3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in Cologne, Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be not that frequent going forward.

All my other presences.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — A recovery which for all intents and purposes is complete as of December 14, 2019.

I proposed on December 14, 2019, and was married on March 7, 2020.  We welcomed twin sons into the world on December 22, 2020.  You can read about how it all happened and eventually future updates in that stead on my RHOC Series.

The Good Die Young

27 05 2023

Fürth, Bavarian Franconia; Washington, D. C.

This Ain’t the Story, Of a Lovely Lady

25 05 2023

Studio City, Calif.

Continuing on my theme that the increased unaffordability of housing and real estate is one of the very most underappreciated issues of our time.

Back in 2016, when the first house that Lucille Ball ever owned, in West Hollywood, Calif., went on the market for $1.75 million, and I found out that that was typical for that area at that time and not because of the numismatic/historical value of Lucille Ball once owning it. I noted at the time that the grand irony of the matter is that a 22-year old starting out B-grade actress in 2016 could not possibly afford to buy that house, as a 22-year old starting out B-grade actress could and did in 1933.

Now, we find out today that the Brady Bunch house, the Studio City, Calif. house used in the exterior shots of “The Brady Bunch,” is on the market for $5.5 million.

So I say today:

There’s no way an architect today trying to supporting himself, his three sons, his wife, and his three step-daughters, and a live-in maid, could afford to buy that house today.

Cemented Case

24 05 2023

Berlin; Munich

Nationwide raids today against what are called around here “Klimakleber” (“climate stickers” or “climate glue”). Until now, these nutzos were politically protected. But they’ve gotten so insane that they crossed the Rubicon.

Repeating for those needing.

The political psychology of this milieu.

It’s merely a matter of the vicissitudes of a cause that everybody endorses.

Everybody is an environmentalist to one extent or another.

Therefore, there is nothing special or distinguishing about merely being an environmentalist.

The only way you can distinguish yourself or be special by advocating a cause that is universally supported is to be increasingly radical, extreme, loud, militant, shrill, ostentatious and paranoid. And then use others’ lack of that as “proof” that they’re “secretly” on the other side or are doing the bidding of the “enemies.”

And that his how we wind up with young people cementing their hands to street pavement in Berlin.

Long Division

24 05 2023

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

If any of you reading these words are dismissive of the notion that AI could eventually have severe consequences on current human existence:

Remember, it is human nature to offload repetitive work to machinery, automatons and tech, where practical and possible.

Let me ask you this:

When was the last time you divided a two digit number into a four digit number by hand with pen and paper?

If you’re younger, then you probably never have. If you’re older, then it has been a long time.

See what I mean?

And don’t even ask about computing square roots and cube roots by pen and paper and by hand, which I used to know.

Key words: “Used to.”

See what I mean?

Note: For now, any good teacher, instructor, professor or adjunct will be able to smell ChatGPT-generated rhetoric coming from a mile away.

Truck Driver of Something

23 05 2023

Washington, D.C.; Chesterfield

White House Truck Guy is 19 years old, South Asian type name, and from Chesterfield, Missouri, a new money St. Louis suburb.

As usual, no names, because I think we’re dealing with just and yet another publicity seeking nutbar.

I will say that I can see right through this Nazi flag bullshit. A brand new crisp Nazi flag lying neatly on the ground. Oh yeah, that part is the false flag (pun intended), even though everything else is probably for real.

Think it can’t happen? We know for a documented fact that Richard Nixon personally ordered goons to try to plant George McGovern campaign literature in Arthur Bremer’s apartment in Milwaukee when it became known he was the one who tried to assassinate George Wallace. Except by the time the goons got there, the FBI had already gotten there first and had the joint taped off.

As an aside, euphemistically, the word used around here for those kinds of groups is, and, get ready for a mouthful, as is standard fare with the local language:


Which translates to “unconstitutional organization(s).” Usually meaning actual Nazis and actual Communists.

Quantum Leap

23 05 2023

Woodstock, Maine; Paris

The group trying to draft Tucker Carlson to run for President has thrown in the towel. Seems like TC isn’t interested in all.

And, you know what? It’s all for the best.

