Price of Vindication: $153

4 11 2021

Swedesboro, New Jersey

If you’re new here, then you should know what all my old timers and long termers already know I think:

Mainstream social media (MSSM) are very overrated, in fact, almost a total non-entity, when it comes to the outcomes of major elections. Even now, and very likely for the foreseeable future, elections will hinge on the baby kissing, pavement pounding and door knocking kind of old fashioned time honored factors that existed before the advent of MSSM and even before the advent of the World Wide Web.

The idea that MSSM have a big influence in the outcome of elections got started after 2012, and Baraq Obama ekeing out re-election over Mitt Romney. In the immediate days and weeks after the fact, the Obama campaign’s MSSM data mining operation (DMO) got a whole lot of publicity and the credit for the outcome. In fact, that operation got a lot of publicity even before the election. This was one of the most famous photos of it, and I remember many in our sector in particular making special note of the disproportionately parenthetical constitution of the group, others made hay of the lack of what are now termed BIPOC:

At first, I fell for the hype that Obama’s MSSM DMO made the difference and that it was the wave of the future.

Then, as 2012 turned to 2013, and we got more and better data about who turned out and who voted which way, it turned out that the whole operation was a big failure. Sure, Obama did eke out re-election, and his campaign’s MSSM DMO existed and ran technically smoothly. But the latter didn’t result in the former, it was correlation without causation. The constituent groups that the MSSM DMO were aimed at had lower turnout rates in 2012 delta 2008, and those that did vote swung slightly to Romney. The very groups of people that actually did make a difference were the kinds of people who hardly if ever used Facebook in 2012 and mostly still don’t today: Middle aged and especially elderly black women turning out even higher in 2012 than they did in 2008, which was remarkable because their 2008 turnout rate was already outstanding, (and it’s safe to assume who they voted for), and working middle class whites having a lower turnout rate in 2012 delta 2008 and a slight shift to Obama. Meaning that the Obama campaign thing that worked was the baby kissing, pavement pounding and door knocking to get elderly black women out and to sour WCWs on Romney, not its MSSM DMO.

The more time went on, the more I was convinced that MSSM DMOs were mostly ineffective, and the best they could do is help on the margins on top of already successful margins. It could be the cake’s icing, but never the cake. As of now, I think data games are necessary for any big time serious candidate or party in the First World, but they can never be in lieu of the baby kissing, and won’t matter if the baby kissing flops.

I no more buy the idea that any foreign government’s cheap Facebook ads or the Cambridge Analytica scandal elected Trump in 2016 than I believe that the Obama MSSM DMO helped him win in 2012.

However, American conventional wisdom never caught up with my extreme cynicism about this matter, and to this day, it still hasn’t.

The reason why MSSM executives and founders “blame” themselves for Trump winning in 2016 is for much the same reason why an old OG (original gangster) back in the hood is “contrite” about all the bodies he caught back in the day (people he murdered when he was younger and a seriously virile gang banger). People who are genuinely contrite about murdering a lot of people don’t like to talk about what they did, because they don’t want to call inordinate attention to what they did, and wish that everyone else would forget. So it means that the OG isn’t really contrite, he’s low key bragging, using contrition as a front. It’s also why journalists blame journalists for starting the Spanish-American War (“yellow journalism”), because journalists are bragging about the power of journalists and journalism, they want you to think that they have that kind of power. (Real history: The Hearst newspapers had zero responsibility in starting the Spanish-American War. The McKinley White House knew of those papers’ sensationalist coverage of the events in the leadup, and ignored them. Whether or not the SAW should have happened or not we can debate all day long till the cows come home, but we do know that “yellow journalism” didn’t cause it.)

Likewise, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Co. “blame” themselves for electing Trump, not because they’re sorry, but because they’re bragging. They want you to think they and their outfits actually have the power to influence the outcomes of major elections.

This is why one big reason MSSM have been so big on deplatforming in the Trump era and beyond. It’s because they’re so drunk on their own pretend power that they actually think they were preventing Trump from winning re-election and preventing a future analogue of him from winning.

I was hoping for a Trump win last year, by any margin, blowout or slim (and one that was obvious to everyone beyond the margin of fraud). Not only on GP, but also because I thought that’s what it was going to take finally to blow this almost decade long “MSSM Matter to Elections” lie out of the water for good. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

Alas, all I needed to do was wait a year.

For this:

As you can read in the article, Edward Durr spent only $153, almost half of that on Dunkin Donuts. But more importantly than that, his campaign website was a technical disaster, and his social media presences were only mediocre.

In spite of that, it looks like he wound up toppling the second most powerful person in public elected life in New Jersey state government, someone who was seriously touted as a future governor.

How did Durr do it? The article also provides the answer: “…walking door-to-door throughout the district, wearing jeans and tennis shoes and introducing himself to voters.”

Like I said, baby kissing, pavement pounding, door knocking.

Retail politics go Durrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Sorry, it was a slow meatball over the heart of the plate).

True, Durr had a lot of political headwinds, he surely benefited from the incumbent’s complacency and arrogance and sense of self-entitlement and laurel-resting, and he probably couldn’t have pulled this off the last time this district was up for a vote, when the headwinds were a lot different. But, that just continues to prove my point: Factors other than, and beyond the purview of, MSSM.

If enough of the right people are paying enough of the right attention, (and that remains to be seen), then I think I’m finally going to get what I want, which is to say, Official America to come around to my way of thinking.




