trope is so easy to refute. You can point to urban areas that are good on both sides of an interstate highway, and urban areas that are bad on both sides, and urban areas that are bad in spite of no interstate highway ever being anywhere nearby. And that’s just for starters — I’m sure many of you can take it from there 87 million different routes to Sunday. (Man, these puns are too easy)

Sometimes, the left uses the trope in the sense that urban freeways that connected to suburban and exurban freeways made white flight easier, and we know that had something to do with white people shoveling all the magic dirt, bagging it up, and packing it in the trunks of their cars, then high tailing it out to the suburbs on the interstates. Or something like that.

But I don’t think this trope is meant to be taken literally, especially now. I think there’s a reason why Buttigieg specifically said this, beyond the mere fact that Ron Klain appointed him Transportation Secretary. And I think that relates to the reason why Klain made Buttigieg TransSec to begin with, in spite of his otherwise thin gruel of actual competency and qualifications. And that in turn gets down to the subversive point of this missive. It really has nothing to do with black people, as such.

Modern day white liberal urban gentrifiers love this trope, even though the trope far predates them. Because it gives them a woke rationale and excuse for their pure NIMBY desires to dismantle unsightly urban freeways in and close to neighborhoods they have or want to gentrify. Just as these same people have been using a coordinated combination of woke bafflegab to get rid of all the black people in the urban areas they want to gentrify and unloading them on cookie cutter suburbs, all while convincing black people that they’re actually doing them a favor and that it’s in their best interests.

“Black” is to today what “national defense” was in the second half of the 1940s on through the entirety of the 1950s, the talisman of national public obsession, and therefore something you attach to something if you want to grease the political skids. Coming full circle with a tight turning radius, (sorry, couldn’t resist), the American interstate highway system’s official name coming from the actual legislation in 1956 has National Defense in it, because having I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City would make the military’s work easier if the Soviets nuked Washington, because reasons. Even the National School Lunch Act of 1946 had as part of its public debate and rhetoric implications of national defense and military readiness. Because research completed in 1946 proved that eating sloppy joes every noon on most weekdays between September and May as a nine-year old made you all the more effective in killing Nazis as a 19-year old, trust the science.

Likewise, today, if you want to get anything done in the political realm, find a case that whatever it is will help Black people, and don’t you dare forget to capitalize the B.

Bringing back the conversation to white liberal urban genrtifiers, that class of people demographically comprise as a disproportionately high percentage of themselves a certain domestic lifestyle choice that they just so happen to share with Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigeg yelling about “racist bridges and highways” earlier this month and then doubling down in it later in the month, as well as his being TransSec to begin with, is designed to dog whistle to gay white urban liberal gentrifiers that his boss’s infrastructure bill (and any subsequent infrastructure policies) isn’t going to mean new eyesore freeways in their newly gentrified urban backyards.

Happy Thanksgiving (And Open Thread For The Long Weekend).

24 11 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Work has kept me real busy, even more busy than this time of year usually is, over the last, say, six weeks. But I have a break tonight, my girlfriend and I are going to that Thanksgiving Eve tradition in St. Louis, Guns and Hoses. But it makes me remember that it’s been a long time since this night was a double date. If my memory is right, then it was 2016.

Inch Deep

21 11 2021

Kenosha, Wisconsin

I think we are just one major political/-ish mass fatality attack or political/-ish assassination away from mainstream social media being shut down via lawfare.

Geographical byline fills in the rest of the blanks.

Kyle vs Ahmaud

18 11 2021

Kenosha, Wisc.; Brunswick, Ga.

Both trials are happening at the same time. Yet, from my far away vantage point, it seems like the American left, including officially organized blackness, is way more interested in and emotionally invested in the former. Even though the former involved no black people (in terms of being “victims,” though we have learned in the last 24 hours that someone who tried to murder Kyle Rittenhouse, but he didn’t in turn shoot back at him, is black), and the McMichaels’ case involves a black “victim.”

By all reason, black people in the United States should be way more focused on Brunswick than Kenosha, by many orders of magnitude.

So how is it turning out to be the other way around?

First off, because Kenosha doesn’t principally involve any black people, that’s precisely the reason for black people to insert themselves. My self-coined self-titled Montana Crabgrass Doctrine. Which, if you’re new here, is that if there was debate over a proposed EPA regulation relating to an obscure species of endangered crabgrass in a part of Montana that no black person will ever go to, that the Congressional Black Caucus, black journalists and black Twitter will find a way to make the issue about black people. Part and parcel of how they’re good for (bad for?) inserting themselves in places where they don’t matter, just to draw attention to themselves. A political analogue of looksatme.

Second, there’s the doctrine of this is Tom Wolfe’s world, but we’re only useless consumers of resources in it. Apropos that my first post here about Kyle Rittenhouse was entitled “Sherman McCoy 2020.” I think one reason the American left (black or not) is paying way more attention to Kenosha than Brunswick right now is that Kyle Rittenhouse rather than the McMichael brothers plays a much better Sherman McCoy.

