Chesa Boudin

9 06 2022

San Francisco

It is becoming obvious that the American left now has its own libertarian problem. Just as within the American right, libertarianism (with a rightist bent) is mostly the province of white people (esp. men) of higher income, wealth, intelligence and/or education, but not popular with anyone else on that half of the spectrum, on the left, this Boudin-type prosecutorial left-libertarianism is likewise popular only with white people (men or women) of higher income, wealth, intelligence and/or education, but not popular with anyone else on the general left wing.

The only real difference is that the right-Ls tend to focus on economics and the left-Ls on social issues.

In both instances, the libertarian-type sides make a lot of noise, such noise includes donorism, but are more often than not rejected by the wider electorate and society, and when they slip past that and get a chance to implement policy, it’s usually with decidedly less than stellar real world results. But it’s because both right-Ls and left-Ls make a lot of noise, and are generally good with words, and can construct superficially compelling arguments (until you look closer), and of course the donorism, this drastically overamplifies their clout among the political class.

Until days like two days ago, in San Francisco, when the whole world gets to see them for the paper tigers they were all along.



One response

9 06 2022
David In TN

The MSM types are very invested in the Soros DAs and took it hard. New York magazine called it a “backlash,” a very bad thing in their lexicon.

In New York, Philadelphia, and I presume Chicago and St. Louis the black vote is the main support for soft-on-crime types. I read that the Soros DA in Manhattan is safe due to the black vote and black political establishment.

White liberals in the past have become pro-law and order when they feel unsafe. It was called “being mugged by reality.”

I once new a man from Boston who told me Massachusetts liberals are the way they are “as long as it doesn’t touch them.”

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