New Exhibit

24 04 2015

Downtown West

Why are you looking at me?  It happened very close to the City Museum, so I guess one could say that it was part of a new exhibit.

Interesting, this:

Flakes said he has known Jackson for a couple of months and said “he was a good dude” who preferred to live on the streets. Flakes said Jackson had a 4- or 5-year-old daughter.

“With his issues, he chose to be away from home,” Flakes said, but wouldn’t elaborate.

I wonder what that’s about.

Okey Dokey Smokey

24 04 2015



More pics, but none so ironic.

Great Goods

23 04 2015



Next Year At This Time

23 04 2015



Tony Messenger wins honor for editorial writing

Tony Messenger has won the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Editorial Writing for “After Ferguson,” a collection of editorials following the shooting and protests.

And next year, he’ll win it again for his provocation coverage of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015.

Again, This Time, Only Worse

22 04 2015


“We might get to read this story again pretty soon.”

And we have.  Only this time, it’s “Job Corpse” quite literally.

Twenty Second

22 04 2015



Police and prosecutors frustrated over felons committing crimes with guns

Law enforcement officials on two fronts are upset concerning the way judges deal with felons who have violated gun laws.  Police Chief Sam Dotson and the circuit attorney’s office believe a recent case that involved 22-year-old Bruce Edward Johnson is an example of what upsets them.

Johnson was arrested as a result of the rolling gun battle on interstate 44 and Interstate 55 Monday.  He’s no stranger to police or the court system. In 2011 he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, he got probation. In 2014 he violated that probation this time he got 120 days shock time. And, now he’s been arrested again for unlawful use of a weapon felony possession. St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson said, “When somebody pleads guilty to felony, and both of those charges were felonies, we have to do better than just probation and then when they violate probation we’ll give you probation again and let you try it again. And now, look what happens, put dozens of lives at risk.”  Mary Pat Carl, an assistant circuit attorney said, “We’re absolutely concerned about these things we can’t have people who use firearms who possess firearms can’t get first second third chances.”

Well, it’s the 22nd Circuit, full of black and white liberal judges, so its motto is:  “Everyone deserves a 22nd chance.”

Prosecutors are also concerned about the recently passed Amendment 5, they say it benefits felons but does nothing to help people who can already legally carry guns.  They tell me some judges have decided the amendment means no longer can courts prosecute convicted felons for possessing legal firearms.

Even if it means the state can’t, the Feds still can.  Where’s Richard Callahan’s office?

Applied Vocabulary

22 04 2015




Controversial homework assignment brings social issues into classroom

A fourth grade homework assignment is raising eyebrows and causing concern for parents.

It’s a vocabulary lesson from Humboldt Academy, a magnet school within St. Louis Public Schools. The first question asked fourth graders to define the word “dignity.” But it’s the example used that caused a parent to reach out to News 4.

“Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her dignity, holding her head up high as she marched off the protest site,” read the homework assignment.

When Danielle Kinnaird was helping her son with his homework, the sentence made her stop in her tracks.

“I was shocked. I said, ‘Are you talking about this at school? What is going on in your homework?’ And he said ‘No, we’re not talking about this,’” Kinnaird said.

Kinnaird’s 10-year-old son Tre brought the assignment home this week, but it was his reaction that made Kinnaird even more upset.

“He said, ‘They must think all of our parents get locked up.’ He’s 10. Who is he referring to as they? The school? The teacher?” Kinnaird asked.

Yeah, but notice in the example the mother was arrested and marched off a protest site.  Therefore, she didn’t actually do anything wrong; it’s just that the evil white po-leeceseseseseses didn’t want her to protest and expose the evil white KKKops who murder black babies’ bodies while they’re down on the street on bended knee with their backs turned toward the KKKops.  Consider this assignment to be an exercise in black power.


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