Sunday Wrap-Up

17 07 2016


* In St. Louis, two kills and four shoots isn’t a violent night, it’s a night.

* As much of a porker as he is, I’m surprised he doesn’t have one of these every year.  As talentless as he is, I’m surprised he still has a radio career.  I guess picking the right father has benefits.

* I’m not generally pro-Israel, and in this case, I’m definitely not pro-Israel. Not standing with Israel, unh unh, no way.

* Notice something strange here?  This Superfund site is in Bridgeton, and the two members of Congress that are dealing with it are Ann Wagner and John Shimkus.  Yet, the site is not in either of their districts.  It’s not even in Shimkus’s state, as his district ekes into the Metro East but is mostly rural southern and far southern Illinois; Shimkus himself lives in Collinsville, on the fringe of the district, which means that district was a favorable gerrymander to him, one of the few that the heavily Democrat Illinois legislature drew, mainly out of the necessity of drawing so many favorable Democrat ones.  Anyway, the Bridgeton site is actually in the district of William “Lacy” (Lazy) Clay Jr, who is more concerned about Andrew Anglin than environmental problems in his own district.  But, just like his eponymous and just-as-lazy father before him, who held MO-1 from 1968 to 2000, the son, who immediately succeeded his father and still there to this day, is so lazy that bordering and close-by House members are doing his work for him.  Hell, Todd told me during the campaign four years ago that his office would do a lot of Clay Jr’s work (he and Clay Jr were first elected to Congress in the same year, 2000).  The reason is obvious:  Once black politicians get ensconced, they know they don’t have much to worry about when it comes to re-election, so there’s no reason to work hard.

* It’s official:  Local AFL-CIO chapters throws in with the black undertow.


* Reminds me of the lasagna aliens in the 2006-present Garfield series.

* Easy mark.


* Elitist hypocrisy much?


* I bet he votes for Trump behind the privacy of the curtain.


* I know Vanderbilt’s math department isn’t in the league of MIT’s math department, but I think I can be safe in assuming that Vandy’s mathematics faculty can do 1865 minus 1670 and come up with an answer that is far less than 400.

* They knew as early as before I was born.

* Forming his own gang, they say, but what it really reads like he was doing was spinning off.  And that’s when things get really bloody in Bell Curve City, when the gang politics become fluid and unstable.

* The.  Quintessential.  Dindu.  Pastime.

* Just as Pok-a-Tok, the ancient Mayan game, was often a predicate for human sacrifice, so basketball seems to be for Africanus Bellcurvius.

* If Crews had denied the sale upon seeing Micah X, the NYDN story today would be about evil redneck cracker racially profiling and discriminating against high quality black Army veteran.

* And you doubted us when we drew so many through lines between George Soros and BLM.

* Mitch Daniels has a change of heart.  Until he punted, I would have sworn that his change of heart was him setting himself up to be the replacement for Mike Pence as the Republican nominee for Indiana Governor this year now that Pence has moved on to bigger and better things.

* Taking Jim Clyburn at his word, he is confessing to chronic and pandemic black criminality.

* Fresh new Omar Mateen news, but Orlando was like seven or eight big events ago.

* My understanding is that the Republican Party of circa 1970 and especially Richard Nixon personally spearheaded the invention of this fictitious non-existent state of existence, mainly to concoct a minority group other than blacks that the Republican Party could pander to.  Which has obviously worked out so well for them.  If ethnic lobbyists for people that would eventually come to be known as Hispanics had any hand in it, it was purely a matter of chiefs looking for Indians.

* Correct.  “The talk” is all talk.

* Hooray for the kid.  OTOH, he better get used to being called an oreo, an Uncle Tom, an Uncle Ruckus, a coon, a sellout, soft shoe, licking white folks’ ass cracks clean, and a police-ass nigga.  They’ll also make fun of his very dark “crispy” or “ashy” skin.

* Is this really what it seems, or is it the NYT trying to create an artificial black-brown political unity, in a year and climate where a lot of things threaten to drive wedges between the two?

* Notice the flag being used.  It’s not a Confederate flag.

* Arrest him?  Why?  For merely reciting the DNC platform?


* Even before Brexit, I predicted that even if Brexit won at the ballot box, they would engage in a superficial EU exit but not a substantive one.  Turns out my prediction was both right and wrong.  First off, Theresa May replacing David Cameron in Number 10 was the first clue about me being half right.  However, the way the deceit is going to manifest itself isn’t disingenuousness or superficiality, but running out the clock.  By aiming for a formal Brexit date of two and a half years from now, what they are banking on is our short memories.  They’re hoping by then we forget all about it, we’ve moved on to other concerns, (give us this day our daily Muslim terrorist attack or BLM cop killing), and we won’t hold it against them or even notice or are when they don’t exit the EU.

* On July 5, there was an article in the Dallas media about so many early retirements and declining morale in the DPD.  Two days later…

Likewise, on July 11, we got this story about France being on the verge of a civil war, mainly Islamist-driven.  Three days later…

Maybe these kinds of articles have predictive capability.

