June Swoon (Pinned Post, Newer Content Follows Below)

26 05 2018

Your Blogmeister will be on vacation during almost all of the month of June and the first half of July.  Everyone’s favorite dog, and the best friend of the blog, will write guest posts from time to time, but being as he’s really busy these days doing detective-y things, don’t expect too many of those.

This vacation is a belated birthday present, and, in spite of my decidedly less than optimal physical and mental condition, is an opportunity I really need to take, because it may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Yes, it involves international travel, and without getting specific, which I will when I return, I’m going to look up some very distant cousins, so to speak, trying to trigger that politically incorrect concept called racial memory, and discovering my roots.  Or at least some of them, anyway.

And if the long term weather forecast for where I’m going winds up being accurate, I’ll get to enjoy some delightfully mild June weather, to boot.

I won’t be using the internet that much during this vacation.  First off, I won’t want to, because I’m hoping to be too busy doing vacation-y things.  Second, I can’t afford the international roaming on my sail foam, even though I’ll be able to use it, and my tablet, and my laptop, on hotel and hostel WiFi, even though I anticipate that to be slow.  Mostly what I’ll be doing with Ye Olde Internets during this vacation is checking e-mail and my important news sites for any big breaking news.  But that’s it.


Life Takes a Bite Out of Your Blogmeister (Pinned Post, Newer Content Follows Below)

15 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Originally posted November 15, 2017, and frequently updated since then

This is a “sticky” post.

Since I’ve written many posts since my return to functional coherence in mid-November, any posts about my condition I wrote here upon my return, and also subsequent ones, are buried in the avalanche. So, I’m going to use the opportunity of this sticky post to link to them directly.

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Open Thread

23 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

This week is mostly local stuff.

This is going to take place a week from today.  Cottle getting himself in the middle of the matter is I think not so much about him having an opinion about the protests or protesters, but it’s his way of indicating that he knows it will happen and sending a silent message (dog whistle?) to the protesters that the deputies in Lincoln County and the B&Ws in Troy will be ready and watching them all to make sure they don’t get out of control.

This already took place yesterday.  I wonder why they care so much.

Why does the city aldermanic board care so much?  Immigration isn’t their purview, under their control.

He unfortunately died since then, so their charges will soon be upgraded to at least manslaughter if not murder.  It says here that of the two suspects, one is a man, one is a woman.  Damned if I can tell which is which.

Because marketing to kids is something they never do.

I bet if they didn’t show this movie, she would be finding some pretext to complain.

You can make of this what you want, but there’s a lot of things that aren’t expected to happen on a first date.

One of the things our Blogmeister talks about often here is how the Feds are handling ordinary street crime more and more.  Here is an example that just popped up.

Here’s another example of that.

I guess it’s asking too much of 30 year olds to grow up, but 71 year olds should.  You will notice that this is father, son, same last name, father is white, son is mixed, meaning what is called around here “oil drilling”.

Because she knew a camera was on her, time to show out.

I watched a few seconds, which is all I could stand, of the “music” of this “xxxtentacion” goofball, and all it was was a bunch of noise.  So even if I was someone who had the knack for jumping off of high places for the sake of singers, I wouldn’t do that for this one.

I couldn’t have barked it better myself.

Lewiston, ME has been getting bad with Somalians for a long time, even longer since I’ve been really paying attention to the kind of news we do.  It was only a matter of time that something like this was going to happen.

I was real interested in this story, because it wasn’t so long ago that jail guard and inmate transport duty was most of my day to day work.

A 4% clearance rate for robberies and a 3% clearance rate for burglaries in England and Wales last year.  But they can sure find people who write mean tweets and stream outside of courthouses.

Now, have at it.  It’s all yours.  Bark away.

Verhandlungsgeschick, Part II

20 06 2018

Washington, D.C.

I’ve been watching the theatrics of this manufactured ZOMG SEPARATING PARENTS FROM CHILDREN LOL~!!!!!1 non-troversy from afar, even if I can’t pay close attention to all the details. But I have had this fear for the past few days, confirmed by this article, that the Democrats, the left and the media, are doing to Trump what Trump is often said to do, that is, play a game of political 3D chess. And, uncharacteristically for Trump, he’s walking right into the dog pile, and his allies are pushing him along faster than he’s walking into it by himself.

The first bonehead move: Trump’s defenders keep saying that Obama did way many more of these parent-child separations. Keep saying that often enough, and people are going to walk away thinking that Obama was way more serious about immigration control and enforcement than Trump, or rather, Trump is way weaker than he claimed he would be. If you’re in the business of making the best mousetrap, you should never promulgate the notion that a competitor’s mousetrap is better.

The second bonehead move: This article. Which I think most people will interpret as political backsliding. In this case, it would be backsliding that would have an actual documented paper trail. His staunch supporters will have this interpretation way more than anyone else. And that I think is the intended goal.

Long and short: Media-Democrats-left baited and tricked Trump into appearing to run away from his own signature issue to drive a wedge between Trump and his own base.

This, combined with the German car tariff defeat, means that Our Master Negotiator-In-Chief is having a really bad first half of this week.


20 06 2018


Guten Abend aus Dresden.

I must break my self-imposed blogging embargo, because I want to prevent you from being bamboozled by something that appears to be good news today.  Before you start cheering, as someone who is currently in the other country mentioned here, time for a bitter reality check:

Germans just aren’t that into American cars, no matter the price. I think I’ve seen more flags containing the visage of Stalin here than I have American cars on the roads.

That’s the base problem.

But there’s a compounding factor that will make it worse:

American “cars?”

In case you haven’t noticed, the American car industry is getting out of the “car” business. It won’t be but a few more years that the American car industry is almost entirely SUVs and trucks.

So, we think that a people, already predisposed against American cars, are going to rush out and buy gas guzzling land whales simply because they’re about to be somewhat cheaper. With current gas prices in Germany in the $6.30s a gallon, (after converting for units and exchange rates, obviously, gas stations in Germany show gas prices by Euros per liter), the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, which in the real world gets 18 miles to the gallon (metric cultures express fuel economy by flipping the convention, expressing total fuel used in liters given a fixed distance, in this case, liters per 100 km, meaning 18 mi/gal translates to 13.1L/100km), is really going to fly off the dealer lots. Not.

Meanwhile, German cars are way more popular in the United States than American cars are in Germany, and German cars (i.e. the ones not already made in the United States) are about to become less expensive than they were before the start of these proceedings.

Executive Summary: The Krauts just rolled us on the real, even if Trump and Grenell do a lot of football spiking for public theatrics.

The Most Special Fulfilling Day of My Life

17 06 2018

Wittenberg, Germany

I said I wasn’t going to write any posts while on the trip.

But, today has been…well, you read the title.  A real red letter day in my life.  So I’m using some of my precious hostel WiFi time tonight, (it’s after 10:30 PM in Germany and the entire CEDT zone as I write this), to tell you all.

By pure luck, coincidence, or maybe something otherworldly at work, the itinerary got us here to Wittenberg on a Sunday.  Which means you can probably figure out where we went to church this morning, and which other church we spent some time in early this afternoon.  In contrast to last Sunday, when I was in another city on the Elbe River, downstream, that being Hamburg, when and where I thought the better of actually attending any church in that city.  Even though one of Hamburg’s church steeples was for a short time the world’s tallest man-made structure.

Of course we saw what are probably the most famous church doors in all of world history.  And you know?  Upon a very close look, I could swear I saw some half millennium old glue residue.

I became upset when I wasn’t able to return to mental functional coherence in time fully to appreciate the observed 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses, that being October 31, 2017;  As you know, it wouldn’t be for another two weeks until I got well enough for something like that.  But, this makes up for it, and then some, and then some, and then some, and then some, and then some.  It’s still the 500 years (plus some change) year, so I’ll score that as a win for myself.

Surreal…supernatural…soul-shaking…not powerful enough words to describe the impact of this day on me.

Today was the first of three whole days here in what I call the “Luther Region,” including Wittenberg, obviously, but also Dessau-Roblau, Leipzig, Halle, Eisleben, and other nearby towns important to Luther lore.  Near Leipzig, we’ll be making an ironic visit to another important but more recent German historical figure.

And because of that, we’re surely going to visit Worms once we make our way back around to the other side of the country.  Because I’m on a diet.


Of course, anything any churches in this town had going on late this afternoon and into the evening was canceled, because Germany’s first World Cup game was this evening, which of course we watched from a beer hall.  We happen to be in a soccer crazy country, whose national team is a favorite to win the World Cup, (in fact, Germany won it four years ago), during the time of the World Cup, which means God Himself has to take a back burner for ninety minutes of clock time.

The atmosphere in the beer hall during the game was, to say the very least, spirited and raucous.  To put it accurately, it got me so charged up that I had half a notion to invade the Sudetenland.  By comparison, a ‘Bama crowd in a Birmingham sports bar on an autumn Saturday night would seem like an overnight at a retirement home.  I hardly like soccer, but I don’t think I’ve never had so much fun doing something I don’t like.

Obviously the only downer to this late afternoon was that Germany lost the game.

I just wish Germans would quit outsourcing their patriotism to soccer.  Though I’m a fine one to talk — I come from a country whose native born white people outsource their patriotism to the football team that represents the nearest land grant university, and to Israel.  Stones, glass houses, n’est pas?

Yet and still, that was just some very nice icing on the cake to this day.

I wonder who the American media were rooting for. Did they want Germany to win, because Angela Merkel hearts immigrants and refugees, in order to spite Trump? Or did they want Mexico to win, because of immigrants, and media members’ undocumented nannies and housekeepers, in order to spite Trump?

I’m also surprised that in the Moscow stadium where this game was played, that there were way many more Mexico fans than I would have thought, maybe even a majority of the house. Moscow, not being that far from Germany, you would have thought 99% of the stadium would have been Germans. Mexico, by contrast, is not that prosperous of a country, on the other side of the world. Perhaps most of the Mexico crowd at the stadium are well to do Mexican-Americans?


Yesterday, which was our third and final day in Der Hauptstadt, was also very special.  Here, I’m going to have to be way more coy, because of all the flies on the wall.  Let’s just say I met important people, who hooked me up with meeting more important people, and came away with two important recent German language political books autographed by the author.  I will only fill in the blanks for those of you who I know and trust.

And yes, I’ve been paying attention to the political upheaval happening under my nose, literally under my nose, for three days, because it’s all been going down in Berlin.  While it was on the top of Drudge most of the weekend, and a big story in the world media, the German media are treating it as only the second most important story going, not quite as important as…you guessed it.

Angela Merkel is really on the ropes, and could join the ranks of Der Arbeitslose by next week. Mainly because of the instability within her own party-coalition, the CDU-CSU.

The root cause of all this is the very tenuous red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-sienna-peach-mauve-magenta-fuchsia-apricot-navy-grape-pink-teal-pine-black-lemon-brown-burgundy-aquamarine coalition that it took to return Merkel to power. Of course, all that was a function of trying to string together a string bean coalition of everyone-but-AfD. At first, it worked, kinda, even after a false start. But the constant threat to such arrangements is that they are houses of cards, and have all the stability of them. Just don’t anyone in the whole country let out a big hard sneeze. And that’s just what the new Interior Minister, who is Bavarian, and leads the CSU, did.

I’d like to claim credit for what looks to be the end of Merkel’s political career, just because I happen to be in-country and was in-city. But I don’t think I’d even eat my own dog food.

Going forward, unless the “untouchable” AfD either falls off the map, or attains an absolute majority of the vote, those two extremes seem to be unlikely in the relatively near future, or one of the “mainstream” parties works up the courage to call on the AfD, also unlikely, considering this is the country that is seriously mulling throwing out the American ambassdor, Richard Grennell, because he openly supports a neighboring country’s head of government (Sebastian Kurz in Austria) only because Kurz worked up the courage to call on Austria’s AfD-style pop-nat-right parties and factions, and the German political class interprets that as Grennell telegraphing/dog-whistling support for the AfD domestically, (which he denies in public), then German politics are going to be stuck on Groundhog Day for quite some time to come. Government falls apart, new elections, AfD gets a significant percentage, but nowhere near a majority, “mainstream” parties agree to nervous string bean rainbow color coalitions to box out the AfD, the agreement lasts about as long as a snowball in hell, government falls apart, new elections, lather rinse repeat.

Another issue is that if Merkel is ousted this week, then who?  While the CDU-CSU could pick a new leader, he or she would probably not be acceptable to the other parties in the rainbow coalition.  But the only kind of person that they would accept, because that person would be the new head of government, wouldn’t be acceptable to the CDU-CSU.  Which means, new elections, but back on the Mobius Loop.  Groundhog Day.


To give you a halftime report, and thanks to the fact that I have along with me a heavily marked up on its way to being even more marked up road atlas of Germany and surrounding countries (*) I bought off of some obese French ghost who also sold me the tires on my car that I may never get to drive again, I’ll just state here which cities and towns we’ve spent significant time in so far, not counting the ones we’ve just passed through:

Frankfurt -> Bonn -> Cologne -> Dusseldorf -> Moers -> Venlo, Netherlands -> Duisburg -> Essen -> Dortmund -> Munster -> Osnabruck -> Oldenburg -> Bremen -> Hamburg -> Hannover -> Braunschweig -> Wolfsburg -> Helmstedt (i.e. the old BRD-DDR border Charlie Checkpoint) -> Magdeburg -> Brandenburg -> Potsdam -> Berlin -> Frankfurt (Oder) -> Slubice, Poland -> Rzepin, Poland -> Berlin -> Luther Region

You won’t get a full report and travelogue until we get home.  But, make sure you check out my Minds feed, where I’ve been teasing everyone with more frequent updates.

