The Game Plays You

28 07 2014


The incomparable Gregory Hood comes through again. H/T CofCC.

It’s almost always the case:

When you play the game, the game plays you.

This should be the final nail in the coffin of the mentality that we racialists and ethnonationalists can/should latch onto libertarianism and Ron and Rand Paul-ism in order to reap the benefits of them in a disparate impact sort of maneuver.

And it should drive home the point that the wages of modern libertarianism is cultural Marxism.

What Brown Will Do For You

28 07 2014

New Hampshire

When there was that surprise immigration patriot rally in Boston on Saturday, where maybe as many as 10,000 people were there, and was said to be the largest ever political rally on Beacon Hill, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to be Jeanne Shaheen right now.


For all this RINO propensities, Scott Brown has always been solid on the immigration issue.  The only reason that’s not more obvious is that there was not a vote on any immigration legislation during his short time in the Senate; remember the Gang Bangers of Eight bill was passed in the Senate in 2013, after the Dime Store Indian beat Scott Brown in November 2012.  But Brown has said often that he would have voted against Gang Bangers of Eight.

Really, Scott Brown has an easy path to victory in November.  All he has to say is that he would have voted against Gang Bangers of Eight while Jeanne Shaheen did, and he would have voted against ObamaDontCare (that was his flagship issue in the 2010 special election) while Jeanne Shaheen did.  No more complicated than that.

Next Up: Disaccreditation

28 07 2014


What else would you expect when there are shots fired and attendees killed at your district’s high school’s class reunion?

“It’s like a big family reunion.”  Well, considering my theory, it might actually be a big family reunion.

“Cosby Black”

28 07 2014

St. Louis



‘BAPs’ creator defends controversial reality show

The creator of the new reality show “BAPs” is defending the controversial St. Louis show after viewers mostly panned it following its premiere Wednesday night on Lifetime.

Viewers complained about everything from the wigs, weaves to yet another reality show with black woman fighting. Some aren’t happy with the premise, focusing on an exclusive group of African-Americans in St. Louis, who position themselves in a higher class than others (a cast member says they’re Cosby black, not “Good Times” black).


In color line societies like ours, they’re black, but they would not be considered black in color continuum societies such as Brazil.  Even in South Africa, they would be considered “coloured,” and not part of one of the several black tribes.

“Wigs, weaves, black women fighting.”  This would be Tommy Sotomayor bait, and I would send it to him if I was still watching his videos.

Substitute Slumlord

27 07 2014



Note to self:  Never get into arguments with fake slumlords.

It says that the real landlord died, and she just stepped in his place and the tenants kept on giving her the rent.  Didn’t any of them think to wonder if she had the legal authority to do so, and research to find out the answer?  Though since the online encyclopedia of questionable credibility tells me that Brownsville, Brooklyn is 76% black and 17% Hispanic, and has a median household income of under $16,000, which in an expensive city like New York is like having a negative income, the apartment building probably isn’t filled with ambitions forward- and critical-thinking people.  A long way from Park Slope, I guess.

And They Ran, They Ran So Far Away

27 07 2014


Alright, now hold the phone:

The five pedestrians were working at the fruit cart on the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenues around 11:15 a.m. on Friday when a white Toyota 4Runner, stolen minutes earlier by two men, blew a tire and jumped the curb, Philadelphia Police Homicide Capt. James Clark said.

The large SUV plowed into the group, skidded across a grassy lot and rammed head-on into a tree.

Thomas Reed, 10, drew his last breath on the street, Clark said. His 15-year-old sister Keiearra Williams was taken to Temple University Hospital where she died a short time later. Their 7-year-old brother, Terrence Moore, was rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children where, despite doctor’s efforts, he died.


Both suspects fled the scene on foot after the crash. A manhunt is now underway. The suspect’s descriptions are not fully clear, but one was wearing a white T-shirt and basketball shorts. Police say he was armed with a gun. The other suspect is wearing an orange shirt and basketball shorts.

Authorities say the men may be injured from the crash and they have alerted all area emergency rooms to be on the lookout for anyone who comes in with car crash injuries.

Homicide detectives have also obtained some surveillance video from both scenes and plan to look for any identifying photos of the suspects.

1.  They have surveillance video, so why aren’t we getting suspect descriptions more specific than T-shirts and shorts, like, duh, in the summer months?  Though it’s not as if we don’t have a clue about any other distinguishing characteristics.

2.  The crash injured them, yet they were able to flee the scene on foot.  Since the crash injured them, their ability to flee on foot would have been significantly reduced.  Yet nobody who saw this take place, all these fleet-footed speedster track stars and superior athletes, didn’t try to run after these two?  They should have been easy to catch up to and tackle.


No matter, the cops caught up with them. Turns out that a rape is part of this crime spree that ended with the three kids being killed.

Sunday Wrap-Up

27 07 2014


St. Louis’s “Finest,” Part I

St. Louis’s “Finest,” Part II


Rahm says they need job training and jobs programs, not aware of the irony that Tevin Lee was already involved in such a program.

That’s all they can do, is memorize a script and parrot at the appropriate times.

The boy was allowed to be out at 10 PM, and is said to be “a victim of his mother’s (gang) affiliations.”  It’s why I’m not crying.


And why would anyone expect Barack Obama to want immigration law enforced?  Don’t you know, ICE only exists to enforce copyright and trademark laws.

VDH knows where this is leading, though what in the very end he considers a bug, I’m starting to see as more of a feature.

For the guy who has everything, more of everything.

*  Just as I suspected, they’re trading off a bad present for a bright future.


More concern trolling from the left.  First off, no Democrat is really interested in Republicans winning.  They are interested in Republicans losing, which should speak all in this matter.  Second, his whole case is based on Rand Paul’s appeal with younger voters.  His father had a big appeal with younger voters, too.  How’d that work out for him?  Younger voters (under 30) are only a blip on the political radar.

Everything you say can and will be used against you in a future political media buy.

And as most of you know, I’ve seen Bob Barr speak.

Maybe good news, but notice they didn’t dismiss because the legal doctrine of disparate impact is insane, they dismissed because the EEOC couldn’t prove disparate impact in this particular case.

They want us to notice things about the current membership of the Supreme Court.  Be careful, because we might get too out of control with our noticing, we might wind up noticing things that you won’t want us to notice.

Some of the surprising outcomes of SYG cases in Florida.


The quality and speed of the washing machines in the laundry rooms is now a recruiting tool for college sports scholarships?  As if any of these young people have ever done a load of laundry in their lives.  I made a little bit of money early in my freshman year of college teaching dorm neighbors how to do laundry properly, because none of them ever did any laundry and had no reason to learn how.  And they were above average intelligence young white people, not some De’Quantravious who plays footsball.

*  Because, back in the days when direct conversation about these things was off limits, you had to be pretty creative in your euphemisms.

Huey’s Doozy.


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