Deeper State

27 08 2022

Menlo Park, California

I’m inclined to believe that Zuckerberg wasn’t quite telling Joe Rogan the whole truth and nothing but the truth. While I can believe that the FBI approached him, my spidey sense tells me that they weren’t as matter-of-fact demanding or “warning” as he now puts on like they were. He might be working some post hoc angle in trying to pass this all off as the FBI’s fault.

But to me, all that is a moot point that misses the point. To me, it doesn’t really matter if it were all the mainstream social media (MSSM) doing it entirely on their own volition, or whether the Feds made them offer they couldn’t refuse, or somewhere in between. All that really matters is that it was done to begin with.

To me, the fundamental point all along is that Official America treats/treated the person of Donald John Trump and his Presidential candidacy, then his actual Presidency, then his post-Presidency and now his potential attempt to return and his potential second (third?) term, as a hostile invading virus, that had/has to be resisted and eliminated by any means necessary short of an actual assassination. (And as much eliminationism as they have been spreading in the process, you have to wonder about the “short of” part.)

This means that “everyone” was going to look the other way and pretend Hunter Biden’s laptop away at least long enough to get past election day, and that all would have happened even without any FBI “visit” or “warning.” To put it another way, but for this supposed visit and warning, Zuckerberg still would have censored HB laptop posts and comments.

Don’t forget that when this FBI and Zuckerberg meeting took place, Trump was still President, and was therefore the FBI’s boss. And they still stabbed him in the back.

Then again, I was all but right there on the scene in late 2015 when various professors at the University of Missouri cynically weaponized black football players as a front in a “deep state” sort of effort to oust the president of the university system, because they didn’t like the fact that he was not “of” academia and especially feared his budget knife. Which is this kind of thing scaled way down.

One more thing before I leave this alone – Apropos that Zuckerberg said this while a guest on Joe Rogan, because the official jihad against Rogan is rather congruous to the one against Trump.




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27 08 2022

Just to be (Obama) perfectly clear (/Obama), I don’t think MSSM burying the HB laptop ultimately made a difference. The ultimate outcome happened for other reasons, or “other reasons.”

It’s not as if nobody knew about the HB laptop. And even if MSSM would have let it spread, it would have spread among people that would not have let it change their minds.

27 08 2022
David In TN

As the Blogmeister has said Trump’s phenomenal energy for his age is going to run out and/or there could be a health issue. And the unthinkable.

My own opinion has been: Donald J. Trump talks too much, thinks out loud, and says stupid things into an open microphone. For example in the summer of 2020 when Jeffrey Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Trump said, “I wish her well.” Typical.

The basic reason for elimination re Donald Trump was he campaigned for border control and a break with the neocon/neoliberal foreign policy of permanent war.

And if Trump runs again he will be doing all the same things, more stupid comments, etc. Trump talked Herschel Walker, who hadn’t lived in Georgia since winning the Heisman 40 years ago into running for the Senate. Observers have said Walker is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Before that we have to see if Trump is going to be indicted and tried before a DC jury.

15 09 2022

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