An Unusual Usual Suspect

1 04 2017


It’s an area that’s already close to its last nerve when it comes to traffic.

When I first saw what and where, my guess was that it was one of the many free-floating Mohammeds we’ve got runnin’ around, looking to leverage a simple fire to disable a very crucial metropolitan and regional traffic choke point.

Turns out it was just some garden variety crackhead out of his mind.




6 responses

2 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Society is a Racial Construct, man. Fill a city with black Africans and you get Darkest Africa. White Men are responsible. They make safe societies that are stable. Every black neighborhood is a mess, full of crime and litter. “Hate crimes” are just going after people for the High Crime of Noticing. These Xenomorphs cannot run anything, except run out Whites.

2 04 2017

LOL, $200k bond is a steal for $100s of millions in damages. This Dindu not only Dindu but he Dindu the bargain of the last 500 years !!!!

2 04 2017
Alex the Goon

He won’t want to leave the clink. He’ll be a hero.

2 04 2017

I’d be doing a little gloating if I was Steve Patterson.

3 04 2017

His little stunt affected attendance at the first game played in the Braves new stadium in the suburbs. As far as that goes, I blogged about it way back when:

One of the reasons they moved was because Fonda Field was too close to the black undertow. The irony of that is that to build Centennial Olympic Park which later got converted to Fonda Field, a lot of black undertow housing projects had to be torn down and its residents HOPE (now AFFH) south to Clayton County, and that’s why that place is now Bell Curve City, the Ferguson of Atlanta. But it apparently didn’t clear out the undertow quite enough. And there’s still enough to burn up freeways.

I’m getting dizzy.

4 04 2017

Atlanta– diversity is your strength.

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