When There Is Daylight

30 11 2021


I wish I could trust Eric Zemmour.

And I wish he could find a way to handle the Le Pens a lot more diplomatically.

However, I totally understand his political viability. It’s because MLP and Co. have taken their Dédiabolisation optics campaign so far that they have almost totally forgotten about substance and message. It’s why there was suddenly a big gaping hole to MLP’s right for Zemmour to fill.

If it was still JMLP at the top of the FN/RN, Zemmour wouldn’t be possible.

This also has ramifications for the blue clad political party on this side of the Rhine that has been internally combative on these kinds of matters for the last two years and change, as mine eyes have directly witnessed on almost a daily basis.

This is also why I never participated in our sector’s optics vs message civil war of 2018, which, as I just wrote, the German blue party imported the next year. Aside from the fact that I don’t think that most of the people arguing either side actually believe what they’re saying, they’re just cynically screaming optics or message because they think that their pre-existing sector rivals believe the other side, which is another way of saying that I think the optics vs message civil war was disingenuously waged, the problem with it, taking everything at face value, is that neither side is that right or that wrong. I didn’t and still don’t take either optics or message as a sacramental tenet and to hell with the other side. In reality, there is and should be a happy median, the right blend of optics and message, which can vary by time, place and circumstance.

It’s just that on this continent, on both countries on both sides of the Rhine, the blend over the last few years was too optics-heavy. Which is why an Algerian Berber Jew thinks and possibly actually could crowd out the Le Pens.



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30 11 2021
Alex the Goon

I wish I could trust Algerian Berber Jew.
How do you say ‘fuck you’ in French?
‘(((Trust me)))’

1 12 2021

I love Hunter Wallace’s take, that you know 2021 has really gotten 2021-y when a Jew is running to the right of someone named Le Pen. Something that would have been totally unthinkable a mere twenty years ago.

OTOH, I’m cringing at some of the lack of self-awareness on the part of certain German news and opinion outlets here on the first full day after Zemmour’s official announcement, as if they have no idea that Zemmour-MLP has a lot of congruency and relevance to Höcke-Meuthen. Being mindful of the fact that those outlets did and still side with Meuthen.

1 12 2021

I think things could pan out in one of two ways:

(1) Zemmour does much better numerically than MLP did in 2017, either winning it all or more likely making the runoff but not winning it. This will surely mean and it will send the message all across Europe and even to our beloved American sector that the optics people were wrong and that it’s message all the way. Like I’ve been saying, the German Blue Team has been embroiled in such a civil war, but as of late, the message people have gotten the upper hand. A win or really good showing by Zemmour will totally set that in stone.

But there’s another possibility:

(2) There’s the model of another country next door to me, in fact the closest country next door to me, the one a few stones’ throws away, that being The Netherlands. There, you have in essence two pop-nat parties, the Wilders party and the Baudet party. And as the last few cycles there have shown, the Eye of Soros gets much more worried about one than the other, bashes and trashes that one, but it leaves the other one uninhibited, and it winds up being the surprise gainer on election day. IOW, the existence of two parties is making Soros, the media and the left play whack-a-mole, but one pops back up as they beat the other down.

I can easily see all the king’s horses and all the king’s men really firing all four barrels at Zemmour, which will mean that they’re not firing at MLP, which means she’ll be the one who does better than ever. However, the worry there is that that will be interpreted as a win for optics over message, when I don’t think it will be any such thing, in that circumstance.

1 12 2021

No matter what, April is going to be a fine month to spend in Paris.

3 12 2021
Hard Right


The single biggest problem in France is that Old Man Le Pen did not have a son.

I’m not really sure that this Jew would be worse than Marine Le Pen.

In fact, I’m pretty sure he would not be.


6 12 2021

The Big Tech jihad against Zemmour has already started. Which also means that April is going to be another acid test of my contention that social media doesn’t matter.

Antifa and Co. have already started attacking Zemmour events. That will go back to my whack-a-mole theory.

12 12 2021

He’s already turned his campaign into a new party, called Reconquête (“Reconquest”). So now we’ll see a test of one of my theories, because it and the RN will be going at the same time.

12 12 2021
Alex the Goon

I must’ve slept that day in history class when they covered the first jewish conquest of France.

13 12 2021
11 04 2022
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