Third and I’m starting to think the best answer: There but for the grace of God go I. It’s not that black people actually do care about Kenosha. It’s just that the pandering white ethnomasochist pathologically altruistic cuck leftists personally identify with the kind of people that Kyle Rittenhouse had to either shoot or kill out of self defense. Either they were that way themselves when they were younger, or they’re close to people who were or are like that, or they are political fellow travelers even if they don’t think that militant street activism with benefits is a good idea. And whatever pandering white ethnomasochist pathologically altruistic cuck leftists think, they have a way of getting officially organized blackness to buck dance right along with it, and by implication, a majority of politically minded black Americans will eventually yowza boss.

Note: The Charlottesville civil trial is also going on at the same time as all this, and it’s getting even less official attention (AFAICT) than Brunswick.

Okay, Interpreters, Do Your Thing

17 11 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Had a really weird dream last night.

I was back in St. Louis, but with a catch: I was what, who and how old I am now, (44, if you’re new here), but I was there on what in my dream I understood as the date of my birth, March 31, 1977. More specifically than in St. Louis, I was in the very close vicinity of the hospital where I was born. In the dream, I thought to myself that I was worried about running into my mother about to give delivery to myself, and running into my newborn self. You know, as Doc Brown put it, one of those paradoxes that has the potential to destroy the whole universe, but would probably be locally limited to our galaxy, what a relief.

Also if you’re new here, in real life, my mother passed on January 7, when my own sons were sixteen days old. That might help you interpreters. What also may help for you noobs and interpreters is to let you know what my long termers and regulars already know, and that is, at some point I will take my wife to St. Louis to see where her husband comes from, to see the toxic stew that incubated him. She’s been lobbying for that for some time, and hasn’t really stopped. Though that won’t be able to happen any sooner than the summer of year after next. And if it does happen then, it will be my first time back to the native city in just about five years, more if it can’t happen until even later.

First thing I told my wife this morning after we were both up was about this dream. She, no kind of interpreter, told me these exact words: “Sie haben unerledigte Geschäfte. Sie brauchen einen Schluss.” (You have unfinished business. You need a conclusion (or, to put it better, closure)). I presume that’s part her lobbying and part her being serious.

I’ll also admit that something that’s been on my mind a lot in the last maybe month or so, as we get closer and closer to us being on walking and talking watch, and before you know it, they’ll be doing both, and of course their first birthday is in sight, is all the things I’m going to have to and be able to teach them once they get old enough to understand, the kinds of counsel I wish I could transmit across the schism of time to my younger self in order to save myself a lot of needless hassle. I know it’s physically impossible, other than in the sense of preparing my next generation, so neither one of them have to go through it. That, all the things I had to learn the hard way, they won’t have to, they’ll already be inoculated and immunized against those things (to use a few currently fashionable words). Unless they turn out to be as hard headed as I fear, in which case they’ll let their father’s warnings go in one ear and out the other, and they will have to learn those things the hard way.

If it helps, the dream was in color, but rather rough and vague color.

Too Easy

8 11 2021


Because 58% more homicides have happened in St. Louis County since he’s been Prosecutor, compared to his predecessor.

Price of Vindication: $153

4 11 2021

Swedesboro, New Jersey

If you’re new here, then you should know what all my old timers and long termers already know I think:

Mainstream social media (MSSM) are very overrated, in fact, almost a total non-entity, when it comes to the outcomes of major elections. Even now, and very likely for the foreseeable future, elections will hinge on the baby kissing, pavement pounding and door knocking kind of old fashioned time honored factors that existed before the advent of MSSM and even before the advent of the World Wide Web.

The idea that MSSM have a big influence in the outcome of elections got started after 2012, and Baraq Obama ekeing out re-election over Mitt Romney. In the immediate days and weeks after the fact, the Obama campaign’s MSSM data mining operation (DMO) got a whole lot of publicity and the credit for the outcome. In fact, that operation got a lot of publicity even before the election. This was one of the most famous photos of it, and I remember many in our sector in particular making special note of the disproportionately parenthetical constitution of the group, others made hay of the lack of what are now termed BIPOC:

At first, I fell for the hype that Obama’s MSSM DMO made the difference and that it was the wave of the future.

Then, as 2012 turned to 2013, and we got more and better data about who turned out and who voted which way, it turned out that the whole operation was a big failure. Sure, Obama did eke out re-election, and his campaign’s MSSM DMO existed and ran technically smoothly. But the latter didn’t result in the former, it was correlation without causation. The constituent groups that the MSSM DMO were aimed at had lower turnout rates in 2012 delta 2008, and those that did vote swung slightly to Romney. The very groups of people that actually did make a difference were the kinds of people who hardly if ever used Facebook in 2012 and mostly still don’t today: Middle aged and especially elderly black women turning out even higher in 2012 than they did in 2008, which was remarkable because their 2008 turnout rate was already outstanding, (and it’s safe to assume who they voted for), and working middle class whites having a lower turnout rate in 2012 delta 2008 and a slight shift to Obama. Meaning that the Obama campaign thing that worked was the baby kissing, pavement pounding and door knocking to get elderly black women out and to sour WCWs on Romney, not its MSSM DMO.

