The Day the Music Died

26 03 2015


“Well, St. Louis strikes again.”

One more time, and Don McLean can rework the lyrics to his most famous song.

Yes, I Have One Idea

26 03 2015

The Gate


Ferguson Commission asks public for ideas to promote racial reconciliation


Can you imagine a St. Louis that actively encourages public discussion of racism? What would be your personal contribution to racial healing?


“Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown Jr. … (That) is a wound that needs to be healed,” said Peggy J. Keilholz of the Affton area.


The meeting Wednesday drew an audience that was 42 percent black, 42 percent white and the rest “other,” a survey found. At the meeting, at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall at Jefferson and Chouteau avenues, the largest group (50 percent) was from the city of St. Louis. Other meetings, in other locations, have had larger percentages of St. Louis County and north St. Louis County residents.

Yes, I have one big idea:

Read McCulloch’s GJ report and Holder’s DOJ report.  If not all of it, just hit the important parts.

Pray, what is the sheet metal workers union doing signing on to this craziness?

Even More MissingLink Funnies

26 03 2015

Richmond Heights

All the attention lately has been on the MissingLink station near The Loop, but remember the one near The Galleria has been a lot of trouble as of late, and is now back in the news.

One Can Always Find Good News In Bad

26 03 2015


OTOH, it means that blacks in Ferguson no longer consider the Ferguson PD to be an evil outfit intent on its daily cold blooded assassination of black babies’ bodies.

Because they called the Ferguson PD when discovering this body, not Zaki Baruti or Anthony Shahid.

Wicked racial profiling trick?  Yes, the vic’s name isn’t obvious, but the first two comments make it.

Dindu Nuffins

25 03 2015


Shut up, Jerryl Kwanzaa.

Your client is doing as well as he can possibly do for himself by sticking with this “I was shooting at someone else but not the cops” story, backed up by a paper trail.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Lizz Brown was begging for St. Louis City voters to turn out Jennifer Joyce and make Jerryl Kwanzaa the Circuit Attorney.

Loop De Lou

24 03 2015

The Loop

Including this one, all posts in this medium that use the phrase “The Loop,” since “fight teams” (mahogany mobs) are on everyone’s mind today.

The main problem for The Loop is that Bell Curve City is directly to both the north and the east, and the MissingLink stop on Delmar brings even more Bellcurvii in just about any time they want to come.  Curfew?  What curfew?

The Documented

23 03 2015


Looks like there’s a paper trail that strongly suggests he wasn’t aiming at the cops.

Yeah, he’s still going to prison.  But not for the hell of a long time he would have gone if there was proof that he did aim at the cops.

That said, McCulloch, for obvious reasons, is going to see this through and make sure he gets at or near the legal max for a Class B felony, which is 15.



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