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20 06 2022

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

I’m starting to notice a pattern with all these ruling class histrionics about The Great Replacement.

We already knew that Michael Anton’s “celebration parallax” matters here, that the ruling class will laud and promote you if you endorse X, but then trash you and make you out to be crazy or dangerous if you oppose X. The Great Replacement is but one of many things in the Current Year subject to celebration parallax. LibsOfTikTok has entered the comment section.

I’ve written here and elsewhere in the recent past that the idea that being positive about an act in the affirmative but trashing anyone who opposes it in the negative is the reasoning of a thief. Which, considering what The Great Replacement is, makes a lot of analogous sense.

But here in the last few weeks, it’s been more than that.

Last week, AR ran this article from the Toronto Scar, revolving around one of these expert professors who makes a living telling us to believe they/them instead of our own lying eyes. In it, you’ll read that TGR, in terms of something that they tell us should never be talked about because it’s baseless, (until tomorrow, when someone in the ruling class will celebrate it), is said to be that way because, in his mind’s eye, those who think TGR is happening also cast it in terms of being a matter of a grand conspiracy of the world’s elites.

Except, I rarely hear people who talk about TGR in an oppositional sense talk that way, and Renaud Camus, whose French language book got the whole discussion going in those exact terms, in his case, “Le Grand Remplacement” in French, certainly didn’t cast it in diabolically conspiratorial terms.

What could be going on here is that the ruling class and its scribes are overreacting and creating straw dogs. As they, and many people, quite frankly, have a bad habit of doing. Maybe they’re deliberately and disingenuously straw dogging the matter so as to make those who oppositionally discuss TGR seem like kooks, and that’s very possible.

But I think there’s something more fundamental at work. It’s more than that.

What I think is going on circles back around to celebration parallax and reasoning of a thief. Thieves are the very group of people who are nervous about people opposing thievery, because they know that the next reasonable step will be that people will want to identify, apprehend, name, shame and punish thieves. Therefore, if garden variety thieves had access to a megaphone, they would do their best to gaslight people whose houses seem to have less stuff inside everyday and whose bank accounts’ balances seem to be going down on a daily basis as paranoid kooks out of touch with reality, or on second resort, the thieves would have the victims of their thievery believe that their stuff is disappearing because it’s being raptured up into the heavens.

See where this is going?

The underlying heat and energy source for the ruling class hysteria over increasing public discussion about and opposition to TGR is that the ruling class doesn’t want those who are discussing it to think that it is a consequence of actual corporeal human beings (past or present) determining public policy, and then other actual corporeal human beings (again, past or present) doing things “on the ground” or “at line level” to translate these ideas into corporeal manifest reality. Which is the way public policy changes have worked in the entire human history of complex public affairs, but only becomes a conspiracy theory when the demographic thieves don’t want to be caught red handed.

To put it another way, I think the ruling class is more offended that people are thinking that individual people are responsible for TGR rather than they are over people believing that TGR is happening.

I therefore suspect that if you oppose TGR but play it off as if it’s happening due to an Act of God or some immutable law of nature, the ruling class won’t care about you much less drag you. Certainly, if you support it and think it’s an Act of God, they’ll love you and publish you every other day. No, what hits their nerve is what I just said: Opposing it and noting the obvious reality that individual people are responsible for it. Among whom are these same ruling class-shilling scribes.

Now, with that said, I think most of us can figure out a more obvious “bigger Fisch” suspect, the good ole parentheticals, the Shift+9 and Shift+0. Because most of us know that they have the ability to move mountains way disproportionate to their numbers, and generally well and properly institutionally placed to be able to do it, and of course they’re acutely nervous about being named and called out, with the inevitable fear that it won’t stop at being named and called out. As relatively recent history around these parts have shown. Too, for the fact that they’ve done the disproportionate share of the heavy lifting on making TGR public policy and practical reality. But it’s not just them, even if it is them disproportionately — Any and every one who has or is helping to bring TGR about, in the many ways necessary, want to stay behind the curtains.

So this is why, for example, the ruling class would prod their law enforcement assets who are, oh, I don’t know, speaking purely hypothetically, riding shotgun with someone they know full well is about to murder a bunch of people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, and do so because something something Great Replacement according to himself, to go right ahead and let him do it, instead of slapping the cuffs on him for conspiracy to blah blah before he has a chance to strike. That way, it gives the ruling class all the justification it needs to gaslight, censor and persecute, in order to save their own rumps from the chopping block. Ten dead bodies? Just collateral damage, as Bill Clinton would say. Worth all the benefits of a pogrom against your enemies.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I? Have I gone too far? Or have I not gone far enough?



2 responses

20 06 2022

Classic historical St. Louis reference in the title.

I’ve mentioned before that the word that High German speakers have settled on to refer to TGR is Bevölkerungsaustausch (volk = people, tausch = swap, so lit.: population exchange).

21 07 2022

I’m not going to rap Tucker Carlson’s knuckles that hard. Because he’s on thin ice just for going this far, and there are plenty of people who hate his guts just for it. He probably knows that if he takes to the level that it honestly should be taken, the level we take it to, then he would really be shown the door. Not even Peter Thiel’s money would be able to save him.

But that doesn’t stop the truth from being the truth.

And the truth is that this reductionism of The Great Replacement to a mere matter of “elect a new people” on behalf of the blues in the arena of red-blue conventional electoral politics in the United States, is vastly underselling the matter, and also a cop out, and trying to discuss the matter within a ruling class imposed Overton Window. To put it another way, it’s the “permissible” (albeit barely) way to discuss and be against TGR.

When in reality, we all know that the real reason for TGR is the R — Replacement for its own sake, as engineered by the myriad of interests that benefits or believes they do from white people being replaced in their own historically dominant spaces. I’ll leave you to speculate on your own, but most of us already have a suspect in mind.

Let me put it to you this way: I don’t recall M. Camus spending a lot of time on American Democrats when he wrote Le Grand Remplacement.

Then there’s the matter of the fact that, outside the United States, most of the elected officials doing the heaviest of lifting for TGR won’t electorally benefit from it anyway.

Consider the country under my feet, (er, we’re on vacation on the Belgian beaches now, so it’ll be back under my feet by the end of the weekend). Angela Merkel, need I say more? But, starting at that point, it takes several years for anyone who was part of the 2015 Hegira even to get German citizenship (provided any given individual actually wants it). Then there’s the matter of German diversity having a low voting rate, even the Turks who have been around for a half century. Then there’s a matter of the few vibrants who do regularly vote hardly vote for Christian Democrats. So apply that to this “elect a new people” conceptual framework for the TGR, and it makes no real world sense for a person like Merkel or the party like the CDU. If anything, what she did in 2015 drove her pretty close to the brink of early retirement in 2017. Sure, it would make a lot of sense for an American Democrat, but zero for a German Christian Democrat. Yet, both groups are flooring the pedal on TGR.

Look around the wider white world, and most xenophiles in the elected space wouldn’t and don’t individually politically benefit from immigration, and neither would/do their parties.

Which means TGR is happening for much “heavier” or “deeper” reasons than helping people and parties win elections.

Now, I will say for Tucker Carlson’s case that he has to know the real truth, because he tried to be slick and smuggle it in behind all this “Democrat voters” lamebrainedness. One notable example is when he quoted Joe Biden. That may also help to explain the left’s vicious retort, because maybe on some subconscious level they know that discussing TGR even in these kiddie pool terms will serve as a gateway drug to people finding out about it in the Olympic sized pool terms.

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