Because, when I think of the idea that the country’s most popular media personality who is also as right wing as could be and still get mainstream visibility is going to launch a national political career, I could swear to myself that I’ve seen it all before.

Oh, yeah, right, I have.

Thirteen months ago, on the ground, ten toes down, the country next door.

Does the name Éric Zemmour mean anything to you?

And how did it ultimately turn out for him?

Aside from the other reasons that were time and place specific to answer that, one of the reasons he flopped was this:

It is WAY different being a superlative in terms of media and punditry on the one hand, and national political credibility in terms of having the serious chance to win on the other. It is an even bigger quantum leap than going from zero to a media/punditry superlative.

The metaphor I used 13 months ago, relating to America, is that Rush Limbaugh was king with 20 million, but it takes 80 million to be President (including the fake votes). Going from 20m to 80m is way more difficult than going from zero to 20m.

Zemmour was, as I said back then, the Rush Limbaugh trying to go from 20m to 80m and thinking it would be as non-difficult as going from 0 to 20m.

And that’s how I think it would end up in the long run for the very very very similar Tucker Carlson.

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

22 05 2023

Valencia, Spain

And some text to go along with it.

May I posit an alternate explanation?

Petulant manlet-bitch who can’t handle trash talking from the opposing team’s fans.

He’s been playing organized team soccer since he was knee high to a grasshopper in all likelihood. So it’s not as if he doesn’t know about trash talking, in both directions, getting it and giving it.

The reason these fans do it is because they think they can get into the heads of the players of the other team.

And Vinicius, in lashing out the way he did on the field and then later off, only showed that the tactic works, and that it’s easy to get in his head.

Which means it’s going to happen a whole lot more.

Team and individual sports are as much psychological as they are physical. Then again, warfare is the same way, and apropos that team sports are a stand in for war.

If he really wanted for this kind of thing not to happen, he should have never let on that it bothered him, even if it actually did/does.

Blackest Pill

21 05 2023

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

It wasn’t like I was never aware of issues like total fertility rate (TFR), group differentials in TFR, population and demographic dynamics, demographic momentum and anti-momentum, future population projections.

But it took me actually having children of my own to realize how important those things are, and how these sorts of things have made the biggest jump in my mind from the abstract to the concrete, and how I gave them the short straw before. It has probably been the biggest change in my daily conceptual framework and worldview that has been a consequence of me having children.

And it’s the blackest pill I ever swallowed.

Because, nothing like having children to make me gravely aware of, and very disturbed about, who in this world is and is not procreating.

All our talk and action will ultimately be meaningless if the peak reproductive age cohort among us, and pardon my French, doesn’t do a lot more fucking and reproducing.

Unfortunately, things seem to be going in the opposite direction.

Here’s how I think it’s going to unfold:

It does not seem obvious now, because of the concept of demographic momentum. The population of a given group can keep on increasing even as the TFR is below replacement level, and also vice versa (demographic anti-momentum). For much the same reason that a train can keep on accelerating even when decleration energy is applied, and vice versa.

But at some point, low TFR in most of the world except for SSHBA (sub-Saharan black Africa) (including its diaspora) will eventually take its damage. First in the developed world, and then the developed world’s decreased prosperity from fewer people will mean that it doesn’t have pity resources to pour on SSHBA. Which in turn will mean that the mortality rate in SSHBA will go back up to the historical norm of 50%, which will start to eat into the total population of SSHBA peoples.

My sons will be upper middle aged men, in their fifties and sixties, in the decades of the 2070s and 2080s. At some point during that time span, there will be breaking news of something that by that time will have not have been the case for more than seven centuries: The first documented and documentable decline in total world human population since the Black Plague.

From there, the crash will be something to behold in real time.

Thankfully, I won’t be here to see it.

“Screaming.” FIFY.

21 05 2023

Open thread.

Fun With News Juxtaposition

17 05 2023


Top story is about wanting to lower the voting age to 16. Bottom story is about the academic performance of fourth graders plummeting.

Durham Blue

16 05 2023

Washington, D.C.

Why are they getting around to telling the truth and mea culpa now?

