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22 07 2014


“Deal with all of it.”

Translation:   He  wouldn’t want to deal with the media hoopla.  If not for that, Michael Sam’s extracurricular activities would have been of no concern to him.

And as far as that goes, he sounds like some snarky blogmeister I know.

Although Jason Collins played about the final third of the most recent NBA season, and I don’t remember much media hoopla after his first game.

Silver Blaze

22 07 2014


No, lunatic.  The problem isn’t that the Texas NG is going there to shoot “children” (i.e. diseased adolescent gang bangers from Central America), they’re going there to be campaign props for Rickroller Perry’s Presidential campaign.

There’s an easy way to tell that these are nothing but cheap ineffectual political theatrics — The fact that Obama has not nationalized the Texas NG and told them to turn around and go home, and he could. If this was intended to do something positive about the problem, Obama would have done that already. That he has not is a dog not barking Silver Blaze clue to the vacuity of the whole affair.

And guess who’s a big fan of this lunatic and has him on her show a lot?  That’s right, the screaming yuppie, who has joined her new boss in the soccer ball and teddy bear crusade.


Proof that I was right, as if any was needed.

Nocaut Rey

22 07 2014


Knockout King, Hispanic style.

I Write the Stories That Make the Whole World Sigh

22 07 2014


47 Shot.  5 Dead.  Chicago Officials Meet.

Stop reading after the headline.  I already know what the rest of the article says without having to read it:

*  Rahm Emanuel and/or Garry McCarthy blames the NRA and the lack of social programs

*  Someone implores the general public to snitch to the cops if they happen to know anything, to a group of people totally thrown into to a stop snitching no snitching mentality

*  Good boy great athlete honor roll student fell in with the wrong crowd turning his life around

*  Something something segregation

What you will not read:

*  The truth, that the black undertow and a very weak criminal justice system in Chicago are the real causes of this.


Voulez-Vous Les Bon Temps Roulet

21 07 2014

Palm Springs, California

I believe it. Though they’ll probably have to add on an indoor basketball court before he moves in.

Of all the speculation about where he’s moving after January 20, 2017, I think this is the best fit.  The theory that he’s going to buy in Washington, D.C. and live there to “guard his legacy” against the next President isn’t a good fit, because Obama himself really doesn’t like the actual job of being President.  Besides, there will be plenty of Congressional Democrats and the permanent D.C. left- and Democrat-leaning bureaucracy to do that.  Why should he go back to Rezko Acres in Hyde Park Chicago when there’s nothing left there for him, no reason to be there, no political career to incubate?  Ever since he quit the Senate before he was inaugurated President, he has had no reason to have his main formal residence in Chicago, and in fact, he could have moved at that point to anywhere he wanted, except for Delaware because that’s where his Vice-Idiot lives.  And January in Chicago isn’t exactly good golfing weather.  I guess one can have a good time in Hawaii, but to me, Hawaii seems too isolated, too much in the middle of nowhere.

This Palm Springs theory is good because it’s the best fit, considering the kind of Jolly Good Times Barry we have as President.  You know, almost all of his time is spent either golfing, partying-fundraising, or vacationing.  A lot of his favorite kind of people are close by.  And it’s an easy plane ride to anywhere in the continental USA for paid speeches.

What really jumps out at me in this is how volatile this property’s value has been in the last ten years.

Now That You’re Paying Attention

21 07 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

The following is a short field guide to modern immigration politics for the newbie.

Congratulations, historic American nation.  You have finally discovered the immigration issue.

Now that the issue has your attention, and now that I have your attention, it’s time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the historic American nation down on his lap and give it several wooden nickels’ worth of free advice.

1.  There is no more important issue in American politics today.  It’s a master switch which will affect all the other, less important ones.

2.  But don’t think the real reason to win this issue is for the sake of any abstract ideology or any political party.  It’s to preserve a particular people in a particular place.  Politics, systems, issues are temporary and fleeting, but people are forever.  Once you lose people, you’ve lost period.

3.  The very people who are going to try to talk you out of caring about immigration or at least trying to make you think it should not be important to you are people who themselves have immigration as their a-number-one concern in terms of open borders/no borders.

4.  Condition yourself to be immune to distractions, because now that you care, the open borders lobby is going to try to come at you with one “LOOK SQUIRREL~!1″ after another after another.  The squirrels they want you to look at are nowhere near as dangerous as the mad hungry grizzly bear quickly approaching you.

5.  Don’t be taken in by cheap meaningless ineffectual political theatrics and stunts, e.g. Rickroller Perry.  They’re designed to get you to ignore their questionable if not completely horrible record on immigration.

