Where Did I Put That Philosophical Feed Bag?

31 07 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

The last time I strapped it on, I did something that shocked the whole world, or at least the part of it that was paying attention:  I found a real life real world use for symbolic logic truth tables.

So, here goes nothing.

When does a boy truly become a man?

My pet theory is that, regardless of chronological age, a boy truly doesn’t become a man until he sees a foot of snow in the forecast and consciously dreads it.  If he does anything less, which would include anywhere between ambivalence and cheering, it means he has no imminent responsibilities, meaning nowhere that he has to be, no real world job or gainful employment.  Which means he’s not a moral adult.

This particular writer has an interesting answer to this age old philosophical conundrum, and I still can’t find that feed bag.  She thinks that a boy becomes a man at the moment he registers for his first tertiary education course and therefore becomes fully responsible for all the world’s problems in the minds’ eyes of contemporary feminists.




One response

31 07 2016

Your pet theory is definitely an inarguable law of human nature and is a cornerstone in logic. Thank you!

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