One thing we have to understand about deep state bureaucrats is that, on one level, they’re like career military. Notorious ass kissers. I recently read a short historical essay that involved a given man, name escapes me, who was NCO grade during Kaiser and officer grade during Weimar, then the Nazis, then NATO. And he was just one of quite a few who were exactly like or similar to that. And we’re talking about four pretty wildly different ideological regimes. Which means that there is no possible political or ideological through line. The only way to rationalize this kind of switching up is ass kissing careerism.

That’s why the Durham Report has just dropped now with what we’ve known for a long time. Deep State Potomac Regime expects either President Trump or President DeSantis starting January 20, 2025, and is now trying to paper over the open wounds so that there is no serious revenge-motivated house cleaning.

IOW, advanced begging for mercy.

The Suicide of My Enemy Is My Friend

4 05 2023


This is similar to the gigantic reception he got when he was a Presidential candidate in 2008 and also spoke in Berlin.

There is a tendency in our American sector to write this off as purely a function of Berlin being vibrant, and therefore, the vibrants showing up and showing out. Then others among us will say that Berlin is also a left wing city, as most big cities are, and that if actual Germans showed up, it’s just because of politics.

That’s true to a point.


It didn’t take me that long to live here to realize that the love that Germans have for Barack Obama is even deeper than that, and stretches way beyond vibrants and left-wing natives. I’m talking about normies, non-politicals, and even some center-right, CDU types.


They will never admit what I’m about to tell you, especially in such plain spoken obvious terms.

It’s because they hate America and Americans, (two World Wars have something to do with it), and therefore love Obama because they perceive him as engineering the decline of the power, clout, prosperity and influence of the United States.

It would be for much the same reason that if an avowed enemy of mine was trying to commit suicide, I wouldn’t interfere with him.

Note: Obama was here in Cologne in 2019, in fact, the event he held with Angela Merkel was at Lanxess Arena. The security and traffic jams meant that I had to wait around at the function I was at that evening until it was almost the next day to get home.

How to Lose Friends and Create Enemies

3 05 2023


But I’ve been saying for a long time. If you abandon your loyal patrons to throw in with a fashionable constituency, especially one that is known for purism and fanaticism, then you better go all the way in with your new crowd. Because if you back away from them just a teeny little bit, they’re not going to like that, and then despise you as much as the loyal customers you just did forsake. Then you’ll be left with nobody.


I Turn 50 This Month. Don’t Remind Me.

1 05 2023

Guest post by Puggg

On the 15th, two weeks from today, is the exact day.

Yeah, 50, it means a lot. But I will say that my 40s were a real good decade. In my adult decades, the 20s, the 30s and the 40s, the 40s were the ones where I made the biggest jump in my career. Including a promotion I found out about back in March, which will take me away from Jefferson County and send me to Jefferson City, here pretty soon.

A 50 year old pug, it has to be a world record.

Strike of Ten

28 04 2023

Back in the 1980s, parents actually had to worry about this sort of thing.

Now, many of those who were children back then whose whereabouts at 10 PM were less than certain, are now parents themselves.

Except they have it much better than their own parents, because they know where their own children are at 10 PM. No doubt about it.

They are at and doing at 10 PM, exactly what they were doing at 9 PM, 8 PM, 7 PM, 6 PM, and any given o’clock. Zonked out, staring at some screen of some device.

I’m sure that there are a few parents today who actually wish that their kids would have unknown whereabouts at 10 PM every once in awhile.

When today’s children get to be their parents’ age, the very question of where their children are at 10 PM will be totally meaningless to them.

Because they won’t have children.

In turn, because they’ll never be able to form meaningful relationships with actual human beings of the opposite sex, much less actually have sex.

Because device zombies.

Needless to say, this is my way of saying that the better half and I are going to do as much as we can to keep sail foams out of the hands of our two bosses for as long as we can.


Let’s call this an open thread in advance of what is going to be for me a long holiday weekend.

May 1, May Day, Labor Day, is Monday. Which means it’s also a three day weekend around here.

First, I expect some big embarrassing news to drop this afternoon. Just as in the United States, here, too, they use the Friday afternoon before the start of three day weekends to get embarrassing and inconvenient news out of the way to be buried by the holiday weekend.

Second, May Day is far left show their asses off day. And they’ll use the whole weekend.

