I’m So Old.

30 06 2022

Guest post by Puggg

Look at this from Channel 4.

A guy came down the road 100 mph’: Neighbors fed up with Jennings Station Rd. after man killed by speeding car

PINE LAWN, Mo. (KMOV) – People are demanding a fix to a deadly stretch of road in North County.

“A car will drive 80 or 90 mph down this road, says Pine Lawn resident, Clifford Brown.

Arthur Fulton was killed Sunday while pulling out of his driveway onto Jennings Station Road. Police say a Mercedes Benz crashed into his Cadillac.

Clifford Brown lived across the street from him.

“I’ve been knowing him for 30 years and every day he backed in the same way but what was different that day a guy came down the road 100 mph,” Brown said.

Now the neighborhood and the victim’s family are demanding for police and the mayor to step in and make changes to Jennings Station Road, a place they tell News 4 is a death trap.

“Place a policeman where they can catch them speeding. I know this is a busy road, but they might need speed bumps,” said relative Gerald Fulton.

“Come here and patrol these streets. Do it for a week, two weeks. If cars here would slow down, we’ll save another life” Brown said.

It’s like they like to say, I’m so old that I remember, starting eight years ago, that something happened very close to that point, and it all led to Eric Holder’s Justice Department complaining about LEAs and LEOs in North County writing too many speeding tickets to people who look a certain way.

And I’m actually getting to be that old. My next birthday, it’s going to be the one that starts with a 5.



3 responses

30 06 2022
David In TN

Once they start with a 5, the birthdays come faster and faster.

30 06 2022

That scares me, because the ones that start with 4 seem like they came and went pretty quick. You’re telling me it gets worse?

1 07 2022
David In TN

I can assure you it does. You do find yourself having a long-term memory.

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