3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

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Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — A recovery which for all intents and purposes is complete as of December 14, 2019.

I proposed on December 14, 2019, and was married on March 7, 2020.  We welcomed twin sons into the world on December 22, 2020.  You can read about how it all happened and eventually future updates in that stead on my RHOC Series.

Afghan Security Blanket

17 05 2022

St. Louis City

Yes, I peeked the story about two weeks ago.

And I don’t think anyone reading these words is so naive that they don’t know the real reason why Official St. Louis thinks or wants Afghans to be the new Bosnians.

This bit that is being officially thrown out there about “reversing population decline” — I should note that St. Louis City’s population kept declining in spite of the influx of the old Bosnians.

I should also note that, as of 2017, the old Bosnians were really starting to move out of the city in significant numbers, and I am guessing that trend has only continued since I stopped paying close attention for voluntary and involuntary reasons. The November 2014 murder of Zemir Begic probably was a turning point. But even before that, some of the Bosnians had children and suddenly discovered the SLPS.

All I know from direct and personal experience is that Afghans aren’t Bosnians.

Everybody Hates Elon

17 05 2022


I’ve been racking the cobwebs between my ears trying to figure out why the left fell out of love with Elon Musk so suddenly, (even before he floated the idea to buy Twitter and restore some semblance of freedom), even though he single handedly made the electric car industry viable and mainstream.

Now I know that’s both the question and the answer.

They turned on Elon precisely for that reason.

I’ve got the receipt, from a few countries north of me.

What this is all about is that Norway is about to get rid of all the EV tax incentives.

Here’s the money quote:

Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård told broadcaster NRK on Tuesday that discounts for electric cars could be withdrawn.


“It’s great that people use electric cars. But we are not well served by people get into their cars and drive into busy city areas instead of walking, bicycling or taking public transport,” he also said.

What this proves is that the left’s obsession with EVs really had nothing to do with actually getting people into EVs. They put in all these incentives at a time when EVs weren’t mainstream and didn’t look like they would ever go mainstream, at least not any time soon. So the thought was “incentivize” vaporware and distant-future-ware and “disincentivize” the long time proven technology, so that people just give up on cars and get from one place to the next in Oslo on pogo sticks, or something like that. Because the elitist hypocrites of the incumbent cognitive elite can rationalize-doublethink-bafflegab their way around a lot, but they have not yet found a way to do an end run around the whole “two different objects of mass cannot occupy the same space at the same time” thing, which is the root cause of traffic jams.

But then Elon came along and upset their bicycle rack.

That Combination of Time Travel and Shade Throwing

17 05 2022

Downtown St. Louis; Manhattan; Oakland

Never though I’d have an update on what was for me a serial concern and topic in this space seven years ago, (back when this blog was at its peak and actually had an audience), this many years separated from it and with this space’s primary author now living a whole ocean away with whole different circumstances.

But I do.

First off, you’ll read that this supposed idea happened in 2014, two calendar years before the league officially signed off on the move. Of course we’ve known for some time that Stan Kroenke made up his mind to move in 2012, but had to wait around for the lease at the St. Louis dome to expire. Which means most of the league knew for as long.

However, I doubt that the league ever seriously entertained moving the (then) Oakland Raiders to St. Louis as a make good. I think they’re making it up now, peddling it to the media as something that they were seriously pondering. And I think the reason for it is that, in some way, this is revenge against St. Louis, and throwing shade at the native city, for winning the lawsuit, which is mentioned therein.

Short Is Easy

17 05 2022

Buffalo, N.Y.

I was either going to say a lot about this, or say very little about this. Either way, you all should know me well enough by now to know right off the bat what I was never going to say.

But in thinking about the whole matter, and other similar matters, and one of the underlying causes, it made me realize something, and conclude that this should be a short post:

I’d rather play with my kids than be famous.

Me, precisely one month ago today, here, as a comment:

Here in the first of the two weeks between first round and runoff, [Emmanuel] Macron has been acting unusually trepidatious, and [Marine Le Pen] is moving like she’s trying to tone down inordinate expectations of her potential Presidency, as if she’s trying to dog whistle to hard core nationalist militants that she’s not the hard core militant nationalist that most people here still believe she is. The reason for that is that she’s trying to cut off future disappointment in her (potential) governance off at the pass, to prevent some real disappointed wackos from trying to do something really naughty to her. MLP be like: “Yo, you accelerationist knuckleheads. [Dédiabolisation] is for real. It ain’t no frontin’ or stuntin’ and it ain’t no put-on. I ain’t gonna round up all the (pejorative expletive) and send them back to (__) and certainly I ain’t crowding them into box cars to send them off for a nice long relaxing permanent vacation at the chemical spa.”

The truth of the matter is that, for a lot of political figures, the worst danger doesn’t come from political opponents, but from delusional utopians on the extreme flank of your own side, who inevitably get disappointed, disillusioned and then angry enough to pick something up.

My educated guess is that, if I was a public figure, and someone assassinated me, 60/40 odds, with the greater number being our own side’s vantardists/accelerationuts, the lesser number being Antifa and Co. I’m sure that Jared Taylor, definitely a public figure, has come to the same conclusion. That if someone takes him out, yeah, it could be Antifa de al Soyboy. But more likely, it will be one of these wackos who have been pounding the table for years that JT personally names the Jew and despises him and thinks him some sort of decidedly less than bona fide actor for not having done so, as if JT personally naming the Jew will instantly lead us to our Valhalla. Even though 87 zillion people in our sector have been naming the Jew for as long as I’ve been a part of it and it strangely hasn’t resulted in Valhalla. Of course I say that as if there are any real differences between the vantardists/accelerationuts on our own extreme flank and Antifa de la Soyboy on the other — In reality, they’re pretty much the same kind of people, they almost look the same, they almost behave and move in many of the same ways, and have eerily similar life histories and back stories. Only wee slight little “butterfly effect” factors will make the difference in which political ideology any one in particular will “serve.”


Related helpful previous content:

Why soyboys and thugs are merely two different sides of the same coin, and why some mass shootings are more equal than others. The latter is especially poignant because there was a “less equal” mass shooting in Milwaukee within 24 hours of the “more equal” one in Buffalo.

Why a literal dictionary definition race war is highly unlikely to break out in the United States any time soon. The embedded video there, no longer on YouTube, is available on my Bitchute.

But While We’re Waiting

5 05 2022

Washington, D.C.

I’ll cut to the end of the chase and tell you how it all turns out. Spoiler alert.

Congress passes and whatever President signs a law that is constructed under the rubric of civil rights. It will Federalize abortion as a right, constructed and incorporated into the Fourth Amendment, for any reason in the first trimester and for reasons of rape, incest and life of the mother at any time. Everything else will be left up to state option. It will be the hard fought compromise between irresistible force and immovable object, and will come after years and years of people screaming the same arguments at each other that they already have for two generations prior, without swaying much of anyone. With the slight spice-ups that the Current Year has taught us that men can get pregnant, that the very people who are fighting for women’s rights can’t define woman, and that “my body my choice” has no applicability to vaccines.

Now, you would think that Amurrika could just do that right now, and skip the better part of a decade’s worth of screaming. But that’s the very reason why that won’t happen. It’s because of the Rahm Doctrine: Never let a crisis go to waste. The pro-abortion side isn’t going to start compromising so soon, when it (as well as the pro-life side) knows it will have to, because the NOWs and NARALs of the world want the chance to grift, beg and hustle, and go on membership drives. This will also serve to paper over the terf-trans civil war within feministville for awhile. And of course the blue team thinks it can harvest a few votes out of it and stave off the ELE.

Another Country Heard From

3 05 2022

Columbus, Ohio; Bentonville, Ark.

