Inner Trayvon

17 04 2014



Almost to the last man and woman of even the good ones — Give ‘em enough time, and their inner Trayvon will come pouring out.

We’re Getting Somewhere

17 04 2014


While the big news over the last several days has been Glenn Miller, that only took people’s minds off the Bermuda Triangle Sniper.

Well, that story is hot again, because a suspect has been arrested, at his Grandview home.  No mug or name yet.

The address that the Star indicates as the suspect’s is in a census tract that is 65% white and 28% black.

The Star has this video, which shows you some of the suspect’s neighbors:

The most curious part here is that the suspect’s car is a Dodge Neon with Illinois plates.  Now, it’s not unusual to see Illinois plates in St. Louis, even on cars owned by people who live on the Missouri side of the river, as they find some pretext to register their car in Illinois because Illinois has no automobile personal property taxes.  But it is very unusual for someone who lives clear on the other side of the state to have Illinois plates.



Can’t link this one back to Linder and VNN, I don’t think.  And don’t look for the SPLC to be sending beg letters because of him.

If he did it, I’d be curious for a motive.


Mug and name.  We have a Mohammed.


How he was made.


Getaway Thursday Wrap-Up

17 04 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

After lunch today, I’m headed home for what will be my only break from the salt mines this month, the three days between Good Friday and Easter.  Which I intend to spend most of either sleeping or with family.


Good, let it remain transitional.  For if it goes back to being unaccredited, SHTF.

Feature, not bug.

And notice that Hank Aaron is once again complaining about all the nasty letters he is supposedly getting.

“Early childhood education.”  Now there’s a new idea.

You know, you read this, and if you wouldn’t know any better, you’d think he has a problem with black parents.

For the second time in five months, SLPD is going to play whack-a-mole in Tower Grove South.

Does this mean the first time didn’t work?  Does this also mean that whack-a-mole really doesn’t do any good?



Sounds familiar to me.

What, no complaints about the outsized influence of billionaires in politics?

Some people might not consider that a bad thing if it happens.

“But we do background checks.”  Sure, you must have been convicted of rape in order to be hired.  “It could happen to anyone anywhere.”  Anywhere you’re close to the ook.


Perfect segue.  Not that I have any way of knowing for sure, as the French are fanatically opposed to collecting racial stats.  But this sounds so quintessentially ook.


*  Yeah, sure, a real Swiss Mister.

And let’s send you to your long Easter weekend with this.  LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH have really outdone themselves this time.

I dunno, it seems to me that we’re in a time period that’s a cross between the hippie era and the Weimar Republic.



Stat Sheet

16 04 2014

Brooklyn, New York

25 points, 19 rebounds, 6 steals.

That’s a pretty good stat line.

For one game.

For 29 games, well, not so much.

BTW, you’d think the obsessive vicious media in New York would have been able to take and publish photos or videos of him out on the town with his significant other(s).

RINO Battlespace Preparation

15 04 2014

Springfield, Virginia

The story.

The really curious thing is this:  Why him, why now?  Especially when his days in elected politics are over.

I have a theory.

Before I state my theory, I have to remind you of my theory that IRSgate is a bipartisan scandal, because that plays into where my mind is running.

Then take a look at this.  It’s not just the WSJ and NR, it’s also Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo and Sheldon Adelson that have recently geared up to put up a RINO shield between the Rand Paul and the Republican nomination for President.  Not for the reason he shouldn’t win the nomination, because he’s open borders and amnesty all the way.  That they won’t talk about, because that’s also their position, with the possible exception of NR, and their immigration agenda in spite of not being the worst possible still isn’t anything to write home about.  No, the reason they’re out to get Rand Paul is because he’s Ron Paul’s son, and they’re worried that apple has not rolled far enough away from tree on foreign policy, even though that apple has been doing nothing but rolling away from the tree ever since he started running for the Senate, and by the time 2016 comes around, Rand will be far closer to the neos than his father.  However, that still won’t make the neos happy, when they have a reliable lifer in Jeb Bush rather than a Johnny-come-lately in Rand Paul.  The invade the world neos have made the decision that they far more trust a brother and son of two people named George Bush than a son of Ron Paul.

So mash the two together, RINO sway in IRS politics and RINO fear of Rand Paul.

What does it add up to?

If the IRS can find dirt or quasi-dirt or anything questionable related to Ron Paul and the Campaign For Liberty, they’ll pounce, the media will pounce, and some of the splat will land in Rand Paul’s lap.

And that’s what the RINOs are hoping for.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

15 04 2014

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

Maybe soon the parents who come to pick up and drop off their kids at Boyd Anderson High School will be subject to a dress code, because “we have dads showing up in sagging pants,” “wearing saggy pants that exposes their underwear.”

And these are the fathers of high school students?  Then I realize that in this case, the father of a 14-year old freshman is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 29 years old himself.


Sticky Fingers

15 04 2014

Valencia, California

This video was uploaded yesterday, so I assume this happened very recently.

And it’s a nice segue from what I mentioned here yesterday, the story about the Schnucks near Fairgrounds Park closing, and speculating about the reasons why.


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