* Why stool pidgeonism is counterproductive when used against the Religion of Peace.

* “The security of a free state…well organized militia.”  I’d be kinda cheering, except I also know that they won’t name the enemy.  So we’re supposed to buck up and arm up and organize to…do what?  Fight an enemy that we can’t name and aren’t even allowed to otherize slash think of as an enemy?

* We don’t have any suspect names or mugs yet, but we probably have a good idea.  Want to know the irony?  Jewish owned buildings were intended to be wrecked, and during the final years of apartheid, South African Jews were something like 25 times more likely than white non-Jewish South Africans to be part of organized anti-apartheid activism.

* Bad wreck at a German intersectionality.

* I’m not going to gloat, and I’m not going to piss on her grave figuratively.  Because, 14 years old.

* I was wondering why my hot sauce suddenly had some extra kick to it.


* Really?  If you want us to raise our legs and piss on the fire hydrant known as Millennials, then may I suggest different grounds?

OTOH, Millennials, especially white rightist ones, will get back at us, by saving Western civilization and having a lot of damned fun doing so.

* Hard to believe that the mighty Vikings once ravaged and dominated big chunks of Europe because of these things which look like laughable little ramshackle rickshaws by today’s standards.  Mind you, this was the biggest Viking ship; all the other ones were smaller.  This article is about the bureaucratic hassle that the Coast Guard is giving the owner of this boat.  As far as physical plant, the USCG would easily crush the entire historical aggregate presence of the Viking navy.  This thing next to a Nimitz class supercarrier would be as silly as Justin Bieber challenging Shaq to basketball.  Even the picture showing this thing on the Detroit River juxtaposed with Detroit skyscrapers makes me want to chuckle, and Detroit is one of our has-been cities.

OTOH, the Vikings had something we don’t have today — Willpower and the will to power.

* Les Moonves vs Judge Judy.  Grab lots and lots of popcorn.

* Rip off.  Just search around on ye olde internets, and you can find the same (ahem ahem cough cough) functionality for free.

* A year after NH flies by Pluto, we found another Plutino.  Which means the “Pluto should be a planet again” people need to give it a rest.

* Speaking of NH, I haven’t been excited about a movie made as a composite of still images since someone took the security stills from the Ferguson Market and turned them into a short video.

* Most detailed images of the Orion Nebula ever, also helping to refine the science of stellar evolution.

* Talk of triple digits this week around here, so it’s good to think about snow.

* Very good.  Nonetheless, don’t for one minute buy that black people of any kind had much if anything to do with this.  That’s the dog whistle here.



8 responses

17 07 2016

That Bevo HIll neighborhood has really gotten bad. Lots of ookey action there these days. I wonder if there are any Bosnians left or if they’ve all fled to South County?

17 07 2016

Just my sense of the matter based on observation tells me that the Bosnian population in Bevo and surrounding is probably a third down from its peak.

17 07 2016
Alex the Goon

To all future Colton Crewses: DO. NOT. SELL. ANY WEAPON. TO ANY NEGRO. (“Thank you for your service.” I hope his stepfather kills himself.)
Omar The Gay passing FBI checks – The laws/regs need to be rewritten to allow any muslim to be fired or disqualified from any position, without cause. Also, those “9-11 Hunting Permits” on the back of everyones’ pickups need to be validated, legally. Worst case, you get involuntary manslaughter if you mistakenly kill a “good one”. Both Mateen-the-Sodomy-Machine and the True Frenchman Ice Cream Transporter had told acquaintences of their Blaze of Glory dreams. If the cops won’t take them out, then we need Dwarfstar Chambers to do it.
Dead 14-year old UK girl – (((Gross))). Not gloating; not caring.

17 07 2016
17 07 2016
john jones

Jewish lightning in South Africa.

17 07 2016
john jones

Judy vs. Les, yes, grab the popcorn, just as long as it wasnt popped on a Saturday.

(I kick myself for even looking that up on Wikipedia to be sure).

18 07 2016

“If Crews had denied the sale upon seeing Micah X, the NYDN story today would be about evil redneck cracker racially profiling and discriminating against high quality black Army veteran.” – Crews might have been able to get away with it, as another weapon was the one that was used apparently, some SKS variant I believe.

18 07 2016

Fight an enemy that we can’t name and aren’t even allowed to otherize slash think of as an enemy?

It’s worse than that, he is the enemy. Beefing up the reserves is just a typical PR ploy designed to lull the real French people into thinking that the effects of becoming a hated minority in their own homeland can be mitigated by security. It’s designed to keep the colonization going. This is the right’s big problem throughout the West, their enemies aren’t Muslim terrorists or BLMers, it’s their own governments and the establishment behind them, and they are reluctant to fight their own governments. Doing so means acknowledging that it’s all over, that the whole system is a sham that has to be brought down, and that’s a threat to everyone’s comfort. It’s a classic incentive trap: ruin your comfort today to stop sure destruction that’s somewhere in the vague future.

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