Newton’s Third Law of Political Motion

28 04 2022

Tallahassee, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.

In the matter of the DeSantis-Disney War of 2022, I think it’s a matter of the two sides talking over each others’ heads.

The piece of legislation in Florida that set this all off is something that should be as uncontroversial as naming the city park in any given 5000 population Florida town for the local boy done good who was awarded multiple Purple Hearts for climbing up the cliffs on D-Day.

Here are three relatively taboo realities, though:

(1) Homosexual men are, as an observation of central tendency, socially and politically paranoid, and of the belief that someone is always out to get them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them take to the level of an actual fetish.

(2) Speaking as a generality, the post-WWII public face official organized mainstream-type social and political movement for increased homosexual civil rights has drawn a lot of energy and fundraising from homosexuals, especially gay men, being historically persecuted and discriminated against, in their own minds’ eyes. So much so that, now in recent years where substantive persecution and discrimination against homosexuals is zero for all intents and purposes, and they are now socially and culturally mainstream in every which way you can think, this has got official gay lobbies worried that, since they built a whole movement for decades off of being persecuted, that they’ll have to close shop.

(3) Men who engage in the creative arts (e.g. Disney), are very disproportionately homosexual.

Roll this Florida legislation and these three things together. A group that constantly fears persecution, has been organizationally fueled by persecution, suffering a recent drought of persecution, and who powers one of Florida’s most well known industries, just got a shot in the arm through an otherwise obscure part of a law that nobody would care about. As far as they’re concerned, the box cars and Zyklon B are literally on the way, right at this moment. They can now celebrate their renewed persecution and leverage one of the world’s most important media companies in the process of resisting (which will of course involve fundraising solicitations). Perhaps even winning a Tony or two along the way.

Now let’s look at the matter from the other half of the ledger. What are people supposed to conclude about the kind of people massively opposing and resisting this otherwise nothingburger law, other than the fact that they’re imminently conniving to groom any young children in their sphere of influence for sexual purposes? When in reality, other than isolated disorganized incidents, no such thing is in any danger of occurring. Hell, we’re so on edge about pedophilia and hebephilia in today’s world that a 40-something man is going to get looked at almost as if he’s a criminal if he goes with a 20-something woman. What so many people are calling “grooming” (i.e. for sex) is nothing more than the irresponsible sociopolitical propagandizing and advertising from the individual members and groups within Gang Alphabet that has direct access to young children.

If we were allowed to talk about all these taboo things, then the conversation relating to this current outbreak would be taking place entirely at eye level and without each side’s hyperbole.

It’s all Newton’s Third Law of Political Motion at work: For every overreaction, there is an equal and opposite overreaction.



4 responses

10 05 2022

One other thing driving this opposition is Disney wants to move some employees from CA to FL. They don’t want to go. This bill (now law) comes along. Now the CA employees can say “I don’t want to have to move to FL and watch them crucify LGBTOMGWTFBBQs. Let me stay in CA and support the homos” rather than “I don’t want to move to a state that not only has republicans on the ballot, they actually run the state”. By wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag they have a PC, ESG & mission and value statement approved reason to not want to go to FL. Disney has been so homocentric for so long they won’t publicly tell their employees “Screw your feelings. Move to FL or find another job.”

I would like to point out that the Southern Baptists were right about Disney all those years ago. Sadly now the SBC doesn’t even believe the bible means what it says about homosexuals.

Also I don’t think the issue so much is teachers grooming kids for sex as it is the alphabet mob expanding their ranks by recruiting little kids. When a bill says “don’t talk to k-3 kids about sex, orientation or gender issues” and LGBTQEIEIOs start screaming “This is anti gay!! You are putting queer lives in danger!!!” they are saying the quiet part out loud. If they are not allowed free reign to recruit from the schools there will be less homosexuals and they see that as a “loss of queer lives”.

Cringe Panda has a few videos on Bit Chute about the homo recruiting that takes place in schools now.

15 05 2022
Sebastian Hawks

The gays should fear right wingers out to get them a lot less that the more plausible scenario of the next supply chain shortage being…aids drugs, that would have them dropping like flies.

17 05 2022

“While women’s soccer features many prominent LGBTQ+ players, the men’s professional game lacks players who are publicly gay and has seemed to have even hostile attitudes in locker rooms.”

There is no such thing as “LGBTQ+.” The women’s soccer players in question are L, the gentleman in question here is G. This LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL is a non-existent state of existence, a mutual defense treaty for the alternate orientation crowd, but trying to run together groups that are way different from each other. But in practice, now, Ts have taken over and leveraged the entire LGBTQ alphabet gang for their own selfish interests.

As for the sports themselves, it’s the natural habit of men to engage in team physical activity, but not for women. Which means the women that do tend to be lesbians, with the opposite tendency for men.

Now as for the matter at hand: I hope everyone proceeds as if this didn’t happen, that his life is no different in any way that he did compared to what it would have been had he didn’t. If this is what happens, then the people most upset will be the people who are part of Cuck Island’s LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL official public facing organized activist sector. Because they won’t be able to whine about, and they won’t be able to fund raise off, Daniels being “persecuted” or “picked on” or “bullied.”

22 05 2022

When this started, he was 50 and she was 29. Yet, this is being called “grooming” (i.e. for sex, as if she was a minor). Yet, we’re supposed to believe that the very irresponsible advertising and proselytization of the gay lifestyle by gay teachers to their young students, bad enough as it is, actually rises to the level of grooming? Which it does not.

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