I Speak From Professional Experience

26 11 2015


And I also speak as someone who, pending any great changes in facts, already has his mind made up on the Laquan McDonald matter.

There are lots of people who already have their minds made up in the opposite direction, and lots of people whose minds aren’t made up.  These protest tactics aren’t convincing anyone not on your team to join your team, and they’re making some on your team reconsider the wisdom of being on your team.

To put it another way, a lot of people are using the antics of these “protesters” to make inferences about what kind of person Laquan McDonald was and to help them determine which is the correct side of this question.  Plain words, these are horrible optics.

As an aside, even though I’m not on the cops’ side, I already knew that McDonald was already a typical Chicago street goon, and well on his way to a lot more of the same, before becoming worm food by 30.

Nazi Week Is Back

25 11 2015

Columbus, Ohio

I guess I would be wasting my keystrokes to point out that the first Nazi Week didn’t work.  In fact, I know I’m wasting my keystrokes, because I’m trying to say this to people who forget nothing because they learn nothing.

Pre-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

25 11 2015


* Turmoil in Jennings city government, which is like worrying about a particularly bad cold snap at the south pole.

* “Get that camera out of my face you terrorist! Don’t you know we’re bringing in the Syrians to do battle with the Dindus?”


* Why should Obama think he needs to tell Congress anything?  Because pen and phone.

* Fight back, and expose Little Ricky in the process.

* “Vetting.” This reminds me of something: The Tsarnaev bomb brothers would have easily passed a vetting or a screening if they would have gotten one.


* Shhh, this never happened.

* I guess someone in Chicago was planning a really wild party.

* They miss the point. It’s not about the overall percentage increase in the total universe of large cities.  The notable statistic is that the two cities with the largest numerical increase in 2015 over 2014 are two cities that were the host of recent riots:  Baltimore and St. Louis.

* Standardized testing exposes grade and course title inflation in schools.  That’s the way we look at it, (though this being the NYP, you knew they’d have to get their unnecessary digs in against teachers’ unions).  How will the other side look at this?  Of course, the problem is with the standardized tests.

* Elitist hypocrite, as usual.  But I already solved this paradox with another item in this wrap-up.  Big city mayors whose cities have lots of blacks want to bring in Syrians so that they can do battle with and drive out the Dindus.

* Sessio Volans vs terrorists.  Nice touch.

* Want to figure out why or how?  Crack a book about HBD.


* Hopefully, this will start a trend.

* Which is to say they won’t be taking many of these “refugees,” as most of the “refugees” are young single men.


* Head on over to Saber Point, read it and beware.  Re the second to the last paragraph:  That dog doesn’t hunt for me, because MSFT is admitting it does business with dodgy Indians.  We all know why, because they’re inexpensive.

Hand Slap

25 11 2015

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Remember him?


You probably don’t, because KKK.

Anyway, here’s what is going to happen to his assailant’s parents.

But, as you can read, even though they were each sentenced to a year in jail and five more on papers, because they have three more children, they will only do alternating five month sentences.

Because they were such great parents to one of their children, the judge determined that at least one of them needs to be there to take care of the other three.


What’s Next?

25 11 2015



Now that we know what happened, we know what’s next.

Just in case you don’t know what’s next, I’ll give you R-S-T-L-N-E.

_ _ _ _ N _ _ E

I Wonder If He Had His Hands Up

25 11 2015


Number 12.

The family members also told WFOR that Bailey, 25, his two young children, ages 5 and 10, and another man were driving in Miami Gardens to pick up one of his cousins when another car pulled alongside and started shooting. The family said Bailey was a passenger in the vehicle.

25 minus 10 minus 9 months…


Unethical Society of Police

24 11 2015

Fountain Park

This organization doesn’t have much moral authority to be lecturing anyone, for as much trouble as its senior leadership has been in lately.

Why are they worried about fighting crime?  Especially since we know who is doing the crime, if we actually tried to fight it, the Unethical Society of Police would be among the first in line to bitch about racism.

And also, it says that the NAACP’s St. Louis office is at 4811 Delmar.  That also happens to be the address of a state office building.  Why is the St. Louis NAACP being run out of a state office building?


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