Misdocumenting Ferguson

25 07 2016



Universities finding new ways to preserve history in the making – like Ferguson

Years from now, when researchers want to look back at what some are calling the modern Civil Rights movement following police killings of black people in Ferguson, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Baton Rouge, La., they could be using a tool developed in part by researchers at Washington University.

Say, for instance, a researcher wanted to study the initial reactions to Michael Brown’s killing on the day it happened. They could search through media archives and find statements from police and politicians.

But what about the people who generally don’t end up in history books — Brown’s neighbors, young people from the neighborhood and bystanders?

And what if the same researcher wanted to collect massive amounts of data — possibly millions of documents.

A simple social media search won’t produce the type of results a serious researcher desires.

Twitter, for example, has emerged as one of the most useful tools for sharing information, but it’s most useful in the present. The company restricts public access to its full services, meaning there are limits on the number and scope of past tweets that can be collected.

At Washington University, the hope is that a new tool currently under development will help researchers curate that kind of data.

The project is called DocNow, short for “Documenting the Now,” a tool that will be used to chronicle historically significant events, while also preserving blog posts, photos, comments and other digital artifacts that are in danger of being lost to history.

“We want something to ensure the voices of young people and the voices of minorities will be heard at the same volume as the police and politicians,” Desiree Jones-Smith said.


Is the NYT’s day after day for months and months obsessive coverage of a faded St. Louis suburb not narrativey enough for you?  Much less the P-D’s itself.

I guess not, such that WU researchers are going to make it easy to read the tweets of black Twitter from the time, because everyone knows black Twitter is where one goes for truth, facts, logic, reason and evidence.

I highly doubt this tool will catalog my coverage or Jim Hoft’s coverage.

Barring all this, Ron Unz commented about two weeks ago at Steve Sailer’s blog which has now been on Unz’s domain for awhile, that our coverage and opining is basically worthless for the purposes of history, because grad students twenty years from now and historians a hundred years from now won’t be searching Countenance Blog, Gateway Pundit, Steve Sailer, posts or comments, for source material.  They’re going to run straight to the “mainstream” narrative peddlers, the P-D, the NYT, and now, ook Twitter.


21 07 2016

St. Louis City

Mary Pat Carl is St. Louis’s Rachel Dolezal?

In her most recent mailing, she’s trying to pass herself off as black, when she is definitely not.

I don’t know why she’s trying to pander to black voters, when in relative terms, they’re much less a factor in primaries than they are in general elections.

In the mailing, she lauds herself for winning murder convictions, showing pics of black woman victims and their surviving black relatives, all the while for some strange reason not showing pics of the convicts.  (Are we to suspect the Klan?)  However, she’s the chief ACA for homicide; therefore, every murder conviction and in fact every murder prosecution in St. Louis City has gone through her desk for as long as she’s been chief ACA for homicide.

Has Carl even attempted a capital case during her tenure?  I doubt it.

Bell Curve City Today

20 07 2016

Around the Metro

Clearing out my hopper of local stories.

* She wanted to steal weave, and nothing was going to get in her way, especially not a couple of septugenarians.

Late update:  Drudge is now carrying this story.

* Because the “skills gap” is referenced here, although not with those exact words, my whitey sense starts tingling, and I presume the whole thing is a predication for begging for more or unlimited legal immigrant visas and the stapler provision.  See also.

* Yeah, I’ve seen this movie.  This is how it starts, the narrative hook involves affirmative action subprime mortgages, the ending is a crashed financial system and economy.  Roll credits.

* Firefighters in the middle of a firefight.

* Because the area is so diverse, much to the joy of the particular author of this article, and knowing the hysteriae this particular author likes to peddle, we know he would love to blame all these arsons on the Klan.  In reality, they are probably the result of vagrant drunks and dope addicts.

* We’re supposed to be all up in our feelings about over-inarceration and long prison sentences.  Yet, they’re sentencing him as if he stole government nuclear weapons secrets.  The Feds are so enthusiastic to deploy its power to protect those all important trade secrets of ballgames; hardly the most crucial or existential of issues.  Also realize that he’s going to prison, and Hillary Clinton may never.

Take That

16 07 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

This morning, I was at a boutique grocer that my mother sometimes uses, though today, I was by myself.  I noticed that they stock Chobani yogurt.  I took the owner’s son aside, and gave him the back story on the Twin Falls rape case.  He told me he’d talk to his father, and they’d look into their contract with the distributor to see how soon they could stop selling and stop ordering it.

A short while ago, I got a call from the son.  He said that they checked on things, and there’s nothing stopping them from taking it off the shelves right away, and he told me they have done just that and will no longer order it.

Slavery, Parentheses, And All That

16 07 2016


BLM shut down 40 Downtown near Busch Stadium today, because slavery.

You’ll also notice that MissJupiter1957 is using parentheses around her Twitter screen name.  That’s not because the particular Twitter user who did that screen cap uses the coincidence detector extension.  It’s because a lot of Twitter users are protesting the use of parentheses for the purposes of identifying Jews by voluntarily putting the echo parentheses around their own screen names.

Here in the Real World

15 07 2016


Shamed Dogan is the only black Republican in the General Assembly.  His House district includes southern Ballwin, Ellisville, and parts of Fenton. And it does include the site of the Ballwin police shooting.  Every once in awhile, white suburban cuckservative voters will wind up letting a black win the Republican primary for some office.  Remember Sherman Parker?  Just a few weeks ago, I had a story here about one that was in the leadership of the St. Charles County Republican Committee.

Anyway, Dogan just had an interview and his people are peddling it far and wide wherein he states that it’s possible to be pro-black and pro-police at the same time.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably will soon.  I’m sure the cuckservative websites and blogs will eat it all up.

You know what?  Dogan happens to be right.  You know what else?  He’s right only in theory.  Here in the real world, official pro-blackdom, as evidenced by BLM, have sociopolitically established themselves as and at the polar opposite of law enforcement, such that they don’t want cops to be where they are and vice-versa.  Remember the Toronto gay parade?  You’ll notice that one of their demands is that the official Toronto Pride parade no longer have police floats.

Stub Hub

13 07 2016


John Jones, one of our frequent commenters, e-mails in with this:

> 7:15pm game at Busch stadium vs. Miami. This should be interesting.
> Another shooting on the arch grounds perhaps?

If you have tickets to that game, don’t go, and don’t be fool enough to sell them to someone else so they can be a victim.  Just keep them as a souvenir.


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