3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

All my other presences.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — A recovery which for all intents and purposes is complete as of December 14, 2019.

I proposed on December 14, 2019, and was married on March 7, 2020.  We welcomed twin sons into the world on December 22, 2020.  You can read about how it all happened and eventually future updates in that stead on my RHOC Series.


23 09 2021

New York; Teton County, Wyoming

Just from the geographical byline, you can already figure out what this is going to be about.

And I really can’t afford to spend much time even thinking about, much less writing about, this thing. Considering what is currently my prime concern.

But even the mainstream German media have expressed mild daily interest in the matter.

Which leads me to Joyless Reid, and MWWS.

One big element of it is the innate jealousy that so many black women have towards white women. As others have mentioned in several instances.

But there’s something else at work.

A lot of people are asking why Joyless Reid (and all the other black women that complain about the MWWS), don’t use their platforms to give light to current cases of missing black women.

That critical rejoinder misses the point.

Joyless Reid isn’t necessarily upset about the lack of publicity toward missing black women in the generic sense of speaking. If she uses her show for missing black women, then it’s just another black woman supporting other black women, Big Whoop(ie Goldberg).

She’s upset that white people aren’t worried about missing black women.

What she really wants which is what a lot of black women want, which is for a white man to like them in some way and some how, either individually or collectively.

Hence, why black women loved that TV show Scandal.

The Birth of an Influencer

22 09 2021

Cologne; Berlin

Who says I can’t vote in this country?

Sunday is that day. Both the federal elections and also a few federal states go.

While I “legally” can’t cast a vote, I found a way to cast five votes for the AfD.

To set this up, you have to understand that every voter gets two votes: One for their preferred candidate in their district/constituency, and the other for preferred party in the generic, in the mixed member proportional representation system. The governing body thus consists of the actual district winners and of “list candidates.” If a party gets at least 5%, then the party structure can fill the legislative body by choosing among those who are on a pre-determined pre-announced list of people. As an aside, if a party’s Chancellor candidate is either currently not in the Federal Bundestag or is not in a good position to win a seat on his or her own accord, then the party will make him or a her a list candidate then choose him or her as part of their list allotments, which of course depend on their percentage of the vote. Armin Laschet, who is currently my federal state’s Minister-President (more or less the NRW governor), and also Union’s (CDU+CSU) Chancellor candidate, is doing that. He is not running in his home district which is in Aachen, but instead is a statewide list candidate.

My father-in-law, normally a pretty faithful CDU voter, will vote AfD for both the direct candidate and party preference. My mother-in-law, who does whatever my father-in-law does, will therefore do the same. My wife will vote for the SPD candidate for the district but then AfD as her party preference. Whereas otherwise, she would also vote SPD as her preferred party. However, she’s too professionally invested in the SPD not to give at least half her political energy to it. But she’s now just as much under my spell. So she figures the best solution is to split her vote in the way I just described.

My sister-in-law is dyed in the wool Green, and the soyboy-in-law poodles along even though he’s really not that politically interested. If he wasn’t married to my sister-in-law, I figure the odds that he would either vote Green or not vote at all as five’ll-getchya-ten. But he is, so he will vote Green. So I knew she (and by extension, he) were unreachable.

But, there you have it. Because of my influence and suasion, there are going to be five Federal election votes in Cologne and NRW for the AfD on Sunday, where there would otherwise be four for the CDU and one for the SPD. And as my mother-in-law tells me, though I already knew this without saying, getting my stubborn father-in-law and to a lesser extent my wife (who as I have written here in the past, takes after her father) to change their otherwise long made-up minds about anything is as good as an actual successful coup. They can and have changed their own minds, but nobody but nobody but nobody individually can do it. Until now.

Ironically, I rate my sales abilities as so bad that I couldn’t sell an overcoat to an Eskimo in the Yukon in January.

It’s a really weighty thing to know that I alone among this planet’s inhabitants have the cheat code to my father-in-law.

And I have now officially become an Influencer. Even though to be fair, I’ve always had some measure of influence wherever I am and whatever I’m doing.

Now, for everyone else:


Look At Him Now

16 09 2021


I blogged about him back in 2016, in a city and a country and on a continent far far away, and long before I ever had any idea I would ever see Germany much less live here, and back in the days when this medium actually had an audience.

Well, look at him today.

It’s a 1.8 million € fine for violently assaulting his girlfriend.

But don’t hold your breath for Official Germany to give Alex Gauland his due apology.

Mark Milley

15 09 2021

Washington, D.C.

