27 05 2015


Both the lawsuits filed by Michael Brown’s family and by the liar that calls himself Dorian Johnson against Ferguson will be heard in Federal court instead of state court.

Martin Duggan, RIP

27 05 2015

Yes, he was sort of a horse’s ass, and for some odd reason, he and Ray Hartmann were good friends.

But you gotta hand it to someone who can be married to the same spouse for 73 years.

He also gave Pat Buchanan his first journalism job.

In Other Crime News

27 05 2015

Around the Metro

An 18-year old Ferguson man was gunned down.  Haven’t we heard this story before?  Because #BlackLivesMatter, or #HandsUpDontShoot.

This is the second incident at this Jack In The Box in the last two years.  There was a big fight that resulted in a shooting on its parking lot in the middle of the night in September 2013.  And this past October, there was this rolling gun battle that started at a quickie mart also on Gravois just on the other side of Russell.  Now, this JITB and the quickie mart are wedged in between three gentrified or gentrifying neighborhoods, Lafayette Square, Soulard and Benton Park, and are technically in a fourth, McKinley Heights, that is in a state of purgatory between succumbing to the black undertow and being gentrified.  So this means you have three expensive gentrified neighborhoods each with their own powerful neighborhood associations whose wheels get greased when they squeak.  That JITB and that quickie mart are probably both going to be gone very soon.

“Robberies in Bevo have doubled since 2014.”

The Bosnians were only going to hold back the waters for so long.

Four yoots acting yooty.  The NLEC is involved here, but only in terms of the yoots acting yooty near their building.

Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, Oh My!

27 05 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

We’re mentioned.  However, we’re not mentioned in the context of having a bad Memorial Day weekend, which we did not, relative to the other two cities mentioned here.

Dindu Nation

27 05 2015


The St. Louis County Jail will be one of many that receive MacArthur Foundation grants to figure out how to reduce inmate population.

I do think that there are some good ideas to do this on the margins.  For instance, don’t send people who owe money to governments or owe child support to jail.  There should not be “must arrest” provisions relating to domestic violence.  Those who are only caught in simple possession of contraband (dope, guns, etc.) in illegal ways and are not considered a public danger otherwise should just have their contraband summarily confiscated and then turned loose.

However, this won’t much affect the overall population of county jails, because it’s just not true that everyone in jail is there only for minor offenses.

Sometimes People Notice Things

27 05 2015


Should have thought about that before you rioted, Sambo.


The Sum of All Parts

26 05 2015

Town and Country

I don’t know which would be worse:  Comcast + TW, or Charter + TW.

It says here that Charter has been trying to beat Comcast to the punch to buy TW since last year.  Where the hell was I?


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