The most important election in the world this year for the purposes of our movement is one that has already happened, and, as I never fail to remind you, one that I witnessed first hand for almost the entirety of last month.

But in terms of the American right of center electorate, my conclusion before the start of this year was that the two big acid tests on whether things have really changed in that universe, or whether it’s just business as usual, were going to be J. D. Vance and Neil Kumar.

Both are this month, and Vance is in fact today. Kumar goes on the 24th.

If both win their primaries, then we know that the United States is in a middle of a once in a several generation political realignment, and that the right of center red team body politic is in the inevitable process of transitioning from doctrinaire conservative to populist-nationalist. If neither one wins, then not so not yet. If one of the two wins, then inconclusive.

And I write this regardless of what you or I or anyone else might think about Vance and Kumar. I’m sure over the last several months our sector has argued over them pro and con to fill up terabyte upon terabyte of server hard drive space. What I think all sides of those arguments can agree upon is that they are critical acid tests.


3 05 2022

Washington, D.C.

About MiniTrue (“Disinformation Governance Board”).

Too many people are taking the timing as non-coincidental, and are assuming that it’s all a knee jerk reflex reaction to Elon and Twitter. Problem is, these kinds of things, because they involve bureaucracies, take a long time. There wasn’t enough time between the start of the news that Elon could buy Twitter and the announcement of this Board for it to have been an idea started from scratch the moment after the Elon/Twitter news broke. Public bureaucracies just can’t accelerate as quickly as a Model S Plaid.

I also don’t think that this is Eye in the Sky. The American alphabet gang has more than enough tools to do that.

The part of the official parlance given to its establishment that makes me the most curious is “disinformation in minority communities.”

Here’s what I think this is all about:

The blue political party in the United States has, since the start of the Asterisk administration, suffered big polling and approval numbers declines among both blacks and Latinos. The latter to the point where they’re now a 50/50 constituency.

However, you have to remember ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1. Which cuts both ways. Since it never really helped the blue team, because most Latino voters live in places where the blue team already wins even if Latino voters didn’t exist, and they have a lethargic turnout rate. Which means they are rarely decisive from a binary outcome perspective. It’s going to be just as true the other way around, that their sudden change of heart in the Trump and Asterisk eras won’t hurt the Democrats that much.

More worrisome for team blue are blacks. Their polling numbers have shown that they’ve shifted from near-monolithic approval/support for Asterisk/Democrats to mere supermajority, and with much less overall enthusiasm. That marginal difference is going to be far more impactful, consequential and decisive. It alone will make the difference between whether the upcoming American midterm elections will be a generational extinction-level event or just a mere landslide thumping for the blue team.

What this new bureaucracy is about I think is nothing more than taxpayer-funded GOTBV agitprop for the Democrats. I predict that nearly all of its public facing efforts will be geared at making black people think that the Klan is getting ready to start lynching them again and that the only thing preventing it will be their turning out in November for any given D on the ballot.

You might want to think here that they could always resort to “finding” ballots like they did two years ago. Problem is, you can’t go to that well that frequently, and furthermore, “finding” ballots only works and can only be realistically deployed when it is well known that the outcome among legit voters will be close. Which won’t be the case this year. Because you can only “find” enough ballots and get away with it in a scant few places (Bell Curve City), before it becomes so blatant that not even the professional liars can paper over it. And if you do it too often and too blatantly, eventually, some prosecutors will get interested in your “hobby.” And anyway, ballot “finding” has to happen in already deep blue Congressional districts, (assurances that the local authorities will look the other way because muh Democrat Party), where the local Rastus McHambone-type Congressman will win easily even without any “found” votes, even in a year like this. “Finding” ballots is therefore meant to affect a statewide vote, such as for President, Senate or Governor, and cannot affect the U.S. House calculus. It’s why the ballot “finding” two years ago helped Asterisk “win” but Republicans made gains in the House. Because of how localized the ballot “finding” was and had to be by necessity.

If I’m right, then the “Disinformation Governance Board” goes out of business on November 9 in all essence, just as the 1619 Project, which was also a GOTBV project, essentially went out of business on November 4, 2020.

Did You Feel It?

1 05 2022

Guest Post by Puggg

I didn’t feel it at all. At the moment they said it hit, which was 5:30 in the afternoon on Friday, I was in my truck going north on 21 north of Hillsboro. The quake itself was centered around 44 and 141. I got all kinds of reports that a lot of people all over Jefferson County, even all the way to the way southern parts, felt it. I probably would have if, say, I wasn’t moving at highway speeds, or I was home. I bet my pugs were wondering what was going on. This had to be their first earthquake.

Easy Street

29 04 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Me, on social media, yesterday:

These microaggressions and trigger warnings are making so many books off limits that I’m starting to wonder whether this whole microaggression and trigger warning bit is nothing more than a scam to eliminate the requirement to read any books as part of formal education for most people.

Which was my reaction to this story.

I’m starting to think that a lot of wokeness is nothing more than work avoidance.

(1) Some have already speculated that the whole purpose of this mania about “fat shaming” and “body positivity,” which is cynically centered around black women for social justice and equity purposes, is really because women in general who are past “the wall” really don’t want to diet or hit the gym. They’d much rather hide behind overweight Laquisha in order to manipulate society into forcing people in thinking that their middle aged weight gain is supermodel beautiful. So that their husbands don’t leave them for a woman who actually is supermodel beautiful.

(2) Last month, we got treated to the new crusade in social justice wackoville, that physical fitness is only for Nazis. Which means the association of scrawny men, fat men and fat women that constitute the woke left have given themselves a convenient excuse not to lift a weight or two or forego a calorie or two. “Why bother? It’s only for Nazis anyway.”

(3) Woke Math I think is nothing more than a pretext to make math class less about actual math and more about humanities. So that math-challenged social justice-y fashionable demographic groups, as well as the math-challenged who are low on the progressivetard stack, can pass what appears to be a class or course on the transcript that is said to be “math” but in reality not much if any math is being taught. It’s like I have said and written for a long time axiomatically: No amount of social justice sidebars in the math book about how this mulatto scientist solved a differential equation to make peanut goop will mean that those who don’t have the innate ability to solve differential equations will suddenly have the ability to do so even if they share some major continental ancestry with said mulatto scientist. So it’s not about math, it’s about un-math-ing math.

(4) And now, this thing, what I started with above, and what triggered (no pun intended) this post. Now all anyone has to do to get out of reading old long boring books by dead white people is to pout and moan and cry that they’ve heard that something inside them triggers them or causes them microaggressions or invokes some epigenetic transgenerational PTSD about the slaveocaust. Which means the English or literature classes or courses will become a lot easier to slog through. All the more time to dance around like a moron on social media livestreams.

Newton’s Third Law of Political Motion

28 04 2022

Tallahassee, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.

In the matter of the DeSantis-Disney War of 2022, I think it’s a matter of the two sides talking over each others’ heads.

The piece of legislation in Florida that set this all off is something that should be as uncontroversial as naming the city park in any given 5000 population Florida town for the local boy done good who was awarded multiple Purple Hearts for climbing up the cliffs on D-Day.

Here are three relatively taboo realities, though:

(1) Homosexual men are, as an observation of central tendency, socially and politically paranoid, and of the belief that someone is always out to get them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them take to the level of an actual fetish.

(2) Speaking as a generality, the post-WWII public face official organized mainstream-type social and political movement for increased homosexual civil rights has drawn a lot of energy and fundraising from homosexuals, especially gay men, being historically persecuted and discriminated against, in their own minds’ eyes. So much so that, now in recent years where substantive persecution and discrimination against homosexuals is zero for all intents and purposes, and they are now socially and culturally mainstream in every which way you can think, this has got official gay lobbies worried that, since they built a whole movement for decades off of being persecuted, that they’ll have to close shop.