Hot take:

I think he actually did what Bob Woodward is claiming he did. But I don’t think he did it because he honestly thought that Trump was demented and would start a nuclear war. I don’t think he ever thought that, and just trotted it out as a rationalization. In reality, Milley’s problem with Trump wasn’t bellicosity, but the total opposite. Milley didn’t want Trump to enact his staged and carefully planned exit from Afghanistan, because not being engaged in Afg any longer would deprive Milley of opportunities for trinkets. So he strapped up with his Beijing counterpart probably to create a path to where he could engage in some sort of blackmail or extortion against Trump, or at least hurt Trump’s efforts against Beijing.

Black Triangles

14 09 2021

Harlem; Vienna

Similar to this, we have yet another incident of very similar stories happening at close to the same time but far away from each other.

They both involve black triangles. In the case of Vienna, it was a Somali man, his Somali ex babymamma, and his Somali soon-to-be babymamma. With Harlem, it was her, her ex babydaddy and her soon-to-be babydaddy.

Following all that?

California Recall

14 09 2021


I have only paid scant attention to this California governor recall matter from the vast geographic and mental distance I am from it.

But from what little I see, I think a lot of people are missing der Wald für die Bäume.

It’s deep blue California. The very notion that Gavin Newsom could be recalled and Larry Elder replaces him ought to be a practical joke. But both have a puncher’s chance of happening.

If what I think happens today does, that is, Elder finishes in plurality first place in the replacement ballot but Newsom barely survives the recall question, the media will gloat about the trees that are the binary outcome of the recall question, but miss (or more accurately, ignore or cover up) the forest of the greater political winds blowing and how they almost blew over California.

Assume my prediction happens and advance to the postmortem analysis of tomorrow to where my prediction is a past tense grammatical matter. What almost happened in California is a canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country. Scale it up to not quite as blue areas, purple areas, swing areas, pink areas and red areas.

Note: Even if The Big One happens today and tonight, and it’s Governor-Elect Larry Elder, I don’t think he’ll do that much substantive good. In reality, he’s a warmed over normiecon. And that’s not counting the severe political, social and media resistance he’ll get.

Illinois Truly Is A Different World.

12 09 2021

Guest post by Puggg

East St. Louis announces citywide curfew following shooting that left seven injured

Chicago may start suing gang members for damages

Good luck.

Forget What?

11 09 2021


The official news and public pronouncements in the ‘States today seem to be about not forgetting and something something twenty years ago. But it’s really vague beyond that.

Just what is it that we’re not supposed to forget?

Though all this vagueness suggests to cynical souls such as myself that the real problem they have is not our forgetting, but our remembering.

Now that I think about it, though, I think it was some aviation accident. Some people did something, according to Ilhan Omar. Followed by fears of Islamophobia and an Islamophobic backlash. But the thing had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, because analysts, experts and the State Department all told us so. All those people with graduate degrees in Islamic theology and studies from universities in the Islamic world were just a few fringe percentage radicals and extremists misinterpreting the Great Religion of Peace.

And you know what? I bet if someone actually went to work and did a real investigation, they’d discover that either the Ku Klux Klan or Donald Trump did it, whatever “it” is. It was once thought that such a real investigation would have implicated George W. Bush, but we know now that can’t be true, for he’s good virtuous people, with all his immigration-supporting paintings.

Speaking of immigration, at least whatever did happen twenty years ago today didn’t interfere with it in any way, which means that all important flow of restaurants was not abated one bit. INSH’ALLAH!

On the other hand, that war we declared against an abstract tactic sure cost a whole hell of a lot, trillions and trillions, over the last twenty years, and didn’t seem to do that much positive in the way of results or an effect.

No matter what, this will all blow over by Monday, and America will get back to the important critical news cycle: Black people having too much of this thing and not enough of that thing, and also Emmett Till.


8 09 2021


News always seems to find me. This time, the stabby Afghani here on Saturday.

We found out yesterday that this stabby Afghani was part of the 2015 hegira, but then deported because he had already gotten asylum in Bulgaria. But then came back in 2017, applied for asylum again in Germany, and that time received it.

To me, the question of whether this was motivated by Jihadism or Islamism or not is splitting hairs. Even though we know the Berlin Police are going to come to the conclusion that their political masters want them to come to, which is whatever conclusion that causes the least political damage to the open borders agenda.

