Naming and Shaming

14 09 2013

North County

It’s time to name and shame some traitors.

Two of the signatories of the letter that seven pages full of traitor signatories sent to Boehner and Pelosi to beg them to throw the borders wide open are high level executives for St. Louis-based firms.

Here are the pictures of those companies’ CEOs, their mailing addresses and phone numbers.  Be polite but firm.  But ask them why they’re such goddamned traitors.  I intend to make phone calls on Monday and follow them up with written snail mail letters later in the week.


David Farr, CEO, Emerson Electric
8000 West Florissant Ave
St. Louis MO 63136


Jeffrey Hall, CEO, Express Scripts
1 Express Way
St. Louis MO 63121

As an extra added bonus, I’ll head over to the other side of the state and give you:


Donald Hall, CEO, Hallmark
2501 McGee Trfy
Kansas City, MO 64108



3 responses

14 09 2013

I’m on board. (Aren’t dogs always?) But I’ll do the opposite: Letters first and calls later in the week. In fact, I’ve already written my paper letters and have them in the mail.

14 09 2013

Nice. Good. Put their names and contact info out there. I will be doing my best.

These people hide behind and pay off our government such that they can put working and middle class whites out of jobs and into poverty.

15 09 2013

Off with their heads!

White Mom in VA

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