Aroesty vs Hawley

21 07 2019

Washington, D.C.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news by now.

When I supported Josh Hawley’s insurgent outsider candidacy for Attorney General in 2016, I did so because the party establishment candidate, Kurt Schaefer, was a rat and a fink on the whole Mizzou putsch issue.  Schaefer represented Columbia and environs in the State Senate, where the professors behind the scenes engineering this putsch live, so I’m sure that played into his calculus.  Ironically, at that time, Hawley was a Mizzou Law professor.  I never thought that Hawley would ever do anything like hire Kevin MacDonald as one of his staffers.

It all boils down to this:

Hawley sometimes goes off lamestream conservative Republican reservation to be populist and nationalist every once in awhile.  And this has organized activist Jewish interests, such as the ADL, which Karen Aroesty represents, worried, because populism and nationalism, even if implemented by muh Israel types, will hurt Jewish billionaires.  Not surprisingly, George Soros, through his Think Regress website, has taken a much more severe swipe at Hawley.

I have made the contention for about a minute that organized activist Jewish interests in the United States will, if forced to make the choice, throw Israel under the bus, in order to save their egalitarian-domestic-plutocratic-pluralist project.  I think we have in this Aroesty-Hawley dustup a little piece of evidence supporting my theory.

This also supports my theory that the animus that organized activist Jewish interests have toward populist and nationalist politics isn’t due to whatever individual populists and nationalists think about Jews if they care at all, it’s the fact that the politics are even populist and nationalist at all.  To put it another way, organized activist Jewish interests came to the conclusion a long time ago that populism and nationalism are bad for the Jews, prima facie.

The whole irony of this story is that Aroesty’s bitching comes off of Hawley’s speech at the Yazony-held National Conservative Conference, and that whole effort I think is nothing more than an attempt by organized activist Jewish interests, or some of them, to create a diversion channel so that growing populist-nationalist political energy on the normie right (e.g.  Hawley), can be “safely” run into dummy loads that don’t threaten organized activist Jewish interests.  To put it another way, organized activist Jewish interests are trying to steer the growing pop-nat political energy on the white non-Jewish normie right to concede some populism and civic nationalism but definitely avoid blood-based nationalism.

I’ll leave you with one more thing:

Organized activist Jewish interests have for as long as I can remember insisted that we not associate the conceptual spectrum of cosmopolitianism-plutocracy with Jews.  Then they turn right around and claim that anyone who discusses cosmopolitianism-plutocracy as an oppositional and undesirable force must secretly be talking about and actually despise Jews.

It’s amazing the things people will confess to when you give them enough time, space and comfort.



One response

21 07 2019
David In TN

A bit off topic,

Some of the Geniuses at Caste Football (even Don Wassall) think the Moon Landing was a hoax. There’s a certain type of self proclaimed WN who love to kick out with their leg so hard they fall on their rump.

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