(3) Men who engage in the creative arts (e.g. Disney), are very disproportionately homosexual.

Roll this Florida legislation and these three things together. A group that constantly fears persecution, has been organizationally fueled by persecution, suffering a recent drought of persecution, and who powers one of Florida’s most well known industries, just got a shot in the arm through an otherwise obscure part of a law that nobody would care about. As far as they’re concerned, the box cars and Zyklon B are literally on the way, right at this moment. They can now celebrate their renewed persecution and leverage one of the world’s most important media companies in the process of resisting (which will of course involve fundraising solicitations). Perhaps even winning a Tony or two along the way.

Now let’s look at the matter from the other half of the ledger. What are people supposed to conclude about the kind of people massively opposing and resisting this otherwise nothingburger law, other than the fact that they’re imminently conniving to groom any young children in their sphere of influence for sexual purposes? When in reality, other than isolated disorganized incidents, no such thing is in any danger of occurring. Hell, we’re so on edge about pedophilia and hebephilia in today’s world that a 40-something man is going to get looked at almost as if he’s a criminal if he goes with a 20-something woman. What so many people are calling “grooming” (i.e. for sex) is nothing more than the irresponsible sociopolitical propagandizing and advertising from the individual members and groups within Gang Alphabet that has direct access to young children.

If we were allowed to talk about all these taboo things, then the conversation relating to this current outbreak would be taking place entirely at eye level and without each side’s hyperbole.

It’s all Newton’s Third Law of Political Motion at work: For every overreaction, there is an equal and opposite overreaction.

Censorship of Westphalia

28 04 2022


The news.

Now for the explanation.

What this is all about more than anything is preserving the Westphalian paradigm, that government-scale powers, imperatives and methods should always be fundamentally exercised by governments and never by private institutions. (Lessons learned from the Thirty Years War.) Applied here, it means that continental European governments want the sole plenary authority to determine the bounds and grounds of internet censorship, none for the private owners of mainstream social media platforms, even if the latter are the line level enactors of the censorship.

To put it another way, the impetus for this action isn’t that mainstream social media platforms aren’t actually censoring in any ways that differ from or are less frequent than the way that continental European governments desire. It’s all about continental European governments and their agents getting really uneasy and nervous that private actors are the ones calling the shots. The whole ingrained historical memory of this kind of thing leading to a chain reaction of events and circumstances that winds up killing 90% of Magdeburg.

Even though it really doesn’t make a difference as far as we’re concerned. It’s merely the difference between a Gulag and a Goolag.

Au Revoir et Bonne Chance

25 04 2022


The only way I’ll ever forget this month is if I forget everything else.

Paris has been everything I expected and told it would be, and then some. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the surprising and the disappointing.

And when it comes to business, my prediction in the months leading up to this one turned out to be true.

But real life beckons. Including but definitely not limited to a pair of hostages to fate and fortune that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn when I walk in the door have grown all the way up and left home in all the time since I’ve been gone.

So I head on out and back home tomorrow morning.

I’m going to take a little bit of a diversion and a long cut, because I’m going to give myself a little bit of a quickie tour of the Mézières-to-Verdun corridor of battlefields. Three of relatively recent history’s most important battles were in that area: Sedan (1870, Franco-Prussian War), Verdun (1916, WWI), and Meuse-Argonne (1918, WWI). Sedan was the decisive battle in that war, which was the most important of the three wars of German Unification. While Meuse-Argonne iced the outcome of WWI. Which means that the Kaiserreich was both born and died in the same place. With Verdun, a significant percentage of the battlefield is to this day, 106 years after the fact, still too dangerous to let ordinary civilians visit because of the risk of undetonated explosives.

The Glorious Cord Cutting Future That Wasn’t

22 04 2022

Los Gatos, California

Good question. Even though I don’t think it’s the right question.

One big thing that happened to Netflix that most people have forgotten is this: Netflix was supposed to be the main conduit to cord cutting. It was supposed to be Netflix subscription, rabbit ears and Roku box, then bye bye cable.

Problem is, everyone forgot about copyright and IP. Once Netflix started streaming in addition to snail mailing DVDs, and once it showed how lucrative streaming can be, the other media companies who hold the copyrights to movies and shows that Netflix was streaming took their properties off Netflix and started their own streaming platforms and services. Disney+, as an example.

So what it means is that we’re now in a situation that means cord cutting is more expensive than not. Now, most people least have to buy Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime to get back to square one. And that means you’re now paying more than the cable bill whose cord you cut.

They get you one way or the other.

What it also means is that, in a digital and virtual way, the very vertical integration of the media, movie and entertainment industry that SCOTUS killed in the Paramount case (1948), has now returned. If you’re either young-ish, or not an American lawyer, or are unfamiliar with the history, movie studios used to own the theaters where their and only their studio’s movies were shown. And the Feds eventually found that to be an anti-trust violation. But it’s why many larger cities to this day have a “Fox Theater,” including one at 527 North Grand Boulevard in my native city. It’s because, before 1948, a “Fox Theater” was the only place where one could see 20th Century Fox movies. Etc etc for other studios.

Someone Knows Someone

21 04 2022


While this graphic (click to enlarge) was ultimately funded by the German Federal government and its “Kampf gegen Rechts” (“fight against the [extreme] right”) efforts, which have been active in the Merkel and Scholz governments, it’s obvious that this has nothing to do with Germany or even the Continent, and it’s all Anglosphere. Which obviously means that someone who knows someone was able to worm his/her/its way into some of this money, and then put out this graphic in order to vent its frustration with Anglosphere-American normiecons and alt-liters (for the most part), and pretend that some actual national government in this world has something to do with it. (The current German government, while there is a lot bad to be said about it, really doesn’t care about any of these people. If Olaf Scholz even knows who Zuby Music is without looking it up, I’ll eat my most expensive pair of dress shoes.) Which also means the creator of the graphic is some real kook unhinged leftist in either America or Britain.

Dreams Won’t Chase You Back

18 04 2022

Medford, Oregon

I still have a lot of blogs in my feed reader (which goes to show you how old I am, that I still use one of those), that I don’t really read on a day to day basis anymore.

But a post from the long Easter weekend from a blog called Town Crier caught my attention for the obvious reason.

And it’s bad news.

Roger Fredinburg was on KSD (as it was known back then, it has been KTRS since 1997), the second most powerful AM signal in St. Louis, in 1993 and 1994, and intermittently since then, until he stopped doing the show, to make the lateral move into the back end of the radio advertising and brokering business, where he told me he made way more money than he did ever actually being behind the mic. But anyway, Roger’s peak of popularity in St. Louis was during the summer and fall of 1994, and he wound up coming to St. Louis during the fall and doing several events, and his show from the KSD studios.

If you listened to Roger’s show at all during the summer of 1994, you have heard my voice. Albeit the version of me that was 17 years old. If you can place a first name, then don’t say it in the comment section. There’s a reason I haven’t stated my real name anywhere in this space.

Since Roger gave up his show, we were in occasional contact with each other. But not since July 19, 2017, and certainly not since I changed continents. Now it makes me wish I would have been more studious in that regard.

IIRC, Roger said he was 34 years old during the summer of ’94, which makes him 17 older than myself. Which means he’s around 62 right now.

I wrote here more than a year and change ago after getting over my mother’s passing that I realized that getting everything I could have both wanted and was percentage odds practically attainable out of life also cost me everything I knew. But it’s news like this which also makes me realize the flip side of that coin, that it’s all worth it, because:

I Hope He Fails

18 04 2022


I’m thinking of the four words that the late Rush Limbaugh said about Baraq Obama four days before his first inauguration.

