Balance Paid In Full

4 10 2015

Downtown West

“We aint gotz’ ta pay owr lite bill no’ mo’, becuz Ferguson.”

Meanwhile, there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s kinda hard to boycott the monopoly electricity provider.

Bill McClellan, #NRx?

4 10 2015


Probably not.  He just likes to be provocative at times.

Me?  Well, I’m not so tongue-in-cheek, even though my intentions aren’t as despotic.

He forgot to mention that Raymond Tucker went on to become mayor in his own right, and obviously that’s why 12th Street through Downtown was renamed in his honor.  Of all three people listed here that ever were mayors, Tucker, Dickmann, Kiel, all three have or had things named after them.  Henry Kiel, for the Auditorium, Opera House and the former name of the 1994 hockey/basketball arena which is now called Scottrade.  Bernard Dickmann was the namesake of the bridge almost always referred to as the Poplar Street Bridge, until a few years ago when the official namesake was changed to William (“Bill”) Lacy Clay, Sr., though again, it’s still the PSB in common parlance.

Saddle Up and Ride

4 10 2015

Tower Grove South

All you need to know:

Snead was released from jail five weeks before the robbery and shooting. Snead pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm in St. Louis City, but was ordered to be released until his sentencing hearing by a judge even though prosecutors wanted him to remain behind bars.

When Dotson rides the “lenient judges” hobby horse, it’s the one he should ride.  (He certainly can’t blame “weak” gun laws, at least not in this particular case.)  Interestingly, we never hear Slay nor Joyce talk about the judges, even though they’re probably thinking it.  But the reasons for their brain-mouth filter is obvious:  Both of them are elected politicians, elected Democrats, and the slap on the hand judges in the 22nd are almost always brought to us by Democrat governors of the state, and in Joyce’s case, she’s the Circuit Attorney, and she sometimes and more often her ACAs plead criminal and on occasion civil cases in front of these same judges, therefore the politics of diplomacy preclude her from speaking so frankly.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

3 10 2015


I don’t even.

Cemeteries in Bell Curve City are bad for never being maintained.  Sure, blacks love to make big productions of the death and the funeral, sometimes doing things at funerals which cause more funerals.  But, black bodies, (Yes, Ta (*), I said “black bodies”) get really cold really fast, if you know what I mean.

(*) – Belated happy 40th birthday to you, Ta.  Now that you’re in your forties, you’re now in the prime age to be a comic book and video game junkie.  The two great contributions that we in Generation X have given the world are the best club music ever made, and fortysomething video game and comic book addicts.

It’s Particle Beam Pulse Rifle Politician Season in St. Louis

3 10 2015

City Hall

Alderman Antonio French is promising to prevent the hypothetical funding for the hypothetical new Rams stadium if Mayor Slay won’t come up with a hypothetical plan to combat violent crime in the city.

The violent crime is the only thing real in this story.

Rotten To Z’Core

2 10 2015



One of these vibrant yoots has the first name of Z’Core.

Worst of all?  They’ll be suspended, which puts them at risk of falling into the school to prison pipeline, and feeding the discipline gap and the incarceration gap.

DOJ Drops Report On County Browns

2 10 2015


If you care.

Little more than almost 200 pages of bitching that the SLCPD doesn’t have enough blacks and enforces the law.

I think there are lots of problems with the SLCPD, but the DOJ didn’t ask me.


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