I Wonder If He Had His Hands Up

25 11 2015


Number 12.

The family members also told WFOR that Bailey, 25, his two young children, ages 5 and 10, and another man were driving in Miami Gardens to pick up one of his cousins when another car pulled alongside and started shooting. The family said Bailey was a passenger in the vehicle.

25 minus 10 minus 9 months…


Unethical Society of Police

24 11 2015

Fountain Park

This organization doesn’t have much moral authority to be lecturing anyone, for as much trouble as its senior leadership has been in lately.

Why are they worried about fighting crime?  Especially since we know who is doing the crime, if we actually tried to fight it, the Unethical Society of Police would be among the first in line to bitch about racism.

And also, it says that the NAACP’s St. Louis office is at 4811 Delmar.  That also happens to be the address of a state office building.  Why is the St. Louis NAACP being run out of a state office building?

The Price of Benign Neglect

24 11 2015


These apartments are along Bingham Avenue, north of what was the outdoor football and track field for the former Cleveland High School, later Cleveland NJROTC, what was the actual school building is across Louisiana Avenue from the field.

“When I call the police, they act like I am bothering them.”  Or, it’s just that they know what happened the last time a cop around here got too interested in the affairs of the dweller of an apartment complex.  And that’s what makes the rest of this article a joke, because whatever warnings that are given, whatever deals are made, the residents can ignore them, because they know they’re one step ahead of the cops these days, because #BlackLivesMatter.


24 11 2015


Which probably gives some credence to the theory that he was suicidal.

Having what is without treatment a terminal retroviral infection can make one just not give a shit anymore.

SCOMO Throws Out Reggie Clemons Convictions

24 11 2015

Jefferson City

Read all about it.

The original murder happened only five days after I myself walked across that very same bridge with my older cousin, on the night of my 14th birthday.  Back then, the Old Chain of Rocks was definitely closed to vehicular traffic, as it had been for more than two decades before then, and it was officially closed to anyone.  However, illicitly crossing it was how a long of young St. Louisans engaged in a risky thrill.  Five days after I did it for the first of only two times that I did, I saw how risky it was.

I happen to think that most of the pro-Clemons apologetics on the social and media end are based on the notion that the Kerry sisters somehow had it coming just because they were doing something risky.

Since 1998 or so, the OCoR has been legally opened to ped/bike traffic.

Power of Snark

24 11 2015

St. Louis County

I snarked six days ago:

Well, forget about that.

These two non-entities are obviously cannibalizing themselves out of the race, even though it’s really questionable to think that they were ever in the race.  As you can read, Dixon decided yesterday, but I didn’t find out until this morning, to throw in the towel.  So, we are down to what was reality all along, that only Kindercare and Hanaway are credible, and unless either one of them disavows RTW, Koster can start measuring for drapes.

Otherwise, the only way these two can kiss and make up is if Brunner sends Greitens a box of handwipe bottles for Christmas.

And also, pray tell, why did they even want to meet at the Starbucks on Euclid and Maryland?  When the Coffee Cartel, right across the street, is way better and lighter on your wallet?  On second thought, Greitens should lay off the caffeine for awhile.

Accountability Monday

23 11 2015


What it’s all about.


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