Shot, Chaser, Hangover

17 04 2018


All three from the P-D.

SHOT: Starbucks is turning to a type of workplace training that ‘really took off after Ferguson’

CHASER: ‘Canfield Drive’ to premiere during Black Rep’s upcoming season

HANGOVER: City, nonprofits to coordinate St. Louis blight fight, target thousands of abandoned buildings



Look Innocent, The Deputy Chief Is Watching

16 04 2018

Downtown West


Changes coming to St. Louis Police Department starting Monday

Changes are coming to the St. Louis Police Department in an effort to bring down crime numbers as police step up patrols in some of the more troubled neighborhoods.

Monday, deputy chiefs will be moved out of the downtown St. Louis headquarters and into the patrol divisions they oversee. Police Chief John Hayden said the move will allow deputy chiefs to be more accessible to officers and the citizens they serve.

That does it. The deputy chiefs will be moving from one building to others. That and that alone will make the dindus knock it off.

Chief Hayden also told News 4 he is continuing to focus on “Hayden’s Rectangle,” an area of St. Louis with some of the highest crime. The chief told News 4 there will be more officers and additional cameras in the area. He also said there is evidence his plan is working, with violent crime down 20 percent in the rectangle.

Hayden’s Rectangle, aka the Dindu Box.

More cops and cams do well enough, but the weak link is on the northeast corner of Tucker and Market. The Circuit Attorney these days is too busy trying to make an extortion case based on a non-existent video.

The Police Chief said the department needs 130 more officers to be fully staffed.

Well, Proposition P should cure all that. Unless it never was meant to do so.

Another One Bites the Dust

13 04 2018

St. Charles

SCCPD is now “Internationally Accredited.”

It won’t be much longer that we’ll have nowhere to hide from all these internationally accredited law enforcement agencies.  County Browns have been for some time, and SLPD not long ago fell into the same trap, both proudly proclaim said accreditation on their vehicles.  Why, I don’t know.


Cry Me a River

13 04 2018


Oh boo hoo.

Wear a MAGA hat in Berkeley, and by Berkeley, I don’t mean the one in North County.  (Or maybe I do, along with the more famous one.)

Then get back to me.

Also notice the BLM window sign — It’s like I’ve been telling you:  BLM yard signs are way more for white virtue signalers and pathological altruists than blacks.

Solving Violence With Bureaucrats

10 04 2018

Downtown; Clayton

The Steve and Lyda Show want Greitens to get off his duff and fill the five Missouri resident board members on the BSDA, because MissingLink violence.

I know, right?  That’s just what the ooks were waiting on, the appointment of more bureaucrats, which of course, when it happens, will be their cue to quit acting so bellcurvey on the ML.


Understatement of All Time

8 04 2018

St. Louis City

“We have to begin to realize that until we start solving the murders in the City of St. Louis we are going to see a high rate of murders in our city.”

Guess which genius said that.

But, you have to admit that said genius is correct.  Furthermore, if there are no murders in the city, then the city will have a very low murder rate.

Yet and still, I need to take the opportunity to remind said genius that the reason “[t]hose individuals that are committing murders continue to walk the street” is because the street has a stop snitching policy.

In a Pickle

8 04 2018

Des Peres

I’m a pickle fanatic.

And since I used to live in Ballwin, I used that interchange on most days.

But I can’t claim any credit for this.