Sunday Wrap-Up

21 05 2017


* From the mouths of babes.

If only this is all it took.

That mother of his, though.  Egadz.

* NR mentions the Bruce Franks case in an article about voter fraud.

* SCOMO strikes down the most recent state legislation concerning limits on localities and traffic and ticket fines, the main reason is because the legislation singled out St. Louis County.  The state constitution prohibits that kind of thing, so usually the workaround is that, if you want to make a state law relevant only to St. Louis County, the state law reads that such-and-such applies to counties with more than 700,000 people.  Of which there is only one in the state.

* She’s not OBL, she’s not ISIS, and she’s not Hitler.

She’s worse:

The BT-1000.

* Mike Brown did what he did and Darren Wilson did what he had to do because…the lack of inclusive yoga.

* Speaking of the Fergaza Strip, the Kojak of the Fergaza Strip is getting a promotion.  He’s made it to the top of the State Highway Patrol’s SJW food chain.


“A number of times, television reporters were interrupted in their live shots by relatives who were yelling.”

Which means they’re setting things up to play the ghetto lottery.

Also, I lay odds that the mother didn’t want to spell her name for the media because she doesn’t know how to spell her own name.


* Because they’re only here to do the heroin trafficking that native Bostonians won’t do.


* What happened to the Philadelphia high school that is Benjamin Netanyahu’s alma mater?  Guess.

* WRPT failed.  This is a mostly white fight.

* From San Diego.  Ctrl+F “immig” yields no results.  Also, no mention of Chinese money flowing in to California and bidding up real estate values.

* Related to that, there’s help on the way.  The help is that bubbles burst.

* What have I been saying?   Whatever we don’t like about Millennials is even more true about the people that raised them, the Baby Boomers.

* The Bronx, meaning NAMs, and this dog in particular, because it looks a lot like a pit bull.

* Compare and contrast, this to this.  What don’t you see?  Right, any indication that the yearbooks in Minnesota were recalled.

* Dindu roundup.

The Dindus’ biggest mistake here was too much coordinated centralization.  That always leaves a nice convenient paper trail that grand juries love.


* “You quit being so mean, or I’m gonna tell on you to mommy!”

* Traffic alert:  An intersectional wreck in Amsterdam.  Consider alternative countries.

* Newsflash:  The Caribbean has lots of black people.

* Inbreeding.  Muslims.

* The World War T offensives of 1972 aren’t World War T-y enough for the World War T wagers of current year.


* The year of my birth is suddenly cool again.

Another way to look at this is the Silent Generation’s big name top shelf musicians have had extra-long careers.

* What has happened to cars in that same time span.

Yes, I’ve noticed that myself.  Especially in the last 25 years.

My 2015 Impala’s four cylinder engine puts out 190 horses.

* My theory about why YT good and Instagram/Snapchat bad is that IG/SC are practically instantaneous:  Take pic with your phone, press a few buttons, and it’s there for the world to see.  Meanwhile, a good quality YT video takes a fair amount of editing and time to be upload-quality.

* Three points in response:  (1) Men don’t think about sex 24/7, (2) The male sex drive is mostly used for things other than copulation, (3) Women want sex, too, and sometimes go so far as to engage in both violent and statutory rape to get it.




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21 05 2017
21 05 2017
21 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Rev. Denoon and his family will be journeying to western Africa to explore the cultures and traditions there, to experience Christianity in various contexts, to come to a greater understanding of the roots of American slavery, and to discover further the historical connections between the United States and West Africa.
Was ESL completely booked already?

21 05 2017

“Brown was 18, black and unarmed, when he was killed by a white Ferguson police officer in 2014.”

Media really is missing those heady days of riots – I mean protests.

21 05 2017

Yet another late entry, with another wild first name.

And remember, this is a “woman.”

If I’m not mistaken, she once co-hosted a podcast with Andrew Schulz.

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