The universe will be doing Elon Musk and all of us a big favor if his bid to buy Twitter falls through.

(1) It’s not just that $43 billion seems to be a waste of resources in light of what he would be getting. But the worse part is the opportunity cost. The $43 billion value in consideration that he would use to buy Twitter would be $43 billion that’s not invested in Tesla and/or SpaceX. Both of which are far more important to the near to mid term future of humanity than the blue bird internet social media ghetto.

(2) In trying to buy Twitter, and actually doing so if he succeeds, he’s only giving network effect validation to an internet business and organization model that should have never happened, and specifically giving it to one of the worst single exemplars of that model. Before Matt Drudge turned flaky, he was a guest on Alex Jones a number of years ago, and predicted spot on what would happen, that, in contrast to the actually free (as in speech) (for the most part) early web before the onset of the affliction of anti-social media, the one that pre-2018 Drudge made his name in and flourished in, it wasn’t a good thing that people were self-crowding into corporate-type digital ghettos. The Youtwitfacegrams of the world.

(3) If he succeeds in the buyout, then it won’t be long until he and everyone else realizes that he just bought himself a digital Vietnam War. Or to make the analogy more recent, he’s going to get bogged down in e-Iraq. He will forever be at war and in a Mexican standoff with what would be his own company’s woke crackpot middle manglers and critical line level employees. Twitter’s deep state, if you will, to Elon’s Trump. Maybe he’d win, but, once again, opportunity cost.

I read it somewhere last year, but lost track of it, and can’t find it. But it was that some real political science experts did some hard boiled analysis, and concluded that, if all of English-speaking American political Twitter was a state in the union, it would be tied for the bluest state, and if the relatively small percentage of people who write most of the tweets in that universe in a Pareto Principle way were its own Congressional district, it would be the second bluest Congressional district, Cook Partisan Voting Index in both cases. And we all know the real reason why the bluest Congressional districts are that way, because they’re the blackest. Which tells you a whole lot about the ideological deviancy of the heavy tweeters in question. I wouldn’t pay $43 to roll around in that mud, much less followed by nine zeroes.

Note: In case you haven’t noticed, I have not tweeted since March 23. Involuntarily so, and unless the blue bird borg blinks, permanently so. Any and every social post I’ve had since then has only been on Gab and Minds.

What I Learned On My Spring Break (It’s Complicated)

11 04 2022


Let’s unpack. There’s a lot to, so budget some time for this one. You know the drill: Sandwich, drink.

For the benefit of relative newbies to this subject matter, I’m spelling out acronyms that we in our sector already understand.

The rankings and percentages I allude to here are preliminary. France does paper ballots, photo ID and hand counting, so they might wind up being different after the real counting. I’ll make note of that in the comments if they are.


I’ve been saying for several months that April in France is going to be the most consequential single month for the direction and the future of our movement in a long time.

And I was correct. Just not in the way that I was thinking.

In the weeks leading up to me arriving here back on the first day of this month, I was thinking that Éric Zemmour (EZ) was going to finish in the top two, then come closer to Emmanuel Macron (or another establishmentarian, as the case might have been) than Marine Le Pen (MLP) did five years ago. And that the lesson would be that message matters more than anything, that we’ve been caring too much about optics, and we need to go full bore on message, with much less regard for optics.

By the time I actually came here, EZ had already run out of gas, and MLP had new life. With each passing day, both things got even more true. Now to the point where there’s so much momentum behind her, indicative of her finishing in first place yesterday, that she could actually go all the way in two weeks.

Earlier this year, she was left for irrelevant, old shoe, yesterday’s news. Her own father and niece ditched her for the hot new thing. And honestly, so did I.

But MLP got the last laugh.

I’m here today to tell you how she got the better of EZ, and the lessons it portends for our movement.

I should note that, as of right now, the mainstream analysis revolves around MLP vs Macron slash the whole system. Now, the spotlight is back on her, after EZ hogged all the oxygen for awhile before hitting the glass ceiling. But I’m going to focus on MLP vs EZ, because that’s where the more interesting lessons can be found.

My last “real” boss back in St. Louis told me something that I already kinda knew, but never thought of in a plain English imperative the way he phrased it to me: That a big part of success is getting inside the margins and differentials, the paradoxes and contradictions, of a thing, and discerning the moral and object lessons while you’re inside, and doing it before anyone else. And then of course making halftime adjustments. In the case of person, place, time and event, MLP vs EZ is that space.


I’m going to start with the four big lessons for our movement going forward.

(1) Optics.

I hate to say it, because I was coming here expecting just the opposite. And it’s strange for someone like me, who has done PR in his life, and is still doing it in a way, to come to this conclusion so begrudingly and non-instinctively.

But optics just won a decisive victory in the Great Optics War of 2018-Current Year.

As I have written here in the past, I never took part in that war. For one, I thought it was being waged disingenuously, in that some of the people screaming optics and some of the people screaming message really didn’t believe what they were screaming, they were only screaming one side because they already had previously stored up contempt for the people screaming the other side, and vice versa. It would be like if I hated you and you hated me for a lot of other reasons, and I thought you liked chocolate ice cream and you thought I liked vanilla, we would be warring over ice cream, when neither one of us have ever eaten any kind of ice cream in our lives. For two, to the extent that some are fighting this war because they seriously believe one side or the other, the reason I didn’t enlist in either army is because I don’t think that either side is ultimately that right or that wrong. I thought then, and I still do, that you have to switch up the blend between message and optics depending on time, place and circumstance.

It’s just that, here in the current moment, I’ve been thinking that the blend needed to be readjusted in the direction of message. To put it another way, I was thinking that there has been too much concern with optics in the most recent current years.

Now I know it’s just the opposite. MLP beating EZ against all previous odds shows that I was all wrong, and that we need to be more focused on optics. That when an optics car and a message car are trying to crowd into the same lane, the message car should yield to the optics car.

Warning to those of you in the optics army who are cheering after reading this: It’s not to say that message doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t mean that you can wing it on message. But, you have made your fundamental point loud and clear. That optics matter, more than I thought they did.

As you read the rest of this missive, you’ll understand more precisely how optics carried the day.

(2) Everything Else.

There aren’t that many people who aren’t of our movement but not so hostile to us that they’re unwilling to offer constructive criticism. Of the few people that do, a common observation is that our movement is sophisticated on the national question (NQ) and related issues. But once you get past NQ, that we seem lost and adrift. To put it another way: Beyond NQ, then what?

Now I know that everything else (EE) not only matters, and matters that much, but it matters even to a big majority of the people who are receptive to the NQ agenda. Which means that we just can’t wing it or mail it in or IOU or rain check or we’ll get back to you later or ??? or fill in the blank on EE, just because EE is not in the NQ wheelhouse. We have to be just as sophisticated on EE as much as we are on NQ, and furthermore, we have to get EE right. Because getting EE not so right, or wrong, will even lose you NQ-minded people.

Here’s a cute way of putting it: I’ve axiomatically written here in the past that, beyond the occasional lone wolf Charleston Nutbar type, nobody will do anything in the sense of violent group revolting because of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. But every 90-something in America will team up to carry out a violent revolution if next year’s Social Security check is $1 a month less than this year’s.

See where this is going?

As ace as he was on NQ, EZ was a combination of lost and insouciant on EE. He just thought he could run to MLP’s apparent (and I’ll get to that) right on NQ, and then mail it in on EE. Furthermore, his economic agenda sounded too corporate-libertarian-ish. That stuff has never flown here on The Continent, even if it did once have something of an audience in The ‘States. On top of that, the corporate-libertarian-ish economic agenda, no matter what the country, appeals to the kind of people who want no part of any kind of nationalist agenda, either EZ’s “real deal” or MLP’s supposedly “soft.”