The more time went on, the more I was convinced that MSSM DMOs were mostly ineffective, and the best they could do is help on the margins on top of already successful margins. It could be the cake’s icing, but never the cake. As of now, I think data games are necessary for any big time serious candidate or party in the First World, but they can never be in lieu of the baby kissing, and won’t matter if the baby kissing flops.

I no more buy the idea that any foreign government’s cheap Facebook ads or the Cambridge Analytica scandal elected Trump in 2016 than I believe that the Obama MSSM DMO helped him win in 2012.

However, American conventional wisdom never caught up with my extreme cynicism about this matter, and to this day, it still hasn’t.

The reason why MSSM executives and founders “blame” themselves for Trump winning in 2016 is for much the same reason why an old OG (original gangster) back in the hood is “contrite” about all the bodies he caught back in the day (people he murdered when he was younger and a seriously virile gang banger). People who are genuinely contrite about murdering a lot of people don’t like to talk about what they did, because they don’t want to call inordinate attention to what they did, and wish that everyone else would forget. So it means that the OG isn’t really contrite, he’s low key bragging, using contrition as a front. It’s also why journalists blame journalists for starting the Spanish-American War (“yellow journalism”), because journalists are bragging about the power of journalists and journalism, they want you to think that they have that kind of power. (Real history: The Hearst newspapers had zero responsibility in starting the Spanish-American War. The McKinley White House knew of those papers’ sensationalist coverage of the events in the leadup, and ignored them. Whether or not the SAW should have happened or not we can debate all day long till the cows come home, but we do know that “yellow journalism” didn’t cause it.)

Likewise, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Co. “blame” themselves for electing Trump, not because they’re sorry, but because they’re bragging. They want you to think they and their outfits actually have the power to influence the outcomes of major elections.

This is why one big reason MSSM have been so big on deplatforming in the Trump era and beyond. It’s because they’re so drunk on their own pretend power that they actually think they were preventing Trump from winning re-election and preventing a future analogue of him from winning.

I was hoping for a Trump win last year, by any margin, blowout or slim (and one that was obvious to everyone beyond the margin of fraud). Not only on GP, but also because I thought that’s what it was going to take finally to blow this almost decade long “MSSM Matter to Elections” lie out of the water for good. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

Alas, all I needed to do was wait a year.

For this:

As you can read in the article, Edward Durr spent only $153, almost half of that on Dunkin Donuts. But more importantly than that, his campaign website was a technical disaster, and his social media presences were only mediocre.

In spite of that, it looks like he wound up toppling the second most powerful person in public elected life in New Jersey state government, someone who was seriously touted as a future governor.

How did Durr do it? The article also provides the answer: “…walking door-to-door throughout the district, wearing jeans and tennis shoes and introducing himself to voters.”

Like I said, baby kissing, pavement pounding, door knocking.

Retail politics go Durrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Sorry, it was a slow meatball over the heart of the plate).

True, Durr had a lot of political headwinds, he surely benefited from the incumbent’s complacency and arrogance and sense of self-entitlement and laurel-resting, and he probably couldn’t have pulled this off the last time this district was up for a vote, when the headwinds were a lot different. But, that just continues to prove my point: Factors other than, and beyond the purview of, MSSM.

If enough of the right people are paying enough of the right attention, (and that remains to be seen), then I think I’m finally going to get what I want, which is to say, Official America to come around to my way of thinking.

Live By the Sword

2 11 2021

Richmond, Virginia

If Glenn Youngkin pulls it off today, it will be because two groups will make the difference:

(1) White or adjacent suburban soccer moms

(2) White or adjacent women public school teachers

The blue political party in the United States has been living by the soccer mom for several years. Tomorrow, it just may learn the hard way that when you live by the soccer mom…

The Most St. Louis-y Story Of My Lifetime

1 11 2021


Or, more accurately, formerly “Dutch” town.

Spoiler alert: The first three words are “gunshots rang out,” which, for some mysterious inexplicable reason, happens often in ye olde native city.

Off the Bucket (Or Should That Be Book-et) List

24 10 2021


On this weekend’s Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair). I’ve been wanting to go ever since I moved to Germany. But I was on the road and working when the 2018 and 2019 versions happened, and last year’s was virtual-only. Finally the stars aligned this year, and the better half and I made the trek.

(1) I wasn’t expecting the world of it, but even with my reduced expectations, it was still a little bit of a disappointment.

(2) My theory that those who pulled out before the weekend because of the “right wing extremism” were merely goosing the matter for cheap publicity and attention that would turn into some book sales for themselves, I confirmed. The “right wing extremist” (patriotic) vendors there have been there for a long time, and pushed off into a relative hinterland, as they always have been.

(3) Am I glad I went and that I scratched something off my bucket list? Yes. Will I ever be going again? Maybe. Will this be an annual appointment event for me? No. Am I going to bust my ass to go? Hell no. With the exception of some necessary work function correlating with it, if that ever happens.