But with this and the similarly stabby Somalian down in Würzburg back in June, (“Black Lives Messer”), and in that event, the Jihadist motivation was totally officially denied, I’m starting to think that it’s not always so easy as the absolute binary of purely Jihadist/Islamist or purely not. When thinking about both stabby incidents, I’m starting to think that there is a gray area between the two, where the motivation can be part Jihadist/Islamist and part garden variety violent criminality for the well-established garden variety reasons, and that, in fact, these two factors can have a dynamic relationship. And that both these incidents best fit in that gray area.

Anything in the gray area will be officially slotted to “not” so as not to give patriotic natives any ideas.

Under New Management (Maybe)

5 09 2021


Axel Springer SE is buying out Politico.

American normiecons are making hay about the unhinged leftism of Springer’s current CEO. And of course that can’t be ignored.

But in this country, the two big Springer properties, Die Welt and Der Bild, are actually editorially decent. Die Welt gives the AfD a fair hearing, in spite of its moderate-center-right-ish editorial bias, and Der Bild is outright sympathetic, though my problem with it is that I can’t stand its tabloid-y and sensationalist tone and style. My own daily driver is the FAZ, the WSJ of Germany and the continent; I cringe at its cuckservative-ish editorial bias, but it’s the daily paper for people with three digit IQs who have assets beyond living hand-to-mouth.

Because Springer can seem to tolerate having a lot of disparate irons in its fire, I don’t think the new management will editorially change Politico.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 17

3 09 2021


My boyhood Bible had a bookmark with my first name on it, and below it was the first part of Proverbs 22:1 in KJV: “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches…”

It took me a little while to understand that “name” in that context didn’t mean in the sense of first name, middle name or last name, but it meant reputation.

Hence, that same verse in the real Word of God, Luther 1545:

Ein guter Ruf ist köstlicher denn großer Reichtum, und Gunst besser denn Silber und Gold. (“A good reputation is more precious than great wealth, and [favor, goodwill, esteem] is better than silver and gold.”)

Since Luther used Ruf and not Name, that’s just one further piece of evidence that “name” in the KJV sense meant “reputation.”


Speaking of names.

Yes, he has arrived. I am now officially an uncle, albeit by marriage. My wife is now officially an aunt, by blood. My sister-in-law a mother, the soyboy-in-law a father, and my parents-in-law are now grandparents to grandsons three times over.

Like I wrote in this series earlier, for this little bundle of joy to be his father’s birthday present, i.e. to be born on his father’s birthday, he would have needed to be more late than medically desirable.

In reality, it came close.

She went into labor early in the morning on the Saturday the 28th, two days after the end of her due date range, which was the 23rd to the 26th. Her labor was nowhere near as painful as my wife’s, but it lasted much longer. He arrived into the world just after the stroke of midnight on the next day, Sunday the 29th, the day before his father’s birthday. Which means his own birthday and his father’s birthday are on consecutive days. August 29 for son, August 30 for dad.

Since they got to go home on Monday the 30th, in a way, it was his father’s birthday present. Just as ours weren’t born on Christmas Day but got to come home on Christmas Eve.

Back in December, all six of us were there, obviously my wife and I were in the delivery room, and the other four were in the waiting room. This time, since there are already two (now) toddlers (see below), someone had to mind them, and you can probably figure who was the best and most obvious choice to do that. So I wasn’t in the waiting room the whole time; Frick, Frack and I platooned between the waiting room, chores and home during the day on Saturday. Around 12:30-something on Sunday morning I got the call from the better half with the good news about both the successful delivery and the better news about the name (again, see below). Then later that morning, I rounded up the rugrats to head back to the hospital to meet their brand new cousin for the first time.

Since both mom and dad are small light svelte people, any children of theirs was bound to be the same, and on the light side of the newborn baby weight bell curve. And that he was, only the twentieth percentile. Otherwise, healthy, and delivered full term and then some. Unlike ours, though, who started out in the low median percentile range for twin boys, but already got to the median by five months, and now somewhat over at eight, their new cousin will most likely be on that side of the bell curve his whole life.


Now, like I said, name. This is the part you all want to know.

You already know from previous installments of this series how they were going to pick a name. And how we were all biting our nails over how badly we feared it was going to turn out.

The way they tell it, they both had their first serious pensive stare at their newborn son at the same time. And that they both blurted out something at almost the same time, but mom beat dad by the blink of an eye. Therefore, what mom said is his first name, and what dad said is his middle name.

