Shades of Steve Utash

25 03 2017


The difference is that Steve Utash was lucky enough to survive, and eventually recover, and return to work.  Not only that, his assailants were caught and convicted, even as they got slap on the hand punishments.

This one?  He personally wasn’t so lucky, and who knows if these perps will ever be caught.

Here’s why I’m jumping to conclusions about said perps.

Sit In the Middle of the Road and Eat Pancakes Challenge

25 03 2017


I guess that’s what this is, the new fad to get a quick fifteen off of WSHH/YT.

What it also means is that Florida Man is back in style.  It wasn’t so long ago that Florida Man yielded to Minnesota Man, and then Minnesota Man yielded to Edmonton Man.  Florida Man wanted a second life at the meme magic.

Oh Gawd

25 03 2017

Grand Center

“Hamilton” is coming to St. Louis.

But it won’t be until April of next current year.  So the plutocratic left contingent around here has plenty of time to jack secondary market ticket prices to the stratosphere.  Tony Messenger will also have plenty of time to write, rewrite and proofread his op-ed mashing up “Hamilton” and the social justicey progressive causes of St. Louis.

Granular Accounting

25 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

American Interest writes of Brookings’s study of foreign exchange students’ views of the American educational systems:

Foreign exchange students’ perceptions of U.S. education clearly depends on their own educational background and their school placement. Students placed in underperforming Chicago schools, for example, are more likely to say that U.S. education is easier compared with foreign students placed at top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns.

The study doesn’t offer details about these alternative variables that might offer a more granular account of where U.S. schools are succeeding and failing…(snip)

The study doesn’t offer such details or such accounting because they are taboo, politically incorrect, racist, and probably also anti-Semitic and transphobic, because intersectionality.  Of course, if you don’t want to be all transphobic, then you can consider Davis Guggenheim’s theory that some nefarious spirit magically sends all the bad teachers to the black ghettos.

Also remember when it comes to “top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns,” those are the schools that have the widest white-black achievement gaps.


24 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

My 56th Axiom:  The more often you hear something repeated, the less likely you should be to believe it.

That alone is why I’m really turning a side eye to this constant refrain about opiates and heroin to explain the White Death.

Aside from that, it’s way too easy an explanation, with too easy and taboo-free solutions.

It’s for the same reason why Official Amurrika pawns all the blame for black violent crime off on drugs and gangs, when the reality is that most black violent crime has nothing to do with either.  But if you believe it’s all drugs and gangs, it means you get to propose solutions and be politically correct at the same time.  It’s easy to combat gangs and drugs and never have to name the ook.

And that’s what I think is going on with the constantly peddled bromide about opiates/heroin to explain the White Death — It gives us an excuse not to talk about anti-white enmity and discrimination, and especially not about cognitive stratification and growing and ossifying inequality.  At the same time, even if it does contradict what I wrote above, the opiates/heroin bromide puts 100% of the agency and blame on WCWs, when they don’t deserve it.  Anti-white hatred and burgeoning inequality and cogstrat would still exist even if opium never did.

Ain’t That Amurrika

23 03 2017

Rockville, Maryland

Two illegal alien students (allegedly) rape a 14-year old girl, and the district stuporintendent blames parents who are complaining about it.

I’m so old that I remember when even accidental and highly misinterpreted comments about rape ended one’s political career.  More than that, I had a front row seat to such a thing.

About that supposedly 18-year old suspect…


Google’s Fault

23 03 2017


I knew they’d find someone or some thing to pawn the blame off on.