18 01 2018


Get ready for weeks and weeks of The Steve and Lyda Show.


All the Details

16 01 2018

The Hill

H/T “Pete”

After reading and examining ALL the details, I’m left with one simple conclusion:

His boyfriend had to throw his bail.


Still Going

16 01 2018

Town and Country

He’s gaining weight.

Here’s a Suggestion

16 01 2018



Blacks killing blacks is problem African-Americans have to address, St. Louis public safety director says

Jimmie Edwards, the city’s new public safety director, did not waste time getting to his point.

“This message is for black folk,” Edwards said during remarks Monday at the annual downtown ceremony honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Of the city’s 205 murders last year, 204 of the victims were African-Americans, Edwards said. “One hundred percent of the people that were caught and accused of those crimes were African-Americans. We have to address that. We cannot go forward and continue King’s dream unless we look in the mirror and address that problem. That’s a problem that’s on us.”

Here’s a suggestion: The next time some gentle giant tries to kill a cop and the cop has to shoot the gentle giant in order to save his own life, and one of the gentle giant’s friends comes through with some cock-and-bull story about the gentle giant being knelt on the ground with his hands up, a story totally unsupported by physical or forensic evidence, don’t make a big deal of it. That way, there won’t be any riots, and then there won’t be any post-rioting Ferguson Effect.

McMillan, who deviated from the script a bit, said to Krewson after her remarks: “The two best things you have done in this past year of your service as mayor are sitting right here,” McMillan said, pointing to Edwards and Hayden.

Lyda’s two big personnel calls during her first year as mayor have both been black men. Who could have predicted that? Other than anyone and everyone.

And Kim Gardner, the city’s first African-American circuit attorney, said the biggest problem the city has “is fighting against the status quo.”

Irony alert: Soros funded her campaign.

And what’s with this bit about “fighting against the status quo?” What’s the “status quo” in this city? The true news answer is that the status quo is the gentry neoliberal power elite for which Lyda fronts as mayor.

Claire was also in attendance:

McCaskill said that “every time I start feeling sorry for myself about how hard it is, every time I think this is just too hard,” she turns to Freeman’s book, which highlights her pioneering career, including as lead attorney in the landmark court case Davis v. St. Louis Housing Authority. The case, filed in federal court in 1952, led to the end of racial segregation in public housing in St. Louis.

Go to the corner of Jefferson and Cass to see how that worked out. Yes, one may infer from the hyphenated name of the old Pruitt-Igoe projects that it was supposed to be segregated. Pruitt was for Wendell Pruitt, a WWII Tuskegee Airman ace, obviously the Pruitt half was supposed to be black, and Igoe for a long time white Congressman in the area, it was the white half. But the Davis case ended that, and in practicality, the “integrated” P-I was almost all black, and went downhill two years after it opened.

In related news:

American children are 60% more likely to die before their 20s than kids in other wealthy countries

Children born in the United States are more likely to die before 20 years old than kids in other wealthy nations, according to new research.

A study revealed that the US has the worst childhood mortality rate compared to 19 other developed countries with children of all ages dying more often since the 1980s.

Researchers found that the main cause of death in American teens was gun violence followed by car accidents, while infants are 76 percent more likely to die than those in other countries.

Despite the US spending more in health care than other nations, experts suggest that keeping kids alive would require the input of multiple sectors.

Who is in more hurry to keep 19-year old gang banging N’Deshawntavious alive? Who really equates his murder, which he mostly bought on himself, probably because he did his fair share of murdering in his short life, with some infant dying of SIDS?

What in the Name of Africa

13 01 2018

Richmond Heights

So it goes like this:

A gang of ooks, not realizing that Kwanzaa is over, do a little Ujamaa at the Nordstrom at the Galleria.  As they make their way to their getaway car, another gang of ooks pulls up on them and starts spraying.

In more specific journalistic terms:

Police said a preliminary investigation revealed that Nordstrom Loss Prevention had been watching three males they suspected of shoplifting.

The shoplifting suspects left the store and were walking to their vehicle when a silver vehicle, occupied by one male, pulled up and shot twice at the shoplifting suspects.

The butterfingered dindus were merely “walking” to their car?  Why didn’t the great “loss prevention” people, you know, like, RUN after them?  Instead of just watching them calmly and slowly walk away?

Answer:  Because these retailers’ insurance carriers have cracked the whip to the point where the retailers only allow their security guards to observe and take down details in order to hand over to the cops.  Someone who works for the store gets a little rough with people of the race demographic that loves playing the ghetto lottery, and we all know what happens next.


Kojak Goes to Church

10 01 2018

North City


Chief Hayden partners with churches to stop gun, drug violence

Newly-appointed St. Louis City Police Chief John Hayden has reached out to churches to stop crime across the city.

Chief Hayden, church clergy, and Better Family Life will host a meeting discussing action against gun-violence and drug abuse among the JeffVanderLou and Hamilton Heights neighborhoods. The meeting is Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Better Family Life Cultural Center located on Page Blvd at 5415.

Hayden mentioned that community engagement was at the top of his list and the church will play a key role in rebuilding police relationship with the community. The chief also said the outcome of this meeting will help restructure inner-city neighborhoods and re-establish their churches as a point of resource for residents.

Huh?  If you are ever brave enough to go to the dindu box crime rectangle, then you’ll see that in the residential areas, the churches are either the most opulent or the most well kept up structures around.  Which is a hint that black preachers are the big chiefs in Bell Curve City.  So don’t you think if black churches were ever able to do any good, they would have already done it?

To figure out that riddle, all one has to do is go inside one of these many black churches on a Sunday morning.  No ethics lecture, but a whole lot of singing and dancing instead.

At the Intersectionality

9 01 2018

St. Charles

At the intersectionality of two of this medium’s favorite themes, immigration (especially of those of bribery-heavy cultures) and police body worn cameras, we find: