3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

I’ll be more frequent on Gab, Minds and Twitter.

Reading material:

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And as of December 14, 2019, I am engaged to be married.  You can read about how it happened and eventually future updates in that stead on my RHOC Series.

My Ice Cold Machiavellian Self, Confirmed

29 01 2020

Burlington, Vermont

Tim Pool, yesterday:

Me, on AR, last week:

Would you mind if I tried again? I think my first attempt didn’t quite convey the political mechanics in the way I wanted.

Martin Weissgerber and Kyle Jurek and people like them don’t have the capability by themselves to throw us all into gulags, no matter how badly they want to do it.

But people like them, to the extent that they attain their major political goals, get what they get because they manipulate others to do it for them.

W’gerber and Jurek and the others like them know that the way to throw us into gulags is to hide behind amiable democratic socialist politicians who get really popular by saying things like solve income inequality, stick it to billionaires, social democracy, universal health care, free college. Basically, Moscow cloaks itself behind Stockholm. So if and when Stockholm wins, the Trojan horse opens up and Moscow comes pouring out, plants itself into the deep state, gets disregarded and ignored in all that they do, because of the help of the media which only ever scream about transphobia and black womens’ hair, and then use their quiet behind the curtains influence to help craft laws and regulations, hidden in omnibus spending bills, or resolutions honoring the latest saved-five-children-from-a-burning-warehouse hero, or “Dear Colleague” bureaucratic guidance letters, or obscure footnotes in the Federal Register, or venue-shopped lawsuits to sympathetic Administrative Law Judges, which result in people with official badges and guns, law enforcement and the military, rounding us up and throwing into gulags — not because the cops and soldiers actually want to, and not because they don’t like us or agree with us, but because they’re following orders. Because democracy and the chain of command.

Also be mindful of the fact that the gulag doesn’t need to be an actual gulag. They’ll just call it sensitivity training. This is why your noting that there aren’t any actual FEMA camps really doesn’t matter. Because, while there aren’t FEMA camps, there are a lot of underemployed SJWs with “Studies” degrees.

You know, I even scare myself sometimes about how ice cold calculating and Machiavellian I can be.

The latest O’Keefe drop blatantly confirms my theory, straight from one of the horse’s mouths.

I think Bernie knows who these people are, because he was once one of them.  There but for the grace of God go I, to put it another way.  But he thinks just by keeping them in the fold and not throwing them under the bus, he can get them to give up on Moscow and migrate to Stockholm.  However, I think these people have no intention of doing that.

Climate Hysteria, Explained

23 01 2020

Davos, Switzerland

When you believe in a cause that 99% of the people believe in, you’re not being edgy or avant-garde.

Therefore, the only way you have to distinguish yourself is to be increasingly extreme, ridiculous and outlandish in the advocacy of your cause, and then point to others’ lack of extremism, ridiculousness and outlandishness as “evidence” that they are secretly on the other side.

To wit:  Greta.

Our Buckets

21 01 2020

Richmond, Virginia

Even though yesterday in Richmond turned out without incident, in spite of the desperate attempt on the part of the media and Democrat politicians and paranoia-industrial complex NGOs (though I repeat myself) to provoke something really bad happening so as to create juicy video for Democrats to use on the campaign trail this fall and fundraising fodder, I still would not have gone to it myself if I was anywhere in the vicinity, and I still would have advised proper nationalists not to go.

For the simple reason that we should not be carrying water for people who not only will not carry our water, but then turn around and turn our bucket upside down and pour our water onto the dirt, and then proceed to carry our enemy’s water.

These people yesterday were more comfortable with “married” lesbian marijuana farmers than with white people who take their own side.


20 01 2020

Atlanta;  Memphis

I’ll take the opportunity of the American holiday this is, to reiterate my long standing party line on such things.

Martin Luther King did not create the civil rights movement, the civil rights movement created Martin Luther King. Even if he never existed, the civil rights movement still would have won the victories it actually did. If he would have been born much earlier than 1929, he would have been unable to accomplish much of anything, whereas if he was born much later than 1929, he would have been seen as a charlatan trying to win an already won cause.  I happen to think that Gandhi, another very similarly overrated figure for whom the times made him instead of the other way around, and was far more an effect than a cause of the big historical event to which he is associated, also benefited from the lucky circumstance of being born during the right year.

Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General enthusiastically supported the civil rights movement, but at the same time, his FBI was spying on MLK. It’s easy to think that a contradiction, but it’s not a contradiction when one realizes that MLK was not that critical to the civil rights movement.