6.  Talk is one thing, but people who talk talk talk a good game then take soccer balls and teddy bears to hoardes of diseased gang-banging adolescents have something wrong in the head, e.g. Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, Ted Cruz.

7.  Because immigration is the issue, and the most important issue, don’t support politicians who are horrible on immigration but “good” on everything else, e.g. Rand Paul.  Don’t reward treason.

8.  Resist the temptation to engage in red team blue team partisanship.  There’s plenty of credible legitimate blame to go around to both the red team and the blue team, and it has been going on long enough such that it’s just not Obama’s fault or Bush 43′s fault…this sore has been festering for a very long time.  However, note that our side’s true soldiers are two things:  Elected Republicans, but not allowed into Republican leadership or elite circles.

9.  Identify the true soldiers and reward them.  Here are a few to get you started:  Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Lou Barletta, Tom Tancredo, Joe Arpaio, Kris Kobach.

10.  Immigration is a racial issue, don’t fool yourself or anyone else into thinking it’s not.  Tolerate non-whites in our movement, but don’t pander to them, never feel that you need their permission to think what you think or do what you do, and never try to legitimize your cause based on the presence of these non-whites.

11.  The most common answers to the most common question you will have while making your way through immigration politics is this:  “It’s the donors,” “Cheap labor,” “Electing a new people.”

12.  Don’t believe anyone’s propaganda about “all these harsh deportations.”  Hardly anyone is actually physically deported, and it has been that way for a long time.

13.  I hate to break it to you, but illegal aliens currently in country are actually voting (anti-fraud mechanisms are deliberately crippled, prosecutions for voter fraud are very rare), collecting welfare (the wonderful Federal judiciary), working (E-Verify?  What E-Verify?  Politicians and activists of both parties are mightily resisting universal E-Verify).

14.  There were people and groups and media sources talking about immigration before talking about immigration was cool.  Find them and patronize them.  Examples:  American Renaissance, V-Dare, Laura Ingraham, but there are others.  Most of the others are Johnny Come Lately.  Better that Johnny came than not at all, but if Johnny would have been there from the beginning, we’d be much closer to having this issue favorably solved.

15.  Mass immigration by design helps make the ultra-rich even more rich.  Which is why almost every American billionaire wants amnesty and open borders, why they bribe politicians in order to get it.  The New York Times is fanatically for open borders these days because it’s partially owned by a Mexican megabillionaire named Carlos Slim who was given a state monopoly on Mexican telecommunications and who collects a check with every phone call between the USA and Mexico.  At the end of the day, though, a single multibillionaire only has one vote, and hitching the immigration issue to the populist versus elitist struggle is probably one of the very best ways to to turn out voters for our cause and against the traitors, see Dave Brat versus Eric Cantor.

16.  In spite of the mantra the other side spews, EVERY nation is a nation of immigrants.  The entire history of the world can be compressed into what happens when one group of people get up and go somewhere else.  However, it does not follow that all immigration is desirable.  Also learn the difference between colonization and immigration, and realize that one only truly has in this world what one is strong enough to attain and retain.

17.  It might be some time before our enemies try to ram some sort of legislation down our throats, but when they do, don’t be taken in by distractions and diversions there, either.  If the legislation grants some sort of legal status or “deportation” forbearance to illegals and it gives them a work permit, that’s amnesty, full stop.  It’s all the amnesty the illegals want, and it’s all the amnesty that billionaires and corporations want.

18.  Condition yourself out of ideological cults, and condition yourself into this one question:  Is it good for white people?

This list is subject to being amended numerous times.  If you are new to the immigration issue, in accordance with the sudden surge of interest which is a reaction to the border surge, and the protests and rallies of this past weekend, use the comment section to ask me.  I’ve been studying this issue for a long time.


Before you leave suggestions for new bullet points in the comment section, remember who I wrote this for:  The newbies.  Therefore, whatever you suggest I should add should be targeted at newbies, not experienced people.  Think of this field guide as boot camp for new recruits, not OCS.  Perhaps later, with help from certain people, we can write a similar quickie field guide that’s like OCS, teaching experienced activists how to be leaders and teachers and recruiters on their own.




Idiotopolis, Michigan

21 07 2014


Idiocracy is here.  Need not wait another 491 years.

How about payin’ yo’ water bills?  Don’t need every expensive hair weave that the Indo-Pak-owned beauty store offers, don’t need to upgrade your sail foam every six months, and don’t need to be in the long long long queue every time MichaelJordanNike releases a new pair of cheap expensive shoes.

Me to NAACP:  If this is racially motivated, show me the black people that are paying their water bills that have had their water shut off.


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