The first name is…drumroll please…a perfectly respectable normal name. The middle name, while a little unconventional, is not so weird, and certainly not any kind of celebutardish, that if dad would have been quicker on the draw than mom, and his middle name would have been his first name and vice versa, that my new nephew would have gone through life with a disreputable first name in lieu of him either legally changing it or going by his middle name.

(Note: I’ll tell only people I trust the names, and only if you want to know.)

Now, whether he with the good Name will also have a good Ruf, that’s going to be up to him in the long run, and a matter of fate.

After all the excitement wore down around noon-ish on Sunday, and we took stock of all that happened, and realized the bullet was dodged over this name thingy, my father-in-law was like: Danke Gott, as he looked up. My mother-in-law was like: Danke Gott, as she looked up. My wife was like: Danke Gott, as she looked up.

I was like: Thank God, as I looked up.


As you can predict, my father-in-law isn’t just over the Moon, he’s that, back to Earth and back over the Moon again. Really, my mother-in-law is just the same, except she’s not as ostentatious with her emotions. His now three grandsons are one of the rare things in life which brings the emotionalism out in him. I’ve even seen him try to dance, but let’s just say that that’s the kind of thing that you can never un-see.

My father-in-law almost literally thinks I’m an “Engel.” To which I respond to him with this bon mot: “Es ist wahr, dass ich von einem hohen Ort stammte. Aber es war Lufthansa, nicht Gott.” (Pph: “I did come from the sky, but it was Lufthansa, not God.”) In reality, for reasons you all know, I needed them as much as they needed me. We’re all people who now know first hand that things can go really right or really left in a hurry, and that nothing ever stays that good or that bad for that long.

My parents-in-law are happy not only because of the literal event, but also what it represents. As late as three years ago at this time, they were really worried about and this close to being resigned to the fact that neither one of their daughters would ever give them grandchildren slash their older one would never get married. To today, they’re grandparents to three grandsons. And all because I came along into their older daughter’s life, and set off a big chain reaction on the pool table.

Which reminds me that Sunday is the third anniversary of me arriving in Germany to live and work, and then five days later is the third anniversary of me meeting and laying eyes on her for the first time.


Okay, dear sister-in-law and soyboy-in-law. It’s now for real. All that growing up we all think you need to do? Better hurry up and get the rest of it done, PDQ.

Although the better half and I know without even saying that we’re going to have to be his de facto second set of parents. I knew that already from early last month when I helped the new dad put together assemble the baby furniture, and by “help,” I mean I did most of the work.

I’m going to make one long term prediction: My parents-in-law’s third grandson will favor his grandmother, in contrast to their first two, who are already showing much more favoritism to their grandfather than their grandmother. That’s rather easy to predict, because the better half is daddy’s girl, while my sister-in-law is mommy’s girl.


Now, as for the two that have already been here for several months, we’re off to the races. Now officially rugrats. Both heard the starting bell and crashed out of the gates second week in August, the younger one beat the older one by two days. I was on the road when the younger one started, but not so when the older one did, so I didn’t totally miss out. The difference between the two of them is that the younger instantly went to crawling, while the older had his first crawl two days after the younger but took another two days to crawl as well as the younger one did with his very first one. The difference between all at once and easing into it.

This is probably going to be the start of a lifelong competition between the two of them on who does what first. And now that they’re crawling and thus independently mobile at least in the most basic sense of speaking, the fun has really begun for their parents. It also means they have more or less crossed over from infant to toddler.

The next big things are going to be walking and talking, and which one they get to first is actually going to be an early and leading indicator of their inherent cognitive ability and IQ. Both their parents started talking before walking, the time gap between the two was wider for mom than dad.

I resolved to arrange things to where they hear equal parts German and English in their infancy, toddlerhood and childhood. The way things are working out, considering where they are, that only one of the six grown people they interact with most often is a native English speaker, and anyway they hear him speak German close to half the time, (when he’s actually home), it’s turning out to be more like three fourths to one fourths. So their first words are most likely going to be in German. And there’s the old axiom that there is no such thing as a truly bilingual human being, that anyone who is “natively” bilingual merely sucks at two languages. I can also see where that’s going in this case; They’ll be native in German and especially the low country Rhenish sort of accent, while some level north of fluent but south of native in American English and my “Last of the Mohicans” sort of St. Louis accent (“kitchen zink”).

I already miss these infants.


I made it my business to be at or close to home the entire week of her due date range, but had to get back on the road on Monday no matter what happened. I was able to see them bring my nephew home from the hospital to see their grandparents’ home for the first time, but then I had to hit the road. I’ve got only one more month of this serious work and travel grind for awhile, and hopefully it will end with a blue wave.