(4) On a hunch, I bought a certain book along with me. And my hunch was rewarded; The author was there, she autographed my copy, and I bought her latest book, which actually came out last October. Gold star goes to the first who can figure out who.

The Return of the Thot Audit

6 10 2021

Washington, D.C.

Here’s what I think is really going on with this:

The purpose of this isn’t to catch big money tax evaders. The IRS already has the tools to do that. And why would big time tax evaders muck around with $ 600 transactions?

No, what’s really going on here is that they’re trying to catch welfare recipients hiding relative nickels and dimes when they’re supposed to be reporting them to the welfare offices so that their benefit amounts can be proportionally reduced.

This is the Thot Audit, in a roundabout way.

The Primal Scream of the Childless Woman

6 10 2021

Washington, D.C.

Jack Ryan over at Occidental Dissent and regular contributor to The Political Cesspool wrote several years back something to the effect that democracy even in white countries fails because it’s inevitably converged by childless women who have enough time on their hands to sit through long meetings. I thought to myself then that those not even thirty words (I counted) made a better case for neoreaction than the perhaps millions written by Yarvin, Land, etc.

That’s sort of what’s going on here. Most American school boards are either full of such people or are scared of such people. You figure that there’s not much political drama in a typical American school board election. In the big black cities, there is, because of the uncomfortable racial politics relating to the low IQs of the district’s students. (For much the same reason why the politics of police chiefs are dramatic in big black cities but not really anywhere else, because of the residents’ well known penchant for violent criminality.) But in most places, because not many people care that much, they disregard these matters because their district’s public schools seem to be working well, and it’s the few people that do, the childless women caucus etc etc., that get on the school boards, are never challenged election in and election out, and get fat happy and comfortable there, and they usually grow increasingly intertwined with the district’s permanent bureaucracy and the unions representing the district’s teachers.

But for the first time in a very long time, the typical fat happy comfortable American school board member is having to deal with contentious meetings and disgruntled parents and citizens, who are finally learning about what’s happening in the schools they pay taxes for and angry about CRT for much the same reason that the parents of one to two generations ago were angry about deseg, because it involved their children.

The fat happy and comfortable crowd are therefore running off and crying uncle to Attorney General Rat Face.

(As far as he goes, Mitch McConnell may not have been worth much, but his single handedly keeping Rat Face off the Supreme Court was probably worth the price of admission all by itself.)

The Long Run

4 10 2021


If you haven’t heard the news by now, you will soon.

I’m still plugged into that direct gossip line, so I knew this was coming. Perhaps not quite this soon.

As bad as things turned out then, and as depressed I was in the immediate months afterward, thinking it would be the worst crisis of my life, (how wrong I was, all I had to do was wait four years and change), it wound up working out really well. All I had to do is give it time, and wait for that crisis and the more severe one of four years hence to intertwine.

Relationships and networking contacts I formed during the campaign are a very significant part of the reason why I am where I am today doing what I’m doing today, and why I have twin toddler sons at my parents-in-law’s house right now as I write this. Those of you know either know me or I trust enough know the whole rest of the story.

And how’d it ultimately work out for Claire McCaskill? The 48th President of the United States, whose whole political career I ground-floor day-one adopted six years ago, (and to be in a position to do that was also a fallout from being involved in the campaign), threw a retirement party for her three years ago.

This medium’s current slogan, which it has been since I got over my mother’s passing, and after taking in the whole thing, is that I now have everything in life I ever wanted, and all it cost me is everything I ever knew. Now I realize that the inverse is just as true: It takes the high cost of being denied what seems to be everything you could ever have to get what you really want out of life.

To put it another way, it worked out well in:

The More Things Stay the Same

30 09 2021


This (what we all knew was going to turn out to be) race hoax at Parkway Central has been begging for my attention while I’ve had my head in a lot of other things and while being far far away.

I’ll repeat here what I have written about the same things in the same school district here in the past, back when I was actually a St. Louisan. (Then again, I guess I’ll always be, at heart.)

There is one school district in St. Louis County named Parkway, but in reality, there are two. The North and Central high schools and the elementary and middle schools in their geography are different than the South and West high schools and likewise the elementary and middle schools. And it all comes down to demographics, namely, the taboo matter of the parentheticals, Shift+9 and Shift+0.

Because N and C are much closer to Olive, it means their student demographics are way more Jewish than S and W. In contrast, S and W are gentile ranging from solid middle class to new money. And probably because of that, back during the heady days of interdistrict deseg and busing, N and C took in a lot more city (read: black) transfers than S and W. Eventually, as we know these things go, combined with AFFH et al., once the city blacks got comfortable going to school there, their mothers eventually found apartments in those schools’ service areas.

This is why in the past five years maybe longer, including this fresh new incident, that all the race hoax hate hoax agitation marching protest fuck shit that happens wrt the Parkway district is always North and Central.

My bet is that there was some major test or project due at Central HS, and someone figured out a way to buy everyone some extra time.