So, where EZ gained a big audience and big numbers at first and out of the gate by filling in the apparent (like I said, I’ll get to it) vacuum to the right of MLP on NQ, the combination of his apathy and disagreeableness on EE was one of the things which helped build his own glass ceiling. (There were other factors, and, once again, stay tuned.) OTOH, MLP, while she “seemed” to have left a lane to her right open on NQ, and “seemed” to have cucked out on NQ, she was able to hold on to a large enough percentage of working and middle class NQ-minded French voters with her populist-centrist economic agenda, even during the peak of Zemmourmania, such that it gave her a solid base to launch a comeback.

MLP had a long head start on EE.

Here, the most important lesson for our movement going forward is that the pop-nat space needs to be much more pop than nat in its public facing side. Meaning that “white nationalism” has to be about economic populism fundamentally, almost making the actual white nationalism a lower rung concern, for outward consumption. Or to put it more bluntly and for the lack of a better way to phrase it, smuggle white nationalism behind economic populism. I suppose it’s all because, at least for now, the EE of economic populism matters more broadly to more white people and more NQ-minded white people than the meat and potatoes of the NQ itself.

If I’m honest with myself, that’s something I kinda figured out three years ago when the Yellow Vest Movement (“Gilets Jaunes”) broke out, and again, in France. And I guess this has been hiding in plain sight since even before that — But it took a head-to-head faceoff between the two models in the same country at the same time to produce the hard copy receipts. That we never really had until now.

(3) Dutch Model.

One of the things I wrote here as a comment to one of my own posts, even early in the season, is that France in 2022 just might prove that having two pop-nat parties instead of one is the way to go. The reason I speculated that has to do with another country that happens to border the one in which I currently live, that country is in fact the nearest to where I live. That country is The Netherlands.

There, you have the Wilders party and the Baudet party. As the left and the establishment bang on one, the other rises up. Whack-a-Mole.

My thought months ago is that what might wind up happening is that it’ll prove the necessity of having a message party and an optics party.

Now, whether Reconquête will even exist here in the wake of EZ’s foibles being exposed, I have my doubts. Because Reconquête is just too much of a personality cult, at least for now. And, as you’ll understand once you keep reading, combined with what you have already read, and considering yesterdays’s numerical results, nobody’s going to want to waste time, energy and money on a message party when optics have won.

(4) Activist Energy Doesn’t Much Matter.

At the height of Zemmourmania, there was absolutely zero excitement among pop-nat activists for MLP. Even when he hit his glass ceiling and she was resurging, all the pop-nat activist energy stayed with him, and it did all the way to the bitter end. (To wit: Myself.) And what did it get him? Seven percent and fourth place.

Bernie Sanders also learned the same lesson the hard way in the recent past.

Can’t have populism without the pops.


Now I’ll get to some of the factors that mattered here and now, which will help put everything else into more clear focus.

(1) Dédiabolisation, But Not Really.

That was going to be the whole point of EZ’s campaign and new party. That MLP left so much open space to the right on NQ, with her Dédiabolisation (DD) efforts, that someone who would pass her to the right would instantly zoom to national credibility and national power.

But what if I told you that DD never really mattered that much?

What if I told you that the very idea that there was a whole open lane to the right of MLP was a political chimera all along?

It’s one thing I learned the hard way, and only could have learned it by actually being on the ground here in Paris, in the middle of it all:

Most people here don’t take DD literally, and they only take it seriously in terms of rewarding her for having done it, all while not taking it literally on its face.

Time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the world on his lap and teach it an important lesson about political psychology.

Even if a given thing is actually true, cosmically true, true against the background of the stars, if most people and especially most people involved in the business of public affairs don’t think it’s true, then it’s not politically true. Perception becomes reality, even if it isn’t reality.

If the entire American political community in the 1960s thought the moon was made of green cheese, even if real science said and proved otherwise, there would never have been an Apollo program.

Let’s apply to here and now:

What I learned by being here is that the only people who think that DD is a literal thing are MLP herself, the parts of the Rassemblement National (RN) party leadership who agree with it, EZ himself, and virtually everybody who voted for EZ on yesterday. MLP because she came up with it, her party’s true believers in it, because they agree with it, and then EZ and virtually all of his voters, because they’re opposed to it.

Problem is, once you get to everyone else, there is no “it.” Nearly everyone else who is not one of those four categories, including most people who voted for MLP yesterday, and most assuredly the French left, think that DD is nothing more than one of those things that commercially mainstream political figures feel obliged to say or do as a matter of social pressure and expectation, but nothing more than that. It’s the political equivalent of telling your grandma that that ugly sweater she knitted for you for Christmas is the most beautiful thing in the world. Everybody knows the sweater is ugly, and on some level, even your grandma knows. But the whole point of it is instilling the social decorum of the concept of benign diplomatic mendacity, aka little white lies.

And that same universe of “nearly everyone else” truly believes that everything that EZ has said and proposed on NQ while he sincerely believed he was running to MLP’s right on NQ are things that MLP actually believes and would do if she has the power to do so.

What it means is that, while we’ve been sitting here hoo-hawing over what we think is all the space to MLP’s right on NQ, that the perceived political reality for most of France is that there is hardly if any actual such space. It’s the political equivalent of what accountants call a sunk cost.

Now, between you me and the gatepost, I think DD is real and literal. And, should MLP punch it all the way through in two weeks, when she actually has to govern, and she governs in a DD-informed fashion, then everyone else will realize that. And that’s when disappointment will set in. That, and even her moderate DD-informed agenda on NQ will be thwarted by the really powerful French public bureaucracy, which, as powerful as you think American bureaucrats are, it’s much more so here.

That’s why I came here supporting EZ.

(2) EZ As Foil.

An item of hot take conventional wisdom from the English-speaking American media is that EZ made MLP more palatable by running to her right.

It’s not that easy. One of the reasons, you now now.

The way EZ made MLP more palatable wasn’t that he ran to her right, for, like I just wrote, for most French, there is no real “right” of MLP. No, the way he served as a stalking horse for her is in the abstract. Like I wrote earlier, his economic agenda helped build his own glass ceiling. But the more I saw him in action, the more he came off as an unctuous haughty ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty worse in that regard. But just enough he was, such that it gave people that sort of “the more you see the less you like” feeling. Which is another factor that built his own glass ceiling. All pointing back to optics. And all pointing to the reality that some people can build big audiences within the context of a media career but can’t convert that to the necessary even bigger audiences for a national political career. Twenty million made Rush Limbaugh a radio legend, but twenty million would be an existential disaster for a self-styled serious major party American Presidential candidate.

Also like I wrote above, in the perception of most of the French, on NQ questions, what EZ says is what MLP believes. Another way he was a foil for her is because he pushed the Overton Window on NQ in a markedly rightward direction, getting the statements and precepts out there for public consumption, but being consumed by a public that thinks that MLP happens to be an optically better and way more EE-adept vehicle for the NQ matters that EZ liberated from the cordon sanitaire, even if MLP wanted to distance herself from those ideas. Chew on that for a moment: She’s being rewarded for what he said that she was too scared to say, and she’s also being rewarded for being too scared to say it. Does your head hurt yet?

Then there’s the matter of MLP not being subject to a nationwide hate machine aimed at her head for the first time in her political career. Me, as a comment, back on December 1:

I can easily see all the king’s horses and all the king’s men really firing all four barrels at Zemmour, which will mean that they’re not firing at MLP, which means she’ll be the one who does better than ever.

