No Force Field Immunity

19 07 2017


Happens all the time ’round here in Dindutown, yet this particular incident is newsworthy.

Are we to think that the fact that the happenstance that the victim works for BJC, or the happenstance that she was in a parking garage in the BJC/WUMed/PharmCol complex, gave her and the area some sort of force field of immunity?  The same kind of people that rape very elderly women and mow down toddlers are going to show respect to hospitals?

Bad Aim

19 07 2017

St. Louis City

Six shot, no kills.

In one incident, “20 to 30 shots” resulted in two shot but not killed.

The fact that they have bad aim…I can’t figure out whether that’s a blessing, a curse, or somewhere in between.

I Beg to Differ

18 07 2017

Fox Park

Au contraire, Mr. Z.

There actually is “parenting” going on.

I screencaped this very interesting YT comment from several months ago.  Click to enlarge.

Which means Mr. Z’s assailants did what they did for, among other reasons, at the behest of their mother(s) in order to supplement her/their income.

Let Me Count the Excuses

18 07 2017


Not his brother’s keeper.

What was the cause of this?

* The cops in Berkeley not being paid enough.

* The Berkeley PD being understaffed.

* Drugs.

* Gangs.

* The lack of recreation centers.

Those are the options that Official St. Louis presents us.

As for your ever-hatin’ blogmeister, I’ll have to go with:

* None of the above.

For the record, this is not the Robert Moses of New York infrastructure fame.

Pen and Phone (Why I’m #NRx)

17 07 2017


Greitens whips it out.


Flying Cars Are Finally Here

17 07 2017

Walnut Park

Though your results may vary.

This is now international news, thanks to Drudge and others.  Bell Curve City St. Louis is now the laughingstock of the world, if only for 24 hours.

The home owner’s insurance looks like it will take care of the damage, but the whole thing was caused by someone speeding in the SUV, in which process he hit an embankment and from there his car became the world’s first flying car, if only for a few seconds.  Driver is probably the bastard son of some ghetto Section 8 wench, which means there’s no squeezing blood out of those turnips.  This is why I think that, if we even have an elected President post-Trump, and as you know, I’m not so sure about that, and that President is either a Democrat of any sort or an establishment Republican, and the chances of the latter happening are almost nil because an establishment Republican won’t be able to win the party nomination with a highly Trumpified post-Trump Republican electorate, then Section 8 will start making clients carry renters’ and personal conduct insurance, and subsidizing it.  (I also think Section 8 will start covering all utility bills and internet access, again, subsidizing it in almost all cases, but that’s another story.)  This way, there will at least be some insurance carrier to sue when Rontravious acts all dindu-y.

Jeff Jensen

16 07 2017

Clayton; Downtown

OCGE wants to give him a work transfer from Clayton to Downtown.

I don’t know that much about him, even though his name has come up from time to time in the gossip and networking circles I run in.

Just between you, me and the gatepost, I tried to use my admittedly tenuous connections to the OCGE to suggest someone for St. Louis’s U.S. Attorney — A certain IP laywer whom I will not name here, but is very well respected among our town’s legal set, and he actually had a pretty good media career around here on and off in the last quarter century.  Turns out my advice either got lost in the mail or was ignored.

As for Jeff Jensen, notice he is an accountant by trade, and that he was once with the FBI.  A majority percentage of the FBI’s work involves forensic accounting.