Saturday Wrap-Up

22 09 2012


Onion does STL and Slay.

Mona Charen, writing in NR:

When Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on fellow members of the U.S. Army, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and spraying bullets into unarmed soldiers, killing 13 and wounding scores, the president again was concerned to tamp down the wrath of Americans. “This morning I met with FBI Director Mueller and the relevant agencies to discuss their ongoing investigation into what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow servicemen and women,” the president intoned. “We don’t know all of the answers yet, and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all of the facts.” What did the president imagine would happen if people openly speculated that Hasan was a Muslim terrorist? Did he think St. Louis would descend into Cairoesque lawlessness?

We’re already there, Mona.

That’s the way it works.  Groups of “young people” gather at a gas station, get into an argument about string theory, then somebody shoots somebody else.

And also…our diversity is our strength

I bet this little scuffle also started over string theory.

Notice that the belligerents were suspended.  No civil rights bitching over suspending black students when the school is all black.  It’s only when the school is racially mixed that the civil wrongs industry whines when black students are suspended

*  “A former Tennessee man” named George Jones.”  No, it can’t be.

It is!

I’ll buy the book, and also his first book, in the hopes that he gets it right.  Most mainstream scholarship about German-Americans and German-St. Louisans is shitty and inaccurate.

Note that the “Hoosier” question bubbles up to the surface.

Dick Durbin is worried about people who are victims of hate crimes, unless they’re white.

He might not have done it, but that doesn’t change the description of the person who did do it.  He only came here to do the rapes that “Americans” will do.

Judging from the political bents of the participants, it’s not “civility” they really want.


Student activism is back.  You would think the left wing would be happy.  But read on.  It has something to do with kale and tofu not being enough to fuel football players.  Thumbing Blackie O in the eye.  How much longer will it be before it becomes a hate crime not to consume one of these lunches?

The fast feeder “super value meal” including a non-diet drink is actually a good thing to eat for young people who are in physically demanding sports and activities.

*  A while back, I said here that a high school for “gays only” was basically a white high school by any other name.  I can say the same thing about a “gay-only” old folks home in Philadelphia.

*  Ironically, PJB came out against the drawing of the Mohammed cartoons in 2006.  For proof, see this and this

*  Left wing bitches about the maldistribution of income, but not the maldistribution of college students.

Crackers for the Mohammedan crazies slow down the BofA website.  The “Zionist Regime” got its revenge, though, because people could go to a BofA ATM or use phone banking or a teller.

ESPN must have been the last group of people on Earth who didn’t know that Tim Tebow has political ambitions.  The rest of the world calls him a future Governor of Florida.

They want to stop using the phrase “student-athlete,” mainly because everybody knows they haven’t been “students” for years.

*  There is one state public bureaucracy in Florida that’s actually hiring people.  It’s the one responsible for issuing CCW permits.

*  Don’t go to Georgia Tech, because all the students there have “fragile mental health.”

The reality is that Georgia Tech abuts Chocolate City Atlanta, and GT students are often victims of being so close to that vibrancy.

Diversity Vias or H-xBs.  A choice between being hung or shot.  Is “native born white Americans” an option?

At least one rapper knows who decides elections in this country.  This one is apparently a big rival of Chief Keef in Chicago.

*  Just what Chicago needs, 700 more cops who will arrest people who will be right back on the streets the next day.

*  Take a hint, stupid thieves:  Most modern smartphones can tell you where they are.

Exploited illegal aliens?  What a shock.  Then again, that’s why they were brought here, to be exploited.  Think it through.

Auburn University upset at Ron Paul placards.  Ironically, Auburn hosts the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, headed by Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul’s once upon a time Congressional chief of staff.

“Outing” (white) student “racism” at the University of Nebraska.  Funny, they don’t seem to be in love with Asians as some people are.

Yeah, that’s the thing about Mitt Romney.  He’s already 65, but looks much younger.  I’m 35, and I have almost as much noticeable gray hair and look almost as old as Romney.

So we have several anti-gay hate crimes in or around this West Greenwich Village McDonalds.  The doers are black and Hispanics.   Nary a fundagelical Christian in sight.

They have all this time and all this technology, yet they can’t get photo ID?

*  It was an “alternative” school.  That there was a fight at that school shouldn’t be surprising.


I think people are misreading MLP.  I think she’s trying to make a point about hypocrisy and the lamestream right vis-a-vis the Muslim issue.

Diverse health care.  Coming soon to a country near us.

They might cross the border?  What border?

I wonder who said that the stock market is only one wee slight little baby step above outright gambling.

They’re all missing the point.  This group is trying to prove a point about Muslims.  If they’re really serious about watching the movie, they’ll fall asleep after 30 seconds.

*  This is why all of my sex with women who were not my long-term steady girlfriends have come after a signed contract.  Yes, it’s tacky, but it’s the safe that’s better than sorry.


The world’s first color film footage, dating to 1902, has been rediscovered and restored.

Why I’m sticking with Verizon.

Who would be dumb enough to buy a machine that brews just one cup of coffee?  I guess we’re about to find out.

Italian researchers have “bona fide” evidence that dicks are getting smaller.



2 responses

23 09 2012

Just what Chicago needs, 700 more cops who will arrest people who will be right back on the streets the next day.

Catch and release is right. That guy in Pittsburgh that took the hostage should have never been on the street.

What’s it take to go to jail anymore for a certain segment of the population?

Mykale Antionio Johnson, Yankton, SD.

24 09 2012

Ironically, Yankton SD has a Federal prison. It reads like he’ll soon be in there. He’s probably living there because he’s got some relative on the inside doing time.

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