Everybody Hates Elon

17 05 2022


I’ve been racking the cobwebs between my ears trying to figure out why the left fell out of love with Elon Musk so suddenly, (even before he floated the idea to buy Twitter and restore some semblance of freedom), even though he single handedly made the electric car industry viable and mainstream.

Now I know that’s both the question and the answer.

They turned on Elon precisely for that reason.

I’ve got the receipt, from a few countries north of me.

What this is all about is that Norway is about to get rid of all the EV tax incentives.

Here’s the money quote:

Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård told broadcaster NRK on Tuesday that discounts for electric cars could be withdrawn.


“It’s great that people use electric cars. But we are not well served by people get into their cars and drive into busy city areas instead of walking, bicycling or taking public transport,” he also said.

What this proves is that the left’s obsession with EVs really had nothing to do with actually getting people into EVs. They put in all these incentives at a time when EVs weren’t mainstream and didn’t look like they would ever go mainstream, at least not any time soon. So the thought was “incentivize” vaporware and distant-future-ware and “disincentivize” the long time proven technology, so that people just give up on cars and get from one place to the next in Oslo on pogo sticks, or something like that. Because the elitist hypocrites of the incumbent cognitive elite can rationalize-doublethink-bafflegab their way around a lot, but they have not yet found a way to do an end run around the whole “two different objects of mass cannot occupy the same space at the same time” thing, which is the root cause of traffic jams.

But then Elon came along and upset their bicycle rack.



4 responses

17 05 2022

Today happens to be Norwegian Constitution Day. Can I pick my timing spots or what?

17 05 2022
Alex the Goon

I think kkkalifornia is ending their solar incentives, pissing off everyone who believed the “promises” from the solar guy at the home depot kiosk. And all the EV phags got butthurt when the DMV started hitting them with $100 per year to compensate for all the fuel taxes they weren’t paying.

18 05 2022

I see Elon has discovered that the bot problem on Twitter is worse than we thought. How much longer until he takes his ball and goes home? Unless he’s using this as leverage for a more favorable selling price.

19 05 2022
Hard Right

He’s never going to make any money off Twatter unless he sells it to the Government. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s planning on “nationalization”.

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