27 09 2021


I’ll just post them from oldest to newest, and keep adding as I find out new numbers and information or have more analysis.

NOTE: As of the time of this writing, about 10 PM on Wednesday night, October 6, I’m going to stop embedding new tweets, because it’s getting too long. Any new and really relevant information will be in the comment section.


23 09 2021

New York; Teton County, Wyoming

Just from the geographical byline, you can already figure out what this is going to be about.

And I really can’t afford to spend much time even thinking about, much less writing about, this thing. Considering what is currently my prime concern.

But even the mainstream German media have expressed mild daily interest in the matter.

Which leads me to Joyless Reid, and MWWS.

One big element of it is the innate jealousy that so many black women have towards white women. As others have mentioned in several instances.

But there’s something else at work.

A lot of people are asking why Joyless Reid (and all the other black women that complain about the MWWS), don’t use their platforms to give light to current cases of missing black women.

That critical rejoinder misses the point.

Joyless Reid isn’t necessarily upset about the lack of publicity toward missing black women in the generic sense of speaking. If she uses her show for missing black women, then it’s just another black woman supporting other black women, Big Whoop(ie Goldberg).

She’s upset that white people aren’t worried about missing black women.

What she really wants which is what a lot of black women want, which is for a white man to like them in some way and some how, either individually or collectively.

Hence, why black women loved that TV show Scandal.

The Birth of an Influencer

22 09 2021

Cologne; Berlin

Who says I can’t vote in this country?

Sunday is that day. Both the federal elections and also a few federal states go.

While I “legally” can’t cast a vote, I found a way to cast five votes for the AfD.

To set this up, you have to understand that every voter gets two votes: One for their preferred candidate in their district/constituency, and the other for preferred party in the generic, in the mixed member proportional representation system. The governing body thus consists of the actual district winners and of “list candidates.” If a party gets at least 5%, then the party structure can fill the legislative body by choosing among those who are on a pre-determined pre-announced list of people. As an aside, if a party’s Chancellor candidate is either currently not in the Federal Bundestag or is not in a good position to win a seat on his or her own accord, then the party will make him or a her a list candidate then choose him or her as part of their list allotments, which of course depend on their percentage of the vote. Armin Laschet, who is currently my federal state’s Minister-President (more or less the NRW governor), and also Union’s (CDU+CSU) Chancellor candidate, is doing that. He is not running in his home district which is in Aachen, but instead is a statewide list candidate.

My father-in-law, normally a pretty faithful CDU voter, will vote AfD for both the direct candidate and party preference. My mother-in-law, who does whatever my father-in-law does, will therefore do the same. My wife will vote for the SPD candidate for the district but then AfD as her party preference. Whereas otherwise, she would also vote SPD as her preferred party. However, she’s too professionally invested in the SPD not to give at least half her political energy to it. But she’s now just as much under my spell. So she figures the best solution is to split her vote in the way I just described.

My sister-in-law is dyed in the wool Green, and the soyboy-in-law poodles along even though he’s really not that politically interested. If he wasn’t married to my sister-in-law, I figure the odds that he would either vote Green or not vote at all as five’ll-getchya-ten. But he is, so he will vote Green. So I knew she (and by extension, he) were unreachable.

But, there you have it. Because of my influence and suasion, there are going to be five Federal election votes in Cologne and NRW for the AfD on Sunday, where there would otherwise be four for the CDU and one for the SPD. And as my mother-in-law tells me, though I already knew this without saying, getting my stubborn father-in-law and to a lesser extent my wife (who as I have written here in the past, takes after her father) to change their otherwise long made-up minds about anything is as good as an actual successful coup. They can and have changed their own minds, but nobody but nobody but nobody individually can do it. Until now.

Ironically, I rate my sales abilities as so bad that I couldn’t sell an overcoat to an Eskimo in the Yukon in January.

It’s a really weighty thing to know that I alone among this planet’s inhabitants have the cheat code to my father-in-law.

And I have now officially become an Influencer. Even though to be fair, I’ve always had some measure of influence wherever I am and whatever I’m doing.

Now, for everyone else:


Look At Him Now

16 09 2021


I blogged about him back in 2016, in a city and a country and on a continent far far away, and long before I ever had any idea I would ever see Germany much less live here, and back in the days when this medium actually had an audience.

Well, look at him today.

It’s a 1.8 million € fine for violently assaulting his girlfriend.

But don’t hold your breath for Official Germany to give Alex Gauland his due apology.

Mark Milley

15 09 2021

Washington, D.C.

Hot take:

I think he actually did what Bob Woodward is claiming he did. But I don’t think he did it because he honestly thought that Trump was demented and would start a nuclear war. I don’t think he ever thought that, and just trotted it out as a rationalization. In reality, Milley’s problem with Trump wasn’t bellicosity, but the total opposite. Milley didn’t want Trump to enact his staged and carefully planned exit from Afghanistan, because not being engaged in Afg any longer would deprive Milley of opportunities for trinkets. So he strapped up with his Beijing counterpart probably to create a path to where he could engage in some sort of blackmail or extortion against Trump, or at least hurt Trump’s efforts against Beijing.

