Easy Street

29 04 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Me, on social media, yesterday:

These microaggressions and trigger warnings are making so many books off limits that I’m starting to wonder whether this whole microaggression and trigger warning bit is nothing more than a scam to eliminate the requirement to read any books as part of formal education for most people.

Which was my reaction to this story.

I’m starting to think that a lot of wokeness is nothing more than work avoidance.

(1) Some have already speculated that the whole purpose of this mania about “fat shaming” and “body positivity,” which is cynically centered around black women for social justice and equity purposes, is really because women in general who are past “the wall” really don’t want to diet or hit the gym. They’d much rather hide behind overweight Laquisha in order to manipulate society into forcing people in thinking that their middle aged weight gain is supermodel beautiful. So that their husbands don’t leave them for a woman who actually is supermodel beautiful.

(2) Last month, we got treated to the new crusade in social justice wackoville, that physical fitness is only for Nazis. Which means the association of scrawny men, fat men and fat women that constitute the woke left have given themselves a convenient excuse not to lift a weight or two or forego a calorie or two. “Why bother? It’s only for Nazis anyway.”

(3) Woke Math I think is nothing more than a pretext to make math class less about actual math and more about humanities. So that math-challenged social justice-y fashionable demographic groups, as well as the math-challenged who are low on the progressivetard stack, can pass what appears to be a class or course on the transcript that is said to be “math” but in reality not much if any math is being taught. It’s like I have said and written for a long time axiomatically: No amount of social justice sidebars in the math book about how this mulatto scientist solved a differential equation to make peanut goop will mean that those who don’t have the innate ability to solve differential equations will suddenly have the ability to do so even if they share some major continental ancestry with said mulatto scientist. So it’s not about math, it’s about un-math-ing math.

(4) And now, this thing, what I started with above, and what triggered (no pun intended) this post. Now all anyone has to do to get out of reading old long boring books by dead white people is to pout and moan and cry that they’ve heard that something inside them triggers them or causes them microaggressions or invokes some epigenetic transgenerational PTSD about the slaveocaust. Which means the English or literature classes or courses will become a lot easier to slog through. All the more time to dance around like a moron on social media livestreams.



4 responses

29 04 2022
Alex the Goon

Fat positivity movement rallies around black women, because fatness doesn’t affect their SMV. Fat or thin, Chad doesn’t want them, and Tyrone will pork them anyway.

22 05 2022

It’s about creating courses that have lofty sounding titles but without the lofty coursework, all for the benefit of affirmative action BIPOCs.


25 05 2022


Hiking is for Nazis.

31 05 2022

And the hits just keep on coming.


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