Oh, Okay.

23 04 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Rand Paul opens mouth inserts foot again on immigration.

Except he has slightly backpedaled from previous statements — He now says we can’t let the whole world in.

That’s a real comfort to me.

He Loved His Mama

23 04 2014



Dey all love dey mamas.

Ironically, if you would have ever said anything bad about his mother in front of him, he would have murdered you.

I Am Legend

23 04 2014

Jefferson City

Some black preachers from St. Louis and Kansas City were supposed to rally for ObamaDontCare on the steps of the capitol this afternoon, namely during the noon hour.

Either I was looking for them in the wrong place or they were in the wrong place.  I didn’t see any rally.  Where I looked, I was all alone.

And even if they did rally, what good did they think they were going to do that Kit Bond couldn’t?  ICYMI, the ObamaDontCare forces hired Kit Bond of all people to try to lobby Republicans in the state House and Senate to sign the suicide pact.  Though the only time I ever saw him around here was not long after that happened, and he looks like warmed over death.  People who want something out of some government hire big name people as lobbyists because they think their name and reputation has weight and currency with down-the-ladder politicians.  The problem with that mentality in Kit Bond’s case is that since he left the Senate in 2010, especially since Roy Blunt was an almost carbon copy perfect drop-in replacement from both a temperament and voting record standpoint, the only people who have truly missed him are the D.C. liquor stores, being mindful of the fact they lost Ted Kennedy’s business in 2009.  Another problem is that state legislators have term limits, eight years for a House member max, eight years for a Senator max.  This means just in the time he’s been retired from the Senate, there has been a lot of turnover in the state House and Senate.  After each passing election cycle, there are or will be fewer and fewer members of the state House and Senate who were even members of one of those bodies while Kit Bond was actually a U.S. Senator.

The other problem is that Kit Bond’s phone calls and schmoozing, (as if anyone wants to get personable with an old drunk), don’t negate budget and legislative realities.

Middle School Confidential

22 04 2014

Kissimmee, Florida

Sixteen years old and still in middle school.

But maybe going up the river for attempted murder.

64% Hispanic, 24% black.

Depend on Hobbs

22 04 2014


What does this mean?

Something I’ve been predicting for awhile:  The Federalization of ordinary black street crime, especially in states with very crowded state prisons.  Don’t be surprised if the Feds use the fact that a murder weapon or parts of it crossed state lines as a hook to make most murders a Federal object and bring them into Federal court.

Trenton Takes, The World Laughs

22 04 2014

Trenton, New Jersey

Shooting at a funeral memorializing a YOOT who was shot to death.

Yep, it’s gotta be Bell Curve City.


22 04 2014



Click to enlarge.  Drudge front at the time I’m writing this.

You don’t think that these are all related factors, do you?  Because Drudge sure does.


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