Black Triangles

14 09 2021

Harlem; Vienna

Similar to this, we have yet another incident of very similar stories happening at close to the same time but far away from each other.

They both involve black triangles. In the case of Vienna, it was a Somali man, his Somali ex babymamma, and his Somali soon-to-be babymamma. With Harlem, it was her, her ex babydaddy and her soon-to-be babydaddy.

Following all that?

California Recall

14 09 2021


I have only paid scant attention to this California governor recall matter from the vast geographic and mental distance I am from it.

But from what little I see, I think a lot of people are missing der Wald für die Bäume.

It’s deep blue California. The very notion that Gavin Newsom could be recalled and Larry Elder replaces him ought to be a practical joke. But both have a puncher’s chance of happening.

If what I think happens today does, that is, Elder finishes in plurality first place in the replacement ballot but Newsom barely survives the recall question, the media will gloat about the trees that are the binary outcome of the recall question, but miss (or more accurately, ignore or cover up) the forest of the greater political winds blowing and how they almost blew over California.

Assume my prediction happens and advance to the postmortem analysis of tomorrow to where my prediction is a past tense grammatical matter. What almost happened in California is a canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country. Scale it up to not quite as blue areas, purple areas, swing areas, pink areas and red areas.

Note: Even if The Big One happens today and tonight, and it’s Governor-Elect Larry Elder, I don’t think he’ll do that much substantive good. In reality, he’s a warmed over normiecon. And that’s not counting the severe political, social and media resistance he’ll get.

Illinois Truly Is A Different World.

12 09 2021

Guest post by Puggg

East St. Louis announces citywide curfew following shooting that left seven injured

Chicago may start suing gang members for damages

Good luck.

Forget What?

11 09 2021


The official news and public pronouncements in the ‘States today seem to be about not forgetting and something something twenty years ago. But it’s really vague beyond that.

Just what is it that we’re not supposed to forget?

Though all this vagueness suggests to cynical souls such as myself that the real problem they have is not our forgetting, but our remembering.

Now that I think about it, though, I think it was some aviation accident. Some people did something, according to Ilhan Omar. Followed by fears of Islamophobia and an Islamophobic backlash. But the thing had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, because analysts, experts and the State Department all told us so. All those people with graduate degrees in Islamic theology and studies from universities in the Islamic world were just a few fringe percentage radicals and extremists misinterpreting the Great Religion of Peace.

And you know what? I bet if someone actually went to work and did a real investigation, they’d discover that either the Ku Klux Klan or Donald Trump did it, whatever “it” is. It was once thought that such a real investigation would have implicated George W. Bush, but we know now that can’t be true, for he’s good virtuous people, with all his immigration-supporting paintings.

Speaking of immigration, at least whatever did happen twenty years ago today didn’t interfere with it in any way, which means that all important flow of restaurants was not abated one bit. INSH’ALLAH!

On the other hand, that war we declared against an abstract tactic sure cost a whole hell of a lot, trillions and trillions, over the last twenty years, and didn’t seem to do that much positive in the way of results or an effect.

No matter what, this will all blow over by Monday, and America will get back to the important critical news cycle: Black people having too much of this thing and not enough of that thing, and also Emmett Till.


8 09 2021


News always seems to find me. This time, the stabby Afghani here on Saturday.

We found out yesterday that this stabby Afghani was part of the 2015 hegira, but then deported because he had already gotten asylum in Bulgaria. But then came back in 2017, applied for asylum again in Germany, and that time received it.

To me, the question of whether this was motivated by Jihadism or Islamism or not is splitting hairs. Even though we know the Berlin Police are going to come to the conclusion that their political masters want them to come to, which is whatever conclusion that causes the least political damage to the open borders agenda.

But with this and the similarly stabby Somalian down in Würzburg back in June, (“Black Lives Messer”), and in that event, the Jihadist motivation was totally officially denied, I’m starting to think that it’s not always so easy as the absolute binary of purely Jihadist/Islamist or purely not. When thinking about both stabby incidents, I’m starting to think that there is a gray area between the two, where the motivation can be part Jihadist/Islamist and part garden variety violent criminality for the well-established garden variety reasons, and that, in fact, these two factors can have a dynamic relationship. And that both these incidents best fit in that gray area.

Anything in the gray area will be officially slotted to “not” so as not to give patriotic natives any ideas.

Under New Management (Maybe)

5 09 2021


Axel Springer SE is buying out Politico.

American normiecons are making hay about the unhinged leftism of Springer’s current CEO. And of course that can’t be ignored.

But in this country, the two big Springer properties, Die Welt and Der Bild, are actually editorially decent. Die Welt gives the AfD a fair hearing, in spite of its moderate-center-right-ish editorial bias, and Der Bild is outright sympathetic, though my problem with it is that I can’t stand its tabloid-y and sensationalist tone and style. My own daily driver is the FAZ, the WSJ of Germany and the continent; I cringe at its cuckservative-ish editorial bias, but it’s the daily paper for people with three digit IQs who have assets beyond living hand-to-mouth.

