Bobby and Chris

29 08 2018

Tower Grove Park

After the UDC monument was disappeared from Forest Park last year, we all kinda knew what would be next.

If ole Chris stays, it will only be because The Hill will swing enough big sticks around.

Too bad Bobby never had a whole neighborhood of the city full of Confederates that had his back.


“Something Something Yemen”

27 08 2018

St. Charles

Pics tell all.

Yemen, didn’t Osama bin Laden and 9/11 run through that country in some way?


14 08 2018



Woman says she was denied job in Chesterfield because name too ‘ghetto’; company says it was hacked

A woman who applied for a customer service position at a Chesterfield clinic that treats men with low testosterone said she was denied a job because of her “ghetto” name. But the company, Mantality Health, is adamant that it was hacked, and would never treat an applicant that way.

Hermeisha Robinson, of Bellefontaine Neighbors, posted on Facebook an email she received from Mantality Health in response to her application.

And that’s where you can stop.


Companies do affirmative action hiring, but not so much that they want to hire -eisha or -tavoius.  Because ghetto names mean ghetto lottery.

Jane Jones, and black?  Oh yeah, they would have hired you in a second.

“We wuz hakked” is the new “dog ate my homework.”

Also I find it a little ironic that this whole story involves someone from a high testosterone race wanting to work at a clinic that treats men with low testosterone.

Stranger Mother

10 08 2018



Michael Brown’s mother starts petition to appoint special prosecutor in case

Michael Brown’s mother has started a petition urging Gov. Mike Parson to appoint a special prosecutor in her son’s case.


In her petition, McSpadden says the documentary ‘Stranger Fruit’ unveiled “the untold factual account about what really happened to my son…

The documentary accidentally exposed her son as being a small time dope dealer. Anyway, the new facts the documentary brought to light are not at all relevant to the events of the 12:01 PM to 12:04 PM on August 9, 2014 time frame.

In addition, McSpadden says McCulloch admitted to not allowing witnesses in front of the Grand Jury that he knew weren’t telling the truth.

How dare he not allow liars to lie in front of a grand jury.

Four Years On

9 08 2018


It wasn’t what happened four years ago this afternoon that ruined St. Louis’s reputation as the city that does not riot, put a fading mid-North County suburb on the international map and in the lore of international infamy, and also brought a lot of attention to this medium.

It was what happened late the night on the following calendar day.

I was at the State Fair in Sedalia on August 9, 2014, (my lobbying days), and I took a late afternoon break in some shade and checked my phone.  “Officer involved shooting death in Ferguson,” I saw.  Ho hum, those happen in the area all the time.

Thirty hours later, that’s when this one became more than just another one.

Followed by a whole bunch of fallout.  As we saw two days ago, those dominoes are still falling.

I Miss Playing Golf (Big But)

9 08 2018

Town and Country

I took in the first day morning rounds this morning at Bellerive for the PGA Championship.

This will be the only day I go.

Twenty-six years ago, when the same major tournament was at the same club, I also went.  It’s where I first heard of Phil Mickelson, who from that day continuing to the present became my favorite golfer of the current playing generation.  A little later, I first saw his ultra-hot wife on TV.

It all makes me realize how much I miss playing golf.

But I’m about four weeks way from one hell of a consolation prize, one that I’d take eight days out of every seven every week instead of being able to play golf, and frankly, one I would not be getting right now if I still had the ability to play golf.

The Lessons of Wesley Bell and Bob McCullough

8 08 2018


The biggest political shock around here in a long time, maybe the biggest of my conscious lifetime.

St. Louis County is about to have a Kim Gardner type as Prosecuting Attorney, which means he will do much more attorneying than prosecuting.

To beat all, Wesley Bell is currently an alderman in Ferguson.

I don’t think what happened last night was any more complicated than the fact that McCullough rested on his laurels and thought he’d be in as long as he wanted because he was in for so long.

Bell probably had a really big energetic army of leg work foot soldiers behind him, and I bet he probably also got Soros money, just like Kim Gardner did.

You wonder why all these gadflies and nobodies and people who otherwise have no hope bother running?  Because, sometimes, lightning strikes.  The long time incumbent gets caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy — That happens, every once in awhile.

It came as close as it has ever to striking last night in MO-1-D, see one of my other posts today, and it did strike last night in this race.

And St. Louis County is about to be all the worse off for it.

Then again, less than a month from now, St. Louis, City or County, won’t be my problem, either for quite some time, or ever again.