On the drive between Nuremberg and Berlin on Thursday morning, I took a few minutes aside to make a brief bit out of the way pit stop at a certain historically significant town along the way. A town where someone once wrote a translation of this really long book, and he did a lot of his work in that town. Voller Kreis.

This Thing In St. Peters.

31 08 2021

Guest post by Puggg

They’re saying that it had nothing to do with that “50 Cent” concert. Maybe that’s going to wind up being the case. But if it was Seals & Crofts performing inside that venue instead of 50 Cent, this still would have happened?

On another note, maybe the reason he calls himself 50 Cent is because that’s how much it costs to get into one of his concerts.

Hatin’ On Jake

30 08 2021

Cleveland; Ferguson

There’s no really good apparent reason for all the hatred for Jake Paul’s boxing career and pursuits.

But there is a taboo reason: He and of course his brother Logan grew up in what is still a 90%+ white (Asians being the biggest non-white minority) and above average SES and household income suburb of Cleveland.

Jake Paul is getting serious in a sport known as “the sport of the dispossessed.” Boxing has a reputation for being a ladder up for young men who are actually or are perceived to be members of disadvantaged or marginalized or otherized racial and ethnic groups. Young men who have no other credible options to make a lot of money in life than to make a living taking repeated blows to the head.

So basically, the heat and energy source for people hating on Jake Paul’s boxing career is wokeness and social justice warriorism not taking too kindly to the fact that this “privileged” white man is hogging up a lane that should be filled by a BIPOC man. He has already made a nice career off of YouTube itself and ancillary pursuits that resulted from his YT exposure, and even if those never existed, both he and his brother were very unlikely to be destitute. As far as SJWs are concerned, Jake Paul and all the actual and figurative resources he is consuming in his boxing life are by definition and necessity keeping Jamarquavious stuck in the ghetto or Miguel barrio.

That, and his opponent last night, Tyron Woodley, is a native of the most holy SJW city, Ferguson, Missouri, though he’s not from the Ground Zero Fergaza Strip apartment farms part of southeast Ferguson, he’s from the mixed race working-middle class owner-occupied homeowner parts of it, which is most of Ferguson. Which means that last night’s event doubled as a political fight between perceived privilege and perceived disadvantage.

Brutus Was the Original Accelerationist

23 08 2021

It’s now the 80th Axiom.

Let’s kinda call this an open thread for the week. A week where my roadtrips are not far from home, as we are on Babybeobach, my sister-in-law’s due date range is between today and Thursday.

And you, my son?


22 08 2021

Nashville; Detroit

Tom T. Hall was known as “The Storyteller,” and there was so much of a story in “Harper Valley PTA,” which Jeannie C. Riley took to #1 on both the country and pop charts in 1968, that it was made into both a movie and a TV series. He was 85.

Don Everly was the older and longer living Everly Brother, and was 84. The Everly Brothers were probably the first real pop-rock/country crossover success; “Wake Up Lil Suzie,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” and “Bye Bye Love,” which were three of their first four officially released singles, finished either #1 or #2 on both the pop and country charts, and did no worse than #5 on the R&B charts.

Both passed this weekend.

Above is my favorite from both.

My Rushton to Judgment

18 08 2021

Downtown St. Louis

I’ve kept this thing at the St. Louis City Justice Center in the corner of my eye, and how it relates to the politics of closing the Workhouse.

To me, it’s as easy as understanding this fifteen-year old blog post, from the blogger who used the pen name La Griffe du Lion, who was most likely J. Phillipe Rushton. If you don’t want to wade through the math, all that’s saying is that the more lenient the criminal justice system becomes, the wider the race gap between blacks and whites (restricting the conversation to those only for the sake of simplicity) will become. Because if you’re only going to arrest and incarcerate for serious violent offenses, then, those are the ones with the biggest B-W gaps. Taking the “ticky tack” offenses away from the purview of the CJ system means disregarding offenses that, while they have B-W gaps for the most part, don’t have the mind-blowing wide B-W gaps that the “real violent” offenses do.

I think explaining the recent problems at the CJC relates to the same thing.

In this the era of BLM and The Great Awokening, when formal and informal reforms in both bail and law enforcement have meant that only the real bad apples are held in county joints without bail, this means that, provided the demographics of the county or county equivalent are BLM-y enough, the county jail will be a de facto state prison. If all you can hold are those arrested for the most violent offenses, then all you’ll have in county are those arrested for the most violent offenses, and for the most part, they actually committed those offenses, pending due process of the law, yadda yadda.

