The German Anti-Lockdown Protest Movement, Explained

18 05 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Alternatively titled:  Oh goody, I get to use even more exceedingly complex German words.

In the beginning, God cre….er, I don’t need to go back quite that far.

When the weekly (Saturday) anti-lockdown protests began, they were pretty much entirely the province of Antifa, the far left in general, and only took place in their known hovel major cities, mostly Berlin and Hamburg, and around their own installations within those cities.  Then, Official Germany didn’t really care, only thought them a curiosity, except when a group of Antifa-types at a Hamburg event attacked the crew for a show on one of the public television networks (ZDF) that is sort of a Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah or Daily Show-ish, a mix of comedy, parody and hard news.

But then, more and more non-LWEs started joining them, including politically motivated non-LWEs of all sorts, and also a lot of normies.  Then and only then did this constant paranoid preening from Official Germany, the political and media establishment, start in, and then hit a million decibels.  It’s an order of magnitude worse than the analog situation back in America.  All day all night long, bitching about “extremists” and, as the Germans call them, “Verschwörungstheoretikern” (“conspiracy theorists” — “schwör” means “swear,” and adding “ver” in front changes its meaning to “conspiracy”).

Rewind to the previous paragraph — When these were LWE-only shindigs, extremism and conspiracy theorists weren’t problems.  But once everyone else jumped in, they suddenly became problems, including at least perfunctorily the left-wingers.

I believe the real root of establishmentarian contempt for the suddenly heterodox anti-lockdown protest movement is their fear that at least to some degree, normies and “extremists” will start communicating with each other, and start realizing that they perhaps have more in common with each other than they realized, and then start seeing through the “Spektrum” (lit:  “spectrum,” but contextually, sometimes used as a pejorative for the sometimes cooperation of the “mainstream” parties against “extremism” in the same way Americans use Republocrats or Brits use Liblabcon).

If that’s their fear, then they don’t have much to worry about.  Because the very reason which they shouldn’t is the same reason why the heterodox anti-lockdown protests, as well as a new political party organized in its spirit, “Widerstand 2020” (“Resistance”), isn’t long for this country.  It’s because they’re organized around a temporal event.  Once this virus is no longer a worry, then all this will be swept away, and for the most part, everything will be back to “normal,” with some “new normal” provisos.  Aside from the fact that this Resistance party I think is nothing more than a massive online trolling game, with no real there there.

However, in the meantime, and this is something I should have figured out a few days ago, the way the establishment in this country is putting the damper on the heterodox anti-lockdown protest movement is by constantly whining about extremists and conspiracy theorists.  The purpose of doing that is to try to scare off “respectable” people from even attending, because they don’t want to be associated with extremists and conspiracy theorists.  I think The Empire Striking Back here will soon cross the Atlantic, so if you’re in the United States and organizing similar public theater, be warned and be on the lookout for it.  We’ll see what next Saturday brings, to see if this strategy is successful in its aims, but it has already created a climate of eliminationism against the protests — In the overnight before the rally in Stuttgart on Saturday, someone threw explosive charges into three vans full of electronic equipment that was supposed to be used at the event.

However, my point still stands, that whatever establishment treachery they can pull will be obviated by Covid-19 naturally or via vaccine/herd immunity wearing itself out.



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18 05 2020

One of the founders of the “Resistance 2020” “party” (i.e. online troll-hustle) believes that there should be open immigration, because the entire population of the African continent can fit in Bavaria. I took apart that “reasoning” around five years ago.

18 05 2020

When the weekly protests were LWE-only shindigs, the ones in Berlin took place at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Which should tell you a lot.

19 05 2020

I should also add that this past Saturday’s events did well and were mostly as well attended as the cops would allow, in spite of the fact that Saturday was also the return of pro soccer (Bundesliga) in this country. Meaning that these rallies had to compete with soccer, and that’s saying a lot.

24 05 2020

There were rallies in 34 cities in Germany and Austria yesterday, or at least 34 planned beforehand, the LOA dictates that one or a few of those didn’t go off for whatever reason. But, both events here in Cologne did happen, and while social convention and tact precludes me from participating in German or any foreign political street theater, I did go to observe both.

My observation: 75% normies, only 1% were the kind of people the German media and political establishment are freaking out over.

I do think that, in cities that held events both yesterday and a week prior, that turnout is going to be down when all is counted. Mainly because the lockdown provisions are weakening, and this was the second weekend of the return of soccer. Just the fact that the previous Saturday’s events had really good turnout in spite of it being the first Saturday that the Bundesliga returned was remarkable enough.

26 05 2020

At some of the anti-lockdown rallies on Saturday, Antifa was counterprotesting.

Remember that, back when the anti-lockdown weekly rallies started, Antifa ORGANIZED them.

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