Addition By Subtraction

26 04 2016


Phyllis Schlafly is moving to plonk Ed Martin out of Eagle Forum leadership, as he is one of the pro-Cruz mutiny forces.

None of this surprises me.

I only wish the ole girl would have done her due diligence before trusting him that much.  That has been one of her very few flaws; she gets way too comfortable with certain people and lets people get way too comfortable with her.  And that is very unusual for any woman not to be able to read people.

Basketball Has Consequences

25 04 2016


Two different versions of the same story.

Once upon a time, the chapters of the St. Louis Area Citizens Councils held its annual picnic in Carondelet Park.

Really, the area around the park is very nice, the houses around there are selling for increasingly gawdy prices.  The problem is the neighborhood that flanks the park along Holly Hills from Grand to the east is starting to get bellcurvey, and the biggie is the new YMCA in the park itself, as Francis Slay promised us that recreation centers deter violent crime.

It’s a Sacrifice, I Know

24 04 2016

Benton Park West


Promising boxer killed in south St. Louis

Shots rang out in south St. Louis early Saturday morning leaving a local professional boxer dead.

Because in Bell Curve City, dindus never shoot guns.  Shots just ring out, out of the blue, or should that be black?

St. Louis city police have identified the victims as 26-year-old Michael Williams.

Fox those who knew the victim, they say he had a promising career ahead of him as a boxer.

By age 26, if he isn’t already big time in the boxing universe, then he’ll never be.

Reportedly Williams had just left the Chunky Boy Bar and Grill located in the 2900 block of South Jefferson around 1 a.m. when he was attacked.

People with any sort of promise or future wouldn’t be hanging around that area at that time of night.  Even though it’s on the edge between gentrified, expensive and white to the east and Bell Curve City to the west, with Jefferson Avenue itself being the dividing line.  And to beat all, this establishment is across Jefferson from a fire house.

Williams’s trainer says he worked hard everyday training in the ring at Cherokee Recreation Center in south St. Louis.

The Cherokee Recreation Center’s boxing program, where Knockout Martin Luther King was born.

Pulling the Rug From Under Yourself

23 04 2016


City murder pace in 2016 is about on par with last year’s.

And the cause of it all?

You guessed it:

“We have a problem with gun violence we have too many guns on our streets we have a problem with our guns laws.” said Police Captain Mary Warneke.

Statistics indicate more than 8,500 illegally owned firearms were removed from the streets by officers in the last six years.

If you’re going to make a bullshit exculpatory man-behind-the-tree argument, Capt. Warneke, you would do well for yourself not to let the local news sources undercut your own argument in the next sentence.  In fact, the next sentence actually undercuts her own argument twice.  Let’s see how alert and awake is my peanut gallery.  The race to the gold star starts….NOW.

Bye Bye Lunch

22 04 2016


Because mine just went in the opposite direction.

It’s not as if this is such a big shock.

And also, look at the list of luminaries, and when you add them to Danforth, you have four former U.S. Senators from Missouri and the widow of a fifth, from “both” parties, and it makes you wonder if there really are two political parties.

Need More Crime Scene Tape

21 04 2016


Fed judge:  IDs of witnesses that testified at the Darren Wilson grand jury have to be made available to attorneys in the Michael Brown family wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson, its former police chief and Darren Wilson himself.

Supposedly, their names will have to be kept confidential.

If I was one of these witnesses, I wouldn’t bet on that, and I’d be leaving town right now.  Before my body ends up as a chalk line within yellow crime scene tape.


20 04 2016


I didn’t take this from Slay’s presser that he wasn’t going to seek another term as mayor, but someone’s thinking that Slay actually is thinking about greener, statewide, pastures.

It’s obviously too late for 2016, and the only thing up in 2018 is auditor, and someone like Francis Slay isn’t going to want to be state auditor.  And I doubt he would want to be anything less than Governor.  The problem is this:  If he’s thinking about Governor in 2020, obviously he would run as a Democrat, it means that he has no confidence in Chris Koster this year.  If that’s the case, then Slay and I are polar opposites on handicapping Mr. Koster’s political chops — I think he might as well measure for drapes at 100 Madison right now, because none of the Republicans running have sense enough to oppose RTW.


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