Because Springer can seem to tolerate having a lot of disparate irons in its fire, I don’t think the new management will editorially change Politico.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 17

3 09 2021


My boyhood Bible had a bookmark with my first name on it, and below it was the first part of Proverbs 22:1 in KJV: “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches…”

It took me a little while to understand that “name” in that context didn’t mean in the sense of first name, middle name or last name, but it meant reputation.

Hence, that same verse in the real Word of God, Luther 1545:

Ein guter Ruf ist köstlicher denn großer Reichtum, und Gunst besser denn Silber und Gold. (“A good reputation is more precious than great wealth, and [favor, goodwill, esteem] is better than silver and gold.”)

Since Luther used Ruf and not Name, that’s just one further piece of evidence that “name” in the KJV sense meant “reputation.”


Speaking of names.

Yes, he has arrived. I am now officially an uncle, albeit by marriage. My wife is now officially an aunt, by blood. My sister-in-law a mother, the soyboy-in-law a father, and my parents-in-law are now grandparents to grandsons three times over.

Like I wrote in this series earlier, for this little bundle of joy to be his father’s birthday present, i.e. to be born on his father’s birthday, he would have needed to be more late than medically desirable.

In reality, it came close.

She went into labor early in the morning on the Saturday the 28th, two days after the end of her due date range, which was the 23rd to the 26th. Her labor was nowhere near as painful as my wife’s, but it lasted much longer. He arrived into the world just after the stroke of midnight on the next day, Sunday the 29th, the day before his father’s birthday. Which means his own birthday and his father’s birthday are on consecutive days. August 29 for son, August 30 for dad.

Since they got to go home on Monday the 30th, in a way, it was his father’s birthday present. Just as ours weren’t born on Christmas Day but got to come home on Christmas Eve.

Back in December, all six of us were there, obviously my wife and I were in the delivery room, and the other four were in the waiting room. This time, since there are already two (now) toddlers (see below), someone had to mind them, and you can probably figure who was the best and most obvious choice to do that. So I wasn’t in the waiting room the whole time; Frick, Frack and I platooned between the waiting room, chores and home during the day on Saturday. Around 12:30-something on Sunday morning I got the call from the better half with the good news about both the successful delivery and the better news about the name (again, see below). Then later that morning, I rounded up the rugrats to head back to the hospital to meet their brand new cousin for the first time.

Since both mom and dad are small light svelte people, any children of theirs was bound to be the same, and on the light side of the newborn baby weight bell curve. And that he was, only the twentieth percentile. Otherwise, healthy, and delivered full term and then some. Unlike ours, though, who started out in the low median percentile range for twin boys, but already got to the median by five months, and now somewhat over at eight, their new cousin will most likely be on that side of the bell curve his whole life.


Now, like I said, name. This is the part you all want to know.

You already know from previous installments of this series how they were going to pick a name. And how we were all biting our nails over how badly we feared it was going to turn out.

The way they tell it, they both had their first serious pensive stare at their newborn son at the same time. And that they both blurted out something at almost the same time, but mom beat dad by the blink of an eye. Therefore, what mom said is his first name, and what dad said is his middle name.

The first name is…drumroll please…a perfectly respectable normal name. The middle name, while a little unconventional, is not so weird, and certainly not any kind of celebutardish, that if dad would have been quicker on the draw than mom, and his middle name would have been his first name and vice versa, that my new nephew would have gone through life with a disreputable first name in lieu of him either legally changing it or going by his middle name.

(Note: I’ll tell only people I trust the names, and only if you want to know.)

Now, whether he with the good Name will also have a good Ruf, that’s going to be up to him in the long run, and a matter of fate.

After all the excitement wore down around noon-ish on Sunday, and we took stock of all that happened, and realized the bullet was dodged over this name thingy, my father-in-law was like: Danke Gott, as he looked up. My mother-in-law was like: Danke Gott, as she looked up. My wife was like: Danke Gott, as she looked up.

I was like: Thank God, as I looked up.


As you can predict, my father-in-law isn’t just over the Moon, he’s that, back to Earth and back over the Moon again. Really, my mother-in-law is just the same, except she’s not as ostentatious with her emotions. His now three grandsons are one of the rare things in life which brings the emotionalism out in him. I’ve even seen him try to dance, but let’s just say that that’s the kind of thing that you can never un-see.

My father-in-law almost literally thinks I’m an “Engel.” To which I respond to him with this bon mot: “Es ist wahr, dass ich von einem hohen Ort stammte. Aber es war Lufthansa, nicht Gott.” (Pph: “I did come from the sky, but it was Lufthansa, not God.”) In reality, for reasons you all know, I needed them as much as they needed me. We’re all people who now know first hand that things can go really right or really left in a hurry, and that nothing ever stays that good or that bad for that long.

My parents-in-law are happy not only because of the literal event, but also what it represents. As late as three years ago at this time, they were really worried about and this close to being resigned to the fact that neither one of their daughters would ever give them grandchildren slash their older one would never get married. To today, they’re grandparents to three grandsons. And all because I came along into their older daughter’s life, and set off a big chain reaction on the pool table.

