Captain Al

28 08 2015

Long Island


I was wondering why Al Arbour (his passing) was a St. Louis trending topic on the Tweeter, because he is most famous for coaching the New York Islanders to four straight Stanley Cup wins from 1980 to 1983, and was in the 1984 Finals but lost to the up and coming Edmonton Oilers led by a young hotshot goal scoring machine named Wayne Gretzky.

He was the very first Blues captain, after the NHL’s massive 1967 franchise expansion brought the Blues and a bunch of other teams into the league.


Social Justice

27 08 2015

Fountain Park

This is from the SLPD’s official YT channel.

The description box for this video reads:

Help us identify the individuals in this video!

Relative to civil unrest occurring in the area of Walton and Page on 8/19, the front windows of Kings Beauty Supply, STL Custom Designs and Nail Spa, all located at 1330 Aubert, were shattered. Approximately 30-40 subjects then entered the businesses and took various cosmetic/hair products and items, jewelry and clothing.

This video depicts the suspects who entered Kings Beauty Supply.

Anyone with information on any of the individuals in the video is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477).

A cop shot and killed a civilian, the circumstances are still up in the air. However, the precepts of social justice in bell curve city require those who are upset with it to loot weaves from the nearest beauty supply store, in this case, three blocks away. Remember, one of the very first stores looted on the Fergaza Strip on the night of August 10, 2014 was a hair hat emporium, a weave world.

As for IDing these people giving themselves a social justice 100% discount on weave, well, the TALA Doctrine probably makes that next to impossible.

Which End?

27 08 2015



Federal prosecutors on Thursday accused a St. Louis man of involvement in three drug-related deaths since 2013.

Anthony Jordan, 29, was indicted Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and possession and/or discharge of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime resulting in death, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.


Prosecutors said that the charges are the product of an ongoing collaboration with St. Louis police and prosecutors to try and address the rising murder rate in the city.

“Address the rising murder rate in the city?”  I thought that was the result of the lack of basketballs, or not enough seats in finger painting classes for 8-year olds, or too many speeding tickets, or something like that.  Now we hear that the evil white KKKops in the city and even Obama’s U.S. Attorneys for St. Louis want to feed yet another black body to the prison-industrial complex.

Howdy Neighbor

27 08 2015


P-D on Jennings changing its dastardly ways when it comes to municipal courts.


The cities of Jennings and Ferguson were sued earlier this year by the nonprofit law group ArchCity Defenders, the St. Louis University School of Law Legal Clinics and the Washington-based group Equal Justice Under Law.

And then:

Jennings mayor Yolanda F. Henderson could not immediately be reached for comment. City Clerk Cheryl Balke referred a reporter to attorney D. Keith Henson, who also could immediately be reached.

There’s the thing. Jennings has been heavily black for a long time, so its city leadership has been black for quite awhile. However, that didn’t preclude Jennings from being the same kind of overglorified ticket mill that Ferguson was. All we hear about is how white the Ferguson city government and police department are.

Remember from my post that showed a pic of the Fergaza Strip just after the November riots, the Fergaza Strip being the part of Ferguson where all the action took place, that part of the Fergaza Strip is actually in Jennings, not Ferguson. That has to be the maddening part about everything that has happened in the past year and change for Ferguson, that it was only a matter of maybe a few hundred yards and the name “Jennings” would have become internationally (in)famous, not “Ferguson.”

Arrest Made in Jamyla Bolden Murder

27 08 2015



But but but, the Ferguson PD is full of bloodthirsty Darren Wilsons.  He was just probably out on a stroll to buy cigarillos.

It says that he currently lives in O’Fallon, more specifically, 92xx O’Fallon Lakes Drive.  That happens to be an apartment complex (of course) whose entrance is on the south outer road of 70 (“Veterans Memorial Parkway”) between Bryan Road and the Lake St. Louis exit.  This is just another glimpse into your AFFH future, St. Charles County.

It also says that he was on probation for armed robbery.  Which means convicted felon, which means no guns allowed.  With the victim in this case being such a tragic circumstance, I think this is one case where a whole lot of cops and agents will try to figure out how this one particular gun got from the legal to the illicit market.

I’m just wondering why a jurisdiction like St. Charles County would bounce him out the door with only probation for armed robbery, as you can read here.  The City of St. Louis, yeah, I could figure.  But not St. Charles County.  I do know from working around state legislators, a number of them are on the joint House-Senate committee dealing with prison issues and the DOC, that there is a constant struggle between DOC and circuit courts all over the state when it comes to prison sentences, that the DOC is leaning on the circuits not to send them prisoners like candy, as rural circuits tend to do.  So I can easily see that every circuit across the state, not just the lenient 22nd Circuit in St. Louis City, (which has had a slap on the hand policy for first time young armed robbers for a long time), is ceding to that pressure and sentencing young first time armed robbers, like Mr. De’Eris Brown, to a long probation instead of any prison time.

Still, the point remains, he should be in prison now and not out running around “randomly” shooting guns through windows and killing little girls.

And lastly, this “random” business.  Who really believes that?  Who is really buying the official notion that he directly and hit the girl, killing her, shot the mother in the leg, but did it all randomly and for no reason?  He had some sort of business with someone in that house.


Unforced Error

26 08 2015

Dubuque, Iowa

For once, he’s substantively wrong.

St. Louis is not a metropolitan area that is conducive to the kind of immigration that is associated with immigrant-heavy gangs.  In fact, it’s not much conducive to much immigration to begin with.

Therefore, St. Louis’s gangs are almost entirely black thangs, you better understand.

An unforced error which he could have avoided if he only read this space.

“We Must Stop”

25 08 2015

Hanley Hills

So when are you going to start?


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