Sunday Wrap-Up

4 06 2017


* When this story first broke, I saw “Chippewa and Morganford” and figured that those apartments on the southwest corner had something to do with it.  All I needed was to wait for video to be proven right.

* The Big Amoco Sign, pretty close to where I currently live, is in the news for being something other than a morning and evening traffic report geographical indicator.

* It’s tempting to say “rockfish,” but it’s more like “young man’s mortality bump.”

* Only the third time ever that I’ve read or seen a story about the rape of an elderly woman and the suspected doer isn’t/wasn’t black.  Before now, the two non-black suspects in the two other incidents were one white and one Hispanic.  Now, add one more white.


* “No solution yet” because there’s no honest discussion of the problem yet.  And the reason why there’s no honest discussion of the problem yet is because honestly discussing the problem involves having to cite the black undertow in general, and specifically, the fact that they are pretty much given the official run of the joint, considered saintly and beyond reproach or accountability.


* I like the historical analogy, for the most part.  Except, we already know how it ended for Claudius, and we know that, in our time, a whole lot of “important” people are trying their best to make it end that way for Trump.


* Speaking to the problem of unkempt black cemeteries.

* This didn’t just happen right now, mind you.  And also, mind you, US 66 being supplanted by the five different interstate routes it takes to travel the same path today didn’t happen in one fell swoop at one time.

* WRPT, fails, for once.

* Apparently, the Obamas are staying in D.C., which is why they’re buying the house that they’re currently renting from Joe Lockjaw.  The excuse that “they’re going to be there for long enough to justify buying” is a crock, because if they had any intent to leave after the younger daughter graduates from Sidwell Enemies, all the Obamas would have needed to do is to write Lockjaw a check for every months’ rent until then, rather than buy the joint.  Which means I was wrong — Baraq Obama is focused laser light on sabotage.

* Is there anything more Alex Jones-y than blaming Alex Jones for losing a national Presidential election?  Even as Alex Jones himself is far less Alex Jones-y than he used to be.

* Thomas Edsall makes a good point that others have made piecemeal:  Blue team can’t do “soak the rich” (outside of disingenuous rhetoric) when it is the rich.  Edsall cites that, in the top ten percent of household income, the red-blue split is just about even.  But that’s not the best way to think about it, because top ten percent is one out of ten households.  My contention is that as you go higher and higher up the income percentiles, from top 10%, to top 5%, to top 2%, to top 1% (yes, Occutards!), to top 0.1%, to top 0.01% (that’s the top 1% of the top 1%, Occutards), the more Democrat the two-party split becomes.

Also, whether he knows it or not, Edsall is merely reiterating The Bell Curve.

* Woke, but not woke enough?  That’s how it goes, SJWs?

Also, at first glance, I would have presumed that this “art” was actually playground equipment.

* Well, if the parents are shocked, it’s only because they’re transphobic.  Don’t they know that one spot on the Genderbread Person spectrum is as good as any other?

* Hey, that’s nothing.  Birthright citizenship in the United States, and all the fallout that came from it, came off of a footnote written by a Supreme Court justice.

* OTOH, you can’t take it with you, and whatever you leave behind, if anything after the expense of long term care, the tax collectors will get a big share of it.

* How Dindu-y can you get?  Half naked, sagging pants, Faceberg live (i.e. the Fourth and Fifth Amendment Forfeiture Service), flossing a lot of cash, which I can assure you, and now JSO can confirm, did NOT come from him cashing his paycheck as a nuclear physicist.  They say the timing of the JSO raid and the timing of the Dindu being on FBL are a coincidence, and I believe that — However, the Dindus, both sexes, want attention so badly that it’s an inevitability that there will soon be another story pretty much like this one.

* You’ve heard of Based Stick Man?  Well, this one is Woke Stick Man.

* My WRPT was actually flashing on white, because Hemet, California is the home of Southern California’s only officially known and catalogued white street gang, a biker gang.  But no, I see blacks and Hispanics, and the media copy indicate that these people had previous accrued beefs because they all live in the same apartment complex.  WRPT fail.


* Young Swedish women discover:  The only kind of rape is that’s actually rape and therefore actually outrageous is the sort that non-existent white men named Haven Monahan commit.


* Paying close attention to the reasoning used in this decision, I think this could have some profound and drastic consequences.

* Yes, but this doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining either the evolutionary imperative or the evolutionary process behind flight.  To put it another way:  How can I personally evolve wings in order to fly?  While I’m at it, I want to evolve some gills, too.

* Just to add fuel to the fire, and perhaps give some credence to the theory, one can find many examples in many countries and legal and social climates in history, where, considering the subject of homosexuality, it was both illegal and vigorously enforced as such among gay men, but either not illegal or the laws overlooked when it came to lesbian women.  Who wrote laws in the old days?  Mostly straight men.  Who enforced laws in the old days?  Mostly straight men.



3 responses

4 06 2017

Didn’t Hollywood start in Hollywood to dodge Edison’s rather creative uses of the patent laws?

There was some fighting between the Federal Circut and SCOTUS sometime back over claims the Circut was supporting, the patent bar was deeply decided over that which led to some of the fight over patent law changes in Congress.

4 06 2017
Alex the Goon

Hemet, California is the home of Southern California’s only officially known and catalogued white street gang, a biker gang.
There’s nowhere left to flee to. Heard a report of a White kid’s b-day party last year in Hemet, where the only White people in attendance were the host family (“1488”) and their two cousins. And a whoooooole lotta spics. A Goodschools report will probably confirm.
An academic has provoked a firestorm of rage after claiming lesbians evolved because men are turned on by ladies who have sex with each other.
Young, and Lipstick only — which is a short-burn phase, not an evolution. Nobody is turned on by pro-league, full-time dykes.

6 06 2017
White Artist Destroys Work Because American Indians Are Offended At The Disrespect To Their Murdering Savage Ancestors

[…] discovered this via the Countenance Blog, which said that the “artwork” looked like playground […]

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