Was that ever a good prediction. It’s one that I didn’t take seriously, during the height of Zemmourmania. Only during the middle point of her resurgence, about a week before I got here, is when I did.

(3) Cherchez Le Juif.

We gotta go there.

Did EZ’s Jewishness help build his own glass ceiling?

If I said yes, then I would be less than honest. If I said no, I would be less than honest. If I said yes and no, I would be less than honest. If I said yo, then I’d be running yes and no together.

The best way to answer this question is the way that some people answer the question of their relationship status: It’s complicated.

First off, most of you reading these words read other sector outlets. So we all know the standing theory from the outset. That EZ was just a troublemaking Jew who only got in it to fuck things up for MLP.

The reason I never bought into that theory is that when organized activist Jewish interests (“the Jews”) actually do co-opt the right, they do it by pushing the right leftward. They don’t do it by pushing the right rightward, especially on NQ, like EZ tried to do. We all know, even if a few of us don’t want to admit, that the Jews are the most sensitive and fearful about NQ-related politics on the right among non-Jewish whites/Europeans in “traditionally” non-Jewish white/European political cultures. The Jews don’t want white people advocating for our own best interests on our own volition, and will move Hell and Earth to prevent us from doing that. They surely won’t consciously push us in that direction. EZ pushed matters in that direction. QED.

And if EZ ever had as his real intention to ruin MLP, he certainly did the worst possible job of it!

There is now whispering here on the ground around a new tinfoil theory that goes the other way, that EZ deliberately did it all to help MLP. The reason I don’t buy into that one either, is because EZ’s ego is too big. But, considering the way things turned out, that theory is way easier to believe than the other one.

But I digress, somewhat.

It’s complicated in that it wasn’t EZ’s Jewishness per se that was a contributing factor in his building his own glass ceiling. But if you look at it in combination with other things, then it becomes obvious. He’s Algerian in birth nationality and Berber in ethnicity. So if you roll together Algerian, Berber and Jewish, then you see there are three cascading identities that mean that EZ is not traditionally French. Even though he’s compatible in some ways, and politically, totally bona fide in terms of having the best interests of the (real) French at heart. OTOH, there’s no doubt that MLP is the real deal in terms of being “really” French.

And that’s what I think made enough of the (real) French apprehensive about him. Not Jewish by itself, not Algerian by itself, not Berber by itself. But all three, meaning he is ultimately a triple-layered outsider who comes off as too interested and too gung-ho about French nationalism, as if he has something to prove or some internal psychological insecurity. Or worse: Perhaps it triggered the French historical memory about another non-Frenchman who was born in French-controlled territory, migrated to France proper, and converted domestic instability into gung-ho nationalism and then some. Je suis la révolution.

That, and people within a group tend to get really nonplussed when outsiders get too positively interested in the group. It’s why most Jews dislike philosemitism, becuase non-Jews aren’t supposed to be that damned interested in Jews, even if it’s from a loving vantage point. Besides, we all know that love and hate are not antonyms, but synonyms, and that indifference is the antonym of both. That’s why it’s so easy for people to switch up from love to hate and vice versa on a dime (e.g. the man and woman arguing with each other one moment and then in bed the next). Jews, looking at philosemites, have to be worried that today’s love will become tomorrow’s hate, and it will do that among people who are in close proximity and are in a good position to translate their lovehatelovehate into very undesirable action.

There’s also a part of me that’s just cynical enough to think that EZ’s whole motivation for doing all this, both in terms of his media career and now his heretofore short political career is long track revenge against the Arabs, Muslims and Africans who ruined Algeria for his own kin.

(5) And I Should Add.

Speaking of above, on a few occasions, EZ did come off as something of a neo-Napoleonic ultra-nationalist crank. As if he wants to put the real estate in which I currently reside under new management. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m good on that. I came Europe for Germany, not France.

(6) Mr. Putin’s Spring Break.

Speaking of territorial aggrandizement, from this and Hungary the week before, it’s clear that Mr. Putin’s spring break isn’t going to affect conventional European politics that much.

When February 24 happened, the conventional wisdom was that it would existentially damage MLP and the Rassemblement National (RN) party as a whole, because of her and their previous open overtures toward Putin. (EZ, either in his short political career or longer media career, has nowhere near that kind of pro-Putin paper trail.) Obviously, that didn’t happen. But I don’t think it’s as simple as saying that being pro-Putin wouldn’t hurt. Because once February 24 happened, MLP recalled all the public imagery of her and Putin together, and took all the statements back. This is why the American media are wrong in saying that an ultimate MLP win in two weeks will result in France becoming pro-Putin.

No, what I think happened is that MLP isn’t being rewarded for being pro-Putin before 2/24, and she’s not being rewarded for being relatively hostile to him now. What she’s being rewarded for is changing her mind based on new events and circumstances. IOW, she’s being rewarded for major issue flexibility. As much as we ideologues don’t like anything that smells like flip flopping, the truth of the matter is that it actually comforts most people, if they think it’s a consequence of changing circumstances or genuinely Damascene changes of heart rather than cynical expediency. It means that the given political figure who “flip flops” isn’t cult-like wedded to a given ideology or opinion or agenda item.

Another subtext to Mr. Putin’s Spring Break is that the conventional wisdom was that it would hurt the pop-nat parties, movements and sectors in the world generally, because of their/our median relative lack of hostility towards Putin in recent years. That was possible. But I also floated the possibility that it would help, because military invasions tend to get peoples’ minds focused on the very kind of primal concerns that the pop-nat space has made its raison d’être. And I think we’re seeing some of that come true, with this and Hungary just in this month.

(7) The Next Two Weeks.

Virtually all EZ voters will vote MLP in two weeks. Whether or not EZ himself officially endorses MLP, (and considering his ego, he likely won’t), won’t matter, and won’t make any difference. (UPDATE: Late on Monday, EZ did unconditionally endorse MLP and advised all his voters to go with her in the runoff.)

Since the focus is now back on MLP, you might be thinking that the hate machine is also now returned to being aimed at her, which will hurt her in two weeks. Perhaps. But I think it’s different now. First off, a lot has happened since five years ago. And second, because of the EZ foil, when it comes to MLP, people are starting to get down with the Chris Rea Doctrine: Seeing new light through old windows.

(8) Under the Bridge.

At one point in February, before the start of Mr. Putin’s spring break, I thought there was an outside possibility that EZ and MLP could finish in the top two, meaning the runoff would have been against each other. At that point, Katie bar the door. Unfortunately, Mr. Putin’s spring break has generally helped the incumbent leadership of much of the nearby and relevant world, including Emmanuel Macron. So that’s why he at least made the runoff, but I should say that only finishing in second in the runoff and with not even a quarter of the whole French first round electorate as an incumbent flashes on heavy weather ahead.


(1) Because MLP now has a real chance of winning all the marbles, I’m going to stay the whole time and not go home until after. I want a front row seat to history in the making, in spite of everything else. If it was a situation to where everyone knows Macron will easily win in two weeks, I’d be going home a few days from now, after seeing all I want to see in Paris and meeting everyone I want. After all, once I do get home when I do, I’ve got NRW state elections to concern myself with on May 15, and a blue team that’s this close to a civil war.

It also means I’ll be spending Easter Sunday in Paris. I could have only wished at Notre Dame. Whose reconstruction is coming along surely even if slowly, and the first time I saw it was the first time I was ever in Paris, a mere month and a half after the fire.

(2) Marion Maréchal. Wow, just wow. With some wow on the side. As stunning as she looks in photography, the pics still don’t do her justice compared to real life. I’ll put it to you this way: Take her and all the Perfect Ten women off of this world and give them their own Earth analogue planet all by themselves. On Planet Perfect Ten, she’d be a nine.