Between the Klimakleber, Antifa, Weltkrieg-T, Event-und-Party-Szene, Südstaatleren, Amoktate, Gendersternchen, usw., by the end of Montag, Deutschland is going to be up to its arschlochen in Einzelfalle.

Then Tuesday is my wife’s birthday. My birthday is March 31, hers May 2. Which means, every April for the whole month, I’m eleven years older than her instead of the usual ten. Needless to say, she enjoys April :)

While it lasts.

Say It, Ernest

26 04 2023

Syracuse, N.Y.,; Allendorf, Hessen

Big business news around here. Carrier buying Viessmann. Both HVAC firms.

The real reason I think is that there are new rules coming down the Bahn here about new residential construction (what little is actually occurring) and what kind of heating systems they can use. The intent is to get more and more people using heat pumps, in order to cut down on the use of natural gas. And according to the credible gossip in the business pages, Viessmann needs Carrier’s expertise in heat pumps.

That said, this reminds me of one of the many Jim Varney ads that he cut for (as it was known back then) Laclede Gas, St. Louis’s natural gas utility, using his “Vern and Ernest” character universe.

Closing Time

24 04 2023


Re Tucker Carlson.

Short background. Advertisers love the 25-54 esp 25-34 demo b/c it’s the sweet spot between disposable income and uncemented brand loyalty. Old people have more disposable income but their brand loyalties are set in stone. Kids have no brand loyalties but hardly any disposable income.

It’s why the infamous Rural Purge of 1971 happened. It’s because the rural shows had good ratings but among the two worst possible demographics for advertisers: Old men and little boys. And, not coincidentally, 1971 was the year the first of the Boomers turned 25 years old. So, it was out with the rural shows and in with the edgy stuff.

Circling this around to Tucker Carlson, among all the Fox hosts, he had the best ratings among the advertiser friendly age demos by far. In contrast to the ancient age median for the other Fox shows. Problem was, his content was too controversial for “mainstream” type advertisers, even if they loved the age demos he was pulling in.

From what I have heard, credibly, what made up the difference for a long time was Peter Thiel writing checks.

Therefore, I surmise that TC’s exit today is almost entirely due to Thiel getting tired of subsidizing.

Yesterday’s News, Again

21 04 2023


ICYMI, or in case you haven’t even been paying attention, Sudan is civil warring again.

There’s something really instructive in all this.

I’m so old that I remember a time long long ago, the last decade of the last century and the first decade of this, when Sudan was also embroiled in civil war. The world community at the time assumed that it was purely a religious struggle, with the northern Muslim three-fourths oppressing the crypto-Christian animist southern one-fourth. Therefore, the same world community helmed the secession of the south, insert ironic Rebel Yell here. Therefore, South Sudan, capital Juba, is the world’s newest country, independent in 2011.

But now, what remains of Sudan is now flaring back up. Nearly all the action is in its capital, Khartoum. Incidentally, Sudan’s median age is 20. This time, it’s about somebody or another croaking, and two prominent somebody elses are vying for absolute control of the dump.

Which makes me wonder how much of the previous civil war really had anything to do with religion to begin with, or whether religion just happened to be a precipitating and animating cause to more proximate fundamental causes. I do know that a lot of black African “warfare” is really more than enhanced street gangs bing banging each other.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Kony Current Year?

This Month’s Anniversaries

17 04 2023

Boston; Waco, Tex.; Nashville

(1) The tenth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, back on Saturday. That’s when these pair of Chechen brothers got American visas because their uncle was married to the daughter of someone relatively high up in the CIA. They tried a boxing career at first, but flamed out. After that, they needed a new team, and they signed on with Allah u Snackbar. The rest is, well, you know, ten years old.

(2) The 30th anniversary of Waco, on Wednesday. To this day, the most underreported fact about that matter is that 38% of the victims inside the compound were black.

(3) Wednesday after next is the tenth anniversary of the passing of George Jones. It looks like he has a really good chance to survive the generational shredder. I predict that at the end of this century, the only two country acts of the era between the end of WWII and now that people will still be listening to are George Jones and Hank Williams, Sr.

Three In Four Odds

11 04 2023

Washington, D.C.