What it means is that county jails in black-heavy or -significant jurisdictions are becoming less and less jail-like and more and more prison-like, with the predictable day to day consequences.

Our New Strategy Against the Taliban

15 08 2021


After today’s events, we might actually have to resort to this.

Fountain of No Youth

12 08 2021

St. Louis City

Census drops numbers.

The native city is now down to 301,578 warm bodies.

Most shockingly, and, according to this narrative, inexplicably, is the 20% decline in the under-18 population.

My native city’s favorite alt-right blogging son to the rescue, from far away.

Seriously, this isn’t that hard.

Restricting the conversation to white people and black people for simplicity, and for the fact that there aren’t that many of the other groups in the city, neither group finds the city conducive for children anymore, albeit for disparate reasons. Both the kind of white people that have or want to have children and the kind of black people that have or want to have children won’t be living in the city, the St. Louis Public Schools being the common point of frustration, again for disparate reasons. Another complicating factor is AFFH-style programs, who will steer certain kinds of Section 8 voucher holders (mainly single black women with children) away from the city and therefore away from the SLPS.

Which means, increasingly, and by default, the city is becoming a province of: (1) Gays and lesbians, who, other than the relatively infrequent cases of adoption or artificial insemination, won’t become parents, (2) Young intentionally childless hetero yuppie type couples, (3) Elderly black people, esp. women.

Vox Night

12 08 2021


The Goolag is about to cancel Vox Day, at least his Google-owned Blogger presence.

His blogging has moved to a new home. Duly updated on the blogroll. And as I write that, I realize that it’s been several months of Sundays since I’ve either said or written the word blogroll.

Missouri’s Statehood Bicentennial

10 08 2021

Jefferson City

Change a few inches four years and a half month ago, and I would have been there today at the official celebration and observance.

One of the popular readings of American history is that all that which was necessary for what happened two centuries ago today to happen was the proximate causation of the War Between the States.

But if you, like me, believe in the Irrepressible Conflict theory for the WBTS, then you’ll inherently understand that, while the Missouri Compromise was at best a precipitating cause, it was not a proximate cause. If not the Missouri Compromise, it would have been something else.

As an aside, the political province in which I now live turns 75 years old this year. However, the relatively unnatural German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia was purely a creation of British military occupiers, with no thought of or need to compromise in any sort of major way.

Turning His Life Around.

9 08 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Michael Brown, 7 years clean. No strong arm robberies, no drug or tobacco usage. That’s what I call turning your life around.

All jokes aside though, I had no idea how what happened 7 years ago today would have changed my own life and career and how quickly it would do it.

Crickets from the St. Louis Media

4 08 2021

CWE; Jefferson City; Berlin

McCloskeys pardoned.

Do you know that the German rightist (right of the CDU) media are way more interested in this news from my native city than the media in my native city?

At first, I thought they were running with a hoax or prank. Technically, when I first read it this morning my time, it had not legally happened.

But through the day today, it did.

What evidently happened is that someone got some sort of leading indicator, hit upload, and German rightists got really interested in it acutely.

I shouldn’t be more informed about important news from my native city from Junge Freiheit, a publication founded in the Black Forest and now based in Berlin, than I am from Channels 2, 4, 5 and the P-D.

Supremacy, Or Lives Matter

23 07 2021


Really, now.

The reaction to this will depend on which species has more intersectional pokemon points. From there, we’ll hear either “supremacy” a lot, or “lives matter” a lot.

This mentions that this kind of inter-species violence is rare, and that more often, the violence is intra-species. Gee, that sounds awfully congruent to something else we’re told all the time.

One more irony is that one of the two headline institutions of this research is Osnabrück University. Just north of there are what scholars now believe were the battlefields for the Battle of Teutoberg Wald.

Auld Acquaintance

23 07 2021

St. Peters

A blast from the past.

Long time readers will remember Francis Howell for a similar reason: It was the district that was the destination district for Turner Law transfers from the unaccredited at the time Normandy district, and I covered that soap opera on close to a daily basis in this space in 2013 and 2014. Later in 2014, because GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS graduated from Normandy High School a few months before he purloined his ultimate cigarillo, that whole saga became tangential news in the Ferguson saga.

