Addition By Subtraction

23 03 2017

St. Louis City

Census estimates that the city’s population declined last year by some 3,400 people to about 311,000.

Why it might be good news.


Maybe Not the Usual Suspects

22 03 2017


Cherokee and California.

On the southwest corner is a small Mexican grocery store whose awning reads “Mexico Lives Here!”

On the northeast corner is the former Woolworth, which is now a larger Mexican/Hispanic/Latino grocery store.

Plain words, St. Louis’s small patch of Latinos is anchored there.

So I’m thinking there’s a chance that this might not be the usual suspects.


21 03 2017

Jeff Vanderlou

Read it for yourself.

Go ahead, take it at face value.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back here for the proper translation into English.

Good, you’re still here.  I knew you’d choose wisely.

Remember, among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

Here’s how you translate this PR gobbledygook into English, and it is true PR gobbledygook, because it contains at least one use of words that are close enough to “realize their full potential.”

Soccer Club St. Louis is bribing important black officials and luminaries to turn out the black vote in the city in favor of Proposition 2 two weeks from today.

That’s all there is to it.  Nothin’ but soccer net.

That understood, I find the second to last bullet point to be ironic.  Not only on its face, but right above Prop 2 on the city ballot two weeks today will be Prop 1, a sales tax increase that will fund, among other things, more cops, and also, the North-South MissingLink seed money.

Battle of Theodosia

21 03 2017


Even though the most dangerous boulevard in the country is close by, this happened right off another major boulevard whose name screams ghetto.

I’m sure this battle so whack and so off the hook that it will be the stuff of legend for generations.  It will be the basis of many an OGs’ big fish stories.

“Ugly side of St. Louis,” so saith James Clark.  But wait, what about no judgmentalism?

MissingLink Strikes Again

20 03 2017

ESL and Downtown

Here, here and here.  It started on the other side of the river and made its way to the stop at Busch.  Usual suspects.

The third link reminds us that the city is hitting voters up for a sales tax to raise the funds that will do the political pump priming to leverage the bigger public money needed to build North-South, which I referenced here a few days ago.  And they’ll be voting with this news fresh on their minds.



18 03 2017


Right Last Name

18 03 2017


It gets interesting in the middle:

Federal court documents show she started her scheme in 2014. Outlaw “requested tenants of Lucas Hunt to submit all rent payments to her and to make all money orders payable to her.” She’d then deposit the money orders into her personal bank and use the money for her own personal benefit “and proceed to evict tenants from Lucas Hunt while knowing she had actually stolen these tenants rent payments and that these tenants had indeed paid their rent in full and in a timely manner.”

Then, ironically:

Fox 2 News discovered Outlaw was sued in the City of St. Louis last year for not paying her own rent. Rent-A-Center also sued her in 2015 for not paying for her leased furniture.

She’s going to go where she deserves, and thankfully, the Feds are prosecuting, which far decreases the odds of a Bronx jury screwing things up.  However, I also have to put this in the file of “If God did not want them to be sheared, He would not have made them sheep.”  The tenants who are victims must be dumb as rocks.  Not a one of them got suspicious when someone who openly identifies herself as an employee of the property management firm that maintains these apartments and interacts with tenants, and not the actual individual or corporate owner of the real estate and edifices (the actual landlord(s)), asks them not only to pay rent in money orders, (money orders are often a distinguishing characteristic of criminal conspiracy, because it’s extremely difficult for the cops to put together a paper trail out of them), but write them out payable to her as an individual?  The first tenant to whom she made this demand should have called McCulloch’s office.  They would have tracked down the actual landlord(s), and from there, the tree would have been shaken until she got fired.

One more thing:  If you follow the main drag where these apartments are, take it north, go to the first major stoplight, then turn a left, and follow that for a short distance and then down a hill, guess where you are.