I also met Jean-Marie Le Pen (JMLP) for the first time. I only wish I could have met him in his younger, or not-quite-as-elderly, years.

MLP, I already met at Matteo Salvini’s rally in Milan almost three years ago, so she wasn’t brand new to me.

Though that reminds me once again that the next Le Pen family gathering, if there is one, isn’t going to be a happy one. I don’t see MLP being any sort of magnanimous toward either her father or her niece during her Presidency if one happens.

In the past, on two different occasions, I was in close company with Emmanuel Macron. He really is that much of a dweeb and a twerp. Embarrassed that we were born in the same year.

(3) Paris. The most visually attractive major city from the built environment perspective that I’ve ever seen, though I know I’m not the first person to have made that assessment. On the flip side, poor Paris is really getting it on diversity. And this mentality that the core city is safe and the problems are all out in the suburbs is years out of date. It’s in the core city and all the tourist trap areas as well. When we were in Rome between Christmas and the New Year at the end of 2019, (and it turns out that was a really risky time to be in Italy, considering what would transpire soon after), it was the first time that any place in Europe really scared me, because of the you-know-whos. Paris? Same deal, because of the same people. Africanus Bellcurvius.

(4) Mon Français. French and Latin were my two foreign languages in terms of formal education. My (High) German came from Lutheran churches. Of course, these days, I need and use German way more than French, so, predicably, my French really withered on the vine. But one thing I found out is that if you want to resuscitate what were previously deprecated French language skills, France is a really good place to do it. Especially since the French don’t play all this creeping Anglicism bullshit, unlike… (looking back towards the Reich).

(5) Speaking of looking back towards the Reich, the two hostages to fate and fortune back home got “this” close to true steady walking on two feet before I left. I knew it would happen, that they would make it all the way, when I was away. And of all days that it did, it happened over the weekend. The older one had his first all day full steady day of walking and no falling down on Saturday, and the younger one joined him yesterday. A red letter weekend, both personally and politically. But the first such life milestone of theirs that I wasn’t there to see in person. Such is the life of a traveling political hack.

Like I said, with each new major step of progress, I already miss them in their previous step. I guess it’s because it means they’re getting older, which also means…

Next up: Töpfchen.


I really didn’t want to learn what I did from this month, but I had to.

And There Will Be Much to Unpack

7 04 2022


She was left for irrelevant, old shoe, yesterday’s news.

Her own father and niece ditched her for the hot new thing.

And honestly, so did I.

But it looks like Marine Le Pen is going to have the last laugh.

Unless there’s something that surprises us all, the top two on Sunday will be Macron and MLP. And she now has a real something of a puncher’s chance of going all the way in the runoff two weeks later.

Probably on Monday, I’m going to have a longer post here, because there’s a whole lot to unpack and many lessons to learn from her getting the better of Eric Zemmour.

First of which is that the next Le Pen family gathering is not going to be a pleasant one.

Climax Of My Story

30 03 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Yes, I know it isn’t until tomorrow. But I know they’re going to throw me a party, even though nobody has said anything yet. Nobody has to. The only open question is precisely how they’re going to pretend to surprise me, and precisely how I’ll pretend to be surprised.

Then we’ll lather rinse repeat in little more than a month from now for the better half.

Really, in spite of everything, the time in my life between just before my 35th birthday and now here on the vestibule of my 45th has been the climax of my life.

But there’s more to come — The day after, on Friday, I head to Paris for what will be the most important single month for our movement in a long time. Maddeningly, as far as I can tell, next to nobody in our American sector realizes that.

I still can’t believe I was so apprehensive five years ago at this time about turning 40.

Random Prediction (As I Slowly Pack)

29 03 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

While many parents today wish their children would quit spending so much time playing video games, I predict it won’t be that much longer until parents start wishing that their children would play video games.

Let’s see who gets it right.

And also, open thread.

There’s Fire

23 03 2022

Jefferson City

Even though Kim Gardner’s attempted prosecution of Eric Greitens was baseless and ham-handed, and it turned out the way it should, there were a lot of people in the state who were plugged in to the right gossip circuit, yours truly included, who could never get it out of the back of their heads that there must be some fire underneath all this smoke. Especially since the “unconventionality” of the Greitens marriage was an open secret in the same circuit.

Now, people are starting to see the fire.

Even if Greitens doesn’t drop out formally, this will end his credible chances of winning.

I find it ironic that Vicky Hartzler was the first on the bandwagon demanding that Greitens drop out. Because, before this, the four real contenders were those two, and also Eric Schmitt and Billy Long. Hartzler and Long are members of Congress, and while they have all the name recognition within their own districts, they’re not high profile at all outside of them for any reason. Which means that the best chance that either one had to win was hope that Greitens and Schmitt split the “full statewide name recognition” vote. With Greitens now non-credible, Schmitt is the only one who is both credible and has statewide name rec.

It’s now his United States Senate seat to lose.

Not so long ago, he was just a city alderman on a postage stamp municipality in St. Louis County.

I remember saying after the elections in 2016 that, among the Republicans that ran the table in Missouri that November, that I thought Schmitt had the highest ceiling. I turned out to be wrong about that, (comma, Josh Hawley), but, on the other hand, that he’s now on the precipice of the U. S. Senate doesn’t surprise me now and from far away.

High One

17 03 2022

Washington, D.C.

I see the ‘States is now having the same debate over ending the “hassle” of changing the clocks twice a year as is happening here on the Continent.

I think this might be one of those diseases where the potential cures, especially the one that seems to be the most likely to be implemented, is worse than the disease itself.

Traditionally, the local zenith of the sun in daylight hours was an important and useful dividing line on any given day. Long story short, that eventually came to be known as “noon.” Eventually, with the rollout of the railroads necessitating time zones and the understanding of the analemma (equation of time), a consequence of the Earth’s orbit around the sun being an ellipse instead of a perfect circle, matters had to be standardized. Noon was defined with four parameters: (1) The zenith of the sun, (2) At at point right on any line of longitude that is divisible by 15, and (3) When the analemma is zero, and (4) Standard time, not on daylight savings time.

What it meant is that noon no longer had to be noon, and in nearly every case, was not. The factors affecting it, I just stated: (1) The further away you are in your time zone from the time zone’s multiple of 15 line of longitude, the more the offset is going to be, four minutes per degree, later west sooner east. Meaning that, ceteris paribus, zenith at 90 W is 12:00, but at 91 W, it’s 12:04, 89 W it’s 11:56. (Conveniently, 90 W is close to St. Louis) (2) The analemma effect. It can be as much as 15 minutes plus or minus, but its pattern isn’t random or haphazard year to year. (3) Whether it’s daylight or standard time; If daylight, then noon is 1 PM, not counting the other factors. All three of these factors cascade.

An extreme example is that the latest possible zenith in Terre Haute, Indiana, a city far west within its time zone, unnaturally so, is 1:59 PM. That’s with DST in effect and analemma close to its sun “running late” possibility. All three variables cascading in the same direction. Noon not until two o’clock.

What has happened since the adoption of time zones and DST over the years is that time zones have had a political westward mission creep. The idea, like DST itself, is to “trade” an hour of light in the morning for an hour of light in the evening.

The problem with that is starting to show up now. Since it’s too much of a hassle to change clocks twice a year, the political headwinds are moving toward making DST permanent, i.e. defining the solar zenith at 15x longitudes with zero analemma as 1 PM. But if you’re in one of those far west within a time zone slash westward mission creep areas, it will mean the latest possible winter sunrises that are really late. For Terre Haute, it would mean 9:10 AM.