17 responses

4 11 2021
Evil Sandmich

I agree in the particulars: I always thought it was ridiculous that there was some special media magic that enabled O’bama to beat those two sacks of potatoes (although apparently even then some “vote fortifying” may have been required). However there is a “meta” treatment that probably helped: propaganda coverage normalized the idea of voting for him at all.

4 11 2021
Hard Right

More from Anglin.

Scumbag establishment Republicans who are in denial about the situation view the Biden debacle as their time to shine. Kiss a few Jews, shake a few babies, and bing-bang-boom – Our Values and Who We Are is what’s for dinner.

The system is going to spiral, it is going to crash and burn. The best thing anyone can do is stay out of its way.

5 11 2021

Agree with Hard Right that the GOPe/neocon spin is what one should expect; i.e., this and all favorable news is to be interpreted as THE (Trump-free) WAY FORWARD; they miss the good old days of grifting and losing and pocket lining and are desperate.

The hilarious Lincoln/Pedo Project fiasco in Virginia perfectly sums up these losers.

8 11 2021

I see the late news is that the corruptocrat is “finding” ballots.

14 11 2021
Sebastian Hawks

Paul Ryan was the worst choice for Romney as a running mate. Showed who he really was. Ryan was the worst of the toxic GOP economic agenda, “privatize social security and medicare” i.e. hand you a $40K check at age 65 which provides about a year of living expenses then you’re a poor senior on the street at age 66 until you croak. Only these rich multimillionaires could ever entertain such fantasies. One Libertarian Capitalist fetish type talk show host on AM560 is good when he’s bashing the Democrats but then says stupid shit about how “unconstitutional IRS paystub withholdings are.” Can you imagine what 90% of the public would do on April 15th if they hadn’t had any money withheld for their taxes? Would the typical black or typical single female have a dime to their name on 4/15 to write out the IRS a huge four figure check for last years taxes? People thought Romney may be flexible with blue state independents because he navigated the Massachusetts governorship. Instead he showed an even more plutocratic GOP face of the Bush era which had seen our companies pick up and abandon the decent people of the heartland for China and then lecture them with Horatio Alger Stories on how they needed to start a lemonade stand and be an entrepreneur. Plus in his first term Obama hadn’t really shown who the democrats really were, no BLM riots for scumbag criminals nor extreme global warming crap yet.

14 11 2021

And in spite of all those flaws that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had, it took the Obama campaign egging on the turnout of old black women to exospheric high rates in order to win. However, even as the luxury goods gentry liberalism efforts (the MSSM DMO) didn’t work towards the intended effect, it did wind up sparking The Great Awokening in the immediate months afterward.

14 11 2021

It’s all over, Durr won, the incumbent conceded. Either there weren’t 12,000 “extra” ballots, or there were and Durr won in those, or (what the real story is) the machine knew it had to back off if it wanted to preserve its ability to run future fraud and stealing operations when the stakes are much higher and more important.

14 11 2021
Hard Right

I’m sure it was the latter.

15 11 2021

Saw in my perusal of the St. Louis news earlier this afternoon that you had some excitement over by you in the middle of the night. WRPT kicked in when I read the name of the joint is “Vibez.” That as the only obvious enough hint.

16 11 2021
Hard Right

Guess I missed that. Address is 19 N 5th. That’d be downtown just one block north of Broadway. I can’t think of what’s over there. I haven’t been downtown in years, but i believe it’s close to the post office. The projects are west of Providence which would be “3d St”. There are some smaller projects east of Providence a couple of blocks north of Broadway towards Hickman High School. It’d be within walking distance of the projects.

23 11 2021

“Employees are drunk on the absolute power of being in control of civics in America, without ever having to visit a voting booth (if voting is even an option)”

Sounds like something I wrote above.

The difference being that, unlike this, I don’t think Facebook and MSSM have that kind of power.

4 04 2022

Late addition.

I’ve been saying to look to conventional politics for continued confirmation of my worldview that social media really don’t matter that much. Turns out that Mr. Putin’s spring break is also providing confirmation.

28 04 2022

Well, the OG’s of the internet are indeed nothing if not hubritic, that’s for sure.

You make a good point. And I’m still waiting for the actual take over of Titland before I make any predictions regarding that, but…

At least these wokist sociopaths are so self absorbed and bubble bound that THEY don’t for a second believe that any real power arises from any place other than the places they dominate. Which…may yet prove their undoing.

Also also…if you are right, and I do think you are onto something here, well…at the risk of being accused of the capital crime of sedition, I find it increasingly plausible that the 2020 election WAS fraudulently stolen – not by electronic means, but mainly by old fashioned ballot stuffing (mail in voting) and Tammany Hall style political machine muscling…

Stay tuned kids! More is certainly to come out. We do live in interesting times.

28 04 2022

I’ve got the unpopped popcorn in reserve for the day it finally dawns on the rest of the world.

28 04 2022

Oops – meant to say “Twitland” above, LOL! Edit feature, where art thou?!?!?!

28 04 2022

So much p3rn on Twitter (uncensored, naturally), that Twitland and Titland are the same thing.

27 08 2022
Deeper State | Countenance Blog

[…] is a moot point that misses the point. To me, it doesn’t really matter if it were all the mainstream social media (MSSM) doing it entirely on their own volition, or whether the Feds made them offer they couldn’t […]

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