That’s What Slavery Was

29 08 2016

Marietta, Georgia


Georgia teacher dreams up dice game about slavery. It didn’t go well.

It’s either a unique teaching tool, or a demeaning take on America’s darkest chapter.

Those are the two takes on a game dealing with slavery and the Underground Railroad that a fifth-grade teacher in Georgia got flack for having her students play.

In the game, students at Cheatham Elementary in Cobb County played the roles of slaves trying to escape from a plantation and gain freedom via the Underground Railroad. Students would roll dice and either escape into the woods or wind up back on the plantation — where the teacher told the class slaves were sometimes beaten.

The four pillars of the modern American history canon are: Slavery, segregation, Indian displacement, Holocaust.

We’re supposed to think non-stop about the evils of slavery, yet we can’t think about why slavery was bad? And don’t give me this “fifth grade” excuse either, because they’ve been bombarded with LGBTQetc propaganda officially and pedagogically for six years.




6 responses

29 08 2016

“yet we can’t think” – nope, thinking is bad. don’t think.

29 08 2016
Hard Right

Slavery was actually good for Negroes.

Freedom is all right, but de niggers was better off befo’ surrender, kaze den dey was looked after an’ dey didn’ get in no trouble fightin’ an’ killin’ like dey do dese days. If a nigger cut up an’ got sassy in slavery times, his Ole Marse give him a good whippin’ an’ he went way back an’ set down an’ ’haved hese’f. If he was sick, Marse an’ Mistis looked after him, an’ if he needed store medicine, it was bought an’ give to him; he didn’ have to pay nothin’. Dey didn’ even have to think ’bout clothes nor nothin’ like dat, dey was wove an’ made an’ give to dem.

29 08 2016

Was this school named for the partner in Dewey. Cheatam, and Howe?

29 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Slavery was bad because it brought negroes to the West.

1 09 2016

“Escape into the woods”???

WTF about the people already living there?

My ancestors were all over the Appalachian and southern forests by the late 1600s/early 1700s after the Quakers invaded former New Sweden and the Swedes and Finns radiated out from there (mostly Finns, being the only mid-Atlantic settlers with a pre-installed collection of forest skills/culture, though some rural Germans like my Bavarian GGM brought those later).

What’s this idea that “the woods” is this barrens where any dindu, illegal, mestizo, or felon can “escape into,” like a “get out of civilization free” card?

1 09 2016

And aren’t we told that they won’t go to National Parks because they’re scared of all those trees?

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