6 07 2018


Guten Abend aus Rastatt.

We spent today meandering through the Black Forest.  The real Black Forest, not Hermann Eisele’s former restaurant on Cherokee Street.  Tomorrow, we’ll be doing something really special, that will require me getting over my modesty.

This #ArchSoWhite business, which is showing up in my feed reader, and also from the news websites from back home, has made it even to the German media.  They are pretending that the AfD suing a slew of treacherous German NGOs (probably Soros-funded) for human trafficking disguised as “helping migrants” didn’t really happen.  Side note:  When I was back in Berlin, a little birdie told me that the AfD was prepping this lawsuit.  Yet and still, the German media can blow that all off, in order to spend just a little bit of time talking about a race row nontroversy from the other side of the world.  Of course, I should be used to that, because the NYT made Ferguson the most important place on Earth for months, ignoring much more critical race news in New York.

Anyway, this is begging my input, so here goes.

Optics matter.

You have to remember that almost all of white people in it are diversity lovers and pathological altruists.  I think the fact that everyone in the “infamous” photo already knew there wasn’t any diversity (read: blacks) in the photo, but decided against inserting token IKAGOs for one big reason:  Because of all the national embarrassment St. Louis is suffering because of the Ferguson Effect-driven violent crime wave.  Hell even during my sojourn, Germans and Czechs, when I told them where I’m from, some of them instantly bought up violent crime.  Which means places as obscure as Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic…our reputation penetrates even well back into the Bohemian backwoods.  So would it be so crazy for the dignitaries that posed for this photo not to want to include even one person representative of the race of people fueling the crime in this city?  The Arch is after all St. Louis’s most popular tourist attraction for non-St. Louisans, and even big time black panderers like Lyda Krewson want white non-St. Louisans to visit the Arch.  Need I mention the recent spate of black violent crime against tourists?  Stealing their cars, or stealing everything in them.  If an official photograph of the rededication and reopening of the Museum of Westward Expansion has a lot of the Rufus-Rastus Coalition in it, then this is going to scare Brad from Albany and Becky from Seattle away from ever visiting, and don’t even think about Jan from Cesky Krumlov.

But for the crime wave, this photo probably would have had black people in it.

You also have to remember that the Jefferson National Expansion Museum, the museum under the Arch between its legs…about the only black people that visit it are school kids on field trips.  Usually, when we read or see news about black people and the Arch or Archgrounds, it has to do with violent crime.

This item in my feed reader brings up Percy Green and his famous stunt.  What most people don’t know about it is that he timed the starting hour of his stunt, and he made sure he had a bail source at the ready, so that he would be be bailed out of jail and get out in time to get to McDonnell-Douglas to start his shift.  That’s right, this poor put upon victim of discrimination climbing the half-finished Arch to protest discrimination at that time had one of the very best blue collar working middle class jobs in St. Louis.  He didn’t need it for much longer, because he was able to make a living for the rest of his life off of just that one stunt.


Day of Wreck-oning

24 05 2018



New proposal to allow City Alderman to review Mayor Krewson appointments

A new proposal will be introduced to the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Thursday which would force Mayor Lyda Krewson to get approval from the board for all appointments to city boards and commissions. Sources tell Fox 2, this move is in response to the mayor’s support of ward reduction.

In 2012, voters approved a plan to cut the number of city wards from 28 to 14. This would also eliminate the number of Board of Alderman positions. The plan is set to take effect in 2022.

Several aldermen are supporting a bill asking voters to reverse that decision in hopes of saving their jobs. Alderman John Collins-Muhammad tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he also fears ward reduction will hurt the black community.

By “ward reduction will hurt the black community,” John Collins-Muhammad means that it will expose the uselessness of people with names like John Collins-Muhammad.

In the greater scheme of things, the conventional wisdom among the professional civil rights crowd is that, in a hypothetical city that has a million people, is half black and half white, has twenty aldermen (city council members), and keeping all other things equal, if the city board of aldermen (city council) uses single member equal population districts rather than electing all twenty at-large over the whole city, it marginally helps black political power, whereas at-large rather than single-member hurts black power and accrues to the benefit of activist whites.  The reason is that while the districts have to have roughly equal population, in the case of our hypothetical city, 50,000 people per district, the black districts will have by percentage more people under 18 who can’t vote, more convicted felons on probation who can’t vote until they’re off paper, and just more disinterested and apathetic people by percentage.  Which means that, all other things being equal, the total voter count from the 50,000 total population black wards will be noticeably lower than the 50,000 total population white wards.  Meanwhile, if the whole city elects all twenty aldermen at-large, it means that the higher voting percentage whites will overwhelm the lower voting percentage blacks.  Meaning that single-member districts will mean ten white and ten black aldermen, while at-large probably results in something like thirteen white and seven black.

While St. Louis isn’t moving directly from 28 aldermen to at-large, it is moving from 28 to 14.  Reducing the number of single-member districts is partially functionally the same as going from 28 to at-large, in terms of the effect it will have on black representation on the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen.  My educated guess is that it will amount to a one seat in fourteen, or two seats in 28, functional marginal swing from black to white.

Of course, being St. Louis City, it’s not as if the whites marginally benefiting are any kind of Theodore Bilbo.

Resources Are Limited

18 05 2018


“…Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office didn’t do its job…”

Yeah, and not just relating to these five worthies, either.  It’s an open secret in this town that Gardner and the CA’s office have been so busy and institutionally obsessed with finding a mythical video all year that they’re taxed on resources and are therefore going really slowly on the kind of work they should be doing, which of course has grave consequences for public safety in the city.

Still Below Par

16 05 2018


Lyda’s infographic:


Notice the salary bump brings the SLPD “closer” to the pay scales of surrounding agencies. Not equal to them, and certainly not more than them.

As a certain someone you all know predicted.

Shot and Chaser (Quite Literally)

15 05 2018


SHOT: Shots fired outside Shop N Save in Maplewood (April 27)

CHASER: Shop ‘n Save to close Maplewood location (Today)

Because of shots, SnS is being chased out of Maplewood.


15 05 2018


The story.

It says he’s SLPD and lives in Waterloo.  Quite a few years ago, the SLPD eliminated the residency rule for officers with a certain number of years on the force, as long as they lived within a certain mile range distance from the city.  And while Waterloo seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s not that far away.

Which means that my new favorite SLPD cop has quite a few years of tenure.  Which, of course, you’d also have to deduce from his Lieutenant rank.  And, believe me, anyone, especially white, who is a St. Louis City cop for long enough is going to get that jaded, even if he or she (or xe or it) didn’t start out that way.

Besides, didn’t Raj Chetty tell us that the corn fields between Waterloo and Red Bud are where black kids from the jurisdiction that Lt. Foster patrols should really be raised in order to have better life outcomes?

Related:  Monroe County, Ill., county seat Waterloo, becomes unofficial 2A Sanctuary

CWE Funnies

11 05 2018




And here.

In related news, ground broke on construction of the Bloomin’ Onion a few weeks ago.  Live there, if you must, but just make sure you’re in by sunset.