The Pentagon Papers 2023 were deliberately “leaked,” in order to rally the “good people” world around Ukraine.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I? Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

A Few Random Thoughts For an Open Thread

11 04 2023

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

(1) Re Macron and China.

On the one hand, we’re supposed to believe that China and Taiwan are the same country, a geopolitical fiction that May 27 helped implement to split Beijing from Moscow about a half century ago. On the other hand, if China carries out a military action against Taiwan soon, we’ll be instructed to think of it as an invasion of one sovereign country against another for the purpose of territorial annexation.

(2) “The Conservative Case for Reparations.” Coming soon to NRO. Liz Cheney, Asa Hutchinson and Lindsey Graham are fighting with each other over who gets to write it, even though we know David French will be the real author.

Take it from here.

For Future Reference

11 04 2023

St. Louis City

Another one of those profundity posts.

Why the total percentage of the American population that is black can’t be that much higher than the official 13% figure, even if it is actually higher.

For a long time, I heard this argument from others, and then believed it myself until a handful of years ago.

The argument goes like this:

“How can they only be 13% of the whole country when they dominate most major cities? Major cities are where all the people are.”

Here’s why that argument is a bit fallacious:

What if their “dominance” of major cities is mostly a visual allusion based on what we all know is the reality that they tend to behave and move in ways which make themselves be seen and be out front, more so than other groups? (“Looksatme”).

There are parts of St. Louis City where, if you would want to play Putin Roulette and drive around on 7 PM on a sunny summer evening, and look around, you’ll see nothing but blacks on the streets, in the front yards, in the back yards. So you’ll drive away, presuming you survive the tour, thinking the neighborhood is actually 100% black.

But then you go to the polling places that serve these neighborhoods on election day. The voters are 70% white, and older.

The easy answer to this paradox is that they’re both in the same neighborhood, but the latter group is understandably scared to be outside at 7 PM on a sunny summer evening.

Lather rinse repeat all over the country.

The other reason speaking against the national percentage being that much higher than the official is simple math. The official percentage of 13% is so low that the only way for it to be way higher in reality would be if a very and unreasonably high percentage of blacks are being missed in the official census.

Simple math.

Let’s concoct a fictional universe with 13 black people and 87 non-black people for 100 total people.

Let’s say that one-fifth, or 20%, of the black people that actually exist, are being missed, by the official census. Meaning that the black population is one-fourth, or 25%, higher, than in the official statistics. That I believe is a nice cut it down the middle educated guesstimate of current on the ground American reality.

This means there are, 0.25 x 13, or 3.25, extra black people, But it also means there are 3.25 extra total people. So it raises both the numerator and the denominator. So it’s (13+3.25)/(100+3.25), or 16.25/103.25, or 15.7%.

Which means that missing one-fifth of the black people only raises the national percentage to 15.7% from 13%. Not dramatically higher.


Raised to the Third Power

5 04 2023


Even in the most genteel, tolerant, beneficent, high trust, high social capital times and situations and societies, public leaders are as a generality jerks, assholes, psychotics and know-it-alls.

Because evolutionary psychology, Darwinian filters, and all that.

It’s why “Trump’s an asshole” never moved my needle. Yeah, that and a buck. He and your town’s dog catcher.


If the United States of America is now going to normalize third world banana republic style weaponized lawfare as a form of conventional domestic political debate, then the Darwinian filter will only get higher.

Meaning in plain English that, if you think politicians are jerks, assholes, psychotics and KIAs now, then just wait until everybody is suing, indicting and prosecuting everybody else for the crime of disagreeing.

At that time, the only kind of people who will even want to run for public office are raised to the third power iterations of all these personality “defects.”

Condolences, Please

4 04 2023


I’m a native St. Louisan.

Five of my consaguinite or affinite relatives within the second cousin family tree worked for Anheuser-Busch.

Today, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of both facts.

Go Forth and Murder

3 04 2023


There’s nothing else to say but this:

Official America, and the Official Globohomo West, are winding up these troons and all but actually instructing them to commit mass murder.

Depending on which Western country you’re in, troons, and/or blacks, and/or environmentalists, and/or Antifa, are being wound up and set loose to wreak havoc with little real fear of consequences.

