Historical Racism Porn Made Easier Than Ever

2 02 2016



St. Louis Public Library offers online African American database

Historical records of discrimination, and integration, are now available to city library patrons through a database called African American Communities.

Copies of pamphlets, newspaper articles and periodicals — including almost 70 years of Urban League of St. Louis records — are free. Patrons must, however, be in a city library using one of its online computers to access the collection. The collection is not accessible from home.

Which means black people will rarely access it, while the P-D will access it often.

Like Every Other North County Municipality

27 01 2016


P-D, on Ferguson’s proposed consent decree with the DOJ:

The report said that the city used its police officers as collection agents and issued a staggering number of arrest warrants — a tactic that disproportionately affected African-Americans.

The only differences between Ferguson and every other North County municipality in that regard are that:  (1) Ferguson’s city government is still majority white, and (2) Ferguson’s average ticket fine for ticket-worthy offenses was way higher than the others.  Other than that, same as it ever was.


Justice About to Get Justice

26 01 2016



Washington, as in Franklin County, as in the exurbs.

It says that he wasn’t the mastermind, but he was the muscle.  If he was the muscle, then the other ones must have been real bean poles.  Though it’s not surprising that he isn’t being associated with the concept of “mastermind.”

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

25 01 2016

St. Louis Hills

P-D headline:

DuBourg senior nominated to three U.S. service academies

That’s all I read.

Probably black. Or at the very least, not white.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

23 01 2016

Downtown; Washington, D.C.

Dotson to D.C. to moap about not enough black cops and also about guns.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:

“We are $9000 behind in starting salary compared to Saint Louis County. If you are a young person looking for a career in law enforcement, it’s a math problem.  You go to where it pays more. We have to increase our salaries,” he says.

And remember, Ferguson pays even less than St. Louis City.

You’ll also notice the SLPD is 36% black, in a 49% black city.  When you think of it, when you factor in age (minimum SLPD age is 21, while the age distribution curve for blacks skews younger compared to whites), and for the fact that felons can’t be cops, there probably is no real disparity between SLPD black-white officer demographics and the otherwise eligible general population.

Moral Obligation

22 01 2016


Minor news in the minor soap opera about the new home for Defense Mapping (National Geospatial Agency).


St. Clair County Board chair Mark Kern said he’s not paying much attention to arguments that the federal government has a moral obligation to choose the city’s north side.

“Moral obligation” = The Federal government spending money on behalf of black people, which of course it never has before.  And also, Pruitt-Igoe and Ferguson.

If the decision is made in the next 364 days, then it will be made based on whether President Obama wants to make Dick Durbin happy slash help his own home state, though a part of it he doesn’t much care about, or whether he wants to make black people in St. Louis City happy.

Gentle Giants in the Making

20 01 2016

Lake St. Louis


Or, a hint of St. Charles County’s AFFH future.

Notice one of the items they took.


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