Which reminds me that Sunday is the third anniversary of me arriving in Germany to live and work, and then five days later is the third anniversary of me meeting and laying eyes on her for the first time.


Okay, dear sister-in-law and soyboy-in-law. It’s now for real. All that growing up we all think you need to do? Better hurry up and get the rest of it done, PDQ.

Although the better half and I know without even saying that we’re going to have to be his de facto second set of parents. I knew that already from early last month when I helped the new dad put together assemble the baby furniture, and by “help,” I mean I did most of the work.

I’m going to make one long term prediction: My parents-in-law’s third grandson will favor his grandmother, in contrast to their first two, who are already showing much more favoritism to their grandfather than their grandmother. That’s rather easy to predict, because the better half is daddy’s girl, while my sister-in-law is mommy’s girl.


Now, as for the two that have already been here for several months, we’re off to the races. Now officially rugrats. Both heard the starting bell and crashed out of the gates second week in August, the younger one beat the older one by two days. I was on the road when the younger one started, but not so when the older one did, so I didn’t totally miss out. The difference between the two of them is that the younger instantly went to crawling, while the older had his first crawl two days after the younger but took another two days to crawl as well as the younger one did with his very first one. The difference between all at once and easing into it.

This is probably going to be the start of a lifelong competition between the two of them on who does what first. And now that they’re crawling and thus independently mobile at least in the most basic sense of speaking, the fun has really begun for their parents. It also means they have more or less crossed over from infant to toddler.

The next big things are going to be walking and talking, and which one they get to first is actually going to be an early and leading indicator of their inherent cognitive ability and IQ. Both their parents started talking before walking, the time gap between the two was wider for mom than dad.

I resolved to arrange things to where they hear equal parts German and English in their infancy, toddlerhood and childhood. The way things are working out, considering where they are, that only one of the six grown people they interact with most often is a native English speaker, and anyway they hear him speak German close to half the time, (when he’s actually home), it’s turning out to be more like three fourths to one fourths. So their first words are most likely going to be in German. And there’s the old axiom that there is no such thing as a truly bilingual human being, that anyone who is “natively” bilingual merely sucks at two languages. I can also see where that’s going in this case; They’ll be native in German and especially the low country Rhenish sort of accent, while some level north of fluent but south of native in American English and my “Last of the Mohicans” sort of St. Louis accent (“kitchen zink”).

I already miss these infants.


I made it my business to be at or close to home the entire week of her due date range, but had to get back on the road on Monday no matter what happened. I was able to see them bring my nephew home from the hospital to see their grandparents’ home for the first time, but then I had to hit the road. I’ve got only one more month of this serious work and travel grind for awhile, and hopefully it will end with a blue wave.

On the drive between Nuremberg and Berlin on Thursday morning, I took a few minutes aside to make a brief bit out of the way pit stop at a certain historically significant town along the way. A town where someone once wrote a translation of this really long book, and he did a lot of his work in that town. Voller Kreis.

This Thing In St. Peters.

31 08 2021

Guest post by Puggg

They’re saying that it had nothing to do with that “50 Cent” concert. Maybe that’s going to wind up being the case. But if it was Seals & Crofts performing inside that venue instead of 50 Cent, this still would have happened?

On another note, maybe the reason he calls himself 50 Cent is because that’s how much it costs to get into one of his concerts.

Hatin’ On Jake

30 08 2021

Cleveland; Ferguson

There’s no really good apparent reason for all the hatred for Jake Paul’s boxing career and pursuits.

But there is a taboo reason: He and of course his brother Logan grew up in what is still a 90%+ white (Asians being the biggest non-white minority) and above average SES and household income suburb of Cleveland.

Jake Paul is getting serious in a sport known as “the sport of the dispossessed.” Boxing has a reputation for being a ladder up for young men who are actually or are perceived to be members of disadvantaged or marginalized or otherized racial and ethnic groups. Young men who have no other credible options to make a lot of money in life than to make a living taking repeated blows to the head.

So basically, the heat and energy source for people hating on Jake Paul’s boxing career is wokeness and social justice warriorism not taking too kindly to the fact that this “privileged” white man is hogging up a lane that should be filled by a BIPOC man. He has already made a nice career off of YouTube itself and ancillary pursuits that resulted from his YT exposure, and even if those never existed, both he and his brother were very unlikely to be destitute. As far as SJWs are concerned, Jake Paul and all the actual and figurative resources he is consuming in his boxing life are by definition and necessity keeping Jamarquavious stuck in the ghetto or Miguel barrio.

That, and his opponent last night, Tyron Woodley, is a native of the most holy SJW city, Ferguson, Missouri, though he’s not from the Ground Zero Fergaza Strip apartment farms part of southeast Ferguson, he’s from the mixed race working-middle class owner-occupied homeowner parts of it, which is most of Ferguson. Which means that last night’s event doubled as a political fight between perceived privilege and perceived disadvantage.