3 09 2018

I have left St. Louis for job in the Rhine-Ruhr Region of Germany.

This blog is in a state of semi-hiatus, as of September 4, 2018.

I’ll write posts here every once in awhile, just to update you all on how I’m doing, and my thoughts on whatever big news breaks. Our favorite doggy will chime in every once in awhile with his own guest posts. Other than that, expect posting around here to be sparse going forward.

Reading material:

My Labor Day 2018 farewell post — My final post from St. Louis for awhile, perhaps ever.

My post from July 26, 2018, announcing my departure.

The preview of my Summer 2018 travelogue that I’ll probably never get to write in full.

My long and frequently updated post on my condition and recovery — If I experience any significant progression or regression in my recovery, I or our favorite doggy will let you know, and this post will be appendaged. As of the time of my moving, my cognitive functioning has mostly recovered in full, but my physical functioning is still far from it, I’m still in a wheelchair during waking hours more often than not, and if I can stay upright on two feet, it’s for an hour at the longest, usually less.


May’s Yesterday

17 01 2019


You’ve been reading this space long enough to know that what happened on Tuesday and yesterday was no surprise to me at all.  Theresa May really doesn’t want Brexit to happen, so she “negotiated” and submitted to Parliament a Brexit plan specifically designed to be rejected by the margin that it was for the reasons that it was, that Labour MPs wouldn’t vote for any Brexit plan, and around half of the Tories would vote against it because it’s such a weak pill and not really a Brexit at all.  I’m sure she figured that it would result in a no-confidence move against her government, but she probably figured she’d survive that because the Tories that voted no on her plan wouldn’t vote for a no-con measure and force new elections in a time which the political needle in Britain is moving Jeremy Corbyn’s way.

I will say that if this would have wound up toppling May, then it would have meant that Nigel Farage would have been the most influential British politician never to hold serious high public office, as the politics of Brexit, Brexit being his baby, have already consumed David Cameron, and would have then eaten May.

The Best a SJW Can Get

15 01 2019

Boston;  Cincinnati

(1) Great idea!  Wussify men to the point that they stop growing facial hair.

(2) I used to use Gillette, but their planned obsolescence antics and their ridiculous prices for refill blades got on my last nerve, and I switched to Harry’s several years back, and haven’t regretted it for a moment.  And moving to Germany won’t hurt that, because Harry’s is based in a small Thuringian town right along what used to be the Iron Curtain, but not the one I went to after Christmas.

(3) My rule of thumb is that whenever a major corporation hits the gas on social justice warriorism, they’re trying to cover up something very naughty much less un-SJW-y.  To wit:  State Street and “Fearless Girl.” A hint is a comment that “P Lewin” left at the Styx video about this matter:

Ironic that this ad campaign was directed by Australian director Kim Gehrig, who has been accused of sexuaI abuse by 2 men & 5 women when they were minors. Her victim’s videos exposing Ms. Gehrig for being a predator have been on Youtube for a number of years – 1 dating back to 2010. Yet this paedophiIe is trying to smear the vast majority of men as predators & abusers? Gillette, did you even do a cursory background check on Ms. Gehrig’s Somesuch & Co. firm before hiring her to direct this campaign? Explain why your company’s associated with a predator who’s actions lead to the suicide of one of her victims in 2016!!

It could be that, or it might not be that and something else, or it could be just that and something else.  Maybe feminists are still complaining about Gillette charging more for women’s razors (and Gillette’s parent, P&G, charging more for women’s health and hygiene products), compared to men’s, and this is all a diversion to paper over that.

(4) P&G makes Secret, the women’s deodorant.  Imagine them doing an ad campaign that viciously trashes women and “toxic femininity” then asks them to buy and use Secret.

(5) These are the fruits of SJWs taking over ad agencies.

(6) Gold star goes to the first really good Occam’s Razor pun.

The Object Lesson of the Yellow Vest Movement

14 01 2019


I wanted to write this last week, but last week was not a good week for deep philosophical thinking for me, thanks to Bremen. In case you missed the analogy of all that, I’m taking what happened in Bremen to Frank Magnitz so personally, because I know that, when you get hit in the head that hard, you’ll never be the same. In some way, shape or form, it’s going to affect you for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, one thing that has not changed about me is my ability to beat everyone else to the punch of getting inside the paradoxes and contradictions, the margins and differentials, of a thing, or an event, and learn the moral and object lesson before anyone else, and make or advise practical applications in earnest. I took my talents to a whole new continent; LeBron has nothing on me.

I was originally intending for this missive to be much longer, but I think I can net it out in a few paragraphs.

I’m referring to the Yellow Vest Movement, which sparked in Paris, and still has its Ground Zero there. In case you didn’t know, in most European countries, among other things, you have to carry around yellow emergency vests in your car, and you have to put them on if you break down on the road, so that other drivers can see you and hopefully not hit you. Looping it back around to the personal.

All I needed to know is when I read legitimate research which showed that a Parisian Yellow Vester is twice as likely as the French general public to be a voter or supporter of the Rassemblement National (RN), trans: National Gathering, the new name for the Front National (FN).

Twice as likely seems pretty good, but it’s not as good as it seems when you look at the bigger picture. Half the Yellow Vesters are RN, while a quarter of the general population are.

What really interests me is the other half of the Yellow Vesters that aren’t.

I’ll just cut to the chase:

The object lesson is that populism, economic and social, sells a lot better than pure racialism or white nationalism. Even though in my experience, proper white nationalists who keep an open mind on everything else will eventually become more populist, especially on economic issues. In spite of the fact that so many American WNs passed through one variant or another of libertarianism to get to WNism.

What does this mean? It means the white nationalist movement needs a mild rebooting and rebranding to put economic and social populism front and center, both for public campaigning and the keynote agenda item for public governance when we get that chance. The explicitly racial stuff needs to be relegated to something of a back burner, and when we get power, we need to do the race stuff in the background and relatively discretely.

After all, that’s what the left and to a lesser extent the normie right do, they lead with what are the most popular articles of their manifestos, and do the stuff that appeals to the base or the donors but not so much to the masses, behind the curtains.

Crash On My Couch, George

14 01 2019

Berlin;  Washington

George, you can crash on my couch for a few days, and do what I do, if you want to see the truth.  Otherwise, for you to have come up with this conclusion must mean you spent about sixty seconds in Berlin and in a strategically chosen venue.

If you ask me, the exemplars of unitary nation-state German history are much of the Kaiserreich era, and the first two decades of West Germany.

Snowed In Open Thread.

13 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

I report 11 inches here at Puggg House in Arnold.

In my garage right now is my truck, which is coming in handy, but in my driveway is a certain someone else’s car, which I used a few days last week while someone else was borrowing my truck.  But I didn’t return the car to where it ordinarily should be, so it’s on my driveway with almost a foot of snow.  I’ll just let nature take its work as far as snow removal.

Jim Acosta

12 01 2019

McAllen, Texas

Jim Acosta is like the defensive back who intercepts the ball, runs as fast has he can into the wrong end zone, spikes the football, does a boogie dance, then wonders why everyone is looking at him like he’s some kind of phlarking moron.

Talk, All of It

9 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Trump’s relatively short Oval Office immigration address was good enough, and I liked the fact that he took it to the Democrat-left hypocrisy and political switching up.

It’s just that this White House is frustratingly more hat than cattle when it comes to immigration restriction.  It’s more substantively interested in helping Europe in that regard than it is helping its own country.