Red Letter Days

2 04 2023

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

The four days between Wednesday and yesterday were one of the very best four day stretches of my life, a stretch which included my 46th birthday. Especially when it comes to the combined sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, contentment and happiness. I really do now more than ever feel like I’ve really made it in life and have everything. All the more remarkable because it came “this close” to not happening at all.

But, real life beckons. Back to it tomorrow.

The Day That Was

31 03 2023

I wrote this post you’re reading now about a week ago but programmed it to post today.

I wonder how accurate this is. With ChatGPT, you always have to be suspicious.

However, if all this is literally true to the date, or even if it’s not, there is a lot of “the more things change” quality to this.

Trump Indicted.

30 03 2023

Guest post by Puggg

While our normal host is away doing something he told me in confidence, I guess it’s up to me to put up a post.

It’s going to be real noisy tomorrow, both from the sky around here, and on the news everywhere.

So, what do we think about all this, puppies?

Closer Fifty

24 03 2023

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

I’m going to be as close as I can practically be to off grid totally, starting shortly after I upload this post, through this weekend, next week and next weekend. Unless some yuge news breaks.

The big things are the birthday present I’ll be getting Wednesday and Thursday of next week, which will necessitate a short roadtrip, and then my actual birthday a week from today, which will perfectly blend into next weekend. And I’ve got sundries between now and when I have to hit the road.

By the time I return, I’ll be 46 years old. Closer to 50 than 40. I would say dwell on that, but I don’t wanna.

I will say this before I scoot on outta here: Those who raise their children will get to spoil their grandchildren, and those who spoil their children will have to raise their grandchildren.

Open thread.

Receipt: Beethoven Wasn’t Black

23 03 2023


FAZ, this morning, on the genetic analysis of Beethoven’s hair samples. It, like almost all FAZ online articles, is paywalled. However, I subscribe, it’s my daily morning driver. So I took up the burden of translating the relevant part.


Beethoven Wasn’t “Black”

The composer’s genome not only reveals something about his illnesses, it is also useful in ending the 250-year debate about Beethoven’s skin color. It is based on the nickname “Spagnol,” which Beethoven probably wore because of his dark complexion. In order to prove that Beethoven has African-American roots, pop star Roberto Blanco asked the Mayor of Vienna in a video a year and a half ago to have the musician exhumed. “I bet that Beethoven looked more like me than you, Mr. Mayor!” But the genes prove it: 99 percent of Beethoven’s ancestors come from Western and Central Europe. The assertion recently confirmed by Norman Lebrecht that Beethoven was “black” can thus be regarded as refuted.

But the composer’s genome raises a new puzzle: From a biological point of view, Beethoven was not Beethoven. “We analyzed the Y chromosomes of five living family members of the van Beethovens,” explains Krause. “Their Y chromosome proves their common relationship.” In addition, their lineage can be traced back through baptismal books in the archives via the paternal line to the 16th century, where they cross with the line that leads to Ludwig van Beethoven. So they are “real Beethovens”. Only the composer’s genome does not fit this line. It differs too much. “We see: Ludwig van Beethoven is not related to them in a direct line.” At some point in the seven generations before Beethoven’s birth there must have been an infidelity. “However, we cannot say whether Beethoven himself was a cuckoo child, or whether his father, grandfather or great-great-grandfather was the child of an extramarital relationship.”

Maarten Larmuseau from the Institute for Human Genetics at the Catholic University of Leuven, points out that in that historical period extramarital paternity occurred at around 1.5 percent per generation. So they had to reckon with that. “The Beethoven family is probably disappointed with the result,” says Krause. But that wouldn’t really change anything. “They aren’t biological relatives, but they are still relatives of the composer.” From a purely legal point of view, the ancestry is proven by baptismal certificates, with two exceptions, of course: the baptismal certificate of Beethoven’s father Johann cannot be found; and Ludwig van Beethoven repeatedly questioned the authenticity of his own baptismal certificate. Until he was forty, he believed that he was born in 1772 and not in 1770. When he received his baptismal certificate for December 17, 1770, he thought it was a mix-up with his older brother Ludwig Maria van Beethoven, who was actually already baptized April 2, 1769 and lived only six days.


As an aside, the UPI article about the matter uses a stock image from the native city. Almost as if they’re thinking about me and me personally.