Gentle Giant II

24 05 2016



Kinda looks like Michael Brown.

Naah, it’s probably just the TALA Doctrine.

He Stole It a Little Bit At a Time

24 05 2016

Tower Grove East

WRPT in full effect.


…I realized that a smart crook would’ve just covered the distinctive yellow-to-orange paint job with a $5 can of black spray paint. That’s all it would’ve taken to finish the job. I called A&M Bicycle about how to order the same ride.

Instead, the thief kept riding my bike, in all its obnoxious glory…

Must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, because the right side of history, it’s the current year…

Needs One More Button

23 05 2016


SLPD’s new app.

The developer’s website.

The app appears to be less than ideal because it is lacking one critical piece of functionality:

A “Name the Ook” icon.

You know it won’t and will never have that, but it probably does or eventually will have an icon that one presses when one is a victim of (“black”) crime in the city, just in case the perpetrator is a yoot; when the victim taps it, an AFFH application will automatically be sent to the suspect’s mama’s sail foam.  Yes, I’m halfway kidding, but I’m also halfway not; I can easily see data that this app collects being cross-referenced with HUD in some computer to yield ideal AFFH clients, and then some social worker will pay a visit to Mama Weavie with the AFFH paper application in hand.

Worth Watching

23 05 2016


Vic was from O’Fallon, and was hanging around the Downtown loft and party district, which suggests white, but she was also 21 years old, with a nine month old child, and had the child with her, that late at night, which suggests black, and AFFH.

The suspects?  A lot less ambiguous.

Can’t Spell “GAP” Without “AP”

21 05 2016

Around the Metro

Because the question of why there are so few blacks in difficult and rigorous courses is such a mystery.

However, if you read closely, you’ll find a fly in the AFFH ointment — The AP-GAP is also present in the mostly white suburban districts.

Also, fewer and fewer colleges are giving credit to high school AP courses, precisely because of the reason stated:  It saves tuition.  Do you think schools are in the business of collecting less tuition money?

I suppose the only solution is to force everyone into the pool, no high school diploma unless you pass AP Calculus.  Then ten years later, we’ll read about MUH DISPUT IMPAK and the high school graduation gap.  Solving one gap makes another worse.  We’re forever stuck on a Mobius Loop of worrying about gaps.

Always 1964

21 05 2016



Taking housing, education equity beyond the school doors


Now they are going a step further, by organizing a broad coalition to tackle a bigger problem: racial and economic segregation in schools and housing.

“The inequity that exists in our region is literally killing our children and killing our communities,” said Christie Huck, executive director of City Garden.

She spoke to about 70 individuals gathered Friday at the charter school to better understand the problem before them: neighborhoods and schools that are segregated by race and economics. Children who live in segregated areas often attend schools with the highest teacher turnover, the fewest resources and the lowest test scores. They experience the worst health outcomes and have the lowest life expectancy.


And while disparities are a problem throughout the St. Louis area, the coalition that gathered at the school will start by focusing on the five neighborhoods that surround it: Botanical Heights, Shaw and Forest Park Southeast and parts of Tiffany and Southwest Garden.


Numerous studies show that low-income students perform better academically when they share classrooms with affluent children. But increasingly, children who qualify for federally subsidized lunches are in classrooms where the enrollment is overwhelmingly poor.

Black students are more likely than white students to attend schools with high concentrations of poverty. Close to 60 percent of black children in St. Louis and St. Louis County attend schools where more than 80 percent of their classmates are also black, according to a Post-Dispatch analysis of school enrollment data.

House said integration is not about putting students of different income levels beside each other for the sake of doing it. It’s about ensuring the same level of access to counselors, library books, good teachers and honors courses.

The five neighborhoods listed here are prime targets for gentrification, and Forest Park Southeast is the official name for The Grove, which is where one finds many LGBTQetc clubs and establishments.  So far, gentrification efforts in those neighborhoods have been rather uneven; you’ll remember St. Sandwich of Ham, Vonderrit Myers, Jr. — He lived and that happened in Shaw.

So now you add this into this story, where everyone is kvetching about all this segregation going on, as if it hasn’t already been illegal for years nationally and for even longer locally, and everyone is thinking, in spite of study after study showing otherwise, that “low-income students perform better academically when they share classrooms with affluent children.”

What does it all add up to?

City Garden Montessori is going to hand out a lot of AFFH applications.

Last of the Mohicans

19 05 2016

Leverkusen, Germany

Bayer eyeing Monsanto.

I was wondering how long something like that was going to take, after we lost control of Purina and A-B.


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