Ye (Really) Olde Internets

26 05 2017

Taormina, Italy


The leaders signed a joint statement to “combat the misuse of the Internet by terrorists”, backing efforts to make technology companies do more to crack down on what May called “the hateful ideology” of Islamic State.

“Against the backdrop of Monday’s cowardly attack in Manchester we have discussed what more we can do to defeat global terror,” May told a news conference.

“We agreed the threat from Daesh (Islamic State) is evolving rather than disappearing. As they lose ground in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters are returning and the group’s hateful ideology is spreading online. Make no mistake, the fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet.”

And I’m not cool with this brewing narrative of “blame the internet.”  Of course, what other option do they have?  Must not be racist, or Islamophobic, because diversity.

Let me put it to you this way:  I use the phrase “Ye Olde Internets” fully with tongue in cheek, and just to be cute.  But, the way these people are going on, and if this is any indication, this “blame the internet” official public meme is going to go balls to the wall until there’s no groove left on the vinyl, they must think the internet actually is that old.  You know, because the internet existed in the seventh and eighth century to help facilitate the growing Caliphate and help it make it halfway up through what is now modern-day France until Charles Martel stopped them and started pushing them back.  Which means the internet also existed in the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries as the Ottoman Turks karked Constantinople and then almost 200 years later made it close to the gates of Vienna until Jan Sobieski did his best Charles Martel impersonation.

Here’s a piece of advice:  Crack a Koran every once in awhile, and actually read the thing.

Some Modification Required

26 05 2017


Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is worried about income and wealth inequality?

I hope you brought your own laugh tracks or irony-o-meter.

You don’t have an irony-o-meter?  You’re in luck, because if you look hard enough on Ye Olde Internets, you’ll find a few places where they’ll show you how to mod any decent SWR/wattmeter and turn it into an irony-o-meter.

Seriously, though.  In spite of the pot-kettle-black nature of the matter, he’s right — Whether any of us want it or not, advocate it or not, think it’s a good idea or not, what he’s calling for will come to pass, and it will happen because there won’t be any other option, as artificial intelligence and cognitive stratification lock in.

All the Hoopla

26 05 2017


A whole lot of hype and hoopla and noise over…

…A special election in…



The last time people were that interested in Montana, Dan Seals and Marie Osmond were singing.

Far Cry Me a River

25 05 2017

Frankfurt, Germany and Rennes, France


These Crytek/Ubisoft cretins forgot nothing because they learned nothing.

Remember what was the Alt-Right’s coming out party, its debutante ball?  That’s right, a little scandal from three current years ago called GamerGate.  This means that the SJW crowd whose fingerprints are all over Far Cry 5 didn’t realize what kind of bear they’re poking.  4chan, 8chan, /pol/ and the rest of the Alt-Right’s doxxer crowd are probably hard at work as I type this to figure out who to out and embarrass.

OTOH, if there are any good reviews of FC5 in the gaming press, then there’s a close to 100% chance that there’s a blow job behind it.

The Breakfast of Chumpions

25 05 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

If you think I’ve been on a real roll and a tear lately, your eyes are not fooling your brain.

Because I have.  In most aspects of my life.

There’s a really simple explanation for it:

I recently swapped out my breakfast cereal for Kellogg’s Profundity Flakes.  A nutritious part of my snarky breakfast.

But I still almost always have a glass of Orenthal James.

Turnkey Business

25 05 2017


There was once a time when you needed gas chambers and Zyklon B to commit ethnic cleansing, or at the very least, you needed crates full of rifles and machetes.  Those were simpler times, the good ole days.

Today, ethnic cleansing is so easy that all you need is a ten year out Federal budget proposal which grows Federal spending at about the same annual rate as the projected annual rate of economic growth, and makes a slight raw dollar cut in a few Federal programs.


I’m Up for a Bit of Cultural Appropriation Today, After I Get Done With My Islamophobic Backlash. Who’s Game?

25 05 2017

Portland, Oregon

Concomitant to that, I suddenly have a taste for Portland-style burritos.

Seriously, about that, here’s my hot take, which I doubt I’ll have to change:

I think the real heat source behind this controversy isn’t anyone worrying about anyone else’s culture being appropriated, it’s the fact that the open borders fanatics think that these young ladies in Portland are pissing all over their Cheerios.

Here’s what I mean:

One of the prime benefits that open borders diversitarians claim is a consequence of all that diversity that open borders brings is:


Now, in a normal, sane world, people interested in the culinary arts travel around the world, learn recipes and methods, and then bring them home.  Several years ago, I read a story about the best Mexican chef in Japan being Japanese or the best Japanese chef in Mexico being Mexican, can’t remember which.

But in our bassackwards world, transnational migration of recipes isn’t that easy.  No, if you want recipes and preparation methods from a given country, then you have to open your immigration system to any and every one from that country who wants to migrate to your country.

So, there you have the real reason why we’re all supposed to hate Liz and Kali — Because they at least on one front exposed the non-necessity of mass immigration.