Dutch Farmer Protest, Explained

16 07 2022



Using some already debunked “something something nitrogen” excuse to transfer ownership of farm land that is currently close or close enough to major cities from farmers to real estate developers. The latter will have cheap cookie cutter apartments built. That way, the urban elites have somewhere to unload the vibrants, migrants and “refugees” that surround them in urban centers on somewhere else. You know, someone else’s diversity is someone else’s strength.

It’s Dutch AFFH. Only using the environment instead of racial or social justice as the excuse.

That said, if this speculation is correct, and considering the nearly homogeneously Dutch constitution of Dutch farmers in general and the ones protesting in particular, I predict the Dutch elites will soon pivot to zomg racism.


I noted here as a comment that we had to abandon our Dutch tour because of the protests, mainly because we would have seemed like oblivious arrogant jerks if we would have tried to continue, much more so than the actual protests causing any ground level transportation and movement delays. Even though by the time I wrote that, they were already causing even more supply chain and logistics problems than the usual First World country, so we knew and factored that in. Two days after we left Amsterdam, the protests did start clogging up traffic enough such that we would have had problems moving around. So our timing was spot on.

Nieuwpoort, Belgium is our current location, as we continue our improvised vacation, one that has already included riding under the longest 21 miles in human history and getting the 25th stamp on my passport and seeing Dover and Folkestone. But I’ll save that for after we get home.



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