So it is no surprise to me that Francis Howell is going CRT/Woke big time. Even though (I think) the Turner Law transfers are no longer happening, because (I think) Normandy got its accreditation back, just the fact that there were some transfers for one or two school years planted the seed, so to speak, and, with the help of Section 8 and AFFH, many such households moved out of the Normandy service area and into apartments in the Francis Howell district. And now because they’re there in some significant numbers, the pathologically altruistic cuck educators and administrators feel the need to pander to them and turn over the whole ball of wax to them.

Fermi’s Paradox Meets the Current Year

23 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Inspired by the current year, I’ve come up with three more solutions to Fermi’s Paradox:

(1) Advanced civilizations don’t stay advanced for long, because they get Woke. And eventually, start sacrificing their advanced qualities for the sake of the less advanced subspecies groups of the advanced species of their planet. As they might say on Fezelinigiblauten-9, “Ykjdhjewahuhfdjahfdhufd Lives Matter.”

(2) Advanced civilizations gradually self-abolish because they eventually become so prosperous and technologically advanced that the lifestyle comfort combined with the never ending (“24/7” in Earthling parlance) news cycle hysteria makes individuals of the advanced civilization afraid of their own shadows, afraid to take any risks, afraid to do anything that hints of detaching from connected devices and leaving their residential dwellings, and most critically and thanks to the #MeToo/feminist movement on Fezelinigiblauten-9, afraid of sex and reproduction.

(3) Advanced civilizations quickly collapse out of inordinate fear of a microscopic lifeforms that evolve into a temporary version that at worst kill 20% of one of its genders of beings that are both of advanced elderly age and having known risk factors that make them particularly susceptible to the infection of that lifeform.

St. Louis and Stuttgart Are Official Sister Cities

20 07 2021

Therefore, it should be no surprise that just about the same story happened at just about the same time in both places.


20 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Not that this actually has a good chance of happening.

But, after the Covid hysteria is over, and being mindful of the history of denazification in this country, most of the countries in this world need a good thorough desalemification campaign and effort.

Not only do we need to punish the supposedly rational important people who acted so irrational and anti-scientific, which in turn fueled the societies-wide fires of paranoia, we also need to find out why they did.

That so many such people did in such a big way suggests to me a big motive.

One hot theory, among both the people in that crowd who have already self-desalemified, and among the people who were rational and science-informed all along observing the Covid cult and never went to Salem, is that the root cause of the paranoia was a visceral reaction to Trump. I’m sure that there was some of that. But I don’t think Trump by himself is a big enough or sexy enough explanation to something this yuge and bigly. I do think that Trump plays into what I believe to be the real reason, but, by himself, he’s not the proximate causation.

I think the real driving factor is the fact that just about everyone knew from the get-go, even if they didn’t admit it openly at first, that China was the genesis of the virus. The only open question was whether it was the wet markets or the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Like I wrote here back in November in my thinking out loud post about why TPTB had it out for Trump all along, one of the possible big picture reasons is that the United States and now much of the world is now too China-dependent to tolerate conventional politics that risk a trade war with Beijing.

My current pet theory is that the proximate causation of all the flying in the face of science and rationality official Covid hysteria of the last year and a half is somehow rooted in China’s increasing economic uber-importance to the global economy, and the worry about not pissing Beijing off.

Read it and weep.

The Ground Under Our Feet Has Moved That Much and That Quickly

18 07 2021

Oakton, Virginia

The ten year anniversary of its publication.

AR had two threads about it on Friday, and I want to use the opportunity of a whole blog post to write here what I wrote in one of those threads, with a few changes. Because I think it’s one of those “future of the sector” and “for the sake of posterity” things, but also for the fact that even at this late hour, a lot of our own people don’t understand the seismic shift that has happened under our feet.

When Jared Taylor started American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation in 1990, and for a majority of its history of existence, the objective was to prove on a monthly basis, and then, with the transition of the website into a daily weblog, daily basis, that race exists, and race is real. The purpose was to provide a steady stream of counter arguments to the “race isn’t real” or “it’s just a social construct with zero basis in biological reality” colorblind race neutral race denial narrative/zeitgeist.

But in very short order, within the last decade, pursuant with The Great Awokening, our enemies have done a total 180, and they have so zoomed so far past us in the race obsessiveness game, that AR’s founding objective seems like a moot point. Nobody outside the anthropology department and a few forked tongue disingenuous gaslighters in the media and the dying normiecon/center-right/civnat conurbation truly believes any longer that race isn’t real.

We used to be the race-obsessed people, but by today’s Critical Race Theory/Great Awokening standards, we’re relatively nonchalant about race. And all we did was stand still. Back then, being race-obsessed was bigotry; Today, not being race-obsessed is bigotry. We no longer have to combat race denialism, we have to combat our own photographic negative.