(*) – Including something called “Benelux.”  I bought it back at home, to make sure I have a version where English is one of the languages, (this particular one is in six languages), and to avoid what I knew would be a much higher price for the same atlas here in Germany, where most everything is significantly more expensive, sometimes way more expensive — But that’s for the travelogue.  Back to the point:  Benelux?  Doesn’t one vacuum one’s carpets and rugs with a Benelux?  Then I looked it up, and it’s a portmanteau of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, and in fact, the three countries have a political union of the same name, very similar to the Visegrad Group, one of the countries in that group I’m making my way towards and will be in for several days.  Yet and still, would it have killed the obese French ghost to print “Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg” instead of the portmanteau which almost nobody has heard of?  Also, this atlas contains the Czech Republic, which I’m headed to, but indicates it as “Czechia.”  Which may be grammatically correct, but it’s easy to confuse it with Chechnya, which of course is not a country, even though people of a certain peaceful religion want it to be.

Open Thread

16 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sure you all see by now that I was telling the truth when I wrote here that you wouldn’t be getting many guest posts from me.

With that in mind, here are what I think some interesting stories from the week.

“I called 911 I couldn’t get through. I kept trying to call, couldn’t get through. When I finally got through they took so long for them to get here they said they thought I said another street instead of the street that I actually live on” – If that doesn’t point to a certain group of people.

I will just include the link to this story.  I will leave the interpretation to all of you, and Blogmeister, if he sees this.

But even if you can’t see the stop sign, even if trees cover the stop sign, you’re supposed to exercise caution when approaching the intersection.  And I think this BMW driver was thinking he “needed” to flee from officers, even though no officers were chasing him.

What are these two?  Antifaettes?

They just wanted to pass something just for the appearances of passing something, but they didn’t want to pass something that would actually result in anyone suffering any consequences.

They’re making a big deal about how Russia is going to cover up crime because of the World Cup, but you better bet the last two countries that hosted this event, Brazil back in 2014 and South Africa back in 2010, both even higher crime countries than Russia, did a lot of official covering up.

Why did they bother when it doesn’t even apply to anything they could do?  All these new rights they’ll get relate to things they don’t have the money to do at that age, and won’t apply to things they could do.  But the article has the answer at the bottom, the prime minister is trying to goose up the voter rolls because he wants the proposal for a new constitution to win, and thinks that 18 year old voters will push it over the top.

Here is another thing I’ll leave for the Blogmeister’s interpretation.

Now, take it away.

Yes It Hits Home.

16 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

How could he have done this when he was shackled and handcuffed?  The way it looks now, the deputy who handcuffed him put him in handcuffs that were a little too big, and he was able to slip out of them, sneak up on Deputy King while she wasn’t paying much attention, take her service revolver, and shoot and eventually kill both her and Deputy Rohrer.

But I want to point you to the last part of this long article.  It says that he was awaiting a third trial for murder where the first two juries hung up.  Well, he just committed two more murders in front of everyone’s eyes, so getting him convicted of murder isn’t going to be much of a problem now.  And it also says that, before this, he ran his jail house trap and confessed to four other murders.  Plus a carjacking as a bonus, and that’s the matter that he was being taken to yesterday.  But here’s the real important part – His only prison sentence so far has been for drug dealing.  A lot of people who want “criminal justice reform” think that drug dealing is just an innocent victimless crime, but often, drug dealers have done or will eventually do a lot worse in their lives.  As we see in this example.  I think that at the time he was sent to prison for drug dealing, he was sent there because everyone, the prosecutors, law enforcement, knew that he did a lot more, including “real” crimes with real victims, and that sending him to prison for dope dealing was the system’s way of getting him for something because they couldn’t get him for the “good” stuff.


Castle Point Murder.

15 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I was only going to briefly mention this story whenever I wrote the open thread over the weekend.  But the Blogmeister e-mailed me awhile ago wanting me to put up links to these videos.  I was tempted to do so myself, because I already saw them and watched them.  About the story, all I had planned to say is that it was stupid of the suspect’s relatives to say that they couldn’t have imagined that he would ever do anything like this, when right before that, they admitted he’s been in and out of juvie since he was 10.  I’ll add to that now that the victim had a really nice Dodge, and that goes back to Blogmeister’s point that you can associate Chrysler vehicles with the black wrong side of town.  Also that house she lived in, and as you’ll find out, she only moved there a few days before she was murdered in front of it, looks line one of those old Sears Roebuck catalog houses.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Also, bonus on the near by Family Dollar parking lot murder in Jennings over money to get a TV out of the pawn shop hock: