My Wokedar Is Going Off

21 06 2022

Jacksonville, Florida; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This hysteria on the part of the official American (and to a lesser extent, British) sports media about the LIV Golf matter, and so many big name golfers leaving the PGA Tour for it, makes me curious, and has me suspicious.

Laying out my hand here:

It’s the media doing it, meaning woke.

So I get the feeling that, either it is true that, or it is perceived that (even if it’s at some level less than true), that so many A-listers leaving PGA for LIV will somehow hurt organized wokeness. Probably having something to do with PGA being largely sponsored by increasingly woke or “woke” mega corporations that like to virtue signal and dump bags of money on organized wokeness in the process, and the LIV hooking into Saudi Arabia, which is anything but woke and won’t write a blank check to Patrisse Cullors or GLAAD.



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