Our sector’s objective in the current year and epoch should be that, now that everyone admits that race exists, that there’s a path for white identity to be a positive, healthy and desirable construct.

To put it another way, and bankshotting off the book’s title, “white identity” in 2011 meant whites overtly and collectively taking their own side, which was and still remains out of bounds in polite mainstream society, while in 2021, it means the mainstream demand that we need to be overtly and collectively self-flagellating.

I offer as small and anecdotal evidence of this point, two articles I read on Thursday.

One was on AR, about Berniece King objecting to Republican efforts to juxtapose MLK’s name with opposition to Critical Race Theory. The other was on ESPN, the history of the whole Arizona/MLK Day/Super Bowl controversy about thirty years ago, in light of this year’s MLB moving the ASG from Atlanta to Denver because of the voter fraud laws.

And if you read both, then you understand the contradiction, and also understand how much The Great Awokening has moved the ground from under our feet. Back then, MLK meant colorblindness and race denial, universal humanity. Those who wanted Arizona to celebrate MLK Day by name made the argument that MLK was for everyone. Now, you’re wrong for saying that MLK was for everyone and that he would have opposed CRT-style race obsessiveness, and now we’re supposed to read MLK as a through and through critical theorist.

Then again, I’m cynical enough to think that the whole colorblindness thing was a plastic banana all along, that the whole intention all along was to morph the whole project into critical theory, and that TPTB were just waiting for the right timing to pull the switch. As others have said, one or the other mentality had to be a deliberate lie all along.

Too Soon?

16 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Germans loved Johnny Cash, because he could speak German pretty well, and adapted a few of his songs to German. So, with that and current German events in mind:

Really though, in case you’re wondering, I’m fine. No involuntary permanent swimming trip for me. I’m in Berlin for the week, and even though the worst of the flooding is in NRW and RP, the heavy raining did spread east yesterday and the day before, and had some not as severe effects on the Hauptstadt. The better half tells me that the flooding back at home has not affected her at all, has only barely inconvenienced my parents- and sister-in-law, but for a few reasons, has been more of a hassle to the soyboy-in-law. But nowhere near disruptive in a major sort of way.

And because I was 16 years old and a St. Louisan in 1993, I can obviously do the side-by-side comparison to know that dis ain’t dat.

It’s also not my first flood in Germany. The Rhine here in The Region got pretty high in late winter and early spring.

Really though, all this recent rain causing this flooding has made up for what was a fairly serious drought for about the last few years, and generally, these things even out in the long run. As I remember, back during the voyage, early June to mid-July 2018, there was exceedingly little rain.

The reason that, controlling for all the variables, it’s easier for rivers in Germany and Europe to flood compared to the United States isn’t because they actually do or don’t, it’s because space and land realities mean that cities are developed much closer to the normal edges of rivers than would be tolerated in the ‘States. Meaning that a given river flood here in either fixed levels or standard deviation terms will necessarily affect more people and things than it will in the ‘States. It also means that locks and dams are more critical to flood mitigation. And from what I understand, this week, they’ve been mostly doing what they’re supposed to do, keeping things from being that bad.

Something that’s not supposed to be happening is looting. There have been credible reports of looting from closed and flooded out stores and shops, and, knowing where they’re happening and what I know about the demographics, it’s Germany’s relatively newfound vibrancy at work. They should expect more of this, if current trends continue.

This also reminds me from what happened in this country back in 2002, and others have confirmed my memory and filled in some details: The Elbe River and its tributaries from about Magdeburg upstream had really bad floods, also due to heavy summer rain. That was also a national election year in Germany, and the Chancellor at the time, one Gerhard Schröder (SPD), was able to eke out a second government when it looked liked he was a one-and-doner, because he did the whole put on rubber boots and PR parade around Dresden and then blame muh glowbull warming. Nature wouldn’t save him three years later, and there hasn’t been a Social Democrat Chancellor since, though three years later was the start of Angela Merkel, and we all know…

I should also note that, while it’s nowhere near as likely as where I come from, the low lying regions of northwestern Germany and surrounding parts of The Netherlands do constitute a small unheralded tornado alley where there have been some EF5 biggies throughout recorded history. In fact, either this past spring or last one, an EF3 touched down in rural areas around Münster slash Osnabrück.

The DA Has Already Filed Hate Crimes Charges Against God

14 07 2021

Toledo, Ohio