In one of the final polls taken before his assassination, the civil rights measures of the Great Society had a very high approval rating, in the 75%-ish neighborhood, but Martin Luther King himself had only a 20-25% approval rating. Once again, that is evidence that, in the public’s mind circa early 1968, Martin Luther King wasn’t that important to the civil rights movement.

I’ll also point to the fact that most white countries enacted race equality and immigration liberalization laws in the same general time frame as the American civil rights movement, in spite of the fact that those other countries did not have a Martin Luther King.  As an example, the country I’m currently in, or rather, the former split part thereof, opened the borders to Turks in 1969, upon the Social Democrats winning national control in West Germany for the first time, though I think that, even if the CDU would have held on, it, too, would have eventually done the same thing;  Remember, Angela Merkel is CDU.

The real and taboo for discussion in polite society causes of the success of the civil rights movement were: (1) Organized activist Jewish interests winning key marginal control and influence in key American institutions in the 1930s, and (2) The outcome of World War II. No matter what or who happened or didn’t happen, just about everything else was inevitable from there.

And the reason our sector calls this holiday today “James Earl Ray Day” isn’t just to be snide, but because Ray’s single thirty-aught-six round made MLK something in death that he never really was in life.

Note: We’re only seven years away from the MLK files being unsealed. If they tell us what we all suspicion they do, and if it does so happen that it causes public outrage, in spite of what we all know will be the mainstream media ignoring the matter, then Official America will diffuse the situation by reminding us of what I just wrote, that MLK wasn’t important to the civil rights movement, and the only reason for the holiday was the collective feeling sorry for him and his widow and children because he was assassinated.

It’s On

14 01 2020

Downtown St. Louis

Forget about Iran.  A real war has broken out back in St. Louis, between Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and the St. Louis City Police Officers Association.

Four years ago, and I would have had a front row seat.  The bombs bursting in air, right above my head.

If I know St. Louis’s civic elite and establishment like I do, then this will be the big serial thing for them for as long as it lasts, and of course it will matter to the directly interested and involved parties, but the rest of St. Louis will snore.  If I was still there, I would be covering the blow by blow, including slipping in some insider info, but strategically so, so as not to blow my cover.  Alas, I’ll just have to follow the P-D’s telling, and whatever secret squirrels back there that even remember me that send me privileged info from time to time.

In related news, I see there’s this.  The only corporeal human being I voted for in 2016 other than Trump was Josh Hawley for Attorney General, in the primary, because the party establishment choice was a rat fink Judas on Mizzou, and then in the general after Hawley won the primary, because I knew by then that the Soros whore in the person of Kim Gardner would be the next Circuit Attorney, and we’d need Hawley as AG to do the prosecution that she wouldn’t.  Since then, the deck has been shuffled in state government executive positions, and it’s now Eric Schmitt as AG, and then of course the upset of Wesley Bell over Bob McCulloch in August 2018, he being another Gardner-type.  (The only reason he actually didn’t get Soros money is that nobody thought he had a chance.)  So it’s now Schmitt having to do Wesley Bell’s and Kim Gardner’s work.  And of course, the cops in St. Louis City and County are dropping more and more case files in Jensen’s lap instead of Bell’s or Gardner’s — That much, if I wasn’t smart enough to guess, I know from continuing to read the St. Louis media.

And, of course, as I always say about the native city:

Movin’ Out

8 01 2020


Nothing Ever Became Him In Life…

3 01 2020


Three points:

* I think major problems have been deterred and prevented rather than caused and risked by dispatching Soleimani to his 72 virgins.

* Whenever things like this happen, a lot of people keep repeating this myth, so let me take this opportunity to refute it:

Foreign embassies (et al.) are NOT sovereign territory of the sending country.  The MISSION of a foreign embassy is sovereign to the sending country;  However, the real estate underlying foreign embassies is still sovereign of the receiving country.

There was a case many years ago of a Kenyan woman who timed her delivery such that she was in a women’s restroom of the American embassy in Nairobi, and of course she tried to claim birthright American citizen.  Now that you know what you know, you can figure that the American Federal judiciary turned her claim away, quite easily.

* You all know I don’t have that much love for Schlomo.  But this isn’t Schlomo’s deal here, and most American-Iranian hostilities for the past four decades have been mostly independent of Schlomo.  It is true that in some instances, Schlomo is trying to exploit the hostilities for his best interests.  However, even if Schlomo never existed, the United States and Iran would still have pretty much the same hostile relationship it has in our real world.