It’s On

14 01 2020

Downtown St. Louis

Forget about Iran.  A real war has broken out back in St. Louis, between Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and the St. Louis City Police Officers Association.

Four years ago, and I would have had a front row seat.  The bombs bursting in air, right above my head.

If I know St. Louis’s civic elite and establishment like I do, then this will be the big serial thing for them for as long as it lasts, and of course it will matter to the directly interested and involved parties, but the rest of St. Louis will snore.  If I was still there, I would be covering the blow by blow, including slipping in some insider info, but strategically so, so as not to blow my cover.  Alas, I’ll just have to follow the P-D’s telling, and whatever secret squirrels back there that even remember me that send me privileged info from time to time.

In related news, I see there’s this.  The only corporeal human being I voted for in 2016 other than Trump was Josh Hawley for Attorney General, in the primary, because the party establishment choice was a rat fink Judas on Mizzou, and then in the general after Hawley won the primary, because I knew by then that the Soros whore in the person of Kim Gardner would be the next Circuit Attorney, and we’d need Hawley as AG to do the prosecution that she wouldn’t.  Since then, the deck has been shuffled in state government executive positions, and it’s now Eric Schmitt as AG, and then of course the upset of Wesley Bell over Bob McCulloch in August 2018, he being another Gardner-type.  (The only reason he actually didn’t get Soros money is that nobody thought he had a chance.)  So it’s now Schmitt having to do Wesley Bell’s and Kim Gardner’s work.  And of course, the cops in St. Louis City and County are dropping more and more case files in Jensen’s lap instead of Bell’s or Gardner’s — That much, if I wasn’t smart enough to guess, I know from continuing to read the St. Louis media.

And, of course, as I always say about the native city:

Swipe Right

30 10 2019

St. Louis

Red Pill Dump Truck alert.

There will be a lot of women who download and use this app.

Not to find out which men to avoid, but to find out which men to date.

For much the same reason that death row inmates get a lot of love letters.

Think it through.

The San Francisco Treat

17 10 2019

University City

I could be on New Horizons on my way out of the Solar System, and if I had an oxygen supply and connectivity, I’d still be able to snark about my native berg.

So, to this, I say:




It was talked about since I was a teenager, took longer than expected to build, (no surprise there), but not even a year into operation, it’s a big money pit that will shut down around its first birthday unless it gets a bailout.   If nah, then the Feds will want the two-thirds of the $51.5 million it ponied up to be repaid.  Though that begs the question of how a short distance street trolley confined within one part of one suburb was relevant to interstate commerce such that it got Federal funding.

But here’s where I can uniquely contribute to the coming postmortem:

White liberals, in spite of their degree, diploma and credential braggadocio, have a really bad cargo cult habit.

It’s why pretentious humanities professors in the United States started driving Volvos in the 1970s.  It’s because they were cargo culting Swedish social democracy.  Of course, they, with all their intelligence and graduate degrees, couldn’t stop for a moment to consider why Swedish social democracy works(-ed), and anyway they would’ve hated some the reasons if they would have bothered to investigate honestly.  Don’t even consider the fact that their modern day colleagues will be honest about why the Swedish social democratic model is under threat, (hint hint mass non-white immigration thanks to the same sort of Swedish cuckery which bore big parts of the Swedish social democratic model).

Applied to the U-City Trolley:

The white libs along the U-City Loop and nearby were cargo culting San Francisco and its trolley system.  Just put a trolley along Delmar, and presto chango, U-City will be San Francisco, the progressive paradise.  (That isn’t so progressive anymore, because tech billionaires and banks that facilitate trans-Pacific commerce have bought out and bought off the joint, but that’ll be our little secret.)

None dare officially suggest that the U-City Loop’s bigger, in fact, biggest problem, is the fact it’s cheek-to-jowl with f’n Bell Curve City on four of the eight directions of the compass rose, which means frequent mahogany mob problems at Loop establishments and on the sidewalks and streets themselves.  I’m guessing that these taboo reasons were a major part of the trolley’s low ridership.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I just have to, just one more time:


Spent Capital

9 10 2019

Downtown St. Louis

I saw in the American national news through the day yesterday that the big three non-HIV/AIDS STDs are at an all-time high infection rate.

So I knew it would only be a matter of time before the St. Louis media would focus on the St. Louis angle, most notably, St. Louis City’s rank in those infections.

Next day.

And we get the usual long time excuse:

The rates in St. Louis are among the highest because St. Louis and Baltimore are the only cities reporting numbers as independent cities rather than as a county, explained Dr. Hilary Reno, assistant professor at Washington University School of Medicine and medical director of the St. Louis County Sexual Health Clinic.

It’s the same old ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!1 line.  Or the, “city limits signs cause x, y or z social pathology” line.

But here’s the problem with trotting out that line now:

That capital has already been spent, that well has run dry.