I can give you an even more extreme example, the time zone I currently live in, the Central European Time Zone. It’s so geographically overextended that there is a small slither of northwestern Spain, on what little west coast Spain has, that’s not just one time zone ahead of where it should be, but two. At the most extreme point, it would mean 10:08 AM latest winter sunrises under full time DST.

Where I live, Cologne, longitude 6.95 E, it’s only a little bit out of time zone whack, with the dividing line between the two zones should be 7.5 E by geographical rights. Here, with standard time, latest winter sunrise is 8:35, which would become 9:35 with fulltime DST. Then again, around here, we don’t see that much sun at all during the winter months, so it’s just as well.

What I think would have to happen, and eventually will, if permanent DST happens, is that a lot of the westward drift in time zone boundaries will have to be reversed.

The other two options in lieu of twice yearly clock changing are leaving it at standard time, and Steve Sailer’s proposal of splitting the difference with a half hour, i.e. defining the solar zenith at 15x and no analemma as 12:30 PM. The problem with standard all the time is that it would mean very early summer sunrises in time zone areas that are both far north and east. For example, the most extreme part of the CETZ in that regard, in far northeastern Poland, already has as its earliest summer sunrise at 3:52 AM, and that’s with DST. Standard time and that becomes 2:52. Which really would be wasting daylight. As far as splitting the difference, even if it sounds clever at first, I happen to think that it won’t make that many people happy in the long run.

So I think the ultimate answer is permanent DST along with geographically righting time zone lines.

And it would mean we’d have to change our vocabulary to do things at “high one” instead of “high noon.”

Party Line

8 03 2022


I’m going to use this opportunity to state in a more clear and succinct way my take.

(1) That part of the world has been, currently is, and will continue to be way too complex for bumper sticker and hashtag sloganeering and philosophizing and for moral absolutism. If you’re doing this, then, please, stop, please.

(2) The world is rediscovering why “Byzantine” is both an adjective and a proper noun.

(3) What is simple is that Putin is entirely the aggressor starting on and since February 24. He took what was already a bad situation and unilaterally made it worse. And he did it purely for the purposes of forced territorial aggrandizement to some extent, which is out of bounds in the post-WWII geopolitical mainstream.

(4) The common denominator of the close to universal reaction to this among people whose worldviews of Putin and his Russia were divergent to one degree or another before February 24 was that the invasion has to be stopped and Russian military resources turn back and depart the current Ukrainian state.

(5) Genuine white interests on a global scale lost the moment the first Russian soldier stepped across the current Ukrainian border on February 24, no matter what happens from here on out. The only open variables are how badly we’ll lose and how long lasting will be the ramifications.

Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 21

4 03 2022


Two years, already, come Monday.

This the second year of our marriage was precisely as I predicted a year ago on our first anniversary, that the second year was going to be more about being married to the marriage, in contrast to the first year of being married to each other. Then again, that transition came about two months before our first anniversary.

Now with the benefit of two years of retrospect, we both know for sure that we as individuals are the only two people who could be married to each other and the only two people who could be married to this particular marriage. I suppose it was the benefit of two parties in the marriage being way past anything close to too young when they tied the knot.

Also in retrospect, after our wedding weekend two years ago and coming back to Cologne, we already felt like we had been married for somewhere between five and ten years. Perhaps that also speaks to the predestination of it all, and also how not young we were. Of course, the Wednesday after our wedding day is when the two million weeks to flatten the curve began, for us.

And as always, and this is something else we both know, though March 7 is our wedding anniversary, we will always feel like December 14 is substantively more so. It was because the way things worked out, the moment I popped the question and she screamed yes was the moment I became part of the family, the following March 7 was just a formality.

Tomorrow would have been my mother’s 83rd birthday.

Mere Collection of Random Thoughts

27 02 2022


Embedded Tweets for now. I’ll write something more consequential soon.

Forever and Ever Amen

21 02 2022


I may be partially responsible for fueling the recent fad of generationist enmity in our sector.

And I’ve said for some time, and along those lines, that the Boomers aging out of power is going to result in the most drastic handoff in generational power within a hundred years of either side of when it happens. While I’ve been thinking that it will be for the better, I’ve always left open the opposite possibility.

But after the last several days, I take it all back.

Because, if Justin Trudeau is representative of what the world has to look forward to with Generation X dominance of important power institutions, then my only reactions are these:

Boomers and older, please live forever. I mean, c’mon, immortality can’t be that hard, can it? After all, there have been some promising theoretical breakthroughs.


Now I understand why the 1965 Wall is as impenetrable as the Berlin Wall once was, why the Boomers and older are so scared to retire.

Open thread for the week.

Trade Deadline

15 02 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

American politics in 2021-22, explained:

Just before the trade deadline, team red and team blue traded Liz Cheney for RFK Jr.

Open thread away.


15 02 2022


There’s a theory that has been picking up steam in our sector in the Anglosphere, that Globohomo’s saber rattling against Putin has as its sole real purpose to shut down NordStream 2, in order to prevent the near future possibility of a growing alliance between Berlin and Moscow, and how such an alliance would hurt Globohomo.

I think that theory is really really really stretching it and reaching. While I think Globohomo has these considerations in the back of their (big) heads, I still think that the straw stirring their drink wrt Putin-Ukraine, and in generally with the unnecessary and provocative expansion of the anachronistic NATO alliance, is the good ole fashioned ethnic grudge.

One big problem with that theory is the number next to NordStream 2 — That being 2. If you’re asking if this means that there is a NordStream 1, then you are asking the right question, and you have the right answer. NS 1 has been operational for coming up on a decade.

NS 2 wouldn’t actually create some sort of energy-related economic links between the country under my feet and Russia that didn’t exist before, because they already exist. It’s just that NS 2 would make them rather more stark.

In related news, I’m sure you’ve seen that Kamala Harris is going to the Munich Security Conference this coming weekend. I went to the MSC three years ago for grins and giggles. My conclusion is that it’s nothing more than a soapbox for the top level officials and a ski junket for the hacks and apparatchiks. I figured that second part out when I saw so many people with skis and snowboards in tow as they made their way off the trains and out of Munich Central.

Once Those Connections (Count to Nine)

15 02 2022


The ruling class hysteria about the Canadian Truckers Convoy, explained.

Or rather, Vox Day and I already explained it seven years ago.

Globohomo relies on the very people it bashes, trashes, undermines, terrorizes, displaces and replaces continuing to do what they normally do and have always done, either out of their own self-interest, (“those bills won’t pay themselves”), or in a sense of duty to Globohomo’s manufactured superficial bone-throwing faux kiddie pool Fisher-Price toy patriotism (“we gotz to go kill dem Ay-rabs ova der or they’ll be killin’ us over here even though they already have, because The Greatestestestestestest Ally“).

The official hysteria over the CTC is rooted in the ruling class’s neuroses-fueled realization that the normies have figured out the ruling class’s two timing scam with normies as social science experiments, and will no longer participate. And when truckers quit playing along, well, all I can say is this: Count to nine. Gold star to the first person who groks.

Crack Pipes, Explained

9 02 2022

Washington, D.C.

Insert Hunter Biden joke here, just to get it out of the way.

Now, onward and upward.

It’s as easy as reminding you of my advice a few months ago about a similar but different matter.

Look past the black and see the gay.

In fact, the crack pipe articles actually do say LGBTQ.

And that’s who this is all about. Specifically, gay men and transwomen. Two demographics known for both having bad drug abuse problems and a lot of political clout. And of course the God-given inalienable right to do drugs with clean implements that aren’t infection vectors. It’s right there in the Constitution, in between abortion, open borders, and Jim Clyburn being the only eligible voter in Presidential elections.