Sunday Wrap-Up

26 04 2015


I didn’t even know Hardees was based in St. Louis. While everyone else is aghast, sad or gloating that Hardees is leaving.

They’re upset that Mayor Slay isn’t doing enough to combat ISIS.  Or something like that.  He will only if he’s made to think that ISIS uses Confederate flags.

A (usual) suspect is finally charged in the Bobby Christman murder.

A good argument for disincorporation.

*  Speaking of which, a Missouri town with a risque name may do just that.


It’s simple, really.  When you’re worth $79 billion, you can buy a lot of megaphones and a lot of politicians.  It’s how Bully Gates is getting his way (for the most part) on both immigration and Commune Core.


As an aside, these sorts of laws were enacted at about the same time the castle doctrine started being adopted.  For much the same reason:  When N’Deshawntavious and N’D’Mario invade a house, threaten the life of the resident, and he has to shoot N’D’Mario, N’Deshawntavious is going to get charged for murder in the death of N’D’Mario.

That’s a pretty old looking 19.

Shhh, don’t tell anybody.  Must not upset anyone’s narrative.

Because, it’s a lot easier to smoke it and fairly easy (even if not without risk) to do street-level sales than it is to cultivate it and grow it; that part takes work.

“We will kill.”  Kill who?  The city’s black woman mayor and its black police chief?

*  You may have heard about someone getting disciplined for having defended the American flag against a bunch of people stomping on it on the campus of Valdosta State University.  What most people don’t know is who was stomping on the flag.

On the one hand, I want to cheer at this news, because the sort of prospective black juror who isn’t showing up to jury duty means that the chances of jury nullification are reduced.  On the other hand, the ones that want to hang cases are the ones that will show up to jury duty just for that purpose.

They’ve never heard of Luke 22:36?

This one has never heard of Matthew 6:24.

Yeah, it’s almost as bad as frat guys singing a song on a bus.

SEPTA, or septic?

A long spread about Rand Paul’s potential digital campaign operation.  I happen to think that it’s overrated, because I don’t think the Obama campaign’s big advantage over Romney in the digital space had much to do with the way things turned out.  I happen to think the Republicans’ much improved 2014 digital game compared to 2012 had a little more actual leverage over some 2014 results, but again, it wasn’t a massive factor.

Still, the point remains.  The digital industry is becoming another version of the consultant class.  Schmuck candidate will hire some whiz kid millennial to run his online ops.  Candidate wins, and the whiz kid gets all the credit even if what he did had nothing to do with the candidate winning.  But it will mean that the digital whiz kid will keep getting hired by more and more and bigger and bigger political campaigns.  If the whiz kid is lucky enough to keep attaching himself to winning candidates, he’ll fall all the way up the ladder, and become the digital version of Karl Roverrated.

And everyone is forgetting about the Willie Sutton Doctrine.


Hellmann’s for me.  Duke’s tastes too much like Miracle Whip, which I don’t like.  Also notice that you read here that mayo outsells ketchup.  Remember, at one point late year before last, the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 gluttons were bragging about salsa outselling ketchup, as if gringos don’t eat salsa, as if salsa isn’t the kind of condiment that one uses quickly and therefore must buy more often.

The cops were chasing after Justin Bieber again.

Just like the last time.

Four pots of gold.

*  The main reason why we never had the fight we’re going to have six days from now is because Floyd never wanted, and he never wanted it because he never wanted to risk his undefeated record by fighting Manny in his prime.  When this fight was announced, and the timetable between announcement and fight night was so short, I figured the only reason it happened is that Money was out of money.  Turns out my instincts were spot on.

Here’s a hint:  Adam Sandler.  A comedy actor.



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