Because the political “solution” to that “problem” was the Louschaltung, and that officially, in terms of a serious public proposal, lasted about as long as a shooting star, (Remember earlier this year?  I know, nobody can remember five to eight months ago because we’re all supposed to be outraged about insults leveled against black women’s hair in 1829), even though it had been in brewing within the confines of St. Louis’s domestic dog patch deep state since the fall of 2006.

One Degree of Separation

26 09 2019


In his young years, he not only lived in St. Louis for a short time, but during that time, briefly worked at A-B as a forklift driver.

The Brewery, in the same zip code where I lived for most of my childhood and growing up years, and five relatives of mine on the grandparents on down, both blood and marriage, and siblings of grandparents, also made a living there.

The Keith Whitley Doctrine

15 09 2019

Frankfurt;  St. Louis

This is why I get paid the big bucks, and why you read this space, the few of you remaining who do.

It’s because I can draw a through line between what’s going on close to where I’m currently and temporarily residing and where I come from.

I was originally planning on making this a long drawn out post full of profundities and epiphanies, but I think I can net it out quite a bit.

The Keith Whitley Doctrine:  You say it best when you say nothing at all.  AKA The Alison Krauss Doctrine, AKA The Overstreet-Schlitz Doctrine.

The common denominator between Frankfurt and St. Louis at the present time is the fact that the individuals who aren’t at important and newsworthy events in both cities, either by choice or deliberate non-invitation, speak volumes.

I went to the Frankfurt Auto Show yesterday to have a peek around, ironically, after my driving lesson in the morning.  Frankfurt, of course, being a mere 19 miles to the east of Wiesbaden.  The noteworthy absent individual is one Peter Feldmann, the Mayor of Frankfurt, a Social Democrat.  He made it clear he wasn’t going at all, because climate change.  If you want to know why his absence for his stated reason speaks volumes about his own political party’s future, or lack thereof, then read this.

I’ll also note the irony that close to half of the cars on display are electrics.  Though, I have to back up and remember that the demented cat lady running the country shut down all the nuclear power plants, based on what was actually the German media’s favorite word, an Einzelfall, so all those electric cars are overglorified fossil fuel burners.

Now, let’s deal with the native berg.

Back on Tuesday, there was a big crime summit powwow at City Hall, which had as its two big headliners the most important person who works in that building, and the most important person who works in about the middle of the state.  But there were two big deliberate snubs:  One of them is the most important person who works in the edifice caddy-corner to City Hall, and the other is her Clayton counterpart.

You don’t have to be someone like me who was once plugged in well enough to St. Louis’s civic establishment to know what message is being sent here.  It’s that, for all the city and state media and political bluster about zomg gun laws and zomg police staffing and zomg dem programs, the important people in St. Louis know that the real big problems are Kim Gardner and Wesley Bell, and their policies of “thou shalt not prosecute black crime if thoust can help it.”  The former being a Soros whore, the only reason the latter isn’t is because nobody expected him to pull off the upset that he did, so the Open Sores Foundation never thought to write him a check.

Concomitant to that, it hit the news late last week that Mary Pat Carl, who was Jennifer Joyce’s Chief ACA for Homicide, and was considered the odds on favorite to replace her as Circuit Attorney, until Soros’s shekels pushed Kim Gardner to victory, is going to make another run at it next year.  As you can read here, Carl’s “official” reasoning for the second try is something-something Gardner’s corruption blah blah, but I think we all know the real reason.  A reason that it takes me, a whole other hemisphere away and a whole major ocean separating, to state publicly.

I’ll leave you with this.  One of my secret squirrel sources back in the native berg sent me this.  Whoever compiled this front page for this issue was trolling me, I can just feel it.  Full resolution link here.

Wow, Fifty Clams

11 09 2019


This is the kind of story I would not discuss beyond a quick mention on my social sites (Minds, Gab, and for now, Twitter), but this has a St. Louis angle:

Boston is giving every public school kindergartner $50 to promote saving for college or career training

That $50 will come very much in handy when they’re trying to fund whatever Harvard tuition will be in 2032.

I’ll skip ahead to the St. Louis angle:

The city-wide program aims to provide broader access to college and careers for Boston families and to create a culture where students begin preparing earlier for life beyond high school. City officials cited a 2013 Washington University in St. Louis study that found that a child from a low-to-moderate-income home with at least $499 in their account before reaching college age “is more than four times more likely to enroll in college than a child with no savings account.”

And nobody on Hilltop yelled “correlation causation problems” before putting the school seal on that research? They’re selling you on the notion that the bank account is the cause and going to college is the effect. I’m here to break it to you that the parents of children in “low to moderate income” households who would take the initiative to do at least a little bit of saving for college, even if $499 is a pittance, are probably intelligent enough to have produced children intelligent enough either to be accepted into a college with admissions standards, or at least want to start out at an open admissions institution like a junior or community college.

Alas, no. Hilltop peddles this stupid research, and this begs the equally brainless politicians into enacting boondoggles like these.

And in 25 years, when the program turns out to be a failure, and the original WU research will be shown to have “methodological problems,” nobody will be held accountable, because democracy.